MARCH 1, 1912


Not much a doing here only among, the aerial elements, it must be a busy place up there.
Sad news has been flashed over the wires today, the death this morning of Mrs T J Wilt Jr. It was not known here that she was sick. Disease supposed to be consumption. Funeral at Headsville Thurs at 1 pm and burial in the Oakey Johnson graveyard. Surviving are the husband and three small children. They live two miles east of Headsville on part of the Johnson farm.
Tomorrow (Wed) Dr Baker will accompany J H Arnold, Perry Biser and Will Stickley and son to Cumberland to have Dr Jones, the occultist treat the eyes of all except Mr Stickley>
Geo Biser and wife are spending some time up at her brothers Vernon Welch's for the benefit of her health.
Dan Bailey is reported as doing well with his broken leg. he took a special treatment last sun, a new thing, but it possessed magic of its kind. In some way it became known that Sun was his birthday and a concerted effort, among the neighbors brought through the mails ninety-nine post cards ready for Sun. Dan wan was not cognizant of facts until his wife gave him a shower bath with the cards Sun, pm. It was said more cards were to follow Mon as some parties did not hear of the plan in time to participate.
I hear that Nick Biser's have decided to leave the ridge for the summer and locate when a good job of work is apparent. he sold his berries, if they grown, to e B Staggs. he has a large young horse for sale, and if some one needs a good hand like Nick he would do well to see the fellow who wants work.
Tobe Stickley bought the Harvey Ludwick farm for $2500. It is said he will move his father there the first of March.
It is further said that Aunt Nan Ludwick had a barrel of corn (in ears) in her smokehouse Sun evening and Mon morning it was all gone, and she didn't feed it either. It was too rainy to suspect travelers on the highway. Lock your cribs, etc, except when it is a good time to make tracks.


Feb 21, 1912
Mr William Simmons started for Moorefield Sat on a visit to his old home.
Mrs G M Mckenzie and two daughters, Ethel and Alice, of Pinto, are visiting Mrs I L Vanmeter this week.
Mr H H Hott spent Sun and Mon with friends near Keyser.
Mr Thomas Wileman, of W Va Junction, was the guest of Mr F S Dayton Thurs night of last week.
Mrs Octava Thomas, of Cumberland, was visiting Mrs H Hott Mon and Tues.
Mr -Way bright of Gleason W Va, made a brief call here Fri.
Mr Osborne Dayton celebrated his Twentieth birthday anniversary Wed night. Mrs Grace Vanmeter celebrated her Sixteenth birthday anniversary Thurs night, quite a large crowd of young folks gathering together on both occasions and had quite an enjoyable time.
It looks like as if the Ground hog was going to give us some good weather now.
Mr H C Dawson has rented his farm to Mr McIntos, he will take possession the first of March.
Well Nero, I did not get that valentine that you hoped I would get.
But I don't care a pickeyun
I guess I'm out of line
i seldom get a post card,
Much less a Valentine.
so I thank you for the hope
I know you're not to blame,
so I will send one to myself
and you can do the same.

Feb 28
Quite a little excitement here Wed evening of last week when some B&O Trainmen sent a phone message here that a man had been killed on the first curve west of this place. Eager to reach the scene with all possible haste those with rheumatic pains hobbling with a cane laid aside their ailments for the time, forgot their rheumatism and outwent the fleet footed and arrived first at the place, while others puffing and sweating came up a little later to find a dead man, when lo, it was only a man's coat thrown on the embankment. Disgusted at the sight the rheumatism returned to torment its victim - But who got the coat?
Misses Bessie and Edith Leatherman, of Keyser, visited at S D Dawson's last Sat night and Sun.
Mrs J E Lease, of Rawlings, spent last Sun night and Sun with her cousin, Mrs J E Mellon, here.
Robert Yonker of Keyser, was calling on relatives here last Sun.
A colored girl, an inmate, of the Mineral County Poor House died Fri night of last week, her remains were taken to Piedmont Sat evening for interment.
Miss Bessie Vanmeter visited relatives in Keyser last Sat and Sun.
Harness Miller and wife visited relatives at Rawlings last Sat and Sun.
L R Llewellyn and wife visited relatives at Moscow last Sat and Sun.
One of the largest bodies of Ice in many years moved out of the Potomac river here Mon morning of this week with but little damage.


The first of this week we had an abundance of mud. We almost wish for zero weather again.
Mrs Mary Jones visited her father, Mr Wm Snyder, of McCoole, last Sun. Mr Snyder, a former citizen of Elk Garden, is in poor health.
Miss Amy Foreman is visiting relatives and friends at Thomas this week.
Not that we are favoring any presidential aspirant but from observation we learn that Col Roosevelt has a strong following in Elk District, especially among the miners.
There will be a locate Teachers Institute, at Kitzmiller, Sat, March 2, which the Elk District teachers are invited.
Prof Wm H Gatehouse is the principal of the Kitzmiller school.
We received a letter a few days ago from Robert E Wilson, Co H, 15th Infantry, Manila, Philippines Islands. He is enjoying soldier life and when he wrote was in high hopes that his company would be sent to China.
Mrs Sue Laughlin, of Kitzmiller, was the guest of Miss Bessie Dean the first of this week.
The K of P banquet in the new hall, the first floor in the Odd Fellow's Hall, last Sat night was a decided success. They had plenty to eat, played games, and old and young forgot their cares. It was a great success socially.
Miss Bertha Bischoff, of Ridgeley, is the guest of her sister, Mrs Wm Jones.
Roy Harris has accepted the position of bookkeeper for the Abram's Creek Coal Co, at Oakmont.
Dr P S Keim and Messrs R M Dean, F C Patton, J C Aronhalt and W H Kight attended the Republican dinner at Keyser. Dr Keim then went to Salisbury, Pa to see his mother.
Mrs Mattie Hershbarger, Ridgeley, was visiting friends here last week.
Tues was another cold snap, but Mon there was a downpour. We are having plenty of all kinds of weather.
Mr W Rees Nethken has moved form Dodson, Md to the Burke farm at No 6 mine. He has leased the company's farm.
We were pleased to see Mr David Ravenscraft on our streets last week. He is to be congratulated upon his recovery from so sever an attack of typhoid fever.
Michael Cummings, a lad who had his leg crushed in the mines, his parents living at Mine 14, has returned from the Hoffman Hospital at Keyser and was with his relatives. Mr and Mrs Luke Cummings. His leg was amputated before he was sent to the hospital.
It may be early for baseball news, but there is plenty of it about. Meetings have been held and officers elected. The manager is John Laugney; captain, Thomas Conlon; secretary, Ray Blackburn; treasurer, Verner Kilroy. There is already a grand stand on the ball ground, and the plan now is to enclose the grounds and have a regular baseball park. As a Dutchman once said, "That will make it about right." The ball team will hold a festival Sat April 27.
The Junior League of the M E Church, South. Miss Stella V Hott, superintendent, gave a festival last Sat evening in Festival Hall. Quite a number of persons attended from out of town and the hall as crowded, but all had a good time.
A supper will be given for the benefit of the U B church next pay day. It will be held in the new room in Odd Fellow's Hall.
What glorious opportunities school teachers have to call attention to current events. They should not fail to impress upon the minds of their pupils that there are now no territories within the bounds of the US. Arizona came in on the 14th of Feb as Uncle Sam's valentine. So many inquiries found their way to the office of the Pathfinder at Washington, DC, asking if the lst two territories had been admitted that the editor lost his patience and tersely declared,"Now, however, Arizona and New Mexico are both fully, completely, finally, unquestionably and un-get-out-ably in."
Wed night of last week was the stormiest here in the experience of elk Garden settlers. There was a heavy sleet and this ice torn, from the roofs of houses and slammed against the buildings with terrific force drove, sleep from the eyes of nearly everyone. Sleep was out of the question but early rising (some as early as two o'clock" was the order of the day. But there was no work at the mines that day. It is safe to say that a hundred window panes were broken out and in some cases whole sashes were blown in. The steeple of the Catholic Church was blown off, and there were a great many minor casualties.
The good roads movement is taking definite shape. The opportunity is coming and it is close, when the citizens of our county can declare themselves in favor of good roads and get them. This is a movement that will benefit every man, woman and child in Mineral County. By all means let us vote for the good roads movement and thus keep up with the other progressive counties of the state.
Mr J Eston Winsboro returned last week from a two month's stay at Front Royal Va. He went to his home on the account of poor health and has returned in good shape and is now found at his old place in the B&L store.



Feb 27, 1912.
Mud, mud, mud, just knee deep.
Mrs William Staggs is spending this week with her daughter Mrs Vause Ellifritz, at New Creek.
Mr and Mrs Seymour Taylor and little daughter, Anna, visited Mr Jas Rogers family Sun.
Miss Myrtle Bond visited the Miss Staggs Sat and Sun.
Three of Mr H W Parrill's children have chicken pox now.
Messrs Edward and Michael Staggs were calling on friends at Rawlings Sat and Sun.
Messrs Frank and Clearance Urice and Fred Wilcox were callers at the Knobley East View Farm Sun.
Mr B G Baily was calling at the Knobley View Farm Sun evening.
Preaching at the Chapel Sun at 3 pm.
Lone Girl


Born to Mr and Mrs P S Welton, last Fri a daughter.
Kelley and his band of Gypsies have been camped near town for the past week.
W L Golladay, of Woodstock Va, spent a few days visiting at Milton Vetter's this week.
H I Harness has sold his house and real estate in Petersburg and will move to a farm in the Flats, so we are informed.
Miss Ella Snider and J Watson Miley, both of Wardensville, were married in the M E Church, in that town, recently.
The one third interest of Floyd Pollack in the property in Moorefield was sold last Sat to D L Wilson for $450.
Married at the Manse, by the Rev Chas D Gilkeson, Feb 20, 1912, Walter Bosley and Mrs Myrtle Mullen, both of the Flat.
Brown McNeill bought us an egg last Sat that weighed 4 1/2 ounces. This is the kind they raise at Willow Wall and it is no wonder their eggs are in such demand.
Sen and Mrs R C Price returned Mon from a visit to Washington.
Jno W Gilkeson was in Cumberland this week consulting Dr Jones in regard to his hearing.
Chas Sirk, of Glebe, who froze his feet badly recently, came up first of the week and had Dr G S Gochenour amputate two of his toes.
Arthur Neff and family and Jno C Parren, of Green Spring, moved last week to the farm up the Fork, recently purchased by Mr Neff. Geo E Neff, who has been residing there, moved into his new home which he recently completed.
Mrs Geo T Williams, left yesterday morning for Philadelphia, where she will consult Dr Wier Mitchell, an eminent specialist, in regard to her health. She was accompanied by Mr Williams, Dr Love, Mrs Obert and Miss Mary Williams.
Rev Dr J W Duffey, pastor of Braddock Street Methodist Episcopal Church, South, has presented to General Turner Ashby Chapter, Daughters of the Confederacy, of Winchester, a gavel made from wood taken from the tree under which Gen Turner Ashby, the gallant and dashing cavalryman of the Confederacy, was mortally wounded and fell while leading a charge near Harrisonburg, Va, on June 5, 1862.
The gavel was presented by Dr Duffey on behalf of the daughters of the Confederacy of Harrisonburg.
The grand jury was in session Tues and brought in four indictments as follows: State vs Jno R Miley, felony; State vs Lee and Garret Nazelrod, Misdemeanor; State vs Faulkner Morris, Felony.


Mr Jas Scothers, of Blane, was calling on friends here last Sun.
Squire C E Shillingburg attended the Republican Passover at Keyser last Tues.
Mr Alva Harmon, solicitor fro J C Orrick and Sons, was calling on our merchants Tues.
Mr B F McNemar, of near Parkersburg, visited his daughter, Mrs S H Liller last week.
Mr Arthur Jack has moved from near Terra Firma to Emoryville.
In a letter from Homer, who is in Battery D Third Field Artillery, he says we are expecting orders to go to the border of Mexico at any time. Each soldier was given 250 rounds of ammunition.
We see several announcements from the different candidates for office, and they fail to state whether they are in favor of or opposed to the temperance amendment to the constitution. boys you must define your position, for the temperance advocates are not asleep.
Mr M B McHenry has finished his sawing at the present set and is waiting for the Spring days to come before moving to another place.


On the night of Feb 11th, Mrs Sophia C Idleman went upstairs to retire as usual. She became bewildered and fell down the stairway, head foremost. She was picked up at the foot of the stairway in an unconscious condition. Dr Drinkwater was immediately summoned. It was found that her right arm was broken at the elbow, besides being bruised and mashed. Her head was considerably bruised and her neck bruised and twisted so that for several days she could scarcely swallow. Mrs Idleman is in her eighty first year and the shock was a very severe one, but at this writing she is doing very well and her friends are hopeful for her recovery. Miss Lee Womack is nursing her.
Mrs Charley Head, who has been at Schell for several weeks nursing Mrs J G Hanlin, came home last Thurs. She received a message Sun evening stating that her daughter who is going to school at Davis, is quite ill. She left the next morning for Davis.
Jas J Idleman came up Sat to see his mother.
Mr and Mrs Walter Mackley came down last Sat to visit for a few days.
Mrs G P Shillingburg is visiting the paternal roof.
Mrs J H Schaeffer has been at Gormania for several weeks assisting in the revival meeting at that place. More than 60 conversions are reported to date and the meeting still continues.
D W Idleman came up with his family Sun to see his mother.
Our people are preparing to make sugar and molasses. Walter Kitzmiller, D W Moreland and Ed Cosner have each installed an evaporator.


W J Babb, was up from Medley Sat.
J W and Aaron Burgess, of Streby, were at Petersburg Fri.
Born, Sat morning to Mr and Mrs W C Moomau, a boy.
W E Hill started to Baltimore with his little son, Carl, to have him treated for eczema.
H C Inskeep, of Romney, has gone to the West India Island for the benefit of his health.
Bush Thalaker, of Thomas, spent Sun here with his parents, Mr and Mrs E H Thalaker.
C N Judy, of Upper Tract, spent last Thurs night as the guest of his sister, Mrs A A Parks.
T C Thompson, of Scherr, was here over Mon night with his brother, E C Thompson, Tues he took back a load of corn with him.
The Republican Executive Committee of Grant Co will meet here on Tues March 5th.
W H Smith of Fowler Ind, while on a visit to his mother, Mrs Susan Smith, of near Maysville, sold his 200 acre grazing farm above Maysville to Chas Hess and son Otto, and Adolph Muntzing.
J S Harman, was here over last Fri night enroute to Gassaway Braxton Co. Mr Harman has sold his farm at Upper Tract to a Mr Morral, of Job, Randolph Co, and he is thinking of locating at Gassaway.
Mrs C L Hedrick, of Upper Trace, is here this week staying with her daughter, Mrs Geo A Judy. Mrs Judy has been at Davis for two or three weeks, having been called there to see her sister, Mrs H C Pope, who has been critically ill. We understand Mrs Pope is some better at this time.


Feb 28, 1912
We have been having some very high water this week but are glad to see the roads are drying up some.
Mr J W Rinehart and wife spent Sun with Mr and Mrs I D Taylor.
Messrs James Kuykendall and Will Adams spent Tues in Cumberland.
Mrs Henry Dawson spent Sun with her daughter, Mrs Isaac Umstot.
Mr Robert Kuykendall and wife were calling at Miss Sue Johnson's Sun evening.
Mrs Albert Umstot, Maude Kuykendall, Louise Trask and Jessie Reese spent one day last week with Mrs I D Taylor.
Mr Earl Rogers was calling on Miss Mabel Armstrong Sun evening.
Some of our men were called to Keyser Mon on business.
Miss Maud Kuykendall and sister, Mrs May Cunningham, spent Tues with Mrs James Kuykendall.
The young folks will miss the ice very much since the high water has cleaned it out of the creek, as they were enjoying skating very much.
Everybody is well, excepting colds.
If these items escape the waste basket I will come again.
R U Y's


Chasing foxes seems to be the order of the day.
Mr Henry Mackley was seen on our streets last week.
A crowd of young people were calling at Mrs Duling's at Hartmonsville, Fri night, among those present were Misses Stella and Cora Mackley, Lucy Green, Messrs Wm Schwinabart, Ernest Mackley, Charles Cassel and Fred Green.
Mr Talmage Smith was calling at John Wiseman's Sat and Sun. He is helping Mr Wiseman to break his colt. Mr Smith be sure you train that colt good.
Mrs Davy Evans and Miss Bessie Mathews were calling at Grover Boseley's Sun.
Quite a number of young people attended the festival at Elk Garden Sat night.
Mr Joe Mackley made a business trip to Blaine last week.
Mr Edgar Welch was calling at john Mackley's Sun.
Rev Barnard will preach here Sun March third, at 3pm.
Miss Freda Kerns was visiting home folks from Wed until Sun.
James Schwinabart was seen on our streets Tues.
We have been having some very bad weather, but we hope ground hog weather will soon be over.
Mr Reese Nethkin was in town Mon.
Mr Roy Wiseman of Rawlings was visiting John Wiseman's Mon.
Girls, there is almost two months of Leap year gone, you had better hurry up, next year will not be Leap year.


The community was shocked as well as deeply grieved on Sat when it was learned that Raymond Fier had met his death while at work on mine Not 3 of Piedmont and Georges Creek Coal Co. Mr Fier while working on a slate dump, the latter gave way, precipitating him on his head on the rocks below, breaking his neck. The deceased was a son in law of Mr Steve Manshuny. He leaves a wife and child, who have the sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement. He was at one time an employee of the B&O R R in the capacity of Brakeman on the Third division.
The B&O railroad have received several more of the big Mallot locomotives to be used as helper on the Rowlesburg and Newburg grades. This delivery brings the number up to fifteen of these monsters.
Mrs Daddysman whose sudden death occurred on Fri, was buried from her late residence on Front St on Sun. She leaves an husband, and several sons to mourn her loss, among the number being J H Daddysman, the merchant of this place. the deceased leaves a host of friends to mourn her untimely end. She was held in the highest esteem by everyone who knew her.
Miss Mary Montgomery, of Luke Hill, is visiting her sister, Mrs Harry Rice, of Keyser W Va.
Mr Thos O'Brien, of Piedmont, was a recent caller on Luke Hill.
Mr Powell Robinson, the hustling little plumber and gas fitter, has his face all wreathed in smiles; it is a big boy.
Messrs J M Montgomery and Jos Garret of Luke Hill, have secured the contract for a large amount of pulp wood on the old Laughlin farm, three miles east of this place.
Mr David Clayton will move his family from Luke Hill to a farm recently acquired by him He will be sadly missed by his many friends of that place, all of whom wish him success in his new enterprise.
There was a birthday party given at the residence of Mr and Mrs Henry Jones of this place, in honor of Mrs Talmadge Watson.
Misses Alpha Fuller and Sarah Curran, two of the teachers of the Westernport High school, are confined to their home by illness.


Atty C N Finnell went to Washington Thurs on legal business.
Mr J W Wagoner, who was so unfortunate as to have his knee crushed about two weeks ago, is improving as rapidly as could be expected.
Mr George Arnold, of Pattersons Creek, whose health has been poor for some time, had a slight stroke of paralysis last Mon night but rallied and is now able to walk about the premises.
Rev H N Kelly was in Keyser with a load of choice apples last Thurs.
Dep assessor F C Patton visited in Keyser last Wed.
Col W E Reid, of Cumberland, was in Keyser on business this week.
Mr T E Markwood, will administer on the estate of the late Charles M Wilson, of Blaine.
R A Smith was in Keyser on business last Wed.
Miss Blanche Woolf was on the sick list this week.
The Keys house is being remodeled inside to be occupied as a dormitory building by the students of the Prep School.
The high waters that we had this week swept every thing off of a man's farm except the mortgage.
Boys playing marbles and boys on roller skates tell us that spring is approaching.
Mr and Mrs S E Riggleman, of Tucker co, visited relatives in this section last week and this.
Mr L C Bray, one of Garrett county's most progressive farmers, was in Keyser on business last Mon.
Miss Edna Kaplon, left sun morning on No 2 for the eastern cities to purchase a full line of spring goods.
The boys have begun to play marbles; that is a sure sign of spring. The people go to D Long and son's store for goods, that is a sure sign that they are wise.
Mr and Mrs A Taylor have moved from Beaver Run to Keyser.
Mr H P Emmart has sold his home in South Keyser and will move to the neighborhood of Frankfort.
Miss Mary Malloy, of Piedmont, visited in Keyser Wed.
The wreck crew was called to Rowlesburg last Tues night where one of the big engines had been derailed.
Mr Dick, of Newburg, was the guest of Mr and Mrs Deffinbaugh last Mon.
Mr Fillmore Harwood had his fifth birthday Thurs Feb 29, and he is 24 years old.
Mr J W Arnold has been greatly annoyed this week because of hemorrhages from his nose and the physicians have been unable to check them.
Dr Richard Gerstell was in Cumberland on business Thurs.
Mr George MacFarlane was in Keyser on business Thurs.
Dr A T Cross had sufficiently recovered from his recent illness to be present at a meeting of the County Court here last Tues.
Mr Carter Long has returned from a business trip to the South.
Lieut Allen B Lambdin spent last Sun here with his parents.
F C Reynolds was up the W M RR on legal business last Thurs.
Mr Jas W Gault, of North Carolina, spent a few days with his wife and daughter, who are spending the winter with Mrs Gaults sister, Mrs F P Greenwade.
Mr and Mrs Walter Leatherman attended the concert given in the High School Auditorium Wed night.
Atty R A Welch is attending the meeting of the State Democratic committee in Parkersburg.
Messrs S D Dawson and J E Mellon of Dawson Md, made this office a pleasant call last Sat.
Mrs W H Virts and Mrs Harry Atkins were shopping in Cumberland Thurs.
The papers report the suicide of Mrs Susan Stains, in Altoona Pa. She was a Miss Reed of Grant Co, and married a detective who had previously killed her brother.



Mrs Louisa Jane, wife of the late John W Poland, of Ruckman, died at her home Wed of last week, after an illness of only a few days, from pneumonia, aged 62 years. She is survived by four children - Wm A, Chas L, Reuben F and John D Poland, all of this county. Funeral services and burial were at Mt Zion Fri,conducted by J D Reery and Rev George Kercheval.
Hampshire Review


Miss Majorie, daughter of Mrs Sallie and the late James A Stump, died at her home near town Sun morning after an illness which began about June last. She was fifteen years of age. Two of her sisters, Misses Charlotte and Virginia, who are attending school at Pawhatan College, Charles Town, were summoned by telegram and arrived here on the afternoon train Sun. Funeral services were held at the home Tues morning; burial in the family lot on the farm.
Hampshire Review


Cumberland Md, Feb 16
Rev Dr James Battle Avirett died here this afternoon. Dr Avirett was a retired clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal church. He had ben pastor at many places in the South.
He is said to have ben the latest surviving chaplain of the confederate Army, having served an Alabama regiment. Dr Avirett had high literary attainments. He wrote a book, "The Old Plantation" which described life in the South before the war.
For several years after his retirement from the clergy he wrote editorials for the Cumberland Evening Times, of which his only son, Col John Avirett is editor and owner. Interment was at Winchester Va.


Mrs Susan Nelson, formerly of Capon Bridge, died Feb 9th, while visiting at the home of her nephew, W Brotherton of Clarke Co, Va. She was about 75 years old, and had been in delicate health for a long time. She had been a member of the United Brethren Church for many years. Rev Dr Julian Broaddus, pastor of the Berryville Baptist Church, conducted funeral services at the Brotherton home, and her remains were interred in the family graveyard near Albert Lovett's place at Capon Bridge. Mrs Nelson was the widow of Edward Nelson of Hampshire Co, and leaves a number of nieces and nephews.
Hampshire Review


Mrs Matilda Davis, widow of John Davis, died at her home east of town Mon night, after an illness of several weeks, at an advanced age. She is survived by six sons and two daughters.
Hampshire Review


Luther H Jackson,a resident of this place, died at his home Sun after months of heart trouble. Mr Jackson came here some six or eight years ago, from Slanesville, and was the miller at the Farmers Exchange. Later he was the town sergeant. He is survived by his widow and several grown children. Funeral services and burial were held at Capon Bridge Tues.
Hampshire Review


The three months old twins of Mr and Mrs Lawrence Grayson, were buried last Mon afternoon. Reginald died Sun morning and Richard died Sun night. The funeral services were conducted by Rev J H Brunk. Mr and Mrs Grayson reside on Sharless (?sic). Mr Frank Clary of Deer Park and Mrs J F Grayson of Cumberland attended the funeral services, also Miss Alma Grayson and her brother Ernest, of Antioch.


Raymond Furr, twenty-four years old, and who worked at Franklin Mines, was instantly killed Sat afternoon and three others slightly injured. It would seem that the unfortunate man with the others was dumping coal from a trestling, and that the latter partially gave way, throwing the car off the trestling and the men with it, with the result stated.
Acting Coroner Korns was notified and went to the scene Sat evening, but after hearing the testimony of several witnesses, deemed an inquest, unnecessary. Furr was unmarried and lived on Westernport hill.


While hunting on the premises of George T Leatherman & sons on the boarder line of Mineral and Grant Counties last Mon, Don Brill, a youth of Moorefield, met a horrible death. In some manner the gun was accidentally discharged, the heavy load of shot tearing away the youth's intestines. Russell Entler of Keyser, was hunting in the woods at the same time and found the lifeless body.


The party who took the buggy whip from Fred Davis' buggy at the Paris School House on Fri night, Feb 22, 1912 is positively known. If the whip is returned either to Paris School House or to me, the matter will be dropped, otherwise the party will be dealt with according to the law.
March 1, 1912 Fred Davis


Our townsman, Mr J H Allen, has gotten a patent on a dry yeast that he has compounded. It has been tested and demonstrated that it is the best. Ask your grocer for the "Family Yeast" and patronize home industry.


Revs M B Lambdin and C P Bastian left with their families last Thurs forenoon for their new charges. Mr Lamdin becomes pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Montgomery W Va and Mr Bastian takes charge of the Lutheran Church at Charleoi, Pa. The Keyser churches left vacant by their accepting calls to other charges have not, as yet, taken any definite steps toward securing pastors to take their places.


The Colored Republican voters of Keyser, had a harmony dinner in the colored K P Hall in South Keyser, Wed night. The colored band of Piedmont, furnished good music, the street parade was creditable. Covers were spread for about sixty. Alex Redmond was toastmaster. A number of interesting speeches were made. After they had partaken of the Peace Dinner they organized the colored Mineral County Republican Club. The officers of which are, Alex Redmond, president; Clarence Walker, vice president; Prof James W Lewis, secretary; Frank Wear, treasurer; Harry Mason, captain; Walter Bartlett, lieutenant. A number of visitors from Piedmont and other points were present, and all had a royal good time.


John J Cornwell, special commissioner, under decree of the Circuit Court on Sat last sold the Matilda Kline farm of 127 acres in Mill Creek district, near Junction. Samuel Fleming purchased the place for John S Swisher of Ridgeville, Mineral County,paying $1405 for it.


Messrs T T Huffman and O A Hood have purchased of Mr E S Elifritz the Walnut Spring farm on Knobley Mountain and will plant it in apples and peaches. Mr Ellifritz has bought the John W Kabrick farm.


In this paper will be seen the formal announcement of Col Geo T Carskadon for the nomination on the Republican ticket for the office of assessor fro Mineral County. Mr Carskadon is a native of this county, is one of Keyser's leading business men, has had broad experience in various lines of business, is a man of good judgment and has been a faithful worker in the Republican party.


County Court was in session last Tues. The Twin Mountain and Potomac R R Co, was ordered to move its road bed off the N W Turnpike where it obstructs the road at a point near the old lime kiln close to the residence of D A Arnold, on Knobley Mt.
A A Ridgeway was granted a license to keep a hotel in the town of Frankfort.
The Clerk was directed to return to the First National Bank of Keyser the fund paid into his hands with its bid for the bonds of New Creek and Welton Districts.
A number of bills were allowed.


Many of the Democratic and Republican friends of Mr J E Leps are urging him to be candidate for the House of Delegates. Mr Leps is one of our leading real estate agents, he served his country as a soldier during the Spanish-American War and is a native of Mineral County. The interests of the county and his interests are identical and should he decide to be a candidate and be elected to that responsible position the citizens could feel assured that he would make them a real representative.


Dr S W Umstot, who has been located in Hagerstown for several years, has moved to Keyser where he will practice his profession. He is a native of Mineral County and has many friends and relatives here.


Mr George C Bailey, who lives on the Patterson's Creek Pike midway between Burlington and Headsville has advertised his farm for sale at public auction; Thurs, march 28, 1912. this is said to be one of the very best farms for its size in Mineral county. It is well improved and in a high state of cultivation. Se a more extended description of it in another part of this paper. For further particulars write Mr Bailey at Burlington W Va.


The stockholders of the People's Bank of Keyser held their annual meeting in their bank building last Tues. The following were elected directors for the ensuring year: T B Davis, C K Wilson, James E Sheetz, C S Hoffman, Wm C Clayton, D A Arnold, C E Taylor, C H Vossler, R G Richardson, F H Babb, Wm MacDonald, W E Heskitt. The directors elected the following officers: T B Davis, President; F H Babb, 1st Vice President; Wm C Clayton, 2nd vice President; W W Woods, Cashier. In Jan the directors of this bank declared an annual dividend of ten per cent on allo of its stock.


Dr J O Lantz, of Hartmonsville, left Mon night for Williamsville, Ind, where he went to purchase for himself and Mr D W Idleman a purebred, imported Percheron Stallion, one of the best that money will buy. The horse will make the spring stand in Elk District.


Mr F M Willison has sold the Toll Gate Property that he advertised for sale in the Tribune to Mr A B Liller, the price is one thousand dollars. He has had numerous inquiries concerning the other pieces of real estate that he has had advertised. If you want to sell your property advertise it in the Tribune.


Hon and M S Cunningham, of Montana, visited his parents Mr and Mrs J W Cunningham, near Rees Mill this week. Mr Cunningham went to the Northwest 16 years ago and this is his first visit to his old home in 11 years. He is engaged in the cattle and horse business. He was a member of the legislature that elected Senator Clark, but refused to be tempted by his money and voted against him.


Mr J R Kuykendall shot a hawk near his home last Mon that measured 51 inches from tip to tip. It would have required several spring chickens to board him for a month.


Mr F O Bailey, who first of Dec last bought an interest in the Vinton Oil & Gas Co, at Clarksburg W Va, received a telegram on the 23rd stating they had just drilled in their first well striking a fine pool of oil at 2600 feet. The company is much encouraged and will immediately drill other oil and gas wells.


Mr E M Stottlemyer, has opened his feed store at 32 Mineral St, and is now ready to supply the trade.