October 24, 1913

APRIL 12, 2003


C L Wolford moved from Jas E Allen's house into L J Broom's house down on the Run

Isaac Chaney is moving from the Powell house into Mr Allen's house

Jas H Flanagan and bride arrived from Baltimore Monday and are spending a few days at the Frankfort Inn. They will go to housekeeping in Miss Johnson's house in the near future.

Mrs J M Wilson went to Elizabeth, NJ, to spend a few weeks with her sister, Mrs W L Rogers

Mrs Geo Carvey and daughter, Mary, were called to Altoona, Pa, one day last week on account of the sudden death of Mrs Carvey's brother, Blair Weakland.

Edward Ward, wife and two children, of Chicago Junction, Ohio, are visiting relatives here

J W Adams, who is working at Magnolia, spent Sunday with his family here

H D Weakland, of Altoona, Pa, visited his family here one day last week

The County Commissioners were down one day last week looking over a change in the road near C W Dowden's place. There are some other changes in the road that we would like to see made and they should have been made several weeks ago. For instance, the approaches to the concrete bridge on the Knobley road which has been finished about 8 weeks, should be made at an early date, as this is a very dangerous place to get around the bridge. There are also dangerous holes in culverts on the Knobley road near Edward Bakers. On the Short Gap road at E B Wolfords, and at the bridge at Adam Spencer's house. We could mention other places, but think this will be sufficient for this time.


We have been having some very cold weather for the last few days and we saw our first snow Tuesday

Mr Charley Boseley has moved on Mr L D Boseley's farm

We are glad to see the people working on the road

Miss Leafy Pancake and Miss Madge Amtower, of Claysville, attended the farmer's institute last Thursday. They had a good time.

Mr Tom Boseley was visiting at home from Friday until Sunday

Miss Grace Duling was to see her sister, Mrs George Ward from last Friday till Wednesday

Mr Earnest Wageley and his cousin, Miss Madge Amtower, attended the funeral of Ed Liller at Ridgeville Monday

Miss Bessie Wageley has been staying at Ward Bro, for a few weeks but has gone home now.

Mr Taylor Johnson is clerking for Henry Burgess now. He is a fine clerk

Mr George Ward killed a fine big turkey one day last week

Our school began last Monday. The children seem to like their teacher all right

Miss Jennie Smith of Washington, preached a very interesting sermon last Monday night, a week ago.

Miss Elizabeth Martin is making her home with Miss Martha Watson of Maplewood Farm.

Mrs Eliza Lemon died Monday near her old home at Greenland, W Va



14 teachers in Elk District have signified their intention to attend the Potomac Valley Round Table at Lonaconing, Oct 31 and Nov 1, and all have not been heard of.

Mayor Wm H Kight started Saturday for an October fishing trip to the South Branch in company with Mr Fredlock, of Piedmont. While at Piedmont the storm assumed such proportions that fish were left unmolested.

Miss Mamie White began teaching the Chaffee school last Monday

On the account of poor health, Mr Burton Kelley gave up his school at Nethken Hill. Mr Kelley made a favorable impression as a teacher. He is an earnest young man and we are sorry that his health gave way.

We understand that there will be a change in the management of the B&L store. Manager Geo R Branner will go to Thomas and assume the management of the Thomas store. This is quite a compliment to Mr Branner who has served the company here and at Wabash a number of years. But as nothing official has been given out we will have to wait awhile for further announcements.

Rev L C Messick was called to Harrisonburg, Va, last week for the funeral of an aunt. He expects to hold revival services at Chaffee this week

Rev W W White closed his revival services at Shaw last week

Rev John A Shockey had a rainy Sunday for an all day meeting at Wabash last Sunday

The Elk Garden Literary Society was re-organized Friday. President, D C Arnold; Vice Pres, L O Taylor; Sec, Anna C Fleming; Treas, Nina Knabenshue; Marshal, Bartley Kilroy. A program has been arranged for the next meeting. We understand the literary societies will be organized at Emoryville and Oakmont. It is an excellent idea and we trust that they will soon have successful literary societies.

Mr Clifton Gurd visited his home folks at Keyser last Saturday and Sunday

W H Arnold returned from Akron, Ohio, last Tuesday where he visited his brother John E Arnold

James Donnelly, the blind man, has moved from Blaine to Elk Garden. He has opened a little store in Festival hall.

We had snow squalls and quite a freeze the first of this week. It was a shivering time

Miss Maude Sallaz will teach the Sulphur school. She will begin school the first Monday in November.



As I have been absent for quite a while will try to give a few of the happenings in and around the Fountain.

Having sales and moving seems to be the order of the day now

The Fountain school is progressing nicely with Miss Isabelle Isles as teacher. Several of the Fountain people attended the Farmers Institute at Burlington Thursday and report a pleasant time.

Mr and Mrs Roy Bailey and family from Keyser spent from Wednesday till Saturday at the East View Farm

Miss Virgie Staggs returned to her home Monday evening after spending a few days at Headsville with her aunt Mrs S G Staggs who is very ill.

Don't forget the quarterly meeting at Fountain Nov 8-9th

Mrs Fred Urice and daughter, Miss Edith, spent Sunday last at Knobley View Farm.

Mr M T Staggs, Jr, is building a dwelling house on his Limestone farm near Keyser.

Lone Girl

Press of 17th

Thos S Welton has moved his family to this place from Keyser

Jeff Grove recently had built a large concrete silo on his Luneys Creek Farm

Miss Margaret Koelz, of Keyser, was a recent guest at the home of B J Baker

Deputy Marshal Brown arrived here Sunday evening with Jacob Teter and "Bud" Moyers, and that night took them to Franklin to jail. Federal court was in session last week at Clarksburg, and Teter confessed to "bootlegging" whisky, and Moyers confessed to a charge of trying to defraud the government. Each were given 30 day sentences.

Jacob S Hinkle, of Old Fields, who is a direction of the Mutual Telephone Association, was here attending their meeting Saturday. A few weeks ago he had two ribs broken by a telephone pole that he was putting up falling on him.

Miss Mary Dyer, of Kansas, spent a few days here last week visiting her cousin, D L Judy and from here went to Upper Tract to visit her aunts, Mrs C N Judy and Mrs W H Judy. Miss Dyer is a niece of the late W F Dyer, who at one time resided in Petersburg.

D A Kesner, of Keyser, was here over last Thursday night on his way home from a few days visit in Pendleton. He was accompanied by Isaac Smith, of Kline, who will spend a while in Keyser with friends and relatives.

Mrs Samuel McNemar has moved from Lahmansville to this place and is occupying E M Johnson's house.

An employee of the Ferris Bridge Co is here placing a concrete foundation under the South abutment of the river bridge. The high waters have made this abutment unsafe and it was necessary to make this concrete fill.

Dr J B Grove, accompanied by Dr W C VanMeter, E M Plauger and Nell Thalaker, went to Cumberland Monday and brought up his new Overland automobile.

Mrs Geo M Goldizen, of Jordan Run, who was at the Keyser hospital taking treatment, came home a few days ago. Mrs Goldizen's health does not seem to be improved.

Mr and Mrs J L Kesner, of Keyser, passed through town Saturday on their way home from a visit to friends and relatives in Pendleton county.

Scott Barger and Oscar Weimer killed a big bear Saturday on the face of Alleghany mountain near Jordan Run.

Examiner of 8th

L S Holmes and Chas Carpenter, who have been here for some time building J S Gamble's new home, have completed the contract and returned to their home at Lost City. This is one of the nicest residences in our town, and is fitted with all modern improvements.

Jim Heiskel returned last Saturday from Pendleton county, with 38 head of cattle, purchased in that section by J D Heiskel. D L Wilson brought down at the same time, about 160 head which he will winter. W N Page and F C Welton also got 38 head in the same lot as Mr Heiskel's.

Jas VanMeter's riding horse fell and broke its leg, near A R McNeill's last week. This was the horse ridden by the late Isaac VanMeter and was a good one.

Mr and Mrs A R McNeill left last Saturday for New Castle, Ind, where they will spend a short time visiting their uncle, John Carpenter

Miss Irene McNeill left Monday morning for Washington, where she will attend a business college in that city.

While out hunting last week, John Friddle killed a squirrel, which had a black head and breast

W B Snider, of Mathias, sent out this week a few apple blossoms, which he gathered from a tree on Oct 6, 1913. One limb on the tree was full of bloom and the balance of the tree had no bloom on it. We often hear of pear, and other trees blooming in the fall, but is not often we hear of an apple tree in bloom at this season.

BORN, to Mr and Mrs T K Siever, Tuesday, a nine pound daughter.

Mrs Kate Corder, of Keyser, came up last week and visited relatives here

Lucas & Grove, of Harmon, loaded 275 head of cattle at Davis last week. Some of the cattle weighed 1800 pounds and the drove was valued at $30,000.

Mr and Mrs E C Beaty who spent the last week in New York and visited their daughter, Mrs Fortney, at Dillwyn, Va, returned home Tuesday evening.

Ed S Cunningham and Isaac N VanMeter who spent several weeks visiting relatives here, left last Friday for their home at Mansfield, Ill. Mr Cunningham, who was right sick, was much improved. While here, Mr VanMeter, we are informed, offered F Brooke Whiting $40,000 for the old home place in Old Fields, now owned by Mr Whiting, which the latter refused.

Mrs G W McCauley was in Cumberland last week consulting Dr Jones regarding her eyes. Mrs Cauley has almost entirely lost the sight in one eye, caused by the bursting of a blood vessel the doctor thinks.

Jos Snider moved his family from Wardensville to this place last week and is occupying the house recently vacated by B A Stinner.

Duvall Wood left Monday for Virginia to accept a position with the Forest service

M S Henkel left Tuesday morning on a short business trip to the Valley of Virginia

Mrs John W Gilkeson and daughter, Miss Nannie Bell, left Tuesday morning for Henderson, NC, on a visit to Rev R A White

Geo T Williams and family moved this week to their home west of town.


Mrs Susan Carnell and granddaughter Miss Gladys Carnell, of Blaine, were visiting her brother, Mr Isaac Shillingburg, last week.

Mrs Jane Ludwick and daughter, Miss Marie, of Junction, were the guests of Mr E A Ludwick last Wednesday

Mrs G G Martin and children of Petersburg, were visiting at Mr Bert Liller's last Saturday

Mr and Mrs I P Carskadon, of Headsville, visited their mountain farm, Fairsweep, last Wednesday

Mr James Watson, of Three Churches, Hampshire county, is the instructor in our school this term

Mr Bert Ervin and Miss Ella Hockman were the guests of Mrs E Kerns, near the Pinnacle, last Sunday

Mr H C Homan, of near Antioch, was here today weighing his lambs. Mr Ruckman, of Phillippi, has bought nearly all the lambs in this section, paying from 5 ½ to 6 c per pound gross.

Mr C B Burgess and Miss Sadie Matthews visited relatives at Claysville last Sunday

Mr and Mrs Edward S Junkins of Cumberland visited his father, Mr Alex Junkins of near Wabash, this week

Mr W H Kight of Elk Garden was a business visitor today, Tuesday

Mr Edgar Shillingburg is building a cellar

Mr and Mrs Geo C Junkins of Blaine visited his father Alex Junkins over Sunday

Mr O D Harris manager of The Abrams Creek Coal Co's store, returned from Baltimore last Thursday. He bought the largest stock of goods ever shown in Oakmont. He called on President Wilson at the White House.

Some coal company is trying to buy or lease a body of coal near Emoryville, and contemplate sinking a shaft for the Freeport vein of coal. It is thought this vein can be found at a depth of about 100 feet. The time is not far in the future when there will be a mining village, or town, from Harrison to Emoryville.



Mr and Mrs Harry V Schaffer returned yesterday from their bridal tour and are now at home to their friends at Mt Storm. We join the many friends of this happy couple in wishing them a long, happy and useful life together.

The county authorities have just completed a concrete bridge across Johnny Cake so the auto people can now pass over dry shod, and the thirsty horse can go on without a drink.

Rev E P Idleman and son Harry were visiting here a few days last week. Rev Idleman has been returned to Albright for another year.

R T Likens and G M Kitzmiller are putting up the wire and will soon have telephones in their homes.

J J Cosner is putting the finishing touches on David Aronhalt's house.

Jas J Idleman of Scherr, was home Saturday and Sunday

Smith Brothers were around last week gathering up calves. They took 120 out of this neighborhood. They left one at Levi Cosner's. The trouble was Levi didn't know how to price it.

Miss Lula Michael of Medley, was a pleasant guest at E H Hanlin's Saturday and Sunday

Our first snow squall is now on. The ground is white this morning.



Getting out corn, hunting and visiting is the order of the day here.

Lyle Cunningham, who has been working at the B&O shops at Keyser has come home to attend school this winter

Geo T Hartman, the Stringtown blacksmith has purchased a house and lot and blacksmith shop in Springfield. He and his family will leave for that place next week. He has his sale of personal property and farm next Saturday, the 25th, commencing at 1 pm.

Rev and Mrs Calvin Racy of Crab Bottom, Va, visited the latter's mother, Mrs Hannah High, and other relatives here from a week before last till Wednesday of last week. The Rev preached an able sermon here at White Pine church Tuesday night of last week.

Mrs Lee Racy of Virginia, is visiting her sister, Miss Kate Purgit, the postmistress of this place.

Mrs Daniel A Bane of near Pinto, Md, is visiting relatives and friends in this vicinity.

Mrs Sylvester Rinker and daughter, Mrs Cora Ruckman, visited the former's sister, Mrs Elizabeth Allen near Junction from Saturday till Monday of this week

William Rinker and Nash Purgit left Tuesday of last week via Keyser to visit relatives at Bayard and Parsons.

Robt Rinker was at Pattersons Creek near Williamsport on a hunting trip

John R Copp was a business visitor at Moorefield Friday and Saturday of last week

A party of young people from this vicinity went to River Hill, Hardy county, one day last week hunting chestnuts, but as they found no chestnuts they returned home loaded with butternuts.

A good blacksmith could do a flourishing business here as there is no shop nearer than eight or nine miles of this place.

Osce Fout has moved his saw mill to Hubert Clower's farm to do a lot of sawing

Ed Wilkins is doing a lot of sawing for Bert Heiman on his farm near here.

Elizabeth, little daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Smith, has been very sick, but we are glad to note she is on the mend.

Schools have nearly all opened in this vicinity. What have not commenced will commence today

Mr Cunningham of New Creek, is visiting his son, J C Cunningham and family of this place.

Review of 22nd

The Springfield school opened last week in charge of Misses Audrey Kiser, of Alaska, and Ola Kiser, of Woodstock, Va

Misses Brady French and Mary Adams and Mesdames L B Bryan and Hugh Allender were delegates to the S S Contention in Romney last week

Mrs McCracken of Cumberland is the guest of her aunt Mrs Margaret Roach

A C Shannon, of Winchester, is visiting his parents, Mr and Mrs W A Shannon

Mr and Mrs Charles A Blue, N B Guthrie and Ralph Guthrie went to Romney last Wednesday to attend the Kuykendall-Amick wedding

Mrs James H Blue, Miss Lucie Blue and Mrs R M Washington were among the number from this vicinity who attended the Hagerstown Fair. The also visited Greenscastle, Pa, and Mrs Washington is now in Montgomery county, Md, where she will visit her daughter, Mrs M G Coplen, for several weeks.

Thomas Kuykendall of Mt Jackson, Va, spent Sunday with his aunt, Mrs Mary Blue

Mrs Wm Patterson and Mrs Florence Smith of Davis are the guests of Mrs L B Bryan

Mr and Mrs J M Pue, Mr and Mrs S C Milleson, Mr and Mrs N B Guthrie, Miss Mollie Mercer, Miss Maggie Guthrie, Mrs W C Shannon and Miss Brady French attended the Long-Ewers wedding in Romney last Saturday.

Miss Meeda Hyland, of Washington, is visiting Miss Lucie Blue

Miss Lou Kuykendall, of Keyser, was a weekend guest of her sister, Mrs Charles Blue. Miss Kuykendall is preparing to join the noble army of nurses, and was en route to Philadelphia to enter a hospital for training.



Emory Hale and Miss Belle Linthicum, both of Romney, were married at the parsonage of the M E church in Cleveland, Ohio, Tuesday of last week by the pastor, Rev Chas W Harchman. They returned to Romney Thursday.


On Tuesday of this week, Mr Henry Huntley Hoffman of Keyser, and Miss Mattie Hinkle Dear of Parsons, were united in marriage by the Rev Mr McDonald of Charleston, at the home of the bride at Parsons. Mr Hoffman is the son of our esteemed townsman, Dr C S Hoffman, and Miss Dear is the daughter of Dr W W Dear. Dr and Mrs Hoffman and family were all present at the wedding. The Tribune joins with their many friends in wishing them a happy life together.


Earle McCulley Amick, formerly of Romney, now assistant cashier of the Bank of Martinsburg, and Miss Susan Guthrie Kuykendall, daughter of Mr and Mrs J L Kuykendall, of Romney, were married Wednesday night at eight o'clock in the Presbyterian church at Romney. Rev Dr Brooke, pastor of St Pauls Lutheran church, Cumberland. Mrs Lee Inskeep played the wedding march. Following the ceremony a reception was held at the bride's home after which Mr and Mrs Amick motored to Cumberland and took a train for the east for a wedding trip. They will make their home in Martinsburg.


The Presbyterian Church at Romney, Saturday morning was the scene of a pretty wedding, when Miss Susan Charity Long, daughter of Mr and Mrs Thomas Long, became the bride of Arthur Zachariah Ewers, son of Mr and Mrs A L Ewers, of Three Churches. The church was handsomely decorated with ferns, cedar, asparagus potted plants and cut flowers, the windows darkened and pink shades over the light. The ushers were Lonnie Thompson, Jos A Pancake, Dr J K Guthrie and Senator G K Kump, Miss Nannie Blue Long, sister of the bride, was maid of honor, and little Miss Frances Vance strewed flowers in the path of the bride. The wedding marches were played by Mrs B E Fleagle, of Baltimore, who also played softly during the ceremony. Rev Dr F J Brooke, the pastor, joined the couple in the wedlock, after which Mr and Mrs Ewers left on the noon train for a wedding trip. They will make their home at Three Churches, where the groom is engaged in the orchard business.


James Anthony Gilmore and Mary Edith Martin, both of Piedmont W Va

Harvey Willard Gross and Edna Melvin Frederick, both of Romney W Va

Benjamin Harrison Gordon and Mary Bertha Lease, both of Rawlings, Md

Eston Taylor and Edith Armstrong, both of Piedmont, W Va

Homer Loy Souder and Viola Elizabeth Houdyshell, both of Keyser W Va


Elkins--John J Tenny, a log contractor of Kedron, was struck and killed by a heavy log on a tramway here. His head was crushed to a pulp. A widow and five children survive him.

Elkins-21 applicants for certificates to practice pharmacy are taking the semi-annual examination under the state board of pharmacy.

Bruce McWilliams of Grafton, youth mistaken for a squirrel by a companion in the mountains near Beverly, 11 days ago, and shot in the head, died in a hospital at Elkins, Friday night. The body was taken to Grafton. This is the second hunting accident to result fatally in Randolph county in one week.

After five days consumed taking evidence in the trial of Claude W Stewart, manager of the Stewart Vehicle Co, of Martinsburg, who was indicted for arson in connection with the destruction of the plant a year ago, the jury Saturday returned a verdict of not guilty.

Berkeley Springs-Staid old Berkeley had another thrill when Dr John Hoffman was arrested on a warrant sworn out by his wife charging him with non-support. At the hearing before Squire Coughlan, Hoffman gave bond for six months for the support of his wife and child. Dr Hoffman sprang into the limelight several months ago when his wife secured a restraining order, to prevent her removal from her home and for relief from a series of persecutions inaugurated by Hoffman to coerce his wife to signing a separation paper for $200. He recently cut off her credit at the stores and a warrant for his arrest was the result.

Buckhannon-The W Va Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in session here, received reports showing that during the year the churches of the conference contributed $241,000 for ministerial support and $60,841 for benevolence. The denomination now has 81 church buildings, valued $2,585,000 and parsonages valued at $505,000. There are 300 ministers and 70,000 members in the conference.

Romney-Dr K Taylor, one of the oldest physicians in Hampshire county, is dead, at his home in Slanesville. Although for the past two years he has been in failing health, he was able to attend the great reunion at Gettysburg last July. He served in Pickett's division in the Confederate Army and was in the famous charge at Gettysburg. He was knocked down by a minie ball near the stone fence, almost at the "high water" mark of the Confederacy, and earned the print of the ball on the side of his head almost to the day of his death. He came from Loudoun county, Va. His wife, four sons and two daughters survive.

Bluefield-After hanging ten minutes by his arms to a rod on the side of a runaway locomotive, going 40 miles an hour, George Streley, a fireman, managed to draw himself up to the engine platform, close the throttle and bring the engine to a stop. The passenger train was struck by a freight train coming from a side track and the coupling of the passenger engine broke. The collision threw the fireman from the tender, but as he fell he managed to seize a protruding rod on the runaway locomotive.


The Lutheran Synod of W Va closed its session on Sunday night with the ordination of two young men to the gospel ministry. The meeting was held at Accident, Md, on account of there being a few Maryland churches that belong to the W Va Synod. The Synod held its first meeting last year in Grafton. Although it is still young, it's making a rapid progress. Two missions were created within the year in the vicinity of Wheeling, with a strong prospect of a third one soon. Each of these missions has an enrollment in the Sunday schools of over 100 scholars and is growing rapidly. Several new charges were formed, vacancies supplied and the usual other business transacted at the meeting. The report of the benevolent contributions shows that the benevolences exceeded those of last year by nearly one thousand dollars. The next meeting will be held in Keyser, W Va. The following officers were elected by the Synod: President, Rev W L Dysinger, Wheeling; Secretary, Rev A F Richardson, Grafton, re-elected; Treasurer, John J Brockhardt, of Wheeling.


In the Circuit Court of Mineral County, W Va, October Rules, 1913
G G Cain
Vs in Chancery
Mary Cain

The object of this suit is for the plaintiff G G Cain to obtain a divorce, a vinculo matrimonii, from the defendant Mary Cain, and it appearing from an affidavit filed in the papers of this suit that the defendant Mary Cain is a non resident of the State of W Va. It is ordered that the said Mary Cain do appear at the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of Mineral county, W Va, within one month after the date of the first publication of this order and do what is necessary to protect her interest.

Witness J V Bell, Clerk of our said court at the Court House of said county, this the 6th day of October, 1913.

R A Welch, Sol. For Plff
J V Bell, Clerk

State of W Va

To the Sheriff of Mineral County, Greeting

You are hereby commanded to summon Mary Cain, if she be found in your county, to appear at the Clerks Office of the Circuit Court of Mineral County, at Rules to be held by the said court, on the first Monday in October next, to answer a bill and exhibit, filed in Chancery against her in said court by G G Cain, and have then and there this writ.

Witness, J V Bell, Clerk of our Circuit Court, at the Court House in said county, on the 7th day of October, 1913, and of the State the 51st year.

A Copy Test
J V Bell, Clerk
Sheriffs return-The within named Mary Cain not found in Mineral County, the 6th day of October, 1913.
C E Nethken,
S M Co.


"Father is in better shape than he has been at anytime during the summer," and "Senator Davis is feeling exceptionally well," were the replies, respectively, of the Senator's son, John T Davis, and the Davis family physician, Dr W W Golden, when informed Monday of the broadcast rumor that the distinguished West Virginian was seriously ill. Senator Davis attended Davis Memorial Presbyterian Church Sunday as usual, and was busily engaged all of Monday in his office making preparations for moving to his Washington home for the winter. His daughter, Mrs Arthur Lee, with the other members of the Davis household, will leave for Washington today, and Senator Davis will close his Graceland home and spend two weeks at his downtown home of his son, John T Davis, in Elkins, completing the arrangements of his large business affairs for his temporary absence in Washington. Senator Davis will be 90 years old on November 16.


Pursuant with its policy of cooperation with the agricultural development of the communities served by its lines, the B&O railroad will operate a Live Stock and Soil Fertility train through W Va for nine days. Oct 21 to 30 inclusive. The train will be operated in connection with the College of Agriculture of W Va University, and the experts thoroughly conversant with the care of live stock and the fertilization of the soil will be provided by the educational institution. Director E D Sanderson, of the Agricultural Experiment Station, will be in charge of the lectures, which will be delivered by W D Zinn, R E Hunt, J B Huyett, W H Kendrick and G M Kile. The lectures, which will be delivered in the coaches included in the equipment of the special train, will be illustrated and a special coach will be reserved for school children who will be instructed in the elementary phases of farming. Among others who will accompany the train are C R Titlow, Dir. oF Agricultural Extension of W Va; George H Campbell, Assist. To President; and W W Wood, general industrial agent of the B&O Company.


Mr Frank Bright Sundayed in Grafton

Miss Pauline Gelwicks is in Philadelphia

Mrs Isaac Mills spent Monday in Martinsburg

Mr Fred Mills was in Fairmont one day this week

Mr J M Bright was in Oakland one day this week

Mr Chester Akers was in Cumberland Wednesday

Mr and Mrs Riley Shull spent Sunday at Twin Mountain

Mr Hubert Miller has returned from a trip to Baltimore

We are glad to see that Donald Davis is able to be out again

Mr Fred Hall of Montana, is visiting his mother, Mrs J W Hall

Mrs R G Richardson is visiting in Baltimore and Washington

Mrs Albert Neville has returned from a visit to Cumberland

Mrs Kate Corder is visiting among friends in Hampshire county

Mr and Mrs James Thomas of Fairmont, are here visiting friends

Mr C K Devries has returned from a two weeks visit in the country

Mr James A Zell of Burlington, was a caller at this office on Tuesday

Messers John Nordeck and E M Taylor went to Fairmont Saturday last

Mr William Woodward of Ohio, is the guest of Mr J T Merryman

Mrs David Long and Miss Ella Whitford are on a visit in Pennsylvania

Mrs John Bailey of Headsville, is visiting her daughter, Mrs F G Davis

Mr and Mrs Nelson Baker of New Jersey, are the guests of Mrs Annie Golden

Mrs William Hollis of Terra Alta, is the guest of her aunt, Mrs F L Kimmell

Mrs S J Daugherty and Mrs J T Crawford have returned from a visit to Cincinnati

Miss Daisy Cline of Piedmont street, is entertaining her friend Miss Kline of Cumberland

Rev A F Richardson, of Grafton, was visiting Mr and Mrs Charles Broome Sunday

Mr L C McDonald and wife have returned from their trip to Hagerstown and Washington

Miss Neva Giffins, of Rowlesburg, has returned to her home after a visit here with friends

The Rev A O Price is in Danville, Va, attending the Presbyterian Synod of Virginia

Miss Catherine Welton of Petersburg, has returned to her home after a visit to friends in McCoole

Miss Beulah Fisher left Monday for the west where she expects to spend the winter with relatives

Mrs T E Pownall of Romney, has been visiting her sister, and returned to her home Thursday

Mr and Mrs M L Smith of Falls, have returned to their home after a visit to his brother, J E Smith

Mrs Susie Davis of Kansas City, has returned to her home after visiting relatives in this community

Mrs Connie Pancake and Mrs Laura Walker have been visiting friends in Westernport and Keyser this week

Miss Alta Reckley of Hambleton, have been in the city for a few days, visiting her uncle, Mr B R Sollars

Mrs Walter Hankins of Fordwick, Va, returned to her home Tuesday, after a visit to her sister, Mrs N C Taylor

Miss Edna Babb, of Morgantown, who has been a guest at Mr George T Carskadons returned to her home Tuesday

Mr J W Virts and daughter, Mrs William Martin, were in Harpers Ferry the past week, owing to the death of Mr Virts

Mr D S Huffman and wife of Moorefield, who were called here by the death of Mr Sampson Taylor, have returned home.

Mrs P R Lawyer and son, Harry, and Mrs Alice Dittmar, of Berkeley Springs, are visiting Mrs R C Caldwell and Mrs Harry Whipp of this place

A little child of Robert Grapes, aged five months, died Monday night and was buried Wednesday morning. The services were conducted by the Rev R G Hammond.

Mr J J Giffin and wife, of Chambersville, Va, who have been visiting their son, E F Giffin, of Rowlesburg, are now visiting his brother, Frank Giffin and wife on Fort Ave.

Mr C H Norris is in Baltimore this week

Mrs Frank Riley is visiting friends in Fairmont

Mr R A Smith of Blaine was in the city Tuesday

Mrs T E Pownall is the guest of her sister, Mrs M R Frye

Mr A A Welton of Williamsport, was in the city Monday

Mr William Lambert has moved with his family to Newburg

Miss Margaret Koelz has returned from a visit to Petersburg

Mayor Babb who has been in Pittsburgh returned home this week

Mr Perry Greenwade was in Fairmont Saturday to the football game

Mrs Charles Rice has returned from a visit to her daughter at Dayton, Ohio

Mr A C Mott of Davis, was a visitor in the city on Tuesday of this week

Mr Harry Burke of family left Thursday for their future home in Chicago

Mrs W S Keller and daughter returned Monday night from a visit to Morgantown

Mr J T McDowell of Burlington, was in the city this week and made us a pleasant call

Mr W A Liller who has been spending a few days at home, has returned to Stone, Ky, accompanied by his wife

Mr E R Dye of Indianapolis, who came here to attend the funeral of Mr Sampson Taylor returned to his home

Mr W B Burgess has returned from a visit to Chicago Junction, Ohio, accompanied by his sister and her husband, Mr Perry McKinzie.


The Circuit Court convened Tuesday. Judge Reynolds on the bench. The grand jury is composed of Alfred Ridgeley, foreman; Henry Deremer, Linley Hines, W E Herbst, V F Alkire, Floyd Knight, J D Gelwicks, Arthur Bennett, J H Dunk, Albert Franz, John T McDowell, W T Peters, R A Smith, Seymour J Taylor and Wright Burgess.

The grand jury returned 12 indictments, 4 felonies and 8 misdemeanors.


State vs Frank Davis, indicted for a misdemeanor, charged with train jumping. Plead guilty. Court takes time to consider.

Stae vs John Lee and Walter Foster. Same

State vs Will Woods, indicted for a misdemeanor, charged with selling liquor. Verdict of jury, not guilty

J K Staggers vs J B Rees. Appeal from Justice. Verdict in jury in favor of plaintiff awarding him $87


Last night a strange and suspicious negro was picked up by B&O officer Coffman as a possible suspect of the Magnolia shooting affray. He could seem to give no clear account of himself, and on being searched his pockets were found filled with odd bits of scrap iron, bolts, nuts, etc, and he was locked up to await further investigation.


Immediately following the trouble and shooting at Magnolia, T C Coffman, B&O police, was notified to watch the trains here for suspects. Assisted by the local police, all trains were searched and four men found on a freight who were stealing a ride, and they were locked up, pending an investigation. Brought before Judge Bomberger, the next day it was shown that they were not implicated in the shooting, but for illegally riding trains. His honor filed fined each one $4.00 and costs, making a total of $20. They gave the names of Philip Dichcovitch, Tony Maxomongovitch, Joseph Dalamo and Ignatis Schilivaltch.


Three negroes, alleged to be implicated in the shooting of B&O Officers E B Kinney and J C Orr near Hansrote, W Va, Wednesday evening, were arrested Thursday. This makes five men and two women under arrest and it is thought the sixth man will be gotten not later than today. The bloodhounds of A N Keister of Weston W Va, in charge of Keister, Capt J A Campbell of the B&O police force at Grafton, W Va and several officers of the force of Capt. Frank M Hardy, of Cumberland, led to the negro near Magnolia and information he gave caused the arrest of the other two. One negro with gold teeth, taken near Hancock, is alleged to have shot Lieut Kinney. Reports from the Western Maryland hospital late last night are that Orr is in critical condition with little hope of recovery. Kinney is doing well and it is thought he will be able to leave the hospital in a short time. Thursday, at Williamsport, the officers of that city arrested two negroes suspected with being implicated in the shooting Magnolia. Both, however, deny the charge, saying they are from Baltimore. They are lodged in the Hagerstown jail, pending verification of the alibis.


With Miss June Robertson the Cumberland Soprana Star and Miss Hazel Pameroy Violinist Mr Frederick Pratt impersonator and a full program of feature pictures Music Hall Saturday night, Oct 25th, admission adults 20 cents, children 10 cents. This is indeed one of the most inviting offerings of the season guaranteed to please everybody. The musical selections are the equal of any program previously offered in Music Hall and the comedy playlets in character costume will win rounds of hearty applause. This attraction has played to capacity business in larger cities at 50 cents admission without the pictures, but the policy of Music Hall is not how little but how much it can give its patrons. There will be only one show during the evening, starting with picture program first, then following the musical program in its entirety closing with pictures. There will be no reserved seat sale, everybody treated alike. The balcony will be open to ladies and well as gentlemen and ushers in attendance and perfect order guaranteed and see what Music Hall calls a perfect performance.


The annual meeting of the Grant, Hampshire, Hardy and Mineral counties medical society was held in the council chamber at Piedmont on Thursday. The first business of the session was the election of officers for the ensuing year. Dr Z T Kalbaugh was elected president. Four vice-presidents one from each county were chosen, Dr T L Baker, Dr J B Crane, Dr G S Gouchenour, and Dr W S Grey, Dr W H Yeakley, of Keyser, was re-elected secretary and treasurer. Drs Maxwell and Heighburger were elected delegates to the state association and Drs Keim and Wright as alternates. Dr G H Teemas, of Hampshire, Dr R L Love, of Hardy, Dr L L Edgell, of Mineral, and Dr Glenn Moomau, of Grant, were elected ""Censors" of the association. At the Hotel Gilmore a most tempting menu was served at the banquet. Several interesting papers were read at the afternoon session.


Cumberland Penciled Indian Runner Ducks. A few Imported drakes for sale. Also a few Maples' White Leghorn Cockerels. Both are the very best layers obtainable.

L C Markwood
Burlington, W Va


Sunday School-9:45 am

Morning Service-11:00 am

Sermon by the Pastor-"The Faith Delivered Unto the Saints"

C E Services-6:45 pm

Evening worship-7:30 pm, subject, "The Compassionate Church"

Everybody welcome

H F Baughman, Pastor

Sunday, October 29, 1913

The M E church on Davis street has issued the following invitation. The service begins at 9:30 am. You are cordially invited to attend Rally Day in the First M E Sunday School, October 26, 1913. We want every pupil to be present. Please notify your friends and relatives. Let us have a good beginning of our year's work. The pastor desires to make this a general rally of his congregation and cordially invites his people and the public to attend all of the services of the day.

Franck H Havenner, Pastor


Remaining unclaimed in the post office at Keyser, W Va, week ending Oct 23, 1913.

Mrs Martha Likins, Miss Marie Thompson (2), Miss Manda Wolford (2), W H Duvall, S J Hatfield, Ben Johnson, H B Kelley, Wm Shipe, Ferde Weaver, C F Wean.






RUNABOUT " "--$500





NOTICE-Miss Ida Crawford, agent for the celebrated Spirella Corset, will call at homes and take orders. This is the same corset as advertised in the Ladies Home Journal, Delineator, etc. Persons wishing to see her in the meantime can call at her residence. 127 W Piedmont Street or phone 164F.

Two houses for rent. Apply at 119 Centre street.

VIAVI TREATMENT-I will be at the Reynold's Hotel the second and last Wednesday of every month, from 1 until 3 o'clock pm. MRS L M KENNISTON, MANAGER.

HOUSE FOR SALE-The Walsh building on Piedmont street, 16 rooms, in good condition. Desirable for flats or hotel. For further particulars apply at premises.

RESTAURANT FOR SALE-Other interests compel sale. Paying well at present. Right price for right party. Address Box 205 Piedmont, W Va.

FOR SALE-Light two-horse wagon and double set brass mounted work harness. Both in fine shape. C G Scribner, Keyser.

$25.00 REWARD-Lost, strayed or stolen Iron Steel Grey horse, 3 years old. Weight 1000 lbs, one white spot on left shoulder, two on back under saddle. Any information will be rewarded by the above reward.

John Burk, Sulphur, W Va