JANUARY 19, 1912


Bayard W Va - Jan 16
Last week the thermometers registered the coldest weather ever known here. The government thermometer in the east end of town registered 30 degrees below zero. Other thermometers in the west end of town and nearer the river registered as low as 32 below.
Mr H F Fulk, who laid the W Va Central railroad through here some 30 years ago, and has been section foremen since, says this is the coldest weather he has known here.
The tannery at Gormania, owned by the Hoffman Co, of Wheeling, was partially destroyed by fire Sat morning.
Miss Beulah Kimble is visiting at Oakland, the guest of Mrs Ardith Frantz.


Last Sat the thermometer registered 18 degrees below zero, the coldest since 1895, a period of 17 years.
Martha Thomas has returned to her school.
Mr S V Ward, drove to Keyser in his sleigh Sat, returning Sun; he says sleighing is OK.
Mr George Kuh, of Dobbin, who has been visiting his brother, of Laurel Dale returned home Sat.
J W Thomas, Mabel and Margie McNeill were calling at Claysville Tues evening.
Miss Leafy Pancake has joined the Prep School.
J W and S W Thomas drove to Keyser Sun evening to attend the Spiritual meeting.



Jan 16
We are having a little brush of winter with the temperature down to 20 below zero last Sat morning.
Capt Ward, conductor on the W M R R of Cumberland, was bagging some rabbits here last Sat.
I L Vanmeter was in Cumberland last Sat on business.
L R Llewellyn spent last Sat night with relatives at Moscow.
Clarence Bobo, while turning a team of horses here Tues of this week, fell through the sled and had his leg severely injured.
Well, friend Lucas, I must admit
To you I'll leave the poetry to writ
As I have no poetic faculty
so hope you can write enough
For both you and me.



The weather man has had a monopoly on cold storage. The mercury in the thermometer occasionally slips up to zero. It was ten, to fifteen degrees colder in the valleys round about than at Elk Garden and other places on the mountains. Well, the denizens of the mountains do not begrudge the valleyites a few degrees at the lower extremity of the thermometer. The snow is not so deep on the mountain, about six or eight inches, but what there is is polar snow.
A half a score of adventurous young ladies and gentlemen took a sled ride to Hartmonsville last Fri night. Howard Keplinger furnished the team and was the driver. On their return they stuck in a snow drift at Kensel's Hill where a man froze to death about twelve years ago, but the merry sleighing party escaped with an eighteen - degree-below-zero chill, and the sleighride is now a pleasant reminiscence. The party was made up of Misses Estella V Hott, Anna C Fleming, Laura Barrick, Mamie White and Mary Abernathy. Messrs. Bun and Bartley Kilroy, Herb Seaman, Dent Davis and Steve Kearney.
On the memorable last Sat morning the mercury at Elk Garden registered 20 degrees below zero. Some places it was only 16 degrees below. Emoryville enjoys the proud distinction of wearing the blue ribbon for it was 36 degrees below zero there, 31 below at Oakmont, 22 below at Shaw, and other places in the valleys correspondingly low.
On Mon night and Tues morning of this week we suffered most from the cold. The thermometer registered 12 degrees below zero Tues morning with a high wind. School children suffered. They cried and wrung their hands on entering the school room. Some of them collapsed, becoming helpless. Quite a number of chickens were frozen to death, some pigs and a calf.
Mr Isaac Junkins brought a sled load of ladies and gentlemen from Blaine last Fri night. They made our town lively with song and jingling bells.
the revival meeting was begun last Sun evening in the M E Church south. Rev Percy W Metheny preached and interesting sermon to an attentive congregation. Rev Wm J Bernard has been detained on the account of the death of one of his grandchildren. Services were suspended Tues evening on account of the cold.
Agnes, wife of Mason O Warnick, died Sat, Jan 13, 1912, aged 61 years, 5 months, and 12 days. She was born near Bloomington Md. She leaves to mourn their loss three brothers. Fred, Thomas, and John Willis, of Pennsylvania, two sons, Howard, of Senior Pa, and William, of Elk Garden. There are five daughters, Mrs Wm Mowery of Frankville W Va, Mrs Robert Dearmit, of Salisbury Pa, Mrs Ed McDonald, Mrs Geo Harding and Mrs John Coleman, of Elk Garden.
Funeral Services were conducted in the Nethkenville church on Wed, and interment in the Nethken Hill cemetery. W H Kight had charge of the funeral.
Died, Jan 12, 1912, infant son of William and Blanche Simmons. Interment the following day in Nethken Hill cemetery.
Dr J J Kennedy, of Mill Creek, was visiting W H Kight and mother the first of this week.
Mr and Mrs J Raymond Hubbs, of Thomas, are visiting the family of D C Arnold this week.



?oy Gamble came up form Romney and spent Sun with family here.
?rcelle high left Sun morning for Baltimore, to undergo treatment fro appendicitis.
Miss Mamie Alexander left this morning for a visit to relatives at Richmond Va and other points.
Warfield Taylor, of Richmond, arrived home Mon evening on a short visit, Mr Taylor has been right sick for the past month.
The work on the new Court House has been kept up during the cold weather, though at at disadvantage. The steel girders of the roof are now being put in position.
E W Sheetz, of Morgantown, and S H Fulton, of Sleepy Creek, are here holding the Agricultural school this week. Mr Fulton is accompanied by his wife and baby.
Hon G W McCauley left Mon morning to attend the Jackson Day banquet, held i Washington Mon night. Prominent democratic leaders from all over the country were in attendance.
Married Dec 23, 1911, by the Rev W S Owens, pastor of St Lutheran Church, Hagerstown Md, Mrs Katherine Sheehan, daughter of Mrs S L and the late Alexander White of near Wardensvill and William Simmers of Chambersburg Pa.
Miss Lucy Doye, who has been visiting relatives at Pern, was here this morning on her way to Cumberland. C E Cowger brought her down.
While coming down the mountain last Sat, with a load of timber, the wagon got away from the team and one of Salem Charlton's horses ran its head against a tree, breaking its neck.
the annual sermon, preached to the Covenanter's last Sun night on the seventh anniversary of that organization, but the Rev Chas D Gildeson, was listened to by a large congregation. The attendance of Covenanter's was large. A great deal of interest has been manifested in the organization the last year and the membership is steadily increasing.


Born to J H Mongold and wife, a daughter.
Everybody got their ice houses filled this week.
Born, Wed to C T martin and wife a daughter.
J A G Hiser, of Laneville, had the misfortune e to run a nail in his eye recently, but we are informed that the eyesight was not impaired.
Mrs M F Gray, who has been here for three weeks visiting her parent Mr and Mrs Geo B Barger, returned to her home at Laneville Thurs.
Manager W P Russell of the Twin Mountain Orchards, has been appointed a Notary public, and was here and qualified as such before the count court Tues.
The sixteen month old child of Jesse Y alt, of Hiser, while eating an apple a few days ago, got a piece of the peeling in its windpipe. Physicians cannot reach it and nature will have to remove it.
Rev G D White, presiding elder of the M E church, spent Fri night here with L A Heltzel. he was on his way to Franklin to hold quarterly conference, and while here received a message calling him to Cumberland on account of the death of a child of Rev Balthis.


Winter has come at last. Sat morning the 13th was the coldest we know of for 14 years. At that time the thermometer registered 26 degrees below zero here.
Mr T Smith was calling at Jno Wisemans Sun.
Mr U T Pritchard and H F Edwards made a business trip to Keyser Mon.
We understand Mr Hagerty lost a horse Sun while giving him exercise. He went to the stable in the morning and seeing the horse shaking he took him out of the stable, got on for a ride and going a short distance the horse fell.
Mr Grover Bosley has moved his family here.
Mr Edgar Welch and Mr Cassel Green were calling at Jno Mackley's Sun.
Mr David Schwinabart and family were calling on home folks Sun.
Mr A C Dixon and daughter, Lola, were calling on MR Frank Junkins Sun.
Mr I N Pritchard and family attended the funeral of Charles Hart's child Mon.
Preaching Sun Jan 21st, by Rev Barnard.
Mr Jerry McNemar was seen on our streets Sun.
Mr Cassel Green and Miss Cora Mackley attended the revival at Elk Garden Sun night.
Mr F P Wiseman was seen on our streets Mon.
A large sleighing party passed through here Sun.
The ice houses are being filled in this vicinity.
Mr H F Edwards and U T Prichard purchased a fine fox hound Mon. We think it would be a great benefit to the farmers and poultry raisers if there were more hounds in this section.
We understand the law prohibits us from killing foxes and rabbits in parts of the year, if this is true will some one give the time they may be killed.
Hauling coal seems to be the order of the day, and also the order of the weather.
Through our telephone we hear of a great deal of sickness and some deaths at this time, owing to the changing of the weather.
I N Lyons, was a business caller to Sulphur Wed.



Mr W A Liller was in Cumberland on business Tues.
Mr J F Burke spent Sun here with his family.
Miss Beulah Burke returned to her home on James St Sun from a visit to friends and relatives in Cumberland.
Mrs E M Dawson and son, Mr Arthur Dawson, spent Sun afternoon with relatives in Westernport.
Mr J W Ruppert spent Mon on B&O business in Rowlesburg.
Mr William Dawson Sr, spent Sun with his mother, who was 80 years old that day, at her home in Westernport.
Our young folk have enjoyed the sleighing this week and our younger folk have had good times coasting.
Mrs M A Stallings, of West Piedmont St, has been quite ill at her home for the past few days.
Mrs Anna Golden was on the sick list a few days last week.
Hon C H Vossler spent last week and this with his family in Keyser.
Messrs S M Arnold and Richard Stimmel were attending to business in Keyser Mon they came over in a sleigh.
Miss Miller, who has been nursing at Rawlings came home Mon.
Mrs George Bleistein left last Thurs on a business and pleasure trip to Oklahoma.
Mr U B Pritchard and his brother in law, Mr Edwards, were in Keyser on business Mon.
Mr M Tamburini was looking after business interests here Mon.
Mr Seymour Whipp was a business visitor to Keyser last Mon.
Atty A J Welton, of Petersburg, attended court here this week.
Mrs M R Frye, visited home folk in Romney last week and this.
Rev G D White, P E of the Moorefield District, M E Church, South, was called to Roanoke last Sat on account of the death of his brother.
Mr H L bowman, who represented the Prudential Life Insurance Co, here, has been made asst superintendent and stationed at Piedmont. Mr T P Robinette takes his place in Keyser.
The officials of our county can secure legal blank forms at the Tribune office.
Mr J M Wolfe left Mon for Elkins where he has accepted a position with the Daily Inter- Mountain. he will move his family later.
Mr J W Schwinabart was looking after business interests in Keyser Mon.
Mr C E Gardener, of New Creek was in Keyser on business this week.
Gov Glascock has named Col W E Crooks as one of the twenty delegates from W Va to the National Civic Federation, which meets in Washington DC.
County officials can get all kins of legal blanks at the Tribune office.
A four horse sled load of our young people went up to Claysville last Wed night and had a jolly good time.
Mrs Frank Snider, who underwent a successful operation at the Hoffman Hospital is able to return to the home of her mother in law, Mrs William Dawson, and is doing nicely.
Mrs E M Dawson and son, Mr Arthur, are spending a few days in Washington with relatives.
Mrs Isaac Mills and Mrs W E Duling spent Thurs in Cumberland.
Rev Father M J Haire is spending a few days here with Rev Father O'Hara.
Mr Joe Chamberlain, of Antioch, was in Keyser on business Thurs.
Dr M F Wright and Mr James G Wright were Keyser visitors Thurs.
Mr David Linn, and Mr and Mrs Wm Williams, Mr Linn Davis, Miss Minnie Linn of Cumberland and Miss Grace Nine of Baltimore attended the funeral of Mr Geo E Wells on Wed.
Miss Emilie Coffroth left Mon on a visit to friends in Wheeling.
Mr O M Riser, of Piedmont, was in business visitor here on Tues.
Mr and Mrs H S Pulliam and children attended the funeral of Mrs Pulliam's brother in Piedmont on Fri.
Mrs M H Stallings who has been on the sick list for the past few days is much improved at this writing.
Father O'Hara left this week for an extended trip to Cuba. Father O'Riley, of Richmond, will fill his charge during his absence.
Messrs James Sollars and Nathan Warnick, who are here on the jury, made pleasant calls at this office.
Ira Cleveland Carson, who was arrested near here a few weeks ago, charged with killing Casper Schaidt, was convicted in the Cumberland court this week and sentenced to 12 years in the penitentiary.
Messrs C L Everhart, W C Pifer, W S Secrist, Elmer Giffen, H E Hannas, H L Miller and F W Davis attended the Poultry Show at Lonaconing last Wed.
J M Bright has sold sleighs this month to Dr Yeakley, Rev B W Smith, D T Taylor and Robert Norwood.
Mr Joseph Miller of the Flats, was in Keyser on business Thurs.
Prof E J Bunce, the famous horse trainer, and his wife are visiting in Keyser.
Let this zero weather remind you to take advantage of the bargains offered in blankets by the Thompson Furniture Co.
Miss Beulah McNemar returned the first of the week from a lecturing tour in the eastern section of W Va and this Valley of Va.
Mr W H Smith, of Indiana, arrived in Keyser last Mon on a visit to relatives and old friends. His brother, John A Smith, of Rees Mill, came over Mon to meet him, later he will go to Grant County to visit his old home. He is looking well and likes Indiana.
Miss Grace Ashenfelter, of Youngstown Ohio, who spent Christmas and holidays with her parents and friends at Swanton, Md, spent from Sat until Mon the guest of her sister, Mrs Maurice Wilt and her friend Mrs Maurice Wilt, and her friend Mrs John W Ravenscroft. Miss Ashenfelter will leave Wed for Youngstown, O.


Mr and Mrs Seymour Taylor announce the marriage of their daughter, Opal Kathleen to Mr Raymond Harrison Wimbrow, Tuesday the 16th day of January nineteen hundred and twelve, Salisbury, Md.


Floyd Felix Lynch and Birdie W Whetzell, both of Keyser, and John Howard Noonan and Rose Ann Yost, both of Elk Garden, were licensed to marry in Cumberland this week.


Rather a romantic marriage took place at the parsonage of Rev J H Balthis, pastor of Central ME Church, South, on Mon afternoon at 3 o'clock, when Elmer L Haines, of Slanesville, Hampshire County, W Va, was united to Miss Leona Shillingburg, of Hartmonsville, Mineral County W Va. Mr Haines is a school teacher, having followed that profession nine winters, part of the time in Kentucky, two years ago at Hartmonsville, and more recently at Slanesville. At Hartmonsville one of his pupils was Miss Shillingburg, and there a friendship started that ripened into love during the winter, of 1909 - 10, when she attended school under Mr Haines. This close friendship continued when Mr Haines went to Slanesville, and they decided to come to Cumberland and have the nuptial know tied.
Cumberland News



Robt Sommerville, a notice of whose death appeared in these columns three weeks ago, was a native of Hardy Co, W Va, the son of the late Alexander and Jemima VanMeter Sommerville, born November 1862, the seventh of a family of nine children.
About 1889, the family moved from the "Sommerville Place" four miles south of Moorefield, to Texas. Robert accompanied them.
He never married and at the time of his last illness he was living on his ranch near Pettes, Bee Co, Tex.
Stricken with ptomaine poison, he was taken to the hospital at San Antonio; his condition apparently improved, he was removed to the home of his sisters in that city, where he died Dec 7, 1911, ten days after the first attack.
His remains were brought to Moorefield and on the evening of Dec 11, 1911, after a brief service at the grave, his body was laid to rest beside those of his father and mother and other members of the family, in the family plot in Olive cemetery.
Letters from business associates and friends at Pettes bear testimony to his integrity and worth and the high esteem is which he was held by those who knew him best.
He is survived by two sisters, misses Sally and Kate Sommerville, of San Antonio, Tex and two brothers, John of Laredo, Tex and Edward, who has recently returned to his old home and is now engaged in business here.


Mrs Seeders, widow of the late Jno S Seeders, died at the home of her brother, William Montgomery, in Romney, Friday last, at the advanced age of 89 years. Her husband preceded her some two years. She had been a member of the Presbyterian church for a great many years. Funeral service, conducted by Dr Brooke, was held at the house Sun morning and the remains were taken to Springfield on the noon train for interment.
Romney Review.


Mr John Shea, died at his home in Ridgeville, last Tues night age about 80 years. He is survived by his wife and one son, Henry Shea, of Ridgeville. He was buried Thurs afternoon, the services were conducted by
Rev A A P Neel


Mr Thomas Ravenscroft died at his home in McCoole, Tues Jan 16, 1912, aged about 70 years. He was buried at the Dayton Cemetery Thurs. He had been in poor health for years. He is survived by his wife, who is a daughter of the late Rev Roland Dayton, and six children, four daughters and two sons.


Mrs Virginia Mytinger, widow of Tobias Mytinger, who died about four years ago, died at her home here about noon Mon, in the 83rd year of her age. She was born in Winchester and came here when very young, probably about 80 years ago. She is survived by the following children: Mrs Thos Athey, of Brunswick, Mrs W C Parker, Misses Edmonia, Elizabeth, Nellie, Myrtle and William, Charles and Howard of this place. Mrs Mytinger was one of a family of ten children.
Romney Review


George Edward Wells was born in Aberdeen Md, Nov 17, 1843 and died at his home on Mineral St, Keyser, Monday afternoon, Jan 15, 1912. The funeral services were held at the home Wed afternoon, conducted by Revs F H Havenner and M H Keen, the body was buried in Queens Point Cemetery. His wife, who was Mrs Margaret Linn, and two sons, Sargent and George, survive. He also leaves one sister, Mrs M C Kinsey of Keyser.
Mr Wells came to Keyser in 1871, and ever since then he has been one of Keyser's most substantial business men and most worthy citizens. He was of a kindly disposition, charitably disposed, spake and though well of his fellow-man and observed the Golden Rule. Such men are blessings to the social and business world and are missed when they are gone. He had been in failing health for months and had been confined to the house most of the time to since last July. Mr Wells was a member of the M E Church and of the IOOF. The honorary pallbearers were W C Clayton, A W Coffroth, D Long, Col G T Carskadon, N J Crooks, Judge F M Reynolds, J G Gelwicks, Dr R Gerstell, Dr C S Hoffman, J W Carskadon. The active pall bearers were: Dempsey Rice, L M Bumburger, C E Caldwell, W E Mullady, Dr L H Gaston, A D Akers.

The flowers were numerous and very beautiful.


Mr George E Wells, left a will in which he bequeathed all of his property to his wife, who has qualified as executrix, and Mr W S Davis has qualified as curator, and, as such, will continue the business on Mineral Street, as heretofore.


Thomas McDonald, of Nelson Neb, who had been in the employ of the B&O RR, died here of typhoid fever Wed. so far the authorities have been unable to locate his relatives.


Carmelo Schepis, an Italian, was killed on the Seventeen Mile Grade last Wed morning, and was buried in the Catholic cemetery here this morning.


Estrayed recently from my premises one black steer weighing 1000 to 1100 lbs. Liberal compensation for information leading to his whereabouts.
A A Welton, Burlington W Va


The Dept of Elocution and Public Speaking, assisted by the Music Dept, will give the annual winter term recital Wed evening, Jan 24th, at eight o'clock. The public is cordially invited to attend this function. It is the desire of the faculty that a closer relationship be established between the School and the community. to this end, the faculty and students will tender an informal reception to those who attend this exercise. The building will be thrown open and an opportunity will be given to inspect the plant. The program for the evening is as follows:
Piano Duet - Misses Louis Woolf and Alice Fetzer
Reading - Mr J H Bane
Instrumental Solo - Miss Laetazelle Snyder
Reading - Miss May Paris
Reading - Miss Myra Neffin
Instrumental Solo - Miss Louise Woolf
Reading - Miss Minola Remley Hatch
Instrumental Solo - Mr John Marville
Reading - Mr M J Matthew
Comedy Sketch - Miss Irene Davis and Mr M J Matthew


The stockholders of the Richardson Furniture Co, held their Annual meeting last Tues and reelected the same board of directors and official staff, and also declared their dividend. This plant is worth a great deal to Keyser and our citizens are pleased to know of its prosperity, under the efficient management of Mr R G Richardson.


Clerk J V Bell, who fell on the ice Jan 8 and broke his arm, is improving rapidly, is now walking about the house and will be down to his office as soon as the weather is favorable. His many friends rejoice in his speedy recovery and he appreciates the sympathy of his many friends.


At the Lonaconing Poultry Show this week the following were among the awards: R C R I Reds, Joseph T Loughlin, Luke - first cock, first pullet, W S Hill, Luke - first cockerel. B P Rocks, C H smith, Piedmont, second and third hen second pen. White Leghorns, Hanna Bros Keyser - first cock; first and second hen and fourth pullet. S C Black Minorcas, Elmer Giffin, Keyser - first, second, third and fourth cockerel; first and second hen first and second pullet.


Cumberland Md, Jan 16. - An unexpected turn was taken in the famous Green Ridge orchard cases, involving the alleged torture of Frederick W Viering, woods foreman and Andrew Zalor, boarding house keeper, employed by the Babcock Lumber Company of Davis, W Va, when John W George, of Cumberland, a superintendent, and John Iskra, Horace Fisher, William McClure, Frederck Ludwig and William Billmeyer, employees at the orchard, which is a million dollar proposition owned by F Merten's Sons, pleaded guilty to assault. The grand jury failed to indict for murderous assault. Witnesses will later appear to give testimony that the gravity of the offense may be determined. The charge of carrying concealed weapons will be contested.
Viering and Zalor, today, each entered a civil action for $20,000 damage against F Meten's Sons for assault and false imprisonment.


G Semmes Hamill, of Oakland, a prominent attorney of that place, lost his dwelling by fire last Sat night. It was one of the best equipped residence in Oakland and the loss was a very heavy one. Very little of the contents were saved from the flames.


Our people were startled Tues night about nine o'clock by the fire whistle. A flue in the house of H B Rice, Cor. Gilmore and St Cloud Streets was on fire, it was extinguished without the aid of the fire department. The damage was very slight.


The residence of Adam Spencer, nine miles south of Cumberland and three miles from Alaska, W Va, was completely consumed by fire late Sat evening. About half the household effects were saved. The loss is about $1,000 with $1,000 insurance. The fire originated from a stovepipe in the kitchen.


Up in Elk District, where the coal mines are and the big grazing farms, much interest is taken in the schools. The board of education is made up of Isaac E Oates, president, Elk Garden, John H Tice, Elk Garden and J Frank Bane, Sulphur, with Prin D C Arnold as secretary. These men are active in their work and alive to present day needs. They realize that there must be a going forward in matters educational.
Twenty-five teachers are employed this year; salaries $55 for first grade, $45 for second, and $35 for third. Eight teachers hold first grade certificates, sixteen second and one third. These teachers for the most part, are doing honest work, several are doing excellent work. The spirit of the teachers is shown in the fact that at the district institute all were present except two, and these two were absent from very good causes. Also at this institute, among other good things, a unanimous resolution was passed asking for district supervision. And the chances are the teachers will get what they asked for.
There are sixteen regular school buildings, ten of these have flags and eleven have libraries. In all there are over two thousand books in these libraries.
Following is given the names of schools, teachers, and addresses of teachers. Where two addresses are given, the second is the home address, otherwise, it is both the home and the school.
Elk Garden - D C Arnold, Prin., Elk Garden; Estella Hott, ass't, Elk Garden, Newcreek; Anna Fleming, Elk Garden; Anna May Joyce, Elk Garden; Ada B Gordon, Elk Garden, Keyser; Mary Mason, Elk Garden.
Jenny Spring - Talmage Smith, Shaw, Hoy.
Millville - Mae Winning, Elk Garden.
Shaw - Montie Haines, Shaw, Hoy.
Nethken Hill - Genevieve Carney, Elk Garden.
Oakmont - Laura Barrick, Elk Garden.
Emoryville - Daisy Grapes, Emoryville, Pleasant Dale.
Schell - J J Idleman, Schell, Mt Storm.
Empire - D W Idleman, Emoryville.
Gleason - Harry Owens, Blaine.
Potomac Manor - Mrs Nina McCall, Blaine, McComas; Lulu Tasker, Potomac Manor, Pierce.
Blaine - A L Lee, Kitzmiller Md.
Chaffee - Clarence Umstot, Chaffee, Pinto Md.
Barnum - Nora Sutton, Barnum.
Cross - Susan Abernathy, Barnum, Keyser.
Wabash - Maud Sallaz, Wabash, Philippi.
Hartmonsville - T T Smith, Hartmonsville, Hoy.
Sulphur - Mabel Neville, Sulphur, Deer Park Md.
Tasker - Virginia Michael, Barnum, Keyser.

Richard W Thrush


Mr and Mrs Jack Frost and little daughter, Mrs S N Moore and Miss Campbell were summoned to Kalamazoo, Mich, last Mon forenoon by a message announcing the serious illness in that city of Mrs Campbell, the mother of the three named ladies.


W S Secrist, attended the Poultry Show at Lonaconing last Wed. His White Orpingtons won first and second cock, first, second, fourth and fifth pullet; first and third hen and second cockerel. He exhibited ten birds and carried off nine prizes. Everhart and Rogers exhibited their Golden Wyandottes and won first and second cockerel and first and second pullet.

Manley Trask, foreman of the Argus Printing House, received a telegram Mon morning that his mother had died at the old home in Augusta Maine, on Sun Augusta, Maine on Sun, Jan 7, at the age of 85 years. He left that same day for Maine to attend the funeral and will stop off a day in new York city on his return home to visit a married daughter living there, and will not be back before about Sun or Mon.



Energetic young man to sell Florida lands. Good commission. R C Weidler, Blaine W Va.