MAY 17, 1912


  May 15 - Taylor Martin and little son, Turley, of Chicago Junction, Ohio, is in this vicinity n a few day's visit.
  Mrs Chas Evans, of Martin, was a caller here a few days ago as she was returning home form Keyser and Cumberland.
  L J Mott is attending the Republican state convention at Huntington.
  Sur D G Martin went to Ridgeley this week to do some work for Special Commissioners William MacDonald and Taylor Morrison on the Smeltzer lands.
  Mrs V M Grayson and little son, Ernest, were at Keyser on e day last week.
  Lawrence Grayson and family, Boyd Grayson and Mrs Ben Grayson and little daughter, all of Keyser, were visitors at V M Grayson's one day recently.


  The two heavy rain and hail storms last Sun did some damage in some sections. The first one missed us and the second one was not quite so hard here as it was west and south of us.
  If one wishes to see the newest boy baby he should go to Mora Charlston's; or to sell a mule, to E B Staggs, he wants to buy; or to buy a good colt, to Charley Shoemaker's, he has some for sale; or to buy a mare, to G S Arnold's, he has one for sale; or to buy a farm, go to Dan Bailey's, he says he would sell; or to find the newest hospitable home, stop at A O Whipp's, they have just moved and say the latch string hangs outside.
  Charles Shoemaker bought a young horse of Charles McGee.
  Otis Rogers and Naz Biser are working on the new railroad. Also other home folks are working with the foreigners on the grading. This lot of graders are working through Burlington. Another gang is grading near Barksville.
  Arnold Ludwick went to Pa, near Pittsburg, to take a position as motor man on a trolly line.
  Miss Glennie Carnell and Miss Wilins, of Keyser, spent Sun and Mon on this side.
  Mrs Nettie Tutwiler is visiting Mrs Fannie Steele (nee Tutwiler) in Pa.
  W B Leatherman and wife are prospecting a few days this week at Frederick, Md. They seem to have a few properties there in the balance weighing them. J H Arnold went with them on this trip.
  Next Sun, S S at 9:30, funeral at 10:30, singing at 3:30 from Song Praises.
  Some farmers are done planting corn, some are partly done, some have not planted any and some wish their corn planted were in the crib instead of the ground. But the harvest time will probably even us up, so don't regret and fret, please.
 G S A



  April 7
  As I have been absent for a quite a while, will try to give a few of the happenings in and around the Fountain.
  The farmers are all busy getting ready to plant corn. The ladies are busy house cleaning.
  Messrs James Flanagan and William Adams attended church at Fountain Sun evening.
  Mr and Mrs J M Fleek and Mrs M L Staggs spent Sun at the Knobley View Farm.
  Mr Jacob Urice spent Sat and Sun with friends at Barton.
  Miss Blanche Staggs spent Sun at the East View farm.
  Mr Charlie Taylor and son from Ridgeville, were calling on Mr Seymour Taylor Sun eve.
  We are glad to say that Mrs William Urice is much better at this writing.
  Sun School at the Chapel Sun at 10 am. Everybody welcome.
Lone Girl


  Press (Petersburg) of 8th
  Attorney E L Judy, who has spoken of in connection with the office of Prosecuting Attorney, has declined to become a candidate for that office.
  G P Schaeffer, who recently became the owner of the Taylor hotel, moved to Petersburg with his family Thus. Mr Schaffer will run a first class hotel.
  G G Harper and brother of Upper Tract, recently bought of M E Rader, of this place, a lot in the Naedele Addition on which they will erect at once a large up-to-date feed and livery barn, which will contain two waiting rooms and accommodate forty horses. They expect to keep good stock and good rigs. We are glad this is coming. Our town has long been in need of a good livery barn.
  E P Babb's little son, Vance has the measles and is right sick with them now at this home at Martin.
  Dr J N Judy first of the week had two fingers torn off behind the nails by getting them caught in a wire stretcher.
  While stepping form the sidewalk to the road near depot Sat night, John Parks slipped and sprained his ankle.


Review (Romney) of 15th
  Mrs F C Turley is spending a few days in Moorefield.
  Mrs Mary Blue, of Springfield, is the guest of friends here.
  Mrs W H Stansberry and daughter, Miss Ruth, are visiting in Fairmont.
  Geo S Arnold Jr, of South Branch, spent Mon in town.
  Mrs Miranda Wilson and Miss Carrie spent several days lasts week in Baltimore.
  Mrs Carrie Miller and daughter, Caroline of Moorefield, are visiting at A E Bergdall's.
  Mrs Jno J Cornwell and Miss Kate Brady spent last Fri and Sat in Keyser.
  Miss Anna White, eldest daughter of Capt C S White, is very sick at her home here.
  Mrs Arthur Tutwiler, of Beaver Run, and Miss Sidonna Tutwiler, of Barnes (?)ill started to Pa Thurs for an extended visit.
  A carrier pigeon came to the home of S L Davis one mile east of town, April 3rd marked as follows: A B 48621." The bird is a female and has mated with other pigeons of Mr Davis and gone to laying.
  Among those who attended the baseball game in Keyser last Sat were Misses Mary Linthicum. Jean Mytinger, Willie Parsons, Nell Taylor, Gertrude and Roxie White, Mary and Avery Heiskell and Miss Blanch Freidlin of the D & B Schools. Also Messrs Heber Parsons, Robert Baird, Prof Welton, W H Stansberry, John Goldsborough and Tod Dailey.


  Miss Lillian Hodgson, of Cumberland, spent Sat and Sun with her aunt, Miss Jennie Parker.
  Mrs Mary Blue is visiting in Romney.
  Rev G G Oliver was accompanied home from Fall Church, Va, some days ago, by his sister-in-law, Miss Lucy Hurst, who will remain at the parsonage for several weeks.
  Mrs J H Billingsley and little daughter, of Romney, were guests of Mrs Oliver last week.
  Mrs J M Poe spent the week in Romney with her sister, Mrs J Brady Thompson, who is quite sick with measles.
  The Mileson Mill property was bid in at the sale last week by Mr Cooper, of Augusta, for $3,950.
  Mrs Mary E Wilson, has moved form Green Spring to Springfield, and is occupying the Dailey property. Mrs Wilson, who lived here for many years, has many warm friends who welcome her back to her old home.
  Mrs E A McGlathery and daughter, Helen, have gone to Johnstown, NY to visit the former's parents, Mr and Mrs Crounse.
  Revs J H Bilingsley, of Romney and Walter White, of Elk Garden, spent Thurs at the parsonage.
  James Pownell, who has had a position in Cumberland, came home a few days ago on account of an attack of measles.
  Miss Nettie Hrett and Mrs Granville Chapman, of Slanesville, were in town Fri.


  Moorefield Examiner of 9th
  F Brooke Whiting, of Cumberland, spent last night in Moorefield.
  Andy Seymour has been right sick the past week but we are glad to say is improving.
  Philip Fetzer, of Frostburg, spent several days here this week visiting his mother.
  E O Harwood, Sr, left yesterday morning for Elkins, where he will spend some time.
  Mr and Mrs W A Allen and Mrs Annie Williams spent Sun with relatives at Burlington.
  Miss Gladys Randolph, who has been teaching at the home of Seymour Fisher, closed the school last week.
  W E Woy and John T Bowman went to Cumberland first of the week after Mr Woy's automobile.
  B B McMechen of Glendale, spent a few days here the past week looking after his business interests here.
  Miss Alice McCoy, who has been visiting here for several weeks, returned to her home in Franklin last Thurs.
  Mrs S P Fetzer, who has been visiting home folks at Woodstock, Va for some time, returned to her home here lasts Thurs evening.
  Martin V Keister, died suddenly at his home near Brandywine last Tues night at the age of 65. He was in his usual health when stricken with paralysis.
  N P High, of Philippi, spent several days here last week shaking hands with his many friends. He went from here to Purgittsville to visit relatives for a short time.
  Jas D Butt, of Harpers Ferry, Jno O Lemon of Martinsburg, and W H Griffith, of Keyser were here lasts week taking depositions in the Miley bankrupt case.
  David Whiteman of Junction, was here last Thurs and shipped 21 head of cattle bought by Wise and Ruckman of R A Wilson, which averaged 1300 pounds.
  Mrs Jesse Fisher, left Mon morning for Baltimore, where she will consult a specialist. She was accompanied by Mrs Jos I Cunningham, Geo W Fisher and Dr Love.
  J W Marshall, of Midland, was here last week. We understand Mr Marshall has sold the tract of timber land back of the Old Fields to some Wheeling gentlemen.
  Rev Alexandria Earle left Sat morning for Springfield, where he will fill the pulpit in the Presbyterian church this summer.
  Miss Bessie Wilson, who has been visiting in Washington for the past month returned toto her home here Sat evening.
  Announcements have been received of the marriage of Miss Lyla Wilson, to Mr Courtney Wilson, which occurred in Washington yesterday.
  A W Seymour spent a few days the past week in visiting his brother in Cumberland.
  Miss Mattie Eberly, who attended the Winchester Presbytery, returned to her home here last week.
  Robt See and Jos Stickley went to Keyser Thurs to do some farm work for R M Stickley.
  Miss Lucy Allen and brother Alfred, of near Romney, visited relatives here for a few days the past week.
  Moray Randolph, who has been attending school at Gaithersburg, Md, returned home yesterday.
  Mrs D H Kuhn, who has been visiting in Baltimore and other points, returned to her home here last week.


  Mr J A Parrill, of Keyser, was here last Thurs in the interest of the International Harvester Co.
  Mr Edwin Burgess, Jr, of Laurel Dale, was here after seed potatoes last week. We have heard of some sold for four cents per pound. This is higher than we ever heard for seed potatoes.
  While peeling bark for Edgar Shillingburg, Frank Kitzmiller cut his knee with an ax.
  Mr and Mrs Lewis Junkins and son, Harry, and Miss Maud Salaz, of Wabash, were calling on Mrs Geo B Junkins last Sun.
  Mr D A Arnold, of Ridgeville, was out at his mountain farm, Highland Croft, last Mon.
  Dr Dickle, of Keyser was here on official business today.
  Miss Carrie Duling is on a visit to relatives in Gorman.
  As Mr E A Ludwick was coming home from Oakmont last Wed a rain and windstorm came up, and in haste to get into the barn he drove over a stump with his spring wagon. He was thrown from the wagon to the ground on his head with such force as to severely injure him. Dr Lantz was called and rendered medical service. At this writing he is able to walk about the house.
  Mr D R Leatherman, of Burlington, was here in the interest of coal last week. He has leased several hundred acres to the Ajax Coal and Coke Co, who are going to make five openings. They are at work clearing off a siding, which was put in by Captain Taylor several years ago, and was covered up by a slip of rocks and dirt.
  Mr Dan Ludwick, of near Burlington, came out to se his brother, Mr E A Ludwick, last Sat.
  Capt William Taylor, was at Keyser on business Mon.
  Have we no Democratic aspirants for office in Mineral county?
  Now, boys, don't let the multiplicity of office seekers on the other side frighten you. We believe that the time for a Democratic victory is near, and we only need good true men to be drafted into service. Who shall they be?


  May 13 - Mr S S Thomas, of Sulphur, was a business visitor here last week.
  A number of people from this neighborhood attended the sale of G P Schaeffer, near Bayard, last Tues.
  Harry V Schaeffer took G P Schaeffer and his family to Petersburg in his auto Sat. Mr Schaeffer and his excellent family have many friends in this community who wish them success in their new home and new enterprise.
  Mrs Nettie Mackley is erecting anew house on her premises to take the place of the old one recently torn down. Job Burgess is the workman - both mason and carpenter. He is being assisted by Henry Mackley.
  J J Cosner has the contract for a new dwelling for David Aronhalt. The contractor is to furnish all the material.
  J T Cosner has two gasoline engines; with one he runs a single mill; with the other he operates a thresing (?sic) machine.
  Walter Kitzmiller had a fine brood-mare to get her leg broken Sun, and had to kill her. It is supposed she was kicked by another horse.
  Mumps have made their appearance in our community.
  A V Parker was here last week in the interest of his farm.
  Some snow was seen flying in the air today.


  May 15 - Dear Tribune - We still have lots of rain and the wheat and grass are looking fine and oats also; but plowing for corn is somewhat slow work.
  Mrs Howard Baker has been quite sick, for some time. She is slowly improving and we hope she will soon be well again.
  J E Long, has closed out his store here and gone into the timber business, having bought the timber on the old Jacob's farm at Green Spring, now owned by Pancake, of Romney.
  Two weeks ago a son was born to Mr and Mrs John Rhodes, of Green Spring. The babe died in a few hours.
  A little daughter has come to the home of Mr and Mrs James Clay. It will be a pet as their baby boy died last year.
  Carl Clarence, the second son of Mr and Mrs Will grace, of Short Gap, who fell from a loaded wagon on the third of April and hurt so badly that he died the next day was buried at Frankfort on Fri the 5th, was eleven years, three months and nine days old. He was a good boy, liked by every one who knew him; loved his Sun school and church, and was always in his class. He will be missed everywhere. The funeral sermon was preached in the church at Short Gap by Rev G W Yost. The flowers, carnations and roses, were many and beautiful. He leaves his parents, two sisters and four brothers, besides a host of other relatives, to mourn their loss, but not without hope of a happy reunion some day in that bright and happy home where sickness and sorrow never come.
  Madeline, the little daughter and only child of Mr and Mrs Howard J Wagoner, of Earlston, Pa, died April 12th, of pneumonia. She was eight years, two weeks and five days old. She was a bright child, joined the M E church when only five years old; also was a member of the senior choir. She was always collecting and distributing to the poor of whom she was always anxious about. In her studies at school, church and Sunday school she was a faithful and persistent worker. There were six minsters at the funeral, five taking part in the funeral service, and the sixth one was her grandfather Sipes. The singing was fine and the flowers were beautiful. Besides her parents she leaves one half-sister, Carrie, and two half-brothers, Sutton and Carl. Madaline, a rose bud of earth is now blooming in heaven.
  Mrs Will Baker died at 4:30 o'clock today, Thurs. The funeral will be at the home tomorrow afternoon by Rev Oliver, after which she will be buried in the cemetery at Frankfort. Another good Christian woman has gone, and leaves a husband and three children, mother and father, three brothers and two sisters.
 M A D


  Franklin, May 6
  Martin V Kesiter, an exconfederate soldier aged 65 years, died suddenly of paralysis at his home near Brandywine last Tues night. Mr Keister is survived by his widow, four daughters and five sons.
  Mrs Robert L Thacker went to Baltimore last week to see her father, Mr Shackelford, who was very ill. Mr Shackleford died last Fri.
  Mrs S B Johnson, daughter, Miss Katherine, and her mother, Mrs Snively, of Shady Grove, Pa, arrived home first of the week. Mrs Snively will visit here for some time.
  Dr Fred Moomau and family returned Fri from Cumberland.
  Grant Harper and bride, nee Miss Iola Davis, came home Sat from Mr Harper's home at Riverton, where they have been visiting since their marriage.
  Born, on Fri, to Mr and Mrs Byron Boggs, a little daughter.
  Hon John McCoy has been slightly indisposed for a few days.
  Atty M S Hodges and W A Campbell reached home Sat form a trip to Baltimore.
  MR and Mrs Frank Cox and daughter, Miss Dorothy, who spent the winter at Connellsville, Penn, arrived Sat evening at Hotel Daughtery and will remain here a good part of the summer.
  Henry Keiter, of Petersburg, is here this week doing some painting.
  Mr Kessel, of Petersburg, brought Mrs Alice Rexrode, of Lahmansville, up last Thurs and she left Fri for a visit to Va friends.
  Miss Mame Daugherty is assisting W W Harper in the clerk's office during his campaign for the clerkship.
  W A and Albert Loenbach, of Harrisonburg, Va, and Arthur Cunningham of Moorefield, were business visitors here this week.


Herald of 10th
  Some miscreant broke a large plate glass window in Seaber's Candy store Wed night or Thurs morning, with a stone that was found on the side walk. Probably the same party or parties tampered with the large glass door of Mr M Korb's store opposite, which was already cracked and had apparently been tampered with by a knife or chisel, as if they were trying to pry a piece of it out. Whether they were contemplating robbing the store, or were only up to mischief is not know, but it is to be hoped the perpetrators will be caught.
  Mrs J M Davis, of Westernport, has gone to Mt Clemens, Michigan, to spend several weeks stopping at the springs there leaving here on Mon night last. Mr Davis accompanied Mrs Davis, but returned today.
  Mr Geo R Boyles, the popular B&O Engineer, leaves today for Washington DC to attend the wedding of his youngest son, Mr F M Boyles, who is chief chemist at the McCormick Chemical Works, Baltimore, to a Washington lady tomorrow.
  The eight year old daughter of Mr Chas Groves is very ill with typhoid fever.
  Miss Mattie Coleman, of Keyser was the guest of Miss Alice Jamison Sun.
  Miss Katharine Russell, of Keyser, was the guest of Miss Mary O'Brien, Wed.
  Miss Mamie Parsons, of Romney, who has been spending several days here the guest of Miss Ada Kenny, returned home Wed.
  Mr and Mrs U B McCandlish and Mrs Wm R Williams and daughter, Miss Marie, are on a two weeks visit to Philadelphia and other points.
  The damages to the electric light plant of St Peter's church by fire will approximate $15,00. The injured are all getting along finely. Rev Thomas E Gallagher suffered the most severe injuries. He had to have the hair shaved off his head.
  The W Va Pulp and Paper Co will commence at once the many extensive improvements to their plant at Luke.


  Ridgeley, W Va May 7
  Agitation for the incorporation of the town of Ridgeley was a subject talk this morning, on account of the miserable streets that had to be traversed. "Ridgeley is the tail end of Mineral County," remarked one exasperated resident as he ploughed his way through the mud. What many of the resident desire is to have Ridgeley become a part of Cumberland. This is a topic that has been discussed pro and con for some time, but the employment of so many Cumberland men in the village just across the river has made it one of more than paramount interest. The annexation of a portion of another State appears to be an impossibility, but those in favor of it are plugging away in the hope that it can be brought about. Living within a stone's throw of the city of Cumberland, many of the residents declare that it is an absurdity to have such horrible streets, no water supply, and no government. The fact that water could be easily extended to Ridgeley, police protection afforded and the many benefits of a municipality enjoyed with but little cost is one of the arguments for the annexation, but how it is to be brought about is a question that does not seem to have been figured out.


  May 15 - Quite a cold wave struck us last Mon. There was a considerable quantity of snow flying in the air, but it all passed on southward, none stopped here on the mountain. We had no frost and see nothing injured by the cold wind.
  Our farmers have their potato crop planted and some have planted corn, whilst others are waiting for the ground to get warmer.
  D W Idleman left our place this morning enroute to the Republican convention at Huntington. HE is a delegate from this county.
  Rev L C Messick will preach at Rehoboth church next Sun at 3 pm, also at 7 the same evening. He expects to continue services each night the whole of the following week and some visiting ministers are expected during the time.
  Uncle Luke Kitzmiller is improving slowly.
  The mumps have somewhat abated in our neighborhood.
  Oh, ye candidates! Why don't you come around with the smokes?
Uncle John


  Westernport, May 14, 1912
  The B&O has completed a long stretch of third track on the 17 mile grade and has a large force of men working at the different points on the hill grading, and by fall it will have practically the whole grade laid with the third track.
  The big lumber concern at Bond Md, has a large force of men busily engaged in grading on Savage River for a safety or run-away track at that point.
  Work on the new Western Md freight depot at this place is progressing very nicely at this writing. It is understood that the company is contemplating the moving of the passenger depot eastward several feet in order to bring it with the upper or west end on a line with the main street of the town.
  The citizens and business men of the Tri-Towns are making extensive preparations for a fitting observance of Decoration Day in the Tri-Towns. There will be a big parade in the afternoon in which all orders and societies will participate, also quite a number of pupils and teachers of the different Sun schools of the town. There will also be several speakers for the occasion who will deliver addresses suitable for the occasion.
  Mrs Maggie Fazenbaker, who has been seriously ill with typhoid fever, is slowly improving. Dr S A Boncher, of Barton, is the attending physician.
  Mrs Jane Wilt is still seriously ill with typhoid fever at her home.
  Mr James Wilt, who has been disabled from work for several weeks with a sore hand, is somewhat better.
  Mrs Annie Dawson had the misfortune to injure her foot pretty badly by a heavy box falling on it.
  Miss Beulah Michaels, who is ill with pneumonia fever, is slightly improved.
  Mrs Sarah Metts died suddenly at the home of her son, Mr George Metts, in Westernport, Wed morning, May 8, aged 76 years. She leaves five sons, George, Frank and Charles, of Westernport; John and Gilbert, of Dobbin, and one daughter, Mrs John Carter, of Parkersburg. She also leaves one brother and two sisters, Mr Gus Fazenbaker, Mrs Buckalew and Miss Rebekah Fazenbaker, of Westernport.


  Charley Davis, of Piedmont, was in town last Sun.
  C J Webb, of Altoona, Pa, was here last Sun.
  Jas C Smith, has been on the sick list the past two or three weeks.
  Mrs J C Liller went to Baltimore Tues to spend a few days.
  Miss Beulah McNemar will give a reading at Moorefield tomorrow evening.
  Mr Eston Winsboro and family spent last Sun here with Mrs W's parents.
  Ervin Shelly came in from Altoona Pa, and spent last Sun with home folks.
  Capt Macker Babb, headquarters New York, is visiting his old home at Medley.
  Robert Dailey and Miss Nell Taylor, of Romney spent last Sun here with friends.
  Mrs Kenny of Grafton, spent form Sat to Mon here as a guest of Mrs Ed Rice.
  Mr William Welch, of near Ridgeville, W Va, was a business visitor at Keyser Mon.
  Miss Ruth Davis, has returned to her home in Cumberland from a visit to relatives and friends here.
  Robert Armstrong and Earl Rogers drove over to Alaska last Sun and spent the day with Mr Armstorng's parents.
  Mr and Mrs Harry G Fisher were called to State Line, Md, Mon by the death of Mrs Fisher's father.
  Mrs Julia Mooney and Nephew Patsy Russell, left on Mon night for Chicago to pay Mr Jno Russell a visit.
  Mr and Mrs Singleton, of Newark, Ohio, who have been visiting Mrs Holtzman, of St Cloud St, have returned home.
  Mr John W Ravenscroft and son, Fred, will leave Fri night on a short visit to Mr and Mrs Roy Ravenscroft in Baltimore.
  Mrs Don rice left last Tues on a visit to Brunswick, Md, and will go from there to Newmarket, Va, where she may spend some time.
  Miss Dott Lauck, came down form Petersburg Tues to spend a few days with home folks. She was accompanied by Miss Wayne Welton.
  Mr Patrick King and granddaughter, Miss Marguerite Dorsey, of Cumberland, spent from Fri until Sun with relatives and friends here.
  Joe Dickle and James Hoover spent last Sun and Mon in Baltimore, and called on Mr Jacob Sobraske, who is ill in the University Hospital.
  Mr W G Burnap, of Washington, is visiting here.
  J R Kuykendall, of Foote, was in town Tues.
  Ed Hill, of Petersburg, was here to the convention.
  E P Babb, of Martin, spent a few days here this week.
  Webb Davis, of Grafton, spent last Sun here with relatives.
  Mr Bennie Hall,of Newark, Ohio, is visiting relatives here.
  Miss Nellie Neville, of Ronceverte, is visiting home folks here.
  Miss May Long spent a few days in Baltimore since our last issue.
  Mrs W E Woolf has been on a visit to Baltimore since last week.
  Mr David Long is about again, after having been housed up a few days.
  Mr and Mrs R B Bailey spent Wed in Cumberland shopping.
  Miss Lola Shapless was taken ill last Sun with an attack of appendicitis.
  William Snyder, of near Cross, was a business visitor at Keyser Mon.
  Mr and Mrs Tom Deffibaugh and son have returned home from Newburg Va.
  Mrs Ed Rogers entertained the Mite Society at her home last Tues evening.
  Mrs D H Huffman has been visiting home folks near Moorefield, since last week.
  Mr and Mrs Elmer Sheetz have returned home from a visit to Wheeling and Moundsville.
  Mrs Ed Hall and Mrs Hast of Cumberland, are visiting friends and relatives here.
  Mrs Will Chesshire returned home Mon night from a visit to home folks in Cumberland.
  Mrs Sarah Somerville, of Cumberland, spent Tues and Wed with relatives here.
  Mayor Babb and his family went to Cherry Lane Sat returning Mon morning.
  Miss Helen McKenzie and a number of others, attended the dance up at the Casino last night.
  Mr and Mrs Isaac Mills are attending the B of L F convention at Harrisonburg, Pa, this week.
  Miss Anna Durrett has returned to her home in Cumberland forma visit to friends here and at Grafton W Va.
  Mr and Mrs Arthur Wells and little son went to Garrett, Ind, last Sat on a visit to relatives.
  Mrs Roy Durrett and children of Cumberland, are the guests of friends and relatives her.
  James Vest, aged sixty-two years, died Mon night, May 13th, at his home in South Elkins. - Elkins Inter Mt
  I E Bolton, has resigned as clerk of the court of Pendleton county and the court has appointed W W Harper to fill his position.
  The Presbyterian churches of Gormania and Bayard have secured as regular pastor the Rev Geo H Leeper, who is on the ground and has begun active work.
  The home and store of Isaac Williams, who formerly live on the farm of the late Gov Llowndes at Rawlings, this county was destroyed by fire at Volga, W Va. Cumb News 14.
  C W Taylor closed a deal with G P Schaeffer, of Bayard, for the sale of his hotel. Mr Schaeffer will have a sale of his personal property at this residence near Bayard on May 7th, and takes charge of the hotel May 10th.
  Roy Davis, who skipped his bond at the last term of the circuit court, and has since been in hiding, was taken in at Elkins on Sun last by detective Bond and that evening was safely locked in the jail at this place. His bondsman, Thomas Eggleson, is doubtless glad to know that Davis is under lock and key again. - Parsons Democrat 9th
  J A Glaze, the merry-go-round man, accompanied by Tom McKenzie, went to Mannington Tues where they will open up business. They have added a Ferris wheel, a couple more cars and other attractions to their outfit this season. Such enterprising men deserve to succeed.
  Jesse C Hevner, of near Moorefield, was in to see us last Sat. He was down from Fri to Sun visiting Jordan Devault and other friends.
  J B Fetzer returned last Sun from a business trip to Petersburg, where he will erect a large brick building for the Union Tanning Co.
  Mr Taylor Martin, formerly of Keyser, but now of Fostoria, O, is visiting here, and expects to leave for Ohio the last of the week.
  Misses Ethel and Fay Montgomery are on an extended visit to Oklahoma, Missouri and Idaho and will stop off in Indiana and Ohio on their way home.
  Douglas Frye and family, of Richwood, came in last Sat and remained till Mon, when they went to Berlin, Pa, where Mr Frye left, his wife and children and returned here Tues, going on home Wed.
  Dr and Mrs James H Carpenter, who are now for the present, staying with Mrs Carpenter's mother, Mrs McAlpine, in Lonaconing, visited Mr and Mrs J H Marshall here Wed. - Midland Cor. Cumb. Times of 11th
  Mrs Chas B Dyche, of Luary, is visiting the family of Mr C E Hunter and other relatives here. Mrs Dyche stopped off here on her way home from a visit to her brother in Keyser. - Berkeley Springs Post of 9th.
  Mr Harry Heironimus, one of the most popular young businessmen of Davis, is seriously sick at his home in Davis. He returned don last Fri form the John Hopkins hospital at Baltimore, to which place he had gone to consult physicians, but they gave him no hope for his recovery. - Parsons Democrat of 9th
  Fred Dodd of Keyser, spent Tues night here the guest to Dr and Mrs B F Scoot.
  Roy Martin of Keyser, spent Sun here.
  Herbert H White, returned home Mon from Wheeling where he had been for several days attending an Insurance Meeting. -Terra Alta Republican of 9th
  Mr and Mrs H Harrison and two children, of Elk Garden, were guests at Mr J R Bane's from Tues to Wed.
  L M Albright, a popular third division brakeman, has resigned his position and accepted a clerkship in D T Greenwade's store.
  Rev H C Smith, who served the Rawlings charge last year, was in town last Sat. He is not in regular work this year.
  Mrs Leah Sincell came up form Cumberland last Sat to spend a few days at the homes of her sons, John T and George Sincell.
  Miss Sara McCarty Johnston will leave tonight for Hammond, Ill, to spend a few days with her brother, H F Johnston.
  George Deremer, who has been with the P M & I Co for some time, has moved to Alaska and will assist his father on the farm.
  Rev J W Purcell, who spent a few days very pleasantly among old friends, left Wed morning for his home, at Pulatka Fla.
  Mr Olin Durst, of Lonaconing, came down last Sat and spent Sun at Mr J T Sincell's and was accompanied home by his family Mon.
  Mrs J A Sharpless returned from Glady last Sat, bringing her daughter, Mrs Nettie Channell, home with her. Mrs Channell had a case of ptomaine poisoning, but is getting all right again.
  Mr and Mrs Joseph Shaffer and son Joe, of Martinsburg spent last Sun with Mr and Mrs Wm MacDonald. They had been to St Louis to visit their son and were on their way home, stopping off for the day. They were accompanied by Mrs Watts (nee Miss Sallie Anderson) of Kansas City, who was going home with them to spend a while.


  The brick work is going up on Arza Furbee's new house.
  W W Kesner has gone into the butcher business at Oakland.
  Dr Fred Gerstell of Dawson, was in town yesterday.
  David G Stagg, of Ridgeville, was in town yesterday on business.
  Born, Sun, May 5th, 1912, to Mr and Mrs Lloyd Robinson, a daughter.
  N J Crooks, has a new Ford auto, bought of agent T H Davis.
  Miss Ida Umstot is having her residence treated to a coat of paint.
  Born May 9, 1912 to Mr and Mrs Herbert Wolfe, a fine daughter.
  Bert Stallings, of Medley, was here Wed attending the convention.
  Miss Lena Lark, who is in a hospital in Baltimore, is slowly improving.
  Dr W M Babb has a new Ford runabout, purchased of agent T H Davis.
  W H and Elmer Frye, of Lahmansville, were down to the convention Wed.
  Miller. - Mr and Mrs J F Miller buried their one-day-old infant Wed, May 15, 1912.
  Mr P M Furbee, of Alma, Tyler county spent Sun and Mon here with his son Arza.
  The Calendar Coterie met yesterday afternoon, with Miss Glendora Keys, and had one of their usual pleasant meetings.
  Mr and Mrs Wilbur Wimer, of Pittsburg, spent form last Sat to Mon, here as guest of their uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs J D Gelwicks.
  Mrs Sallie Gerstell has had her houses on Piedmont street repainted in two shades of green and they look nice. Tom McKenzie did the work.
The six months old son of Mr and Mrs L J Nethken, died May 15, 1912 at their home on A Street, of pneumonia. It was taken to Deer Park today for burial.
  Dear Fred: - I received the Diamond Ring. I think it the best ever, because you bought it at Evans Jewelry Store. Lovingly yours, Jane
  Mr William Kenneth Creasy, of Catawissa Pa, and Miss Ruth Long of Bond Md, were married Thurs last at Cumberland. The bride is known by a number of persons here. She is the daughter of Mr and Mrs E M Long, of Bond. The young people will make their home in Catawissa. - Cum News of 14th.


  Rev A A P Neal, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South at Burlington, and Miss Rebecca Carskadon, daughter of Mr Isaac P Carskadon,of Headsville, W Va were married Fri, May 10, 1912 at the home of the bride's parents.



Thomas Barnard, a well known engineer on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, was killed at Rowelsburg Sun and his funeral took place at Frostburg Tues. The accident occurred at noon Sun. He was called for an extra helping engine west and was passing over the tracks stepping from the eastbound track to the west, when he was caught by engine No 165 and almost instantly killed. For upwards of 12 years, he ran out of South Cumberland. Several years ago he took a position over the "Hill" and has been running there ever since. He was married and is survived by three children.


  Robert Miller, aged about 65 years, died Mon, May 13, 1912, shortly after midnight at State Line, Pa, opposite Ellerslie this county, from paralysis, having been stricken Sun morning. Mr Miller, a former resident of Cumberland, had been connected with the Standard Oil Co for years and at State Line was an engineer for the Souther Pipe Line Co. He was a native of Scotland, and is survived by his wife, four sons, Archibald B, James W and William Miller, of Cumberland and R C Miller of Fairmont W Va, and three daughters, Mrs Harry G Fisher, Keyser W Va, Mrs Edwin Newberry of Pittsburg, and Miss Margaret S Miller, a teacher in the Allegany County High School this city. - Cumberland News of 14th


Shepherdstown, W Va - Mrs Virginia Moler, wife of the late Capt Lee H Moler, after an illness of some time, died at her home here, aged 70 years. She was the daughter of the late Christian Reinheart. Mrs Moler is survived by three sons, Lee h, of Hagerstown; William R, of Cumberland Md; Edward T of this place, and one daughter, Miss Engle, of Baltimore. She leaves a number of brothers and sisters in this section.

SUES FOR $10,000

Edgar Bierkamp, has sued the John B Carter Construction Co, contractor building the Western Md extension for $10,000 damages for the loss of a eye due to premature explosion of dynamite. Frank A Perdew and Wilbur V Wilson are attorneys for the plaintiff. -Cumb News


  Homer Cox, a young man 20 years old, was badly injured in the Fairmont railroad yards Sat morning at about 3 o'clock, when in some unaccountable manner he fell from his train. He sustained a badly crushed leg and other minor injuries. The young man was a brakeman on the third division and resided near Keyser. HE was admitted to the Miners hospital shortly after the accident, where he is resting well with good prospects for his recovery.


  On Thursday evening an enjoyable surprise party was held at the home of Mr and Mrs J W Ravenscroft on West Piedmont Street, in honor of Fred Ravenscroft by a number of his school companions. Music and games were the main features of the evening. Refreshments were served. Those present were Misses Lora and Vila Hollen, Verda Darke, Nelie Borst, Isabelle Sobraska, Julin Wright, Eulah McMakin, Amy McKee, Margaret Dugan, Margaret Dorsey, Laura Neville, Gertrude Kight, Amanda Stevenson and Constance Gordon. Messrs. Louie Long, Vernon Rankins, Fred Mills, Frank Kight, Wade Sheetz, Arnold Harrison, Winfred Shaffer, Robert Sobraske, Max Moore, Messrs Virgil Ridgeley, Harvey Diehl and Athey Murray, of Cumberland.


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