FRIDAY SEPT 20, 1907


  Sept 18, 1907
  Elder Walker, who had promised to be here to conduct a series of meetings notified us that he could not come, so the series of meetings have been postponed till Oct 8, when S E ? will come to preach at the brick church.
  Miss Pearl Dickens has notified the trustees that she could not teach the Rosedale school, so that school is yet vacant. One school in Cabin Run district is still vacant, the Page school.
  J W Leatherman started Tues on his trip to the Easternshore to join his wife on her extended visit. They expect to be gone some time.
  Mrs Jennie Fleming of Keyser is spending some time over here visiting since the meeting.
  Henry Powell, the lad living at Dan Bailey's is quite ill with typhoid fever.
  Gus King and wife of Eglon came down to J B Leatherman's Fri, to attend the meeting.
  Miss Allie Biser, Princess Md, came up to attend the meeting.
  Ed Wolford's for some time have been ? their property to their ?.....mile below Frankfort and Sun the family moved.
  Elijah Ludwick of Ashland, Ohio, is in to visit old friends.
  D R Leatherman is having the woodwork on their inferior of his house painted. Jake Miller and Charley are doing the work.
  Ed Ludwick of Hartmonsville was down over Sun.


  On Wed of this week the annual picnic and tournament was held at Oak Grove, near Headsville. the rain in the morning kept a number from attending who would otherwise have ben there, which left the crowd small, but very select. After partaking of the usual picnic repast consisting of deviled eggs, ham sandwiches covered with red ants, and cold pressed chicken and flies, the crowd went to their several conveyances to fight wood ticks, try to keep cool and watch the riding. Knighthood was in full bloom and didn't seem to have been hurt by the cool summer. About the time the gloaming began to gloam, someone "lowed" it would rain. It did rain a little shower, just enough to settle the dust if the dust had been about eighteen inches deep. No one got very wet in F M Brown's barn, but the two gentlemen who rode horseback from Keyser got their bridles wet, so I hear. After scattering chicken bones all over Brown's yard, and greasing their porch from one end to the other with peanut butter, the crowd left for a dryer community, which they didn't find.
  Mr Harold Wilson, of Washington, D C, is spending a few weeks with his aunt, Mrs C G Umstot.
  Miss Carrie Vandiver, who has been visiting her cousins, the Misses Vandiver, returned to her home in Ashland, Va, last week.
  Misses Mary and Louise Zell, or Louise and Mary, I don't know which, they look so much alike, are visiting their aunt, Mrs ?Jos/Jas Zell.
  After talking and planning all summer about walking to Jamestown, Jas Wright and Arnold Vandiver have postponed their trip, until the swallows homeward fly next spring.


  News of 12th
  Harold Gross has gone to Keyser where he has a position in the B&O car shops.
  Mr Claude Weaver has resigned his position with the U S Leather Co, in this place and has accepted a position in the B&O shops in Keyser.
  The first of a series of weddings scheduled for Sept in our town took place at the Presbyterian manse at 9 pm, Sept 11. The contracting parties were Lewis Holcomb and Miss Dora Moyer. Rev Walter Edge tied the knot that is to bind these hearts through life and sent them on their way rejoicing. The groom is a trusty fireman on the Western Md Railroad.
  Mrs A A Parks, of Petersburg and daughter, Mrs Jessie Klencke of Piedmont, returned to their homes Mon. They were accompanied by Mrs A B Haslacker, who will visit them a while.


  Sept 17, 1907
  Mr W H Poling of Baltimore, visited his many friends here in the past week. Miss Tillie Leatherman is visiting friends here also.
  Miss Ida Kimmell returned from Baltimore and Washington last week. She ordered millinery goods while in the east and is now in her business.
  Frank Healey the well known employee at the H & L store, started on his well earned vacation the first of this week. Jamestown and Washington are two objective points during his vacation.
  Messrs Henry Duling and Lee Rogers, of Hartmonsville started for Jamestown the first of this week.
  Miss Ada Rollman returned from Baltimore last Sat having selected a stock of millinery goods, which are now on display on Oak street.
  Mr Marsh Dean returned form his vacation last Sat.
  Mrs Morrison, of Burlington, visited friends here this week.
  Miss Bessie Dean, returned from Washington and Baltimore this week. She will assist Miss I*a Kimmall in the millinery business.
  Miss Bertha Bischoff of Ridgeley, is visiting friends here.
  Mr O D Harris and son ?font made a business trip to Cumberland last Tues.
  Mr Harry Moors moved to Johnstown Pa, the first of this week.
  A number of persons in this vicinity attended the funeral of James A Sharpless at Keyser last Tuesday.
  Undertaker F C Rollman, has formed a partnership with W Harvey in the undertaking business under the firm name of Rollman and Harvey. Mr Harvey is well and favorably known and Mr Rollman is a licensed embalmer.


  Sept 10, 1907
  Messrs Seymour and Elijah Taylor and Seymour Whip all started for Philadelphia and Jamestown Sun for ten days' pleasure.
  Mr and Mrs Zimbower of Cumberland, is spending a few days with J M Fleek's family.
  Miss Blanche Staggs and Mrs Tabitha Urice spent Sat in Keyser with Mrs Ed ?.
  Mr and Mrs B F Corbin were visiting Mrs Corbin's parents, Mr and Mrs Wm Urice Sun.
  Miss Elinor Fleek is visiting among her relatives here a few days.
  Mrs David Steedman was at Keyser Sat shopping.
  Taylor Martin made another horse trade Sat.
  Mrs Mary Urice of Cabin Run, was visiting Mrs Wm Urice Wed.
  Mr and Mrs Vause Ellifritz and William Ellifritz and family, all of Rees' Tannery, were the guests of W E Staggs Sun.
  Several of our folks took in the merry-go-round at Keyser Sat night.
  Miss Alice Corbin is visiting her uncle, Ben Rickamore, at Keyser.
  Mrs Isabel Fleek, of Keyser is visiting her brothers, Wm and Michael Staggs, a few days.
  Michael T Staggs was at Burlington Sat on business and traded horses while on his trip.


(I'm not able to read much of the first part of this. I'm attempting what I can make out of it)

  John Ed Taylor made a buggy trip to Hagerstown this week.
  Miss Sarah Taylor left Wed for ?......will take a stenographic course.
  William Hott, while ?.... D Ri*en? Seymore?..last week found a turtle ?... Rinehart's father's name on it ?... was carved on the shell in 18?
  George Martin, son of Joseph Martin, of Seymoursville, who some time ago had the misfortune to have one eye badly hurt while working on a planing mill at Moorefield by having a sp**ter run in it, went to Cumberland last week and had the eye taken out. We understand the operation was a very successful one.
  Sept 11 - Perhaps the most skillful and enterprising of our amateur flower gardeners is Mrs Susan Smith, who assisted by her daughter, Mrs Angie Hesse, keeps every year, such a fine floral display at her cozy residence at the western entrance of Maysville Gap. It will amply pay every lover of nature's beauties to inspect it. Just at present the Night-blooming Oereus is attracting attention there and winning admiration by the richness of its coloring. One of the many natural curiosities in said Gap in about the center of it is the White Sulphur Spring, situated on the right bank of the creek. The little town of Laurelton, which used to exist there, has almost gone out of existence and of its buildings, only the last double loghouse, once the residence of L C Barbee, remains. The general neglect is also seen in said spring, it being left without care, and subject to the overflow of said creek. Nevertheless, it is still used and appreciated for its wholesome quality. We have heard of notable cures effected by the use of its water. The property now belongs to the US Leather Company of New York. Here will be a chance for an enterprising physician to establish a health resort, provided the property could be acquired for its real value. All the conditions of ?salubrions air and attractive surroundings would be there, but it would take a great outlay of capital to make something out of the place.
  The Jamestown Exposition was last week visited by a number of our people, among them our merchants, W E Clauze, C H Vossler, Walter D ?Trenfen, Mike ?, Part of the last ?.. we understand are to extend the trip to NY on a visit to relatives. On their return, we hear Miss Charlotte Vossler is to stay in Baltimore, there to take a course in music, at the Peabody Institute, while her younger sister, Miss Annie, will enter the preparatory at Keyser. Two more pupils of said school are Miss Edna Hamstead and Clement Babb.
  The following ladies and gentlemen were present at the teachers examination on last Fri and Sat, Misses Mary Johnson, Ora Nine, Lucie M Trenton, Phebe Yokum, Messrs Adam Teter, Jas J Idleman, Chas W Martin, Thos I Lemon, Harry W Feaster, Chas T Smith, Erwin H Cosner, John W Yokum.
  Mrs Mary Dunlap and her sister, Mrs Stillwell, from Pa, have been on a visit at their brother's in the Gap, but returned home yesterday.
  Midshipman Frank Vossler is still with his ship, the Louisiana, at Hampton Roads, and expects this fall to take the long journey to the Philippines. We are glad to learn that Mrs E A E Vossler is now improving.
  Beginning of last week, Mrs C M Babb, had as visitors from Morgantown, Thomas Gregg and wife and Mrs Abbott of Ohio, a sister of Mrs Babb.
  Sept 11 - Mrs Howard Stel? and children and her mother, Mrs Berger of Romney, are visiting the latter's daughter, Mrs T E Veach.
  Miss Blanche V Hood, returned to Keyser Mon evening, accompanied by her sister, Miss Zella, who has been staying in Keyser for some time.
  An infant child of Jos and Emma Berg was buried her Tues evening.
  L J Hott's are moving to Keyser this week.
  Mrs Elizabeth Tucker and son in law, Henry Hetzler, with the latter's daughter, Mabel of Forman, are visiting Mrs Tucker's daughter, Mrs Carrie Spiker of near Mt ?ke. Mrs Tucker expects to ma? there for a while.
  Miss Daisy D McNemar is v? the Jamestown Fair.

Sept 17, 1907
  Mesdames McWhorter and Switzer, of Phillippi spent last Thurs night in town enroute from Franklin to Keyser. They were guests of Seymour Judy.
  Lillian Hill and Wood Shobe returned from Lahmansville Fri.
  Mrs A A Parks returned home last Thurs. She accompanied by her daughter, Mrs A B Haslacker, who will be here some time.
  Dr Edgell and wife of Keyser passed through here Fri in their?......
  Misses Mary and Louise Zell, who have been here a month visiting, left Sat.
  Messrs Pownall and Glisan spent Sun night in town.
  J Coap Boggs, accompanied by his daughter, Mrs Campbell, of Monterey, were visiting at I S Welton's several days last week.
  Jeff Thalaker and wife left Sun.
  The merry-go-round is having quite a good deal of patronage. Both old and young seem to enjoy.
  H(e/a)m Kyles was in town Sat with melons for sale, but they were out of a good quality. The melon season was almost a complete failure about here.
  Apples are selling at 50 cents per bushel and not nice ones at that.
  Grapes are scarce.
  Public school opened here Mon with H H McNemar and Miss Nell Smith as teachers.
  Mrs Baker and son, Robert, returned from a short trip to Keyser Sat in their automobile.
  H E Schell spent Sun in town.
  Howard Cunningham and wife, of Mansfield, Ill, are visiting at W C VanMeter's near town.
  J A Gross and family of Cumberland, are visiting at Mrs Goldizen's across the river.
  A box supper and ice cream festival is advertised for Sat evening on the lawn at the Methodist church.
  Rev R B Hudson, accompanied by his mother and sister, Miss Annie, returned Mon from their trip to Norfolk, Va.
  Mrs May Walls, who has been visiting in town, will leave Sat for her home at Fairmont.
  I D Armentrout and family of Shafter, Pendleton County, are visiting at the widow Smith's up the river.
  Tom Welton and family came up from Keyser Sat.
  Mrs Jennie Hendrix, of Davis, is visiting relatives in this county.
  D P Hendrickson attended Presbytery at Hambleton this week.
  Mrs E A Burke and Miss Sallie Johnston of Keyser are guests of Mrs Annie Grove.


  Romney, Sept 18
  Miss Lou Kerns is expected home today from a visit at Edinburg Va.
  V W Marshall will open a store in the Brady building, which is being vacated by Guthrie & Kuykendall.
  Dr Griff T Daily was at Baltimore the first of the week, where he had taken Capt Montgomery of the B&O RR for treatment?. They returned home yesterday.
  Circuit court is in session here this week with Judge R W Daily on the bench. A grand jury had been summoned, but was notified not to appear as there was no need of one at this term of court.
  Mrs Henry Landacre is dead at her home near Rio, this county, after a brief illness of lung trouble. She is survived by a husband and several children, among them ? Chas and Will, of Richmond, who hold positions with the Cherry Creek Lumber Co.

  Hampshire Review of 11th
  A special car hearing the president of the Rock Island R R arrived here Fri, he is the guest of friends at the Hampshire Club.
  Rev C W Stump and wife of Lost City, were here Sat, enroute home from Cumberland, where they were attending conference.
  Wm Coyner, who has been visiting here for several months, will return to Baltimore on Sun.
  Rev Dr Brook, who has been ill for some time of typhoid fever, is able to sit up.
  Miss Helen Moore received a message today stating her little grandchild, Master Hardesty, was very ill at his home near summit Point W Va.
  J D Orndorff has purchased the E B Wolford farm on Little Capon.
  W Dolan has bought the J A McCalley farm at Augusta this county.
  Ed Rizer of Boston, Mass, is visiting his aunt, Mrs Margaret Keller.
  Miss Maggie Wilson, of Westernport, is visiting Miss Nellie Frederick.
  Frank Brooke left last Sat for Fredricksburg Va, to attend college.
  Prof Herbert was called to his home in Williamsport Md, last Sat by the illness of his child.
  Geo S Arnold Sr, of South Branch, accompanied by his daughter, Miss Susan, and son, Parsons, attended the reunion here last Thurs.
  The Kaylor land on Spring Gap Mountain, heretofore, advertised in the Review, heretofore, advertised in the Review, was sold on Sat at Levels at public auction, the purchaser being L G DeHaven. The amount of money paid for the property was ?$1,0**.
  Hampshire Review of 18
  John Hall, of Keyser, spent several days here last week.
  Harry Welton, of Williamsport, spent Mon in town.
  Robert Baird left Tues fro Front Royal Va, to attend college.
  Robert Dailey, Jr of Meyersdale, is visiting his parents, Judge and Mrs R W Dailey.
  Miss Ann Gibson returned last week from Charles Town, where she had been spending her vacation.
  Mrs Edward Echols, formerly Miss Edith Carskadon, of Richwood, W Va, spent several days here last week.
  Rev Hudson of Petersburg, accompanied by his mother and sister, spent Sun here the guests of Mrs D G Marshall.
  Mrs W D Bennett and daughter Miss Myrtle, of this place, and Mrs J A Kelley, of Purgittsville, spent last week at Westernport visiting relatives.
  Mr and Mrs B T Racey left yesterday for a visit to Capon Springs. They were accompanied by Mr Racey's parents of Moorefield, who have been spending several days with them.
  J C Linthicum has succeeded W R Hill as weather observer of the weather bureau at this place.
  Death has entered the home of Mr and Mrs Sam Swisher, of Three Churches, and in less than a week taken their twin babes, Waldo and Wilco. Waldo passed sweetly away Tues morning and Wilco Sun morning.
  The report to the weather bureau from this place for the week ending Sept 14, is as follows:: Highest temperature 85, lowest 48, mean 67. Rainfall 65 inches. The report says: This has been a pleasant week with cool nights. Heavy fog on mornings of 13th and 14th. Sunshine about 63 per cent.
  William Morris, the 9 months old son of Mr and Mrs C H Herbert, died at the home of his grandparents near Williamsport, Md, Mon of last week. The sickness and death of this little one delayed the opening of the Potomac Academy at this place of which school Mr Herbert is the principal, until Mon of this place.
  Wm B Stump, of Old Town, Md, formerly of this community, had the misfortune to have an arm broken on Sun last. the accident was the result of a kick from a horse. The arm was broken in the elbow, it being a compound fracture, causing a very painful injury.
  G? Messick, son of Oliver Messick, who resides two miles west of town, was quite severely hurt, ?...was boys...a bad cut on the back of the head. the buggy was torn to pieces.
  There is a great deal of typhoid fever in the section of the county between Augusta and North River. Four members of Silas Bucklew's family,at Augusta have been ill only one of them being about well. Three members of J D Beery's family are down with the same disease, his wife and two daughters. Four members of ?rman Wolfe's family n North River are also ill with the same disease. There have been a number of other cases in the same section.
  Mrs James H Blue gave a delightful house party last week in honor of her son Campbell, of Wheeling, who is spending his vacation at home. Those present were: Misses Laura Gilkeson, Lucilla Dailey, Fannie Guthrie, Susan Kuykendall, Esther Thomas, Messrs James Guthrie and Robert Gilkeson, of Romney, the Misses Kuykendall of Wier Bridge, Miss Balke Sheetz, of Greensboro, N C Bessie Washington, of Ferndale, Lucy Blue, A C Shannon, Charlie Blue, Mr and Mrs Schell of Pittsburg, and Mr and Mrs Varela of Washington city.
  Mrs Miranda Mathews of Wheeling, who has been quite sick at Ferndale, is improving.
  Mr E A McGlathery has moved from Johnstown NY to Green Spring Valley.
  Dr W V Kirk, of Roanoke, was here on a visit last week to his son, Dr Kirk.
  Miss Brady French left this morning in company with Mr and Mrs W W Carder, of Green Spring for a trip to Jamestown.
  Charlie Short is out again after and attack of typhoid fever.
  Miss Pearl Thompson, of Three Churches, accompanied by her friend, Miss Siler of Martinsburg, spent Wed night at N R Guthrie's.
  Mrs Will Pownall and children of Pittsburg, are guests of Mrs Adams in Green Spring Valley.
  Rev G H Echols is conducting an interesting meeting at Forest Glen.
  Dr John Daily, of Piedmont, visited his sisters Mrs Wall and Miss ?Lizzie Daily last week and was quite indisposed during his stay in town.
  Miss F Patterson is in Davis.
  Lucy ? accompanied R M Washington ? to Jamestown, returning Tues
  Mrs Catharine? Parker and daughter, Miss Jennie, are visiting Daniel Parker at East Monroe? Ohio.
  Walter Woodson is spending this week at the Exposition.
  Miss Linnie Adams and daughter, Mrs Lewis of Cumberland, who have been visiting Mrs ?Bet Short, returned home several days ago.
  the many friends of Mr W A Shannon will be glad to know that he has returned home and is recovering from the severe accident reported some weeks ago.


  Examiner of 12th
  Roy Gamble of Pittsburg, spent a few days here last week. He expects to return her with his ? in about two weeks and take char? the prescription dept in Gamble's drug store.
  Miss Mary Little Scott went to Keyser Tues, where she will attend the Keyser Preparatory school this semester. Her father, T B Scott, accompanied her down.
  Mrs Nettie Brown, went to W? Sat to see her husband, Ch? Brown.
  Misses Lola Price and Carroll H ? returned last week form a short trip to Washington.
  Sept 18, 1907
  Eddie Rinker, returned Tues from a short visit at Cumberland.
  Mrs Marvin Hawley left Mon for her home at Capon Bridge, after a ten days visit to relatives at this place.
  M D Holifield and wife of Baltimore, were guests at Hotel Turley from Fri till Mon.
  Born Sept 14, 1907, to Mr and Mrs Seymour, Fisher, a son.
  Miss Freddie Hendrickson, has returned to her home here after a visit at Hampshire Club House.
  Miss Ethel Wilson arrived home Sun from a short visit to Mrs T H West at Keyser, and Miss Fannie High at Romney. Dan Huffman, of Keyser, accompanied her home.
  J B Points of Harrisonburg, Va, was circulating among friends here first of the week.
  Wm Hendrickson made a business trip to Romney Wed returning Thurs.
  Prof Hyde has been quite sick for several days.
  Mr and Mrs F S Wallman, of Cumberland, spent from Sat till Mon in Moorefield.
  Geo W Fetzer of the ? ?zer Bros, is in the eastern ci? this week buying his fall stock of merchandise.
  Presiding elder Wolf of Romney, was among friends here Tues.
  Miss Anna and Dorothy Welton, Harry Smith, J L Grove, of Petersburg and L M Presto, of Asheville, N C, were among friends here several hours Thurs of last week.
  L J Lansey and family of Cumberland are spending this week at Tarley Hotel.
  Mrs Martha Warden, of Capon, and her son Wm Warden, of Pittsburg, are guests of Dr and Mrs H C Baker.
  Jno Shirley of Ridgevile, was registered at Mullin Hotel Tues.
  G N Emery, J S Benton and J Sloan Kuykendall of Romney, were business callers in town Wed and Thurs.
  H M Gary of Washington, and F G Smith, were among the drummers here this week.
  B Martin, Robert and Edward Taylor of Purgittsville, were in town several hours Sun.
  Jos Harper, of Lost River, was a recent business caller in this vicinity.


  Sept 18, 1907
  Mr and Mrs Keegan and family of Meyersdale Pa, are visiting her father, Mr E J Rodruck.
  Quite a number of persons from Cross attended the All Day services here last Sun.
  A pleasant ?.....home of Will Shobe last Sat night.
  Mr W C Larew of Emoryville attended church at Blake Chapel last Sun.
  Mrs Geo R Junkins is on a visit to her old home at Bayard, and your scribe is thinking of life with its pleasure in Utah.
  Mrs J H Schaeffer and family of Mt Storm, visited at Col M D Neville's Sun.
  Mrs North, better known as Grandma North, of Keyser, is visiting her many friends here.
  Messrs James Simpson and Allie Abernathy are on a business visit in Purgittsville and vicinity.
  While chopping with an ax last Mon, Master Chas B Burgess had the misfortune to cut one toe almost off and painfully cutting two others. DR J Oliver Lantz dressed the wounded toes.
  Messrs N L Rogers and H S Duling started for Jamestown last Mon.
  Miss Delphia Duling is in the millinery business at Blaine.
  The All Day meeting here last Sun was well attended, and the preaching by Rev J F Grayson was profound and spiritual.
  Sad were many hearts when the news flashed over the telephone bringing the intelligence of the death of Mr Jas A Sharpless. As a teacher, and as County Superintendent of Free Schools, we were intimately acquainted with him, and we always found him safe counsel and a true friend. His family has the sympathy of everyone.


  Sept 10
  Mr Tolbert Wagoner, and daughter, Miss Elsie of Keyser, were visiting at the home of Mr P M Dayton last Fri and Sat.
  Miss Ruth Bateman of Alaska, spent from Thurs until Mon with Miss Grace Ward.
  Mr Oliver Dayton and sister, Miss Mary, were visiting friends near Fountain Sun afternoon.
  Mr Richard Baker and daughters, Misses Ethel and Esther, of Illinois, were visiting at the home of their cousin, Mr B F Ward, from Fri until Sun.
  Misses Blanch and Bird Dayton are attending the fair at Jamestown. They expect to visit Baltimore and Washington while gone.
  Mrs Nancy Ruckman and son, Mr D D Ruckman, of Luke Md, and Mr and Mrs Edward Walther, of Iowa, spent the first of last week at the home of Mr B F Ward. They were on their way home after visiting Jamestown and the Eastern cities.
  Mrs Hattie Thrush, and son Earl, of Burlington, visited the former's sister, Mrs L O Mott, from Sat until Mon.


  Sept 12, 1907
  Not seeing anything in the paper about this place for some time, we will endeavor to give a few items.
  The health of the community is very good at present.
  Some of the people of this place attended Labor Day in Keyser last week and report a nice time.
  Preaching at the Dale Sun was well attended.
  Miss Lulu Ebert was visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs M F Ebert last week.
  Some of the folks of this place went up on North Fork fishing last week.
  Singing at C Welch's Sun night was conducted by Prof Brown.
  Miss Bessie Ebert was visiting friends and relatives in Keyser last week.
  J P Hoover is visiting in this community at this writing.
  Winter is coming and mittens are needed, so Elmer ?Hilkey got one Sun night.
  Mr and Mrs Clarence Westfall, of Keyser, were visiting at Geo H Brown's Sun.


  Sept 9, 1907
  The remains of Hiram Cosner, who died very suddenly at Blaine, were brought here and interred, Sept 2nd, in the presence of a large concourse of friends and relatives. The funeral services were conducted by Rev E C Bedford, of Bayard, from which place the deceased had but recently moved.
  The Sun School convention at this place last week was quite a success. Notwithstanding the rain, there was a good attendance, people were responsive and everybody went home feeling that it was good to have been there.
  Rev Ray M Bosler was at the convention and distributed a number of bibles and testaments. Rev J May, a retired minister of the Reformed church, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday, and who now lives at Bayard, was at the S S convention, and took an active part in the program. Rev May said he had been a Sun School worker for half a century and is still an enthusiastic teacher in two Sun Schools.
  Messrs Jeff and John Grove, Deputy Sheriff Whitsell, Miss Lizzie Grove and two other Misses Grove were in this section a few days last week inhaling the pure mountain air.
  Miss Ora Nine attended the uniform examination at Maysville last Fri and Sat. She, as well as several other teachers, reported on Thurs morning, the time announced in the papers for the examination to begin. We do not know who should be responsible for the mistake, but it was certainly quite an injustice to the teachers.
  Wilson Hanlin is having a serious time with asthma. Dr Drinkwater is rendering medical aid.


  Pansy, Grant Co, Sept 9, 1907
  The health of the community is fairly good at this writing.
  Cutting brush seems to be the order of the day with some of our farmers.
  Mr Charles Iman purchased a stage of J E Taylor, which he expects to use as a huckstering wagon. He expects to start in the business tomorrow.
  Jas W Iman sold a cow and calf to Clarance Taylor last week.
  Miss Stella Cox, of near Brushy Run, Pendleton Co, was the guest of Jas W Iman's Sun and Mon.
  The corn in this vicinity looks fairly well and promises to be a fair crop.
  Miss Phoebe Iman scalded her hand very badly Fri
  Miss Sadie Yokum who has been staying with Mrs Joseph Bergdoll, is at home now.
  Several young people of this vicinity went to Petersburg Sat night to see the merry-go-round. They report a good time.
  Geo W Kesner, was at Pansy Sat on business.
  A very heavy thunder shower passed through here Thurs evening, which we learn did considerable damage to the corn fields.
  Harry H Iman, who has been working for George Arnold, near Burlington, visited home folks, near Pansy, from Thurs to Tues.
  Mr and Mrs Isaac Cox of near Keyser, are visiting friends and relatives in this vicinity.
  Isaac Hartman and other parties of this section started to Laneville this morning in search of work.
  The funeral of Mrs Jas W Iman which was to have been preached at the Yokum school house by Rev J W ?...(missing)..Stearo, was postponed by him.
  Willie Iman has been working for Geo E Weese the past few days.
  C E Dahmer & Brothers revisited this section with their threshing outfit last week, cleaning up the crops they failed to get when they passed through here a few weeks ago.


  Review of 13th
  The public school opened here Mon with Geo E Foreman? the first room. Mrs Goldizen second room and Miss Susie Franghert? third.
  Dick and Courtland M? left here Mon, Courtland will enter Hampden? Sidney? college for another year and Dick will take in the Jamestown sights.
  Mr and Mrs W L Davis, left here Tues to attend the wedding of Mrs Davis' ? Miss Eva ? to a Mr Rexroad, Wed. The bride is a daughter of Rev J W Brill of the U B church.
  Isaac Dyer, of Oak Flat, died at his home Mon, aged 75 years. He had been in bad health for some years.
  Just after the war, he was assessor in this county, he taught school, and was in the mercantile business in Grant County. He then located on their farm, where he resided until his death.
  He was preceded to the grave by five brothers and six sisters. Mrs George Mallow of East Virginia is the only one surviving of this family.


  Miss Lillie Cheshire of Keyser spent Mon evening in town.
  Mr Joseph Gocke will take a course in the Keyser Preparatory School.
  John W Crider is attending the Preparatory School at Keyser.
  Mr Brian F Gilmore, of Washington, has been visiting friends and relatives in the twin-towns and Keyser the past week.
  T H Davis of Keyser, was seen on our streets Tues.


  Visiting seems to be the order of the day.
  A number of people from this place paid Mr and Mrs Frank Simmons of Moorefield, a visit recently. those of the party were Mr and Mrs Tom Grove and babe, of Westernport, Mr and Mrs J W Roberts and daughter ?Dena, and Miss Tirza and Rhoda McDowell. They report a pleasant time.
  Mr and Mrs J W Roberts visited Mr and Mrs Oscar McDowell Mon.
  Mrs Tom Hershey and baby of Piedmont are visiting at Mr J W Hershey's for a while.
  Mr Wilber Welch visited at Mr Edward Rawlings Sun.
  Mrs Susie Martin and son Wilson visited and Mr and Mrs Jos ?Roberts Sun.
  Mr and Mrs Wesley Hershey and children called at Mr Robert's Sun evening.
  Miss Maggie Roberts spent last week at her home.
  Rev Will Smith preached an interesting sermon at the Star Sun at 3 pm.
  Mrs Edward Seaman and Mrs Alice Tephaback, visited Mrs Wesley Hershey last Thurs evening.
  Mr Joseph McDowell and son Alex, from Hartmonsville Road, are in this vicinity now.
  Miss Mary Roberts was home from Sat until Sun.
  Several people form this community attended the Love Feast and children's meeting on Beaver Run Sat and Sun.
  Messrs Frank Roberts and Frank Davis were visiting at J W Roberts' Sun.
  Rev ?Emra T Fike, of Eglon, is holding a revival meeting at the Leatherman school house this week.
  Mr S M Stover? and Miss Jane Roberts were married last Sun at Keyser By Rev Bazzle and departed Mon for Youngstown Ohio, where they will spend a while.
  Mr and Mrs Maning Gardner were home over Sun.
  Mr ?Bung Rawlings visited at Mr Wright Roberts Sun.
  Mrs Susie Martin returned home Mon after attending the Love Feast on Beaver Run.


  Sept 18, 1907
  C E and D W Taylor were in Keyser on business Tues.
  It is reported that some parties near here have sold their four year old steers for 5 1/2 c a pound. In our judgment the information comes from a reliable source.
  Guy Liller left for Blaine Sun where he will do some carpenter work.
  Mrs Ida Chamberlain, who has been visiting friends and relatives in ? her home in Illinois Tues.
  John McDowell, road overseer, is doing some needed work on the N W Turnpike this week.
  William Summers of Mountain Lake, was out and spent two or three days on his farm this week.
  Good apples are bringing 75 cents a bushel in this community.
  It is with pride that we refer to the mercantile business of Mr H E Burgess of this place. It has been some eighteen months since he established his business and within that time he has built up for himself a large and prosperous mercantile trade. MR Burgess is a Christian gentleman, and a thorough business man and we cheerfully commend him to all as a neighbor and to be strictly reliable in all his dealings. Mr Burgess has made many needed improvements to his property both inside and out. These improvements add greatly to the appearance of our village. Mr Burgess' cash sales are very large for the community and it is gratifying that we can truthfully say his trade is increasing at a satisfactory rate. Mr Burgess keeps a large and fine stock of goods and takes great pains to please his customers and sells them goods at a fair and reasonable price.
  Miss Olive Allamong is spending a few days with her parents near Keyser.


  Sept 17, 1907
  Fall is drawing nigh, summer picnics are about over, and now pumpkin pie and autumn poetry will soon be in order.
  Barker Shillingburg and Bruce Roderick started to Cumberland yesterday morning on business and on their return ? in Keyser to visit friends ?.
  James Roderick has purchased nearly all of the lambs ?.....the country, at six cents per pound. He has also bought a bunch of purebred Saropshire stock sheep from Gabe Hanlin.
  Calves about here have been pretty nearly all gathered up by different buyers at from twelve to twenty dollars and over per head with but few at the former price. Some few bunches of larger cattle are beginning to move.
  Wm Spiker of Deer Park, will be in our neighborhood soon with his saw mill to cut the Kitzmiller and Roderick lumber.
  Beard & Nihiser, of Martinsburg and Hagerstown, have purchased a tract of 109 acres of timber near here and now have their agent (ye scribe) looking for a mill to cut the same.
  Yes, Bro Lodi, we were award that the Davis C & C Co, were opening a seam of coat at or near Hubbard, but as we are not reporting for that place we didn't mention it in our items. Do you see the "pint"?
  Last Sat the writer spent a portion of the day in Gormania and leaving more time on our hands than we consumed in other business we took a look over the place and made some inquiries concerning the business of the town. We find it a beautiful and prosperous little town of some three hundred or more inhabitants. It is situated on the W M R R at a point where the N W turnpike crosses the Potomac; and is in the county of Grant. The most important industry of the placed is the large tannery of J C Hoffman & Sons Co. This concern employs from 75 to 80 hands and works about 35 hides per day. The town also has three taverns, all of which are doing a good business (all dry). There are three general merchandise stores, besides several smaller shops, on the rush, the commodious school house, three churches, a postoffice which does a large business for a place of its size, as it handles a large quantity of mail for the surrounding country, besides being a distributing office where the mail for several offices in the corresponding counties ? Maysville, president; M A ..of Piedmont, Vice President, and Mr Kirk of Gormania, cashier, opened its doors for business on the 3rd day of lst May and has done a prosperous and growing business all the same since. The foundation is now complete and brick is being placed on the ground for a new bank building, which, when completed, will be a commodious and up to date structure and quite an ornament to the town. There is a much greater amount of business done here than is usually done in a place of its size, as nearly all the business of the two towns (this place and Gorman on the Md side) is done in Gormania. Gorman has about 100 inhabitants with no business in it except the depot, and I am sorry to say, one saloon, which is pretty well patronized. This place is easy in access by good roads, leading out into the country in nearly all directions, therefore you find it crowded every day with teams, bringing in lumber, props, bark, telegraph poles and other "stuff" and loading back with supplies for their families, lumber camps and goods for country store. O C



  In Keyser, Sept 13, 1907, by Rev W P Bazzle, Daniel S Folk and Miss Mary L Jackson, all of Keyser W Va. The bride is a daughter of E N Jackson of Swanton. congratulations, and may your honeymoon always last. A FRIEND


  At the residence of Rev W P Bazzle, Main St, Keyser, Sept 15, 1907, Mr Samuel McC Stover, of Keyser, and Miss Janie Roberts of ?. May your voyage over the matrimonial sea be one of harmony. A FRIEND


  Sept 15th, 1907, by Rev Dr A M Cackley at the parsonage, Mr Reginald V Tucker and Miss Armedia K Liller, in the presence of a few friends. The bride is a daughter of Mr and Mrs James T Liller, of Ridgeville. They young couple will make their home in Keyser.


  Wed night, Sept 18, 1907, at 9 o'clock by Rev Dr Cackley, at the home of Mr S ?wait, on Armstorng St, in the presence of a few friends, Wm M Norrington and Miss Sallie Taylor were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. The bride is a daughter of Jos T Taylor, of ?..and the groom is formerly of North Mountain W Va, but is now employed at the B&O car shops. After the ceremony refreshments were served. They will make their home in Keyser.


  On June 13, 1907, Mr John Neville and Miss Lillian Bailey were quietly united in the holy bonds of matrimony. The wedding was kept a secret until last week. both are ? people of their town and their marriage was a surprise to their friends.


  Miss Lydia Neat and Mr Harry Troutman were married last evening at the home of the bride, 22 Arch St. The bride is a daughter of Mrs Margaret Neat, and is a very popular young lady with a long list of friends. Throughout this community, Mr Troutman, son of Mr Frank Troutman, a prominent farmer of Flintstone district. The young man is a blacksmith at the Steckman shop in the central part of the city. After the wedding feast, Mr and Mrs Troutman went to their future residence on Harrison st. -Cumb News of 18th

  LICENSE TO WED were granted at Cumberland as follows:
  Sept 17 - Aubra Jackson ? of Newtonton, W Va, and Willie Virginia Butcher, of Indian Camp, W Va.
  Wm Nimrod See and Carrie L Elosso? both of Cumberland.
  Michael Bajtchism and Ludwigo Baltsuck, both of Piedmont W Va.


  Miss Sarah A Morris, daughter of Mrs Louisa Morris, 93 Maryland Ave, and Mr W O Stout, of Edinburg, Va, a Baltimore and Ohio railroad conductor, were united in marriage last evening at 7 o'clock at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, the ceremony being performed by Rev Jeffries. Mr and Mrs Stout left at once on a trip to New York, Buffalo, Niagara Falls and other points. Upon their return they will reside at No 91 Maryland Ave, where they will be at home to friends after Sept 23. Mrs Stout received a number of handsome and costly presents from immediate friends and relatives. - Cumberland News of 16th.

  With his third wife dead scarcely more than two months, E W Powell, aged thirty-two, married his fourth wife at Elkins W Va, Sat last. Rev Mr Shannenbarger performing the ceremony. Powell's fourth wife was a Miss Carrie B Wells, of Elkins.



  Mr James A Sharpless, one of the most prominent residents of Keyser, met a violent death on last Sun evening, Sept 15th, 1907, between five and six o'clock.
  Early in the afternoon, Mr Sharpless started fro an automobile ride with his friend, H G Steorts, accompanied by Mr Steort's son, who was running the machine, and young ?Oliver, who occupied the front seat beside him. They went around by way of Ridgeville and Burlington, down the creek to Headsville, and across by way of the Fountain, stopping on the way several times with friends and were enjoying the trip immensely until coming down Knobley mountain, when the terrible accident occurred. In descending the steep road just beyond the Alkire orchard, the machine had gained a terrific speed, and when Mr Steorts told his son to check his speed, he replied that the brake refused to work. Just then , they shot around the sharp curve and Mr Sharpless' hat blew off and he raised up, remarking that his hat was gone and he was going to get out. Mr Steorts told him to sit still and seeing him sit down, raised up to assist the boy in getting control of the machine, and just glanced around in time to see the unfortunate man strike the ground. Mr Sharpless, no doubt thinking that the auto was running away, opened the rear door of the car and stepped out, and was instantly whirled over, striking the ground on his back and head with terrible force, and turning on his side laid motionless. the automobile was stopped (not able to read next line) his son on to town after a doctor. Just then, Miss Emalie Coffroth and a friend came along in a buggy and Mr Sharpless was put into the buggy and brought home. On reaching home he was unconscious and remained so until about nine o'clock, when he died. Besides other injuries, he had a frightful gash in the back of his head, caused by coming in contact with a stone.
  The terrible calamity caused general sorrow throughout the country, as the deceased was a highly esteemed citizen, who was well known throughout the county and enjoyed the respect of all who knew him. He was 64 years of age and lived his whole life in this county.
  Mr Sharpless was born and reared on a farm near Elk Garden, where he has a large connection. He was a man of ? and business capacity, and held many positions of trust and honor and has always since reaching his majority, been an active participant in the affairs of his country. After having completed his education in the country school at home he graduated from the Fairmont Normai School in 1873, after which he taught the Piedmont graded school eight years, during which time he was elected to the office of the County Superintendent of Schools, and served that capacity faithfully and well for three terms. He served as deputy sheriff under Capt J W Vandiver, and was employed in the Keyser Bank, now the First National, for a number of years, in which institution he had been a stockholder and director since its foundation. For a number of terms Mr Sharpless served as a member of the town council of Keyser, and at the time of his death was serving his third consecutive term as town sergeant, which duties included the collecting of the taxes and the treasurership. Besides these duties he was engaged in the fire insurance business and looked after his grazing farm on the Allegheny, as well as other private affairs. He has also been administrator in numerous estates and guardian for minor heirs. Thus, it will be seen that his life has been one of honor, trust and usefulness among his fellow citizens - the people who knew him best. MR Sharpless took up his residence in Keyser in 1881, and has since been identified with her interests. He was always found on the side of right (not able to read next line) of good government and the ? of righteousness. He had been a prominent of the Methodist Episcopal church for years, and as his pastor said in his eloquent discourse, he was God's friend. Mr Sharpless was an honored member of the board of stewards of his church and also a member of the board of trustees. He belonged to Davis Lodge No 51, A F & A M, which had charge of the funeral; was also a member of New Creek Council NO 241, National Union of Keyser, many of whom attended the funeral in a body. The Council at a meeting Mon appointed a committee to draft resolutions to draft resolutions on the brother, he having been one of the charter members of this Council.
  Funeral services were held at the M E church at 2 o'clock on Tues afternoon, and was one of the most largely attended funerals ever held in the town. The services were conducted by the pastor the Rev F H Havenner, assisted by Rev A M Cackley, D D of the M E church, South, and Rev Mr Gray, of Elk Garden. The choir beautifully sang three favorite hymns of the deceased ' "Nearer My God to Thee", followed by "Shall we Meet Beyond the River," and closing with "God Be With You Till we Meet Again." Interment took place in Queen's Point cemetery. The pall-bearers were Masons, viz: A W Coffroth, J F Dixon, D T Greenwade, J T Carskadon, J Z Terrell and Geo W Parsons. The honorary pall-bearers were from the official boards or the church, viz: J D Gelwicks, Conrad Fisher, Floyd Knight, Edward Hall, and R W Nine.
  The floral offerings were beautiful and appropriate, one from the National Union, being a sheaf and sycle, and the Masonic Lodge presented a handsome emblem, besides other beautiful offerings.
  Mr Sharpless leaves a widow and four daughters and one son, all grown and residing at home, viz: Jesse, Misses Nettie, Ella, Lola and Catharine, who have the sympathy of the community in their irreparable loss.
  At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the First National Bank of Keyser W Va, held at the bank this 16th day of Sept 1907, the following resolutions were adopted:
  Resolved: That this Board has learned with regret and sorrow of the accidental death on yesterday of Jas A Sharpless, who has been a member of this Board for the past two years. The Board desires to have spread up on the minutes of these proceedings of the expression of their appreciation of the services rendered by him during the time he has been a member, not only on account of his good social qualities, but also by reason of honesty of purpose and the conscientious manner in which he has discharged his trust in the stock holders and those having business with the bank.
  Resolved further, That we extend our earnest and sincere sympathy to the widow and family of the deceased in their sad bereavement and that a copy of the above be spread upon our minutes and another one furnished to the family.
  Resolved further, That the members of this Board attend the funeral services of the deceased in a body.
  Whereas Almighty God in his infinite mercy and wisdom has seen fit to remove from our midst our esteemed fellow citizen, James A Sharpless, and
  Whereas, in this demise, not only have we as individuals but also the Town of Keyser whom we represent, suffered an irreparable loss in the passing away of this valued citizen and officer.
  Therefore, be it resolved that the Council of the Town of Keyser express its appreciation of the faithful service rendered to our town by James A Sharpless as a public spirited citizen and Town Sergeant of Keyser, and extend to his family our deep sympathy, in this their great loss, which affects not only them but the entire community at large, and
  Be it further resolved that copies of this resolution be sent to the bereaved family, spread upon the minutes of the Council and printed in each of the local papers.
  JOHN E OFFNER, W S DAVIS, C T MANDLER, Committee on Resolutions


  Yesterday Wm Woodcock, of Thomas, buried his baby yesterday in Queen's Point cemetery beside its mother, who proceeded it to the other world a short time ago. The baby died at the home of its aunt, at Winchester Va.


  Mr S L Robinson, Sr, aged 72 years, died at his home near Rawlings, this county last night at 11 o'clock. He leaves surviving him, his widow and four sons and three daughters, all married, as follows: George, Arthur, Samuel and Hiram B Robinson, and Mrs Olin Jenkins, Mrs James E Hast and Mrs Wolford Lancaster, all of whom reside in Allegany county. The funeral will take place from the residence at 10 o'clock on Sun morning next. The interment will be at Dawson, this county. -Cumb News of 20th.


  Sept 15, 1907
  Died at the home of her grandparents, Mr and Mrs Sypolts, little Margaret Katherine Corder, only child of F L and Nora Corder, aged 14 months and 14 days, after a lingering illness of stomach trouble. She was a lovely babe and the parents and friends have the sympathy of all in this great sorrow. They are broken-hearted over their loss, but they should remember that she is not dead, but sleeps.
There is no death an angel forin
  Walks oe'r the earth with silent ?
  .........? call them dear
  He leaves our hearts all desolate:
  He plucks our fairest sweetest flowers
Transplanted into bliss, they now
  Adorn immortal *owers.
Where'er He sees a smile too bright,
  Or heart too pure for taintor vice,
He bears it to a world of light,
  To dwell in paradise.
  Her Grandmother,...MCC


  Mr L C Line, a young brakeman on the third division of the B&O was killed at Terra Alta, Sat. Young Line had been employed only recently and was making one of his initial trips when he lost his life. He was hurrying across the crossing yards of house ? making a misstep onto the track and was run over ? were severed from the body. (Unable to read one line) carried the suffering man to a house nearby, but he died about two hours afterward. He was perfectly conscious to the last moment and talked freely to those who surrounded him during the short space of time he lived. He said he regretted that he had left home, but as it was too late to mend the matter, he met his fate heroically and submitted to the result without complaint.
  Young Line lived near Pikens, Upshur County W Va, and had recently obtained employment at Grafton in the B&O service.


  Sept 16 - Capt John (? H) Baker, a prominent citizen of Winchester, died today from acute indigestion, aged 74 years. He was born and lived and died in the same house. He was a leading Oreman? and musician. His widow, three sons and two daughters survive him.


  Soon begin to cut corn.
  Who has a good house in Keyser for sale?
  Chas E Johnson's sale at Reese's Mill, will take place Sept 25th.
  The Piedmont post office has just put in new combination lock boxes.
  The people of McCoole need a bridge, but Allegany county ought to build it.
  Attorney A G Hammond went on a trip last week to be gone till Oct.
  Mr and Mrs L C Nine have returned to Baltimore to spend the winter.
  Miss Utelka Powell of the Western Md Hospital, Cumberland, was here visiting home folks Thurs night of last week.
  Mrs Elmer Biggs and two boys of Ridgeley spent several days here last week as guests of Mr and Mrs George W Bane.
  Say, you girls who unthoughtedly loaf about the streets of stores and talk to the boys: Stop it at once: it's a bad practice, and calculated to compromise your dignity.
  Mr Otis E Abernathy, who is now holding the position as bookkeeper for The Smith Coal Co of Blaine W Va, spent Sun with his many friends in Keyser.
  Mr O H Gooding and family of Race street, this city, will remove their household effects next week to Keyser W Va, where they will take up their abode. -Cumb News of 14th
  W W Thomas, of Laurel Dale, was in town last Sat on business and called to see us. Mr Thomas said that his sons, who bought a farm in Kansas, threshed 1000 bushels of wheat this year.
  Rev H L Hunt of Piedmont, W Va, has been in Shepherdstown the past week visiting his mother and sisters. He preached an able sermon in the Southern Methodist Church last Sun night. -Shepherdstown Register of 12th.
  Mr A B Emory, who has been a citizen of Parsons for some time, has moved his family to Randolph County, where he will make his future home. He will make sale of some of his household goods here in early Oct. -Parsons Democrat of 13th.
  This town needs an anti-spitting law - a law that will stop people from spitting upon the pavements or on the floors, of the postoffice, halls, stores and other places where the public have a right to go. Such a law is a necessity in the interest of good health and decency.
  Garland Robert, infant son of Mr and Mrs Charles E Graham, died at Thomas W Va, Fri and was brought to this city Sat noon. the funeral took place yesterday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock from the residence of Mr John Fisher, father of Mrs Graham, 20 Valley Street. -Cumb News of 10th.
  Mr Wm Byers the well known gas engine expert of Parkersburg, now with St Mary's Ohio, is installing one of their 20 hp gas engine for the old reliable firm of S G Dixon of Piedmont. This is one of the finest gas engines on the market, and is well represented from the fact that Mr Byers has been an expert builder of gas engines for ten years.
  Mr L H Halterman and daughter, Miss Eula Halterman, of Moorefield, W Va, are the guests of Mr and Mrs C W Heath, of Springvain Street, this city. -Cumb News of 14th.
  They spent Sun here with Mr and Mrs W S Grady, and returned home Mon accompanied by two of Will Heath's children of Cumberland.


  Miss Byrl Wright is teaching at Douglas.
  Mr Davis Long was in Cumberland Mon on business.
  W G Burnap has returned home from a short trip to Washington.
  Miss Nellie Neville has returned from a short visit to Somerset Pa.
  Charley Stone and Leslie Mille? Atlantic City last week on a short trip.
  Misses Hattie Coffroth and Francis Leps paid Cumberland a visit Tues.
  Mrs John Wise left Tues on a short trip to Washington and Baltimore.
  D H Frye returned home Mon from a short visit to friends at Somerset Pa.
  Mrs J H Swisher and children returned Sat form a rip to Va.
  Prof R W Miller, of ?..came down Wed .
  Miss Cathryne Ours of Elkins, spent last Sun night here on her way to Petersburg on a visit.
  Miss Elizabeth Long returned to Baltimore last week to resume his studies in vocal music.
  Mrs Edwin A Burke and little son George went to Petersburg Mon for a visit for a couple of ?.
  Attorney Harry G Fisher returned home Tues morning from a trip to Grafton and other points.
  Mrs N D McCoole went to Ellicot City Md to spend a while with Mr and Mrs H S Grant.
  Mr Wm C Clayton attended the session of the Winchester Presbyterian at Hambleton this week.
  Mr and Mrs F M Willison are packing up this week to move to their farm near Cumberland.
  Attorney, Wm MacDonald was at Wheeling Tues looking after business in the court there.
  Mrs Charles N Fionell and children returned home first of the week from their visit to relatives at Parsons.
  Capt and Mrs C F Jordan left first of the week on a trip to Jamestown and other points in Va.
  Conductor, W R Davis, spent a couple of days first of the week with a fishing party down on Great Capon.
  Mrs Aleda Snyder of Moscow, Md, has taken Mrs McCoole's house, for the winter and is keeping a few boarders.
  Miss Anna Kennedy returned to Washington, Wed after spending a short vacation here with home folks.
  Dr E V Romig is on a trip to Chicago attending the meeting of the National Retail Druggists association.
  Herman and Fred Koelz, John Hall and Gassaway Shores left first of the week for Morgantown to attend the University.
  Miss Blake Sheetz, of Winston NC, who spent sometime among relatives in this section left Wed for home.
  Miss Sara McCarty Johnston went to Petersburg last Mon to join a fishing party in the "Smoke Hole" for a week.
  Mrs Savilla Nonley of Piedmont and Mrs Barbara Collins of Bedford Co, Pa, have been visiting Mrs Robert Caldwell this week.
  Dr Gus Dickel left for Charleston Tues to resume his practice with Dr Hershey, after spending a short vacation here with home folks.
  Mrs Fred Davis, of Clarksburg, who spent some time here among relatives, returned home last week accompanied by her little sister, Miss Elizabeth Wagoner.
  Mrs M C Corder was at Terra Alta Tues attending the funeral of her grand child, the little daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Corder, who died last Sun.
  I G Coffron, who holds a position in the electrical dept of the Westinghouse at Pittsburg, came home last Mon on a week's vacation.
  Manley W Frank, who has been in the Westinghouse job dept at Pittsburg, for some time, returned last Mon morning and is now on the Tribune force.
  Miss Ethel Ritzell returned home last Sat from a two weeks' vacation at Atlantic City, Pen Mar and other eastern points. She was accompanied by Miss Fannie Claire Phillips of Piedmont.
  Curtis McCoy, of Moorefield, spent last Sat night here. He brought down Striet Cunningham, of Coketon, who had been up on a short visit to his parents and was on his way back to his place of business.
  Mrs E C Hughes, Mr and Mrs Chalmer Hughes, and Marshall Carrier returned Tues last night from their trip to the Jamestown exposition. Mr Chalmer Hughes and wife leave tomorrow for their home at Chicago.
  Frank Snyder, Charles Linthicum, and Joseph Kildow, who had long been employed with the B&O Co here, left last Sat night for the Indian Territory, where they have secured employment with the M K & T road.
  Attorney W H Griffith, who ? home last Sun ?.......fifth is able to be about and has pretty good use of himself, he is far from having fully recovered.
  Miss Williams of Keyser, is ? friends in the city for a few days.
  J T Athey of Keyser, was to the city on business today.
  Misses Henrietta Seymour and Cora Rinehart were in the city shopping this afternoon. -Cumb Times of 18th.
  Mr David Miller, after an illness of six weeks from typhoid fever at the Western Md Hospital, has sufficiently convalesced to indulge to short walks in the city air, has successfully ventured down town for a brief while yesterday, the first time since he was stricken by the dreaded malady. -Cumb News of 17th.
  Auditor Scherr, accompanied by his wife, left on No 2 last night for Richmond Va, the Auditor visits Richmond at this time to attend a meeting of the National Insurance commissioners, which will be held at Va's capital city on the 17, 18 and 19 of this month, he being a member of the executive committee. Matters of importance will be discussed.
  Frank Richmond, Mr and Mrs Scheer go to Jamestown, thence to New York city, after spending a few days in the metropolis they return home. There were a great many callers at the ?itors' office yesterday and he seemed delighted at the news received from the Pan handle. Charleston Gazzette of 17th.
  Ewing Hall is home on a visit.
  Dr John Judy of Petersburg, was ? Wed.
  One of J M Liller's children, on ?Church street, is ill of diphtheria.
  Mr and Mrs Wm Dawson spent last Sun with relatives at Westernport.
  Miss Jennie Wageley went to Washington last Sun to pay her sister a visit.
  Miss Dora Johnson went to Mannington last Sat to pay her brother a visit.
  Mrs Henry Frye of Baltimore, is a guest this week at the home of Mrs S G Sievers.
  Miss Beulah Fisher was in Cumberland last Sun attending the funeral of a relative.
  Miss Blanche Harrison and Mr and Mrs Clarence Miller are visiting at Piedmont today.
  Mrs John T Sincell returned home last night from an extended visit to her parents at Pittsburg.
  Frank and Nellie Cheshire returned home Wed from a few days visit to relatives at Piedmont.
  Miss Clara Benshaw of Piedmont spent several days here latter part of last week as a guest of Mrs Isaac Mills.
  Mr ?Harry Hartman was at south Cumberland last Wed evening attending the Neat - Troutman wedding.
  Harry Whipp and sister, Miss Lena, left last week on a visit to relatives in Illinois, Indiana and other places in the west.
  Miss Kate Hull and Miss Rose Kabrick returned home yesterday morning from a trip to Jamestown Exposition.
  Miss Mollie Brown and mother are off on a visit to the Jamestown exposition and other places of interest in the east this week.
  Mrs W C Gordon, of South Cumberland, returned home Wed after spending a few days here as the guest of Mrs W Cheshire.
  Miss Effie and Lottie Kesecker, two sprightly young ladies of our town, have been added to the clerking force at D T Greenwade's store.
  Miss Louise Paris of up New Creek, has returned home from an extended trip to Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and other parts of the west.
  Mr Jos McKenzie of Pinto, has accepted a position as clerk in D T Greenwade's store. Mr McKenzie expects to move his family here soon.
  Mr Newton S Edwards and daughters, Misses Carrie and Laura of Martinsburg, came up yesterday to spend a few days with relatives and old friends.
  Mr Chas Fisher, of Somerset, Pa, and Mrs Huston, of Philadelphia, arrived Wed night on a visit to the home of their brother, Mr A W Coffroth.
  Ed Wageley and family returned to their home at Pittsburg Wed and were accompanied John Siever and family, who will make them a visit.
  Miss Sadie Morrow of Baltimore, Miss N W Brown's trimmer, arrived last Mon and is busily engaged getting ready for the opening on next Thurs.
  Mr J H Markwood went to Bayard Wed and brought home his daughter, Mrs Dr Floy P Edgell, who is right ill. Miss Belle MacDonald is nursing her.
  Mr Michael Spurling and wife returned home last Wed forma short visit to relatives near Romney and Mrs Spurling appears to have been benefited by her visit.
  Mrs A J Pancake who met with a painful accident several weeks ago by falling into the cellar at the home of her daughter, Mrs Millar is improving as rapidly as could be expected.
  Mrs Walter (?B/G)ates and daughter, Eloise, of Ashland Ky, who spent a few weeks here with her mother returned home last Sat accompanied by Miss Rose Sluss, of Luke.
  Mr and Mrs Paul A Leatherman and sons of Jax Florida, were Reynolds Hotel guests, Wed night on their way to Burlington to visit Mr Leatherman's sister, Mrs W B Leatherman.
  Daniel Kennedy who holds an important position in Denver Col, spent a few days here with his parents the past week, taking his departure Wed. This was his first visit home for a number of years.
  This morning A H Michael started to Catonville Md, with his brother in law? Mr Wm Paris up New ?......of home place in the ?....... Mr Paris' health has been failing for some time.
  The many friends of Miss Irene Lauck are delighted to see her back in her position at Greenwade's store. Miss Irene went to the Allegany Hospital at Cumberland last week to be a nurse, but gave up the place.
  Mr and Mrs E Baker and son of ? Va, arrived Wed and spent the night at the home of the former's brother, Contractor H W Baker. Dr F L Baker, of Burlington came over yesterday and took them out to his home to spend a few days.
  Mr and Mrs H A Crawford and son, of Beverly, stopped off here Tues on their way home from the exposition at James town. Mr Crawford went on home yesterday, leaving his wife and son to spend a couple of weeks at the home of her father, Mr Loren High.
  Mr Eston? L Ketzner, formerly of the B&O superintendent's office of this city , has been prompted to chief and clerk at Keyser.
  Robert Dailey, who for the past few years held a clerical position with the Somerset Coal co at Somerset on Sat resigned and left for his home at Romney, where he will be several weeks prior t enrolling in one of the leading colleges. Cumb News of 18th.
  Mr D A Baur, of Knobley, was in town yesterday on business.
  Mr and Mrs J B Fetzer and ? returned home from Moorefield last Tues.
  Mrs Jennie Myers and Miss Willie Trout went to Bayard last Fri to pay relatives a visit.
  Will Swisher, of Neward Ohio, is here this week spending a few days with his brother John.
  Misses Ethel and Jesse Bobo of Bayard, returned home last Sat after a pleasant visit to Mrs W H Liller.
  Mrs McGuay of Mt Lake Park, who has been so seriously ill for several weeks, is much improved but is still confined to her cottage.
  Mrs Ed Rogers and daughter, Miss Etta, expect to leave Sat morning for Romney, on a two weeks visit among relatives.
  At a meeting of the council last Wed night, Chief of Police F G Davis was appointed Collector to fill the vacancy caused by the death of the late Jas A Sharpless.
  Messrs Chas A Carskadon, of Philadelphia, and John L Fogle, of Chicago, who have been spending ten days of their vacation about Moorefield fishing came down yesterday and will leave for home tomorrow. They report an enjoyable trip and a big bunch of bass.
  Rev G A Luttrell, pastor of the Methodist Church, of Williamsport, was operated on at the Washington County Hospital in Hagerstown, his left leg being amputated above the knee. HE underwent an operation at a hospital to Baltimore about two months ago, having his kee ?......necessary by the injury. Rev Cottrell sustained while playing football when he was attending college.


  John Heiz, employed in the cooperage department of the Elkins Brewing Company plant at Elkins, was seriously burned by hot pitch. While Heiz was corking a keg, he failed to shut off the valve to the pitch machine, and hot pitch spouted down upon him covering his face, back and neck.

Aug 20 - Losing his way while crossing the yard of the Western Md railroad last night, ?C/G/O E Willis, of Clarksburg, whose son is the owner of a large string of horses, was run down by a passenger train, but not seriously injured. He sustained numerous bruises about the head and arms.
  Sept 11 - An average of five divorces for every term is the record of the Circuit Corut of Randolph county during the year 1906. 22 divorces in all have been granted, Divorces did not become fashionable in Randolph county until 1887, when the first was granted. Since that time, the couples have been separated.
  Sept 18 - C F Burley, a Western Md railroad engineer was seriously though not fatally wounded late Mon by a companion with whom he was hunting, near Hambleton, through the accidental discharge of his companion's gun.


AN OLD OFFENDER - Jos H Graham, who pleaded guilty to horse stealing, said that he was in the hands of the Court; hoped that the court would be lenient. Even a ? sentence would be a life sentence to him, as on account of his age, 63, ? only a short time to stay here, and for this reason asked the mercy and leniency of the Court. The Court gave him a ***ture on his last misdeeds, especially from the act that the ? had been a minister of the Gospel, and as such had ingratiated himself into the good will and enjoyed the hospitality of the man whom he had robbed. The Court was of the opinion that he should be adequately punished for his crime and thereupon, imposed a sentence of five years in the penitentiary.
  Graham thanked the Judge for his consideration. Parkersburg Sentinel? of the 14th.
  Graham was once sent from ? County to the penitentiary for horse stealing.

  Sept 10 - For longevity, Job Snyder, aged 95, and his sister, aged 101, who live in back of Fort Foreman, have all records smashed in this vicinity. Both are hale and hearty and on last Sat, Mr Snyder walked from his home to this city and back just for the exercise. Mr Snyder's sister draws a pension, her husband having served in the war of 1812. Mr Snyder is also a pensioner, being a veteran of the civil war.


  Warden C E Haddox was taken suddenly ill last Tues evening and has been confined to his bed ever since. It was his intention to have left Sat for Chicago to attend the National Prison Congress, but it is not likely now that he will be able to attend. In view of the fact that he was being named for the presidency of that organization it is particularly unfortunate that he can not be present and participate in its actual sessions of this years.


  Mr A A Dorsey has engaged in the real estate business and has opened an office in the bank building. He has already several very desirable pieces of real estate advertised in this paper. MR Dorsey is the only licensed real estate dealer in Parsons. We hope that he may meet with most success in his venture. Parsons Democrat


  A charter was granted yesterday to five gentlemen, whose names are prominent not only in W Va, but out of the state. The Elkins Power co, is the name of the organization, and it is to operate an electric line in the counties of Randolph, Taylor and Barbour. The capital stock is $75,000; par value of shares, $100. The incorporators are H G Davis, S B Elkins, R C Kerns, J T Davis and N J Hall.


  Aug 29 - Mr James M Vanmetre, one of the best known and wealthiest farmers of Berkeley county, died at his home near Kearneysville, this morning 80 years of age. He was twice married, first to Miss Welshaws. His second wife, who survives, was Miss Cook. He leaves five children, among whom are L D Vanmetre, a prominent farmer, and George W Vanmetre, a civil of article unavailable.

  Sept 15
  Mrs Sarah Gordon, wife of Mr W D Gordon, a real estate man of this city, died at ?...mother, Mrs Eliza Lemen at Hedgesville yesterday. She was a daughter of the late Dr Lemen of Hedgesville.


  Rev B B White, 51 years of age, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, died last night at his house here of typhoid fever. He had been sick four weeks, but physician s were not summoned until today. White is survived by his mother.

  ELKINS, Sept 14

  Hardly able to toddle around, Gladys, the little daughter of Mr and Mrs Barry W(?...ter) of Gladys, was burned beyond recognition yesterday after having strayed too near an open fire. Her screams brought her frantic mother to the scene, but her efforts to save the baby were too late. Gladys expiring an hour or so after she was burned.

  The Mountain Dale Orchard Co, of which Mr S D Moser, of Paw Paw is manager, has commenced shipping peaches to Philadelphia.


  The Grant Co press, a sprightly newspaper, published at Petersburg W Va, has changed hands. Mr A Welton, former editor and proprietor, disposing of half his interest to Mr Edward Johnson, into whose hands the management and control of the paper has passed. Mr Johnson is a prominent attorney at law of Petersburg and succeeds Mr Welton by appointment, as prosecuting attorney of Grant Co. Mr Welton will move to Keyser in order to further his possible candidates for Attorney General of W Va.


  John Burk is off duty for a few days nursing a sprained foot.
  During the heavy storm last Wed night a hay stack on M Urice's farm near Mt Zion church, was struck by lightning and burned up.
  The New Era Circle will meet on next Wed afternoon at the home of Miss Blanch Harrison on west Piedmont St.
  Mrs Claude Robinson of Cumberland, was painfully inured last Fri by the collapse of a high porch in the rear of her home. Both arms were broken below the elbow and a rib was fractured.
  D Long & Sons newly ornamented store room is attractive, nearly as much attention as the handsome line of Ladies' Coats and the stylish Dress Skirts or the Famous All America Shoes.
  Campbell Smith had public sale of his livery outfit last Sat. Every ? sold well except the horses, and nearly all of them were bid in. Mr Smith will go into the barber business, having bought but Mr Gladwell's shop on Main Street, and will get possession October 1st. Mr Gladwell having decided to remove to Chicago.
  PREACHING AT REES CHAPEL - Next Sun, Sept 22nd, at 3 o'clock, pm, by Rev Henry Homan. All are welcome.
  FOR SALE - Shetland pony, buggy and harness or separate. J L GITHENS


  The school is growing each day. Quite a number have enrolled this week.
  The literary societies held business meetings Fri evening. The Davis society elected the following officers to fill vacancies: Mr Lee Lauck, critic; Mr John Athey, marshal. The same society chose Mr Lee Lauck editor in chief, and Mr Lonnie Thompson, business manager of the Refert.
  The Athletic Association held a meeting Mon at 1 pm, in the study hall. Mr Haught was chosen temporary chairman and presided at the meeting. Officers for the term were chosen. These are: Mr L Thompson, president, M<R Douglass Glover, vice president, Mr Lee Lauck, secretary and treasurer and MR Harry Sheetz, collector. Mr Sheetz was also chosen manager of the football team.
  Mr Jas Sites of Upper Tract, one of our regents was in town over Fri night and expressed pleasure at the good beginning made by the school.
  Mr J H Markwood of the local board was at chapel Mon morning and gave a friendly talk to the students.
  Miss Pryor gave an interesting talk to the students in chapel Mon morning about some of the excellent advantages of physical culture.
  Woodrow Wilson's very popular History of the Americans People has recently been purchased for the library and will be a very helpful work.
  Mr Jos Spicer of Cumberland was up Wed and visited the school. He was a former Preparatory student but last year was in Baltimore taking a medical course and expects to return there in a few days.


  At the Confederate reunion at Romney, Sept 5th, the following officers were elected. The Review says:
  At 11 o'clock the annual meeting of the society was held in the Court House to elect officers for the ensuing year. The officers who were elected as follows: ? Umstot, president; Wm Montgomery, 1st vice president; Thos E Guilck, 2nd vice president; J W Short, 3rd vice president; B M Haines, recording secretary; S H Williams, treasurer; ?V M Poling, corresponding secretary; Rev F J Brooke, chaplain. The old Executive committee was reappointed, as follows: V M Poling, W B Maloney, Wm Montgomery, Geo W Mallick, M W Watkins. The business meeting was opened with prayer by Rev Mr Wagoner, a veteran of the Union Army.


  The following charters were granted by the secretary of state.
  The Turner Co, principal offices at Piedmont. The objects are the publication of an agricultural newspaper and the conducting of a general publication and printing business together with their right to hold such real estate and equipment as may be necessary for the conducting of said business. The capital stock of this concern is $5,000, par value $10,00. The incorporators are: Chas F Twert, Piedmont; T C Atkinson, Montgomery; C E Lewis, Savannah, W Va; H E Williams, Charleston and Anthus Sheets, Lost Creek.
  The lumber interests were represented by the filling of an application of the Marshall Morton Lumber Co, whose principal place of business is located at J H Marshall's company, James H Carpenter, Midland, Allegheny Co, state of Md, and ??.....Moorefield District, of Hardy Co. They will operate a general milling, also furniture factory, also to build and equip train roads for the benefit of its business. Capital stock, $30,000. par value,,, $100. Incorporators, John H Marshall, Garvin M Morton and James H Carpenter, Midland, Allegheny Co, Md; Lloyd L Shaffer, Cumberland Md; Chas E Landacre, Richwood, Frank H Landacre, Richwood and Alexander Morton, Midland.


  Yesterday, John T VanMeter, of Old Fields, brought in a drove of fat cattle that remind us of old times. Mr VanMeter brought in 93 head of cattle that averaged ?1553 pounds and were shipped to Myers & Houseman of Baltimore, exporters of fat cattle. The cattle were bought from the following grazers of Moorefield, vis: Twenty-five head of R A Wilson that averaged 1476 pounds, These were exceptionally fine cattle. They had been fed on ensilage through last winter and had been fed corn twice a day the past summer, consequently they were a top bunch. Twenty-eight were bought of J D Heiskel that averaged 1630 pounds and 7 head averaged 1620 pounds; 12 head were bought of W S Fisher that averaged 1620 lbs, and 21 head that averaged 1456 lbs. These cattle attracted considerable attention and reminded one of the old times, 20 odd years ago, when so many fine cattle were shipped form the South Branch Valley. Mr Vanmeter bought ?600 cattle in the upper counties for this firm and this is the first shipment.


  One night last week, Mr Henry J Fleck, who works for Contractor F W Davis, had the novel experience of catching one rat in four traps at one time. They were mouse traps and four of them were set close together at Mr Davis' shop. The rat was half grown and how he got into all of the traps at once nobody knows, but there he was. Two traps had hold of his tail, one had him in the back and the other one had him by the nose.


  In the Circuit Court of Mineral County, W VA, Sept 1907, Hattie B Knight, Plaintiff vs In Chancery, Andrew J Knight, Defendant.
  The object of this suit is for the plaintiff to obtain from the defendant, Andrew J Knight, a divorce vinculo matrimonil, and other relief incident thereto,.....J V Bell, Clerk.


  Notice is hereby given that I have qualified as Administratrix of Elijah S Johnson, deceased. All persons having claims against said estate ..........Emma K Johnson, Administrix


  The pic-nic and tournament at Oak Grove, near Headsville, last Wed was a pleasant affair until the heavy rain came up. A large crowd was present. Fourteen Knights contesting for the honors, and it required 18 rings to crown the queen. The successful knights and the fortunate ladies were as follows:
  Perry Brown of Headsville, crowned Miss Edith Bane of Illinois, as queen; J D Taylor of Purgittsville, crowned Miss Bessie Veach, of Purgittsville, as first maid; R S Stimmell, of Burlington, crowned Miss Laura Crooks of Keyser, second maid; Chas Davy of Purgittsville, crowned Miss Mary Kuykendall of Reese's Mill, third maid; Gibson Leese of Foote, crowned Miss Cora Whipp, of Burlington, fourth maid.
  The coronation address was delivered by J E Sheetz, of Headsville.


  That the spirit of chivalry has not yet died in Hampshire county, was evidenced by the number who crossed lances at Locust Grove near Purgitsville, on Sat Sept 14th, and also by the large crowd in attendance had witnessed the contest. The writer has witnessed several of these contests, but never one more successfully conducted and which seemed more enjoyed by all who were present.
  There were fifteen knights who took part in the contest, the successful ones being as follows:
  Gibson Lease, of Mineral county, crowned Miss Eucia Scott as queen of love and beauty; Vincent ?ingham of Mineral, crowned Miss Anna Hoffman , first maid of honor? honor Paul Wilson of Hardy, crowned Miss Mamie Bennett, third maid. Richard Ludwig, of Hampshire crowned Miss Belle Taylor, fourth maid.
  The gold medal for horsemanship was awareded to Paul Wilson, of hardy county, second badge for horsemanship to Charles Davy and third badge to Edward Taylor. A prize of ten dollars in gold, was presented to the knight crowning queen, and ten dollars in gold to the knight crowning first maid. -Hamp Review of 18th.


  Westover Md, Sept 9, 1907
  It is getting a little dry for fall plowing. Some are done plowing but there is still some to do.
  Mrs Hannah Secrist, of Cordova Md, spent a week with her daughter, Mrs E Biser.
  E Biser and wife made a business trip in Talbot Co, and stayed over Sun with friends. They bought a pair of three year old colts and drove back home.
  Levi Biser and wife visited O S miller's of McDaniel Md, over sun. Their former returned home today and will keep bachelor's hall while Mrs Biser visits relatives in Cumberland, and attends the meetings on Beaver Run.
  O F Jones and E Biser are each expecting to receive this week a registered Poland China pig of H J Speicher & co of Accident Md.


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