FEBRUARY 21, 1913


  Bayard W VA, Feb 20

  While Mr and Mrs Samuel Mason, of Gormania, were attending the funeral of their sister-in-law, Mrs Luther Hawk, near here Tues, their three-year-old child, got hold of something, presumably pills, which caused its death. The child had been left with relatives.

  Mrs Hawk, whose funeral occurred Tues, was about 22 years old and is survived by her husband and one child. Interment was made in the Bayard cemetery.

  A large splash dam is being built on Stony River seven miles west of here. It is said that the dam is being built by the Est Va Pulp and Paper Co of Luke, Md, for the purpose of cleaning out the Potomac river at intervals. The dam will be about 40 feet high and cover 500 acres of ground when completed.

  According to reports received here there are several cases of small pox in the near vicinity. There are three houses under quarantine here, but no cases have been reported yet. Towns said to be infested with the disease are Gorman Md, Gormania, Mt Storm and Petersburg W Va.


  Rev John a Shockey is conducting a successful revival at Dodson Md. His meetings are full of interest.

  Miss Celia Healey, of Westernport Md, was a pleasant visitor here last week.

  Mr Thos W Ashby was visited last week by his six brothers of Garrett Co, Md. When they were all with him they could well say, "We are seven."

  Mr D P Streets returned last week from the hospital at Davis. His dropsical trouble has all disappeared and he says that he feels like a new man. We trust that he will regain his former strength and be himself again.

  The mid-winters' Institute at Keyser last Sat was attended by Messrs Willie Cooper, Clarence D Umstot, Talmage Smith, D C Arnold and Miss Birdie M Kotz, of Elk District.

  Mrs Seymour Taylor went to Keyser last Fri with her daughter, Mrs Ethel Winfree. Mrs Winfree and baby have been on the mountain several weeks. And their excellent health shows that the mountain climate agrees with them. Mrs Winfree returned to Coatesville Pa, not far from Philadelphia.

  Rev L Messick and family have returned from their trip in Va.

  At the literary society last Thurs evening the judges decided 2 to 1 in favor of the affirmative, a large navy. Clarence D Umstot and R Marsh Dean affirmed, and H C Duke and Talmage Smith spoke on the negative. Miss Nelle Smith's paper on Current Events brought the house down.

  Mrs Carrie Rickey of Keyser, visited her father, Mr Charles L Bane, this week.

  Mr Geo W May, wife and baby visited friends at Cumberland the first of this week.

  Mrs Blanche Adams, with one of her babies, made a brief visit to Keyser last week.

  Born unto Mr and Mrs Charley Crozier, Feb 16, 1913, a son.



  There are over thirty cases of smallpox in Gormania and vicinity at this writing. All the schools, churches and some of the business places have been closed by the health offices.

  J G Hoffman, of Wheeling, is in town this week.

  Ex-Sheriff J A Kimble, of Bayard, bought a fine team of heavy horses of Elzy Idleman Wed.

  Chas Vossler was in town Wed attending a bank meeting.

  Tom Rush, of Keyser, has accepted a position as woods foreman for S E Hilleary and Sons.

  Earnest Hilleary and Milton Tucker have been quarantined in a tenant house on Mr Hilleary's farm, they having been exposed to smallpox. They say batching is fine, but are not bothered much with company.

  Courtney Wilson lost his fine "Wilkes" saddle mare last Sun.

  S E Hilleary and Sons lost a fine Percheon colt last week.

  Jas Chisholm of Baltimore spent a few days with his family here.

  Mrs Courtney Wilson is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs. A V Wilson of Moorefield.

  Mabel Neville, of Sulphur City, is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs R L Neville.

  George Harvey is suffering with a sore arm caused by being vaccinated.


  Press (Petersburg) of 13th

  Dr Drinkwater, by phone Wed, reported to Dr Judy, President of the Board of Health, a new case of small pox at Gormania, a young man who works at the tannery, also two cases in the family of J H Schaffer at Mt Storm. Both places have been quarantined and all efforts will be made to prevent the spread of the disease.

  Dr Fred Moomau and wife spent Tues night in town on their return from Romney where they had been attending the funeral of Prof Howard Johnson, a brother of Mrs Moomau.

  Mrs M M Bean, of Moorefield, who before her marriage was a Miss Carr, daughter of Adam Carr, died at her home Sun after an illness of only a few days. Mrs Bean was a noble woman and her death was heard, with regret by her many friends in this county.

  This town, in response to a crying need is seriously considering the question of installing a water system and electric plant, and steps are now being taken by our officers to put the matter into action.

  A dwelling owned by Dick Newhouse, about half way between here and Moorefield, was destroyed by fire Wed. Most of the contents in the building were gotten out.

  Rev Smith of the Presbyterian church at this place, was given a vacation by his congregation and left recently for a visit to his home and other places.

  Major Frank Breathed, who has been ill for some time, is slightly improved.

  William Welton, a student at the Keyser Prep, is spending a few days at home between terms.

  Percy Welton, young son of C L Welton, recently, while wrestling with his brother, fell and broke his arm.

  Harry Shank, left Wed for a short business trip to Keyser.

  John G Harman and wife returned last week from their visit to Washington, Richmond and other points.

  Dr Siple, who is largely interested in orchards in this section will, with John Harness set out another one this year. The new one will be on Orrs Mtn and is considered choice orchard land.


  Moorefield Examiner of 13th

  Born to Mr and Mrs Cleland Fisher, this week, an 8-pound son.

  Cloud Wood, of Shinston, arrived here Sat on a short visit to his parents.

  Dr M F Wright and family, of Burlington, came up Tues to attend the entertainment.

  Clyde Friddle was called home this week on account of the death of his aunt, Mrs Bean.

  Miss Sue Welton, of Williamsport, spent a few days visiting her brother, Harry, this week.

  Miss Nannie Belle Gilkeson has been confined to her home the past week with a case of mumps.

  Mrs E O Harwood, who has been in Baltimore the past week, returned home Tues evening.

  Mrs Virginia Parsons, of near Bass, died at the old home place, last night. She was quite an aged lady.

  Mrs Annette Brown and children left last week for Cumberland, where they will make their future home.

  B B McMechen, who has been here several weeks on business, left this week for his home at Glendale.

  Glenn Roby, of Petersburg, spent last Sat in town. Mr Roby is just recovering from a severe spell of sickness.

  Mr and Mrs W S Fisher and Dr R W Love returned last week from Philadelphia, where they had gone to consult a physician.

  Rev R A White, of Gerardstown, spent a few days here this week, having come to conduct the funeral of Mrs. E M Shepherd.

  Mrs E J Harness entertained last Thurs form 2 until 5 in honor of her guests, Mrs T P Licklider and Miss Rousch and Miss Fout. A dainty and appetizing luncheon was served.

  Mrs D L Wilson and son, Ken, who were called to Moundsville by the illness of Mrs Paul Wilson, returned home Mon. We are glad to say that the latter is very much improved at this time.

  Banty Cunningham writes us that he has sold out his business at Gilroy, Cal, where he has secured an excellent position.

  Earl Thrush, of Keyser, came up last week on a short visit to home folks.

  Sen and Mrs R C Price, who have been visiting in Charleston, returned home Tues evening.

  Quite a number of icehouses in this vicinity have been filled the past week with ice ranging from 4 to 6 inches.

  J D Wood returned this week from Cumberland where she had gone to consult a physician. His condition is still very serious.


  P A Dixon of Bayard was here on business last week.

  News came by phone today that Tony Burgess had an eye knocked out by being hit with a baseball.

  Messrs S R Duling and E A Ludwick were in Keyser on business last week.

  Squire C E Shillingburg was a business visitor to Piedmont last Sat.

  Miss Bernie Duling is home on a two weeks' vacation from the Western Md hospital.

  J(?o/a)s L Kitzmiller has been confined to the house with grippe for three weeks.

  Miss Gertie High visited friends at Burlington last week.

  Edgar Shillingburg, Tom Brock, D L Junkins and G V Murphy are petit jurors at Keyser this week.

  Silas S Thomas, of Sulphur, was over last week tearing down the old storehouse. It has been a landmark in this village for several generations.

  Mrs Amanda Lemon was visiting Mrs Alex Junkins last week.

  Misses Olive B Junkins and Stelling Shillingburg were visiting Miss Birdie Liller, of Fair View, last Sun.

  Chas Barb has moved from Terra Firma to Ridgeley, and has accepted a position on the Western Md Railway.

  Oscar Simmons, of Emoryville, is at Keyser to see his brother who is very low with typhoid fever.

  Uncle Nat Kitzmiller traded the coal under the old Shillingburg property to W W Kitzmiller for a tract of land. Uncle Nat knows a good thing when he sees it.

  We do not hear of any new cases of small pox, but in some parts of the neighborhood an epidemic is looked for.

  We suppose there is not any reasonable doubt but what the man, Wm Schwarzer, who was run over by the train on the Elk Garden branch some time ago was asleep, notwithstanding the jury of inquest rendered a verdict of murder. We have the information from good authority that a man passing by saw the man lying on the track and wanted to help him up, but he refused to go, and told the man to let him alone, for he knew what he was doing. This man was the last man, so far as we know, that saw him alive. Now we are not trying to get any controversy through the papers, but we have written for the purpose of trying to make plain to the public he sad death of this unfortunate young man, and to try to clear up that which has been a mystery to many ever since it occurred.



  Oakland, Feb 7 - Miss Effie Porter, a trained nurse, was brought to Oakland yesterday and taken to Dr Hinebaugh's sanitarium for treatment. She is threatened with typhoid fever.

  Messrs Dimeling & Bloom are extending their railroad line to near New Germany, where they have secured some large timber privileges. They awarded a contract to Donald Simpson for logging 2,000,000 feet of timber.

  The icehouses are being filled with eight-inch ice.

  Wm Swauger, of Meadow Mountains has received word that his daughter, Mrs Madison Williams, of Punxshtawney Pa, is the happy mother of a girl baby.

  Feb 18 - Mr and Mrs Leslie King of Elkins, W Va, are visiting Mrs King's parents, Mr and Mrs D E Bolden, at this place.

  Hurley Tike, of Eglon, near Oakland, married Miss Della Clapper at Meyersdale Pa.

  J R Dick, of Dodson went over to Ralpton Pa, and took unto himself a wife - Miss Grimm. They will reside at Dodson.

  Born to Mr and Mrs. Morris Stark, of near Oakland, a son.

  The Mt Lake Park Assn the past week loaded and shipped to B&O icehouse one hundred and twenty five cars of ice. Day and night shifts were used. The lake at the park is covered with fine ice. The loading will continue through this week.

  Patrick Broderick of Cumberland, visited his father at Avitton, the past week.

  Christian J Lichty of Grantsville, an old soldier, has received word that his pension has been increased from $15 a month to $22.50 per month.

  Feb 19

  Mrs Annie E Brown has sold 58 acres of land near this place to Ed Smouse for $2,400.

  The Garrett leather Co has transferred most of its holdings near Hutton to the Tioga Tanning Co.

  Edward T Hamill has sold his property in Kitzmiller to De Lacy Hoxie for $1,000.

  John Fitzwater, son of ex-Judge Fitzwater, of South Glade, has received the free scholarship in the State Normal School, Frostburg.

  Mr and Mrs A O Clayton, of Fairmont W Va, are spending a few days in their cottage in Mtn Lake Park.

  W T Thomas of the First National Bank, was called to Burnsville W Va, by the death of his uncle, Mr W L Anderson.

  Clever Fazenbaker, of Bittinger, has moved his household effects to Listonburg Pa.

  Mrs Percy H Al(?s/c)o, sister of Mrs J D Hamill, and Mrs F G Hyde this place, died at her home in Pittsburg Pa, Tues. form blood poisoning.

  The old Hamill homestead was sold last week to Geo Beckman. It is located near Glendale, a short distance from Oakland.



  Feb 10 - died on Wed last at the home of his sister, Mrs Polly Kimble, at Upper Tract, Andrew A Kile, of pneumonia. Mr Kile was 72 years old and leaves a widow and several children, the eldest being Dr E H Kile, of Upper Tract. During the late war he served as Sergeant of co F, 62nd Regt Va Infantry.

  F W Getty, of Piedmont was calling on our merchants first of the week.

  Mrs Annie Boggs, Miss Katherine Johnson, Herbert Bowers and Alice and Paul Thacker, who have been on the sick list, are improving.

  Green J Sponaugle has completed sawing about 75,000 feet of Lumber for W M Boggs, at Trout Rock, and next will saw a set for Isaac Lambert. Mr Boggs is planning to build a residence next spring on his property opposite the home of Wm Campbell.

  Harry Crigler recently bought from the Franklin Band a lot between the Bank Building and Dr Fred Hammer's veterinary stable. He has erected thereon a large and modern blacksmith shop. He will move into it in a few days.

  A A Martin, former editor of the South Branch Review, and now editor of the Carter Co News at Elizabethon, Tenn, is the defendant in a divorce suit instituted by his wife.

  Sheridan Dice, of Chicago, son of I W Dice, of this town, has been visiting his home since the holidays. He expects to return to Chicago next week.

  Following is a list of marriage licenses issued since Nov 2, 1912.

  Ralph J Smith and Lula Nelson.

  Esau Arbogast and Rebecca J Grogg.

  J Leland Rexroad and Minnie Dickenson.

  Ezra Simmons and Ada Simmons.

  Baxter Nelson and Meda C Raines.

  C E Kimble and Amanda J Kimble.

  Clarence Hedrick and Maude Hinkle.

  John L Bennett and Lena Hinkle.

  Jacob A Hedrick and Mollie Rexroad.

  Henry C Pope and Mary Jane Bagby.

  John B Simmons and Esther R Bodkin.

  Jack Compton and Nettie Lambert.

  Otto H Harper and Nannie S Fleisher.

  John N Murphy and Ollie G Moyers.

  Jack Townsend and Nettie E Moyers.

  John C Hammer and Ada Belle Colaw.

  Grover C Guyer and Lelia E Matheney.

  Harness Bennett and Dora Judy.

  Melvin F Puffenbarger and Eva F Wilfong.

  Kennie F Alt and Etta V Lambert.

  Alonza Lambert and Effie Rexroad. -Times


  Piedmont W Va, Feb 17

  Miss Ella Johnston, native of Piedmont, daughter of Col John Johnston and Isabelle Downey Johnston, died at the home of brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs S T Cross, at El Paso, Tex, Mon Feb 10. Miss Johnston, who was well and favorably known here, went to Texas about 20 years ago. The remains were brought here Thurs night last, accompanied by Mr and Mrs Cross, and services were held in the First M E Church at 2 o'clock, Fri afternoon, Rev Wm Harris officiating. Interment was made in Philos cemetery.

  Lafayette Lodge No 3, Knights of Pythias will hold a bazaar and fair from April 12 to 19, inclusive, the proceeds to be used as part payment on their new Pythian Castle, opposite the Davis Mansion.

  Mr James Garvey was taken to the Allegany Hospital, at Cumberland, where a very successful operation was performed.

  Mrs Mary Lake, of Richmond Va, is visiting Mrs James F Kelly.

  Miss Ada Gleason, who has been ill with typhoid fever, is reported to be in a very much improved condition.

  Mr John J Casey has been appointed night policeman in place of Mr C W Minear, resigned.

  Mr James Grenzeback of Jerome Idaho, who has been visiting his mother, Mrs Anna E Grenzeback, of Westernport, has returned home.

  Miss Nellie F Ryan, and sister, Miss Katherine, will leave this week for the eastern cities, where she will purchase her lien of spring millinery.


  Feb 18 - After being layed by with grippe for the last three weeks, and was not able to write, we will try and come again.

  Nearly everyone in this community has had an attack of grippe inside the last three weeks but all are now out again.

  We have had several cases of chickenpox in our neighborhood, but as there was no doctor called in we have failed to have a single case of small pox.

  We are having some zero weather in this month but are having but very little snow.

  On Wed of last week there was a bad wreck at this place. A heavy eastbound train stopped here for orders and the flagman started back, but as the second section was running very close, he only rounded a short curve when the train was upon him at a high rate of speed. He signaled the engineer who did all he could to stop; but seeing that he must strike the front train, he and his fireman jumped, also the men of the first train saw the danger and got out of the way just in time to see the engine strike their train at a pretty high rate of speed. The engine was "spined" and it and five steels turned over the bank toward the river. The caboose was mashed to a pile of splinters and several cars in both the trains were damaged more or less and enough coal scattered along the tracks to last Schell the balance of the winter.

  John Gardener is moving his sawmill this week to a new set on the Idleman bros place, near the residence of Charley Welch.

  The mills on the Cunningham place are not doing much now; the most of the hands have quit work and say they must see some of the "where-with-all" before they do any more.

  Jim Michael, of Keyser, was circulating among old friends and acquaintances in this neighborhood last week.

  Bruce Roderick attended his "lodge" in Blaine last Sat night.

  Dave Idleman is busy getting the lumber upon the ground and making other preparations for building a fine new residence this coming spring.

  It is said that two of Howard Schaeffer's family at Mt Storm have small pox (?) and Ike Poling, it is though has hog cholera. We hear of no other sickness around us.

Uncle John


  Westernport Md, Feb 19

  The W Va Pulp and Paper Co, of Luke, began the erection of another large building that will be used for a rag mill.

  The new schoolhouse at Luke has begun to assume a business like appearance. The building will be 36 feet 6 inches wide and 66 feet 6 inches long and will be three stories in height. It will consist of four large rooms, two cloakrooms and a large boiler room.

  Mr Coleman, wife of Mr Otho Coleman, of Vine street, died Tues afternoon at one o'clock. Death was due to a complication of diseases. The deceased was about 57 years old.

  Mr Frank Forester is making preparations for the removal of his household effects to Baltimore where he is employed as traveling salesman for a large wholesale house.

  Married at the Baptist parsonage by Rev William Stewart on Feb 17, Mr Plummer and Miss Duckworth.

  Mrs Harry Smith, is ill at her home on Walnut street with rheumatism.

  Harry Ravenscraft is on the sick list this week.

  William Brown of West Va Junction, is ill with asthma.

  Samuel Sheets, of Keyser was calling on friends here today.


  W W Woods went to Charleston first of the week on a short business trip.

  John O Spencer, of Rees Mills, paid Cumberland a visit last Sat.

  Will Duling of Shaw, spent a few days among friends here since our last issue.

  Clarence Vossler, of Maysville, wen to Wheeling first of the week on a short visit to relatives.

  Spt D C Arnold of Elk Garden, was in town last Sat attending a teachers meeting.

  Mrs Dr C S Hoffman and daughter, Miss Elsie, spent a few days last week in Philadelphia.

  Miss Anna Vosler returned latter part of last week from a visit to friends at Elkins and Parsons.

  Leo Jelliek went to Pittsburg Tues to attend a national convention of photographers.

  Mrs Gertrude Yost, of Piedmont street, went to the Hoffman Hospital last Mon for treatment.

  Mrs John Eberly, who has been ill for several weeks is able to go about some. -Elkins Inter Mt of 17th.

  Dr and Mrs Ira Stafford moved this week to their new home on Main street in the Bailey Field addition.

  Col T B Frye is at Wheeling this week attending the meeting of the State Hardware Men's Assn.

  Capt J W Vandiver, of Burlington, spent a day or so in town this week, returning home Thurs morning.

  Mrs Louie Barton, of Hagerstown, who spent a week or so here with relatives, returned home yesterday.

  Mrs Blaine Connell and little son went to Kingwood last sun to spend a while with her mother, Mrs Manly Trask.

  Miss Mollie Brown went to Baltimore Wed to attend the spring millinery openings and lay in her spring stock of millinery.

  Rev Father W A O'Hara was at Frostburg Tues attending the funeral of Father Stephen J Clark. He was one of the honorary pallbearers.

  Mrs Mattie Michael, of Elkins, has been a guest at the home of Mr Sam Kight since Tues of last week and expects to remains until about March 1st.

  Miss Katherine Sharpless is in charge of he Hat shop during Miss Cora Hughes' absence, and Miss Grace Kight is keeping store for Miss Mollie Brown while she is away.

  Mrs M M Wilt, of Headsville, was in town Wed on her way to Bond Md, to spend a few days with her aged mother, Mrs C A Durst, who has been on the sick list for some time.

  Miss Hellen Fox, of the Keyser Preparatory School, is spending this week here with her parents. -Davis News of 13th.

  Mrs John Millholland, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs George V Hobart, in Pelham Manor, NY, has returned after spending a few days in NY City, Brooklyn and Baltimore. Mr Millholland joined her in Baltimore.

  Rev A O Price, who preached in Dr Lacy's church at Winchester last Sun, went from there to Memphis Tenn, to attend the great Layman's Home Missionary Convention, on Wed and Thurs. He expected to be home in time to fill his pulpit next Sun.

  Dr and Mrs J N Judy have returned from Cumberland to their home in Petersburg. Ms Judy came to Cumberland Sun where she joined her husband who, as health officer of Grant Co, has been supervising the details of quarantine at Mt Storm, near Gormania, where there are several smallpox cases. -Cumb News of 19th.

  Will Bane, of Burlington, who is a student at the school at Dayton VA, was here Mon night on his way home to see his brother Ervin, who was ill. Tues morning, before starting over he phone home asking how his brother was, and got the answer that he was feeling some better, and before he reached home he heard of his death. This was a sad home-going for him.

  Born Feb 21, 1913, to Dr and Mrs E V Romig, a son.

  Miss Margaret Wallace is visiting Miss Bertie Lawton at Oakland.

  Miss Nan Dugan is visiting her sister, Mrs D P Kennedy, in Fairmont.

  Mrs W Holmes Yeakley entertained the New Era Circle Wed afternoon.

  Mrs Jno Bishop and child are the guests of Mrs C H McGahan, on Mozelle St.

  Mrs Emma Morris, of Morgantown, arrived yesterday on a visit to her daughter, Mrs J C Sanders.

  Miss Edith Head of the Western Md Hospital at Cumberland, is visiting at L E Moran's.

  Misses Glendora Keys and Elizabeth Hofman took in the play at Cumberland Wed afternoon.

  The many friends here of Park M Spangler, will be sorry to learn that she is very sick at his home at Westernport.

  Harry L Welch spent Wed to Thurs noon with his sister at Blaine, and also paid Elk Garden a short visit.

  Miss Stella Blackman, sister of Mrs C N Finnell, returned to her home at Parsons after a short visit here.

  Miss Edna Kaplon, buyer for H Kaplon, left the early part of the week for NY to lay in a stock of spring goods.

  Mr and Mrs James B Rees entertained quite a crowd of their Keyser friends last night at their home in McCoole.

  Miss Cora Hughes left Wed for Baltimore, Philadelphia and NY to take in the spring millinery openings.

  Mrs A M DeVries who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs John Millholland of Main Street, has returned to her home in Cumberland.

  Misses Grace Bane and Mabel Ritzel went to Baltimore Wed to attend the millinery openings and get ready for the spring business.

  Mayor F h Babb, R A Welch, J H Markwood, and J W Stayman went to Charleston Wed to take in the closing days of the legislature.

  Mr and Mrs Floyd Smoot, of Hagerstown, came up yesterday on a visit to Mrs Smoot's parents, Mr and Mrs N J Crooks, and will remain until next Mon.

  Mr and Mrs W C Whistler came down from Grafton and spent Sun with her mother, Mrs E H Davis, on Mozelle street. Mrs Davis and her little grandson, Milliard, returned with them.

  Ms H Davis and son, Herman, have gone to Pittsburg to visit her sister. They will return by Wheeling to visit Mrs Davis' daughter, Mrs Roy Ravenscroft. They will spend at least two weeks on the trip.

  Mr W E Tackabery, of Toledo, Ohio, District Manager of the National Union, was here this week soliciting membership to the splendid order, which has done so much for the widow and orphans in this community.

  Manley Trask, manager of the Kingwood Argus, came down yesterday evening for the purpose of consulting a doctor and possibly may undergo an operation. There is nothing serious, but he has not been well for some time, and a slight operation may be necessary. He sys that John Wolfe, formerly of this office, has been confined to his home with sickness the past two weeks, but is improving.

  Col Geo T Carskadon and Col W E Crooks, of the staff of Gov H D Hatfield, are commanded to be with the governor and staff in Washington on March 4 for the inaugural exercises of President Wilson. They are invited to participate in the banquet to the Governor by his staff to be given in Charleston on March 3.

  John Johnston, foreman for the gas company, had a narrow escape Mon. In repairing a bursted pipe on Water street, he struck a stone with his pick, which made a spark, igniting the gas, and in a flash there was a tremendous blaze. He hastily got some heavy sacks and after wetting them in the creek, made a rush and threw them over the blaze, smothering it, and escaping without a burn.

  Owing to increasing work the Hoffman Hospital has three vacancies for young women who desire to take up nursing.

  Harrisonburg Va - During services at Belvidere Church, near Grottoes, Sun night, Ms Mary Humphrey, an aged lady of the Harriston neighborhood, fell dead in her seat. She leaves three sons and several brothers and sisters.

  For rent: Blacksmith and wagon shop situated in Antioch W VA, will give possession at once. A dwelling can be had convenient to the shop. Address, V M Grayson, Elk Garden W Va.

  H M Wells has completed a contract of nice interior decorations for Mrs E Woolf.

  Robert Hudson, 60 years old, a farmer, living at Oldtown, died Wed at midnight.

  Grafton, Feb 20 - The Webster Woolen Mills located at Webster, were destroyed by fire which started in the cards at the mill this afternoon.

  Sen Watson has been notified by pension bureau that pensions have been allowed upon his application to Henry Stahl, Parkersburg; Conrad Fisher, Keyser; John Ruse, Shenandoah Junction and J Taylor, Dean.

  Strasburg Va - Harrison E White, 72 years old, died at his home near Lebanon Church, Mon from Heart Trouble. He is survived by one sister, Mrs Edward Barnard, of Rome NY and two daughters, Ms Arthur Miller of Lebanon Church and Mrs John Pine of Oklahoma City.


  Wash Day becomes a pleasure when you use one of Frye & Son's Moor Washers.

  Wanted: A colored girl for chambermaid. Apply at the Marin House.

  Hon C H Vossler, had a new cistern built and other improvements made o his home on Mineral street.

  R F Wells is painting the big brick property of E G Kimmell, corner of Armstrong and Mineral Streets.

  The shortage of men to get the reel to the fire Wed morning for so long a time demonstrated the necessity for an auto truck for the fire department. After they got there it was but a short time until the fire was out.

  The Richardson Furniture Co, have just installed an expensive and very valuable piece of machinery, and no doubt will be the means of saving many a finger of the employees. The old shaping machine was in the habit of taking a finger or thumb off frequently.



  Born unto Mr and Mrs Jesse Mullen, Tues, Feb 11, 1913, a son.

  Born, unto Mr and Mrs A S Brady, Sat, Feb 8, 1913, a daughter.

  Born, unto Mr and Mrs M A Carney, of Hampshire Street, Sat, Feb 8, 1913, a son.


Cumberland Md - the engagement of Talmage Myers and Miss Margaret Orndorff, of Eckhart, has been announced. The marriage will take place in May.

Rockville - Mrs Annie Maude Rollison and John J Parker, both of Germantown, Montgomery co were married in Rockville Sat by Rev Samuel R White, of the Baptist church.

Havre de Grace - Announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Irene Rebecca Webb, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Joseph Webb, of Fawn Grove to Cleveland Heaps, of Pylesville. The ceremony will be performed at eh home of the bride on

Feb 19.

Oakland - Miss Mildred Grace Warren, 18 years old, and Harry Welling Groves, 21 years old, of Pittsburg, were compelled to travel in four states before they were able to get a marriage license. They went to Wheeling, W Va; St Clarisville, Ohio; Steubenville and to Oakland, where the marriage laws are not so strict, and secured a license.

License to Marry

  License to marry were issued at Cumberland as follows:

  Feb 18 - Larnard Laten Lewis and Lizzie Jane Boggs, both of Falling Springs, W Va.

  Feb 19 - Lemuel Clement Wolford, 25, farmer, and Nora Virginia Sowers, 22, both of Augusta W VA.

  Robert Van Dayton, 58, farmer and Dollie Virginia Michael, 38, both of Westernport.

  Feb 20 - George Mulledy and Bertha E Pownell, both of Romney W Va.

  Jacob Stullenbarger of Elk Garden W Va, and Lucy V Taylor of Emoryville W VA.

  At Oakland, Feb 18 - Albert E Hunt and Rose Lee Greenwade, both of Piedmont W Va.

  Davis W Va, Feb 16 -

  Mr and Mrs S T Troup of Hendricks, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage with a family dinner. MR Troup is a native of Hagerstown Md and is 75 years old. When the W Va Central & Pittsburg railway was building out of Cumberland he was foreman of bridge carpenters.

Elkins, W Va, Feb 16 -

William Lee Morrissette and Miss Mona Williamson, daughter of Mrs Kate Williamson, were married at the rectory of St Brendan's Catholic church by Rev Father Daly.


Harrisonburg - The home of John W Zigler, near Bridgewater, was the scene of a double wedding Tues, when his two daughters were married. Miss Frances C Zigler, a popular school teacher, was married to A F cline, of Larned, Kan, a son of Michael Cline, of Rockingham and Miss Rebecca E Zigler became the bride of Dr A W Miller of Montery, Highland County, son of William Miller, of Bridgewater. Two uncles of the brides, Elder P S miller, of Roanoke and Elder S D Miller, of Mount Sidney, performed the ceremony.


  A wedding of more than usual interest took place last night when Miss Ella Mae Gunning, daughter of Prof and Mrs William Gunning, Railroad St, became the bride of Mr Leslie Kilroy. The ceremony was performed at the bride's home and was quiet owing to the serious illness of Prof Gunning. Only members of both families were present.
  Immediately following the ceremony, Mr and Mrs. Kilroy left on their honeymoon to NY, Philadelphia, Baltimore and other large eastern cities. They expect to be gone at least 10 days.
  Miss Gunning is one of Lonaconing's best-known and most popular young ladies. Until two weeks ago, she was a clerk in Price and Rosenbaum's dept. Mr Kilroy is a son of Mr and Mrs. John W Kilroy, of Elk Garden, W Va. He is cashier of the First National Bank of Lonaconing, which position eh has held since the opening of the institute. He is a member of the Lonaconing Athletic Club and of the City Club. He is an athlete of ability and one of the city's most progressive businessmen. -Lonaconing Advocate of 15th.



  One of he saddest affairs that we have been called upon to chronicle, occurred last Tues morning, when Daniel Ervin Bane, aged 32 years, single, son of Abner W Bane, one of the wealthiest farmers of Mineral Co, committed suicide by blowing is head off with a shot gun. The tragedy occurred at the home of his parents, near Burlington, this county. The reason assigned is ill health, following vaccination for smallpox.
  Mr Bane has been in bad health for some time past and since being vaccinated has been in such good condition that it was necessary to keep close watch on him. That morning at 8:30 o'clock his attendant left his room for a few minutes and in that short space of time the sick man arose from his bed, hurried down stairs, secured a shot-gun, which was loaded, and placing the barrel against the side of his head he pulled the trigger. The noise of the discharge of the gun brought members of the family into the room in which the deed had been done, and found the young man stretched out upon the floor, the top of his head blown off, and breathing his last. A physician was summoned but before he arrived the man was dead. The family attributed is rash act to his recent illness, and more especially to the suffering said to be due to vaccination. Bane's untimely death has proved a shock to the entire neighborhood because he was well known and a great favorite among the young men.
  He is survived by his parents, Mr and Mrs Albert Bane; four sisters, the Misses Cora, Annie and Grace, at home, and Mrs Daniel Bailey, of Beaver Run; and two brothers, Charles W and William W Bane, of this community.
  The funeral took place on Wed afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, and interment took place at Beaver Run church.

Cumberland Md, Feb 14 -

  Saying as he claims, jestingly, "I will shoot your toes off," Lint Helmick, son of George W Helmick, at Hendricks W VA, discharged a rifle with which he had been hunting and the ball entered the stomach of Miss Maggie Turner, aged nineteen years. She died in a few hours.
  Helmick had been called to dinner, and because of his being slow, Miss Turner said she would take a broomstick to him. He was at the time fumbling with the loaded gun. The shooting, which Helmick says was accidental, followed. No witnessed the tragedy.


  Winchester VA, Feb 13 - John Doran , 86 years old, a native of Ireland and father of Police Chief Michael Doran, died last evening. A widow, two daughters and two sons survive.


  The Ladies Guild of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Keyser W VA, through the special committee appointed Feb 19, 1913, wishes to express in some small measure, its profound sorrow and abiding sense of loss at the death, on Feb 12, 1913, of Mrs A B Murry.
  Whereas, Mrs Murry was primarily instrumental in the organization of the Guild, served as the first President and labored long and earnestly on its behalf.
  Whereas her prayers and efforts are now immortalized n the growing life of Emmanuel church.
  And Whereas the Church Militant has lost a devoted and faithful member who is to be henceforth enrolled in the Church Triumphant.
  Be it resolved: First that while we bow in resignation to the inscrutable decree of the Divine Will, we nevertheless hereby formally express our sorrow at her death, and our gratitude for her example while present with us.
  Second, That a copy of these resolutions, along with our sincere sympathy, be presented to her bereaved sister, Miss Bunnell.
  Third, that these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of the Guild, and published in the two Keyser papers.


  Mrs Wm H Keller aged 41 years, died Sun at the home of her husband's parents, Mr and Mrs Adam Keller, of St Cloud Street. The remains were taken to Terra Alta, her childhood home for burial on Mon. She had been in Keyser three weeks, receiving medical treatment. Her husband is a shop foreman for the B&O in an Illinois town. She was the mother of ten children, nine of whom, eight boys and one girl, survive.

Hendricks W VA, Feb 16 -

  Jas W Harford, conductor on a Laurel River Lumber Co log train, was killed in the wreck of the train in which a number of heavy-loaded log trucks were piled up. Interment will be made here. He is survived by his wife and two children.

Romney W Va, Feb 16 -

  Strite Lafollette, 60 years old, mail carrier between Nero and Rock Enon, this county, is dead from pneumonia. He is survived by his wife and two children.

Charlestown W Va, Feb 9 -

  H O Talbott, died here today at an advanced age. He was a native of Frederick County, Md, but had resided here for some years, and was at one time president of the First National Bank, which was absorbed a few years ago by the Farmers and Merchants Deposit Co. He is survived by a widow, who was a Miss Claggett, of Frederick, and one daughter, in Washington. His remains will be taken to Frederick.

Clarksburg W Va, Feb 7

  Mrs Serino Cox, wife of Daniel D Cox, died today of burns received several days ago at her home at Ocean Mines when her night gown caught fire at an open gate. She was sixty-five years of age. Besides her husband, four sons residing at Ocean Mines survive her.


  Berkeley Springs W Va, Feb 16 - Mrs Oscar Cross died at her home after an illness of several weeks.

Martinsburg, W Va -

Mrs Charles Myers, member of a prominent Berkeley county family, died here Sat, aged 62 years. She was a daughter of the late William Ward and is survived by husband and two children, Miss Ida Myers and Bernard Myers.


  Mrs Florence Zimmerla, formerly a teacher in the Allegany county public schools, died at Oldtown from tuberculosis, aged 38 years. Her husband, Edward Zimmerla, of North Branch, died form the same disease several years ago.

  Information was received here of the death of Mrs Theodore J Yost in New York City. Her husband was for a number of years pastor of St Paul's Lutheran Church here. He later left the ministry and engaged in the sale of stocks.

Ravenswood Va, Feb 18

  G W Z Lee, eldest son of Gen Robert E Lee, formerly on the staff of Jefferson Davis, and president emeritus of Washington & Lee University, died here today aged 80 years.


  A young son of Samuel L Snyder, of Okonoka W Va, died Tues from pneumonia.

Morgantown W Va, Feb 7

  Mrs Alexander R Whitehill, wife of Dr Whitehill, professor of chemistry at the university, died this afternoon at 1 o'clock. She was in her forty-second year. Deceased was the only daughter of Mrs Elizabeth Wilson, of Beaver Pa, and has made this city her home for the past fifteen years.


  Amos Bittiner, a farmer of Pleasant Valley, was stricken at the U B Church, while attending services Sun evening. He was removed to his home and died at 11 o'clock the same night. He is survived by his widow and seven children.


  Cumberland Md, Feb 13 - Prof William Gunning, a native of Scotland, 64 years old, died tonight in Lonaconing, where he lived 42 years. He was principal of the Jackson School 30 years and was a ruling elder in the Presbyterian church. He is survived by his widow, two sons and four daughters, including Miss Bessie Gunning, a nurse in the Franklin Square Hospital, Baltimore. Another daughter, Ella May, was married last night to Leslie Kilroy, cashier of the First National Bank, Lonaconing.

Harrisonburg Pa, Feb 20

  Seven children ranging in age from one to twelve years, were burned to death last night when the home of their parents, Mr and Mrs George Smith, at Ebenezer, near here, was destroyed by fire. The parents were absent from home.


  Madero and Diaz are fighting for the privilege of being the "man higher up."

  "Henry Watterson seems to be running alongside the Wilson band wagon looking for a vacant seat."

  Clarksburg W Va, Feb 17 - William C Bumgardner, a prosperous farmer and cattleman is dead at his home in Elk District at the age of 69 years.

  Glenville W Va - Feb 18 - Unrequited love has driven Robert Cunningham of Stewart Creek mad. The young man was in love with Miss Leora Jones, who spurned him and the matter preyed so much on his mind that he became insane. He was committed to the State asylum by a local squire.

Winchester VA - Richard L Gray, Clerk of the Corporation Court of Winchester, has been presented a gold Odd Fellows' jewel by the officers and members of Madison Lodge, No 6, of Odd Fellows, of which he ahs been a member for 60 years. He is the oldest member of the lodge in point of age and membership and is its chaplain. A life-sized portrait of Mr Gray was presented the lodge, it being the work of his son, Walter Gray, of Memphis.


  Weston W Va, Feb 4

  More people are calling at the postoffice here for mail these days than ever before in the history of the city all because they think they may receive a dollar bill in the mail. A score of prominent residents have received from a mysterious sender crisp one dollar bank notes through the mail. The whole town is excited. There is not a note accompanying the money, which is legal tender and not counterfeit and everybody is speculating on the meaning of it all.

Elkins W Va, Feb 7

  Her skirt blown by the wind and caught in the cog wheels of a passing log engine, Miss Dessie Jones, aged 17 received injuries at Horton today from which she may die.

  When the girl's skirt caught she was drawn into the gearing of the mountain engine and her right leg from the hip to knee terribly injured and mangled, she was hurried to Elkins hospital.


  Paint Creek, Feb 17 - Capt E B Carskadon of Co I, of this city last night received a telegraph order from the Commanding General, Gov Glasscock, to report immediately at this point for duty as assistant judge advocate general of the summary court soon to be installed in the military zone to try those under arrest by the military. Following is the official order received by Capt Carskadon:

  "Paint Creek, Feb 17, Capt E B Carskadon, Fairmont W Va, The commanding general directs that you report here for duty as assistant judge advocate with your personal equipment. Capt R E Sherwood, Adjt" -Fairmont Times.


  Winchester Va, Feb 18 - Dr William P McGuire is suffering at his home here from a fractured nose and an ugly bruise just over an eye as a result of an automobile accident near Strasburg Sat evening, when his face struck the top of his car as it bounced over a gully. Dr McGuire is a brother of the late Dr Hunter Holmes McGuire, of Richmond, chief of "Stonewall" Jackson's medical staff and a son-in-law of the late John Randolph Tucker, the Va statesman.

Cumberland Md, Feb 13 -

  The health authorities discovered today that Edward Lease, suffering from smallpox, had been hidden away for a week with his wife and 13 children in a small saw mill shack near Cresaptown this county.
  Fear that he would be separated from his family and sent to quarantine prompted Lease to hide. All the family had been exposed. The shack was fumigated and quarantined and Lease was removed to the pesthouse. Caught in the quarantine is Leonard Lease, who had just been discharged from the pesthouse as cured and had gone to his father's home.
  Cumberland is entirely free of smallpox. There has not been a case here in some weeks.


  A stray bullet, thought to have been fired by young men shooting crows in the suburbs, crashed through a window at the home of Frederick A Shryock and struck his son Wilmer, who was bathing. The bullet tore the flesh from his hip and buried itself in a wall.

Martinsburg W VA

  Rev and Mrs D B Gates, of Hedgesville, have announced the engagement of their daughter Miss Alma R Gates, to Oscar R Mohler, also of Hedgesville. The wedding will occur early in the spring.


  Circuit court convened again on last Mon with the petit jury present and the following has been transacted:

  P H Keys qualified as deputy for Sheriff C E Nethken.

  State vs Chas Kenny; ind. For mis. Plead guilty, and was fined $20 and costs.

  W P Tasker vs Moses Leatherman appeal from Justice Ebert. The jury awarded plaintiff 75 cents damage.

  State vs Wm Bergman; for a misdemeanor; verdict of jury not guilty.

  State vs W H Arnold, indicted for carrying a revolver. Verdict of jury not guilty.

  State vs Frank Weir; indicted for stealing money from Mrs Wilson at Elk Garden. Verdict of jury not guilty.

  State vs Dan Smith; ind. For a mis.; verdict of jury "guilty" with recommendation to mercy of the court.


  Remaining unclaimed in the Postoffice at Keyser, W Va, week ending Feb 20, 1913, Mrs Mazie Burg, Mrs Sadie E Fertig, Miss Nellie Johnson, Miss May Moore, Mrs R Shields, Steve Codie, L P Everett, G L Glaze, Leo Gonghan, F H Lease, Mike Peiron, Stuart Pragire, Emmett William.


 Yesterday morning about four o'clock the fire alarm aroused the people from their slumbers. The fire was in a house on Main street belonging to Harry G Fisher, and occupied by Dr M R Bell. It appears that the fire started in some way from a gas stove in the bathroom, and by the time the fire company got there had gained considerable headway, and was burning in the second story, on the back porch and bursting from the sides of the house. The people had rallied to their assistance and were rapidly getting the household goods out when the fire company opened up on the blaze and soon had it out. Considerable damage was done to the building, and the household goods were much injured by he water and rough usage.
  Mr Fisher estimates his damaged to the building about $700, which is covered by insurance.


 Tues night at a meeting of the town council the resignation of H P Adams, who was recently appointed policeman, effective March 1st, was resented and accepted. J L Smith, popularly known as "Lute" Smith, was reinstated and his salary advance. In his behalf a petition signed by practically every businessman, and hundreds of other leading citizens of Keyser was presented to the council asking that he be retained on the force.


  There came near being a serious fire on Wed morning. As night policeman Batdorf and Smith were coming down Center Street about three o'clock in the morning they noticed smoke coming out of the laundry office in the Wilson building , opposite the entrance to Music Hall and hurrying down discovered a strong fire burning in the floor of the room and fast gaining headway. They hurriedly called up water superintendent W W Long and on his arrival broke open the door and soon had he fire out. It certainly was a narrow escape from a big fire. The fire was started from the use of a rubber tube on a gas stove, a thing that the gas company has strictly forbidden and has been continually warning the gas users against. It seems that on closing the office that night they went off and left the gas stove burning with a rubber tube attachment. In the night the tube burned off, letting the end fall on the floor, which quickly ignited from the burning gas.


  The T M & P railroad is now about completed. March 2nd they will have trains running through to Twin Mt. In a short time, we understand, they will change the schedule for running trains, so that instead of leaving Keyser in the morning and returning in the evening, they will leave in the afternoon and return in the morning. This will be much better for the country people.


  The McNeill Chapter U D C, will meet Sat afternoon. Feb 22, 1913, promptly at three o'clock at the home of Mrs John w Arnold, 37 Water street. Mrs. W H Frey, President Maria Vass Frye, Secretary.


  Instead of entertaining the Calendar Coterie on Thurs afternoon, last week, Mrs. R G Richardson entertained at a valentine party on Fri evening, on Fri evening, which as one of the most unique and pleasant affairs the Coterie ladies have ever had. The ladies all went dressed n old-fashioned clothes, representing valentines. The table was the most attractive scene one rarely ever sees. It was of heart shape and filled the whole room. The decorations were beautiful, all suggesting the Coterie colors, green and pink. The centerpiece was 120 pink tulips with green border and in heart shape, and an elaborate oyster super was served. The favors were fancy valentines in pink and green envelopes.


  Mrs Richard Drake was given a birthday surprise party by her many friends Mon night.

  The evening was spent in music and games until a late hour when refreshments were served. Those present were: Mr and Mrs Drake, Verda, Anna, Rose, Tolitha and Walter; Mr and Mrs Dennie McKee; Mrs Sim Bright; Mrs Walter Gordon; Mrs Herbert Wolf; Mrs Boyd Linthicum; Mrs Sam Sheets; Mrs Thomas Liller; Mrs George Parker, Mrs Wagoner; Mrs Jos Dennison; Mrs Warner Hare; Mrs George Thrush.


  Mrs J H Markwood, at her home on Mineral Street, entertained Fri evening the teachers of the Preparatory School, they Keyser High School and the Public School. In caring for the guests she was assisted by Miss Lizzie Hoffman and Miss Myrtle Vossler.


  I offer for sale my riding and driving mare She is young and gentle, color black; weight 1050 lbs; fearless of autos; suitable for women and children to use and works in both single and double harness. Apply to Rev A A P Neel, Burlington W Va.


  W E Amtower of Ridgeville, was in town yesterday attending court and brought in with him a large cucumber, just as solid as the day it was pulled from the vine. On pulling it last Oct, he laid it up in the cupboard at his home, where it has been since undisturbed. It looks as if it might be kept some time yet. A good solid cucumber is something of a curiosity at this time of year.


  All persons knowing themselves indebted to the estate of J W Wagoner deceased, will please come forward and settle the same, and persons having clams against the estate will please present them duly authenticated for payment. I H Offner, Administrator


  Eight room house, and 2 lots. All modern conveniences; 28 F street. Call for price and terms. Zack Sewart, Keyser W Va.


  &ldots;.Keyser Milling Co.

  by J G Koelz, President, Keyser Milling Co. Attest: P H Keys, Secretary