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MARCH 27,1913



Fiends incarnate, most likely boys, have defaced the marble date plate of the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. This slab bears the name and date of the church which is 1906. Recently the corner of this marble slab has been broken off piece by piece until it is unsightly, in fact a wreck. The parishioners are greatly worried about this despoliation and will try to reshape it with cement. Any one who can give information as to these low down vandals will be liberally rewarded.


Mrs Malcom, wife of Jos W Malcom, aged 29 years, died early this morning at their home, 26 Water street. She had been an invalid six months. Besides the husband, she is survived by a son, Sterling, aged 9, and two sisters Mrs Wm Funkhouser and Miss Daisy Lynch, both of Keyser. The burial will take place Saturday afternoon at Queen's Point Cemetery. Funeral exercises will be conducted by her pastor, Rev A O Price of the Presbyterian church.


The large cloth sign stretched across the street from the First National Bank to Thompson Furniture Co's, advertising the Firemen's show tonight and tomorrow night, was whipped into strings by the violent wind storms. It became entangled in the electric light wires and had to be taken down.


On night of March 31st, at the Keyser Skating Rink a big dance will be given for the colored folk. Good music and a good time assured.


L W Roach, wanted for stealing clothing in Mr F A Billmyre's boarding house here in February last, was given a hearing today before Justice Doyle and fined $30 and given a jail sentence of 30 days. He is said to be from Virginia.


A big Easter Ball will be held Monday night at Bachelor's Hall. Owing to numerous danced being held elsewhere this special social event of the season was deferred to this date.


Misses Blanche and Louise Woolfe students at Bryn Mawr College, will return Saturday to spend the semester season at home.


Yesterday at the home of the bride, Wheeling, W Va, Mr Kenneth O Wilson, son of D L Wilson, a wealthy Hardy county farmer, and Miss Adelia, daughter of Mr and Mrs Arthur L White, were united in marriage. They passed through Keyser, enroute to Washington on a late train yesterday. In a few days they will return here and spend a short time as guests of the groom's sister, Mr D T Huffman, on Water street. They will be at home at Moorefield after April 26th.


The burial of David Staggs, who died Tuesday, and was supposed to have been buried yesterday at 2 o'clock, at Duling church, had to be postponed for several hours on account of the grave diggers striking a large stone. It was after 5 o'clock when the burial took place.


The fine new home of the Grafton Lodge of Elks was formally opened Monday night. A large ball was given. Last night the formal dedication took place. District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler John L Hatfield, of Morgantown, was in charge. Yesterday afternoon there was a reception for Elks and their friends. Vincent's ladies orchestra furnished music. This evening there will be a smoker and stag entertainment in the banquet hall.


The Ladies Aid Society of the U B Church will hold a food sale on Saturday afternoon in the window at the Thompson Furniture Co's store.


Rev Franck H Havenner left Tuesday morning for Baltimore, Md, to attend the annual conference of his church after a most successful year in his work here. The First M E Church, Davis street, of which he is pastor is out of debt. Of this the pastor and the people are duly proud. Much credit is due to the Ladies Aid Society. All the old debt is gone, as well as that contracted through the erection of the annex a few years ago. In addition to meeting all old financial obligations the church through its various organizations has pledged $300 toward the support of Groucher College, Baltimore.


Mr Robert Z Taylor and Miss Anna Huffman, both of Purgittsville, W Va, were married at Cumberland, Friday, March 7, 1913, by Rev Joseph H Balthis, at the M E Church, South, parsonage. The bride is the charming and accomplished daughter of J V Huffman, a prosperous farmer of near Purgittsville. She as well as the groom comes from an old and prominent family. For several years she has been one of Hampshire county's most successful school teachers. She is well and favorably known by her sweet disposition and jovial manner and has won a host of friends who join in wishing that her journey over the matrimonial sea may be as full of sunshine as has been her girlhood days. The groom is a prominent young farmer, a son of D Z Taylor of Hardy county and he too has a host of friends who congratulate him on having captured one of Hampshire's choicest flowers. The good wishes and congratulations of the entire community are theirs. May their voyage be one of supreme bliss.-Romney Review


The State Sunday School Convention will be held at Huntington on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, April 23-24-25, 1913.

Delegate's Credentials

Persons desiring credentials may secure them by applying to County President J C Sanders, Keyser, West, Va.


The delegates will be entertained on The Harvard Plan (Lodging and breakfast free.)

Railroad Rates

Special rates have been granted on railroads of 2 cents per mile. Pastors secure and use Clergy Permits.


Among the notable speakers who will be present are Bishop William M Bell of Los Angeles; Miss Nannie Lee Frayser of Louisville; Mr John L Alexander of Chicago; Dr A L Phillips of Richmond; Dr Edwin W Thornton of Cincinnati; Hon William Jennings Bryan or Homer A Rhodeheaver and Harry Maxwell.

Special Features

In connection with the Convention a Big Boy's Congress will be held on Friday, April 25th. Boys between the ages of 14 and 21 will be admitted and granted certificates entitling them to entertainment.

Notable Events

Two Special Conferences

Four Department Conferences

Three Division Conferences

Big Adult Parade

Elementary Parade

Two Banquets

Three Institute Sessions

Big Boys Congress

Schools and Classes are invited to elect and send delegates.

A T Arnold


Henry Clark has begun to talk base ball again. When asked what team would win the pennant in 1913 he was non-committal but said he would answer that question after the teams had played about two months.

Joe Dickle says that the rain Wednesday morning did about $5,000 damage to their road. He said it washed away about 7 feet of 3 inch tiling and their foot log.

"Mike" wants to know what kind of whiskey they are going to keep in the First Aid Safety Cabinets

Carpenter J M Clemm after spending a few days in Morgantown with relatives returned to work Tuesday

Some time ago we reported a brush cutting three miles from Keyser. From the appearance of several men Monday, minus their sprouts, there must have been a brush cutting in Keyser Saturday night or Sunday.

L Tasker who works in the peanut gang has a new black hat.

The Battle of Wedges

A few days ago two mill men got into a quarrel about some strips which resulted in a battle. The men could not get together on account of a pile of end sill slabs or wedges, so the wedges began to move which resulted in one man getting hit on the leg several times while the other man got his bread basket severely bombarded. "General Profanity" headed each opposing army.


The Stoney River dam of the W Va Pulp and Paper Company, about 15 miles south of Dobbin station on the Western Maryland Railway, in Grant county, will be completed it is expected this year. On Friday an expert civil engineer with ten expert workmen arrived in Piedmont en-route to work on this dam. Work on the same will be rushed to a completion. It will be 65 feet in depth at the "breast" of the dam, and will hold water enough in reserve to supply the pulp mill at Luke, during the dry season. It will flow its water into Stoney river, which has a confluence with the North Branch of the Potomac river about one mile west of Scheel station on the Western Md, Railway.


Owing to the floods there is a great scarcity of green groceries on the Keyser market. A great portion of the radishes, cucumbers, green onions, lettuce, parsley and the like, at this season of the year, is supplied from Cincinnati jobbers. On account of floods, local dealers don't know at all when to expect shipments.


Entries are now being made up at the Keyser Rifle Range, Elmo Kauffman's Shooting Gallery, for the big shoot. Valuable prizes will be given, a $20 gold piece for first prize, five shots in a possible fifty, offhand two hundred yards, shooters to select their own guns, nothing barred except telescopic sights. Other valuable prizes ranging from $10, $5 and 2.50 will be given. Entries will soon close.


Last Monday Gilmore S Hamil of Oakland, sold to Hicks & Sipes, of Connellsville, Pa, the right to cut the timber on a tract of land known as "Murray Lands," situated on Deep Creek, Garrett county, for $6,000. The tract contains 550 acres. Mr J O Thayer also sold the right to cut the timber on his 180 acres, adjoining the Hamil tract, for $1,300. The purchasers will build a tramway from the state road to the land and put up a first class saw mill, giving employment to a large number of men as well as a number of teams.


Winchester Presbytery will meet in Keyser on April 15th.

Quarterly Conference

Will be held Sunday forenoon at the Presbyterian Church here, Rev A O Price, pastor. Several members will be received into the church.


In a statement given out by ex-Sheriff L O Davis, he says that the total amount of tax due the county of Mineral for the closing year of his administration is $99,220.23. This included the poll tax uncollected by the assessor and the dog tax. $38,783,69 of the whole amount is derived from the public service corporations assessed by the State Board of Public Works. $21,766.57 of this public service tax go to schools of the county alone.


Notice is hereby given that J L Smith, whose residence is Keyser, W Va, and occupation Night Policeman, will make application to the Circuit Court of Mineral County on the first day of the next April Term of said court for a state license to carry a revolver.

J L Smith


Take your Panama hats to Sincells to have them cleaned and re-blocked, at once, as shipment will be made Monday next.

Mrs Elsie Clagett and children of Douglas are guests of her parents Mr and Mrs L Kimmel.

Mr Chas Finnell returned home Thursday from a business trip up the W M RR

Mrs Ed Hall of Cumberland visited relatives here yesterday

Enoch Monroe Southerland of Keyser, W Va, and Carrie Lee Berry, of Westernport, Md, were married at Westernport yesterday

John C Woolf of Baltimore, secretary treasurer of the Big Vein Coal Co. was in town Thursday, the guest of C Bashore of 84 Fort Ave

S J Vinson of Elkins representing a big St Louis shoe house is here today. He is one of the very popular Knights of the Grip-always welcome here.

Mr Mason, a lumberman of Elkins, was here today looking after some contracts. He was at one time with the Wilson Lumber Co, at Mill Creek and is well known here.

Mrs Harry Fonner will be at Hotel Reynolds on the 28th and 29th to demonstrate the "Gossard" corset

Mrs F G Davis and daughter were in Cumberland yesterday

Mr P King of Cumberland is the guest of his daughter Mrs Owen.

Mr Lawson Adams returned yesterday from a visit at Alaska

Paul Sloan of Burlington was in Keyser today

A H Metcalf, H L Clause and Dorsey Cannon of Ridgeville are in Keyser today

Mr and Mrs Guy Poling and child are spending a few days with his parents in Romney

Miss Sheets of Westernport is visiting at the home of her aunt, Mrs Sheets of Orchard street

Mr Perry McKinzie and family of Chicago Junction came in to see relatives, and Mrs Mack who is so ill, could not get home on account of the flood

Several members of the family of Isace VanMeter at Dawson, have measles in a violent form

B Armentrout, the country glebe superintendent, was in Keyser yesterday evening

C J Welb of Altoona, Pa, is here on a short visit and business trip

Mr D A Edmunds of Hopkinsville, Ky, is calling on Keyser businessmen today

G G Harper veterinarian and C C Martin of Petersburg were here over last night and went today to Mt Storm

Mr C Simpson who represents the Pitts and Johnson Packing Co, was calling on merchants yesterday. Also Mr Robert Ovis who travels for a Candy firm of Connellsville

Geo S Vanmeter, member of the legislature, who left Charleston yesterday morning, got here today over the Western Maryland railroad at noon. The delay in the trip was caused by slides and other damage to the tracks of this road.

H J Lepper of Oakland, salesman for the Frederick City Abattoir Company, west of Keyser, met in a business conference here yesterday Mr F C Smoot, who works eastern territory, with headquarters at Hagerstown.

Mrs Kosh of Cumberland and a member of the Ladies Auxilary to the B L T was up yesterday to attend the supper

The Calendar Coterie meet this afternoon at Mrs W E Woolfe's

Mr and Mrs A C Fisher of Davis are guests of relatives here. Mr Fisher is superintendent for the Union Tanning Co.

W W Welker has broken ground for his new building at the corner of Piedmont and D streets. He will build a 36 room boarding and rooming house

Mrs Columbia Barnhart of Pennsylvania is the guest of her mother, Mrs Menefee

Miss Lyda Koontz has returned home after a two weeks visit at Cumberland

The little 20 months old son of Mr Grover Southerland has double pneumonia and is in a critical condition

William Delay, who has been home on a business trip has returned and will remain in the B&O shops

Mrs Patton of Weston is visiting Mr Patton's parents here.


"An Afternoon at Newport" was presented at Music Hall, by local talent under the auspices of The Keyser Fire Department to a large and appreciative audience and was a success in every way. The performance will be repeated again tonight, and from prospects a large crowd will greet the players.

Take your Panama hats to Sincell's to have them cleaned and re-blocked at once, as shipment will be made Monday next.

Lost-Automobile tire on Piedmont road. Finder will be rewarded by T H Davis.

All size of poultry wire at Frye & Sons'

Read Corner Drug Store Ad

"Bostonian" shoes for men, always the newest and best styles. I M Long

Wanted-At once, a lady or gentleman solicitor in Keyser and Piedmont, Good salary or on commission. Address W C Cooper, Keyser, W Va

Don't forget the big musical Friday night at Limestone School House-"Cotton Town Minstrels"

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I M Long says he has no time to read about the Turkish-Allies war. He is too busy selling to his regular Spring stock to spend time talking about the other things

An interesting demonstration of the "Gossard" corset will be given at Hotel Reynolds on the evenings of March 28 and 29th.