OCTOBER 25,1912


  Lloyd Oates and wife started to Gormania last Sat afternoon in an automobile. Just as he was leaving his residence some boys jumped on the rear of the car thus detracting his attention and the auto went into the gutter. They escaped with a few bruises and a damaged machine. Boys should know their places.
  J R Bane, county commissioner, has been untiring in his efforts to rebuild the road bridges across Abram's Creek. He gives the work his personal attention and has secured a number of workmen who are pushing the work as rapidly as possible.
  Born unto Mr and Mrs Albert Barrick, recently, a girl.
  A painted sign on Festival Hall reads, Headquarters Bull Moose. It is lighted up every evening and the Mooses gather there.
  Postmaster F C Rollman received a telegram last Mon that his aged father in Baltimore had passed away. He died at midnight on the 19th of Oct, aged 86 years.
  Edward Kearney died at Elkins last week. He formerly lived at this place. He was much esteemed and his death brings to us a pang. He lived to an advanced age.
  Candidates for sheriff, Ervin Nethken and Wallace Rogers, were both in town this week making friends with the voters.


  Press (Petersburg) of 17th
  G C Hamilton and wife are visiting friends and relatives at Cumberland and Romney.
  Michael Mauzy Jr, of Franklin, passed through town Mon enroute to Keyser, where he will attend school.
  Zeb Judy came down from Upper Tract Sun and Mon took back with him his wife who had been visiting here.
  Miss Virgie Weese left Thurs morning for Bathbridge, O, where she will spend some time visiting her sister, Mrs G B Higgs.
  Last Wed morning Mr Frank Kaylor, manager of the Piedmont Grocery Co, left here for Moundsville, where he married Miss Augusta Hanlin, of Gorman. They returned to Petersburg Sat where they will make their future home. Mr Kaylor will continue as manager of the Piedmont Grocery Co. The Press wishes them a long and prosperous life.


  Oct 14
  Died at the home of its uncle, VanBuren Getz, last Wed night of typhoid fever, the only child and daughter of Emory Getz and wife of Keyser. Interment in the Hoffman cemetery last Fri morning.


  Review (Romney) of 23
  Mrs Dupuy, of Va, is visiting her sister, Mrs R W Dailey.
  E M Gilkeson, of Parkersburg, spent several days here last week.
  Miss Lyde Sloan, of Burlington, spent last Fri and Sat in town.
  Mr and Mrs Lewis Beckman attended the fair at Hagerstown last week.
  M F Poling of Old Fields, spent Sat and Sun here with relatives.
  Chas Miller, of Martinsburg, was a guest of Rev G A Gibbons a couple of days last week.
  Mr and Mrs A B C Whiteacre, of Hamilton Va, are visiting relatives and friends here.
  Capt Wm Henry Harness, of Winchester, was the guest of friends here several days last week.
  Miss Lucille Hobbs was the guest of Miss Maud Hodgson in Cumberland last Fri and Sat.
  Miss Mary Howard Heiskell returned home last Wed from a visit to relatives at Moorefield.
  W F Wirgman and son, James, left last week for Richmond Va. James will enter a business college there.
  George Zimmerman, of Jenkins Ky, has been spending several days with the family of his brother, J S Zimmerman here.
  Mrs Sallie Stump and daughter, Miss Jean, accompanied by Mrs Wm B Stump, of Old Town, spent several days at Hagerstown last week attending the fair.
  Mr and MRS Carter Inskeep attended the wedding of Miss Mabel Seymour, to Frederick Peddicord, of Baltimore, near Cumberland last Fri.
  Marion, the four year old daughter of W B Cornwell, was operated on for appendicitis at the Allegheny Hospital, Cumberland, last Fri afternoon. She stood the operation well and has since made such progress that her recovery is confidently expected.
  Rev G A Gibbons, C A Miller, Luther Orndorff, A S Swisher, Philip M Swisher and Benj Ruckman, hunted a little less than three days last week on Short Mountain and bagged 14 wild turkeys.
  Some excitement was caused here last Wed morning by the appearance on the streets of two bloodhounds, brought here form Fairmont to try to trace robbers who broke into the store at Vanderlip the Mon night previous. The robbers broke open the safe and secured twenty odd dollars and a lot of brass checks used in paying off the orchard men, also some express money orders. the hounds picked up a trail which led down the line of H S R R, over the bridge, through Frank Harmison's and on to the main road, coming into town. Here the trail was lost and the hounds were unable to pick it up.


  Moorefield Examiner of 17th.
  R B Vanmeter, who has been visiting here left for his home in Baltimore this morning.
  Sidney Williams and Edgar Williams, of Broadway, came over yesterday on a visit to Mr and Mrs W A Allen.
  A V Wilson, began work this week on his new barn. He has 13 men at work and will push it to completion.
  Jas Williams left us a pumpkin this week which tipped the scales at 40 lbs. Not so big as some others, but "some pumpkin."
  Mr and Mrs B W Chrsiman and daughter, Miss Pattie, and Miss Alice Gamble spent several days in Cumberland this week.
  T A Wilson reports that he raised 300 bushes of potatoes on 3/4 of an acre of ground on his Lost River farm. Now come with your potato report.
  Misses Bettie and Fille Welton, who have been visiting at Upper Tract, returned Tues accompanied by Mrs W H Cunningham, who will visit here a while.
  Circuit Court was in session Tues. The Grand Jury found five indictments, all for misdemeanors, one against Wm Jenkins, one against Michael W See and three against Christian Helmick. Court adjourned until next Tues, when the jury cases will be tried.
  Miss Irene McNeill, who has been under treatment for appendicitis in a Baltimore hospital for some time, returned to her home last Sat. Miss McNeill is getting along nicely.
  Col Wm J Lavelle, Democratic candidate for the State Senate in this district, was in the county last week. Col Lavelle is a big jovial hearted soul and is making friends wherever he goes.
  D L Wilson and C C Fisher passed through town last Fri with 251 head of fine cattle they had purchased in the ? They averaged about 1100 lbs and will make fine cattle by next season.
  Jno W McNeill reports quite a curiosity. A partridge near his home, has hatched and is raising two chickens along with her brood of young partridges. It is supposed that the hens laid in the nest with her. They are about a month old.
  The Halterman land on Middle mountain was sold to M S Henkle for $3,5000. The See land up the Fork, was sold to J W Bergdoll for $710. The Henry Hutter house and lot in Moorefield was sold to S A McCoy for $1500 and the land in South Moorefield to Jacob Hutter for $625.
  We neglected to mention last week that Mrs Ethel Holmes of Honolula Hawaii, had arrived here on a visit to her father, Dr H Mc. S? Gamble. Mrs Holmes together with her husband, has been camping in the mountains near Portland, Oregon, the past summer, enjoying the delightful hunting and fishing.
  Mrs Tom Webster of Lost City, died Sat at her home after a short illness.
  Mrs John W Gilkeson left Mon morning to attend Synod at Richmond Va.
 Mrs A L Johnson, who spent last week here, has returned to her home at East Orange N J.
  Mrs W S Fisher went to Springfield Mon on a short visit to her sister, Mrs A M Earle.
  Capt and Mrs J H Daughtery, who attended the reunion last week, spent a few days visiting friends and returned to Franklin Fri.
  Mrs A R McNeill, who has been visiting her brother, E P Brown, near Baltimore, returned to her home in Old Fields last Sat.
  Miss Molelle Kuykendall went to Durgon this week where she and Mrs Gamble began teaching the school at that place Mon.
  Mrs Geo H Kuykendall and Miss Martha Gilkeson went to Baltimore Mon morning to be with Miss Cornelia VanMeter for a few days.
  A telegram was received Tues by Mrs Julia Gilkeson announcing that her son Julian had been operated upon in a Richmond Va hospital for appendicitis, and was getting along nicely.
  Grover Miller and wife, who have been visiting in this county for some time, left Sun for Phoenix Arizona. They were accompanied by Miss Rachel miller, who will maker her home there.


  Messrs Wilbur and Arnold Ludwick, of Burlington, were the guests of their uncle, E A Ludwick, Sat and Sun.
  Mr G D Junkins is going to move from here to Emoryville next Thurs. We are sorry to see them leave.
  The writer and his daughter Miss Olive, had a pleasant outing at Mr Tom Brock's near Sulphur, last Wed.
  Mr Fred Sheetz, of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, visited friends here from Sat till Mon. Fred can't forget the "West Virginia Hills."
  Mr Jacob Evans is moving from Atlantic to his own farm, Glade Run, one mile South of here.
  Mr Calvin S Bosely, of Gormania, was looking after his farm this week.
  Miss Maggie May Michael, of Keyser, visited friends here last week.
  Prof D C Arnold, of elk Garden, District Supt of Schools, was here in the interest of Hartmonsville school Tues. He is a successful educator, and an earnest advocate of the cause of temperance. If the Prohibition Amendment does not carry, it will not be his fault.
  Mr DeWitt, of near Deer Park, is here weighing up lambs today, Tues. Most of the lambs are light compared with last year's average.
  The Echo's encomium on the character of "Jimmie Sheet" as he calls him, is the best we've seen. We are certain that Mr Sheetz deserves all the honor that he gives him, and if elected, as we belive he will be, the Echo will be entitles to its share of Mr Sheetz's victory.
  Emory Herbert, son of Russell and Delphia Likens, died Oct 18, 1912, aged nine months and one day. He was their only boy, and was the fond hope of both father and mother. Another bud has been plucked from the garden of this life to bloom in the Eden of Eternal life. The family have the sympathy of everyone. Funeral services by Rev Geo Burgess. Interment in Blake Chapel Cemetery. W H Kight, of Elk Garden, was undertaker. Lodi


  Oakland, Oct 23, Mr and Mrs Jack Grimes, of Deer Park, Mr and Mrs George Sincell, of Keyser W Va, and Mr Jack Grimes started for Pittsburg Sun. When reaching for Accident the car broke down and the trip was abandoned.
  Mr and Mrs Ed Helbig have moved to Durgon W Va, where they expect to reside.
  Wm Rhodes, an esteemed citizen of the Chestnut Hill neighborhood, died last Fri and was buried on Sun at Swanton.


  Piedmont W Va, Oct 18
  Hon Arthur Arnold has been called to Clarksburg to the Republican state headquarters to look after the campaign part of the Republican members of the legislature.
  Councilman P J O'Brien, an employee of the W Va Pulp and Paper Co, at Luke, was married on Wed morning in Baltimore to Miss Sarah E McMillan, formerly of Barton, but now a resident of Piedmont and a niece of Mrs Z T Kalbaugh. The ceremony was performed by Mr O'Brien's first cousin, Rev timothy B Kenny, pastor of the Catholic church at Forest Park. They will be at home at their residence on Ashfield street after Nov 1.
  Rev W B McKinley united in marriage Miss Ethel Engle to George Saint John Williams at the home of the bride on Wed evening at 9 o'clock. there was a reception to a few intimate friends from 8:30 until 11:30 o'clock at the home of the bride's parents, Dr and Mrs Lewis Engle, Westernport Heights. After Nov 15, they will be at home at their residence on the east end of Hampshire street. There was quite a number of useful and valuable presents received by the bride and groom.
  Miss Evelyn McCandlish entertained the ladies bridge whist club Thurs afternoon. Among those present were Mrs R J McCandlish, of Hancock Md, a guest of the family; Mesdames Z T Kalbaugh, C W Greitzner Jr, John Mackie, R H Drane, W R Williams, U B McCandlish, J F Harrison, T F Kenny, D J Long. Misses Evelyn and Ruth McCandlish, Mildred Marie Williams and Ada and Miss Lucille Kenny Engle and her guest.


  Last Sun, quite a few of our folks went down to Burlington and took in the Republican speaking. There was quite a good turn out but as is usual a t all political gatherings within the last few years very little enthusiasm. The Sears, Roebuck band from over about the Fountain furnished the music for the occasion. They did very well as per usual. They are getting to be a pretty good band. They can play alright sitting or standing but can't do much on the wings as yet. The reason for this is an excellent one and is no doubt absolutely so. It seems that every band worth the name has to have a clarinet (?sic) and some one to play it among them. They have this but as John Ed Stagg can't march and pat his foot at the same time they naturally can't do much playing on the wing if they could only get Ike Emmit to walk in front and beat time with a pitch fork they might be able to lay on the march.
  The political situation is about as usual here. All three sides are making big gains and if their claims are at all reliable, there are just 435 more voters here than the registrars found. All parties concerned have ordered fire works and fire water to celebrate with on election night. This makes a celebration sure in any event. A procession will be formed at the Camp Ground and will march due North about one mile to an old oak tree where the jollification will take place. All are invited to attend with torch in hand.
  The boys hereabouts have it in fro the trustees of the Burlington school because they employed a man to teach the school at that place this winter. Girls are awful scarce, the beaux of this community claim, and they look forward from one year to the other to the coming of a female school teacher to their midst. Then to have the school teacher turn up a man is very provoking to say the least. To make matters worse the buggy and automobile beaux from Burlington insist upon coming up here and paying attention to our Minnie, which is unfair, as the boys around here have not chance to get back at them unless they hide in a fence corner and take a crack at some of them with a rock or over ripe egg. This method of retaliation would necessitate staying up too late as they rarely even start home before nine o'clock.
  What have become of the weather pronosticators? Now is the time for them to begin making their weather predictions for the winter as the folks hereabouts would like to know what kind of preparations to make before it gets too cold. The black rings on the these wooly catapillars ordinarily show just when to expect most of the weather. If most of the black is in front all the bad weather will be early in the winter. If behind ice gathering and sleighing will happen along about Ground Hog Day or later. This year, the catapillars seem to be Republicans; that is they are all split up. Some of them have all the black in front; others have most of it behind; and still others haven't any at all. This leaves this source of prognostication a little uncertain and the folks are a little undecided just what to expect in the shape of weather.
  John Backlash, a great big overgrown hired hand over at Fleatown, came over here one day and tried to enroll as a pupil in our school. Minnie Swift, our enterprising teacher, sent him back over the hill a flying. He just came over to see her any how. She told him unless he stayed away she would have Cam Arbogast, the artistic and sanitary plumber of Keyser, climb his carcass. This scared John so bad he is likely to stay away for at least two weeks.
  Miss Laurel has begun to make Christmas presents. She has already made five or six sets of Jack Oak acorn beads and expects to make more before the season closes.
  Ginger Root is working on a patent combination egg beater and can opener. He expects to make quite a bit of money if it sells as well as he thinks it should.
  The Push Root Grind and Whetstone Co have a nice lot of these articles on their premises. Anyone desiring to se them can do so without cost. Next year they will add concrete tombstones to their line and put a man on the road.
 Thanksgiving will be observed here this year as usual. Rev John Jerebum Jones will preach the sermon and will take dinner with any brother or sister who invites him, providing they are going to have turkey.
  Uncle Hiram Root took speaking at Burlington last Sat. He allows that if the Democrats are half as bad as the speakers said they are they all ought to be in jail. He is about the same this week.


  Oct 22
  The funeral of the late Mrs J W Roderick will be preached at Rehoboth church, by Rev L C Messick, on the first sun in Nov at 11 am.. Friends are all cordially invited to be present.
  News is scarce here just now, but I wish to try and give a few items that may be interesting to some.
  Stock is now moving out. Last Week Adam Post, of Buckhannon, shipped one carload of calves, 75 head, and some larger stock from our place. Mr Ruckman of Hardy county, has recently shipped several loads of lamb from this end of the county. There is also quite a lot of "butcher stuff" being gathered up by nearby butchers.
  Miss Maggie Mathews, of Emoryville, is teaching our school. D W Idleman is teaching Empire school, near his home. School at the new school near Red Bridge, on Abrams Creek, commenced yesterday. But I have failed to learn who is teacher. This is the old White ?all school moved form one mile east of Mt Storm. There has been quite a lot of changes made in the location of schools about Mt Storm but we leave that for X O X to explain.
  J Arley Blackburn, who has recently purchased a farm near Bedford Pa, and moved onto it, will sell a lot of stock and farming implements at public auction at his old home near here this afternoon, commencing at one o'clock.
  We notice in the Tribune of last week, that one of the corespondents says that "W W Rogers, candidate for sheriff, of Blaine" had been round electioneering. We are thankful for this information, as we are not interested in the sheriffalty of Blaine. We will look for and support ? candidate for sheriff of ?
  Uncle John



  The home of Mr and Mrs Chas C Seymour, of Seymour Station, on the W Va Central division of the W M R R four miles from this city, was the scene yesterday evening at 9:30, of a most charming nuptial event, the contracting parties being Miss Mabel Seymour, and Mr Frederick Peddicord, an influential and able young attorney of Baltimore City. The ceremony was performed in the spacious parlor of the Seymour residence by Rev James E Moffatt, D D, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of this city, the nuptial rite being solemnized in the presence of more than two hundred guests. Miss Seymour's bridesmaids were Miss Peddicord, of Baltimore, a sister of the groom; Miss Boggs of Baltimore, Miss Henrietta Seymour, a sister of the bride, Miss Bessie Offutt and Miss Grace Jones, of Oakland Md.
  The interior of the Seymour home was beautifully decorated. At the conclusion of the ceremony, a delicious supper was served. Guests were present from Parkersburg, Huntington, Bloomington, Oakland, Keyser, Piedmont, Romney, Moorefeild, Baltimore and Cumberland, the guests from this city totaling fifty and journeying to the wedding in a special train. -Cumb News of 19th
  The Baltimore Sun gives the following account of the wedding:
  The marriage of Frederick Randall Peddicord, attorney-at-law, of Baltimore, son of Mr and Mrs Joseph H Peddicord, Walker Avenue, Towson, to Miss Mabel Ethel Seymour, daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles C Seymour, took place last evening at 8 o'clock at Edgewood, the Seymour country home, near Cumberland. Rev Dr James E Moffatt, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Cumberland performed the ceremony. Music was furnished by Hoffman's orchestra.
  The bride, who was given away by her father, wore white crepe meteor, trimmed in Venice point lace, seed pearl trimming, with court train and tulle veil, caught up with lilies of the valley. She carried a shower bouquet of bride roses and lilies of the valley.
  Miss Henrietta Lee Seymour, sister of the bride, was maid of honor and wore a gown of white lace over yellow charmeuse, with pearl and crystal trimmings and caught with rhinestone buckles. She carried yellow roses and maiden-hair fern. Misses Jean Marguerite Boggs, of Baltimore, and Elizabeth Seymour Offutt, of Oakland, cousins of the bride; Talmage Peddicord, sister of the groom, and Grace Jones, of Oakland, were bridesmaids and were attired in white marquisette, trimmed with lace and crystal banding, and wore yellow sashes. They carried yellow marguerites, with maiden-hair fern.
  George Davis of Baltimore, was best man.
  The decorations of the home were palms, evergreens and yellow and white chrysanthemums. Color scheme of yellow and white was throughout the house.
  A reception immediately followed the ceremony after which Mr and Mrs Peddicord left on the Duquesne Limited for an Eastern trip. They will be "at home" Nov 8 at 2112 Brookfield Avenue, Baltimore.
  Among those present were: Mr and Mrs J Wilson Humbird, Dr and Mrs Heintz, Mr and Mrs Wm Dycke, Mrs elder Humbird, Mrs Ingham Lord, Mr and Mrs Lloyd Rawlings, Mrs Barry, Roy Kimes, J K Goodhand, Miss Cora Piper, Mr J L Griffith, J Oscar Jones, Miss Fanny Sloan, Miss Margaret Sloan, B Frank Shaffer, Dr McAdams, Dr John Legge, Miss Hodgson, Miss Joyce Fracee, Jas B Reese, Miss Hattie Coffroth, Mrs T D Leps, Mr and Mrs Thompson, Mr and Mrs Harry Leps, Miss Fanny Leps, Mr and Mrs Wm Offutt, Miss Grace Jones of Oakland; Miss Peddicord, of Baltimore; Arthur Arnold, Norris Bruner, Wm Seaber of Piedmont; Miss Margaret Boggs, of Baltimore; Mr and Mrs Sam Brady, Mr and Mrs Spates Brady of Parkersburg; Mr and Mrs Wren Brady, Mr and Mrs Harry Frost, Mr and Mrs Jas Offutt, Frank Offutt, of Cumberland; Mrs Jane Boggs, Mrs Susan Seymour, Mr and Mrs Owen Moss of Seymour; and others.

  License to wed were granted at Cumberland as follows:
  Oct 14 - Geo Benj Robinson, of Rawlings Md, and Elsie Clifton Wilkins, of Keyser W Va.
  Thomas Hollen of Cumberland Md, and Eva Lena Corbin, of Keyser W Va.
  James Adam Corrick and Nellie May Felton, both of Parsons W Va.
  Thomas Josiah Jenkins, of Frostburg, and Clara Nightingale, of Lonaconing Md.
  Samuel Russell Whorrel, of Parsons W Va, and Mary Pearl Dyche, of Mt Savage Md.
  George Melvin martin of Majestic Ky, and Eva Elizabeth Crump, of Frostburg Md.
  George Hunt Hopburn and Helen Wilmot Deffinbaugh, both of Cumberland Md.
  Oct 19 - Agnes Alphonsius McKenzie and Carrie Merrback, both of Avilton Md.
  Perry Morris Rhodes of Swanton Md, and Verna Olive Hite, of Cumberland.
  James Edward Hudson and Dora Wilson, both of Cumberland.
  Reuben Edward Corcoran and Jane McClure Carroll, both of Unity Pa.
  Howard David Guyer of Altona Pa, Ada Grace Gochnour, of Immler Pa.
  Herbert Henry Mollard, of Arnold City Pa, and Amelia Major Jolley Fayette county Pa.
  William Thomas Smith and Ethel Irene Rhien both of Pittsburgh Pa.
  Christian Walter Feidt, of Altoona Pa, and Isabelle Findley, of Mt Savage Md.
  Lester Gaylor Signourney of Bristol Conn, and Elton Witmer Doub, of Cumberland Md.

  Oct 22 - John Carrol Davis of Cumberland Md, and Pearl Washington of Westernport.
  George Alvin Hamilton and Bess McGales, both of Westernport.
  Ernest Irwin Crawford and Leona Christner, both of Cumberland Md.
  Archibald Harrison Parrish and Bertha M Lyons, both of Headsville W Va.
  Oct 23 - Oley James and Goldie Ellen Rains, both of Peace, W Va.
  Shelton Shanholtzer of Steward, Ia, and Lotta May Bowen, of Slanesville W Va.


  The marriage of Mr Claude Maxwell of this city and Miss Winnifred Lantz, occurred last evening at the home of the bride, near Terra Alta, the ceremony being performed at 7 o'clock. After an eastern trip, Mr and Mrs Maxwell will reside in this city, where the congratulations of many friends will be extended. -Clarksburg Exponent of 24th.


  Mr P H Shaffer, of Richwood, and Miss Laura Barrick, of Elk Garden, were married in Clarksburg, Oct 22, by the Rev King of the M E Church.
  Mrs Shaffer was one of Mineral County's school teachers, but has spent the last five months in Hobart, Ind, where she has been employed as clerk in a large department store. They will make their home at Richwood, where Mr Shaffer is engaged in the lumber business.


  Marcus McLaughlin and Miss Mary Anderson, of Mannington, were married by Rev Father Boutlou at the Catholic rectory. They have gone to Electra, Texas to live.


  Parsons Democrat, 17th
  On Mon morning, Mr Jas A Corrick and Miss Nellie,daughter of Mr and MRS John W Felton of this city, left for Cumberland, where they were married. From that place they will go to Washington and other cites sight seeing. Mr Corrick is a member of the Corrick Hardware Co, and a popular young man with every one who knows, and his bride is one of our popular young ladies. They have the hearty congratulations of their friends here and elsewhere.


  A marriage license was issued at Washington DC to Allen J Delauder, of Hendricks, W Va and Effa V Souers, of Kitzmiller Md.



  Mr Fred Davis, who was seriously injured on Wed, died at the Hoffman Hospital on Sat, Oct 19th, 1912, about noon, aged 34 years. Fred, as he was known and called by the greater number of Keyser people, was well and favorably known, having lived here nearly all his life. He was a member of the Presbyterian church, and lived up to his profession - an humble, sincere, christian life, a life worthy of emulation by every one. In his home he was kind and gentle to a marked degree, and no matter where one met him he was a gentleman in every sense of the word. Having the highest regard for integrity he lived a quiet, straightforward life without ostentation and free from contaminating influences of the world, in a word of Fred Davis was an honest Christian man, and when that can be truthfully said of a man all is said that is worth while.
  He was a member of the A O U W of this place, and the Knights of Pythias Lodge of Clarksburg, which order had charge of the burial services at the grave. Mr Davis was manager of the Davis Fruit Farms. The deceased is survived by his wife who was formerly Miss Laura Nine, of this place; his parents, Mr and Mrs B W Davis, and two sisters, Mrs Mary Lambert, and Mrs Pearl Fisher, of Davis.
  Funeral services were held Mon afternoon at the home of MR T H Wagoner, step-father-in-law of the deceased, and was very largely attended. Rev A O Price, pastor of the Presbyterian church, conducted the services. Beautiful remarks were made by his former pastor. Rev Dr H G McClellan, of Clarksburg; also by Rev Bartlett, of the Romney Circuit, M E church, who knew him and esteemed him, and by Rev J H Moore, a former pastor and warm friend. The floral offerings of the Clarksburg lodge and friends, and the Keyser friends were profuse and beautiful, attesting to the very high esteem in which the deceased was held. Interment was in Queen's Point Cemetery.
  A select quartet composed of Mrs H M Wells, Miss Nan Kuykendall, D T Greenwade and George Loy sang some favorite hymns.
  The honorary pall bearers were P M Dayton, D A Arnold, J R Kennedy, C J Alkire, J Sloan Arnold and O A Hood. The active pall bearers were T T Huffman, Oscar Fazenbaker, George R Davis, S N Moore, C M Dayton, and Leslie McCoole.
  The following members of the Clarksburg K of P lodge accompanied his former pastor in to pay the last sad tribute of respect to the deceased: Thos L Anderson, W E Starcher, J M Coburn, W A Blair, J E Knowles, Dr W A Fletcher, A T Redman and R E Bailey.
  The Clarksburg Exponent says of the deceased:
  "During his residence in this city of the unfortunate man made a host of friends who will receive the news of the accident with deep sorrow. While he was a prominent member of the Knights of Pythias Lodge, No 39, and Northcott Camp, No 5748, Modern Woodman of the World.


  Mrs Catherine Taylor, aged 51 years, died Sat at her home on Armstrong Street. The burial took place Mon afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Funeral services were conducted at the home by Rev M H Keene. The deceased is the widow of the late Joseph Taylor, and is survived by five children: Wm Taylor and John Taylor, of Romney; Mrs Ella Kessel, of Pugittsville; Mrs Sallie Naurington, Keyser and Mrs Daniel Haines, of Utah.


  Mrs Mary McIndoe, native of Scotland and widow of Wiliam McIndoe; Union Veteran, died Sat. Six children survive, including Major James F McIndoe, United States Army, stationed at Portland Ore. Mrs McIndoe was sister of Mrs Marion Spier, of Cumberland, and an aunt of Mrs Bell, wife of John J Bell, deputy appraiser of the Port of Baltimore.


  Mrs Judie Wilson, widow of Joshua Wilson, of Flintstone, died yesterday morning at 5 o'clock at the home of her son, Amon C Wilson, Geothe Street, aged 82 years. She was also the mother of Conda Wilson, proprietor of the old Tremont Hotel. -Cumberland News of 15th.


  Samuel L Twigg of Keyser, died here Tues night at the Cookerly home on Bedford street, where he had a room. He lived in Cumberland for the past year. Mr Twigg was 62 years old and well known. His death was caused by heart trouble and a complication of diseases. Surviving are his widow, Mrs Jane Twigg, and four children. Mrs Hattie Kimmell and Millard, Vernon and Thomas Twigg. The body was sent to Keyser W Va, on train No 55, over the Baltimore and Ohio railroad yesterday afternoon, and taken to the Twigg home near that place. Mr Twigg was the father of the late Chas E Twigg of Keyser. -Cumb News of Oct 24th.
  The funeral was held at the house yesterday afternoon. Services conducted by Rev F H Havenner, and music by the M E Church choir. Interment in Queen's Point cemetery.


  J M Lowdermilk is dead at Hoyes, Garrett county, aged 65 years. He belonged to one of the oldest Garrett families.


  Edward Kearney, died Fri morning, Oct 18, at the home of his daughter, Mrs Anna Brown, of Buffalo street, Elkins, W Va. Mr Kearney was seventy-two years of age and was born in Ireland, but has been a resident of the U S for several years. He is survived by one brother who lives at Elk Garden and one daughter, Mrs Anna Brown, of Elkins. Mrs Kearney died about a year and a half ago. Mr Kearney has had fairly good health all the time, and was only ill for a short time when death came, which was caused by paralysis of the stomach. Funeral services were held at the Catholic church at Elkins, Sun morning at 6:45 o'clock, after which the remains were taken to Westernport on the morning train for burial.


  Daniel Quinn, aged 56 years, former merchant of this city, passed away at his home at the corner of Oak and East Main streets Sun morning at 11 o'clock after several years' illness of cancer of the stomach.
  Mr Quinn had been critically ill the last three weeks and his death was expected. All the members were at his bedside when he died. Mr Quinn had a large number of friends who are sorry to hear of his death.
  The deceased man is survived by his widow, three brothers, a sister, two sons, and two daughters. The brothers are John F of Jolliet, Ill; James, of Freemansburg Mo, and Bernard, of Bowling Green Neb. The sister is Mr Thomas Ryan, of Chicago. The sons are J Ray and Junior. The daughters are Misses Isabelle and Mary. The children all reside at home.
  The funeral will be held Wed morning in the Church of the Immaculate Conception. The time has not been decided as yet. The burial will be in the Holy Cross Cemetery. -Clarksburg Telegram of 14th


  Mrs Clarence Borst and daughter, Miss Nelie, spent Sat in Cumberland.
  Miss Bessie Dawson has been visiting friends in Cumberland the past week.
  Mrs D W Fogle, of Riverton Va, is visiting Mrs Robert Santemyer.
  Mrs D Riley Shull returned Fri of last week from an extended visit to Elkins.
  Mrs J H Dye has been on a visit to relatives at Grafton and Elkins the past ten days.
  Mrs J C Sanders and Mrs Geo W Bane were in Cumberland Mon shopping.
  R M Workman, Glenn Workman and Charlie Neville attended the Hagerstown fair.
  Harry Robinson, the merchant At Dawson, is reported to be quite ill with typhoid fever.
  Miss Helen Wertheimer of Cumberland, visited Miss Mary Moore a few days the past week.
  Mrs James Moore has been a sufferer from a severe attack of rheumatism the past week.
  Mrs Ida Menefee paid the Frostburg State Normal School a visit latter part of last week.
  Mrs Lee Ash and son, of Cumberland, spent last week end here with Mrs Dr Ira Stafford.
  Mrs Ida Mankins and Mrs Everly returned home last Fri from a visit to Winchester Va.
  Messrs J W Ravenscroft and W H Longsdorf were business visitors to Cumberland on Sat.
  Mrs H G Fisher suffered a slight stroke of paralysis at her home on Alice street, last Sat.
  Rev R G Hammond, the new pastor at the UB church, filled his pulpit for the first time last Sun.
  Patrick King of Cumberland, paid his daughter, Mrs Owen Dorsey, a visit latter part of last week.
  Arthur Boyce, who was injured in the saw mill explosion last week, is reported to be improving.
  Miss Margaret Giles and sister, returned to their home in Cumberland from a visit to relatives here.
  Mrs Floyd Knight returned hoe last Sat from a visit to her daughter, Mrs Dr S E Hershy, at Charleston.
  Howard Mulleday, of Three Churches, was a guest of his uncle, Mr W C Lewis, last Sat and Sun.
  George Gillum took his daughter, Miss Ada, to Baltimore, last Fri to have her treated by a specialist for deafness.
  Miss Grace Pickett went to Keyser yesterday to attend the funeral of Mr Fred Davis, who met with an accidental death.
  Rev A O Price returned home last Sat night form attending Synod at Richmond, Va, and reports a very pleasant meeting.
  Mrs Patsie Stewart and daughter, Miss Margaret, of Bellefonte Pa, have been visiting Mrs J H Markwood the past week.
  Mrs F P Kelly and children have returned form a visit of several weeks at Knobley Farm and Keyser Mineral County. -Fairmont Times of 21st.
  Mr and Mrs Edward Ward, who have been living at Chicago Junction for some time, have moved back to Keyser and are welcome by their many friends.
  Charles Marshall, a traveling salesman with headquarters in Parkersburg, was here Sun on his return forma visit to his father, C C Marshall at Williamsport.
  Mrs Geo Blestein left Fri on B&O train No 2 on a visit with her uncle, Rev T J Lambert of Winchester. She will also visit her mother and brother at Bridgewater and Friends at Harrisonburg Va.
  J Sloan Arnold, with his little so, Sloan Jr, took a party of friends autoing Sun to visit one of Hampshire's eminent citizens, Mr David Fox, who lives with his son-in-law, Geo Harmison, near Romney.
  Elmer Giffin has sold his house on Orchard Street to Clinton Pifer.
  Mrs J Terrell paid Cumberland a visit Wed.
  A W Coffroth paid Cumberland a business visit Wed.
  Capt J W Vandiver of Burlington, was in town Wed night.
  Mr and Mrs R B Bailey and son are visiting at the Fountain.
  Dr M F Wright and Paul Sloan of Burlington, were in town yesterday.
  Mr and Mrs W A Mies and little son Harold spent last week in Pittsburg.
  Miss Madeline, daughter of Mr and MRS A K Bazzle, has typhoid fever.
 Mrs F P Edgell and children, of Harper's Ferry, are here on a visit to home folks.
  John Workman, of Bayard, has been visiting his brother, R M Workman, this week.
  Mrs Charles Broom went to Grafton last Fri on a visit to relatives for a few days.
  Mr and MRS J W Wolford returned Tues from their visit to Hampshire Co.
  Mrs Elizabeth Hall and Miss Marguerite Koelz were among the visitors to Cumberland Wed.
  Mrs F V Williams, of Medley, is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs D E Lawson.
  Miss Margaret Offner spent a few days this week with her aunt, Mrs Dr Z T Kalbaugh, at Piedmont.
  Misses Marion and Elizabeth Glover and Eva Christian went to Oakland Wed for a short visit.
  Mr and Mrs Roy Durrett and children, of Cumberland, are the guests of Mrs Rachael Stevenson.
  Mr George E Price and Mr Edmund Price left last evening for New York. Charleston Gazette of 22nd.
  Mr Samuel Steele and wife of Moundsville, who spent a few days visiting at the home of Mrs J W Keys, returned home Tues.
  Mrs Lulu West returned home Wed from a pleasant visit for a few days to Mrs Louis Millholland at Manheim.
  Dr Sites, Dr Eagle (nephew of D W Eagle) and wife, and little daughter, of Martinsburg, attended the funeral of Mr Eagle.
  Mrs Arthur Fisher and Mrs W J Lambert, of Davis, were called here last week by the injury and death of their brother, Fred Davis.
  The Hamil boys have bought Benjamin Souder's house on Argyle street. It is a nice home.
  Berkeley Springs, W Va - Joseph Mechem, a leading farmer, who taught school in his early life, is dead here, aged 73 years.
  Mrs M A Shaw, of Washington, DC, and formerly of Cumberland, died at her home in the Capital City yesterday afternoon at four o'clock.
  Raymond Watson, of Beryl, and Miss Myrtle Virginia Johnson, of Shaw, were united in matrimony on Wed Oct 16th.
  T H Davis, the jeweler, has very much improved the appearance of his store, and residence by a new coat of paint. T H believes in keeping up a good appearance.
  Sympathetic citizens have started a subscription fund for the benefit of the family of Joseph Boyce, one of the saw mill explosion victims, who is yet in a critical condition at the Hoffman hospital.
  Hagerstown - Miss Anna Fetcher of Paw Paw, W Va, and Allen W Arnold, of this city, were married by Rev E C Powers.
  Mrs J H Shaffer and daughter Margaret left Wed for a visit to friends at Grafton and Fairmont.
  Tomorrow L C McDonald will have an all day demonstration of fifty-seven varieties of the famous Heinz goods at his store.
  J T McDowell, a fruitman from the Knobley/Ridge country, was in Keyser Tues. He is one of the most progressive fruit growers in the country and on his Sulphur spring fruit farm produces some of the best.
  The Calendar Coterie was entertained yesterday afternoon by Mrs Louise Leps.
  Mrs Walter cox and children, of Luke, spent last sun here with her father, Mr J A B Kennedy, at the home of her brother Dorsey.
  Arnold Ludwig, of Oakville Pa, is spending a few days with relatives here this week on his way to Rio, Hampshire county, to visit his grandfather.
  Misses Maud and Bertie Rice, went to Newmarket, Va, last Mon. Miss Maud will spend a week, but Miss Bertie expects to remain some time.
  Bert shoemaker, who has been with Will Johnson, the horse trainer, for some time, has been spending the past week here with friends. He will pay his old home in Pa a visit.
  Rev and Mrs J H Brunk, Miss Leona, Joseph, Bayard, Dwight, Virginia and Margurite left Mon for their new home at Harrisonburg Va. Ewlby and Edgar remained here, where they have positions.
  Mr Julius Taylor, of Purgittsville, accompanied by young Hartman, was in town Wed with a load of fine potatoes, for which they found sale at a good price. Mr Taylor had a large crop this year.
  The Hoffman automobile party, consisting of Miss Mattie Dear, of Parsons, Miss Elizabeth Hoffman, Hunter Lieburg and Huntley Hoffman returned Tues night from a trip through the Valley of Va and to the Hagerstown fair.
  F M Garber, a foreman of the B&O shops at Garrett, Ind, accompanied by his wife and little son, and Mrs Mary Lauck, arrived here last Mon on a visit. They have gone to spend a few days at Moorefield, and will then visit relatives at Richwood before returning home.
  Mr and Mrs Edward Holland Foreman, of Pittsburg Penns, who were visiting the latter's sister, Mrs Floyd Bailey, of Orchard St, for several days, left for Cumberland Tues evening to visit her sister, Mrs Dr G G Shumaker. Mr and MRS Foreman have just returned from a several weeks trip to Niagara Falls, Canada and New York and report a very interesting trip.
  N J Crooks is on the sick list.
  Clerk J V Bell is on a trip to Washington.
  James Emmons, of Philadelphia, is visiting relatives here.
  Mrs John Lowman is visiting Mrs Elmer Giffin at Rowlesburg.
  Dr Robert Gerstell, of Gerstell, went to Baltimore Wed on a short trip.
  Miss Lillie Chesshire spent Tues afternoon with friends in Piedmont.
  Miss Nellie Borst is visiting relatives and friends in Cumberland this week.
  Mrs E M Stottlemyer has returned from her visit to Mt Airy and Baltimore.
  Mrs J W P Welch is visiting at the home of her son Forrest, at Cumberland.
  Guy Gordon, who has been sick at his home in south Keyser, is much improved.
  Miss Eva Fazenbaker, of Cumberland, is visiting her aunt, Mrs J J Johnson.
  William Chamberlain has purchased two lots in South Keyser and will erect a dwelling.
  Mrs Sirbaugh, Spring Street, is spending a few days with her son and his family in Piedmont.
  Albert Sobraske returned to Indiana Tues night, after a two weeks visit with his parents here.
  Mr and Mrs Charles Burke and children, of Cumberland, are visiting friends and relatives here.
  Miss Emma Carr entertained the New Circle at her home on Orchard Street Wed afternoon.
  Miss Margaret Hepburn, who was ill with typhoid fever at the Hoffman Hospital, was able to return to her home in Lonaconing last week.
  Master James Burns Jr, of Orchard street, was taken to the Hoffman Hospital this week and underwent a successful operation for appendicitis.
  Mr Brook Price left Mon for Baltimore where he will take a post graduate course at John Hopkins University. -Charleston Gazette.
  Wm Newman was at Corinth Wed and Thurs looking after business, having sold his house there to a party. He says snow was flying yesterday.
  Miss Ella May Johnson, of Piedmont Mo, daughter of Chas E Johnson, formerly of Rees Mill, arrived yesterday and will teach the Oakmont school this winter.
  Miss Sarah Hutchinson, of Rockville Conn, who has been here on a visit to her brother, Mr F E Hutchinson, for the past two months, left for her home Wed.
  Mrs D E Lawson, and children, accompanied Mrs Frank Williams to her home at Medley today to remain over Sun. Cam Arbogast took them up in his auto.
  The sic month old daughter of Mr and Mrs Wm Barbe of New Creek, which died Sat, was buried Mon. Undertaker H S Thompson was in charge.
  Mrs W T Stringer, of Baltimore, who has been the guest of Rev and Mrs Keen for a few days, returned home Tues morning, accompanied by Mrs Keen and son Spruce, who will be her guests for a few days.
  Earl Parker is able to walk about the street again after a record-breaking recovery in a case of appendicitis. He was in the Hoffman Hospital, where the operation was performed just eight days ago. He seems to have about fully recovered.
  The many friends of Mrs Mugler will be glad to learn that the report of her death was not true. Mrs Mugler has recovered sufficiently to be able to come home yesterday evening with her daughter, Mrs C K Devries, who has been with her a couple of weeks.
  William Crooks and Herman Davis with Mrs N J Crooks and Mrs L C Nine left Keyser on Tues morning between six and seven o'clock in N J Crooks' Ford automobile, for Baltimore. They arrived there about four o'clock in the afternoon, making a record breaker ran from Keyser to Baltimore for a Ford auto.


  Mrs B Brannen and children are visiting in West Mansfield, Ohio.
  Myron Mohler, of Parkersburg, is visiting his sister, Ms Dr Koelz.
  William King and son James, of Cumberland, visited Mr and Mrs John Hoover Sun.
  John Kaylor, a well known resident of Okonoko, W Va, died at his home Fri night.
  Miss Kate Laffey, of Frankville, has been visiting her sister, Mrs T P Mellody, this week.
  Edward Stehley, of Piedmont, was taken to the Hoffman hospital Sat with typhoid fever.
  Mr and Mrs J C Akers, and son, Charlie, are visiting in Brunswick, Hagerstown and Shepherdstown this week.
  Wm Crooks, and Hermon Davis took Mrs Louie Nine and Mrs N J Crooks to Baltimore Wed in the Crooks auto.
  Married at McCoole by Rev J H Moore on Wed, Oct 16, Mr Charles Presley Riggleman and Miss Mabel Unis Hartman.
  Miss Jean Holmes of Lonaconing Md and Miss Ethel McFarlane, of Midland Md, were the guests of Miss Emma Stallings Sun.
  Mrs Jesse Hoover and little daughter returned to their home In Cumberland last Sun after a week's visit to relatives here.
  The A C Feather property on Main street, Bailey Field Addition, was sold at public sale and bought by Harry G Fisher at $2800.
  Mr and Mrs R W Nine, Mrs Ray Wells, Mrs Louie Nine and Misses Addine and Ethel Nine went to Cumberland Sun in Mr Nine's auto.
  Miss Belle Taylor of Purgittsville, who has been on a month's visit to Bannock and Cleveland Ohio, and other western points, returned last Sat on train 14. Her brother Statten came home over Tues and took her home. She reports a delightful trip.
  Last Feb, P M Dayton of Knobley, got some eastern sweet potatoes at Twigg's store, and this season he has raised a large quantity of potatoes weighting four and a half pounds from the sprouts of those potatoes.
  Jacob W Michaels has been commissioned as justice of peace for Barton district by Gov Goldsboro. Justice Michaels served in similar capacity in the administration of Gov Lowndes.
  J H Vernon, is having a six room concrete block house build along the hillside opposite the Leps home. Mr Vernon has an acre of ground, which he will beautify and when done will have one of the most attractive houses about here. L E Moran is putting up the concrete.
  Mrs Dice Propst died of typhoid fever at their home near Upper Tract, Sun, and was buried Mon. All members of the family consisting of several children, either have or have had the disease, and Mr Propst has been in bad health, though so far has escaped the typhoid epidemic. -Franklin Review 18th.


  The town council had a special meeting last Mon evening to hear the report of the committee that had been appointed to investigate and report on the advisability of consolidating the two town of Keyser and South Keyser. A large number of representative citizens were present and made remarks on the report. The committee made a very full report recommending consolidating of the two corporations. After the discussions the council appointed a committee to draft a suitable charter for the town of Keyser, embracing the South Keyser corporation. Upon their report probably further action necessary to properly carry out the project will be taken.


  Mr and Mrs W P Hollen gave an elegant turkey dinner last Sun at their home in honor of their son and bride, Mr and Mrs Thomas Hollen. Wood Hollen and wife, who by the way have not been married so very many months, were present. It was a very pleasant home affair.


  A young man named W Thompson, who comes from about Berkeley Springs and has been braking on the third division of the B&O, has got himself in a pretty bad fix. Last pay-day he got a check for $46.80 belonging to B Holten by representing himself as being Holten. He then went to L C McDonald's store, and bought some articles, signed Holten's name to the check and got the balance of the money. Yesterday the B&O Detective Kenny arrested him and took him before Squire Doyle, who held him for the grand jury. In default of bail he is in jail.


  The ladies of the New Era Circle gave Miss Margerite Koelz a delightful surprise Wed night,the occasion of her birthday. The ladies met at the home of Mrs Dr Yeakley and went to the Keolz home on Main street. Each lady was clothed in antique costume. An enjoyable evening was spent and the party was enlivened by a spread of sandwitches, pumpkin pie, olives and coffee.


  Just a few of our local poultrymen tried out the big Hagerstown fair and with all the big poultry growers of the States, Canada and England they captured some good prizes as follows:
  W S Secrist, White Opringtons, first cockerel, second pen chicks, silver campines, first and fourth pullet, third cockerel. F W Davis, light Brahmas, fist and second pullet, first cockerel. W C Pifer, R C Brown Leghorns, first pen chicks, fourth pullet.
  The Potomac Valley Poultry Association, organized her a few years ago, has done much towards promoting the poultry industry in this section. AT present the association is offered by two of the most progressive poultrymen, F W Davis, president and C L Everhart, secretary.


  The picnic and tournament at Wappocoma, Tues, of last week, was well attended. The following were the successful knights and their ladies:
  Jos A Pancake crowned Miss Mary Linthicum queen; John Parker crowned Miss Emma Harmison first maid; Richard Ludwig crowned Miss Mildred Tarr second maid; James Sheetz crowned Miss Lulu Taylor third maid; Heber Parsons crowned Miss Savage fourth maid.
  Badges for horsemanship were awarded to Joseph Pancake, Elijah Reinhart and Harry Cheashire.
  Other knights contesting were John H Parker, who won the crowning of the first maid but turned it over to John P Parker, Geo Parker, Frank Lease, Chas Herriott, Geo Merriottt, Ed Fox, Wm Poling, E F Staub, - Clinedinst and Dan Williams.
  The badges for horsemanship were genuine works of art, being local scene hand-painted and attached to hand-painted ribbons. They were the work of Mrs George Wirgman. -Hampshire Review of 16th.

  The person who said we would ask the school teacher one dollar a day board willfully misstated facts. WE never asked any teacher one dollar a day, nor five dollars a week board, and we never had summer boarders.
  Nancy Alice Markwood


  Our people are pleased to find as a frontispiece on the Sat Evening Post of Oct 5th, another of those popular color sketches of true-to-life designs by Leslie Thrasher, a Piedmont youth, who is making good in the world of art, in the line of his choosing. In this the fourth one he has recently supplied, The Post, it reads "The Last Throw", and shows an old man, disturbed at his noonsday meal by a baseball crashing through the glass, with the window raised and the ball held in tight grip while he looks in mad excitement for the creatures of his undoing.


  A colt show, held by the Alkire Brothers on their premises near Keyser, in which $100 in gold was given away in prizes was the means of bringing together some fine draft stock. The judges were Geo W Bane, D A Arnold and Floyd Knight. The prizes were for best colts sired by "Paul Jones" a registered Percheron stallion. The first prize $50 in gold, was won by James E Sheetz, of Headsville; second prize, $25 in gold, won by J R Fertig, Headsville; third prize, $15 in gold,was won by J W Hedrick, Frankfort; fourth prize, $10 in gold, won by John Umstot, Rees Mill. For several years there has been a movement toward breeding to better live stock of all kinds in this county, and the results have been satisfactory because of advanced prices on the market, but this is the firs time such valuable prizes have been offered by local people.


  Remaining unclaimed in the postoffice at Keyser W Va, week ending Oct 24,1912.
  Miss Eva Clark, Miss Julia Judy, Miss Emily Laudaker, Miss Gertie Whone, A L Bergdoll, Jno Bucklew, Chas W Childs, Jackson Evans, Floyd Funk, Jno R Hamilton, J C Issacs on, Jno Lewis, Dave Prince, Clagett Strosnider, Olen Taylor, Jno Walter.


  Last night a number of ladies, under the management of Miss Nancy Brengle, gave Mrs J Z Terrell a "kitchen shower" at her new home. They met at the home of Miss Vossler and went out in a body with their gifts, which embraced a complete outfit of useful kitchen articles.


  Bridgewater, Va, Oct 22
  We greatly deplore the sad calamities of recent date in Mineral County. And in these days of profound sympathy and condolence we wish to join the host of friends. How vividly do we recall the first year Miss Eva Warnick taught school, her attendance at district institute at Reeses mils, at which L L Friend, Mrs Ida Menefee, Miss Sheetz and Miss Grace Sheetz were present. I was favorable impressed with her earnestness in her faithful response on the program, the preparation of a aper on a subject assigned, a thing which some of the older teachers failed to do........... G.S.A.


  Dr Charles E Shelton, who has been superintendent of the Mt Lake Park Association, for the past eighteen months, has resigned. The resignation became effective on the 15th inst. His successor has not been chosen and may not be before spring. The association has discharged all of its employees except a caretaker. Dr Shelton will not leave Mt Lake Park for some time.


  The McNeill Chapter, U D C will meet Mon, Oct 28, 1912, at 7:30 pm at the home of Miss Mollie Brown. The report of the delegates to the State convention will be read and a full attendance is requested.
  Mrs N H Frey, President
  Maria Vass Frye, Secretary


H C Homan is for better highways, for general improvements in the county, and against the liquor license. Vote for him.

Remember the Prosecuting Attorneyship, and vote for Harry K Drane.


You want to be properly assessed. P H Keys will do it. He has no corporation strings on him.
Vote for him.

Even the Echo says: "We know Mr Sheetz and have known him for several years and personally we know no man in Mineral Co for whom we have a higher regard or in whose honesty and integrity we have more confidence." That's the kind of man you want in the legislature. Vote for Jimmie Sheetz.