JANUARY 17, 1913


  Bayard, Jan 6 - Quite a blizzard on the mountain last Fri.

  We are glad to see J A Kimble out again.

  The town election is over, H F Nine, mayor; J W Fulk, recorder; Frank Seymour, William Wilson, J W Parker, I D Caldwell, M Tamburini were elected councilmen.

  The school is progressing fine by the management of MR D B Teter as principal. All the pupils and patrons are well satisfied. There are 120 scholars enrolled. this is the best school for years.

  The revival meeting in the U B Church started Sun evening. Rev W D Mitchell of Inwood Va, will be here Mon to assist Rev Mann for a couple of weeks.

  :Miss Viola Purgitt left Sun morning for Keyser to nurse a typhoid fever patient.

  The health of the town is not so good. Grip and bad colds are our ailments.

  The mines were closed down Sat on account of snow drifts.

  Prof A C Taylor started to Baltimore Mon to the Medical College.

  G P Mason is delivering some good coal to town. He has opened a vein near town. This is convenient for the town.


  Dr F S Johnson of Elkins, was in town Thurs.

  Born to Mr and Mrs P H Cornelius this Thurs morning, a daughter.

  Parker, eldest son of Dr and Mrs A P Butt, is quite ill of heart trouble and has required the constant attention of a nurse for several weeks.

  Elmer Alderton, son of Mr and Mrs Jacob Alderton, of this place, was married to Miss Esther Gilmore in Parsons, Christmas night. Congratulations.

  Miss Cora Alderton, graduate nurse, returned to Charleston Sun, after spending the holidays here with her parents, Mr and Mrs J S Alderton.

  Cap H N Worden is down at Charleston as a candidate for a Sergeant-at-arms in the Legislature. He is an old hand at the business and we hope he lands the job again.

  About the middle of Nov, O W Buckley bought from W O Johnson of Canaan Valley, three hens which he intended to kill later but said hens go wise, and began to lay eggs, thereby saving their lives, for they have laid eight dozen eggs in 28 days.

  A most delightful surprise was given at the home of Mr and Mrs A I Wilson Jr, Thurs evening in honor of Mrs Wilson's 37th birthday. The evening was spent in social conversation, and the rendering of several musical selections by Mrs Baker and Miss Wilson, and recitations by Miss Worden. Mrs Wilson was presented with an oval mahogany serving tray by the Ladies Altar Guild, of which she is a member. At a late hour refreshments were served and all departed wishing Mrs Wilson many more happy birthdays.

  Four hundred and thirty-three votes were cast in the municipal election of Davis this Thurs. Of this number W E Weimer heading the People's ticket received 258 and B T Walters head of the Progressive ticket received 175. Weimer's majority is 83 and with him was carried his whole ticket with lesser majorities. There were 418 votes cast on the "wet" and "dry" question, 188 for license and 230 against making a "dry" majority of 42. Last year the town went "wet" by 17 majority.
  Davis News of 2nd


  Miss Minnie Hennen left Sat evening for Cleveland Ohio, where she will again take up her duties as teacher in the Orphan school. Her father went as far as Pittsburg with her, returning home Tues morning.

  Howard Thrasher and bride spent several days with the former's parents here and then left for their future home in Illinois.

  William Dewitt, of Keyser, was the guest of Miss Bertha Walter Mon evening.

  Miss Marge Louise Hennen, who is attending school at Keyser, spent Sun at her home here.

  Miss Bessie Hennen of Fairmont, spent several days here recently, the guest of her parents. -Oakland Democrat of 16th.


  Rev H V Wheeler who was preaching at the revival meeting here last week was called to his home in Westernport Wed. His little boy has typhoid fever.

  Mr Wm Bean has been appointed truant officer at Elk District. It is a good appointment and the truants had better look out.

  Miss Mamie White attended the funeral of her cousin at Cumberland the first of this week.

  Postmaster F C Rollman accompanied Thos Ashby to Baltimore last week to the Md General Hospital. He will remain there for treatment for several weeks.

  There is one case of smallpox at Shaw. It developed last Mon and the same day the school children, a number of them, were vaccinated. The doctor ran out of material but resumed the work of vaccination the next day. The trustees and the board of education acted promptly in this matter and the school under the control of Mr Clarence D Umstot will lose but little time.

  It is a little early for baseball news but the devotees of the bat have organized at Elk Garden for the coming season. An organization was recently effected with Jack Laughney as manager, Thos Conlon secretary, Bernard Kilroy, treasurer.

  The revival in the M E Church South, under the pastor, Rev W W White, has had widespread interest.

  Mrs Myrtle Keim is at Elkins this week.

  Mr Ralph Faucett and family moved to Henry this week.



  Press (Petersburg) of 2nd

  Miss Rose Sillings, of Staunton, spent the holidays here visiting her friends.

  J W Day, who has been confined to his house for some time, is so much improved that he is again on the street greeting his many friends.

  W R Borror, of Mineral Co, was greeting old friends here New Years. Everybody was glad to see Riley.

  Miss Kathryne Shobe, who has been attending school at Mulvane Kansas, is spending the holidays with her family here.

  James Welton, who is attending school at Potomac Academy, spent several days here this week among relatives.

  M S Judy, one of our Grant County boys, who has made good away from the old home, is here with his wife visiting relatives.

  Fred Hyre, of Ohio, is visiting relatives and friends in and about town.

  W A Ervin left first of the week for a business trip east, returning Wed.

  Thad Vanmeter and wife of Mt Savage Md, are visiting relatives here this week.

  Paul Welton, who is employed in Cumberland, is spending his vacation at home.

  Mrs E D Judy entertained a number of her friends at a sumptuous turkey dinner on last Fri.

  Guy Crigler, the efficient principal of our school, spent the holidays with home folks at Franklin.

  Mrs Mary Susan Baker spent a happy New Year at her home here, the occasion being the gathering of her children with their families at their old home. Those present were Mr and Mrs E H Frye, Mr and Mrs J P Shobe, Mr and Mrs Ed Plauger and Billy. Needless to say the day was one to be remembered.

  Bernie Baker continues ill at his home here.

  Miss Louisa Gum is here from Thomas visiting at John Harman's.

  Mrs D G Marshall and son, Jack, of Romney, are visiting here.

  Mrs T S Welton gave a dinner Fri evening in honor of her guest, Miss Rose Sillings.

  Mrs Harry Smith gave a dinner Tues in honor of Miss Sillings.

  Mrs Martin Swick, who has been sick, we are glad to say is able to be out again.

  Miss Mary Norwood, of Burlington, is visiting her sister, Mrs Joe Shobe.

  Born to Mr and Mrs Frank Clauze last week, a girl.

  Paul Shobe of Laneville, has been visiting relatives here.

  Glenn Smith, of Keyser, spent Christmas at his old home here.

  Miss Mary Welton gave a musical to a number of her friends at her home Christmas night. At a seasonable hour and elegant lunch was served and enjoyed by all present.

  Sam Byrd of Ruddle, and Miss May Harper of Upper Tract, and Leslie Ray Byrd of Ruddle and Miss Mable Clare Lantz of Creek, were married in Cumberland on Fri of last week.

  Mr and Mrs C C Hull accompanied by Misses Eva and Vera Rexroad, and Elsie Hull and Mr Whitehair of Terra Alta, and Will Hull made a jolly sled load of visitors to spend the day here Thurs.

  Press (Petersburg) of 9th
  Bernie Baker, who has been ill, is now improving.

  Miss Sue Smith gave a dinner Fri to a few of her young lady friends.

  Miss Lulu Judy of Ft Seybert, is visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs E D Judy.

  E H Thalaker was taken ill in church Sun night and removed to his home. He is now able to be out.

  Misses Va Ervin, Sallie Breathed and Kathleen Welton and William Welton left Mon for their schools.

  Arthur Wilson of Moorefield, was here Wed. Mr Wilson expects to go to Chicago next week for cattle.

  Misses Anna and Daisy Godlove returned Sat forma pleasant visit to their sister, Mrs Arnold Ours, at Grafton.

  William McCoy and Roy Campbell of Franklin, spent Wednesday night in town on their way to Washington on business.

  C C Martin is one of our lumber men always on the go, has his mills running, pays good prices and deals satisfactorily with our people.

  John Hines, now of Pendleton County, who with several members of his family, has had typhoid fever, is getting better as well as all the others.

  An infant child of Mr and Mrs Ed Patch, of near here, died Mon and was buried in Maple Hill cemetery Tues.

  John G Harness, who holds a lucrative position with a lumber co at Berwind, this state, is here visiting his sisters.

  Miss Virginia Evin was the charming hostess to a number of her friends who she entertained at a six o'clock dinner Thurs.

  Ike Smith and Dick Welton left Mon for Washington and Baltimore, where they will spend a few days taking in the sights.

  The Press learns with regret of the illness of its good old friend, Cornelius Parsons, of Arthur, who is suffering from rheumatism.

  Dr J N Judy first of the week took Miss Casey Alt, of Landes, to a hospital in Baltimore, where she will receive medical treatment.

  Johnny Kesner, who resided in the Deep Spring section of this county near the Rough Run postoffice, died Tues morning of the infirmities of old age. The remains were buried Thurs morning at 10 o'clock on the place where he had resided. The deceased was a good citizen and leaves a host of friends.

  Mrs E M Welton, Sen Foreman's capable stenographer, when at her home Wed had a bad fall, and sprained her side. The injury is quite painful and confines Mrs Welton to her bed, but nothing serious is anticipated.

  John Parsons left yesterday for Goodwine Ill, where he expects to remain for some time.

  R H Haslacker, who has been at Keyser, was here Mon on his way home to Maysville.

  Vernon McNemar was a caller here last week. Vernon returned to the University at Morgantown Mon, form which institution he expects to get his A B this year. Grant county can well feel proud of her young men along educational lines.

  Jesse Fisher, of Hardy Co, has old to Elliott & Ruckman 120 head of big cattle for Sept delivery, at prices above those of last year, we are informed.

  Boss Groves sold for Sept delivery to Geo Williams, 30 head of cattle, which will weigh between 1400 and 1500.

  H E Schell sold to Elliiott & Ruckman for fall a bunch of 20 two year old cattle.

  John McClure, of Franklin, recently sold to Hugh Kimble for a party in the western part of the state 250 head of cattle for fall, weighing at delivery about 1200 lbs. These cattle are picked form about 400 head. The price is said to be a good one.

  Willie Boggs, of Pendleton, was here and in Hardy trying to buy some young cattle for spring delivery. They are scarce and he bought few if any.


  Review of 9th
  Mrs C G Blue had as guests during Christmas week from Keyser, her mother, Mrs Lucy Kuykendall and sisters, Misses Lou and Nannie Kuykendall.

  Miss Katharine french and sister, Mrs Brill, returned Sat from a visit of several days to their brother, Joseph French, at Weston. Friends and relatives of Mr French will be glad to know that his health is very much improved, that he was able to accompany his sisters on driving trips about the town, and his physician expects him to return to Springfield in the spring.

  Edward Miller of Romney, Edward Mathews and Henry Campbell, who spent the holidays at Fern Dale, have returned to their schools.

  Rev G D White, of Romney and son, Rev W W White, of Elk Garden, were guests at the parsonage last Mon. Rev Mr Oliver's birthday was celebrated by the baptizing of little Miss Eveline Mildred.

  A C Shannon of Winchester, and Charlie Short of Cumberland, spent Christmas here with parents.

  Garrett Monroe, aged 89 years, died suddenly Sun afternoon at the home of his nephew, Walter Ansel. Mr Monroe was one of the oldest men of the neighborhood and until recently resided on his South Branch Farm below Milleson's Mill.

  Charles Kiser and sisters were in town Sun. The Misses Kiser spent the night with Mrs E A McGlathery and went to Shepherdstown Mon, where Miss Grace will enter school.

  The relatives and friends of Mrs G N Biggs, who were so fortunate as to meet her upon her visit to Springfield three years ago, are grieved to learn of her death, which occurred at her home in Huntington W Va, Dec 4th. Mrs Biggs had been engaged for several years in compiling a history of the Hite, Taylor, Lawson, Parker families, to each one of which she was closely connected. She was a woman of unusual ability and of lovable character.

  Miss Etta Washington is visiting relatives on the river.

  Review (Romney) of 15th
  The grand jury last Tues found four indictments against Angie Hardy -three for felonies and one for a misdemeanor. It will be remembered that he with his brother, French, attempted to hold up Lee Inskeep shot and killed French. The three of the indictments for felony were quashed and a special grand jury summoned for Sat at which time six indictments for felony were found against French and Angie Hardy and one against Angie Hardy. The petit jury is to try these cases beginning today.

  In the case of the State against John E Parker, indicted for misdemeanor, the jury returned a verdict of guilty. Motion for new trial.

  The case of Mrs Mollie F Woolf against the Romney Consolidated Telephone Co on trespass, was heard, and the jury gave a verdict of the defendant. Motion for a new trial.

  Mrs Mary Dailey is confined to her home with the grip.

  Mrs John H Parker is visiting her old home in New York.

  Miss Lillie W Dinkle returned to her home in Charles Town Fri.

  Miss Rebecca Dailey has returned from a visit to her brother at Meyersdale Pa.

  Geo H Johnson Jr of Alberta Canada, is visiting his parents up the river.

  Miss Mollie Beckman has been spending some time in Cumberland with relatives.

  Mrs I H C Pancake has been visiting Mrs G W McKnown in Martinsburg.

  Miss Ada Kenny, of Piedmont, has been visiting the family of G W Parsons near town.

  M B Kuykendall and Miss Mary S Pancake were in Baltimore several days last week.

  Miss Lucille Hobbs, one of the teachers at the Graded School, is confined to her room by sickness.

  Mrs Carrie Miller and daughter, Caroline, of Moorefield, are visiting the family of A E Bergdall.

  Roy Fisher left Mon to take a position as fireman on the B&O between Cumberland and Brunswick.

  Mrs Rose Compton and Miss Harriettt Stump were guests of Wm B Stump, at Old Town, the first of the week.

  Miss Lizzie Powelson has returned to her home at Augusta after a two month's visit to relatives in Kansas and Missouri.

  J Sloan Kuykendall left Sat for Charleston, where on Mon he cast his vote, as a Democratic elector for Wilson and Marshall for president and vice-president of the U S.

  Duncan Sinclair and A I Lehman of Fairmont, John Lehman and John Henshaw of Berkeley Co and Wm Campbell of Charles Town, were business visitors here last Thurs.

  Campbell Tabb, who for a number of years past has been living at Johannesburg, South Africa, but who returned to the U S several months ago, has been spending several days with friends here.

  A D Hays last week sold his residence property here to Mrs R J Ruckman and John I Schnibbe. Mrs Elizabeth Schnibbe will move to town shortly and occupy it.

  Mrs Earl, with her daughter and granddaughter, of Front Royal Va, visited her son, Rev A M Earl, last week and went to Frostburg to spend a while with her daughter, Mrs Coby.

  Mr and Mrs J W Thompson, who spent Sat in Cumberland in Company with their daughter, Mrs Pue, returned to Springfield and returned home Sun.

  Davy Roach has been suffering for some time with a sprained and bruised ankle.

  Old Mr Kenney so well known in this county as "Pat" Kenney, died Thurs at the home of his son, Oak Kenney, and was buried in the Springfield cemetery Sat. Rev G G Oliver conducted the funeral services at the Methodist church.

  Mrs D R Heath has had quite a relapse since Christmas but has been some better the past week.

  Mrs Annie Griffith, wife of Dr R S Griffith, died at her home in Basic City, Va, Jan 3rd of pneumonia. Mrs Griffith was well known in this neighborhood having lived in Springfield for several years.

  Rev G G Oliver closed his meeting at Kincaid's school house Sat night, filled his usual appointments Sun and commenced protracted services at Frankfort Mon night.

  John Spencer and two children visited Mr Spencer's sister, Mrs Harry Wagoner, several days last week.


  Moorefield Examiner of 9th
  Miss Carey Bowen left Wed morning for Oak Grove Va, where she will teach school.

  Misses Carrie and Bettie McMechen left Tues morning the former for a visit to Chicago and the latter will visit at Glendale W Va.

  Born to Mr and Mrs Arthur B Ratliff, Wed a son.

  Jos I Cunningham left yesterday for a short trip to Washington.

  An attendant from Weston Asylum came here and took back with him Mr Gapp, an aged man of this place, whose mind has become unbalanced.

  A delightful evening entertainment was given by the Misses McNeill, at their home in Old Fields, last Fri night. The party included quite a number of their young friends. Refreshments were served and at a late hour the guests returned to their homes, much pleased with the evening's entertainment.

  Miss Inez McNeill, who has been visiting home folks during the holiday season, has returned to Elkins.

  Mrs Maude Kuykendall left last Fri for home in Martinsburg, after a short visit to relatives here.

  Miss Ada Bowen, who spent the holidays at home, left Mon for Wood Bridge Va to resume teaching.

  Misses Nan and Neil Clinedinst, who visited for several weeks in Baltimore, returned to Moorefield last Sat.


  Miss Maggie Duling came home from Cumberland last Sat.

  There was a delay in getting mail last Wed on account of a trestle washing out at No 15.

  Squire C E Shillingburg was dealing out justice to the law violators at Elk Garden Tues.

  Lewis W Duling returned to school at Parkersburg last week.

  Mr Filmore Swires lost his traveling mare. She was kicked by a horse in pasture, and died form the effects of the hurt.

  Justice C E Shillingburg has had a new barn built on his farm. Edgar Shillingburg was the contractor.

  Mr Chas B Burgess made a flying trip to Gobbler's Knob last Sat.

  During the recent snow, R H Anderson was out with his hounds chasing a fox. One of his dogs got lost form the other one, and some person killed him. No one has the right to take the life of an innocent brute.

  Rev Mr Whitten of Buckhannon, will preach in Blake Chapel, Hartmonsville, on the 26th of this month at 3 o'clock pm.

  Mr and Mrs Whit Moon of Pool Md, are visiting her father, J W Junkins of Emoryville


  The doctors have been kept busy the last few weeks vaccinating. As yet there has been no cases of small pox in our town but "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." so says the adage, and most of the people here are putting it to the test.

  Mr Frank Moon, who has been confined to his home for several weeks with typhoid fever, is now able to be out again.

  Prof and Mrs I F Groves were called to Keyser Fri evening of last week on account of the serious illness of Mrs Groves father, Mr Mathias Barker, who died on Sat night, at that place, at the home of his son, Mr Geo Barker, after a lingering illness of some months.

  Rev L C Messick, pastor of the U B Church, who has been detained form holding services the last few weeks on account of illness in the family, was in our town Sun night, and attended services at the M E Church.

  Mr W S Arnold who was hurt in an accident caused by a runaway car at Potomac Valley Mine, a couple of weeks ago, is still confined to his home but is getting along nicely.

  Mr R A Smith, postmaster of Blaine, is preparing to erect a new postoffice on the street opposite Hamill Coal and Coke Co store.

  Mr Geo Pool is having some repairs done at his restaurant building preparatory to going into more extensive business.

  Mr Chas Sprague, one of our tonsorial artists, is spending a few weeks vacation, visiting friends in the South.

  Miss Marie Squires, of Parsons W Va, was visiting friends here last Sun.

  Miss Edna Trickett, teacher of the Dodson school, visited her sisters, Misses Nina and Minnie Trickett at this place, on Tues evening.

  Mrs J H Ravenscraft, of Midland Md, spent a few days here with friends this week.

  Mr Clark Rhodeheaver, of Deer Park, Md, visited his sister, Mrs M E Dawson, here this week.


  Piedmont Jan 3
  Miss Gladys Davis, who has been attending the Mary Baldwin Seminary at Staunton Va, is visiting her grandmother, Mrs O E Harden. She expects to remain until spring.

  Mr Sharrne Blair of Tuscaloosa Ala, who was visiting Mrs Willis Rickey of Keyser and Mrs O E Harden, of this place, left for his home yesterday.

  Miss Martha Bomberger of the National Park Seminary at Forrest Glen Md, spent the holidays with her sister, Mrs P M

  Miss Annie Bomberger, of Blue Ridge Summit, Pa, spent the holidays with her sister, Mrs P M Spangler.

  Mr French Coonts was taken to the Hoffman Hospital, Keyser, Sun morning, suffering with typhoid fever.

  At the corporation election yesterday in Piedmont, 410 votes were cast. It was a larger vote than cast in the Nov election. The vote was as follows:
  Citizen's Ticket - Mayor H Clay Shaw, 229; recorder, C C Culbertson, 207; council, C T Neff, 255; J L McHenry, 250; P J O'Brien, 246.
  People's Ticket - Mayor, 142; recorder, E S Howard, 126; councilmen, Wm Mellor, 151; Thomas LaRue, 100; F V Eppler, 135.

  Born to Mr and Mrs Abe Abramson, Christmas Day, a son.

  Calvin Davis, has gone on a visit to Lima Ohio.

  Mrs Hartegan, at Westernport, fell on New Year's day and fractured her hip. Mrs Hartegan is one of the oldest citizens of the Twin-Towns, and resided on Piedmont Hill for many years.

  Miss Marie Williams is ill with typhoid fever at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs W R Williams, of Westernport Hill.

  Miss Elsa H Spangler, who is attending the Normal School, in Baltimore, spent the holidays with her parents, Mr and Mrs P M Spangler.


  Ginger Root, who vaccinated himself with some mail order vaccine he sent off and got is suffering with something like the Black-leg. He thinks they sent him the wrong kind of lymph.

  Miss Laurel Root is feeling a little under the weather. She thinks she is getting smallpox.

  Miss Vanilla Buttonhook, who visits here in the summer, and sends souvenir postal cards to friends all winter, writes that there is no small pox where she lives.

  Hez Root got up lst Tues with a misery in his stomach and thought he had small pox.

  Miss Minnie Wilbe Swift, our charming young school teacher, is some better this week. She isn't as much afraid of small pox as she was.

  Uncle Hiram Root is right much worried about the small pox. He says he doesn't want to get it. Who does, Uncle? He is about the same this week.



  Jan 7 - and now we write it 1913. We are having some bad weather at this time, snow and rain. It commenced raining last evening and is still raining. The snow is about all gone except drifts, but they are plentiful. Last Fri we had the severest storm of wind and snow that we have had in the recollection of the oldest inhabitants. Timber, fencing and hay stacks were blown down and we hear of some buildings being overturned. Ed Kitzmiller's wagon and buggy house was blown down and his buggy completely wrecked. His wagon was not in the house. Our telephone line was pretty badly "discombobulate."

  Dr J M Nihser's two sons, of Cavetown Md, who have inherited form their grandmother, Mrs Weems, the farm near Schell, known as the "Weems" place, are here batching in Gabe Hanlin's old house. They are making preparations to build a summer home on their property, also to put the farm in good order.

  The newest thing we have about here is that beautiful parlor organ that J G Hanlin presented to his daughter, Miss Alice, for a Christmas present.

  John Gardner had cut out his timber at this present set before Christmas and had taken his mill apart ready to move, but during his holiday week he made sale of 2,000 mixed railroad ties - or more if he has the timber - and he has reset his mill and commenced to cut the ties this week. These "mixed ties" we understand, go to the B&O's new plant for treating ties. Gabe Hanlin and Ad Lucas are each having a lot of those mixed ties made. They may be made of chestnut, birch, beach, ash, gum, cucumber, service, hemlock and in fact any timber that grows here, except basswood or boxelder.

  People here are generally well.

  Uncle John


  Westernport, Jan 6

  Walter Devore, a young man of this place, who created quite an excitement in the home of Mrs Grady a few nights ago by threatening the lives of the inmates with a razor, was placed in the town lockup a few days until his mental condition could be examined.

  Fred Fredlock, contractor of Piedmont, is erecting a large house on Fairview street of that place.

  Samuel Walker, of McCoole, was calling on friends here yesterday.

  Basil Winter, of Oakmont, is spending a few days here with friends.

  Enoch Likens, who has been ill for several days, is somewhat improved at this time.

  An epidemic of typhoid fever prevails at Westernport and Luke Md, and Piedmont W Va, adjoining towns. Many think the government should send experts here to ascertain the cause. The towns are on the North Branch of the Potomac river. A number of cases have developed in families that used boiled water altogether.

January 11
  The Cumberland and Pa Railroad Co gladdened the hearts of its many employees yesterday by disbursing a large payroll.

  E J Roberts, who owns and operates a large mine near here, has erected a large air shaft for the ventilation of the mine until it can have the fan house built and the fan installed.

  The different mines in this section are running full time with a bright outlook for the continuance of the same.

  The funeral of Master George Mahew took place today with interment in Philos cemetery. Will Fredlock of Piedmont W Va, was funeral director.

  Mr High Fisher, an aged resident of Piedmont W Va, died on Fri morning. He was formerly employed by the B&O company. He leaves a wife and children. Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed.

  Miss Mary Kalbaugh is confined to her home with illness.

  Benjamin Kalbaugh, who has been seriously ill with typhoid fever, is somewhat improved.

  Frank Smith, who has been seriously ill with typhoid pneumonia, is slightly improved.

  William Darr, who has been ill for several weeks with typhoid fever, is slowly convalescing.

  Enoch Likens, who has been suffering with a severe cold, is somewhat better.

  Mr John H Daddysman, who was confined to his home with sickness, is able to resume his duties.



  At a card party of exquisite appointments, given Thurs afternoon, from three to six, by Miss Hattie Coffroth, at her home on Main Street, formal announcement was made of the engagement of her sister, Miss Emlie Coffroth, and Mr Ralph Wilson, the charming event to take place next spring. The formal announcement, confirming rumors afloat concerning this popular couple, was made at the beginning of an elaborate luncheon, which followed an afternoon devoted for five hundred composed of nine tables. The whole scheme was hearts and cupids, the decorations being pink. Artistic heart-shaped tally cards, bearing the names Ralph Wilson, Emlie Coffroth, were placed before each guest, with favors of beautiful bride's roses.
  The announcement of this engagement is an item of pleasure and interest not only to the small circle of friends to whom it was first given, but to a wide circle of friends and admiring acquaintances. The charming bride elect is one of Keyser's most talented young ladies, being a daughter of Mr A W Coffroth. Mr Wilson, the groom-to-be, is a popular young mining engineer, with headquarters at Mt Savage Md.
  The thirty-six guests who attended this pleasant function will remember the event with much pleasure and earnestly extend to the fortunate young man their hearty congratulations on his excellent choice of a life partner.


  T Etheridge and Miss Clara Coulson were married at the parsonage of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Wed by Rev M Gallmeier.

Grafton W Va

  Announcement has just been made of the marriage of Richard Nell and Miss Florence Keener, which occurred on may 5 last at the Hotel Frantz, at Oakland Md.


  Morgantown, Jan 16
  A pretty romance around which is twined some unique strategy on the part of William V McNemar, a prominent college student here, was revealed today through the efforts of a newspaper man. A few days ago McNemar was in Star City and learned that a school teacher was wanted at a school there, and he succeeded in landing the job for his fiance. he was sent to Lahmansville, Grant Co, to bring the teacher back, who was Miss Helen Babb, but when he returned on Mon he introduced her as Mrs McNemar, the pair having eloped to Oakland Md, Sat, where they were married.
 The bride is a member of one of the most prominent families of the state and her getting the job is the cause of her marriage as McNemar is working his way through college.


  Capt Roy Warner, the popular clerk at the B&O freight office, slipped off to Martinsburg Wed evening and was united in marriage to Miss Dawson, an attractive young lady of that city, and daughter of engineer James Dawson. Roy's many friends here join us in congratulations. The boys are watching for his return, when he will get an expression of the appreciation in which he is held.

Morgantown W VA"

  Announcement has been made of the engagement of Attorney Roy C Darby, of Morgantown, and Miss Bess Andrew, of Waynesburg Pa. Mr Darby is associated with Mayor Fred C Fienniken in the practice of law.


  William Franklin Dunlap, and Miss Kate Wagner, were married a the parsonage of Kingsley Methodist Episcopal,l church by Rev A F Slagle.

Berkeley Springs W Va

 Jan 9 - Leroy McDonald of Cimmerson Kan, and Miss Oliver D Unger, daughter of J B Unger of Unger's Store, this county, were married at the home of George W Hohannis here by the Rev A D Sutherland, of the Presbyterian church. The groom is a son of the late J W McDonald, of Martinsburg W Va.


  Piedmont, Jan 11

  Henry Fisher, superintendent of the Piedmont water works until ill health caused his retirement about a year ago, died Fri at Piedmont, aged 72 years. Mr Fisher served in the Union Army in the Civil War. His funeral held yesterday, was in charge of Philos Lodge of Odd Fellows, of Westernport. Mr Fisher was a native of this city. He is survived by five sons, William Fisher, Washington; Fred Fisher, Rawlings Md; Frank Fisher, Moundsville W Va; Charles Fisher, Mariettta Ohio; Harry Fisher, Elkins W VA, and two daughters, Mrs Charles Suter and Mrs Howard Fazenbaker, of Piedmont.


  Following the death of her husband last Tues, Mrs Margaret Anna Stone, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs Hattie Menefee, Md Ave, Sat at noon, at the age of 84 years. Her husband, Francis M Stone was 88 years old and was connected with the B&O railroad all his life, being one of its oldest pensioners. The body was taken to Grafton W VA, this morning for burial in Bluemont cemetery. Rev J H Bickford officiated. Five children survive, Mr Marion Stone, of Keyser; Mrs Meneffe of this city; Mrs Sheehan of Byrd City, Kansas; Mrs Emma Towles of Grafton and John Stone of Grafton. -Cumb Press


  Mrs Benjamin Sirk, of Schell W Va, wife of a prominent farmer of that locality, died shortly after midnight at the Western Md Hospital, where she was to have been operated upon for a malignant abdominal trouble, but her ailment was too far advanced for possible surgical relief. She was twenty years old and is survived by her husband, who was present when she died. -Cumb News of 14th.


  As a result of a wagon which they were riding being struck at a Cumberland and Pa train last Wed, James Mayhew, 11 years old, son of James Mayhew, is dead, and Bernard Stowell, 14 years old, son of William Stowell, is suffering an injured spine. Joseph Driscoll, 17 years old, son of James Driscoll, escaped uninjured. The boys were hauling powder to the Franklin Mines and the outfit was run down at a crossing near Gannon's store in Franklin Md.


  Cumberland Md, Jan 10
  Milliard F Wagner, 56 years old, a merchant on Shriver avenue, was killed at the B&O crossing, Valley street tonight. He stepped out of the way of a westbound freight and got in front of a Cumberland and Pa passenger train when going down town with his brothers-in-law, Lewis H and Denton Barth, of Old Town.
  Wagner was a native of Old Town and a member of the Patriotic Order Sons of America. He leaves a wife, three sons and three daughters, including Mrs Edward Kemmett of Baltimore.


  Wed night, Jan 8th, C H Coffman (whose proper name was Chandler), a brakeman on the third division, fell off his train at Thornton and was killed the body being badly cut up. The remains were brought here and prepared for burial and on Thurs Conductor Clarance Biercamp, on whose train he was braking, accompanied the body to Gordonsville Va, the former home of the deceased, where it was turned over to the unfortunate young man's relatives for burial. The deceased was 23 years old, and has a wife and one child, who live in Richmond VA. She was formerly a Miss Lloyd.


  Mathias Barker, of Swanton Md, died Sat evening, Jan 11, 1913, at the residence of his son, William Barker, in Keyser.
  Mr Barker had been for some time in declining health, and the end came more as the result of the infirmaries of old age than to any particular malady.
  The body was accompanied by many relatives and friends to Swanton, for interment Tues, Jan 14th.


  Cumberland Jan 10 -
  Mrs Susannah Custer Morrell, widow of Lorren Morrell, is dead at her home in Meyersdale, aged 77 years. She was a daughter of David Custer of Garrett County Md, and was a cousin of Gen Custer, who was massacred at the battle of the Little Big Horn.
  Through her mother, whose maiden name was Margaret Start, Mrs Morrell could trace her connection to the Oliver family of England, and through that family to the royal family of England. She was twice married. her first husband was G W Potter of Barton, this county, who died six months after their marriage. Seven years after the death of her first husband she married Lorren Morrell of New York State.
  Mrs Morrell was for may years an enterprising business woman of Meyersdale. One son, Charles Morrell, of Washington and two daughters, Mrs Anna McCarty of Delaplaine VA and Miss Hattie Morrell, survive; also one brother, Sampson Custer of Connellsville Pa and one sister, Mrs Isabel Sweitzer of Garrett Co.

Clarksburg, Jan 10

  William Kade, 47 years, committed suicide today at his home in this city by drinking a quantity of strychnine. He walked into his home, turned to wife and children and said "Goodbye," took the bottle from his pocket and drank the contents and died in a few minutes. He was general manager of the Patton Brick works and leaves a wife and nine children. He was thought to be temporarily insane.

Charles Town W VA, Jan 12

  Mrs Mattie A Entler, widow of the late Jacob P Entler, died on Wed last at her home in Shepherdstown, aged 81 years. Since the death of her husband in 1900, Mrs Entler has resided with her stepdaughter, Miss Nellie Entler, in Shepherdstown.

  Jan 12

  James A Thomas, a well known retired business man, died here after an illness of some weeks. The deceased was about 47 years old and was a native of Monroe county. A widow survives.

  Mrs M C Balch, widow of the late Dr Stephen Balch, formerly of Leetown, died on Thurs last at the home of her daughter, Mrs May Morton in Philadelphia Pa, aged 78 years. Her remains were brought to Kearneysville, Jefferson Co, and interred in the Balch family grave yard at Leetown.

  Mrs Jane Allen, widow of the late Arthur Allen, died at her home in Ripon on Wed last, aged 82 years. Mrs Allen was a Miss Tidball before her marriage, being a daughter of the late Alexander Tidball, a prominent citizen of Winchester. Her remains were interred in Greenhill cemetery in Berryville, on Fri.

  Weston W Va

  Jan 9 - Death claimed two of Weston's pioneers and prominent citizens today, the Hon Wm L Dunnington, aged 81 years and Squire J M Hayden, aged 77.
  Mr Dunninghton was president of the Citizen's bank at his death, and was formerly one of the leading merchants of the city.
  Mr Hayden was at one time proprietor and editor of the Weston World. Both have wielded good influences in the community and their deaths cause profound regret.

  Harpers Ferry W VA, Jan 15

  James D Butt, referee in bankruptcy for this district , died suddenly yesterday at his home in Washington. The deceased had practiced law here until 13 years ago, when he removed to Washington. he was a bachelor, nearly 70 years of age, and leaves a brother Harrison Butt, of Baltimore.

  Cumberland, Jan 11

  Lawrence V Doerner, aged 35 years, died Thurs night at the home of his parents, Mr and Mrs Weyand Doerner, from internal hemorrhage. Dr John A Doerner, medical examiner for the B&O railroad, is a brother of the deceased and Mrs Finan, wife of Joseph B Finan, newspaper man of this city, is a sister.


  Mrs Emma Mower, aged 42, wife of George L Mower, died of cancer at her home here Thurs. Her husband and six children survive. Mrs Mower was a sister of Engineman Eichelberger, who was killed in the Western Md Railway wreck at Pen-Mar.

  Snow Hill

  Joshua B Waters, a retired oyster planter, died at his home in Stockton Wed, aged 75 years. He leaves a widow and one son, George Waters and a daughter, Lillian Waters.


  Mrs Mary A Freithof, aged 57 years, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs J P Meisel, died here Tues. She resided with her sister, Miss Augusta P Meisel.


  Information has been received of the death at Santiago, Cal, of Mrs Annie Mann, widow of Warford Mann, of Hancock. She was 79 years old and was twice married. Mrs Mann leaves numerous relatives here. She was an aunt of James Reamer, proprietor of the old Howard House, Baltimore.

  After suffering from tuberculosis three months, Charles McWilliams, 42 years old, am employee of the Western Md railway, died at the home of his father, Robert McWilliams, at Grafton.

  John Murry, aged 41 years, died last Sun at his home at Moscow Md. He was only sick a few days.


  Mrs Eliza Ellen Thomas, 76 years old, sister of John B Brosius of the W Va legislature, died at South Fargo N D. Her body was brought to Hancock Md, and interred in St Thomas Episcopal churchyard. She is survived by one daughter, Miss Leila Thomas. Mrs Thomas many years ago conducted a confectionery store in Hancock.


  Information has been received of the death at Santiago, California, of Mrs Annie Mann, widow of Warford Mann of Hancock Md. She was 79 years old and was twice married. Mrs Mann leaves numerous relatives at Hancock. Her first husband to whom she was married at Paw Paw W Va, was George McAtee.

Harrisonburg, VA

  Mrs Hannah Wampler, 63 years old, died Wed near Linville. She was Miss Hollar and leaves several sisters and brothers.

Chas F Robey, aged 80 years, died Jan 3rd, at Elkins.


  William T Roberts, for more than 45 years a member of the Baltimore Bar and a former member of the Republican State Committee, died Mon aged 69. Mr Roberts was a noted Bible Student, and shortly before his death announced that he had read the Bible from cover to cover no less than 30 times. He was a great lover and possessor of antiquities, and was vont to spend many hours of his leisure time inspecting old buildings in this and other states. He was proud of his ancestry and traced his family tree back to 1631, when forefathers left their home in Cheshire county, England.

Charleston W Va, Jan 6

  Miss Catherine nannie Hudson aged 91, and a descendant of Henry Hudson, of Hudson Bay fame, died at the home of C B Couch, in this city.


Jan 10 - Mrs Sarah Nay, wife of Rev Isaac Nay, is dead at her home at Farmington. Her death was caused form an attack of paralysis. Deceased was aged 74 years. Besides her one sister, Mrs Laverne Price, with whom she resided, she leaves two brothers, Aaron Atha of Colorado, and Vincent Atha of Washington. Mrs Nay was a daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Owens Atha, and was a member of one of the oldest families of Marion county. Rev S A Jones conducted the funeral services.

Jan 10 - J B Levelle, aged 86 years, pioneer resident and veteran merchant of Fairmont, died today. He was married three times. His third wife, formerly Miss Mollie Leonard, survives. The funeral takes place Wed.

Jan 10 - Mrs Lou Ann Kinkead, wife of Rev Eliza Kinkead, is dead at her home near Mt Zion. She was married twice, her first husband being the late W M Moran, of this county. Two children survive. The funeral was held this afternoon.

Jan 10 - Mrs Mary V Lee,wife of J J Lee, died last night at her home here. Her funeral will be held tomorrow. Deceased was aged 67 years, and her death was caused from a attack of paralysis. The deceased was a daughter of the late William Carpenter, and lived for many years in Union district. Besides her husband, she leaves four children.


  Elkins W Va, Jan 9
  Thomas J Cousin, aged 79 years, died yesterday of pneumonia at the home of his daughter, Mrs M H King, of Earle street. Mr Cousin was a native of Baltimore Md, and resided there until nine years ago, after the marriage of his daughter to Hon M H King, when he removed to Elkins. A peculiar coincidence in the death of Mr Cousin was the fact that his wife died nine years ago at the same hour, on the same day and in the same month. Mr and Mrs King and two children left this afternoon for Baltimore, where the remains will be interred Fri in the Bonnie Rare cemetery, beside the grave of his wife.


  B&O first class trains are to have paper towels.

  Mrs J Z Terrell, paid Cumberland a visit last Sat.

  Mrs Clarence Borst was a visitor to Cumberland Mon.

  Roy Babb of Grant county, is spending some time in town.

  Mr and Mrs Owen Dorsey were visitors to Cumberland last Sat.

  Mrs W Bruce of Cumberland, was a guest of Mrs Marshall Sayre last Sat.

  Master Vincent, son of Rev Harry Wheeler, of Piedmont, is ill with typhoid fever at his house.

  Chas E Bright, postal clerk on the Western Md, has been off duty a few days on account of a sore arm.

  D L Wilson and O S Fisher of Moorefield, were registered at the Gassay last night. -Elkins Inter Mt of 14th.

  Dr F P Edgell and family of Harper's Ferry, returned home Wed after visiting relatives here this week.

  Miss Jennie Smith, the famous railroad evangelist, is assisting in a revival meeting in the M E Church at Frostburg.

  Mr and Mrs Stephen A Douglas Blair, of Keyser, passed through the city to Martinsburg yesterday. -Cumb News of 14th.

  Miss Alma Grayson and Miss Margaret Duling expect to accompany Mr J F Grayson and family to Kansas about March first.

  Miss Helen Warner and Miss Mabel Stone of Keyser, were guests of Mrs Herbert White last week. -Terra Alta Republican of 9th.

  Mrs H W Nethken, of Pittsburg Pa, is visiting her cousin, Mrs Alva F Getty, 20 North Smallwood St. -Cumb News of 16th.

  Miss Bertie Rice came home last Fri from Newmarket, Va, having been called home by the illness of her mother, who is now much better.

  Miss Florence Githens, teacher at Gerstell, whose school was closed a short while on account of chicken pox, commenced teaching again last Mon.

  Miss Margaret Duling of Hartmonsville, accompanied her sisters, Misses Blanche and Bernice, to Cumberland last week, where they will enter the training school for nurses.

  Allen Arnold, formerly of New Creek, now of Hagerstown, was in town last Fri and Sat. Mr Arnold is going into the mercantile business in Hagerstown.

  W L Hanes, foreman of the Western Md shops at Hagerstown, was hurt last Sat about the head and one foot, and is now at home here.

  Mrs F P Kelly and children returned last evening from a visit with relatives in Washington D C and Keyser W Va. They spent Christmas in Washington. -Fairmont Times of 11th.

  Mr W E Fazenbaker, the well known B&O engineer, is in St Louis, where he was called on account of the serious illness of his brother in law, Mr William Armstrong. -Cumb News

  N Mack Wilson, of Davis W Va, is dangerously ill at a hospital near his home following an operation for appendicitis. Mr Wilson was born and reared at Sharpsburg and married Miss Smith, of Sharpsburg.

  W H Coffman, shipping clerk for the Seiver Hardware Co, is going about again, although not entirely recovered. Mr Coffman and wife and little daughter have been ill with diphtheria and have been under quarantine, but have sufficiently recovered to have the restrictions lifted.

  Miss Leeda Hanes was in Cumberland Wed of last week, where she met her friend, Mr Stewart Stillwell, of Connellsville, who accompanied her home, leaving for his home on Thurs evening. Some of the young people's friends suspicion that there was a wedding, but that they deny it in a mild sort of way, so we don't know.

  Mr Otho Barnard, of Bloomington, accompanied by Mr Henry Clay Eye, also of Bloomington, were in Oakland Mon when both gentlemen called at this office. Mr Eye recently removed to Garrett co from the "Smoke Hole" section of Pendleton Co, W Va, where the denizens of that section are chiefly engaged in the manufacture of the moonshine "likker" guaranteed to produce three fights and a funeral with each gallon or money refunded. According to Mr Eye seven illicit stills were in operation within a radius of ten miles and all of them being operated upon his credit, hence he moved to a more congenial clime and is now one of the District No 4's good citizens. Oakland Republican of 9th.

  Lee Ash is arranging to open a first class grocery store in the Morgan Building on Armstrong St.

  Mrs J R Kenney, who resides on Davis St, is slowly improving.

  Mrs Stewart, who died on Sat last at her home in Luray Va, was the oldest member of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Va. She was born at Glenn Burnie, the Glenn home in Jefferson Co, W VA, 88 years ago.

  C W Siever was a business visitor to Cumberland Tues.

  J E Offner of Romney, was a business visitor here last Fri.

  Dillon Leatherman, of Purgittsville, was in town Tues on business.

  H H Kight has been on the sick list at his home on St Cloud St.

  Chief of police F G Davis was laid up a few days the past week, but is around again.

  Miss Belle Taylor, of Purgittsville, was visiting relatives in town first of the week.

  Sam Dixon, of Piedmont, has gone to Baltimore to take a course at a business college.

  Mr and Mrs I P Carskadon of Headsville, came over yesterday morning, on a short visit.

  J W Ravenscroft and daughter, Miss Nellie, have been on a visit to Baltimore the past week.

  Little Miss Mabel Montgomery of Beryl, is visiting her sister, Mrs Rose Rice, on Gilmore St.

  Mr J W Markwood of the Factory, was in town Mon and Mon night with relatives.

  Hon C H Vossler returned to Maysville after spending a week with his family and looking after business here.

  Orland Chrisman and Loren High have taken work with the B&O, as car checkers in the yards here.

  J Elkins Goshorn, of Piedmont, has been appointed a printing clerk at the legislature at Charleston.

  W C Bowden was in Cumberland Tues attending the Stockholders meeting of the W Md Orchards Co.

  B H Grayson, B&O yard brakeman, who was off duty for some time on account of illness, is again on his job.

  Miss Anna Clary, of Deer Park, and Miss Margaret Duling, of Hartmonsville, are visiting Mrs J F Grayson, near Cumberland.

  Mrs Finnell of Elm Beach, Cal, is paying the home of her son, Attorney F Chas N Finnell, a visit. Her many friends are glad to see her again.

  Mrs Poindexter, who spent a few weeks here as a guest of her sister, Mrs A W Russell, left Tues for Roanoke, VA, to join her husband who is stationed there.

  W G Burnap, an old retired B&O division engineer, formerly of Keyser, but who has been living at Washington DC, for some time, is reported to be very ill.

  W P Russell and family of Twin Mt, came down Wed on a short visit and are guests at the home of his brother, A E Russell, on Mineral St.

  Mr and Mrs J H Markwood, Dr and Mrs F P Edgell and children, accompanied Mr J W Markwood over to the Factory Tues, going on the T M & P railroad, and spent the day among relatives.

  W M Ludwick, formerly of Windber Pa, was here last Sat. Mr Ludwick and his brother, Worth Ludwick, have bought out Bennett & Grim at Romney, and will go into the mercantile business.

  Jas C Smith, an old yard brakeman, who had been off duty for some months on account of an injured knee went to work again last week in the shop, but in some way got a fall injuring the knee again and now laid up again.

  Mr Thomas Kean, of Seymour, Ill, who spent several weeks here with relatives and friends, returned home last week, after a very pleasant visit. His daughter, Miss Jennie, remained until Tues, when she went to Chillecothe Ohio, to pay friends a visit on her way home.

  Jesse Hoover, of Cumberlarnd came up last Sat on No 55 and remained until Sun with friends and relatives, taking his wife and children back home with him. They had been spending a short while here at the home of Mrs Hoover's parents, Mr and Mrs Walter Lowry.

  Miss Bertie Lawton, of Oakland, is visiting with Mrs D L Trenton.

  Mrs J C Neuhauser left yesterday for Columbia Pa, to visit her old house.

  Miss Sara McCarty Johnston has been confined to her home the past week with a very sore arm; vaccination.

  David L Wilson, Moorefield, spent Tues night here with his daughter, Mrs D H Huffman, on his way from a business trip to Elkins.

  Fred Jones, of Elk Garden, a student of the Prep School, is confined to his room at Mrs Sharpless' with appendicitis.

  Miss Cora Pifer, a nurse at the Allegany Hospital, Cumberland, spent Wed here the guest of her sister, Mrs Ernest. She with Mrs Laura Lauck, went to Cumberland to be present at the hospital clinics Tues.

  Mrs C K DeVries has been in Grafton the past week with her sister, Mrs Williams, who has been very ill, and who underwent an operation at the hospital. Mrs Williams' little son is also ill with pneumonia.

  Rev R E L Strider of Keyser, has been visiting his parents at "Rose Hill" near Leetown, and during his stay preached at the Episcopal churches at Leetown and Middleway. -Spirit of Jefferson (Charles Town) of 14th
  Rev MR Strider has returned.


  Mrs Kate Bender of Williamsburg Pa, is visiting here.

  The Calendar Coterie met yesterday afternoon at Mrs W C Long's.

  Mrs W E Woolf has had another bathroom added to her residence.

  Mr and Mrs Ed Rogers went to White Oak Flats to spend a few days with relatives.

  Born Jan 13, 1913, to Mr and Mrs Robert Baker, at their home at Petersburg, a daughter.

  Wm Parrill , aged 71 years, who served the Confederacy under Col Ashby, is very sick at his home near Headsville.

  Ed Corbin, the champion coon hunter, caught the largest coon of the season last Sat night on the Allegany Mt. This makes 18 coons that he has caught this season.

  Patent mechanical coal stokers are being installed in the furnaces of the Patchett Worsted Co. This will greatly reduce the labors of the fireman, A B Liller, has charge of this part of the plant.

  S W Thomas, of Laurel Dale, was here yesterday and sold a lot of beef cattle. he was accompanied by W E Shers. The Thomas Brotheser deal extensively in a general line of butchers' stock.

  Mrs H G Wilson, will entertain the members of the Woman's Home and Woman's Foreign Missionary Societies of the M E Church, at her home on Main St, Fri afternoon, Jan 24th.

  Died, Jan 8, 1913, a two year old son of Mr and Mrs Ola Hartman, of Vernon St. The remains were buried in Queens Point Cemetery, Rev R G Hammond officiating at the funeral.

  Contractor H G Steorts has completed a new floor in the Preparatory Gym. It is of hardwood, and polished so it reflects rays of light almost like a mirror. The room is commodious and well equipped for the usual series of gymnastics.

  Attorney's Wm MacDonald and Wm C Clayton are back on their old stomping ground. Mr MacDonald's new offices are done and the attorney's finished moving last Sat.

  Mr J H Markwood who for a number of years has been superintendent of the Sun School of the Grace M E church South, was presented with a bunch of flowers by the Sun school on Sun in commemoration of his birthday.


  John C Grant of Glenfield, W VA, a B&O fireman, was struck by a shifting engine in South Cumberland yards early yesterday morning and probably fatally injured. His head was cut and his back was hurt, and Dr E B Claybrook performed an operation at the Western MD hospital to which institution we was removed in the Butler ambulance. Grant boards at the Hotel Hendricks in the South Cumberland. Inquiry at the hospital yesterday brought the information that Mr Grant is getting along as well as could be expected. -Cumb News of 15th


  The grand jury for the Jan term of the Circuit Court for Allegany County today submitted a report in which it says:
  "In view of a recent fatality in a Westernport secret society, we would recommend that the General Assembly of Md enact such laws as will prohibit the use of electric current as part of any initiatory service in lodges and secret societies."
  The grand jury investigated the death of Zadock T Offner, of Keyser W Va, which occurred while he was being initiated in the Loyal Order of Moose at Westernport. A member of the body said there was not sufficient evidence to warrant an indictment of manslaughter.


  Cumberland Md, Jan 6 - Judge Henderson sounded a note of warning to the W Va saloonkeepers on delivering his charge to the grand jury convened here today. The court declared that now the prohibitory amendment had been carried in W Va had been informed that there was to be a great influx of saloon keepers across the state line into Md. He added that the laws of the state of Md require a year's residence in the state before license to sell liquor can be secured and that false swearing on the part of applicants would be summarily dealt with.


  E G Kimmell, a well known real estate man of Keyser, is planting an orchard on the eastern spurs of the Allegany mt, about three miles south of Keyser, adjoining the Buckhorn Orchard Co's lands. On a tract of 337 acres he has already set 1800 apples, 1500 peaches and 250 Shropshire damsons.


  A charter was issued at Charleston to the Coffman-Fisher Co of Davis W VA, to conduct general mercantile business, both wholesale and retail. The authorized capital is $100,000 and incorporators are Eugene Coffman of Davis W VA; Thomas Fisher, of Tunnelton W VA; Charles H Coffman, of Thomas W VA; George W Coffman of Kitzmiller Md and Walter E Coffman of Bellington W Va.


  D Lindley Sloan last evening was elected president of the Dime Savings bank by the new board of directors, when the body met for organization. A M Lichtenstein was made vice-president and Jesse A Hoover, cashier.
  Mr Hoover succeeds Arthur Warfield. He has been connected with the institution since its incorporation. Ill health caused Mr Warfield to retire, although he retains his interest in the bank with his brother, Perry Warfield, and owns a block of the stock. -Cumb Press of 10th


  At the election held in the town of Thomas last week the citizens ticket was elected by big majorities. The successful candidates are Mayor J W Cross; recorder. A C Cox; councilmen, W A Jones, H R Werner, John Baskirk, W G Helmick and J J Garvey. Mr Cox has been Recorder for the past year and his re-election shows that he is considered an efficient officer.


  Frank Bell, a laborer, met with an accident Mon afternoon about 5:30 o'clock, which resulted in his left foot being cut off at ankle by a street car near Robert's store at Franklin. He was brought to the Hoffman hospital. Bell, whom it is alleged was intoxicated, was wandering along the tracks at a curve when he was struck by the car, in spite of the efforts of the motorman to avoid hitting him.


  Winchester VA
  Rev Dr James Grahan, pastor emeritus of the Presbyterian Church in Winchester, now in his 88th year, had his right leg amputated below the knee Fri in Winchester Memorial Hospital with a view of escaping a spreading disease. His condition is quite serious.


  H R Lewis, division freight agent of the B&O Railroad in Baltimore, has been promoted to the office of general freight agent to succeed the late Thomas Wheeler Galleher, whose death occurred recently. This announcement is made by Gen Freight Traffic Manager C S Wight and the change becomes effective Jan 1. W Raskew, chief clerk in the general freight dept here, will be advanced to division freight agent to succeed Mr Lewis.
  Mr Lewis was born march 25, 1782, at Mattoon Ill, and entered the service of the B&O Railroad on Aug 12, 1896, as a clerk in the freight tariff dept. he was promoted to chief rate clerk of the gen freight dept on march 1, 1898, and became chief clerk of that office on Feb 1, 1907. His appointment as division freight agent at Baltimore became effective April 15, 1912. Mr Lewis is regarded as a thorough railroad man in every scene of the term, possessing a broad knowledge of the structure of the railroad rates and other traffic subjects. He has a wide circle of friends in railroad and other business circles throughout the country.
  Mr Askew, who becomes division freight agent at Baltimore, was born Nov 20, 1873, at Baltimore. He began his railroad career in Jan 1888, as a messenger in the freight officer of the B&O at Camden Station, Baltimore. Having filled various positions in the general freight dept, he became a rate clerk in Sept 1899, and chief rate clerk on Feb 1, 1867. Mr Askew succeeded H R Lewis, as chief clerk of the freight dept on April 15, 1912, which position he leaves owing to the present promotion.
  J Hampton Baumgartner


  Remaining unclaimed in the postoffice at Keyser W VA, week ending Jan 9, 1913.
  ? Wilfon, Miss Viola Dunham, E T Buchanan.

  Remaining unclaimed in the postoffice at Keyser W Va, week ending Jan 16, 1913.
  Miss Dollie Bowers, Miss Helen Carmack, Mrs W C Gayler, Mrs R D Ravenscroft, A D Amy, Henry G Arnold, Floyd Danean, Willie Jenkins, R L McCleary, Chas Mosses, Jas L Rector, A E Rollins, L E Simmons, J C Snyder, Wm Turner, E J Wolf.


  Under the new quarantine regulations the regular Keyser policemen and the extras are very busy. It's a common job to hustle a dozen or more who come to town on the railroads without a smallpox certificate to some doctor to be examined and vaccinated if need be. On the highways leading toward Piedmont, Cumberland or Allegany Co, guards are playing soldiers, hovering over a fire in the open.


  Angie Hardy, the negro bandit who participated in the attempted hold-up of Lee Inskeep, farmer, near Romney W Va, was yesterday convicted at Romney at sentenced to eighteen years in the penitentiary.


  Among the prominent exhibitors of chickens at the Poultry Show at Morgantown last week was J C Clem, of this place whose birds carried off some of the prizes. He was awarded first on cockerel, first and second hen, and first and second pullet. MR Clem naturally feels proud of his little Browns and his friends are congratulating him on his success. He has quite an exhibit at the show at Fairmont this week and we hope that he may carry off some of the ribbons there.
  Later - At the Fairmont Show Mr Clem go the following prizes: Rose Comb Brown Leghorns; first cock; first, cockerel, first pullet, first hen, first pen.


  A large crowd of the young folks took part in celebrating Miss Susana Thompson's birthday last Wed evening at her home on Main St. A royal good time was had in playing games of various kinds. Miss Susana received a vast array of nice presents. Delicious refreshments were served.


  Bridgewater Va
  From Beaver Run it is about 84 miles south to this point, via Moorefield, Mathias and Brock Gap.
  Some sickness here but mostly the result of colds.
  Aunt Betsey Glick is 87 years old, is almost blind and very nervous, but is up and about in her room.....
  G S A


  The annual meeting of the Thompson Furniture Co was well attended by the stock holders. The old board and officers were re-elected as follows: Directors: H S Thompson, R W Nine, Harry G Fisher, C H Vossler, Geo T Carskadon, D O Fout, James E Sheets; officers: H S Thompson, president and manager; R W Nine, vice-president; Harry G Fisher, secretary.


  The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Alkire Orchard Co was held Wed. The directors elected are L C McDonald, R G Richardson, V F Alkire, R A Welch, J H Markwood, Roberdeau Annan, Geo A Harrison, T T Huffman, C L Bane.
  The organization was completed by the election of the following officers: V F Alkire, president; T T Huffman, secretary-treasurer.
  C J Alkire has been manager of the company since it was formed six years ago, and his work has been so satisfactory that he will be appointed for this year.


  Engine No 2018 of the eastbound passenger train on the B&O Railroad Mon afternoon, dropped a crown sheet at Salem. W E Eskly, of Parkersburg, one of the best-known engineers on the road had one of his feet blown off and was taken to a hospital at Parkersburg.


  E R Trenton, a B&O Third division brakeman, living here, had a close all for his life near Newburg. Passing over his train in the night and foggy besides, he stepped form a box car on train No 97 and landed on his head in a flat partly filled with railroad iron. He is badly cut and bruised and partially paralyzed.


  County Court met in special session on Sat, Jan 11th. Present, R H Dayton, J R Bane and Geo Klencke, commissioners.

  The following business was transacted:

  The matter of the petition of J R Baker for permission to put gates on the Dawson road, postponed until a meeting of the court to be held Jan 18th.

  Assessor F C Patton was allowed $650 per year for an office clerk.


  At a joint meeting held at Friendship Castle, No 4, A O K, of the M C and Mystic Friends Assembly, No 6, or Degree of Naome, the officers installed for the ensuing term, D D S C Leslie McCoole installed the officers of the Castle as follows: C E Clark, past commander; G W Avers, commander; Thos Nash, vice commander; D B Parish, marshal; Ira Ravenscroft, inside guard, W H Coffman, trustee.
  P S C J W Dayton installed the officers for the Assembly as follows: Mrs Lurena Rice, past commander; Miss Lillian Cheshire, commander; Mrs Edna Mankins, vice commander; Mrs Etta King, conductress; Miss Daisy Cline, guard; Miss Dora Rittenhouse, sentinel; John Wolford, trustee.


  Report of the Claysville school for the third month.
  Pupils enrolled, boys 21, girls 8, total 29.
  Average daily attendance, boys 16, girls 6, total 22.
  Percent of attendance, boys 80, girls 85, total 82.5.
  Honor Roll - Floyd Carnell, Ophir Burgess, Mahlon Burgess, Albert Pancake, Geneva Carnell, Delphia Pancake, Alma Pancake.
  Bessie H Ebert, Teacher.


  The numerous friends of Thos W Ashby, of Elk Garden, will regret to learn that his health has become so bad that on Mon, Jan 6th, Mr F C Rollman accompanied him to Baltimore for medical treatment.
  Upon Mr Rollman's return from Baltimore last Sat, he informs us that he had placed Mr Ashby in the care of Prof David Streets, Dean of the Md General Hospital for treatment.
  Mr Ashby is afflicted with gastritis and dilation of the heart, and Prof Streets is confident that a month;s treatment will help Mr Ashby very much.