April 26, 1912


  After having spent a few months at her home near Short Gap, Miss Effie Betson is back on the Run at J B Leatherman's for the summer.
  Mrs Emma Arnold and Mrs Sallie Arnold of Keyser, were guests at G S Arnold's Sat and Sun.
  We have heard that Mr Cleve Starnes, who purchased the Swadley farm, for some reason, failed to take it, and that James Whipp of Headsville, rented it for one year and then sub-rented it to A O Whipp and wife, who will occupy it next week.
  Rev Mr Fike of California, preached at the brick church last Sun. He is visiting relatives in the east, and Mon went to Eglon.
  Joe Moyer moved back on Middle Ridge last week, where he will keep bach (?sic) in the old log cabin.
  J W Leatherman and wife went to New Creek Fri and took the baby John home to his parents, Will and Bertha. Mrs Leatherman will remain over there awhile.
  Mrs Grace Ziler and children of Cumberland, are visiting relatives up here.
  The burning of Dan Bailey's barn last week was a great calamity and the sympathy of the community is being freely expressed in kind words.
J H Arnold is taking in court as a juror. A busy time but the court won't stop.
  Seymour Whipp and crew are working our roads over here this week, especially scratching them.
  G S A


  Farmers are being much delayed in their spring work on account of the incessant rain.
  Oats have not been sown yet, and preparations for corn planting is being delayed.
  Arthur Robison moved form the Dr Gerstell farm to Westernport Mon of this week.
  I L Vanmeter was an Elkins visitor last Sun.
  Mr and Mrs Baxter Armentrout visited Mrs Armentrout's parents, Mr and Mrs Tom Green, on Allegany last Sat.
| The Gerstell school closed Fri of last week. Miss Hannah Gerstell was teacher.
  Robert Gerstell, Jr is setting an apple orchard this spring.
  Farmers at this place are getting quite interested in the use of dynamite on their farms this spring. Dr Robert Gerstell and Baxter Armentrout are experimenting considerably as to its utility.
  Come, Brother Lucas, your promise you forget
  to write week about with Nero, most cruel;
  Two weeks you've been absent in fitful repose;
  So wake up, quit your dozing and give us some prose.


  Review (Romney) of 24th
  Mr and Mrs Wm Russell are visiting in Baltimore.
  George Stump is ill with measles at his home near town.
  Mrs A A Welton and daughter, of Williamsport, spent Mon in town.
  Miss Lucilla Dailey has returned from Myersdale. She was accompanied by her niece.
  Miss Edna Brydon and brother, Richard of Bloomington Md, spent Sun with Mrs Eugene E Ailes.
  R W Dailey, Jr is home from Baltimore, where he attended a medical school. He stood second in his class.
  William Stephen, infant son of Mr and Mrs Eugene E Ailes, was christened Sun, Rev G B Gibbons officiating.
  Mrs Peterkin, wife of the Bishop of the Diocese, will spend Thurs and Fri at the Rectory here. She will be glad to see any of the ladies of the Auxiliary who may call.
  Married in Romney, at the home of Benjamin Shanholtz, by Rev J L Luttrell, April 17, 1912, William E Grabill and Miss Annie R Sowers, both of Hampshire Co.


Mrs F E Badger, of Tiffin, Ohio, formerly Miss Lillie Neff, of this place is visiting her uncle, D A Heath.
  Prof Morris, of the W Va University, purchased the Barrett farm on Middle Ridge, from Frank Nelson, of California, and expects to build a modern dwelling house and plant an orchard.
  Born to Mr and Mrs Jerry Shannon April 18, a daughter.
  The 99th birthday of Mr Foreman Taylor was celebrated Mon at the old home place on the South Branch, occupied by his son, William F Taylor. A part of the original house stands and it has been Mr Taylor's custom for years to dine on his birthday with his son, and visit the "Log Cabin" in which he was born. Mr Taylor is enjoying his usual health and sufficient strength to take his daily walk over his farm. His wife, Mrs Elizabeth Brook Taylor, who is 10 years his junior, is remarkable too, considering her age.
  The burning of Jas H Blue's barn last Wed night during a fearful electrical storm was one of the worst things to happen in this neighborhood in a long time. In addition to the building there were five horses, several tons of hay and some valuable farming machinery destroyed. Loss estimated at least $2500 with only $700 insurance.
  Mr and Mrs John Inskeep spent a part of last week at Fern Dale, and Jas H Blue's.
  Wm Montgomery went to Davis Tues to visit his daughter, Mrs Patterson.
  Mr Anderson, of Winchester, spent Sun at Mrs Edith Shannon's.
  James Lewis, who for several years has lived on the Blue farm at Wire Bridge, has moved to the Blue farm at Wire Bridge, has moved to R M Washington's farm near Old Town.


  Mr C W Fertig, Republican candidate for assessor, was calling on the voters here last week.
  Mr and Mrs Harry L Arnold of Keyser were the guests of her parents, Mr and Mrs J P Arnold last Sat and Sun.
  Mr J A Parrill of Keyser, was here in the interest of the International Harvester Co last week. Jim says if a Democrat wishes an office he will have to apply to some Baltimore paper to get room for his announcement.
  Mr Robert Washington of near Romney, was out at his mountain farm last week.
  Mr Dan Gardner, was up making preparations for moving and building a house for Uncle Nat Kitzmiller.
  Mr Wm Schwinabart, of Sulphur, visited friends here last Sun.
  Mr R V Hanlin was a business visitor at Keyser last Wed. Some said a political bee had been humming in Dick's ear.
  It looks to us as if Teddy's "barl" is going to win the Presidential nomination. "Shall the people rule" or must money win the day? With anxiety we await the result.
  Our roads are being repaired. This is the first time we have ever known them to work in April.
  Miss Grace Duling is staying with her sister, Mrs Geo W Ward of Claysville.
  Mr Geo B Junkins of Emoryville, was the guest of Mr E A Ludwick Sun.
  Messr Henry L and Jas Duling, of Gorman, were calling on friends here last Sun.
  Mrs Wm Shillingburg, Miss Stella and Master Russell, were calling on Mrs Geo B Junkins Tues.
  Mrs Minnie Duling has her house lighted with acetylene.


  April 23
  Mayor-elect W H Miller and Hugh Pritt who had been trout fishing on Laurel and Greenbrier since last Fri, returned yesterday evening reporting a catch of 560 nice ones.


  April 17, 1912
  Dear Tribune: After saying we are sorry to lost Mr Bane as editor, we are glad to have Mr Long as editor again, and hope we will have the news from every place. Wake up, Correspondents.
  What a lovely April. The weather is warm with gentle showers, and all nature looks very charming arrayed in green.
  Mr Lou Moran, of Keyser, is busy getting ready to put a new coat of paint on the M E South, church at this place. The farmers are all busy with plowing and setting out fruit trees. They are late sowing oats.
  The work on the extension road at this place is done, except laying the tracks, building foundations and erecting targets. The men have about all been sent to a point in Pa.
  We were very sorry that our senior minister, Rev J H Myerly, was not returned to this charge. We have not heard our new minister, Rev G G Oliver yet.
  Miss Oliver who taught the school here the past term, and Guss Wagoner are both going to school at Shepherdstown.
  Adam Spencer is rebuilding his house, which was burned some time ago, near Short Gap.
  Jack Harris has bought a fine home down Capon and move his family from here.
  T M Pennington, who had a foot amputated some time since, is not doing so well. He will have to go back to the hospital again. He was hurt on the railroad.
  There is every evidence of lots of work being done at Green Spring this summer. George Robison has been appointed foreman of the tracks to be laid in the yards for the Creosote works.
  M A Dohrman bought a fine cow of Harry Broom on Sat last.
  Miss Grace Long is going to school on this side of the Ridge, which will close this coming Fri with closing exercises. Miss Estelle Wagoner is teacher.
  Surely the pasture is fine so early in the season, and stock looking fairly well after the hard long winter.
  J H Long bought six nice young cattle yesterday of Mr Rawlings, over the River.
  Attorney F C Reynolds was down here on business a short time ago.
  Mrs Kate Baker has been real sick for a week or more. We hope she will soon be well again.
  M A D


  A surprise party was given Miss Myrtle Lipscomb in honor of her 16th birthday. It was held at the home of her sister, Mrs James. The evening was passed in playing games. Refreshments were served at a late hour. All report a good time and wish her many more happy birthdays.
  Messrs Chas and Floyd Ross were visiting their aunt, Mrs H Barrocliff.
  Mr and Mrs Lee Carson were visiting at Mine 38 Sun.
  Mr John Barrick was a business visitor to Pierce last week.
  The men of Pierce were expecting a private car to take them to the convention at Thomas last Sat; but they were surprised with a gondola. Nevertheless, it was crowded.
  Three cars from Davis came to Pierce Mon evening to take the Perce people to the play at Thomas.
  Mrs Robert Wilson and Mrs F S Tasker were in Thomas Sat.
  Mr Thomas Hitchcock was calling on Miss Ingaba Cormany.
  Mrs F S Tasker was visiting Mrs Hunter at Davis last week.
  Supt Martin was visiting the Perice school Tues.
  Mr T D Snyder, of Wheeler, was visiting Miss Ingaba Cormany.
  Mr T Sowers is moving his family from Thomas to Pierce.
  Miss Edith Shahan, of Thomas, was the guest of Miss Mamie Eichelberger for a few days last week.
Sun Flower


  April 23
  John Dixon was a visitor to Keyser Wed.
  Thos Castello and Walter Shanholtz attended court at Keyser one day this week.
  Bailey Burns, of Baline, moved his family here this week.
  Misses Maggie and Otelia Kitzmiler were visiting friends at Baline, Thurs.
  Dr J G Abbott, of Piedmont, was called here Sat to see Miss Rosa Sharpless, who is sick at this writing.
  W A Duling spent Fri and Sat at Keyser.
  Mr and Mrs H S Bramble and daughter,r Luvonia, paid relatives at Chaffee a visit Sun.
  Miss Susie Kitzmiller was the guest of Miss Rosa Sharpless Sun.
  Miss Birdie Wiseman of Sulphur, was in town Sun.
  Mrs Susan Rice, of Blaine, came down Sun on a visit to her son, J P Rice.
  Miss Myrtle Johnson, of Piedmont, spent form Sun till Tues with her parents here.
  Miss Ida Paugh of Gleason, is the guest of Mrs Lem Harvey, this week.
  Mr T W Ashby, of Elk Garden, and sister, Mrs Helen Graham, of Oakland, were guests of the Misses Kitzmiller Tues evening.
  Dr Ravenscraft, of Blaine, was in town on business Tues of this week.
  Miss Jane Kitzmiller left Mon on a visit to relatives at Schell.
  Uncle Jim


  Mr Thomas Jefferson Faulk, an aged and respected citizen of this community died April 5th. He was a member of Company K, 2nd Md Regiment, during the civil war. He is survived by his widow, Mrs Nancy Faulk, five sons, Messrs John, George, Scott, Olin and Thomas and two daughters, Mrs Kate Iser and Mrs Nancy Triplett. He was buried in the Ravenscroft graveyard.
  Miss Bessie Miller was visiting Mrs Nancy Faulk Sun.
  Mrs Nanie Triplett was visiting her mother, Mrs Nancy Faulk, last Sun.
  We would like to hear from Ruskin again.
  Farmers around here are plowing for corn.
 Waxler Boy



  License to wed were granted at Cumberland to the following:
  April 16 - Henry Aaron Schaeffer and Emma A Pritt, both of Elkins, W Va.
  April 17 - Winfield Marson Shaffer and Alice Beard Whitman, both of Keyser W Va.
  Willis Owen Triplett of Clarksburg W Va and Lottie Cecelia Middaugh, of Alton Ill.
  Ernest Sherman Goodwin of Westernport Md, and Mary Harvy of Swanton Md.
  April 22 - James Tibbett Miller of Barton Md and Ethel Martin of Pekin Md.
  Harry Monroe Cook and Lucretia Estella Grimes, both of Ridgeley.
  John Edgar Sheetz and Olie Etta Barnes, both of Cumberland Md.
  William Ashbey Lynch of Keyser W Va and Lucretia Stewart of McCoole Md.
  Franklin Miller and Bessie Wilt, both of Jennings Md.


  A marriage which will no doubt prove a pleasant surprise to their friends was consummated on Sat night at 9 o'clock, when Miss Mary Hammond Cook became the bride of Mr Joseph Wesley Young. The contracting parties had contemplated marriage early in June, but on account of the serious illness of the bride's mother, Mrs John W Cook, the ceremony, at her request, took place at her bedside as stated above. Mrs Young is daughter of Mrs John W Cook, and Mr Young is the youngest son of Clerk of the Circuit Court John W Young. He is actively engaged in conduct of the R D Johnson Milling Co, being its assistant secretary and treasurer. -Cumb News 22nd.


  April 17
  Mr E F Murphy and Miss Hilda Agnes Tahaney, were quietly married by Father W A O'Hara of the Catholic Church of the Assumption. Both parties are from Keyser. The bride is a daughter of John Tahaney, and the groom is a young man recently form Ireland, and owns the B&O restaurant.


  Miss Mary Haggerty, and Mr Ernest Martin gave their friends a surprise in the solemn vows of matrimony. The marriage took place at 9 o'clock Sat evening at the rectory of S S Peter and Paul's church before Rev Father Richard, the pastor. The intentions of the young couple toward wedlock were known to none of their friends at the time except the two formal witnesses to the ceremony, Miss Emma Gerdman and Mr George Cook. The bride, a young lady much admired for her personality is the only daughter of Mr Daniel Haggerty, roadmaster of the Georges Creek and Cumberland division of the Western Md railroad. Mr Martin, a popular young man of much promise, has been in the employ of the Western Md Co as a timekeeper in this city. He is a son of Mrs Susan Martin, Piedmont W Va. Mr and Mrs Martin spent yesterday at Piedmont. They returned to Cumberland last evening and will make their home at the Haggerty residence, 334 North Centre Street. - Cumb News of 22nd.


  Mr James Milton Creek, a carpenter of Cumberland, and Miss Viola May Wood, daughter of Mr Richard Wood of Hedgesville, and niece of County Engineer I W Wood, were married at Martinsburg W Va.


  Miss Dean Chase, leaving last Fri night, in company with Miss Grace Wagner of Baltimore, who had been in Garrett Co for some time as her guest, was married in Washington last Sat morning to Mr Richard A Wagner, of Baltimore, the groom being an engineer in the employ of the State Roads Commission. The announcement of the wedding of Miss Chase came as a surprise to her friends in Oakland and vicinity, as she had gone to Washington on a visit to friends and relatives, intending going to Baltimore from that city later. The couple will reside in Baltimore. -Oakland Republican



  Milton M Bane, youngest son of John T Bane, died early yesterday morning at home near Cresaptown, this county, aged 25 years. Until stricken by illness, Mr Bane was engaged as a track foreman for the Western Md Railway. Besides his aged father, who is a helpless paralytic, he is survived by one brother, Lee J Bane, and two sisters, Misses Mary and Ella Bane. Mr Bane possessed fine qualities and was devoted to his home. The funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, with interment at Cresaptown. -Cumb News of 22nd.


  Mrs Alcinda Porter, wife of the late Dr G Ellis Porter, died suddenly yesterday at the home of her son, Dr W Gibson Porter, Roland Park, Baltimore. Mrs Porter was a daughter of the late Minor Gibson, and was a native of Va. Her husband practiced medicine many years at Lonaconing. She went toto Baltimore to reside with her son several years ago. She leaves surviving her, besides her son, Dr W G Porter, Rev Frank Porter, Baltimore, and a daughter, Miss Lizzie Porter of Roland Park. She was the only aunt of Mr Glissan T Porter, of Cumberland, and was 84 years old. The funeral will take place in Frostburg on Thurs afternoon. Interment will take place in the family lot in Allegany cemetery beside her husband and three children who precede her.
- Cumb News of 24th


  Passenger train No 1, last night instantly killed William M Young father of Rev Robert Young, for several years assistant secretary of the B&O YMCA, but now pastor of the United Brethren Church at Maysville, W Va.
  Mr Young was a native of Bathgate, Scotland, having come to this country only a short time ago to visit his son and to see the land of "Golden Promise". While here his natural talent for being employed led him to take a position with the contractors, remodelling the Queen City hotel. He worked at this occupation and spent his evenings at the B & O YMCA where he was a companion to his son then working as assistant secretary and studying for the ministry. since his son was ordained a minster he has been arranging to return to his old home place, declaring that he would make one more trip across the ocean and that would be for home.
Cumb Times of 24th


  Jacob V Courtney, aged 25 years, a well know B&O Fireman, died at his home, First Street and Grand Avenue, Mon. He had been ill only a short time. He is survived by his wife and one child. Deceased was a member of the Cumberland Lodge No 271, LOOM, and also of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Engineers. The funeral will take place from his home Thurs morning, the remains being taken to his former home at Berkeley Springs for the interment.
-Cumberland Times of 24th


  William A Wilson, a native of Flintstone, this county, died Thurs at McDonaldton, Somerset county, Pa, where he was in charge of the supply department of a mining company. Death came from Bright's disease, after an illness of one year. Mr Wilson was a Knight of Pythias. He is survived by his mother, Mrs Annie E Wilson, 16 Fulton St, this city, and the following brothers and sisters, John F and Herbert W Wilson, this city, and Mrs Hannah Hardman, South Cumberland; Mrs Frank Valentine, Evitts Creek; Mrs Emma Ward, Dan's Run, and Mrs Gertrude Kenney, Williamsport Pa. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at Berlin Pa, and will be in charge of the Knights of Pythias. Mr Wilson's mother has been at his home at McDonaldton for several weeks. -Cumb News of 27th


  Miss Ethel Myers, 16 years old, died at the home of her father, C H Myres, near Berkeley Springs. She was ill with measles and the wind blew something against the house, frightening her so badly that convulsions resulted with mental derangement, her death following.
  James Mason Williams, father of Joseph Williams, editor of the Pleasants Co Leader, St Marys' is dead at Leonard, Greenbrier County, aged 70 yrs.
  Rufus Heffner, who served in Co B Edgar's battalion, Confederate Army, is dead at White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier Co, aged 80 years. Six children survive.
  Gabriel Pulliam died at Erwin, Preston Co, W Va, aged 85 years. In the early fifties he was associated with ex-Senator Henry G Davis, in business at New Creek, now Keyser W Va. He was a merchant at Erwin, many years. He served as county assessor, also overseer of the poor. Mrs Mollie S Shore, of Baltimore, and Mrs Maud C Johnson, Frostburg Md, are among the surviving children.


  Eastbound passenger train No 2, on the W Va Central division of the West Md Railroad last Mon ran down and instantly killed James Finn, an American, about three and one half miles east of Hendricks. Engineer C H Deffinbaugh saw the arm lying across the track, but he was too close upon him to stop the train. Fin was evidently asleep when struck by the engine. The forward wheels passed over his body, cutting him in twain but a portion of his clothing and suspenders caught on the sand pipe and he was dragged about 25 feet. The remains were place aboard the baggage car and taken to Thomas where they were prepared for burial. The dead man was about 30 years old.


  County court met last Tues. Present J R Bane and R H Dayton, Com'rs. The following business was transacted:
  Chas T Neff, on his request, was relieved as bondsman for S L Dunn, justice in Piedmont district, and a new bond was accepted and approved with Laura V Dunn and E H Parsons as security, in the sum of $2,000.
  Emory L Tyler and Chas Richie were each granted certificates to obtain license to practice law in the state.
  IN the matter of the petition of V F Alkire and others asking for the closing and discontinuance of the old road know as the "Jacob Dawson Road," in New Creek District, and running through the lands of Foulk, Alkire Orchard Co, J R Baker and others, the court resolved itself in to a committee of a whole to view the proposed change and to report at next meeting of the court.
  The court accepted the work of the Cott Indexing Co, it having completed the indexing of the records in the office of the Clerk of The County Court (with a small exception) and ordered balance of the money paid.
  Permission was granted to transfer the restaurant license of W W Welker to Athey & Kimmell.
  John F Bishop was granted license to keep restaurant in the Thrasher building in Piedmont.


  Cumberland, April 12.
  Forty seven employees of the B&O shops, consisting of machinists, helpers and workmen about the shops drew surprises yesterday and today when they were notified that they were furloughed for the next 90 days. Work is brisk in the shops of the company and the reason for the furloughs were not given. The furloughs handed out affect men in all depts, and the majority of the men who have been let out considered the lay off at this time equal to a discharge. Several of them this morning after having their pay checks cashed started to look for other positions. (Smear over rest of article)



F M Reynolds

A R Stallings

George T Carskadon



I have a sprayer which cost $90; I used it 6 days but now find it is too small for my orchard and have ordered a larger one. This sprayer also has an attachment which will spray 4 row of potatoes at a time. My foreman at my farm will demonstrate it and show how it works in an orchard of several thousand trees. It would be a good proposition. The sprayer cost $90, is good as new, $40 cash takes it; this is less than half the cost.
Dr F P Stehley, C&P Phone No 123F


I have for sale one good farm mare 10 years old. Two good young cows, fresh about two or three months ago. I can also sell either in large or small amounts to suit purchaser, 100 acres of the best fruit land in Mineral County, on which there are now about 4000 bearing peach trees in fine condition, and with the prospect of a large crop of peaches on them this year.
Huntley H Hoffman, Keyser W Va


Girls wanted, apply at the Patchett Wrosted Com


Pure Bred R C B Leghorn Eggs, $1.00 per setting (15 eggs). Also a few Cockerls & Pullets at reasonable prices. Kulps 242, eggs and the best layers on earth.
J M Bright & Son


See H S Thompson before contracting for your Chestnut Oak Bark. Highest market price paid.


S C White Leghorn eggs for hatching, from show birds, $1.00 fro 15. F W SMITH, Keyser W Va


By May 1st, about 20 head of one or two year old cattle to pasture. Apply to Mrs Annie Prais, 4 miles south of Keyser W Va


W Va Automobile License Tag No 1172. Finder will kindly return the same to: Rev A A P Neel, Burlington W VA


Laborers to work in orchard, also a bright, industrious young man for assistant salesman about lumber yards. W A Liller, Keyser W Va


At the old stand: Cabbage, Tomatoes, Peppers && Egg Plants. All ready by May 10th. Mrs T P Adams, Keyser W Va


Eight or ten Pigs and one Argus bull calf. Amtower Brios, Ridgepole W Va