DECEMBER 20, 1912

Miner Killed

Paul Cristfeller., an Italian miner, was struck by a fall of state in the Bower mines of the Davis Colliery Friday morning and died a short time after, while arrangements were made to take him to a hospital in Elkins for treatment Cristfeller was about 35 years old and leaves a wife and three children.

 Staunton Va

Dr Glasgow Armstrong dies yesterday afternoon, aged 38 years. He was a native of Salem Va attended Roanoke College and Washington and Lee University and graduated in medicine from the University of the city of New York. He was a son of Dr and Mrs W D Armstrong, of this city, who survive him. He is survived also by his widow who was Miss Jessie Bowling, of this city, and one brother.

Charleston Wva

Rev C W Freeman, of Allentown Pa, has accepted a call to become pastor of the Reformed Churches of Shepherdstown and Kearneysville. Rev W E Mitchell, of Parkersburg W Va, has been called by the episcopal Church of Middleway to become its Pastor in the place of the late Rev A J Willis.

Winchester Va

Gilbert C Earnhardt, 28 years old, formerly of Mt Jackson Va, while in the act of throwing coal from a Baltimore and Ohio railroad train today for fuel for his poverty stricken family fell and was cut in twain, eleven cars passing over his body, killing him instantly. Several months ago he was injured when part of a woolen mill was fell upon him. His wife and three young children were standing nearby and witnessed todays tragedy.

Winchester Va

Large losses suffered by a slump in the apple market here in the fall of 1911 forced Ashby and Frank Sprint, brothers, trading as the Sprint Produce Co Friday to file a petition in bankruptcy in the U S District Court at Harrisonburg. Their liabilities are about $27,000.

Hotel Bill in Next Legislature

Mr Cloyd M Crane, member of the legislature from Preston county, is now working on a model hotel bill. The object to this bill is to have the governor of the state appoint a hotel commission whose duty is to be able to inspect all hotels of the state as to sanitary conditions, fire escapes, and in a general way improve the hotel service of our state. A bill of this kind has been agitated in quite a number of legislative bodies in years gone by, but nothing of this kind has ever become a law in this state. Mr Crane is a traveling man, and of course knows the ins and outs of the West Virginia hotels, and fully realized that they can be improved. The bill should interest the traveling public. A similar law exists in some states at this time.

Grafton Pioneer Dead

 J R Turner, a pioneer of Grafton, who had been an employee of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad since early manhood died suddenly while going over the bridge to his home. He had heart trouble. He was 64 years of age and is survived by his wife, one son, and two daughters. Mr Turner began work for the B & O railroad when a young man had been with them ever since. For many years he ran on through freight between Grafton and Parkersburg but owing to advancing years was given a turn in the Grafton yards, which he had for several years. He continued firing one of the yard engines until within the past few months when he found it necessary to go on the sick list.

Charles Town

The Hilltop house, located at Harpers Ferry, on a hill overlooking the Shenendoah and Potomac rivers was totally destroyed by fire together with most of the contents. The building was a large frame and stone structure and was built about 25 years ago at a cost of about $35,000. It was one of the best known resorts on the B & O railroad between Baltimore and Cumberland . The fire was discovered when it had only made small headway but in a short time it spread rapidly and in less than 2 hours the building was in ruins. The owner T S Lovette, only carried about $15,000 in insurance.

Dr Love Dies Suddenly
Winchester Va

Dr William S Love one of the best known physicians in this section of the state died at his home here last night as he was preparing to retire. Born in Ireland about 80 years ago, he came to the United States when about 5 years old. He was a surgeon in the confederate Army. He leaves a widow, who is the daughter of the late Charles James Faulkner, and three daughters, Mrs K W Hudgins, and Mrs J W Hope, of Hampton Va, and Mrs Elizabeth Latane, widow of Dr S P Latane, of Winchester. He was prominent in Masonic circles.

Smallpox Well in Hand
Martinsburg W Va

Dr Henshaw, health officer of Berkely county, stated that while there were 9 cases of smallpox at present in the county the situation was well in hand and the spread of the disease was not anticipated. There are no cases of the disease in Martinsburg, and Dr Henshaw and Sheriff Kittering denied a report sent out from Charleston that they had asked Governor Glasscock to furnish militia to aid in handling the situation. The governor had been asked only to furnish tents for the care of certain cases at isolated points, it was stated.

Valuation of Property

The total valuation of all the taxable property in the state of West Virginia in 1912 is $1,168,000,000 an increase of $20,000,000 over 1911. The total sum paid to the teachers of the state as salaries in the year ending June 30, 1912, was $3,350,000. These are the figures taken from the report that is being prepared by the state department of free schools for the legislature.

Sam Peer, Grant County

 The County Court for Grant County held an extra session on the 10th. The purpose of the session was to give the newly elected officers for the county a chance to qualify and give their bonds. Dr Wm T Highberger, sheriff elect, appeared and qualified, and gave his bond. The doctor is the second man of that county to hold that office as a Democrat. Michael Rady held the office in the early history of the county as Democrat, but none since that have able take it away from the Republicans until Dr Highbergers election on Nov 5th. The doctor has many warm friends who are Republicans, and they rallied around his standard on election day and landed him in the office. Perhaps only those who have a vote in the House of Delegates have the idea of the scramble now on between the candidates who are after the Senatorial toga. Our daily budget of mail brings letters from men scattered state wide asking for our vote in support of their claim for the office. Notably among the claims presented to entitle the applicant our vote, is that in the melee between the Bull Moose and the stand patter our partitioner was an active worker for the Bull Moose. To some of these applicants no reply has been given. Just now we are in no condition to put watered stock in the United states Senate. We are under no obligations for election to the House of Delegates only to the voters of Grant county. If the voters of our county name their choice for Senator we will vote for that choice until his flag goes down or he is elected. Though their choice may be contrary to their own. But in the event that we are not instructed by the voters of the county whom their choice is, and the choice left to our own judgement partisan Bull Moosers and standpatters will receive no help from our vote. Eight million of Republican voters were befogged and divided in their vote by the Bullmooser on the one side, and the man he forced upon his party four years ago, on the other side, which cost the party the loss of their president. For almost the term of eight years Rossevelt served as president. He accepted the office as the gift from the Republican party with its platform of principals spread before him, and during his term while the spoils of the office were coming his way he discovered no evils against the principals of the party. It is true that when his term was ending, he told his congress to remove the words " In God We Trust" from the coins. But at the same time he told the republican party it must put its trust in Wm H Taft, and it did. So the only change found necessary to make in the Republican roll president was for the party to take its trust from God and place it in Wm H Taft. There is but one true known to us where a man is suddenly changed from his apostacy to a new doctrine, and that is the apostacy of St Paul while on his road to Damascus. Could it be possible that such a voice was heard by Teddy while chancing the Bull Moose, as was heard by the Apostle Paul. If all the evils discovered in Teddys conversion are extant in the Republican party as claimed by him he should be more generous in his treatment of the masses of the party. If for no other reason but for the protection of his own sagacious mind. Only think of a man with the resplendent ability of mind like Theodore Roosevelt who has been lured for the space of 12 long years to follow the pernicious doctrine of a party that has been leading the people of the nation to destruction. Can it be wondered at? If the under rank and file have been following in the same trend. We hold Teddy Roosevelt responsible for all that has happened to the Republican party. First because he had Taft connected with his administration for four years or more before he used the power of his office to force the party to accept him as his successor to the presidency. In the time that Taft was connected with the administration Teddy should learned all about his qualifications. But, take it for granted that Taft deceived him. -It furnishes no reason for Teddy to take revenge on the party that honored him, for his own stupidity for not knowing more about the man he forced his party to accept. That Taft is a stupid politician with nothing in view but self aggrandizement to plain to gain say. And now that the smoke of the battle has blown away leaving the shattered ranks of the republican party visible to defeat, nothing is left for it to do but to reorganize its ranks and stand ready for battle, which will come in 4 years time. To do this successfully Teddy and Taft and those that they have lured to follow them as active partisans must be eliminated from holding office under such titles and men selected in their places that uphold the true doctrine of the party. And we hereby give notice that before we will give our vote to a partisan that helped with his influence to ruin the republican party because two men were trying to destroy each other politically, we will give our vote to a straight Democrat. We hold that a good Democrat is safer to make laws for a nation than a bad republican. On this we stand.

Sam Peer

County Court

A special term of county court was held Monday, all of the commissioners being present and the following business was transacted. Permission was given for the transfer of the Restaurant license of Mrs Hallie Kimes, in Piedmont to L T Kelly.

The contract to build the concrete bridge over Staggs Run near Geary Staggs was awarded to the Luten Bridge Co, at the price of $1260.00. It is to be completed by April 1st 1913.

The Commissioners of Allegany county Md were authorized to have floors laid on the bridges at Pinto and in between Piedmont and Westernport when they think it is necessary and render bill to Mineral county in proportion.

Jacob Reel Killed

 Mr Jacob Reel, a B&O inspector in the west yard was struck by a passenger train No 72 on Friday night. Dec 13th 1912, and instantly killed. The accident occurred just at dark as he stepped on the tracks with his wick and oil can to resume his night duties. He was a widower and is survived by 3 small children. His body was sent to his late home on Petersburg on Saturday for burial.


When the Christmas bells are ringing
Out their message of good cheer,
When old Father Time is clinging
To the fast departing year,

When the mighty Christmas spirit
Spreads it beauty o'er our land,
When we read of by gone ages,
Of the Holy Angel Band

That appeared before the shepherds
As they watched their flock by night,
Telling of the glorious Savior,
Come to fill the world with light,

He the Sovereign of the nations,
Holds the Universe at will,
For he walked upon the waters,
Bade the surging sea " be still "

 He is walking on the waters
Of earths troubled sea today
And to mankind round him sinking
Pointing out a better way.

Let us think of our great Savior
Of the land that gave him birth
Keep in holy consecration
Christmas Day throughout the earth.

By E Bruce Allen


Miss Sarah Burgess, of Laurel Dale, was on a visit to friends here last week.

Miss Ottie B Ludwick is on a visit to friends and relatives down near Burlington.

Dogs crippled some sheep for Squire C E Shillingburg last week. Too many worthless dogs are in this community.

Misses Cora Ludwick and Sarah Burgess visited friends near Burlington last Saturday and Sunday. T W Shillingburg drove them down.

Mr Neri Clark has treated his daughter, Miss Mabel, to a nice organ.

Mr and Mrs Tom Brock of Sulphur visited friends here last Sunday.

Mr J H Junkins, of Sulphur, visited relatives on North Hill last Saturday.

Miss Birdie Wiseman, of Sulphur, is on a visit to friends in Ohio. Leap year has not many more days.

Fire, set out from a traction engine, destroyed some fence for E A Ludwick last Friday. It is not often the woods will burn in December.

The last bridge to be rebuilt on Abrams Creek is nearly completed. The people ought to sing the doxology when it is finished.

Mr Neri Clark has bought a new horse.

Mr W H Kight, of Elk Garden, was here on business last Saturday.

District Superintendent D C Arnold, of Elk Garden, visited our school here last Thursday.

Squire C E Shillingburg has bought the store goods of Mrs Geo Oss and is going to bring them to his store here.

A Christmas entertainment will be given by Emoryville school on Wednesday night, Dec 25th beginning at 7 o'clock, in the school house. The public is cordially invited.


Hampshire News

Thos Marshall spent last week in New York and Philadelphia

Geo S Arnold is spending a few days in town.

Misses Lelia and Lucie Johnson spent Friday and Saturday in Cumberland.

Mrs A V Parker and daughter, Miss Nancy, spent several days in Cumberland, returning Monday

Mrs J Sloan Kuykendall and children have been visiting her sister, Mrs Melvin T Strider in Charlestown.

Miss Susan Brady, of Keyser, spent several days here last week on her way home from a trip to Washington.

Reginald Bryan and sister Miss Gladys, of Baltimore spent Sunday with the family of Prof H H Johnson here.

Miss Sue Henderson Murray died Friday at her home at Cold Stream in the 27th year of her age.

An infant child of Mr and Mrs G B Cornwell, of Washington, died last week and was brought here for burial in Indian Mound Cemetery. The parents accompanied the body, and while here were guests of J W Crawford.


Miss Virginia Ewers, of Three Churches, was in town Monday of last week

Johnnie McBride and sister, Miss Belle, were called to Pinto Md Wednesday by the illness of their brother, Grayson, who is suffering from inflammatory rheumatism.

Leonidas V Thompson spent Tuesday with his sister, Mrs Pue, leaving that evening for Lake City, Fla to spend the winter with relatives.

 One of James Davidsons children was badly burned one day last week.

Miss Clara Pownall left Monday to spend some time with her uncle, Rev Hill Pownall, at Beckley W Va.

George Parsons, of Keyser, was in town last week the guest of W A Shannon

Miss Lou Parsons spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs W W Carder.

Miss Pauline Taylor, of " The Maples" spent Saturday night with Misses Maggie Guthrie and Jennie Parker at Locust Corner.

William T Washington met with a very bad accident while driving at night from Springfield to Fern Dale about a week ago. A subway that is being constructed near Monroes Gate across the county road was left uncovered. Mr Washingtons 2 horses plunged into the ditch and he was thrown form his buggy on top of the horses. He managed to get out, but the horses could not be rescued until Mr Blue who heard Mr Washingtons calls for help, reached the scene with a lantern. They then led the horses through the subway toward the river.

Miss Brady French went to Washington Monday.

Circuit Court Proceedings

Dec 5th 1912

A divorce was granted Muriel E V Wilson from Frank G Wilson

Dec 16th 1912

Western Maryland R R Co vs Geo H Carpenter, motion to set aside the judgement for the defendant was overruled.

A G Barrick vs M B Henry; trespass on the case in assumpsit. Motion to set aside the verdict of the jury and for a new trail overruled.

Court adjourned till Thursday, Dec 19th

Arm Cut Off

Last Friday night Mr Claude Orndorf, of 106 Humbird St, South Cumberland, a well known main line B&O railroad freight train conductor was knocked down by a train that was backing through the Keyser yards, and had his left arm so badly crushed that it had to be taken off just above the elbow. Mr Orndorf had just brought in his train, and was walking down through the yard to the depot. He spoke to trainmaster William Yarnall as he passed, and a moment later Mr Yarnell heard a cry and looking around saw Mr Orndorf lying on the ground, the cars having knocked him down and run over his left arm. He was at once taken to the Hoffman hospital, where the arm was amputated.


Mrs Koch has moved to Cumberland

Clerk J V Bell was in Cumberland Tuesday

Mrs A E Russell returned home last week from her trip to New York.

Mr Avers of Independence is visiting his son, Jacob Avers, on Spring St

Miss Florence Githens, teacher at Gerstell, spent last Sunday here with home folks.

Rev H Clay Smith preached last Sunday morning in the M E Church south.

Mrs S R Hott and son George of Burlington were in town Tuesday shopping

Mrs Will Martin and son returned home Friday from a few days visit to Fort Myer Va

Miss Bessie Strother, of Burlington, paid Keyser relatives a visit latter part of last week

Miss Elsie Wagoner who teaches at Cross spent from Friday until Sunday with home folks

Miss Susan Brady who had been on a visit to Washington the past week returned home last Sunday

 Mr and Mrs Wm Jackson after a 4 weeks visit to their daughters at Monongah Mines, returned home Saturday.

Miss Fidessa Workman returned Saturday afternoon from a delightful visit with friends in Washington and Norfolk Va.

Mrs Jas Leigh Jones, of Richmond Va, well known to many of our people , has been quite ill for some time and is yet in a precarious condition

Mr John Hickel and old ex confederate from over near Headsville was in town last Monday and come to see us

Miss Edna Brydon, of Bloomington, was a guest of Miss Elizabeth Hoffman Friday night. She had been on a visit to Washington and Baltimore and stopped off over night.

Mr F M Brown, of Headsville, was in town Tuesday. He made a trip to Cumberland last Sunday by way of Piedmont going from there around on the trolley, and returned home Tuesday.

Mrs Poindexter arrived last Saturday from Chicago, where she had been for some time, and will spend Christmas here with her sister, Mrs E A Russell and then go to Roanoke Va where her husband is now stationed.

A P Roderick and Will Duling, of Shaw, were here last Friday with a drove of stock belonging to Robt. Washington of South Branch, which they were bringing in from the mountain for the winter, and took them over to Mr Washingtons.

Misses Maggie and Otelia Kitzmiller, of Shaw, have returned home after a very pleasant visit among relatives and friends in Keyser. They also visited at the pleasant home of brother George Yost and Mrs Nannie Parril on Fair View Ridge, and we hope they may be spared another year to do likewise, as their friends love to see them.

Miscellaneous News

Aaron Thrush a farmer living near Burlington butchered six Poland China hogs last week that weighed 2602 pounds net.

Mrs Melvin F Kline Springvale street, is visiting her parents Mr and Mrs Poole at Elkins

Congressman Browns friends throughout the district and state will be gratified at the news he is out of danger and that his speedy recovery from a dangerous illness is assured

Next Saturday will be the shortest day in the year The sun will rise at 7:24 and set at 4:15 This will be the official beginning of winter and from that time on the length of the days will be greater.

Dr Joseph Gocke prominent dentist of Piedmont , is a patient at Kessler Hospital, suffering with typhoid fever. He is attended by his brother Dr W T Gocke of Adamston.

Several winning candidates in Jefferson county, Ohio, have been denied their certificates of election and indicted as well as giving workers from $1.00 to $5.00 If they enforced such a law in West Virginia there will be a wonderful lot of vacancies to fill.

The Twin Mountain and Potomac which runs from Keyser to the Twin Mountain Orchard, about 25 miles is almost completed. Only a few miles of track are yet to be laid. The grading is all done. They have been operating trains daily over the road as far as Burlington for several months.

Friday night about 9 o clock four men were hurt in the B&O yard here. It seems that in switching a caboose it was backed against the rear end of a train that was about ready to pull out. Road foreman M A Carney had three ribs fractured and brakeman Carl Cunningham, Lee Yonkess, and Ed Messenger were severely bruised up.

Misses Emma Goehringer and Amelia Fratz, of Accident Garrett Co, who have been visiting relatives here and Frostburg, returned home last Thursday accompanied by Mrs Roy Spiker, of Keyser Wva.

 DR J H Ravenscraft , of Kitzmiller Md spent Sunday with relatives here, Dr Ravenscraft will practice in Midland.

Mrs Unace Parsons, one of the oldest and most respected ladies of the county died at the home of her son James Parsons, on Thursday last, at an advanced age. The burial took place at The Holly Meadows on Saturday, which was attended by a large number of people, many from this place attending.

Mr D Flynn of Bloomington Md a patient at the Western Maryland Hospital, suffering from Typhoid fever, is convalescent. Mr Wilbur Tasker of Chestnut Grove, Garrett Co, also sufferer from typhoid, is a patient at the above institution.

Mrs H C Mills and children of Keyser are guests of Mrs A D Ladew, Prospect Square.

Francis T Fazenbaker

Francis Thomas Fazenbaker, aged 63, died at his home in Detmold last Sunday night. He was born near Franklin in this county and was the son of Conrad Fazenbaker. He worked in the coal mines until about 10 years ago, when he became incapacitated for manual labor. His wife and 9 children survive him, John Edward, William H Thomas, E Frederick Earle, Richard Olin, Mesdames George McCormick, John Quinn, Misses Clara Charlotte, all residents of Lonaconing, except Mrs Quinn, who lives at Star Junction.

Fruit Farm for Sale

The Davis Fruit Farm, recently managed by the late Fred B Davis is for sale. 188 acres of pasture , fruit and farm land as good as any in the county. Within three miles of Keyser, just off New Creek Road. Modern farm house with running water in kitchen. Large new barn and Lime kiln. Large old apple orchard that has never failed. 1500 young peach and apple trees planted, new fencing, Immediate possession. All farm machinery and personal property including fine young team of mules, an option of purchaser. For terms and price call or write

Geo R Davis Farmers and Merchants Bank Keyser Wva

Attorney M S Hodges of Franklin, is making what his many friends claim will be a winning race for clerk of the house of delegates. For a number of years he has served in clerical positions with that body including assistant clerk, private secretary to the president of the senate, clerk for several departments, etc. He has taken an active part in Republican politics to the extent he has good claim on this position. He is a Keyser boy, hence sentiment hereabouts is strong for him and the older Republican members of both house and Senate in the main favor him.

Miss C Helen Johnson

Miss Helen Johnson, daughter of F W Johnson and the late F W Johnson died at her home No 67 Columbia St, city, Saturday night following an illness extending over several weeks. Miss Johnson was a young lady possessed of the most estimable qualities of a very lovable disposition and high purpose of mind which endeared her to a large circle of friends in this city . Of a gentle nature breathing the spirit of kindness and deep consideration towards all, here death just as she was budding into womanhood is keenly mourned by relatives and friends alike. Miss Johnson was a member of Centre St M E Church whose pastor, Rev Joseph Dawson, will officiate at the funeral services which will be held at her mothers residence 67 Columbia St at 3 o clock Wednesday afternoon. Interment will follow in Rose Hill Cemetery. Surviving relatives are: Mrs F W Johnson, her mother; one sister, Mrs W P Little, of Waycross, Georgia; three brothers F W Johnson, of Tacoma, Washington; F H Johnson and S C Johnson of this city.


Next Wednesday will be Christmas. Not merely the time to exchange gifts, light the Christmas candles, and sing carols, but Christmas, the time of peace and good will toward men. We need Christmas. It is the one season of the year when we rise above our cares and worries and live in a higher, holier, atmosphere. When gratitude and love and good fellowship reign. When bells peal, and children laugh, and everyone is glad. When every snowflake that falls seems to speak of purity, peace, and good cheer. The whole world pins its faith to Christmas. The whole world feels its pulse quicken, its heart beat faster and its entire soul buoyed up with that feeling of ineffable peace that Christmas brings. This is Christmas, smiles spread the good cheer, forgiven, be grateful, and give. Give of the bounties that have been bestowed upon you. Give of your friendship, of your affection. Give, if you can give nothing else, a smile, a word of good cheer. But give. In no other way can you enjoy the true Christmas spirit. In no other way can you fittingly pay tribute it him whose birthday this indeed is. To all of you we wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday night Sheriff Maffett took to the House of Correction three prisoners who have been sentenced to serve terms in that institution by Judge Henderson at the recent Term of the Circuit Court. The men taken down were John Paugh, indicted in 1907 for carrying concealed weapons, but who kept away from the officers when they went to serve the warrant, until a short time ago when he was captured. He will serve one year at the Cut. William (Liquor) Lee, convicted on the charge of assault and battery and also for selling liquor without a license, will serve a term of 2 years in the House of Correction. Charles Jones, convicted of larceny , will serve one year also.

That President Taft will remove William Pearre as postmaster at Cumberland and nominate C H Holtzman as his successor is announced from Washington.

Fine Horse Killed

D J D Arbuckle of Cass W Va brother of Dr J A Arbuckle of Elkins W Va was riding his fine trotting stallion Saturday over the country road when the bank gave away his horse going down apprecipice of 75 feet, falling on the railroad track and braking its neck. Dr Arbuckle , being a fine horseman, got off in time to prevent going down also.

Clarksburg W Va

The body of Capt Frank C Flanagan former B&O passenger conductor, who was obliged to retire 4 years ago on account of ill health, was brought here today from Baltimore, where he died. Capt Flanagan moved to Baltimore that he might have special treatment, The funeral will occur tomorrow morning from Immaculate; Conception church He was conductor of the first passenger train to go over the Short Line Railroad. He was twiced married. One son survived of the first marriage, and his wife and six children of the second marriage.

Farm for Sale

In the South Branch Valley one mile north of Moorefield W Va containing 160 acres (more or less) The improvements made of frame dwelling of 9 rooms, pantry and cellar, 3 stairways, bathroom complete, hot and cold water. 6 rooms of this house are lined with brick from cellar to garret, the balance sheeted and papered, soft water. Improvements on outside consist of a pair of Fairbanks stock and wagon 5 ton capacity scales, one stage, 150 ton capacity silo, barn sufficient to feed 80 cattle All other buildings necessary for comfort and convenience. $100 per acre.

J S GAMBLE Moorefield W Va

Girl Accuses Minister
Charleston Wva

Virginia official were today called upon to arrest and hold for extradition Rev W J Hubbard, charged with criminal relations with an 11 year old inmate of the Davis Child's Shelter, of this city of which institution Hubbard was superintendent until a few days ago. Hubbard is supposed to be visiting relatives at Broadway Va. That Hubbard had wronged her and threatened to kill her if she told anyone was the startling story told to the matron by the girl, whose name is withheld. Hubbard left several days ago. At the meeting of directors it was decided to sever his connection with the institution. Today the girl told her story, and immediately a warrant was issued for Hubbards arrest. The Davis Child's Shelter is maintained by former Senator Henry G Davis to care for homeless children and place them in homes. There are at present 35 inmates.

Regarding Small Pox

We wish to refute the malicious report regarding Small Pox in Piedmont, and Westernport and vicinity, as stated in this mornings Cumberland News. The facts are: Westernport has but 2 cases and Piedmont 5. All are mild. No new cases in the last 4 days. All are under a very strict quarantine No causes for alarm. Signed: Dr E H Parsons, Board of Health, Piedmont, Dr A B Kalbaugh, Board of Health, Westernport.

District Institute

The Frankfort District Teachers Institute was held at Alaska, Saturday December 14th Devotional exercises were conducted by Mr J W Rinehart, President of the Board of Education . Mr Wade Leese was chairman of the meeting, Miss Lena Bond, secretary, and Miss Mabelle Armstrong organist. The chairman gave an " Address of Welcome" and introduced superintendent R W Thrush, who gave a short talk to the teachers and introduced Mr Dunkel, principal of Keyser High School. Mr Dunkel spoke on " The school and the school life" his theme was "Teaching the children to think" He discussed "School Morals" "School Occupations" and "School Conventions". Many helpful suggestions were given by Mr Dunkel. Superintendent Thrush added some valuable remarks and assigned Round Table Topics for the afternoon session. In the afternoon the chairman , Mr Leese discussed the subject, "How to Keep Order in School". An excellent paper on the "Elson School Reader" was read by Miss Loretta Miltenberger. Mr Ervin Welton spoke on " The Manual and New Text Books". The following round table topics were discussed: " Relative good or harm of praise and censure" Miss Sallie Wagoner; " How may the teacher direct the childs study at its seat?" Miss Lena Bond " Box Suppers and Spelling Matches" Mr Calvin Dugger, " Unusual Pupils" Miss Ann Vandiver, " Who gets most of the teachers time- the six year old or the sixteen year old?" Mr Charles Kiser, " Provisions for Recreation" Miss Cozad and Miss Dunn. The discussions were made interesting and helpful by the teachers giving illustrations from their own school and by suggestions added by Mr Dunkel and superintendent Thrush. Mr Rinehart, Mr Everstine and Mr Kiser gave short talks. The instructors and teachers present were, Supt Thrush, Mr Dunkel, Misses Myrtle Parr, Etta Dunn, Susie Vanmeter, Lottie Cozad, Zaida Wagoner, Sallie Wagoner, Loretta Miltenberger, Julia Grace, Minnie Umstott, Ann Vandiver, Nela Lawrence, Nora Abe, Bertie Wolf, Lena Bond, Messrs Ervin Welton, Calvin Dugger, Wade Leese, Charles Kiser, and Robert Gallady. Besides teachers there were a number of scholars present. By lively service. Ready response of teachers and helpful instructions given by Supt Thrush and Mr Dunkel the day was made both enjoyable and profitable.
Lena Bond, Secretary

Elk Garden

Mrs Mary Harris returned from Cumberland Md this week with her boy Robert who was operated on for appendicitis He is doing well.

Elk Garden has a live literary society. These questions have been debated: Resolved, That Cuba should be annexed to the United States. That the world is growing better. That immigration should be prohibited. The debaters so far have been H C Duke, Talmage Smith, Clarence D Umstot, Willie Cooper, R Marsh Dean, Wade Liller, D C Arnold, Misses Anna Fleming and Mamie White. Society meets on Thursday evening at the school house.

Wm Gatt, of Mecca Indiana, brother in law of the late Wm L Norman, died at his home six days after the death of Mr Norman who was on his way to this home when he was killed.

Mr and Mrs Bernard J Fowler and little son, a brand new baby, Jos Bernard, returned from Baltimore the first of this week.

Someone suspicioned it some one said " I believe it is so" and sure enough it is so. Now school teachers take this to heart. Married at the residence of the officiating minister, Rev Geo W Yost, Nov 2 1912, Harry S Kitzmiller and Miss Nora A Sutton. The bride is the popular teacher of the Barnum school and daughter of Mr Henry Sutton and the groom is the son of John H Kitzmiller, of Shaw, Congratulations.

Miss Buelah McNemar, of Keyser, gave " Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch" to an appreciative audience on Monday evening Nov 9th Benefit school library.

A splendid cantata was given here last Monday evening, "Israel in Captivity" prepared by the people at Kitzmiller. Mr D Gilbert Johns, the author of the Cantata, drilled the class. It was played at Kitzmiller last Friday evening. About 40 took part.

Mrs J R Hubbs, of Thomas, is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs D C Arnold.

Mrs Myrtle Keim is visiting friends in Elkins.

Merry Christmas to everybody.


Elk District Schools

All the schools in Elk District that have made 90 percent or over the second month are reported on the honor roll.

Sulphur-Mabel Neville 90

Hartmonsville-F C Yeager 90

Elk Garden-Willie Cooper 92

Nethkin Hill-H C Duke 94

Shaw-Clarence D Umstot 95

Emoryville-A B Keller 96

Empire-D W Idleman 97

Gleason-Florence Kinkead 99

Jenny Springs-Tal Smith 99

Cross, Emoryville,and Gleason school have individual collapsible drinking cups. Other schools are falling into line. Water jars are now at Elk Garden for all the schools. The new school books are giving good satisfaction. Teachers and pupils, the best of the school term is to come. Now bend all your energies for the best results.

D C Arnold, Dist Supt

Beaver Run Items

 Perry Biser is sawing in the hollow above Wright Baileys house.

J W Leatherman and wife visited relatives about Hanging Rock last week.

Seymour Whipp is baling hay this week about Headsville and over at Alkires.

I notice that the county, assisted by citizens, has put up a suspension wire foot bridge across Pattersons Creek just above the ford at J B Whipps.

Tom Shillingburg and Miss Tude Ludwick, of Hartmonsville, were down at Dan Ludwicks on a visit Friday until Sunday. Also Miss Sarah Burgess, teacher of the Kolk School, accompanied them.

Christmas services at the church on the 25th at 11 am.

Miss Etta Orndorf left Sunday with her brother, Ira, to visit her sister, Mrs Haines, on Jersey Mountain. Ira has been working there in the Buckeye orchard.

The new concrete bridge across Staggs run and Headsville is just done and ready for the filling, Sam Biser will do this.

B W Smith is at Greenland this week attending a bible session.

Mr Orndorf says his farm is for sale. And I think the price is right. Call and see.


Robbed B&O Station
Philippi W Va

Robbers forced entrance into the B&O station here with a crowbar, but secured only a small amount of money from a drawer. A large part of the cash was locked in a safe, an old fashioned affair with a key, but it was not disturbed. An attempt to trail the robbers with bloodhounds failed as it is though they escaped on a freight train.

Junction News

Mrs Hannah Breinig was visiting in Cumberland last week.

Mr and Mrs J H Cheshire were in Keyser and Cumberland first of the week.

Mr Wade Clinedinst spent Saturday and Sunday in Keyser and Cumberland.

Mrs A J Pancake was visiting relatives here the past 2 weeks, returning to Keyser Monday.

Miss Otie Ludwig, of Hartmonsville is visiting relatives here.

Misses Cora Ludwig and Sarah Burgess of Allegheny, were among relatives and friends Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs J H Parker, Mrs Effie Cheshire, Messrs Edgar Leatherman and Robert Parker went to Cumberland Tuesday in an auto returning Wednesday.


Have C W Shelly draw plans for your new house.


Barney Brady, aged 50 years, unmarried, was killed by a Cumberland Pennsylvania railroad engine which was shifting cars near the Consol mine at Eckhart at midnight last night.

Antioch News

Surveyor D G Martin did some work last week near Alaska for individuals, and also on Dana Run for the county court.

Snowden Cannon moved to Keyser recently.

Mr Jeff Grayson, of near Cumberland, visited his brother V M Grayson, a day or two this week.

The C&P Telephone people are rebuilding their line through here.

Our school will close next Friday until Monday before New Year. Our teacher Mr Mulledy will visit his home folks on Jersy Mountain near Romney Christmas week.

 A Merry Christmas to all.

Second Hand Doors, Windows, Etc, For Sale

I have a large assortment of glazed sash of various sizes, large paneled doors, rolling partitions, etc. out of old school building. This is all in first class condition and will be sold cheap. The sash are just the thing for poultry houses, out buildings and the like. Apply at Lillers Lumber Parlors.

Viavi Treatment

I will be at the Reynolds Hotel the second and last Wednesday of every month, from 1 until 3 o clock PM

Mrs L M Kenniston Manager

Geo T Carskadon wants 1000 rabbits, price 12 ½ to 15 c each.

Gilbert P Wilson of Lonaconing and Miss Eva C Kear of Frostburg were married Wednesday at Cumberland

For rent: Dwelling and stable on Hardy & Butt property near Park Orchard. Apply to A P Butt, Davis W Va.

Mr James Kirby who was hurt in the railroad wreck, was taken to the Hoffman Hospital yesterday.

Chas Deputy who works at the Standard Lime Co got a fall last Thursday morning. Which resulted in a fractured leg below the knee.

Rev B F Ball has moved from Waynesboro to Baltimore and has joined the colony on our honored superannuator. His city address is 105 West 27th street. Balto Southern Methodist.

Mt Lake Park, Dec 18th

Thos Hardesy an engineer on the B&O son of Butch Hardesty died today here. He was 25 years old and leaves a wife and one child.

All wool blankets, the kind that are genuine, at D Long and Sons.

The Baltimore Sun of last Sunday, speaking of the reforms in that city of vagrants and beggers about the streets, cites this case among a lot of others, showing what the society has done.

The crippled beggar from Keyser Wva, has been straightened out. He was begging when picked up. He was sent home at his own expense, for he had plenty of money. Later he returned to the city for treatment at one of the hospitals. He has recovered, and by aid of the Federated Charities has secured work and will bring his wife to Baltimore.


John Burke has been on the sick list the past week

Mrs Dr Furbee is confined to her home on account of illness.

Miss Catherine Sharpless has been housed up for several days.

Mrs Allison, of Frostburg, is visiting relatives in McCoole.

Dr H C Grusendorf was a business visitor to Cumberland Tuesday.

E B Creel, of Cumberland, was shaking hands with friends here Monday.

Mrs Elizabeth Neville is sick at her home on Piedmont street at this writing.

Henry May a farmer at Grant county, is visiting his nephew, P S Groves.

 Dr Clay Leps, who was home on a short visit returned to Fairmont last Sunday.

Mr and Mrs Chas Alkire have returned home from a short trip to Baltimore.

Miss Marguerite Greenwade has returned after a visit to friends in Cumberland.

Floyd Martin one of the shop employees is confined to his home on account of sickness.

R M Workman who has been on the sick list for some time is again at his place of business.

Miss Anna Kolkhorst left Tuesday afternoon for Newburg to see her grandfather who is quite ill.

Mrs Chas McNemar of Cumberland, is visiting her parents Mr and Mrs W C Lewis.

Mrs W C Whisler, of Grafton, who was visiting her mother, Mrs Davis, returned home last Sunday.

Miss Grace Bane, who has been milliner in a store at Mt Gillead NC the past season, has returned home.

Mrs Beckton, of Elreno Okla, came Saturday morning to visit relatives and friends here. She was formerly Miss Ethel Powell.

Dr G H Carpenter, who has been making an extended visit in Washington is a guest at the Windsor.

You may think you have all the Christmas presents bought, go to I M Long's and you will reminded of someone you forgot.

Sen L J Forman, of Petersburg, returned home Saturday. He came down Thursday and argued a case before Judge Reynolds.

Miss Cora Koontz, of 15 James St, is suffering severely from nervous prostration and has been compelled to leave school temporarily.

Jos Stickley, a former Keyser resident, now a prosperous farmer on the South Fork above Moorefield, came down Friday on business, and returned home Sunday.

Miss Carrie Arnold, of Piedmont W Va, and Miss Colvin of Bedford Pa, are patients in the Western Maryland Hospital, having arrived in this city yesterday.

Mr and Mrs S S Liller left yesterday for Bridgeport Ohio, where they expect to spend the winter . Their many friends wish them a pleasant sojourn and a safe return when the swallows come again.

Mrs H L Welch returned Tuesday from an extended stay with her sister, Mrs Rev W C Ney, at Newport Pa, She was detained their by the illness of Mr Neys children. But they have recovered.

Mrs W E Woolf and sons Willie and Harry, accompanied by Mr and Mrs J Z Terrell motored to Moorefield last Sunday for dinner and returned home that evening by way of Petersburg.

Mr and Mrs Robert Stickley returned last Friday from a short visit to their old home at Moorefield. Mr Stickley will celebrate his 84th birthday on Dec 30th, and is quite vigorous for a man of his age. He is active and can do a good days work yet, although he has not fully recovered from a recent hard spell of sickness.

Mr and Mrs W H Griffith attended the funeral of the latters father. Rev J H Moore, at Charlestown last Saturday. Mrs Moore and two daughters, Misses Marie and Jean, of Buffalo, accompanied them home. Also Miss Nye, a friend from Buffalo. After spending a couple of days all left fro home except Mrs Moore, who will remain a while.

Don't fail to see the knife display in the window of the Keyser Hardware Co store. You will want some of those knives for Christmas presents.

Miss Grace Bane is on the sick list.

Grover Leith and family have moved to Paw Paw.

Mr Hiram Terry is sick at home on Spring St.

Chester Akers paid Cumberland business visit Wednesday.

The Prep school closes today for the Christmas holidays.

Russell Litten left Wednesday for New Market Va to spend the holidays.

Willie Catherine, the 6 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs W H Coffman has scarlet fever.

Mrs E A Burke, of McCoole, spent yesterday in Cumberland with Mrs Hughie Burke.

Mr and Mrs Painter, of Stephens City Va are the guests at the home of Clifton Pifer.

Miss Rhea Jones, milliner at the Hat Shop the past season, left yesterday for Baltimore.

Mr George Greenholt, who has been on the sick list for some time, is able to be at work again.

Mrs Luther Arnold has returned from a visit to relatives and friends at Washington and Alexandria.

Mrs T M McNemar , who has been sick the past week threatened with a spell of pneumonia is improving.

Mrs Grusendorf, of Hutton, Md returned home Wednesday from a short visit to her son, Dr H C Grusendorf

Mr and Mrs H G Wilson were at Piedmont last Sunday to see Mrs Stotlers brother, H R Stotler, who was thrown from a horse Saturday and was slightly injured.

Prof J W Satyman, who has been sick the past week with pneumonia, was taken to the Hoffman Hospital last Sunday and is reported to be doing very well.

Rev S R Ludwig, of Oakville Pa arrived here Tuesday on a short visit for a little recuperation. Mr Ludwig has been on such a strain of late that rest was absolutely necessary.

Miss Delphia Blackman, of Beverly is spending the afternoon in this city.

A P Brady, of Mabie, and Spates Brady, of Piedmont, were registered at the Gassaway last night.

Attorney Harry G Fisher returned last night from his trip to Washington with the commission appointed to have a bill passed by congress to prohibit the shipment of liquor into dry territory.

Rev John E Connell had his guests on Tuesday, Revs Hall, of Benwood W va Biuteleu, of Fairmont; McElligot, of Grafton; O'Hara of Keyser; Quinn, of Barton; and McDermott, of Clarksburg.

Mrs E R Connell was called to Lahmansville, Grant Co, Friday by the illness of her mother, Mrs Anne Frye, who suffered a stroke of paralysis. Mrs W T Connell, of Mcoole accompanied her. Mr Arbogast took them up in his machine.

Mrs E R Connell returned home Tuesday.

At the meeting of the Melody Club Tuesday afternoon the general Christmas spirit prevailed. Miss Hoffman and Miss Liller from Keyser were out of town members present. The latter played for the first before the Club, and made a decided impression by her technique and finish.

Mrs A B Hyde, Miss Martha Hopkins, and her little niece, Miss Pauline Bell, all of Murfreesburo Tenn, are expected next Monday to spend the holidays at the manse with Rev and Mrs A O Price

Mrs Hyde is the mother of Mrs Price, and she has a girls school at Murfreesboro. " Soule College". Miss Hopkins is her assistant.

Rev and Mrs M H Keen and little son leave tonight for San Antonio Texas. Mr Keen is just out of the hospital after an operation for appendicitis, and his church has granted him a vacation, which he will spend at the old home in the hope of a speedy recuperation. They expect to be gone about 6 weeks, and the many friends of Mr Keen will join us in the hope that he may return fully restored.

Miss Belle Taylor, of Purgittsville, returned home today. She came over last Friday and spent a few days in Lonaconing with friends, returning here Monday. Miss Belle says that her father Mr Julius Taylor improves very slowly and has to use crutches yet. Some time ago a heavy box fell on one of Mr Taylors legs and it is supposed broke a bone just above the ankle and it has given him some trouble ever since, and he has been able to get about except by the use of crutches.

Toys of every description, candies, all kinds and prices, nuts, cakes-in fact anything and everything for Christmas at Nefflins.

Miscellaneous News

For the best oysters in town go to Greenwades.

Real winter struck us yesterday. Wind, cold and a little snow.

Winters storms are surely coming, get your rubbers at Greenwades.

For Sale Cheap-An organ in first class condition. Apply at this office.

L O Mott has bought the Floyd Stotler farm at Dawson station. Price paid $4900.

Christmas presents are not all gone-just follow the crowd to I M Longs.

Mrs George Miers was called to Hagerstown yesterday by the illness of her daughter.

Contractor F W Davis has completed to improvements to Miss Ella Whitfords house.

Oysters, crackers, cheese, fish and fowls- everything in season at L C McDonalds.

An 11 pound boy arrived at the home of Mr and Mrs Chas W Junkins, last Monday morning.

Scott Stotler, who ran the restaurant on Mineral St has quit business until he can find another good location.

E F Shobb, while inspecting a train, a few days ago, fell off New Creek bridge and bruised himself up considerably.

Mother, before sending your children to school go to Greenwades and buy them a pair of guaranteed winter shoes.

Master Arnold Babb celebrated his 6th birthday by having a few of his little friends at his home on Saturday afternoon.

W H Nefflen has a larger line of Christmas goods than ever. Hurry there before things are picked over.

J T Athey, of South Keyser, was severely injured by running a rusty nail in his foot. It was a large size nail and the wound is and ugly and dangerous one.

Christmas is right close so don't forget that you can get any kind of present you want at W H Nefflens.

Ed Rogers who has faithfully and well the past 4 years served as Mineral county jailer, is moving his household effects away from the county building that his successor, whose name has not yet been announced by Sheriff C E Nethkin, can assume charge on Jan 1st. Mr Rogers and wife will remain with their daughter in south Keyser until spring and then will go to their fruit farm east of Knobley mountain.

Christmas presents for anybody at I M Longs store.

Looking Up

Olive Branch Number 25, Knights of Pythias seems to be taking on a lease of life. Three splendid young men who just passed through the ranks one was elected at the meeting last Tuesday night and five applications were read and referred to the investigating committees. This lodge is composed of a number of the best men in this community and has a reputation all over the state. It has the distinction of having two past grand chancellors, viz: Geo P Warner, who is also a past supreme representative, and Col M H Smith, who has served as grandmaster of exchequer for 19 consecutive years. That is a distinction that not many of lodges in the state can boast of.

J H Marshall Dead

Midland- Dropping to the ground just as he reached his home ten minutes before noon this morning, J H Marshall , manager of the J H Marshall Co store, expired of heart trouble Mr Marshall was about 59 years of age. He was formerly of Moorefield. W Va. But came here a number of years ago and founded the store which bore his name. He was twice married and is survived by his second wife and two children by each wife.

The Committee who had charge of the fancy work sale at McDonalds window last week are pleased with the results, and thank each purchaser most heartily for their patronage. They especially thank the editor of the Mineral News for the advertisement each day for a week. Mr McDonald for his kindness and Mr Taylor for his Singer Sewing Machine that helped so much for getting the sewing ready. All this money is added to the " Building Fund" for the new church and the ladies are now planning for their Easter sale in the spring. We thank you. Committee

Notice to the Public

I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife, Ida Athey.

Earl L Athey

Henry G Davis
Baltimore Md

Former Senator Henry Gassaway Davis of West Virginia will not retire as president of the Coal & Coke railroad as was reported. Mr Davis who came to Baltimore today to confer with officials of the B&O and the Western Maryland railroads made the plain. He declared that the articles that he would be succeeded as head of the Coal & Coke railroad by R C Kerens were incorrect and that he no intention of quitting railroading at this time. " I have just celebrated my 89th birthday." said Senator Davis, " but I am not too old to relinquish my duties. I have never felt better in my life and I am as young as some fellows who have just turned 50." President Davis said that the business on the Coal & Coke was good at this time and that an exceptionally large tonnage was being hauled over the system.


Mr W D Brown, U S Deputy Marshall is back from Berkely Springs, where he attended the hearing of an illicit distilling case Monday afternoon before U S Commissioner J Hammond Siler. The defendants were John Kimble, and his son, Ernest Kimble, and John Self from the famous " Smoke Hole" region in Grant county, whom Mr Brown helped to capture last week. The two Kimbles pleaded guilty to the charge, while three witnesses testified against the whole bunch; so they were held for the federal court that meets in Parkersburg the second Tuesday in January, and in default of $1,000 bail, each, the fellows were remanded to the Morgan county jail at Berkely Springs. Later they will be taken to Parkersburg. Deputy Brown and Messrs F A Fjemster and M M Jodd. Two special revenue officers from Baltimore left here one day last week for Petersburg. They left there at night and drove over the mountain to " Smoke Hole", a distance of some 20 miles, arriving there early in the morning. They came upon the Kimbles and Self unaware near their homes and placed them under arrest without any trouble.

First M E Church Davis St,
Rev Franck H Havenner, Pastor
Sunday Dec 22, 1912

11 am- Christmas sermon, by the pastor

The choir will sing the following anthems:

1.-" Ring Out Glad Bells" J B O Clemm

2.-" There were Shepherds" Holden

 7:30 pm-The choir, led by Prof J B O Clemm, will sing the Christmas Cantata, " Everlasting Life" Wilson

Tuesday, 7:30pm; Dec 24th Sunday school exercises and Christmas observance.

The public is cordially invited to attend all these services.

Catholic Service

At Keyser, Tuesday, Christmas Eve, midnight mass, with appropriate singing, sermon benediction.

At Blaine, Christmas morning at 9:15, mass will be said.

At Elk Garden, Christmas morning at 11:45, mass will be said. W A O'Hara, Pastor

Hardy Reward Divided

The county court at Romney W Va Wednesday divided the $200 reward offered for the arrest of " Angie" Hardy, the negro bandit in the attempted Inskeep hold up as follows: Chief of Police Harry Irvine, $50, Charles O'Hara, driver of the patrol wagon, $50: Charles W Burton, street car conductor, Frostburg $50; Mr Rephorn, of Frostburg $25; Mr Naughton, of Barton $25.

Burlington Charge

Services Sunday, Dec 22nd 1912


Reese Chapel-3pm

Pilgrims Rest-8pm

A A P Neel, Pastor

List of Letters

Remaining unclaimed in the postoffice at Keyser W Va week ending Dec 5, 1912

Mrs Geo Liller, Isabella Shields, Blanche Urice, Chas Brown, Will Jones, Roy Kelley, Prof Hoogie, Jno C Moore.


Mrs George Moomau, aged 28 years, died Tuesday morning, Dec 17th 1912, at her home in South, after a long illness, from typhoid pneumonia, Before her marriage she was a Miss Porter.

Child Died

The five year old daughter of Jake Reel died Sunday morning at her home at Petersburg, from effects of membranous croup. She was buried Monday by the side of her father, who was in killed in Keyser yards on Friday evening and his body was taken to Petersburg, arriving there late Saturday night when the child, the oldest of three motherless children, was taken ill and died the next morning.

License to Marry

License to marry were issued at Cumberland as follows:

Dec 14th- James Roberson Sirbaugh, and Mollie Burns Delauder, both of Petersburg.

Dec 17th-Homer Judson Holt and Gertrude French Haines, both of Points W Va

Harry Clay Inskeep and Joseph Edna Howell, both of Keyser W Va

Dec 18th- James Barger and Mollie Martin, both of Petersburg W Va

Stockholders Meeting
Farmers and Merchants Bank
Keyser W Va

 The regular annual meeting of the stockholders of the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Keyser W Va will be held on Thursday Jan 9th 1913, between the hours of 10 o'clock am and 3 pm for the purpose of electing directors and the transaction of such other business that may legally come before such meeting. Geo R Davis Cashier


To whom it may concern:

Notice is here by given that application will be made to the next session of the Legislature of W Va for a special act or charter incorporating the present towns of Keyser and South Keyser, and certain additional territory, to be fully described in the act, into one municipality to be known as the city of Keyser.

F I Babb

Mayor of Keyser

L H Stafford

Mayor of South Keyser

Alaska News

Peter H Welton, of South Cumberland, is spending a few days with his brother F M Welton.

Albert H Dowden, of Cumberland, is visiting relatives here this week.

The Frankfort district teachers institute was held in the school house at this place last Saturday and was well attended. County Superintendent Thrush was in charge.

V E Thomas of Frost Ky, is spending a few days here on business.

Clarence Kesner, of Keyser, spent Sunday at his home here.

J T Cheshire improved his residence by putting on a new roof last week.

Harry Wagoner, of Springfield, was a business visitor in town Monday evening.

Job Bible and family spent Sunday with relatives in Springfield.

Municipal Election

Notice is hereby given that on the 2nd day of January 1913, there will be an election held in the towns of Keyser at the council chamber at the skating rink therein, for the purpose of electing a mayor, recorder, and five councilmen for the ensuing year. Given under my hand this 11th day of December, 1912.

F H Babb, Mayor

Hen Brings $800

Springfield, Mo

Lady- Show- You, a hen that won the national Egg Laying Contest at the State Poultry Station, Mountain Grove, Mo, this year was sold here today for $800 by J A Bickerdite, of Millersville, Ill. The hen has a record of laying 281 full weight eggs this year. Lady-Show-You is a white Plymouth Rock.


Two prominent young people of Kingwood W Va were married at Oakland on last Friday, Dec 6th, the parties being Miss Nina Lenhart, daughter of Mr and Mrs James A Lenhart and Mr James McNary, the druggist of that town. Both are prominent socially and the announcement of the wedding was a great surprise to their friends. The couple was accompanied to Oakland by the brides sister, Mrs Jackson, of Kingwood.

New About Davis

Born to Mr and Mrs John Dailey, of Meyersdale Pa, Dec 12th, a daughter.

This Thursday morning was the coldest yet this winter, the temperature being 6 above zero with a high wind.

Domineck Moran, of Cumberland, has been transferred to this place as passenger conductor on the Davis Branch.

Misses Cora Alderton and Nena Sell, trained nurses, of Charleston, are home to spend the holidays with their parents.

Mrs C H Lantz and Mrs Albert Harness, of Coketon, spent Tuesday in town the guests of Mr and Mrs C B Lewis.

Miss Maude Forsythe arrived from Clarksburg Wednesday to spend the holidays with her parents, Mr and Mrs S Forsythe.

The 12 days old son of Mr and Mrs Cyrus Halterman died Tuesday. Interment was made in Davis cemetery, Wednesday.

Kate Edwards (colored) was found in a stupor lying on the floor of her home late Monday afternoon. She died soon after being found. It is thought that she had been lying on the floor since early morning as she was dressing only in her sleeping clothes. She lived alone in a house on the rear of the lot of Mrs C M Maddocks who went to the house to investigate after not having seen anyone on the premises all day. A physician was called but he could do nothing to revive the woman. Friends took charge of the remains and the funeral was held at the colored church Wednesday afternoon. The deceased was one of the oldest citizens of Davis. A coincidence in her death was the death also of her lover, Holman Boatright, of Thomas, who died the same day and in the same manner.

Pendleton County News

Franklin Dec 9th

Died, Dec 8th, at her residence near Deer Run, Mrs Phoebe J Burgoyne, aged 78.

W C Kiser, of Ruddle, received a telegram Monday announcing the death of his granddaughter, Mrs Vergie Armstrong, of Indiana. Mrs Armstrong was a former resident of our town and a successful teacher. She was a daughter of Mr and Mrs G L Kiser, now of Woodstock Va.

Luther Cunningham, of Circleville, spent a few days in town last week and left for Charlottesville Hospital, where she will have an operation performed.

O M Smith, of Petersburg, brought Miss McDonald, a trained nurse, of Keyser, up Sunday to nurse Mrs Leah Crigler, who has pneumonia.

John Mallow brought his family up from Upper Tract last week to spend a couple of days while he attended court.

Rev R B Hudson is here assisting Rev C R Lacy with his meeting. He has preached some fine sermons.

Capt Daugherty who has been confined to his bed a couple days is better.

Grant County

Atty R W returned the first of the week from a visit to his uncle, Jesse Welton, at Washington C H Ohio.

Mr and Mrs G Harman Withesel, of Laneville, came over Wednesday and we understand that they will spend the winter here.

Garrett, son of K C Vanmeter, badly burned his arm by running it in a can of hot lard.

Mrs M L Wheaton, left yesterday for Cumberland where she will spend a few days with her husband.

 Born, Dec 1st to Wilson Judy and wife, Denison, Iowa, a girl.

Monday, while loading some fodder, George Shobe met with a painful accident. He fell and the top of his foot struck a sharp corn stub, which ran in his foot. It broke off in three pieces. Dr Moomau removed the pieces of the stalk.

Miss Laura Bergdoll left yesterday morning for Morgantown where she will spend Christmas with her sister. Mrs Donley White.

C A Bergdoll left Wednesday morning for Pittsburgh where she will attend the annual Eastern Cement Show. Heretofore this show has been held either in Chicago, New York, or Kansas City, but they are holding farther east this year in order to open up new territory. The show will be in session from the 12th to 18th of December.

Hardy County News

C C Seymour, of Cedar Cliff, spent a few days with his brother, A W Seymour, last week. He brought up some cattle which Geo K Judy will winter for him.

Mr and Mrs H S Carr, left this morning for a short trip to Philadelphia.

Miss Mattie Baker, who has been quite sick for several weeks, we are glad to say is improving.

Chas Whetzel and family has moved here from Needmore, and are occupying one of the A M Inskeeps houses.

Mr and Mrs E J Harness, of Roy, Utah, arrived here this week and will spend some time visiting here.

Mort Simons butchered the boss hog this week. The animal was several years old and weighed 720 pounds gross.

A team hitched to a wagon loaded with corn, belonging to Jacob Reed ran away this week. They started to run in a corn field near his home, passed through three gates, and came down the hill by C W Paskels shop, on a dead run, and not a thing was broken. Harry Delawder stopped them near the Episcopal church.

Miss Gladys Randolph, left last week for McGaheysville Va where she will visit for some time.

The Piedmont Grocery Co, have been making some improvements to their warehouse here by covering the outside with metal and putting on a new roof.

Miss Emily Goodwin, near Elkins, died Dec 13th of Typhoid fever. She was 64 years old. This is the second of one of the Goodwin family to die of fever in the last 2 weeks. Interment was made Sunday in the old Stone House cemetery.