September 26, 1913

$1.00 A YEAR



Rev Willhide is holding a protracted meeting since Sunday night in Ward's Chapel

Mr and Mrs Sant Liller of Keyser are the guests of Mrs A J Amtower, also visiting Mr Joe Liller of Laurel Dale.

Capt Gully of the Salvation Army Ably entertained a crowd at HE Burgess's store Saturday night and again Sunday morning after Sunday school at Ward Chapel.

Rev H F Baughman pastor of the Trinity Memorial Lutheran Church and G W Loy of Keyser were Thursday evening guests at Maplewood Farm

Miss Mida and Goldie Brown of Keyser spent last week at P S Carnel

Miss Ethel Burkhiser and her friend came up from Keyser to attend the meeting

Mr T R Boseley is attending Preparatory school at Keyser

Mrs A J Pancake and daughters Delphia and Alma left here Tuesday to visit her mother at Purgittsville.



Next Monday, September 29, the schools will begin at Elk District. There are four schools without teachers. Notices have been sent out by the secretary of the Board of Education that the free text books must be obtained through the teachers. The school patrons do not get them, but the secretary sends the books to the teachers and the teachers distribute the books among the pupils as they are needed. The teachers are also required to collect the books at the close of the school and return them to the secretary.

Rev L C Messick after a busy year on Elk Garden charge is attending the annual conference of the U B Church at Norfolk Va

An observant citizen remarked the other day that we had just three months of summer. Our last frost was on June 10, and the first this fall, or before fall, was on September 10.

Our popular confectioner, Mr Felix Conns, returned this week from a pleasant visit to his friends at Pittsburgh

Engineer Wm Smith and family went to Hampshire county this week to visit Mr Hyat's their relatives

Mr W M Rickey of Keyser visited his son Orland Rickey who is in the employ of I H Bane and Bro, this week

Mr Geo R Branner and family returned last Monday evening from their two weeks vacation

Mr and Mrs J R Hubbs returned to Thomas last Monday after a visit to friends at Elk Garden and other places

Mrs Jane Seaman and son Jasper returned this week from a visit to Mr Walter Adams in Pa

Elk Lodge No 44 K of P gave a supper in Odd Fellow's Hall last Saturday night. It was a splendid supper of fried chicken and salads followed with ice cream. Mayor Wm H Kight had charge of the supper, and he and his brother knights, Lloyd Oates, Fred Ravenscraft, Taylor Shears and others made splendid table waiters. Mrs Ora Blackburn and Mrs Kate Wilson can't be beat by frying chicken. Over a hundred Knights, their wives, sweethearts and friends were present. Not the least enjoyable feature of the occasion was the literary program. Those who took part in it were Mr John Marvel, of Kitzmiller, piano solos; W H Arnold and Mr J R Hubbs, piano duet; recitation, "Church Revene" Miss Eva Dishong; vocal solo, "Apple Blossom Time In Normandy, Mrs Rosa B Dean; vocal solo, "Does This Railroad Lead To Heaven?" Miss Viva Jones, vocal duet, "Rock Me To Sleep" Miss Bessie Dean and Mrs Sue Laughlin, of Kitzmiller; "The Peach Pie", Misses Vauda Blackburn and Velma Wilson. Two quartets, "The Croaker" and "My Love's Own" Mr and Mrs J R Hubbs, Mrs Rosa B Dean, D C Arnold. Mr R Marsh Dean had charge of the literary program and gave an interesting talk on Pythanism. Then injecting some pleasant remarks he called for promiscuous talks, Rev W W White gave a recitation, "The Face On The Bar Room Floor," Rev John A Shockey related a humorous story. Rev L C Messick made some remarks, and Thos Green, D C Arnold and U T Pritchard also took part.



(Moorefield Examiner-18th)

Mrs Julia Gilkeson left yesterday for Romney where she will spend a week visiting. From there she will go to New York and from there to North Carolina to spend the winter.

Deputy Marshall Brown brought a young man by the name of Rideour, of Trout Run, here yesterday and lodged him in jail. He was sentenced by Judge Dayton for illicit distilling.

Mr and Mrs M A Bean, Mrs W F Friddle, Mrs Lillian Gochenour and M M Bean motored to the Valley of Virginia last week and spent a few days visiting relatives and friends

Rev Chas D Gilkeson left this week for McDonah, Md, where he will spend several weeks visiting relatives. He will also visit his old home in Augusta Co, Va, before returning to Moorefield.

A W Heishman has sold his farm near Fabius to Mose Sherman for $4,000. Mr Heishman will try to buy a farm here. We are glad to welcome Mr Heishman in our midst, but at the same time are sorry to loose Mr Sherman.

Mrs W H Cunningham, of Harrisonburg, Va, arrived this week and are visiting Mrs Ida Wood

Miss Eliza Hoge, of Wheeling, and Mrs John Inskeep of Romney, spent a few days the past week visiting Mrs Ida Wood

Misses Carrie and Bettie McMechen spent Tuesday with some Wheeling friends at the Hampshire Club, near Romney

Geo Maslin and daughter, Miss Doris, of Winstom Salem, NC, arrived here Tuesday on a short visit to Dr and Mrs H L Gamble

Mr and Mrs B W Chrisman left Monday morning for Martinsburg, where Mr Chrisman was summoned as juror in U S Court

Miss Molelle Kuykendall, who spent the summer visiting relatives here, returned to Martinsburg this morning

W W Shearer came up from Cumberland and spent Tuesday night here with his mother, Mrs Annie Shearer. Mr Shearer has accepted a call to Oakland Md, and will go to Baltimore this week where he will be ordained in the Episcopal ministry

E S Cunningham, Isaac and W T VanMeter will start for the east Monday to roam along the mountains of the Virginia states and fish in their sparkling streams, and visit relatives and friends for a few weeks getting away from the toils of a prairie state until cooler days come. Mansfield Ill Express.

Miss Katherine Fetzer, who has been visiting her mother, left Tuesday morning for Philadelphia, where she will teach again this year

Joe Memory, who visited friends here for a few weeks, has returned to his home at East Orange

Miss Eula Hockman left last week for Woodstock to attend Chautauqua being held there this week

Mr and Mrs Harlie Warman of Morgantown and Miss Bessie Bergdoll, of Petersburg, were the guest of Mr and Mrs T J Bergdoll the past week

E O Harwood Sr, who spent the past summer with his son, Postmaster Harwood, left Saturday morning for Elkins, where he will spend the winter

Mrs Stickley and son, who have been visiting Mrs Hattie See for some time, have returned to their home in Keyser. Mrs Hattie See accompanied them and will visit there for a while.

Mrs Jos I Cunningham, who spent a week visiting Mr and Mrs W S Cunningham at Thomas returned home last Friday

Mask Harwood left last Saturday morning for Keyser, where he will attend the Prep school this winter.

Sept 15

The all absorbing theme of conservation here now is the meeting. About two weeks ago Rev C D Johnson, pastor of the M E church, began a series of Evangelistic services here. Things moved along slowly, so on Tuesday of last week he went to Cumberland and brought out two young Christian Scientists who hail from Canada, but who have been turning things upside down in Cumberland for a while. Then the people came from far and near and for a few nights there was a crowded house. Then there were vacant seats, while the people stood, walked, or sat about in the yard, a few standing at the door as Sentinels to give the signal when anything out of the ordinary took place on the inside.

The young evangelists (for such they wanted to be called) invited the people to come to the alter and seek Salvation. They invited them to come and seek the gift of Holy Spirit. They invited them to come and seek the gift of prophesying. They invited them to come and seek the gift of speaking in unknown tongues. They invited them to come and seek the gift of laying on of the hands, whereby they should be able to cure all manner of diseases and to raise the dead. They urged those who had tuberculosis, cancers or any other disease of the body, mind or soul, to come and be healed.

Quite a number went forward, perhaps the various purposes but so far as we know nothing miraculous was accomplished, unless indeed such a combined effort in making noise might be considered a miracle.

Some of the pupils got ahead of the teachers and began to speak in unknown tongues in the church, but they were very promptly reminded by one of the Evangelists that it was contrary to Paul's teachings to speak in public in an unknown tongue, except they have an interpreter. To this there were hearty amens by many earnest worshipers, for it has been a common thing here for several years for public worships to be disturbed by those who were want to display their ability to speak or make noises in unknown tongues. Criticisms of the meetings are numerous and varied. We leave it to the public to judge. One thing is evident that where as there were many Methodists at Mt Storm there are now many more Christian Scientists than there are Methodists.

Little Dixie.


We were pained last week when we received a message announcing the death of our lifelong friend, George Bane of Sulphur, which occurred September 10 in the 89th year of his age. We have not set out to write an obituary, that is something we don't feel able to do, but we wish to add our testimony to the good character and worth of this man. He was associated with our earliest recollections. We were brought up a close neighbor to him and lived as such until he moved to Sulphur, about 20 years ago, we have done quite a lot of business with him and in all our transactions we found him strictly honest and honorable in all his transactions, a man that would never misrepresent an article he had to sell, or take advantage of a mans circumstances to drive a good bargain. He was a man who strictly followed the golden rule.

From early life he was a consistent member of the Methodist church and lived an exemplary Christian life seven days out of each week. We extend our sympathy to his children and would say to the boys always try to emulate the virtues of your father.

BORN, to Mr and Mrs J G Hanlin, a daughter. On the same night, but on the 11th inst. To Mr and Mrs Wayman Kitzmiller, a daughter. All are doing well.

We are having it quite dry and cool here at this time. We have had some frost but nothing injured yet.

Gabe Hanlin lost a pure bred Aberdeen Angus cow and young calf last week valued at not less than $100

"Sam Peer" in the Tribune last week calls our attention to a bit of colonial history wherein a healthy and vigorous young man had stolen some corn from an Indian, which offense was punishable by death, and the colonists not wishing to lose a healthy young man, took a sickly old man and put the young mans clothes upon him and hanged in the young mans place. Now we never was good at solving riddles; does "Sam Peer" wish to convey the idea that he is prosecuted for the "corn" that someone else stole, or, as he calls our special attention to the case, does he wish to convey the idea that as we are old, sickly and worthless, we may be hanged for Sam Peer's offense? Now if the latter is the case we seriously object; first, Sam Peer's clothes would not fit us sufficiently well even to be hanged in; second, we would get none of the glory as it now is, but if we had some of the "corn" ( a few hundreds of William Seymour Edwards' money) that we might leave to our friends to erect a monument to our memory that posterity might point to it and say "there rests the remains of Uncle John who gave his life a ransom for Sam Peer, that a great statesman might be saved to the state of W Va. We should feel happy to be hanged if we knew our name would be coupled with Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Webster, Abraham Lincoln or some other great statesman. By the way, Samuel, wasn't it the Samaritans that the Jews didn't discuss matters with and not the Gentiles? We read in the "Book" where Christ abode two days in Samaria, but his disciples marveled that he talked with them, but Paul, who was a Jew, was sent to preach to the Gentiles and took Silas, another Jew, with him to "blow and strike for him."

Uncle John



Miss Mabel Andrews, of Uniontown Pa, and Mr Rossel A Stehley, of Keyser, were married in Cumberland Saturday last by Rev Dr J E Moffat, of the First Presbyterian Church. They will reside here. The groom is a son of Dr Stehley.


Rev J Hoge Smith, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Petersburg, Grant county, W Va, and Miss Virginia C Duckwall, daughter of Rev J McCarty Duckwall, a Presbyterian Clergyman Lawyer, were married yesterday morning at Duckwall Church, near Berkeley Springs, W Va


Married, on Thursday evening of last week at the home of the bride's grandfather, Rev S G Sites near Hiser, Mr Clyde Ours, of Dorcas, and Miss Lizzie Judy, Mr Sites performing the ceremony. Mr Ours is a son of Mr and Mrs George E Ours and his wife is a daughter of the late Mr and Mrs George Judy. Both are popular young people and the Press joins their host of friends in wishing them a happy voyage through life.-Grant Co. Press.


Ira Ritter, Winchester Va, and Miss Willa Ursela Daniels, were married Wednesday afternoon in the Methodist Episcopal church at Elkins by Rev W B King, pastor, assisted by Rev J H Clarke, pastor of Grace Episcopal church. Byron H Daniel was best man and Miss Calora Lawson, a cousin of the bride, was maid of honor, the bride was given away by her brother, Dr H W Daniels. The ushers were Arthur Martin, George Hill, Harry Watson and Dr A F Lawson. The groom travels for a Pittsburgh wholesale house. Mr and Mrs Ritter will be at home at 920 Hamilton Boulevard, Hagerstown Md, after Oct 15.


A very quiet but pretty wedding took place at the home of the bride at 76 James street, on Wednesday, September 24, 1913 at 10:30, when Miss Maud Blair and Mr Charles Kiser were united in marriage. The ceremony was performed by Rev F H Havenner of the First M E Church, of which the bride is a very earnest worker. Miss Cordelia Blair, sister of the bride, played the wedding march. After the ceremony the happy couple and guests repaired to the dining room where a sumptuous turkey dinner was served. Covers were laid for 35. Mr and Mrs Kiser were taken to the station in an automobile and amid showers of rice, they started on the Western Maryland to the groom's home. The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs S D Blair, being a popular school teacher, having taught the last two terms in Keyser High School, and will be greatly missed here. The groom is the son of Mr and Mrs A V Kiser of near Frankfort, and is also one of Mineral County's best teachers. The presents were beautiful and numerous.


Mr John Sincell is in the east on business

Mr David Long was a Cumberland visitor Monday

Mr A S Williams of Gorman is in the city this week

Mrs W H Yeakley is at home from a visit to Baltimore

Miss Nellie Allen is the guest of Mrs J W Ravenscraft

Miss Jennie Wageley has returned from a visit to Interstate

Mrs M F O'Brien was a visitor to Cumberland on Tuesday

Miss Odessa Robie of Petersburg is visiting friends in the city

Misses Minnie and Leota Harris are visiting friends at New Creek

Mrs Harry G Fisher and little daughter were in Cumberland Monday

Mr Lake Wright is ill with typhoid fever at his home on St Cloud street

Mr West Burke, of Chicago, has been visiting his parents here this week

Mrs J G Wolfe returned on Thursday from a visit to relatives at Romney

Mr Arnold Gerstell of Philadelphia was here over Sunday with his parents

Mr and Mrs Walter Kimes of Cumberland were in the city a few days this week

Mrs W J Chapman who has been visiting at Rock Enon, Va, has returned home

Miss Daisy Kline who has been visiting at Wheeling, returned home this week

Mr R M Workman is on his vacation and will visit Niagara Falls before his return

Mr J T McDowell of Burlington, was in the city Tuesday and made us a pleasant call

Miss Bertha Deremer of Alaska, is visiting at the home of Mr Douglas Blair this week

Mr J Harrison Isles has returned from Detroit and again has charge of the music at Music Hall

Mrs Dr Koelz went to Clarksburg this week after her little daughter who has been visiting there

Mrs Will Woodard of Chillicothe, Ohio, is in the city visiting her sister, Mrs J B Merryman

Miss Lydia Koontz has returned from Independence. She was called there by the death of her sister

Miss Mamie Carroll has been visiting friends here, but has now returned to her home at Grafton

Mr and Mrs Roy Ravenscraft of Wheeling, who have been visiting relatives here, have returned home

Mr and Mrs Newbury and child, of Pittsburgh, is visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs H F Fisher

Mrs Eleanor Shaw has taken rooms with Mrs Sharpless for the winter, and has been ill for several days

Miss Anna Lawyer has returned to her home at Berkeley Springs, after a pleasant visit to friends in Keyser

Mr and Mrs Ira Matlick left Saturday for Pittsburgh and from there to Chicago, to attend the Wertz family reunion

Miss Nora McGreal and nephew of Terra Alta, spent from Friday until Sunday with her sister, Mrs D F Tahaney

Mr Lee Wagoner of Stone, Ky, superintendent for W A Liller, is in Baltimore being operated upon for appendicitis

Mr Victor J McCarty and wife of Kansas City, MO, visited for a couple of days the first of the week at the home of Dr Gerstell

Mrs Jennie Evy of Los Angeles, Cal, arrived here Sunday night to spend the winter with her son, Mr John McMakin, and friends

Mr Earl Ebert, clerk in the B&O offices, who has been spending his vacation in Pittsburgh and Chicago, returned Saturday

Mrs John Burke has returned from Council Bluff, Iowa, where she as called by the illness of her brother in law, Webb Ayres, who died before her return

Miss Beulah E McNemar, the delightful entertainer, will give one of her Popular Recitals in the Methodist church at New Creek on Saturday evening, September 27. Adults 25c, and children 15c

Miss Mabelle and Florence Armstrong returned Sunday from Hambleton, and went the same day to their home at Alaska. They were accompanied by Mr Earl Rogers, who made the trip in his auto, notwithstanding the muddy roads. He returned Tuesday evening.

Mr John Mohler is visiting in Grant county

Mrs Riley Shull is visiting in Martinsburg

Miss Dora Johnson is visiting Miss Catora Offner

Misses Maud and Nellie Rice are in Richmond Va

Mr T L Popp of Frostburg Sundayed in the city

Mrs Mary Hosteller is visiting her sister, Mrs Matlick

Mr R A Smith of Blaine was in the city this week

Mrs F M Reynolds went to Mt Lake Park Wednesday

Mr and Mrs P H Keys were in Cumberland over Sunday

Mrs Lydia Davis of Baltimore is visiting Mrs Mollie Wood

Mr and Mrs C C Clevenger were in Cumberland yesterday

Mr George Goshorn of Piedmont, was in the city yesterday

Mrs Howard Hoffman and children are visiting in Oakland

Mrs Teets of Terra Alta is visiting her sister Mrs Pulliam

Mr Robert Hoffman of Purgittsville was in the city Monday

Miss Alta Shoppert is entertaining Miss Lyda Barrett of Grafton

Misses Bessie Dawson and Georgia Shelly were in Piedmont Tuesday

Mrs Emmaline Jenkins of Fairmont is visiting her sister Mrs Snell

Mrs M F O'Brien leaves today for Washington, Ind, to visit relatives

Mr and Mrs Wm Wenner of Cumberland were in the city for the Kiser-Blair wedding Wednesday

Mrs Kalbaugh and daughter Margaret of Westernport were in the city Monday night

Mrs H B Dawson of Piedmont, was visiting friends and relatives here this week

Mrs Palmer Paris and son returned home Tuesday from a visit to her sister in Ohio

Mrs Arthur Welton, of Cumberland, attended the Kiser-Blair wedding Wednesday

Miss Maud Blair was the recipient of a linen shower Monday night, from her pupils

Mrs James Loughrie and son, Harold, of New York, is visiting her sister, Mrs Pulliam

Miss Fannie Wells returned this week from a visit to Baltimore and other places in the east

Mrs Bertie Mason of Winchester, has returned to her home after a visit to Mrs Gus Everly

Miss Clara Nestor has returned to home at Grafton after a visit to her friend, Miss Loro Hollen

Miss Elizabeth Wenner returned from Paw Paw this week, where she made an extended visit

Mr Joseph Zipple of New York, was the guest over Sunday with Mr and Mrs W B Connell

Mrs G T Goshorn of Piedmont was in Keyser Sunday visiting her daughter, Mrs O A Hood

Miss Mary Fague who spent the summer here with friends has returned to her home at Baltimore

Mrs Mollie Carnell of Terra Alta, who has been visiting her sister Mrs Homer Hewitt has returned home

Miss Hattie Estes of Philadelphia came home Tuesday night on a visit to her mother, Mrs W E Crooks

Miss Katie Scherr of Louisville, Ky, has returned to her home after a visit to her sister Mrs F H Babb

Mr Clifton Gurd has gone to Elk Garden to take the position of assistant to the principal in the Elk Garden school

Mrs W T Blundell of Dayton Ohio who has been visiting her sister, Mrs W H Wolfe will return to her home Sunday

Mrs Etta Gilpin of Clarksburg and Mrs Joseph Danite and children of Martinsburg are the guests at the home of V F Alkire

E D High, wife and daughter, Miss Fredda, Miss Margaret High, his niece, and Mrs C W High, all of Rada, were at Cumberland Monday

Mrs Joseph Carter, of Dayton Ohio, who has been visiting in Hampshire county returned to Keyser today on her way home. She will visit here until Sunday, when she leaves for her home

Mr and Mrs Harry Markwood, Miss Eleanor West of Baltimore, and Mrs Earl H Smith of Fairmont, left Wednesday morning for an auto trip through the Valley of Virginia. Mr Bernard Markwood at the wheel

Miss Laura Neville is visiting relatives at Terra Alta

Mr James Anderson has returned from a trip to Philadelphia

Mrs Edward Dawson is visiting her mother, Mrs Burnap, in Washington

Mr Marshall Sayre and daughter, Miss Hallie, were in Piedmont Tuesday

Mr Robert Johnson of Parkersburg was visiting his brother over Sunday

Misses Ruth Bill and Nellie Wiley spent the weekend at Swanton and Deer Park

Miss Florence Cheshire of Beaver Run, has returned to her home after visiting her for a few days

Justice D P Osborne is out today, having been confined to his home by illness for about a month

Mr W B Burgess left Wednesday night for Chicago Junction to visit to his mother, who is not well

Mr Avers, father of Jacob Avers, has returned to his home in Cumberland, after a visit to his son

Dr L L Gaston and family, accompanied by H L Arnold left Wednesday night for Weston, going on an auto trip

Mrs W C Long returned home this week from a visit to Moorefield, Petersburg and Berkeley Springs, where she visited her sister. She attended the Smith-Duckwall wedding at Petersburg

Hagerstown Md

Justice Doub had an unusual case when John Marshall appeared before him and charged another man with furnishing liquor to his 16 year old son. The boy testified that the man accused had never given him beer nor whiskey, but that his father had furnished him with both. This, the father admitted, but said he was ignorant of the law. Justice Doub then read to Marshall the law which provides a fine of $100 or six months in jail for any person furnishing liquor to minors. Marshall, who was dismissed with a severe reprimand, did not press the charge against the other man.



Alleging that the Paint Creek Collieries Co had failed in its promise to dismay a company doctor employed during the recent labor troubles, 500 miners employed in the mines in and around Mucklow struck today. The company is said to have signed the union scale a few weeks ago.


Armed with a warrant for Rev C E Chalfant, a local minister who is also in the real estate and oil business, a deputy sheriff from Mason county today had Chalfant called out from the sessions of the W Va United Brethren Church Conference, which he was attending, and at the church door, notified him he was under arrest. Chalfant fell in a faint and did not recover consciousness until removed to the church parsonage. The warrant charges Chalfant with obtaining money under false pretenses, based upon the allegation that he sold oil stock which he had represented to be more than its true value. The accused minister secured his release on $500 bond for appearance at a hearing next week. He characterized his arrest as " a piece of spitework."


Thurmond Price, aged 24, of Salem, was killed last night when he jumped from a train near his home and fell under the wheels. Price lived about two miles from the town. As the train passed his home he attempted to get off, but was thrown beneath the wheels. He leaves a wife and three children. The body was brought to this city to the home of his parents, Mr and Mrs Thomas Price. The funeral will be held Tuesday.


With a blinding flash and a roar that could be heard for miles, Corning Mill, No 1, of the Dupont powder mills at Nemours, W Va, blew up this morning, instantly blowing to atoms Charles J Robb and probably fatally injuring Beverly Habor. No cause was known as the only man in the building was instantly killed . The factory was completely destroyed. In the building were 100 kegs of powder, each weighing 25 pounds, all of which exploded.


William Henson Reed, 29, one of the best known rivermen in the State, died at a local hospital last night as the result of swallowing a set of false teeth seven years ago, necessitating an operation from which he never recovered.


Fairmont adopted the commission form of government containing the initiative referendum and recall features at a special election held today.


S W Lightner, cashier of the Harpers Ferry Bank, and B J Miles, member of the Jefferson county court, while fishing on the Potomac River, pulled out a two pound bass with their entangled lines. When the fish was opened a wadded $2 bill was found inside. They had the bill changed and each took $1 in order to settle the question of ownership.


The plant of the Athens Glass Co, which had been idle for many months, has resumed operations. A new tank has been added with a capacity of 16 shops and 150 men are now employed.


The fall meeting of the Northwestern Convocation of the Diocese of W Va, Protestant Episcopal Church, will be held in St Pauls Church, Weston, September 24 and 25.


Craig Christian, son of Rev J J Christian, of Barboursville, died here yesterday, after living seven weeks with a broken back. He was injured in a mine accident at Logan.


Miss Ida Moore, 15 years old, lost from her mother in Gassaway, W Va, and has gone there to join her. When she was 7 years of age Miss Moore's married sister, from whom her parents have been estranged, persuaded her to go with her to a distant town, but after a year her sister deserted her, leaving her alone in the world. During the eight years, mother and daughter had been trying to find each other. They were brought together by the postmaster here, who had received a circular sent out by Mrs Moore asking for information leading to the whereabouts of the daughter.


The old Keller Hotel property has been sold to a number of local people. The deal was closed last week. Miss Hoppie Keller acting as agent for the Keller heirs. This means that Romney is to have a modern hotel and have it at once. The various gentlemen interested, as soon as title has been obtained to the property, will organize a company, to which the property will be conveyed and which will build the hotel. The money for the purpose has been subscribed and the stock will not be offered to the general public. The old hotel building on the property is one of the town's landmarks. It is said to have sheltered George Washington on his various trips into the South Branch Valley. For many years it was owned and managed by the late Thomas Keller. At his death it passed, by will, to his widow for life. She and her son, the late J I Keller, each made the old place famous for its meals. For nearly ten years it has been abandoned as a hotel. It is understood that the new hotel building, which will be erected on the lot, will be built of brick and concrete. While it will not be a large building it will be large enough to meet the needs of the town and will be up to date in every particular. With splendid sewerage and water systems, with concrete pavements, electric light and a modern hotel. Romney will be an ideal place to visit.

Elkins W Va

Lee Phares, a merchant of Valley Bend, is at a local hospital suffering from probably fatal injuries inflicted, it is alleged, while being initiated into the Nest of Owls, of Mill Creek. Phares was hurried to the hospital when the seriousness of his wounds was discovered and his condition is declared critical. Members of the degree team, it is alleged, placed Phares in a "spanker" with vigor. The instrument, It is alleged, contained a heavily charged dynamite cap, which exploded, inflicting a severe wound on the candidate.-Cumberland News.


Indications that fully 1,000 men who are now serving sentences in the county jails of W Va will soon be employed in highway construction under the law committing them to such work. State Board Engineer A B Williams says that 110 prisoners are at work on roads in Fayette county alone that good progress is being made. Governor Hatfield issued a statement calling attention of the county authorities to the fact that they must compel all able-bodied prisoners to work out their sentences.

Raleigh SC

Declaring age to be 120, too great to entitle him to a marriage license, the register deed of Balden county today declined to give Joe McIntyre his seventh marriage license. McIntyre has buried six wives, all of whom lived with him until death. He quoted Moses to show his eye was not dimmer nor his strength abated. The register declined the license on the ground that McIntyre was too great of age to care for his prospective bride, who gave her age as 80, and has been married four times. The couple walked two miles to the town to apply for the license.


Will be held at Burlington W Va October 16-17, 1913 under direction of the Agricultural Extension Department of the W Va University. Interesting and instructive discussions suited to the needs of our locality will be given. Come and hear how the college of agriculture proposes to personally assist you on your own farm, in (1) securing a stand of alfalfa, clover, cow peas or soy beans; (2) determining the best variety of corn for your particular farm; (3) selecting and buying commercial fertilizer; (4) controlling orchard and field insects and diseases; (5) managing an orchard or (6) keeping your farm and household accounts. Ask the instructor for application blanks and make formal application for one or more of these demonstrations. For direct correspondence concerning these demonstrations address C R Titlow, Director of Agricultural Extension, Morgantown.

Instructors, H L Smith, Martinsburg W Va, R E Hunt, Morgantown, Mrs Florence Smith, Kenova. Special attention will given to subjects of interest to the ladies. The Agricultural Club Boys and Girls will also be represented and teachers are especially invited. A pleasant and profitable occasion is assured to all. The meetings are free. Invite your neighbors. J W Vandiver, Pres, Burlington W va, W A Leatherman, Sec'y, New Creek, W Va.


Mrs A D Sutherland entertained a miscellaneous shower Thursday afternoon 18th in honor of Miss Virginia Duckwall, whose marriage to the Rev J Hoge Smith, of Petersburg, W Va, will take place on September 24. The bride to be was the recipient of many beautiful and useful presents from the 24 guests who were present. Mrs Chas K Taylor, of Port Arthur, TX, and Miss Alice Shaw, of Baltimore, were the out of town guests. Berkeley Springs Post.


The staid old burg of Berkeley Springs was thrown in a state of great excitement this morning when Brownie Tritapoole walked down the main street displaying an axe, and threatening to kill anyone who came near him. A large crowd soon collected on the street, but the frenzied man held at a bay within this statement that the first person coming near him would be killed. So loud and boisterous did Tritapoole become that is was necessary to call Sheriff Rupenthall, who soon arrived with deputies. This enraged the man more and he stated positively to the sheriff that he would take his life if he ventured near. The officer started to remonstrate with him but all to no purpose. Finally the officers closed in on him and he was placed under arrest and locked up. It is believed that the man is crazy.


Accommodation train No 72 from Cumberland to Grafton struck Ross Wolfe, a well known flagman and extra conductor Tuesday between Austen and Newburg and seriously injured him. He was taken to the City Hospital, Grafton, where he is in a serious condition. He is badly cut and bruised about the back, where the engine struck him and threw him some distance. He is believed to have sustained no internal injuries, and if this proves to be true he will almost certainly recover say the physicians.

Moundsville W Va

Hon Geo A Loughlin, of Wheeling, was nominated by the Progressive part in convention here yesterday a candidate for Congress to all the vacancy caused by the resignation of the Hon John W Davis. Mr Loughlin's name was presented by Harvey W Harmer, of Harrison county, and the nomination was seconded by every county in the district. The name of no other candidate was presented and Loughlin's nomination was unanimous.

Philadelphia Pa

To bring here 250,000 prosecuted Roumanian Jews, enable them to settle in some of our richest developed and undeveloped States, of among W Va is named, and teach them American citizenship and the best scientific methods of agriculture and industrious pursuits-such is the stupendous and unique project which Herman Loeb, director of public supplies, has inaugurated. Already a million dollars have been subscribed and a movement to bring over the first lot of colonizers is on foot.

Within a year Director Loeb predicts that 1,000 Roumanian Jews will have settled here and thousands more will follow. Not only will the Roumanian Jewish question thus be solved, according to Director Loeb, but its effect on this country will be tremendous.

"In this country" he says "rich beyond description in natural resources capable of holding five hundred million people. There are millions of untilled acres of land and industries are asking for help. If besides increasing the foreign Jew's natural ability for farming, you teach him modern methods, the customs of the country and good citizenship from an American viewpoint, you will certainly benefit Americans as much as you help the settler, and you will lower the cost of living by increasing farm products.


The fourth annual show of Potomac Valley Poultry Association will be held in Keyser W Va during Thanksgiving week, and great preparations are being made to that end. In addition to the cash premiums, forty silver cups have been ordered as prizes to exhibitors.


Notwithstanding the dry summer Mr J T Berry, living near Twenty-first bridge, raised some fine corn. He brought to this office a stalk that measured 11 ½ feet tall. Unless some one can show us a larger one we shall be tempted to believe that Mr Berry is the champion corn grower in this section.


We'll give a copy of Hollands Magazine and a copy of Farm and Ranch. These two publications are the very best of their kind and if you have not seen a copy of each, come in and let us give you one. It won't cost you a cent, and we will be glad to see you. Remember we have only 25 copies each so come early.


A freight wreck occurred at Wappacomo Station, otherwise known as Hanging Rock, on the Romney branch of the B&O Sunday morning about 8 o'clock. The engineer, Mr George W Light, was terribly scalded as a result of the wreck and is in a serious condition at the Alleghany Hospital. Mr Light, who lives at the corner of Grand Ave and Second street, runs a freight train engine on the Romney branch, which usually has trains operating on week days only. There had been an accumulation of cars in the yard at Romney and the only opportunity there was to catch up with the work was to keep the freight engine working Sunday. Mr Light was bringing a light load of empty coaches to Romney from Greenspring yesterday morning and about 8 o'clock just a short distance below Wappacomo station a huge rock about half the size of a caboose had rolled down from the mountain side to the track. The rock fell at a point where it was impossible for the engineer to see it until the train, which was running at a good speed, was almost upon it. The engine smashed into the rock and turned over and down the hillside 30 feet. Mr Light went over to his engine and was caught in the wreckage and scalded by the escaping steam. When the trainman succeeded in releasing him, his face was scalded almost beyond recognition and his chest and limbs were also severely burned. He was hurried to Greenspring and rushed to Alleghany hospital in this city, Dr Wincoop, of Greenspring, accompanying him. Notwithstanding the severity of his injuries, Mr Light did not lose consciousness. He conversed with his son, who met him when he reached the city on the way to the hospital. At the hospital last evening the injured engineer was resting comfortably as can be expected. Fireman Shaffer jumped from the overturning engine in time and received only slight hurts. He said he would report to duty this morning. The other men on the train were uninjured.


The Trough Club, with principal office and place of business in Fairmont, Marion county, and chief works in Hampshire county, was granted a certificate of incorporation by the Secretary of State. The authorized capital stock of the company is $10,000, $1,000 of which has been subscribed and paid. The purpose is to promote the propagation of fish and other game, and to encouragement the enforcement of the fish and game laws of the State, to maintain a club house for hunting and fishing purposed and to lease or own real estate necessary to the carrying out of its purpose. The incorporators are: Tusca Morris, R N Hite, John T Phillips, Robert T Cunningham and H L Heintzelman, all of Fairmont.


Morgantown W Va

The properties of the Consolidated Telephone Co were sold at public auction yesterday at the court house. They were sold for $50,000 to Atty W G Hamilton, of Wheeling, who represented the telephone company creditors. The Consolidated Telephone Co is now controlled by the National Telephone Co.


Sunday School at 9:50 am

Rally Day services postponed from last Sunday

Morning Worship at 11:00 am. This will be the regular communion service

C E at 7:15 pm

Evening Service at 8:00 pm Subject: "The Last Resort"

H F Baughman, Pastor


While sitting on his bed preparing to retire Wednesday night, Mr D Kenney Hughes was stricken with paralysis. His entire left side is helpless and he recognizes no one. He is nearly 70 years of age and a full recovery is doubtful. Mr Hughes is well known in this and also Grant counties and his many friends learned of his affliction with sorrow.


Postmaster T T Hoffman and Atty A J Welton returned from Washington Tuesday where they had gone in the interest of the people along the old mail route between Keyser and Petersburg. An inspector is expected here the latter part of the week, and it is hoped that the service will be resumed. There is some talk of having the route between Keyser and the Junction re-established, and a new route is planned between Burlington and Petersburg. The T M & P RR also will carry mail.


The Star of Hope Child Refuge at Burlington will be dedicated on Oct 12. Everyone interested in the work is urged to be present. That the services will be interesting is assured, as the Rev Carlton D Harris of Baltimore and Hon John J Cornwell, of Romney will address the visitors. Solos by D T Greenwade and Prof J B O Clemm. Music by McIlwee's Band. Services will begin at 10 o'clock am. The T M & P RR train leaving Keyser at 9 o'clock am will reach there in ample time, Round Trip only 75c. Everybody invited.


On Tuesday night Mrs Isaac H Offner was given a surprise linen shower by her sister, Mrs W A Liller and Mrs Z T Kalbaugh and Miss Margurite Kalbaugh of Piedmont. It was the celebration of her 59th birthday, and she received many gifts of linen and aluminum ware. Refreshments were served in abundance. The guests from out of town were Dr and Mrs Z T Kalbaugh, Dr A B Kalbaugh and wife, Mrs Virginia B Kalbaugh and Misses Margaret and Maude Kalbaugh all of Piedmont; Mrs Marsteller of Fredericksburg, Va, and Miss Dora Johnston of Interstate. Mrs J C Watson, Mrs W A Liller and family, Mrs A J Keenan, Mrs Bennie Wells, Mrs Will Wells, Mr Geo Wells, Mrs L Robinson, Miss Harrison, Mrs Geo Stewart and daughter, Mrs Cather and daughter, Mr and Mrs Oscar Fazenbaker, Mr and Mrs Walter Hackett, Mrs Sims and daughter, Miss Margaret Hoover, Miss Anna Ruckman, Mr and Mrs Ray Rice and family, Mrs L L Edgell, Miss Ella Whitford, Miss Mattie Kight, Prof. Stayman, Miss Josephine Bane, Mrs Frank Nefflen, Mrs J Z Terrel, Miss Marion Glover.


In order to protect ourselves, our property, and what game is left, we the undersigned, warn all persons not to hunt or fish on any of our property, or trespass in any manner whatever. Any violation of this notice will be dealt with according to law. H C Homan, H L Clause, G R Dye & Son, D W Taylor, Amtower Bro's, A H Metcalfe, Logan Rawlings, Mrs Rose Stagg, Dr F L Baker, D N Shoemaker, D A Arnold.


On account of the reported prevalence of whooping cough in the community, the Board of Education of Keyser deems it is wise to call attention to the law which excludes from the school all children having contagious or infectious disease. Also children who have not had the whooping cough and coming from a home where the disease is will be excluded. Children having the disease during the summer should present certificate or other evidence from their physician showing there is no danger of infection.

Keyser School Board of Education
W J Koelz, President


I will give an examination and one treatment absolutely free of charge to all new patients who will call at my residence for treatment from September 15 to October 20th. I have cured number of cases of diarrhea, dysentery, flux, constipation, nervous trouble, headaches, goiters, enlargement of the tonsils, spleen and prostate gland, liver troubles, rheumatism, lumbago, tumors, leucorrhea, painful menstruation, infantile paralysis, kidney and bladder troubles, stiff joints, sprains, general debility and numerous other ailments. I do not care how long you have doctored, nor how long your case has been standing. I offer you hope, come and see me. I will tell you frankly what I think about your case.

Residence: Corner of First and Davis Streets
C & P Phone, Call 46k
Dr T H Staggers, M T


Miss Irene Davis has been appointed truant officer by the Board of Education. It is very much in evidence than an officer is needed, and if Miss Davis makes the record as an officer that her father has, there will be but little, if any, truancy in the schools.


The McNeill Chapter, U D C, will hold the regular meeting on Saturday afternoon September 27, 1913, at promptly at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs S H Jordan. At this time the annual election of officers will take place, and all members are urged to be present.

Mrs W H Frye, President
Maria Vass Frye, Sec.


Will take what Chestnut Oak bark you have, any amount, at highest market price. H S Thompson, Keyser W Va.







PRICE 50C AND $1.00






At once, a good white girl to help with house work. Apply at 112 W Piedmont street.

Miss Ida Crawford, agent for the celebrated Spirella Corset, will call at homes and take orders. This is the same corset as advertised in the Ladies Home Journal, Delineator, etc. Persons wishing to see her in the meantime can call her residence. 127 W Piedmont street, or phone 164F


Room in Tribune Building occupied now by Kesner's Tin Shop. Apply to W C Long


I will be at the Reynold's Hotel the second and last Wednesday of every month, from 1 until 3 o'clock pm.
Mrs L M Kenniston, Manager


Sizes 50 by 150 feet, In Key's Orchard. P H Keys

The Walsh building on Piedmont street; 16 rooms in good condition. Desirable for flats or Hotel. For further particulars apply at premises.


Bids for the renting of the farm known as "Ohio Bottom" adjoining the County Alms Farm, will be received by me. Seeding possession of said farm will be given on the first day of October 1913, and full possession of premises will be given March 1, 1914. This is a splendid farm principally all river bottom with a good dwelling and other buildings on it.
Mrs Mary E Hank

A festival will be held in Frankfort, Mineral county, W Va, on September 12 and 13, 1913, by the ladies, for the benefit of the Presbyterian church. It is hoped that all will aid the enterprise. Order will prevail. All are cordially invited to attend.
By permission of Church Officers.

Two houses for rent. Apply 119 Centre Street

Other interests compel sale. Paying well at present. Right price to right party. Address Box 205 Piedmont W Va.



In order to protect ourselves, property and game we, the undersigned, warn all persons not to hunt or fish on our property or trespass in any manner. Any violation of this notice will be dealt with according to Law. Mrs A J Amtower, W B Bosley and Bro F P Bosley, Jesse and Blanche Boseley, H E Burgess, A J Pancake, J C Watson, also including the Jorden and New Creek Lands enclosed Ward Bros, Dr E K Wilson and P S Cornell.

Thinking of building? Get Shelly to draw your plans.

For a sure crop buy your fertilizer from Carskadon.


PRICE 50C AND $1.00


Funny, isn't it, that people will send away
To have plans drawn for a new house, when
C W Shelly can do it?