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MARCH 25, 1913

30 APRIL 2003


Mrs John Buchanan and daughter of Berkeley Springs are visiting Mrs Brady on West Piedmont street. 44 years ago Mr Buchanan was the principal of the free schools here, the town being known then as New Creek. This is Mrs Buchanan's first visit to the town in the time. She is wonderfully impressed at the size of the town, whose flats at that time were in cultivation as farmlands.


Gilbert Kimmel once a pipe fitter here but now of Hagerstown spent Easter here and did not forget to pay the boys a visit Sunday

Jim Rogers and Warner Kidwell repaired the side track between the crane and the mill Sunday, for spikes they used nails and for ties they used old tie timbers. Any railroad b o wishing good track hands will do well do secure their services.

Carpenter J H Shafter who has been off duty several days was seen at the shops Monday dressed up like a Philadelphia lawyer, and we were not slow to see that he carried a copy of The Mineral Daily News in his pocket. That is right boys wherever you go take the News with you and if you are going to stay have it sent to you.

If any of the boys have any extra pies at home that they want to get rid of all they have to do is to call in boss pipe fitter John Thornhill

People living in the vicinity of the reservoir will not have the pleasure any more at nights of hearing our shop steam piano play as arrangements have been made to have it play in the day time only

Bill Caldwell has a bad case of hiccoughs he is taking Muco Solvent as a cure.

Repeat Pittet is on the sick list

Jim Rogers wan an awful sick man Monday

At the fire Monday, which destroyed the home of a fellow workman, the B&O fire ladies certainly did distinguish themselves. They carried their fire hose from the shops to the fire and their prompt and good work done much in saving the adjoining property. They were the first at the fire.


Contractor H G Steorts is building an addition and a large porch to Ira Matlick's residence in McCoole. He has just finished an addition to Jas Pierce's residence at the same place.


Saturday, during a terrific storm, the top was blown off a chimney at B B Cavitt's home on St Cloud street. No damage was done to the property other than this.


New ad. Todays, H G Steorts, Robinett & Zacot, S W Casteel.

Changes-The Sincell Co, R Nine, D W Weaver, Music Hall


Seymour Whipp, of Burlington, left Saturday on a short business trip to Hagerstown and Waynesboro

Mr P M Spangler, wife and daughter, Miss Elsie, spent Saturday here the guests of Mrs Spangler's brother Lewis Bombarger. The attended the days exercises at the Lutheran Church, which Mr and Mrs Spangler took an active part in establishing and now enjoy seeing it grow

Mr B Hall, son of Mrs Lizzie Hall on Maine street, with his sister, Mrs D T Greenwade, Jr, have returned from Havre, Montana, to Turnback, California, where Mr Hall has employment in a bank. This will be their future home.

Mrs A M Aranhalt and daughter, Mrs Edward Gelbaugh spent Saturday in Cumberland

Misses Hattie and Emily Coffroth left yesterday for Baltimore to spend a short time

The Keyser Preps will play a game of basketball with the Oakland High School boys Saturday

Rev Upton Landstreet, of the Grant Circuit, M E Church, was here yesterday enroute to conference. He was accompanied by his newly wedded wife. Two weeks ago he married Miss Mary Babb of Falls. The annual conference assembles tomorrow at Baltimore.

Eugene Gerstell has been quite ill the last few weeks

Jacob Swadley of Cumberland was here yesterday on his way to his old home at Headsville for a couple of days visit.

Jos. Stickley, of Moorefield, spent Easter here with his father, Mr Robert Stickley, in South Keyser, and returned home today

Mrs Robert Wilson, of Pierce W Va, has been spending a few days here at the home of her brother, Jas B Johnson

Miss Minnie Linn, of South Cumberland, spent Easter with her sisters Mrs Geo E Wells and Mrs Jas B Johnson

Mr Millard Davis of South Cumberland, was visiting relatives here yesterday

Douglas Glover, a pharmacy student at Baltimore, spent Easter with relatives here

Mrs Patton of Weston is visiting Mr Patton's parents here.

Hugh Burke of Cumberland came up yesterday to see his aged father, who is in the Hoffman Hospital.

Mrs B B McGalis and family of Brunswick, who were guests of the family of H G Steorts returned yesterday to their home

Mrs Emma Shipley, after a few weeks visit here with relatives, left this morning for her home at Martinsburg

Mrs Coleman, Orchard street, was taken to the Hoffman Hospital Monday

J C Billmyre of Martin is here in a very important legal case

Mrs Wm Tarpman and two children of Baltimore, who have been guests of Mrs Roy Rafter on Mozell street, have gone home.

W B Burgess has purchased the business building on Armstrong street from Mrs Potter. The store is occupied by Basil Martin

See those 18 Pickaninnies just off the "ole Plantation," at Music Hall, Thursday and Friday nights.

The New Minister from Hayti, The Hon Thorpe, will be present at Music Hall, Thursday and Friday nights. He will be there with his little "tin whistle."