AUGUST 23, 1912


  Aug 21, 1912
  Mr and Mrs L J Mott returned last week from A weeks visit at Durban and Davis.
  Mr and Mrs Claude Martin, of Keyser, were in our midst the first of this week.
  Sur D G Martin is doing some work this week for the county court near Cumberland.
  Mrs Martha Bacorn, of Martin is visiting here this week.
  Mrs A George of our village raised some "Kentucky wonder" beans that measure eleven and one half inches. Next.


  Otis Rogers and Miss Olive, his sister, are visiting down about Hanging Rock. They will return home this week.
  Perry Biser was threshing at Frank Carnell's Tues.
  W T Whipp's are overhauling the Beaver Run road again. This road has been greatly damaged by the hard rains.
  Peter Arnold and wife returned home this way from Keyser last Sun. They went to Hagerstown last Fri to have Dr Highberger, the optician, fix Mrs Arnold's eyes with glasses. It will be remembered she went to Baltimore several months ago to have one eye operated upon. The effects have not been so gratifying, but this doctor has given encouragement by the use of properly fitted glasses.
  W B Leatherman and wife returned from Ohio within the week. They went but did not fasten on any property out there. Chas High, who was with them returned to Keyser Sat. Mon he started home to Eastern Shore and Mr Leatherman accompanied him to Frederick to prospect again with a view to renting a house for the present.
  The campmeeting is on now, and is largely attended, I'm told.
  Miss Smith, a nurse at the Hoffman hospital, was over here a few days on her vacation.
  Mrs Grace Ziler and children of Cumberland, are up on the Run visiting.
  Miss Florence Cheshire will teach the school here, so I hear.
  Miss Effie Betson, who has been visiting at J B Leatherman's for more than a year, will return to her home near Short Gap this week.
  I R Biser's have a fine crop of peaches and they are marketing the Elbertas now. The peaches are netting at least a dollar bushel. A nice business.
  Gus Clinedinst is still indisposed. Can be up part of the time but is confined to the house.
  G S A


  Mrs Walter Rogers was the guest of her sister, Mrs W U Kight, at Hambleton this week.
  H D Worden and T W Buckner started for Cumberland this Thurs in Mr Buckner's automobile.
  Mrs H J Kight and daughter Margaret, returned Wed from a visit with relatives in Mineral County.
  Mrs L H Mott has been quite ill the last week.
  Mrs Arthur Fisher and children returned this Thurs from a visit in Keyser.
  Henry Hoffman left Tues to spend a few days in Baltimore.
  Miss Rozelia DeVaney is visiting friends in Keyser.
  Prof J W Stayman, of Keyser, was a business visitor in town Wed. -From Davis News of 15th.


  Prof Jos W Stayman of the Keyser Preparatory, was looking for students in this vicinity last week and not without success.
  Miss Juanita L Blackburn,of Keyser was the guest of Miss Madonna Smith last week.
  Mrs Wm White, Mr and Mrs John Rousch and daughter, Maurine, of New Philadelphia, Ohio, were the guests of Wm T Jones' family last week.
  Mrs J P Callan, of Washington DC, who had been visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs Mary Fleming, for several weeks, returned to her home last week.
  Drs Carter Long and Ben Dawson of Keyser, are doing dental work at Blaine and Elk Garden.
  Rev F C Rollman went to campmeeting last Mon and spoke on the "Orphanage Proposition at Keyser" on Tues.
  Mr Perry Streets, having hauled a load of huckleberry pickers to the Pinnacle on Wed of last week, was picking some scattering blackberries along the mountain road after his team was hitched at the camping place. He came upon a large rattlesnake in the road and killed it. This so unnerved him that he went back to camp. Soon his attention was arrested by the distresses cries of a bird near by, and going in that direction, he found that another large rattlesnake was the cause of the bird's distress and he killed it. The color arrangement of the snake skins was beautiful indeed, and it is worth a trip to the Pinnacle to see two large rattlesnakes. But is is very seldom that a rattlesnake is killed in the huckleberry woods.
  Mrs Ora Blackburn and two daughters, Vauda and Reily, visited friends at Deer Park the past week.
  A force of 125 men is working on the branch road. Changes are being made and four more bridges put in than before.
  The potato blight swept through the potato patches the first of this week. It made quick work in many instances, but it is believed that there is not much damage done to the crop for the potatoes were about done growing.
  Mr I H Bane and family went to Bayard last Mon to attend the celebration of the birthday of Mrs Mary Nethken.
  Mr Cas Paugh moved to Westernport the first of this week. Misses Laura and Bee Paugh remained at Elk Garden.
  Misses Mamie White and Mary Ashby, and Messrs Henry Sayre, John McLaughlin, Supt H H Harrison and R M Dean attended the campmeeting last Sun.
  Rev L C Messick announce d to his congregation last Sun evening that the conference year is drawing to a close.
  Miss Agnes Patton is home from a trip to Weston.
  Miss Clara Dempsey of Barton, visited friends here last week.
  Lloyd Oates went to Piedmont last Tues for his automobile.


  Press (Petersburg) of 15th
  E G Kessel has typhoid fever.
  Mrs G H Whitesel, of Lanesville has a light attack of typhoid fever.
  Masters Dunlap and Zell Brady, of Fairmont, are visiting their aunt, Mrs E L Judy.
  B J Baker is in receipt of a letter from his old friend, F X Jenkins, who is now on an island in the Albermarle Sound in Dar County, North Carolina, fifteen miles from a postoffice and the same distance from the Atlantic Ocean. Mr Jenkins was a pioneer traveling salesman for a grocery house in this section of the country, and built up a large trade. He has many friends among the older residents who are always glad to hear of him, and if Major Norment is still living (which we hope he is) he will be delighted to hear of F X.
  Mrs A A Welton, of Williamsport, who has been visiting here for several days, left Tues for her home, accompanied by Miss Alice Welton, of Piedmont, who for the past two weeks has been a pleasant visitor in our midst.
  Born Sat, to John Martin Jr, and wife, a girl.
  Miss Jemima Armentrout, of Va, arrived here Tues evening to see her sister, Miss Sallie Strader, who has typhoid fever.
  The Grant-Hardy-Hampshire Mineral Medical Society held a meeting here Tues afternoon. Quite a number of the MD's from the different counties were present.
  B J Baker has been appointed a delegate by the South Branch Board of Trade to the annual meeting of the State board of Trade which will be held in Morgantown Oct 8th and 9th. The other delegates are H B Gilkeson of Romney, and J Wm Gilkeson and C B Welton, of Moorefield.
  J H Schaeffer and wife and Harry V Schaeffer, of Mt Storm, Mrs A V Parker, of Romney, and Mrs John A Kimble, of Bayard, were in town Fri. They came down in Harry's auto. Mrs Parker and Mrs Kimble are guests at the Mt Storm Inn for a few days.
  Mrs Lynn Hill and Miss Connie Davis, who were visiting relatives at Mt Savage and Cresaptown Md, came home Sun, accompanied by Miss Nell Hudson, of Cresaptown, who will spend some time here.
  C A Bergdoll has finished the dwelling he was erecting fro W C Moomau in the northern part of town,and now has a force of men at work repairing W C Harman's dwelling near the Hampshire Southern depot.


  Moorefield Examiner of 15th
  The High Knob Orchard Co of Purgittsville shipped last week from 80 tree 180 Delawares of the Carmen variety. Dallas Rogers is manager of this orchard.
  Jno W Seymour who has been visiting here for some time, left Mon for his home in Kansas. He was accompanied as far as Cincinnati Ohio by Andy Seymour, who will visit friends there.
  Mrs Laura Cunningham and daughter, Miss Bettie, of Ansterditz, Ky, arrived Sunday, and will visit relatives here for a short time.
  Mrs T B Bowles and little daughter Margaret, of Cumberland, who have been visiting friends at Old Fields and Durgon, returned home Tues.
  Mr and Mrs J G Kuykendall of Charleston, arrived last week on a visit to relatives here.
  Miss Mollie Paxton, of Washington, and Mrs F H Brohenborough, of Lexington Va, arrived last week and are guests of their sister, Mrs Jesse Fisher.
  Miss Molelle Kuykendall, of Martinsburg, arrived Fri on a visit to relatives. Miss Kuykendall has about recovered from her recent operation for appendicitis.
  Tommy Bean, of Keyser, is spending several days with relatives in Bean Settlement this week.
  Rev F T Griffith, wife and son, and Mrs C L Cunningham, who have been visiting here for several weeks, left Sat for their homes. Their many friends enjoyed their visit very much.
  Mrs T B Scott arrived here Tues evening from Boston, for a short visit.
  Rev A W Wood, of Murat Va, arrived last week on a visit to his parents.
  Carl Allen, who was operated upon for appendicitis in Richmond, is, we are glad to say, improving nicely.
  L Brinker, of St Augustine Fla, arrived last week on a visit to his parents, Mr and Mrs W E Rinker.
  Misses Marie and Katherine Hack of near Winchester arrived today and will spend the week at Camp Do Easy.
  Miss Margaret Sommerville of Newport News Va, arrived Mon on a visit to her aunt, Mrs C B Welton.
  Miss Edith McClung, of Salem, Va, arrived Sat evening and is spending the week with the Do Easy Camp.
  Miss Nannie Clinedisnt who has been visiting on Lost River, has returned home, Harold Bowman went after her.
  R A Welch, Harry Markwood and several friends from Keyser, are spending several days up South Fork fishing.


  Review (Romney) of 14th
  Miss Kate Brady is visiting friends at Bloomington Md.
  Mr and Mrs R M Frye of Keyser, spent a day or two here last week.
  W H Poling, of NY City, has been spending several days here with his parents, Mr and Mrs V M Poling.
  Misses Anne and Helen George, of Washington, are visiting their sister, Mrs J H Billingsley, here.
  Charles McCarty, of Winchester, has been spending several days with the family of Mrs C M McCarty.
  Henry White left Mon to spend his vacation in Wheeling and Mt Lake Park.
  Henry Cornwell, of Fairfax County, Va, is a guest of his cousin, John J Cornwell.
  C W Shank and wife left Thurs for Belpre Ohio, where they will make their home.
  R A Fisher, of Richmond, Va, came last Thurs for a visit of several weeks with relatives here.
  Flournoy Largent left Mon for Columbus, Ohio. Returning he will stop off at Mt Lake Park.


  Mrs Marshall Parsons and grand daughter, Miss Dorris Parsons, spent several days last week at the home of J T Woodson.
  Percy Sloan and party, of Lonaconing, are spending some time at one of the Raven Rock cottages.
  Rev and Mrs F T Griffith, and son Beatty, of Citra Fla, are spending a few days with Mrs N B Guthrie.
  Miss Lucy Blue entertained a number of young folks at Raven rock cottage from Thurs evening until Sat.

Review (Romney) of 21st

  Miss Susan Kuykendall spent last Fri in Cumberland.
  Miss Ida Umstot, of Keyser is visiting at I P Levings.
  Miss Hoppie Keller is visiting her sister, Mrs Ed Sollars near Oakland.
  Miss Grace Raymond, of Pittsburg, is the guest of Mrs J L Kuykendall.
  Mrs W R Hill and son, Bernard, are visiting relatives at Shepherdstown.
  Miss Annie Russell of Fairmont, spent Sun here with Mr and Mrs Wm Russell.
  Mrs Eugene E Ailes and children of Washington, are guests at John J Cornwell's.
  Misses Eva and Ola Conway, of Fairmont, are the guests of their sister, Mrs W W McClaine.
  Garrett parsons, Sr and son Garrett, attended the Parsons Reunion at Parsons last Sat.
  Last Sun was the 69th birthday anniversary of Rev G A Gibbson, and he referred to it in his sermon at St Stephens Church. He has been rector of this parish 27 years.
  Mrs Geo Gibson and Mrs Rose Compton, of Denver, Colorado, are the guests of Mrs Sallie Stump, near town.
  A C Albert, of Monroe county, who was appointed principal of the Romney Graded School, secured a place more to his liking and threw up the appointment here. O W Snarr, of this county, to the position. The school will open Sept 16.


  Mr Elihu S riley, an attorney of Annapolis, Md, is taking his vacation at Mrs Minnie Duling's.
  Mr Clarence Gardner and family, of New Creek, were on a visit to his father-in-law, Arch L Junkins, of Emoryville, last week.
  Several persons attended Van Myra camp from here last Sun.
  Rev F C Rollman, of Elk Garden, preached for Rev Mr White at Emoryville last Sun morning.
  Mr C T Yeager of Pocahontas Co, has contracted to teach the Hartmonsville school, and has rented two rooms of Dr Morgan, and is going to house keeping this winter.
  Mr Vernon Roderick, of Shaw, was calling on friends here last Sun.
  Mrs Mary Danner and son, John of Burlington, are on a visit to her daughter, Mrs Henry Kitzmiller.
  Mr W P Roderick was at Keyser on business last Mon.
  Miss Emma Roderick, of Schell, attended preaching at Blake Chapel last Sun night.
  Mr Arch L Junkins, of Emoryville, desires us through the Tribune to express his sincere thanks to everyone who contributed money or good, or who assisted in any way towards his comfort since his loss in the flood of July 24.
  The road leading from Hartmosnville to Emoryville certainly needs the attention of some one. About a quarter of a mile of it is almost impassable, and if something is not done soon it will be of no use to work it this season, as late working of roads makes plenty of mud.


  A few people are done harvesting. Some are half done and some are just beginning. The hay yield will probably exceed last year's crop by one-third.
  Most of the late potatoes and some of the earlier ones have been struck by blight.
  Some changes are being made in our schools. The Mt Storm school house is to be moved up the road opposite David Aronhalt's and will be christened with a new name. A new school house will be built near the store at Mt Storm. The White Hall school house will be moved to a point opposite Schell road, near Russ Liken's scales. Miss Jessie Bobo will teach the last named school. Ed, D Hanlin will teach the school at Mt Storm.
  Calf buyers are plentiful and calves are bringing good prices. Most of the cattle have been sold, and some have changed hands as many as three times already.
  Miss Jessie Bobo is attending institute at Petersburg this week. her father took her over.
  Mr Jeff Groves was here several days last week in the interest of his farm.
  Parker Bros are here this week making their hay. They lost five cattle from black leg.
  Charles Fisher, our blacksmith, had his only cow killed by lightning.
  X O X


  Piedmont, Aug 17.
  Eddie Carroll was taken to the Hoffman Hospital at Keyser this week with a mild case of typhoid fever.
  Mrs B M Bowman and daughter Ruth, left today for a visit to relatives living on a farm near Keyser.
  Mr P M Spangler, formerly a well-known citizen of this place, yesterday opened a 5 and 10 cent store in the Ball property, formerly occupied by Mr C T Neff on Green Street. We bespeak for Mr Spangler a share of the public patronage.
  Mr Thomas Bayard Michael and Miss Anna Estelle Kline, both of Westernport, were married at the home of the bride's mother, Wed evening, Aug 14, 1912, by Rev Wm Harris.
  Mr Norman Richardson of Pittsburg, came here Wed on train No 55 to accompany his nieces, Misses Portia and Mary Richardson, to Atlantic City. they left the same evening on No 12 and expect to be absent about one week.


  Nothwithstanding the fact that there are several empty tents on the ground, camp meeting seems to be moving along in a quiet and orderly manner. The crowd wasn't as large last Sun as it has been on Sundays of former years. This is accounted for by reason of the fact that there is hardly any dust on the roads. People will not turn out unless the dust is about ankle deep on old Dobbin.
  the railroad hauled about 600 from the county seat and the ride was enjoyed by all. They claim it beats buggying or horse back riding.
  Peaches are plentiful and seem to be faring as well as would be expected. no complaints have been made that have been heard of. Chickens in various ways are served daily on nearly all tables.
  The choir is doing fairly well considering the fact that several of the hymn books have been lost since last year and as high as tow and three have to sing out of one book. This makes it right inconvenient but they manage to worry along. the famous "Romney Alto" is very conspicuous by her absence. This makes a part that is vacant.
  There is considerable complaint about some "Stomach Campers," as they are called. These are people who only come for their meals. The principal ones are Cam Arbogast and Ed Vandiver. They come around and eat three times per day and never so much as drop a suspender button in the collection plate. Next year there will be a rule to cover this.
  The board walk which in former years was crowded from each end to the middle and back again is nearly vacant. Bald hornets and mice are the only inhabitants. This makes a long dark stretch that used to be a blaze of light by night.
  Next Sun everybody must be up and have their beds made by 7:30 am. by doing this the camp will be in good shape by the time the excursion gets in from the county seat. Last Sun this was not done and several excursionists complained about it.
  The killing and picking of chickens will not be allowed on the Sabbath.
  The railroad company have been warned not to block the crossing as they have been in the habit of doing. Uncle John Early Rizer will be stationed there next Sun and this rule will be enforced or he will execute a mandamus or something in behalf of the people. Arrests will be made next Sun if there is any more buying and selling of railroad tickets. Scalping is strictly prohibited by the Pure Food Law and the majesty thereof must be upheld.


  Miss Vanilla Buttonhook came home one day last week looking as if she had been cleaning out at stove pipe. It was found out later that she had ridden the T M & P down from Fleatown and was only covered with cinders.
  Miss Myra Nefflen of the county seat is visiting on the camp ground at Tent No 10. She did not recite "The Missionary's Farewell" at the missionary meeting last Wed as reported.
  Cam Arbogast was over Wed and brought Miss Minnie Swift a box of candy. Minnie has withdrawn her suit.
  Some one stole the camp grindstone and several of the good sisters have had a hard time slicing ham with a dull knife. Unless the guilty party returns said stone at once a warrant will be issued for his or her arrest as soon as their name is found out.
  Jim Norwood, who is running the railroad lunch room, received a watermelon Wed that weighed 75 pounds. It was grown for the occasion. So Jim says.
  Miss Laruel Root went out driving one evening last week and didn't get back until nearly dark.
  Lon Wallace, TM&P agent at Fleatown, killed a veal last week and worked it off on the campers.
  Luther Pinkwhiskers Meyers has been down to camp several evenings this week.
  Uncle Hiram Root went to camp meeting last Sun and has been poorly every since, but at this time is about the same.


  Aug 13.
  We have had several days good hay weather and our farmers have been using it to good advantage. Many of the meadows hereabouts are much better than they were thought to be before cutting. A piece of meadow near the writer's house, that made two small stacks last year has been mowed and they are now finishing the sixth large stack, wit a few shocks left. But in the low land the grass was badly injured by the June frost.
  Our new merchants at Schell are putting in quite a stock of goods and appear to be doing a good business. Success to friend Joe and his partners.
  Peddler Gabe was through our neighborhood last week displaying his goods, wares and merchandise. Of course he sells "sheep, sheep, velly sheep."
  Some stock -butcher stuff is moving out now at very high prices. Mutton sheep are bringing anywhere from eight to eleven dollars per head. Such mutton must make pretty "high cost of living." But, by the way, let us change the above quotation so as to read, the cost of high living, and the whole question would be solved. It is a well-known fact to any thinking man that a vast amount of money is spent daily for "stuff" to eat that is not only not food, but stuff that is detrimental to health. Now, add to this the amount of good food that is wasted in our nation each day and you will have enough wholesome food to feed the nation the next day. This would lessen the cost of living one half, and as prices are always governed by supply and demand, it would reduce the prices of food stuffs.
  Rev and Mrs Eubank's baby has been quite poorly from indigestion the past few days, but is now some better.
  Jim Roderick made a trip to Keyser yesterday to have some teeth extracted.
  People here generally well.
  Uncle John


  Miss Bessie Parsons of NY, spent several days here last week with her parents, Mr and Mrs E E Parsons.
  Miss Maggie Guthrie has as her guest Miss Ray Parker, of Lynchburg Va. Miss Parker is a daughter of Rev Richard A Parker, a Methodist missionary to China.
  Mrs A M Earl, is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Jesse Fisher, at Moorefield.
  Misses Maud and Katherine Hodgson, of Cumberland, and Mr Ailes of Washington, were in camp for a few days last week with the Lonaconing party at Raven Rock Park.
  Miss Lucy Blue entertained a number of the young people of the neighborhood at her home on Fri evening.
  Earl Thrush, of Moorefield, was a guest at the home of Jas H Blue last week.
  Edward Zimmerman and party, of Baltimore, are occupying the Woodson cottage.
  Mr and Mrs Arthur Turney and daughter, Dorothy, of Pittsburg, who have been guests of Mrs J H blue, returned home Sat.
  Robert Washington Jr, has as his guests from Washington, Frank Lockland and Roderick Altimer.


  Aug 20
  It is claimed that Sun, Aug 18, was one of the hottest days that has been felt here this summer. The heat was intense, notwithstanding the fact that there was a good breeze blowing.
  Miss O'Hanley, daughter of Mr John O'Hanley, died at her late home on Front St, of this place, on Sun morning after a long illness. The deceased had been in failing health for several months and all that loving hearts and medical skill could do was done for her relief.
  Mr Harrison Morris of Keyser, was visiting his father-in-law, S B Dawson, on Mon afternoon.
  Deputy Sheriff Don Davis, of Keyser, was a business caller here on Mon.


  Mrs Isaac Mills and two sons are visiting friends in Va.
  Miss Nellie Swisher of Davis, is visiting Mr and Mrs J E McGill.
  Mr D B Leatherman of near Burlington, was in town Tues on business.
  Miss Ethel Ritzell, of Wheeling, came home last Sun to spend her vacation.
  Miss Ella Sharpless returned home Tues from a visit to her sister at Kerens.
  Marshall Virts and wife left on No 12 last Sat night for a trip to Atlantic City.
  Mr and Mrs Don Parsons, of Waynesboro, Pa, are visiting home folks and friends.
  Miss Bessie Kimmell has returned home from a visit to Grafton and Weston.
  W H Neff, of Potomac Md, spent Wed here with his daughter, Mrs F L Byrd.
  Mr and Mrs Chas McNemar, of Cumberland, are the guests of Mr and Mrs W C Lewis.
  C U Fout, of near Purgittsville, was in town Tues with his periodical load of produce.
  Mrs Roger Fazenbaker and daughter, Miss Eva, of Cumberland, are visiting relatives here.
  Mrs James, of Clarksburg, came in Mon on a visit to her brother, Dr Maxwell, for a few days.
  Dr J W Johnston, of Clarksburg, was here Mon night on a flying visit to his mother, Mrs Sallie Johnston.
  Miss Ada Wagner has returned home from Michigan, where she was taking a course in a kindergarten school.
  A J Meeks, of Piedmont, was brought to the Hoffman Hospital Mon suffering from typhoid fever.
  Ed Rice and sister, Miss Annie, left on No 4 Wed on a trip to Richmond and other points in Va.
  Mrs W S Davis and daughter, Miss Frances, returned home Tues from their visit to Hagerstown.
  Miss Mary Bees returned to her home in Baltimore on Mon from a visit to her friend, Miss Isabelle Sobraske.
  Miss Bertha Hanes is visiting home folks here. Miss Haines has been employed as milliner in Connellsville Pa.
  Mrs Willis Pollock and baby returned last Fri from their visit to their grandfather R N Fout, near Purgittsville.
  Miss Anna Vossler has been spending the past week with Misses Virginia and Margaret Duckwell, near Berkeley Springs.
  Mrs W A Russell has returned to her home in Levels, from a visit to the home of her brother, Mr McGill, of Fort Avenue.
  Mr and Mrs H B Grant returned form Moscow Sat and after spending Sun here left Mon for their home at Ellicott city.
  Miss May Rice returned to her home at Burnswick last Sat after nine weeks visit at the home of her grandmother, Mrs Laura Rice, at McCoole.
  Mr and Mrs Edgar Ward have returned to their home at Chicago Junction, Ohio, from a visit to relatives here. Miss Ward, of Alaska, accompanied them home.
  Miss Edyth McMakin and Julia Wright returned home Sat night from Romney, at which place they spent about three weeks visiting friends and relatives.
  Mr W A Hillary, an old retired B&O railroader, now of Pittsburg, spent several days here last week with relatives and friends, leaving for home Sat.
  Ralph Ruckman and Martin Barnett, of Stewart Ill, who have been on a visit to Romney and Washington, stopped off here Tues night to pay Mrs Murray Winters and Miss Cora Martin a short visit on their way home.
  Miss Ethel Miers, of Keyser, who visited Miss Ada Connelly, Maryland Avenue, has returned to Keyser.
  Miss Maude Blair, of Keyser, is visiting Mrs J I McDonald, East John Street, Martinsburg.
  Mr Dorsey Atkins, of Hagerstown, is visiting his sister, Mrs Wheeler Davis, Grand Avenue. -Cumb News of 21st.
  Mr John Bailey, of Headsville, was in town Wed. Mr Bailey is suffering from a large boil on his leg. He came to meet his son, Harry, who is on crutches and will be laid up for several weeks yet. He has been working on bridge work for the W Md railroad, and the other day a heavy piece of timber fell on his right foot, cutting off two toes.
  John Fetzer made a business visit to Oakland yesterday.
  Ex-Editor Bane, of Elk Garden, was a visitor in town yesterday.
  Mrs H J Wentz, of Rawlings, spent Mon here with friends.
  Mrs Harry Atkins and nephew paid Cumberland a visit yesterday.
  Prof Groves, of Kitzmiller Md, was a visitor here Wed.
  Mrs Poplin and two daughters were visitors to Cumberland yesterday.
  Lloyd Oats and John Gordon, of Elk Garden, were in town Wed.
  C M Dayton and family have returned from a visit to relatives in Newark, Ohio.
  John Biggs, of Westernport, spent last Sun here as a guest of his aunt, Mrs Geo W Bane.
  Ed Rice and family spent from last Sat to Mon with relatives at Brunswick.
  Mrs E V Romig and son jack returned home yesterday from their visit to Ohio and Pittsburg.
  Miss Nell Griffith, of Cumberland, spent the first of the week here with Miss Ellen McKenzie.
  Messrs I H Bane, of Elk Garden, and Morgan Bane, of Sulphur, spent Wed night here.
  Miss Louise Gertstell, Easton Pa, is the guest of her cousins Misses Louise and Blanche Woolfe.
  Mrs Sallie Johnston, who has been right ill the past week, is some better, but still confined to her bed.
  Charley Taylor, of Petersburg, and G E Harmison, of Romney, were in town yesterday on business.
  Rev W C Ney left for his home at Newport Pa, Wed, leaving his family here for a longer visit.
  Little Margaret Johnson, seven year old daughter of Mr and Mrs J B Johnson, is ill with typhoid fever.
  Miss Grace Steiding returned home Wed from a few days visit to the home of her grandfather near Oakland.
  Mr and Mrs Jno N Poland, and little daughter, Thelma, of Richmond Va, are visiting their uncle T P McKenzie.
  Miss Laura Neville returned home on Tues from an extended visit with her sister, Miss Nellie Neville, at Ronceverte.
  Mrs Emma Ludwig and daughter, Miss Ethel of Baltimore, who spent several weeks here with relatives and friends returned home Mon.
Mr and Mrs A C Feather and son and their visitors attended the Forman reunion at Albrights Sat and returned home Mon evening.
  Rev Charles Biggs returned from Baltimore Mon night to spend the balance of his vacation, and will preach in the M E Church on next Sun morning.
  Sam Dawson, of Lord, visited his parents near Keyser W Va. He says the crops are larger this year than for many years. -Midland cor. Cumb News of 20th.
  Mr and Mrs Russell Wagoner, of Cincinnati, Ohio, who have been visiting home folks here, are paying Mrs Wagoner's people at Frostburg,a visit this week.
  Mr and Mrs Harley Ravenscroft, of Danville, Ill, and Miss Anna Ravenscroft of Westernport Md, spent from Sat until Mon with relatives here and at McCoole.
  Mr and Mrs Warren Denton (nee Miss Lola Swisher) of Harrisonburg, Va, arrived here Tues on a visit to the former's parents, Mr and Mrs J H Swisher at New Creek.
  Sen L J Foreman, wife and daughter, of Petersburg, stopped off here from Tues to Thurs on their way home. They had been visiting relatives in Preston county since last Fri.
  Mr and Mrs Fred Kaths, of Hutchinson, Kansas, are spending a couple of weeks in this county. Mr Kaths is a grain dealer, and his wife was Miss Wessie Thomas, of Laurel Dale, this county.
  H F Johnston, who holds a responsible position with the B&O railroad co, and has had headquarters at Hammond, Ind, has been transferred to Columbus, Ohio, and moved to that place last Sun.
  Mr E A Russell, Keyser, general manager of the Twin Mountain and Potomac railroad, was in this city last night on his return home from a business visit to Romney. Mr Russell said that quite a demonstration is being planned when the T M & P RR is opened its entire length this fall. -Cumb News of 21st.


  Wade Sheetz has accepted a position in the B&O express office.
  Mrs J T Snyder was operated on Mon at the Hoffman Hospital for some female trouble.
  Miss Pearl Abernathy, who has been visiting Miss Toria Offner left Tues for Clarksburg.
  Miss Amanda Stevenson returned home from Cumberland Wed accompanied by Miss Ruth Davis.
  Mrs J W Chapman, Mrs C C McKee and daughter, Miss Amy, left Wed for a visit to Va.
  W W Long and family and Tom Coffman spent Tues down near Foote fishing. They didn't catch many fish, but report a good time.
  Mrs Chas Dayton entertained a number of her friends at her home Wed evening in a royal manner in honor of Mr Dayton's birthday.
  Mayor F H Babb and family, Attorney Taylor Morrison and Bun Markwood in Mr Morrison's auto, went to Royal Glenn above Petersburg, Wed on a fishing trip for a few days.
  Mrs Kate Corder has returned from an extended visit to her daughter at Ashland Ky. Mrs Frank Corder and children of Terra Alta, came down with her on a visit.
  Thos M Adams and Wilbur Chapman left Wed night for the south Branch, above Romney, on an outing for a few days. We will have a big fish story when they return.
  Ticket agent Chas McGahan says the passenger traffic to Van Myra camp has been pretty good this week. Last Sun was the record breaker. He sold nearly three hundred tickets for the morning train.
  The T M & P brought in a crowd of excursionists from Burlington yesterday afternoon who spent an hour or so here. Among the party were the Misses Jane Sloan, Ann, Mary and Lottie Vandiver, Louise Wilson, Mr John Sloan and daughter, C W Smith, Arnold Vandiver and Dr Wright.
  Miss Bessie Russell, who is in the hospital, is reported better.
  W S Davis has added a pair of computing scales to his meat market.
  Attorney H G Fisher returned yesterday from a short trip to Morgantown.
  Mr and Mrs George Rees, of Washington, are the guests of Mr and Mrs J H Markwood.
  Elmer Giffini has moved his family to Rowelsburg, where he is in the mercantile business.
  Mrs M C Fisher and daughter, Miss Elizabeth, have gone to Morgantown on a visit.
  Edmond Getty, of Piedmont, was brought to the hospital Wed. he has typhoid fever.
  Miss Lorna Hewett, of NY, arrived yesterday on a visit to her cousin, Mrs N J Crooks.
  E A Russell, general manager of the T M & P RR, left on No 1 last night on a business trip to Fairmont.
  Mrs D r W J Koelz and little daughter, Martha Lee, have returned from their visit to relatives at Parkersburg.
  Mrs W H Siveter and daughter, Miss Frances, of Pittsburg, are guests of Mr and Mrs R G Richardson, this week.
  Miss Mattie Carskadon, of Baltimore, who spent a week here with her grandparents, Mr and Mrs J R Carskadon, went home Wed.
  Mrs Carried Smith, daughters, Misses robin and Virginia, and son William, returned to their home in Parkersburg Wed.
  Miss Nannie Miller, daughter of Mr and Mrs C M Miller, of Keyser, was the guest for a few days last week of Mr and Mrs D M Dixon. -Oakland Republican of 22nd.
  Mrs Wm Heburn and three daughters, of Wheeling, and Mrs Dr Ravenscraft of Oakland, left for home yesterday after spending a few days here as guests of Miss Lou Murphy.
  Mrs C E Harrison has a house party, at her home Barkville. Mrs A V Douglas and two sons, Mrs Pulliam and children, Misses Anna Leary and Mayme Dean.
  Misses Frances Davis and Bertha Wells went to Terra Alta yesterday to spend a few days with Mrs Herbert White, and will stop off at Mt Lake Park a day or so next week on their way home.
  John High of Purgittsville, is on a visit to Illinois.
  Miss Ida Kimmell arrived home last sat from her visit to Terra Alta.
  Born, Sun, Aug 18th, 1912, to Mr and Mrs A V Park, a fine daughter.
  Mrs Lester Paul, of Grafton, has been visiting relatives here the past week.
  Mrs E P hardy and son Paul left last Fri for Mannington on a short visit.
  Robert Barr had his finger badly mashed while working in the B&O shops here on Fri morning.
  Miss Leona Bingham has returned latter part of last week from a short visit to the Jordan summer home at Corinth.
  Rev Dr H H Fout, of Dayton, Ohio, accompanied by his wife, arrived here Mon and will join in the services at Van Myra camp.
  Miss Beulah McNemar, the popular reader, returned home last Sat evening from an extended trip to Pocahontas and Greenbrier counties.
  Mr Wilson, of Blaine, was here a few days later part of visiting his daughter Mrs Chas Junkins, who has been quite ill for some weeks.
  A four months old child of Mr and Mrs George Lynch died last Fri, Aug 16th, and was buried Sat. Rev J H Brunk conducting the funeral services.
  Robert C Wilson, of Rawlings, Md, went to John Hopkins Hospital at Baltimore last Sun, taking his brother, A King Wilson, of Portland Oregon, there for treatment.
  Charles, son of Mr and Mrs Frank Farmer, of Bond, died of ptomaine poisoning Sun, Aug 11, 1912, aged 4 years, 9 months, and 14 days. The remains were taken to Luthersburg Pa, for interment.
  Mr and Mrs Roland Gilbert returned home Thurs of last week from a two weeks visit to Blain and Dobbin, and were accompanied home by the former's father, Mr J J Gilbert, of Dobbin.
  Mrs Sallie Carskadon and Miss Jane Suit, accompanied by Thomas and Newton Carskadon, went over to VanMyra camp Tues to attend the meeting until its close. Mrs W E Woolf took them over in her auto.



  License to wed were granted at Cumberland as follows:
  Aug 10 - John George Gruen of Dawson, Pa and Goldie Leona Jones, of Morgantown W Va.
  Jay Albert Goodwill and Noma Catherine Hickey, both of May, W Va.
  Amos Seymore Coollus and Bessie M Davis, both of Cumberland.
  Aug 21 - wood Harmon Hollen of Cumberland and Bessie May Ross of Westernport Md.
  George Melvin Kesecker of Berkeley Springs W Va and Edna Lee Adams of Cumberland Md.


  Mr Linard Stark, of Blaine and Miss Lola Stewart, of Chaffee, were united in marriage on Sun, Aug 18, 1912, by Rev William Stewart, pastor of the Baptist Church, at the residence of Mrs S E Brady, of Washington Street, of this place. (? Westernport) After the ceremony, the happy couple and guests were invited to the dining room, where they partook of the delicacies of the season. Those present were: Mr and Mrs Stark; Rev Stewart; Mrs Ellen Bobo, of Springfield; Mrs Katie Franks, of Franklin; Mrs Dan Brady and family; Mrs Mary Dremings, of Westernport Hill; Mr John Gorman; Mr Granville Evans; Miss Bertha Evans; Miss May Davis; David Davis; Mrs Hugie McConnell and daughter, Martha; Mrs S E Brady; Mr George Conn.



  Mrs Roberta Hodgson, wife of Dr Henry W Hodgson, died last night at 9:20 o'clock at her home, 15 South Center Street, this city, from disease of the heart. Mrs Hodgson was a native of Hampshire County, Va, now W Va, and was a daughter of the late Robert Parker. Besides her husband she is survived by one son, Dr. Henry M Hodgson, and four daughters, Misses Lillian, Katherine, Ella and Maude Hodgson, and four brothers, Daniel Parker, Iron Mountain, this county; and John Hite Parker and William Parker residing in the west, and two sisters Miss Jennie Parker, Springfield W Va, and Mrs Elizabeth Butts, Woodstock, Va. Dr butts, Davis W Va, is a nephew. -Cumb News 22nd.
  Oakland MD, Aug 18
  This community was greatly shocked to hear of the sudden death of Rev Joseph E Lee, D D , at his home at Mountain Lake Park, Sat morning at 5 o'clock, from apoplexy. Doctor Lee fell and bruised himself on Sun, Aug 12, but not seriously.


  Information has been received in Winchester to the effect that Mr Bert Kelso, member of an old and well known family of High View, Hampshire co, W Va, was run over and killed about a week ago by a train in Oklahoma, where he has been working for several years.
  Mr Kelso was a son of John Kelso, of High View, and was a first cousin of Mrs William R Jones, of Winchester. He was a brother of Walter Kelso and of Misses Cora and Fannie Kelso, all of whom live in Oklahoma. Relatives in this section have received no details of the tragedy. -Winchester Star, Sat.


  Walter Arnold, of Elk Garden, was in town Mon on business.
  Mr Charles Miller spent Tues at his old home at Swanton.
  Lawrence Kimes, of Cumberland, spent last Sun in town with friends.
  Miss Mary Rees of Baltimore, is the guest of her friend, Miss Isabelle Sobraske.
  Miss Grace Sheetz is visiting her aunt, Mrs H S Cole, in Cumberland, this week.
  Mrs Milo Clemm and children have returned home from a visit to relatives at Terra Alta.
  Mrs Georgia Paul, of Grafton, is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Newcombe, for a few days.
  Master George Burke, of McCoole, returned home last Fri from his visit to Petersburg.
  Mr and Mrs Harry Dickey, of Clarksburg, came in last Sat and spent Sun among their friends.
  Miss Lucy Trask, has been employed as stenographer in the office of Circuit Clerk Watson. - Kingwood Argus of 15th.
  Miss Bessie Bane, who spent some time with relatives in this section, left last Fri for her home in Washington DC.
  Miss Jessie Rees, of Reeses Mill, left on No 14 Sat evening for Washington where she will visit her relatives.
  Mr and Mrs Peter Arnold, of above Burlington, paid a visit to Hagerstown last Fri, returning Sat on train 55.
  Luke Weese, of Patterson's Depot, was in town Tues. He was appointed register in that end and was up after his books.
  Mrs H E Schutte (formerly Miss Maud Moore) of Pittsburg,Pa, came over last Sun for a couple weeks' visit to home folks.
  Mrs H S Pulliam and two children and Miss Anna Leary are spending this week with Mrs C E Harrison at Barksville.
  Mrs Ward, who spent a couple of weeks here with her sister, Mrs Rev A O Price, left last Fri for her home in Mississippi.
  Mrs Chas Wilson, and children of Blain, were in town last Sat on their way over in the country to visit her mother, Mrs Welch.
  Major and Mrs J H Fout and daughter, Miss Kathleen Fout, left this morning for a two week's visit to Berkeley Springs.-Elkins Inter Mt of 16th.
  Mrs Nettie Caudy, of Baltimore, has been visiting her daughter, Mrs Harry Leps, and other relatives and friends here since latter part of last week.
  Miss Helen Russell returned last Fri from her visit to Twin Mountain. Her brother W P Russell brought her down. She left Tues for her home at Fairmont.
  Rev H clay Smith, of Rawlings, this county, was a guest several days this week of Mr and Mrs John Aspinall, Maple St. -Frostburg Journal of 17th.
  D M Lamden, of Bainesville Ga, arrived last Sat to spend a short vacation here among his relatives and friends. Mrs Lamden and son have been here several weeks.
  Geo P Warner left Tues for Aberdeen, Md, to spend the rest of the week, and will accompany home his wife, who has been visiting relatives there the past two weeks. They will be home tomorrow.
  Mrs Lola A Fout with her little daughter of Purgittsville W Va, is visiting her brother Rev S D Skelton,pastor of the United Brethren circuit of this county. She is on her way up the Shenandoah Valley, where she will visit relatives in Rockingham and Augusta counties. messenger (Berkeley Springs) of 15th.
  Mrs Luke Casey, of Keyser, is spending a few days visiting her sister on Arch street.
  Misses Winifred, Mary and Kathleen King, this city, are visiting their aunt, Mrs J J Burke, St James Street, Keyser.
  Mr W R Pendergast, of Hutton, has made several trips here looking after his brother who has been very ill with typhoid fever at the Allegany Hospital.
  G L Sisk, of Va avenue, was visiting at Keyser last week. - Cumb News of 19th.


  Mrs Floyd F Chadwick, the well-known soprano, who went to Italy on a tour with the legrand Howland Co, is now studying with Maestro Antonio Pessina in Milan. Mrs Chadwick is an accomplished musician, and is making rapid progress in her studies. She has been engaged for a fall concert in Milan with the Orchestra Philharmonic. -Philadelphia Ledger
  Mrs Chadick (?SIC), formerly Grace Johnson, of Westernport, is well know in this section. Her husband for some years has been an active attache of the Davis coal and Coke Co, in charge of its Philadelphia offices. -Cumb Times


  As pretty a plate of peaches as we have seen this year has been on exhibition this week in the window at Bowden's studio. They came from the Western Md Orchard Co's orchard near Dawson.


  Mayor W W Hennen and family of Deer Park, had a reunion last week. There were gathered around the home circle as guests Mr Lawrence Hennen of Panama, Miss Minnie Hennen of Cleveland, O and Mr George Hennen of Keyser.


  Mrs Willis Rickey entertained at cards on Tues morning from ten to twelve o'clock in honor of her guests, Miss Gladys Davis, of Grafton; Miss Harding, of Ohio and Miss Forman of Morgantown. Those present were: Miss Coffroth of somerset Pa and Miss Carskadon of Baltimore, Miss Gerstell of Easton Pa, Misses Blanche and Louise Woolf, Myra Nefflin, Catherine Coffroth, Vivian and Virginia Wright, Pauline Gelwicks, Pauline Wilson, Carrie Bane and Marie Crooks.


  Wed night just after dark, two young men from Piedmont, Ben Boyles and Sam Dixon, were going home from Keyser in a buggy when their horse became frightened at an auto and leaped over a ten foot bank into a pond. The buggy was mashed up and the boys bruised a little. It happened at a point just above Jarbo's. The boys were taken to Piedmont by Mr Hoover in his auto.


  Miss Laura Lauck entertained her visitors Wed evening by an auto ride to Burlington, where they enjoyed the evening and had luncheon by twilight. Her guests are, Miss Phillips of Philadelphia, Miss Leslie of Swathmore Pa, and Misses Sophia and Leona DeNeen of Cumberland. Mrs Arza Furbee was the chaperon. Bernard Markwood took them over in his car.


  About five o'clock last sun evening a little excitement was created by the blowing of the fire whistles. It was not long until the streets were full of people, and the fire company bells were heard. The fire was in an old shack belonging to W A Liller on Vernon Street, that he used when doing some work for the company, and it made a long run for the fire laddies, and had not T H Davis came to the assistance of the Vigilant company they would have been a long time getting there. But Mr Davis was "friend in need and he hooked on to the reel with his auto and took her a whirling arriving on the scene in record-breaking time, and the boys soon had the fire under control It is supposed that some children playing in the house set it on fire, as no one lived in it.


  Mr George B Stallings, who recently bought Gus Wolf's property, on Welch Street, brought us in a tomato yesterday that is ahead of any yet reported. It is of the "Beefstead" variety and weighs two pounds. There is enough tomato in it for a meal for an ordinary sized family.


  The "Cheer Up and Forget It Club" consisting of Irene Davis, Alice Fetzer, Reselia Devany, Katie Sims, Marie Conner, Susan Abernathy, Lora Fowler, Florence Githens, Mary E Moore, Nancy Lauck, Lena Liller and chaperon Mrs Yeakley, left Fri morning for a ten days camping trip at Springfield.


  An enjoyable dance was held Tues evening in Bachelor's Hall. Music by Mills Orchestra. The out-of-town guests were: Misses Mattie Carskadon, Gertrude Little and Mr Cole of Baltimore; Misses Margaret Norris and Lillian Cowherd, of Cumberland; Miss Dulany and Mrs Harry Schutte of Pittsburg; Miss Robin Smith of Parkersburg; Miss Louise Darcey of Washington; Miss Bright of Buckhannon; Miss Gladys Davis of Grafton; Miss Snyder of Cleveland, O; Misses Pearl Howard and Opal Williams of Newark, O; Miss Louise Gerstell, of Easton Pa; Miss Harding and Miss Forman, of Morgantown.


  On Wed of this week, Mr Green Leary had his annual outing along Patterson's Creek near Mr Frank Brown's. As the majority of the crowd went more for picnicking than fishing the finny tribe did not suffer much, altho one of the young folks was fortunate enough to hook eleven. Three more were pulled in by others of the party, making the days catch fourteen. Misses Myra Nefflen and Ruth Arnold drove over from Van Myra Camp and spent part of the day. Every one had a jolly time, and offer a vote of thanks to Mr Leary, trusting he will have many more outings of the same kind. Those composing the party were as follows:
Misses Elsie Keyser and Flo Hodges of Cumberland, Mrs Bennie Wells, Mrs Ray Wells, Mrs Chas Hodges, Mrs Mollie Jones and little daughter, Dorothy, Misses Fannie Warner, May Davis, Sadie Paris, Bertha and Jennie Wells, Catoria Offner, Louise Paris, Florence Hamill and Chas Gordon.


  Judge Reynolds held a special session of court Wed and granted the petition of Mr and Mrs Thornton C Boseley for the Adoption of Reubin Christopher Lee, a son of Mr and Mrs Geo W Lee.


  The County Court met last Tues and transacted business as follows:
  The court appointed the following registrars:
Precinct No 1 - Harry Kitzmiller, Joseph Rice. No 2 - W H Arnold and John Tice. No 3 - Sol Ruble, Thomas Taylor. No 4 - W P Roderick, Geo B Junkins.
Pre No 1 - J Elkins Goshorn, Geo T Murphy. No 2 - E L Smith, Thos E Largent. No 3 - Jos Kight, Wm Flynn.
 Precinct No 1 - Elmer E Sheetz, Geo E Wagoner. No 2 - Floyd Knight, John W Arnold. No 3 - Luke McDowell, John T Crawford. No 4 - J W Virts, I H Offner. No 5 - Luther Stafford, Warren Harr. No 6 - Haven Arnold, J H Swisher. No 7 - George Burgess, T F Ward.
Precinct No 1 - T M Cannon, Arnold Vandiver. No 2 - Hubert Thrush, J W Rawlings.
No 1 - Jas H Arnold, Wilbur Haines. No 2 - Elijah Taylor, Frank Urice.
No 1 - J H Sneathen, H F Daniels. No 2 - H Luke Weese, C E Wagoner. No 3 - Willard Everstine, E S Schoppert.
  A committee from Allegany Co, Md, appeared before the court and presented claims for repairs of Westernport and Piedmont bridge and the Blue Bridge at Cumberland, and desires to have some understanding as to the future care of said bridges. Bills filed and matter laid over for investigation.
  C C Seymour and J H Cuningham appeared before the court and reported that the right of way had been procured for a certain road excepted the Cedar Cliff Cement co. The court will review the site, etc.


  Following an extremely wet season which produced rank pasturage, an epidemic of black leg has broken out among the young cattle in the Allegany range of Mineral and Grant Cos. A number have died, and many stock breeders have commenced to vaccinate their herds. Charles Smith, Alfred Parker and other leading stockmen are among the big losers up to this time.


  The saw mill of H William Yonker, near Flintstone, was destroyed by fire, which Mr Yonker attributes to incendiaries. Much lumber was destroyed. The loss is $3,000 with no insurance. The mill will be rebuilt at once.


  Last Mon Mr and Mrs H W Baker, Rev and Mrs W C Ney and children spent the day with relatives and friends at Burlington. Rev Mr Neel came over after them in his automobile, and brought them back, but in the latter act hangs an interesting story. They started back home about eight o'clock pm. Please note the time: Eight o'clock pm. and they arrived at home at four o'clock am. The reason: They came the back way and when they reached the Fountain the machine stopped. An investigation proved that the gasoline was all gone. The parson had miscalculated the amount that was in the tank before he started. Well, there they were four miles from home. It was decided to try coal oil, so they went to Mr Sant Taylor's and got some oil, but the auto refused to recognize such stuff and wouldn't budge. After some consultation it was decided that the only thing to be done was to come to town after gasoline. so, to make a long story short, Rev Neel and Mr Baker footed it to town and got the stuff, and Mr Neel got a horse and buggy and went back with the necessary inducer and soon had the party home, none the less for the long wait, but more or less sleepy. The good parson should remember that good old text about having plenty of oil on hand and be a little more careful the next time.


  Some cash thief broke in the W M R R station last Fri night. He evidently was looking for money as he passed tickets, mileage books and other valuables, but sampled one bottle of beer. He was rewarded by less than 60 cents in pennies, mostly from the chewing gum machine. This is the second time the station has been entered in the last month. The thief is spotted by the officers and they wish he had taken something which would be evidence to convict him so the annoyance would stop.


  At a well attended meeting Mon evening at the Presbyterian church, the pastor, Rev A E Price, organized an association of ladies to be known as the Young Woman's Guild of the Presbyterian Church. The principal work of the Guild will be to raise money for the purpose of building a Sunday School room at the rear of the church; but in the meantime do other incidental church work. The following officers were elected: President, Mrs C K Devries; Vice Pres, Miss Nannie Kuykendall; Sec and Treasurer, Miss Fannie Leps. Time of the meeting will be the second and fourth Sun evening of each month.


  Ada Phillips Farris, surviving partner of herself and George B Shank, deceased, lately partners as Farris and Shank plaintiffs vs In Chancery, Nannie J Shank, Harry F Shank, William S Shank and George B Shank, the last two infants under the age of 21 years; I V Inskeep, administrator of the estate of George B Shank deceased; C G Umstot and Charles K Wilson, partners trading as Umstot and Eilson, Mrs -Vocke, John B Dugger, Cecil B Dugger, First National Bank of Romney, a corporation; F&M Bank of Keyser, a corporation; William Faris; Frank C Reynolds, guardian and litem of William S Shank and George B Shank, defendants.


  Mr DeKalb High, of Purgittsville, brought us two apples last Fri that for size and beauty are hard to beat. They are the "Kendell Choice Pippin: variety. They are of beautiful coloring and perfect in shape. One weighs one pound six ounces, and the other weighs one pound five ounces. Considering size and color, we have never seen apples to beat them. Next.


  Clarence Vossler, while on the road to Burlington camp Sun with a party of friends from Maysville, on the Pattersons Creek road ran his Stoddard-Dayton car over the bank and wrecked the machine. The party escaped with slight injuries.


  Mr Edward Close, of the W V Junction, was arrested and placed in the lockup of this place yesterday until the arrival of Deputy Sheriff Davis, of Keyser, and State's Attorney Arthur Arnold of Piedmont. He was taken to Piedmont for a hearing, the charges being wife beating and attempting suicide. -Westernport cor. Cumb Times of 16th.


  Aaron B McKenzie Bankruptcy.


  Hubert O Thrush, accompanied by Walker Rogers and Mack Hull, started Tues morning on a trip to Washfa, Iowa, to pay Edward Gano a visit. They will go through in Mr Thrush's automobile and will make the trip leisurely and get a good view of the country on the way.


  To all persons holding liens by judgment or otherwise, on the real estate or any thereof of Jacob Henderson:.........

Keyser Preparatory Branch of the W V University
Prepares Students for any Standard College or University.
Expenses very moderate. Tuition Free to West Virginians.

For Sale
  A fine fruit and truck farm containing 14 1/2 6 a of fine trucking land, the remainder pasture. A good 7 room dwelling with water and gas, good out buildings, one tenant house, located 1 1/2 mile SW of city limits.
J F Grayson

For Rent
Good comfortable 8 room house; No 125 orchard Street, modern conveniences. M B Wagoner

For Sale
One double dwelling house of 8 rooms, one double dwelling house of 10 rooms, 1 single house, 5 rooms, 1 singles house 3 rooms, all in the town of Kitzmiller Md. Lots 50 X 100 ft. good well water on lots, gas, etc. Will sell cheap for cash. Wm Shank, Kitzmiller Md

Farm For Rent
a good farm 5 miles above Burlington, will rent for cash or on shares to married or single man. For further particulars call on or address, Peter Arnold, Burlington WV