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MARCH 20, 1913



Jno B Nash, who is the active head of the firm of Nash, Mallow and Johnson at Emoryville, this county, was in Keyser today. He reports the crop of medicinal herbs doing good. They have, he says, 175,000 ginseng plants growing , of different ages, and 100,000 ginseng seeds planted, of Golden Seal 77,000 plants and 10,000 seed sown. An acre of ground contains about 50,000 plants of ginseng and 60,000 plants of Golden Seal. Many of these two herbs are replanted wild roots. Four years ago Mr Mallow came to this county from Pendleton county, W Va, and his untiring efforts have been crowned with success. He has gone into the wildwoods and studied the natural habitat of these plants and his efforts at cultivation shown wonderful possibilities. The price per pound in the market today for dry ginseng is around $8.00 and Golden Seal $4.00 per pound. At this price the crop on an acre of well developed ginseng would be a fortune, and as stated, this company has about four acres of ginseng alone.


One of the most prosperous, small, not so small either, industries of Keyser today is Wagoner's Bottling Works, of which Geo E Wagoner is the manager, having succeeded his brother J W Wagoner, deceased. Eleven years ago Wagoner Brothers entered into the bottling business of carbonated tonic drinks. They held carefully to their work and the business grew with each succeeding year. This necessitated the installation of modern labor saving machinery, a gas engine for power, an automatic bottle washer, two crown fillers and a power carburetor. The plant is sanitary and neat as can be.


Mrs Braithwait, wife of T J Braithwait, a miner living near Piedmont, who has been in the Hoffman Hospital here for some days taking treatment for typhoid fever, died last night. The body was taken home today and interment will be tomorrow. Besides her husband, she is survived by 6 children, one of whom, a little girl, is here in the hospital, also suffering from typhoid fever. The husband and father has been working hard everyday and then coming here at night to see often the sick with exceptional faithfulness.


Mrs Berg of McCoole lost a pocketbook while in Keyser today. It contained about $40. She was carrying the purse in a handbag.

Miss Catherine Welton, who is a student in Fort Louden Seminary at Winchester, arrived here today on her way home to Petersburg to spend the Easter season. She was met here by her father, Atty A J Welton. Miss Price, of Frostburg, also a student in this school, and a friend of Miss Welton, came here on the same train, No 55 B&O.


Early this week, a Keyser youth, got a license at Cumberland to marry a school- girl of 13 summers, it is said. The Miss went to a neighbor's house to dress for the occasion, as she knew there would be objections to her marrying at such a tender age. In the time, the mother without any knowledge of her daughter's plans, came to the same home on a visit and the girl walked right into her arms. At once the parent took in the whole situation and took her daughter home and locked her in a room to grow older. In the meantime, the would-be groom, who had taken a minister with him to McCoole on Maryland territory to tie the nuptial knot, waited until his patience gave out, and returned home to await impatiently for another opportunity.


Elam Talbott, 84 years old, a member of a pioneer family, is dead at his home near Belington from old age.


The annual literary society contest for the Prep school is now mapped out. The Reynolds Literary Society will have a representation by Miss Irene Davis, declamation; Robert Armstrong, oration; Clifton E Gurd and Jno Shores, debate. The Davis Literary Society will be championed by Miss Sarah Stehley, declamation; Dan Cunningham, oration; Joe Spicer and M J Mathew, debate. This feature of the Prep school commencement has always been one of special drawing merit. This year those who will join in the contest are exceptionally bright and popular students, and the event is one already looked forward to with a big measure of interest and pride by the many friends of the participants.


The State Board of Regents will meet at the Preparatory School on April 5th, which time several progressive plans for this institution will be discussed and decided. It is the purpose of the Board to large the scope of the Prep. Mr Sheppard of the Board of Control is expected to visit the school soon and the matter of starting work on the new dormitory will be taken up. Some improvements will be made to the school building and grounds this spring and summer. Definite announcement in full detail of these will be made later.


After prayer meeting service in the ME church last night, a number of lady friends of Mrs E M Stottlemyer gave her a complete but pleasant birthday surprise party at her home on Piedmont street. One feature of the occasion, was a handkerchief shower. Though taken entirely unaware, Mrs Stottlemyer served ice cream and cake.


C E Dayton is at Cumberland today buying special Easter stock

Squire Osborne is very sick, unable at times to transact the business of his office

Mrs Kolhorst, Mrs Broom and Ada Gilliam are visitors to Cumberland today

Mr C W Burke is better at this writing

Mrs Ira Mankins is on the sick list

Mrs Ed Hammill was operated on at the Hoffman Hospital Tuesday

Mrs W S Davis and Miss Stella Wagoner spent yesterday in Piedmont

Chief of Police Davis and wife spent Wednesday in Cumberland

Mrs H Loraditch of Oakland, who has been visiting Mrs W S Davis, has gone to Blaine to spend a few days

Mrs H M Wells, who was very sick for several days, is greatly improved

Mrs S N Moore shipped today to Miss Mary Elizabeth Moore, who is a student in Powhattan College, Charles Town, a large box of good things to eat. Members of "The Cheer Up and Forget It Club," Miss Moore's girl friends, contributed several boxes of home made candy.

O A Hood and E L Taylor made a business trip to Hampshire county yesterday

Mrs Ora Sanders and two children and Mrs Leota Reed of Cumberland are today visiting the former's sister Mrs Alice Kauffman

Geo B Newhouse, agent for the Pittsburg Life & Trust Co, was up in Grant county yesterday delivering some life insurance policies

James Kitzmiller of Emoryville was in Keyser yesterday trying to locate a heavy draft horse for farm purposes.

Atty. H K Drane of Piedmont was in Keyser all day Wednesday

Arthur Arnold, ex-prosecuting atty of Mineral county, spent last night with Keyser friends

A Pink Tea will be given in Friendship Hall on March 31st by the "Striving Three."

F E Biaser, general superintendent of the B&O RR, with headquarters at Baltimore, was here today on an important business trip.

Mrs E A Perry of Cumberland is visiting her daughter Mrs D T Greenwade. Though 85 years old, Mrs Perry is sprightly as can be

Miss Allie Marriott who has been in Elkins for some time has returned to her home in McCoole, where she will remain a little season and then go to Elkins to make her home. Her sister who now resides in Elkins came with her.

Fresh Easter Eggs for all the people of Keyser to be had at Greenswade's.

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