MARCH 22, 1912

Elk Garden

The baseball team will hold a festival in Odd Fellows’s Hall on the evening of April 8, Easter Monday.
Miss Laura Barrick was visiting friends at Thomas and Elkins the first of this week.
Mr. F C Rollman preached at Oakmont, Rev Percy Matheny at Atlantic and Rev. L C Messick at Elk Garden last Sunday evening.
Mrs D C Arnold returned last Monday evening from a visit to Mr and Mrs J Raymond Hubbs at Thomas.
Miss Mary Abernathy returned from Blaine the same evening
General manager of the B & L Company, Chas W Lantz and his wife were in town the first of this week.
Rev J W Bedford gave two strong practical talks on the prohibition Amendment last Sunday. He spoke in the Nethken Hill church Sunday morning and in the M E Church, South, in the afternoon. He is a man whose whole soul is in this work and his talks are doing much good.
Rev L C Messick is arranging a series of meetings to be held in the M E Church South beginning April 1, passion week speakers will be selected for some special topic each evening of the week except Saturday evening and the meeting will close Sunday evening. This promise to be an interesting and profitable series of meetings.
David Grant spent Sunday last with his parents at Henry. Louis Grant returned with him and is visiting friends here this week.
And every school boy and school girl will remember the name of Amundsen, of Norway and Dec 14 1911,the day that he and his faithful companions reached the South pole, Hurrah for Amundsen.
Candidates are beginning to hustle around. That is right Get a move on you.
Mrs. Ross Dean visited friends at Cumberland Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Wreck at Pattersons Creek

A wreck of more than ordinary interests occurred at Pattersons Creek Monday morning, when an eastbound train crashed into a westbound train and E H Williams, a fireman, who makes his home in Cumberland, was seriously and perhaps fatally injured. One leg and one arm were crushed off the fireman in the collision. The westbound train was making for the cut-off when the eastbound train crashed into the engine causing a sideswipe of the two trains. Williams was caught between the tender and crushed up against his own engine, Traffic was delayed several hours on account of the accident.

Howard J Hinkle

Howard J Hinkle, 38 years old, B & O Brakeman was killed Saturday afternoon at Terra Alta. He stepped on an adjoining track to wave his train ahead when an engine backed over him, cutting his body in pieces. His body was taken to his home in Cumberland. He leaves a widow. They formerly resided in Keyser.

Jurors for April Term.

Below we give the list of jurors for April term in Circuit court for Mineral County. Grand jurors will be summoned to appear April 16 and petit jurors for service beginning April 18.
Grand Jurors
F M Brown, James W Carskadon, George T Carskadon, William P Emmert, J H Fisher, J G Hanline , W H Kitzmiller, H N Kelly, John Mullen, M M Malone, W G Kalbaugh, W I Knott, Walter Ridgely, Chas A Suter, W A C Welch, Jas A Zell.
Petit Jurors
W B Adams, W E Abe, James H Arnold, Ervin Bane, S E Broadwater, Lee Bane, Thos H Brock, A L Brill, A K Bazell, J D Blair, Frank Carskadon, R H Cannan, F W Davis, A D Doll, J Z Dawson, Fred B Davis, C W Dowden, Luther Emmert, James Fazenbaker, Jacob M Fleek, J B Fetzer, James A Glaze, F P Graney, C W Harrington, J L Harman, C W Hayes, C W Harvey, A F Hawkins, Frank Junkins, Frank Kooker, F F Klenche, A J Keenan, Geo W Loy, C G Lowry, F H Lease, J C Mullen, M C McKinzie, Dempsey Rice, W E Rogers, J M Rizer, James H Swadley, , George L Sindell, Jacob W Thrush, Judson Welch, Seymour Whipp

For County Commissioner

Mr. James W Schwinabart of Elk District is a candidate for the office of County Commisioner., subject to the action of the Republican primary. Mr. Schwinabart is a native of Mineral County and a lifelong Republican. For years he has been prominent in every public movement in Elk District, his ideas have helped to shape public opinion and he has taken a lively interest in every subject that has been brought before those people. Should he be elected to the office of County Commissioner, he may be depended upon to exercise the same diligence in looking after the affairs of the county he heretofore has displayed in his interest manifested for the welfare of the citizens of Elk District, and the entire county would have the benefit of his experience in managing public affairs and profit the advice of his mature judgment. He will doubtless make an active canvass for the nomination.

Guy Brothers’ Minstrels

The Guy Brothers Minstrels’ gave an entertainment in Music Hall last Friday night that was richly enjoyed by an audience that filled the auditorium and represented the best citizens of Keyser. The performance was clean, amusing, and instructive. Such an entertainment helps to drive away the blues and let sunlight into our lives.


Master Arvil Dawson and brother Clarence were visiting their uncle, Mr. H H Dawson last Saturday and Sunday.
Mr J R Baker was visiting relatives at Mt Zion last Sunday.
Mr Noah Boyce moved his family into the Ritchie Orchard Co’s new house last Saturday
Miss Nettie Elkins was visiting home folks last Saturday and Sunday
Mr Henry Robinette and wife were visiting Mr E P Sprouts last Sunday
The Keyser Orchard Company is now marketing out ground for trees at this writing
Mrs J J Triplett is now having a loom house built where she will weave carpet for those desiring such work done
Mr Powell Robison and brother, Bernerd, and Miss Mary Ravenscroft were visiting Mr J J Tripletts last Sunday.
Miss Louisa Smith and Miss Elva Adams were visiting Mrs. Kate Adams last Sunday
Mr. Geo Ravenscroft of Tucker County, was the guest of Mr J J Tripletts last Sunday

Death of Gladys Miller

Gladys Miller, the ten year old daughter of Mr and Mrs. Herbert L Miller, died at their home on West Piedmont St. last Saturday evening after a short illness of pneumonia. The funeral services were held at the home Monday afternoon conducted by rev. F H Havenner. The body was buried in Queens Point Cemetery.

seA Pleasing Party

A very enjoyable party was held at the home of Mr and Mrs Robert Nine, corner of W Piedmont and Mineral streets, on Thursday evening in honor of their daughters, Miss Addine and Ethel Nine. During the evening, delicious refreshments were served. Those present were: Misses Nellie Vossler, Era Christian, Lurah Shelly, Marion Glover, Eloise Liller, Rebecca Johnston, Frances Bell, Susan Thompson, Mildred Twigg, Addine and Ethel Nine. Messrs. Hunter Paris, Arley Twigg, Morris Johnston, Wilbur Hoffman. Thomas Carskadon, Lester Reynolds, Newton Carskadon, Knight Reynolds, Clayton Chrisman, and Carrol Liller.

Floyd Stotler

Floyd Stotler of Dawson Md, one of the best known men of his county, died Friday morning at the Allegany Hospital, Cumberland. A few days ago he underwent an operation for stomach trouble. Mr. Stotler was a merchant at Dawson. He was a leading Democrat and at one time his party’s nominee for the House of Delegates. He took a great interest in road building and was known as a successful road supervisor The road directors had great confidence in him, and placed him in charge of large sections. Mr. Stotler was progressive and took a keen interest in civic matters.
Mr. Stotler was 46 years old and was a son of Mr and Mrs. Morgan Stotler for many years residents of Cumberland.
Beside his wife, Mr Stotler is survived by two children. Miss Ruth B Stotler at home, and F Leroy Stotler, deputy prosecuting attorney at Colfax Washington. Upon learning of his fathers illness, Mr. Stotler came immediately.
Mrs H G Wilson of Keyser is a sister and Mr E S Stotler of this place is a first cousin. Mr Stotler was buried in Cumberland last Sunday. He was a successful business man and accumulated valuable property. The JR O U A M and the A O K of M C of Keyser, attended the funeral in a body.


March 19 the Ground Hog’s Dominion has now expired and we are having good weather, but oh, the mud, the mud! The roads don’t appear to have any bottom in them. We still have plenty of snow in the drifts but other places it is all gone. Sugar making season is now here and several have their camps opened but no one in our immediate neighborhood; so far as we know, is going to tap this season.
News is scarce here; no one appears to be doing much.
Stock is still doing well. Jake Shillingburg lost one of his horses a short time since and D. W. and Frank Idleman each lost a colt, but none of these died of poverty;they were afflicted with some unknown disease
When the ice went out of the Potomac it took the Schell foot bridge with it and the Potomac Bridge and Improvement Company immediately “swiped” lumber from the dock and erected a new one. The last big rise in the river took it also, but the company is not discouraged yet. One of their number told a writer a few days ago that just as soon as Kisner’s get a little more of White’s lumber down to the dock they are going to put in another bridge. He says their greatest difficulty is getting the nails out of Jack Fleming’s warehouse.
We understand that a part of our Telephone Co.( the MacCoy end) met last Saturday and elected themselves officers for the ensuing year. We also understand that the Hatfields, on the other end, amongst whom is the legal president, will meet soon and reorganize; this may result in a division of the line which is as it should be, for we read in “that good book” that the Jews and Samaritans each had their own telephone lines. We hear that two of the Hatfields were up at the McCoy meeting last Saturday and now we are undecided whether to shoot them ourselves or leave them to the McCoys to scalp.
Our school will close next Friday with an entertainment at night.
Rev. L C Messick, preached an interesting sermon at Rohoboth last Sunday.
Uncle Luke Kitzmiller is out walking about the yard and feeding lot. Everbody is complaining of colds.
Uncle John

Mr. Dennis Glover

Mr. Dennis Gover, a B & O conductor, was killed in the B & O yard, near the Keyser passenger depot, last Wednesday forenoon. Mr Glover was in the caboose of his own train, which was standing alone in the yard, when an east bound freight ran into it. It is thought that Mr Gover, who was in the caboose, saw the train coming and endeavored to get out before the engine struck it, he had reached the rear platform, when the caboose was struck which such force that he was knocked high into the air and was afterward run over and crushed by its wheels. Death was instantaneous.
Mr Glover was 61 years old. His wife died about two years ago. He leaves eight children, Mrs H C Grusendorf, Wallace, Harold, Douglas, Norval, Elizabeth, Marion, and Chalmers. Henry Glover of Terra Alta, and Allen Glover of Montana, are brothers. He had been in the employ of the B & O R R Company for 35 years, was a member of the B of R T and the Presbyterian church. He was buried at Terra Alta this forenoon.

Elk Garden

Rev Wm Campbell, of Midland Md, and his son, George M Campbell, of Grafton, made pleasant calls on friends at Elk garden, their old home town. The first of this week.
Misses Blanche Wildeson and Marie Shillingburg, of Gormania, and Mrs Emily Warner and two children, of Thomas Wva were the guests of James Norman last week. Mrs. Warner is an accomplished violinist and her friends were delighted with her playing.
Miss Grace Rollman and Clarence, of Cumberland, and Mrs Ada Shriver and son, of Blaine, were the guests of F C Rollman over Sunday.
Misses Kate Fleming, Celia Healy, Mrs B J Faller, and Mrs. Albert Barrick went to Frostburg the first of this week to attend the funeral of Mrs. Julia Ryan.
The Elk Garden Grade School will close Friday, March 22. There will be no graduates this year, but there will be a strong class next year. This school has progressed nicely this term and interest in the studies has kept up until the close. Miss Anna C Fleming and Anna M Joyce will teach private school beginning Monday, March 25.
Miss Mary Gordon went to Keyser this week to learn the millinery trade with Miss Cora Hughes.
Mrs. Hattie Gordon was visiting Mrs. Julia Sims, of Keyser last week.
Charles Rogers, of Augusta Hampshire County, was in town on business this week.
Mr. Eph Harvey is in poor health. He is not able to work.
Samuel Hoopengarner was hurt about the head by a fall of the slate in the mines this week. While not seriously hurt  yet he will not be able to work for several weeks.
Estel Bennnear, who was brakeman on the trainway at Mine, No 20, had his right leg caught between the bumpers of the mine cars last Tuesday and the bones broken above the ankle. It is a severe injury.
Born to Mr and Mrs Solomon Stullenbarger, March 18, 1912, a son.
Miss Mary Fahey is visiting friend and relatives at Elkins.
Miss Maggie Pugh returned last week from a visit to friends on Georges Creek.
A very pleasant social was held in Odds Fellow Hall last Saturday evening , about forty persons participating. Games, refreshments, and music made up the evenings program.
Messrs James Norman and Walter Arnold went to Thomas last Tuesday evening.
We had quite a thunder shower last Tuesday evening, the first one of the season.

Pierce Items

Mr. Wiley, who was working at Pierce, was killed by a freight train at William last Tuesday.
Mrs. Sheetz, from Elk Garden, is visiting friends in Pierce this week.
Mr. Taylor Davis has moved his family back to Elk Garden.
Mr. DeWit, of Thomas, was in Pierce Sunday.
Miss Lula Tasker, who is teaching at Potomac Mannor, spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents in Pierce.
The school is progressing nicely under the direction of Mr. Fortney.
Miss Ethel Eichelburger was in Thomas Monday.
Mamie Eichelburger, who has had typhoid fever, is able to be out again.
Mr. Robert Wilson, who has been ill, is now able to be out.
Miss Sundale, a Baptist Missionary lady, has an industrial school here every Saturday. The children are very much interested.
Sun Flower

On Friday of last week Dr. W J Koelz lectured to the physiology class at the preparatory School on the anatomy of the teeth. This lecture was well illustrated by charts and sections of teeth prepared for this purpose.

Fountain News

As I have been silent for quite awhile, I will try to give you a little of the news again.
We are so happy to know spring is so near at hand that we cant find words to express our feelings.
Mr and Mrs H J Bailey spent Saturday with Mr and Mrs Jacob Urice.
Miss Virgie Staggs returned home Tuesday from a ten day visit with friends at New Creek.
Miss Minnie Umstot came home Friday after teaching a very successful term of school at Short Gap.
Almost three whole months of “Leap Year” gone and not a single proposal made yet by any of the Fountain girls. Now isn’t that sufficient proof that they are “slow”.
Miss Blanche Staggs came home Sunday after spending two weeks with friends along Knobley.
Mr Harry Rogers was calling at Mr Seymour Taylors Monday night.
Mr B G Bailey was calling on his friend Miss Blanche Staggs Sunday evening.
Mr Jesse Taylor was calling on Miss Myrtle Bond Sunday evening.
Preaching at the Chapel Sunday at 3 pm. Everybody welcome.

Card of Thanks

We wish to express our sincere thanks to our neighbors and friends for their many acts of kindness extended to us during the illness and death of our daughter.
Mr and Mrs Hubert Miller

Legal Notice

This is to give notice to all persons that I will not be responsible for any bills made or debts contracted by my wife Caroline R Leatherman.

Signed A T Leatherman        Feb. 19 , 1912   2-23-4

Blockaded Road

A large rock, nearly as large as a box car, slid down from the mountain side and blockaded the W M R R near Barnum, Wednesday, trains were delayed for several hours. Dynamite used to remove the rock.

Heinz Demonstration

The Heinz company will give a demonstration of its 57 varieties at L C McDonalds store on Main Street tomorrow, Saturday March 23. The Heinz Company is one of the greatest preserving concerns in the world and a public demonstration by one of the company will be a sight worth witnessing. Everbody is invited to this demonstration which will last all day.

Fire Destroys Mills

The mills of the Tygart River Lumber Company, at Mill Creek Wva, sixteen miles southwest of Elkins Wva were entirely destroyed by fire which originated in the planning mill at a late hour Wednesday night. The loss amounting between $80,000 to $100,000. The lumber docks and the outside lumber were saved, but about 200 men, including the force in the woods were thrown out of employment.

Raspberry Plants For Sale

Fine,hardy raspberry plants of the following varieties. Cumberland,, Kansas and Haymaker, all black caps. Price ten dollars per thousand; less than one thousand one dollar and twenty five cents per hundred. Get them early.
H C Wright
Mountain View Orchard
Keyser, W. Va

As prescribed by the decree; One third cash on the day of sale; one-third in one year and the balance in two years from the day of sale. The deferred payments to bear interesT and to be secured by the note of the purchaser with approved personal security, and the legal title to be retained until all the purchase money is paid.
F C Reynolds
Wm C Clayton
Taylor Morrison
Special Commisioners
I J V Bell, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Mineral County do certify that the above named special commissioners have given the bond required by the above mentioned decree of sale.
J V Bell, Clerk


This is the last issue of the tribune under the present management. We have sold the Keyser Tribune paper and the printing outfit connected there with to the Keyser Tribune Company., Incorporated. We bespeak for that Company the liberal patronage that has formerly been extended to the present management, and feel assured that the public will receive better service from the new management.
We desire to express our appreciation and extend our thanks to our patrons for their liberal support and sympathetic assistance in this business. We especially desire to thank our staff of correspondents, whose weekly contributions have furnished the most interesting parts of our paper, for their valuable contributions.
All accounts due for job work and advertising done and all subscriptions to the Tribune that are past due should to paid to the O L bane at once. Subscriptions may be paid at the Tribune office also., but please be sure to pay them promptly.

Burlington Charge

Sunday, March 14, 1912, Services will be held at Purgittsville at 11 am, Junction, 3 pm , and Burlington at 7:30 pm.
A A P Neel,Pastor.


The Western Maryland Railroad Company has placed three of the seven hundred class of locomotives at the West Virginia Junction to be used in the helper service between that point and Fairfax, Wva. This makes six of these big engines stationed at the West Virginia junction and up to the present time they have been given perfect satisfaction. The class of locomotives is the envy of all the roads of this section on account of their neat appearance and of being so easily handled and being fine steamers.
Mr Isaac Kooken and sons have the contract for the erection of a large store room for Mr Reme Smoat of Oak View. The building is sixteen by forty feet.
The Consolidation Coal Company is making extensive preparation for the reopening of the mines at old Borden Shaft. This plant has been closed and abandoned for nearly thirty-five years on account of its being flooded out by water. There is a good amount of coal in this mine yet. This mine was formerly owned and operated by the Borden Mining Company.
The Western Maryland wrecking crew from Ridgely, Wva was called to Harrison, Wva On Saturday whence it was sent to Oakmont on the Elk Garden branch to replace a loaded car that had become derailed by running though a derailing switch at the mines of the Brady Coal Company.

The Sunday school class of Miss Alberta Saunders of the Baptist church will hold an exchange in Umstots place of business in Piedmont, Wva, Saturday afternoon.


The Spring goods have come, you can get them at I M Longs store.
Mr C K DeVries, proprietor of the Reynolds Hotel, was in Baltimore on business this week.
Low cut shoes and dainty Easter slippers at I M Long’s store.
Mr J S Chesshire was in Washington on business this week.
Spring dresses, shirts, at I M Long’s store.
Miss Lyda Sloan was shopping in Keyser Tuesday.
Mr Jessie Floyd has been on the sick list for the last two weeks.
Mr C C Junkins was in Keyser on business Tuesday.
See those dainty Spring dresses, patterns at I M Long’s store.
Then United States Supreme Court declared repair shopmen railroaders.
Get your choice apples at L C McDonald.
Mr and Mrs H G Wilson and Mr E S Stotler attended the funeral of Mr Floyd Stotler in Cumberland last Sunday.
L C McDonald’s store is headquarters for fresh eggs.
Mr John Riley, the land agent for the W M R R Co. was in Keyser on business this week.
L C McDonald has the best of shoes and pretty wash dress goods.
Mrs James Matheny, of Grafton, visited relatives and friends in Keyser this week.
D Long and Son have the latest in ladies collars, laces, and embroideries.
Mr R E L Hollen visited relatives in Terra Alta this week.
D Long and Son’s store is headquarters for up-to-date dry goods and notions.
Mrs. Clearance Borst and daughter, Miss Nellie, spent Saturday and Sunday in Keyser.
D Long and Son’s continues to sell the best shoes for men, women, and children.
Mrs Hattie Gordon returned to her home in Elk Garden last Saturday after a weeks visit to relatives in Keyser.
Get your Spring underwear at D Long and Son’s store.
Mr L E Oates was in Keyser on business last Saturday.
Mr John Sloan was in Keyser on business Tuesday.
Rev. H C Smith was visiting in Keyser Tuesday.
Mr. David Adams made the Tribune office a pleasant call Wednesday.
Atty H G Fisher writes that he and Mrs Fisher are having a great trip, they have seen the Panama Canal and many other wonders of that region.
Mr E B Stevenson, treasurer of the board of control, visited the Preparatory School Wednesday.
The T M and P is a real, fullpledged railroad already, it had a wreck this week. An engine and two cars went down over an embankment.
Mr Thomas Bosley, who taught near Davis, has concluded his term of school and returned to his home near Claysville.
Mr Butcher in Bankruptcy was here on business this week.
Mr L H Bane visited in Keyser this week.
At an election held in Cumberland last Tuesday, George G Young was elected mayor for another term, defeating F Brooke Whiting by a majority of 22 votes.
Alex Redmond was in Washington this week and called on President Taft.
See H C Wright’s ad of raspberry plants, he will treat you right for he is all Wright.
Mr and Mrs Patrick Dugan of Richmond Va are spending a few days here with relatives and friends.
Mrs A Dawson of Piedmont is visiting her daughter, Mrs Jno W Ravenscroft.
Mrs Maurice Newman and Mrs Russel Lewis spent Wednesday with relatives in Terra Alta.
Mr Davis Long and granddaughter, Miss Hattie Coffroth, left Wednesday on a visit to the Eastern Cities.
Mrs Earl Weltner accompanied by her brother-in-law arrived here Thursday morning.
Mr Will Broome has returned home from Frankfort Wva on Wednesday where he was called by the illness of his mother.
Mrs Charles Alkire, Mrs Robert Walsh, Mrs W H Crabtree and Miss Ella Whitford spent Wednesday the guests of Mr and Mrs Hilleary Dawson sale.
Messrs James Ludwick and Earl Duling, of Hartmonsville, were in Keyser on business this week.
Mr Dan Arnold visited in Keyser this week.
Dr Frank Wright was in Keyser on business Tuesday.
Mr Isaac Emmert was attending to business in Keyser Tuesday.
Mr and Mrs J R Kuykendall were shopping in Keyser Tuesday.
Mr S S Flanagan and daughter, Miss May, were visiting in Keyser last Tuesday.
W S Davis and Son can supply you with the best of groceries.
Mr B Armentrout, who has charge of of our poor house farm showed us a chicken hen egg the other day that weighed a little over four ounces. Who will be the next?
There will be a Hat Opening at L C McDonalds store tomorrow in connection with the Heinz Demonstration.
Rev and Mrs Miller, Misses Laura and Maude Miller, Messrs Harry George and Russel Miller of Baltimore, were called here this week by the death of Miss Gladys Miller.
Be sure to attend the Hat opening and Heinz demonstration at L C McDonald’s store tomorrow.
Mrs John Ravenscroft spent Sunday afternoon with relatives in Piedmont, Wva.
Messrs. Norvel Glover, Espey Workman, Vernon Twigg, Tolbert Wagoner, Jr. Frank Bright, Roy  Mulledy, Robert Fisher and T Hollen spent Sunday afternoon with friends in Piedmont.
Mrs A Whitman spent Sunday afternoon and evening in Oakland Md.
Born to Mr and Mrs Roy Rafter, Thursday, a fine son.
Miss Anna Dugan returned home Sunday from a visit to relatives and friends in Fairmont.
Mr O M Rizer, of Piedmont, spent Sunday evening with friends in Cumberland.
Mr N U Bond, of Oakland, spent Tuesday here on business.
Mr Gelbaugh, of Newburg, spent Tuesday her with his children.
Mrs Dawson, of Piedmont, is spending a short time here with her children, Mrs John Ravenscroft, Messrs E M and Wm Dawson.
Master Jack Rogers celebrated his third birthday last Monday afternoon at his home on Armstrong St. several of his little friends were present and the little tots spent a very pleasant evening, light refreshments were served.

Dawson News

Mr Floyd Stotler died at the Alleghany Hospital Friday morning at 10:400 oclock, aged 49 years. Mr Stotler was a merchant of this place also postmaster and agent for the W M R R Co. Interment was made in Rose Hill Cemetery Saturday afternoon. Rev H C Smith officiating. He leaves a wife and two children, a daughter and a son. Miss Ruth B, of this place, and Mr Leroy, of Colfax Washington, Mr Stotler was very prominent and will be greatly missed in the community.
Mr and Mrs Robert Yonker of Keyser, spent a few days with relatives here this week.
The Western Maryland R R Co. has established a Telegraph office at Green, near this place.
Miss Ella Whitford, of Keyser, is visiting Mrs H C Dawson this week.
ExSquire Stanley Cresap, of Rawlings, was calling on friends here Saturday.
Born unto Mr and Mrs Gerry Taylor a daughter last Sunday.
The first Thunder storm of the season passed over Tuesday night, March the 19th.
Miss Bessie and Grace Vanmeter were visiting friends at Keyser and vicinity Sunday.
Miss Daisy Bobo’s and Miss May Davis, of Westernport, are visiting at Mr M V Bobo’s this week.

Birthday Surprise

Mr W H Clary and wife of W H Clary, of the U P Church, was very pleasantly surprised on her 69th birthday. March. 20. Her children with a few friends gave her a birthday party. Those attending were Mrs. J F Grayson, Roberts M d, Mrs V M Grayson, Antioch Wva, Mrs L W Grayson, Keyser Wva, her son and two daughters of deer Park Md and quite a number of friends of Deer Park Md. All join in wishing her many happy days.


The lovers of good music richly enjoyed a musicale given by the choir of the Davis St. M E Church last Tuesday evening. A large audience paid high compliment to the excellent performance.

Home For Sale

I will sell my property in McCoole, Md, consisting of a dwelling house containing of seven rooms situated on a lot 247 by 225 feet. On this lot are about forty large apple trees and other fruit trees, also several outbuildings all in good condition. Good well and cistern on lot. This is a pretty location for a home.
If sold at once the price will be reasonable and the terms liberal.

New Federal Building

Senator Watson has introduced a bill in the senate asking for an appropriation of $75,000 for a Federal Building in Keyser. The Keyser people greatly appreciate this move on the part of our Senator and all think that now is the time for the erection of such a building here, and that it can built now much cheaper than later as the price of such lots as it will require are rapidly advancing.

Birthday Party and Supper

The many friends of Mr Theodore Wilson of Borden Mines tendered him a party and supper at his residence on Friday March 15, in honor of his 61st mile stone along lifes eventful road. Those present were; Mr Theodore Wilson, Miss Martha Wilson, Messrs. Blaine, George, Arnold, Allen, and Carl Wilson, Mr George Buckalew and wife and son, Russel, of Borden Shaft, Mr Henry Wilson and son, Fred, of Borden Shaft, Mr George Dawson and wife, of Westernport,, S B Dawson, wife and daughter, Gracie, of this place, Mr Thomas Blainer, wife and son of Gilmore; Mr John Wilson and wife, of Frostburg; Mr William Ort, wife and family of Borden Mine; Mr William Schell, of Frostburg. The guests began to assemble about 7:30 pm. After wishing their host many happy returns of the day they were invited to the dining room where they enjoyed a repast of the delicacies of the season. S B Dawson and Miss Martha Wilson  catered to the wants of the guests. Afterward, the guests were invited to the parlor where they were entertained by several selections on the piano, also several songs by S B Dawson, Mrs Thomas Bainer, Martha Wilson, and Mrs Bertha Ort.


Aunt Sylvia Washington, an aged colored woman of this place, died on Thursday morning, March 14, at an advanced age.
“Aunty” as she was familiarly called, was well known and highly respected by both white and colored. She had friends by the score. As far as can be learned she was about 80 years of age. She leaves an aged husband and several children. Her funeral took place on Friday.


Messrs. Lester and James H  Dawson visited their parents at Ocean on Sunday.
Mr Willie Miller, of Dodson, Md is visiting friends here for a few days.
Mr James A Dawson, of Oakmont, Wva, is calling on friends here and at Midland.
Mr Spates Brady, of the Brady Coal Company, was a business caller at Harrison the later part of this week.
Mr Harrison Morris, of Keyser Wva,was visiting relatives here on Friday afternoon.
Mr H A Dawson and wife were visiting friends at Franklin on Sunday.
Mr Willie Niland, of the West Virginia Junction, was calling on his many friends here Sunday.
Miss Mary Coleman, of Beryl, Wva, was visiting friends in town yesterday.
Messrs. Fred Wrice, of near Headsville, Wva, and William Caldwell, of Limestone, Wva, were visitors in town on Saturday.
Mr William Miller, of Dan’s Mountain, was a business caller at Lonaconing the latter part of this week.
Mr William McFarland, of the West Virginia Junction, who has been confined to his home by illness is able to be out again.
Squire Clearance Cross, of McCoole, was a business caller here the latter part of the week.
Mrs Sarah Dawson, of Shanks, Hampshire County, Wva, is her children here.
Miss Violet Youst, who has been ill for some time, is able to be out again.