FRIDAY FEB 28, 1913


  Born to Mr and Mrs Peter Parsons Jr, Mon, a son.

  Born to Mr and Mrs Howard Crawford, Wed, a daughter.

  H D Worden has sold his two residence properties on east Thomas Avenue to Solomon and Ed Flanagan.

  Mr Wilbur Barger, of Washington Courthouse Ohio, was the guest of her sister, Mrs Adolph Struckman.

  D P Streets of Elk Garden, who was at the hospital here for some time receiving treatment for dropsy, returned home last week.

  Mrs Roy Davis returned to her home at Elkins Sat, after a pleasant visit with Mrs T W Burkner.

 Frank Mott, who has been the guest of his uncle, L H Mott, returned to his home near Keyser Wed.

  Davis News of 20th.


  Review (Romney) of 19th

  George Grove and Thomas Marshall spent Sun in Cumberland.

  John L Lehman left Sat to spend several days in Fairmont.

  Dr A N McKeever spent several days last week in Charleston.

  Ed Cheshire and sister, Miss Jessie, of Keyser, are visiting relatives here.

  Arthur Ewers, of Three Churches, spent Sun in town with friends.

  Miss Edna Wirgman, spent Sun in Cumberland with Dr and Mrs Gardner.

  W W McClaine and Dailey Kenney spent a couple of days last week in Baltimore.

  Mrs J W Crawford and Mrs C C Wolford spent Sat in Cumberland shopping.

  Miss Mamie Wirgman returned home last week from Baltimore and Catonville Md.

  Mrs Jow E Everett left on Sat to visit friends in Baltimore and Washington.

  Wm O Johnson, of Davis, is visiting his parents, Mr and Mrs Harness Johnson, up the river.

  Miss Kate Brady left Mon to spend the week with Mr and Mrs Eugene Ailes in Washington.

  Mrs Newman returned to her home in Texas last week, after spending several months with her daughter, Mrs Carter Inskeep.

  Miss Susan Parsons, of Wappacomo, was the guest of her sister, Mrs Geo S Brackett, at Flemington, several days last week.

  George Herriott killed a large hawk on his father's farm near Wappocomo last Sat. The hawk had descended on a chicken and the chicken promptly took refuge in a turkey coop. Mr Eph Herriott hearing the commotions closed the coop door, imprisoning the hawk, which George afterward dispatched with a revolver.

  John D Bowman, who lived east of town, died at his home, Thurs night, aged about 50 years. He is survived by his widow and a large family of children. While he had not been in good health for some time, his death was not expected. Funeral services were held Sat. Interment at Ebenezer.

  Miss Nannie Johnson entertained a number of Levels young folks last Wed night in honor of her brother, Jay, who is home on a short vacation from the Keyser Preparatory school. The time was pleasantly spent in playing games.


  Mr Hamp Cheshire for many years a citizen of this neighborhood, but later moved to Patterson's Creek and was employed by the B&O railroad, died at his home there Wed. Is remains were brought here on the 9:20 train Sat morning. Funeral services were conducted by Rev A M Earl in the Presbyterian church. Mr Cheshire was married early in life to Miss Sallie Donaldson, who with several children and remains, also a large number of relatives and friends.

  Miss Susan Long, who has been detained at home for some time, owing to he small pox scare, has returned to Keyser school.

  We were told a few days ago that Mr Foreman Taylor, who will be one hundred years old the 22 of April, takes his daily walk over his farm and is enjoying good health.

  The protracted meeting at the Methodist church will continue throughout the week.

  Bob Shannon has returned from California.

  The majority of folks filled their ice houses last week. Ice from 4 to 6 inches.


  The people who have icehouses have made good use of the time putting away ice.

  Miss Tabitha Huffman, who is teaching school at Williamsport , Grant Co, visited home folks here Sat and Sun.

  John Copp and daughter, Miss Margaret, were at Moorefield Fri and Sat nights. They returned home Sun.

  Rev B W Smith, of Beaver Run, will teach a singing class here at White Pine church, commencing in a week or two. Thirty-eight have signed and more likely will sign.

  Miss Ruth Leatherman visited her aunt, Mrs Niota Parker, near the Burg last week.

  Wm Hottinger and Noah Leatherman went out along the W Va line Mon of lst week to secure employment.

Review (Romney) of 26th

  Wm Montgomery left Tues to visit his daughter in Davis.

  Mrs Dailey Kenny spent several days lst week in Piedmont.

  Mr and Mrs. J W Thompson, of Three Churches, were in town several days last week.

  C B Welton and M F Poling, of Moorefield, and E M Johnson of Petersburg, were in town Mon.

  Misses Eva and Ola Conaway, of Fairmont, came last week to visit their sister, Mrs W W McClaine.

  Mrs Alex Welton and son, Carol of Williamsposrt, visited her two sons, James and Aaron, at the Academy last week.

  Charles Nevitt and sister, Miss Bland of Chicago, have been spending several days with the family of B F Linthicum.

  Misses Harriett and Jean Stump left on Mon with their grandfather Wm B Stump, on an extended trip to Florida. They will go by water and return by rail.

  W S Johnson, one of the best-known residents of this section, died last Tues morning at his home near Highview.

  Forty eight years ago, last Fri, the soldiers of McNeill's command passed through Romney having as prisoners Gens Crook and Kelly, who they had captured in Cumberland the night before. The day was bright and cold - the thermometer registering below zero.

  Ed Taylor, a well known colored man, died Fri after an illness of a couple of weeks. He was a general handy man, working at times for many of our people and was regarded for his unvarying good humor and politeness. He was one of the few darkies who always voted the Democratic ticket, resisting all efforts of members of his race to turn him form his allegiance. He came here years ago from Moorefield. He was buried at the Stump farm up the river Sat.


  Miss Ann Stickley received word Mon of the death of her sister, Mrs Maggie Jenkins, which occurred Sun at her home in Cumberland Md. Miss Stickley is not able to attend the funeral.

 Miss Laura Gilkeson is visiting Miss Lucy Blue.

  Miss Maggie Guthrie has had as her guests during the past week, Misses Sadie Hass and Fannie Guthrie, of Romney, Mrs Ida Mitchell, of Forest Park, Baltimore and Miss Maud Hodgson of Cumberland.

  J S Arnold and sister, Miss Susan, of Horse Shoe Farm attended the Colonial Tea Sat and spent Sun with Mr and Mrs Charles Blue.

  Miss Bessie Inskeep, of Points, is spending this week with Mrs Pue.


  Moorefield Examiner of 20th

  Will Hevener and family moved last week to Slanesville, Hamp Co, where they will make their home.

  W S Fisher, left this week for Philadelphia, where he will take treatment under Dr Mitchell. We are glad to say Dr Mitchell gives him a great deal of encouragement.

  Mrs A R McNeill left this morning for Morgantown, where she will spend a short time visiting. She will attend a meeting of DAR while away.

  The farm belonging to the late Wm Newhouse, was sold by special commissioner J Ed Shipley, Tues to Art Riggleman for $775.

  Cloud Wood, who visited his parents here, left last week for Fairview W Va, where he will go into the mercantile business.

  Brown McNeill and J M Dorsey, who spent a week in Baltimore and Bartonsville Va, returned home Mon.

  Luther A Bean is right sick at his home here with pneumonia, but we are glad to say he is getting along nicely.

  T B Cunningham had a valuable horse to die last week from colic.

  Matthew Gapp, an aged resident of this community, died last week at Weston, where he was taken several weeks ago. The remains were brought here Sun and services held at the home of Wm Keller, Mon morning, after which his remains were laid to rest n Olivet Cemetery. He is survived by several sons and daughters.

  Mr and Mrs William H Warden, of Wardensville, are being congratulated upon the arrival of an 8 ¼ pound boy at their home on Wed of last week. Mrs Warden was formerly Miss Frances Pease, of Winchester, the daughter of Mr and Mrs John Pease. The child has been named William Pease Warden.

  Miss Ruth Randolph, who was taken to a Baltimore hospital several weeks ago, is improving slowly. She has not been operated upon yet, but the physicians expect to operate as soon as she is strong enough.

  D P VanMeter, writing from Kawande, Manitoba, Canada, says, "We have solid winter since Dec 1st, Mercury ranging from zero down to 40 below. Have had several small snows and several stormy days."

  Coke Funkhouser killed a fish on the ice last week, which was spotted like a trout, but in appearance otherwise, it looked like a bass. It was evidently of the trout specie, but unlike any ever seen here before.


  Miss Bertha Hanlin, was visiting relatives in Dodson last week.

  Mr Jas W Schwinabart, of Middle Ridge, was a business visitor here last Fri.

  Mr Edwin Burgess of Laurel Dale, was here on business last week.

  Mr Fred W Sheetz, of Winston-Salem, NC, was the guest of J P Arnold over Sun.

  County Supt. R W Thrush of Keyser, was here in the interest of education last Fri.

  Mrs Frank Ludwick was the guest of Mrs John Kitzmiller one day last week.

  Mr and Mrs Elijah Streets were here on official business last Sat.

  Miss Jane Kitzmiller, of Shaw is visiting her brothers, John P and J L Kitzmiller.

  Mr Neri Clark and the writer attended the funeral of Edmond Hilkey, above Laurel Dale last Thurs.

  Mr Jacob Stullenbarger and Miss Lucy Taylor were married last Thurs. May their pathway be strewn with flowers.

  We were somewhat amazed at the verdict of the jury in the case of the man, Dan Smith, convicted by said jury of selling spirituous liquors without a license, and recommended him to the clemency of the Court. When a man willfully and knowingly violates the laws of God, and man, we cannot see why he should not suffer the penalty, and we hope that he will receive stern justice instead of judicial clemency.

  Messrs R H Anderson and A B Keller, of Emoryville, were guests of W P Roderick last Sun.

  Misses Kate, Grace, Zennie and Carrie Duling and Stella Shillingburg will take the graduation examination at Elk Garden next Thurs and Fri.

  Messrs C E Shillingburg and E A Duling are in Keyser on business.

  The blue bird's warble was heard here last week announcing the coming of Spring.

  Messrs Jacob Evans and Bird Shepard had a horse trade last week. They say an equal exchange is no robbery.

  We often wonder why X O S is so long silent in the Tribune columns with his interesting letters.

  Buyers are offering 6c per pound gross weight for lambs for fall delivery. This does not look much like Democratic success had ruined our country.



  Winifred Shaffer, of Keyser spent Sat evening with Mr J C Kephart and family.

  Mrs D O Smith, spent Sun on Abrams Ridge with her sons Willis and Jacob.

  Homer Carlton spent Sun in Burlington visiting his friends.

  Mr Raymond Kephart went to Barksville Sun evening to do some brick work for W A Liller on the T M & P Depot.

  Mr Geo Denison, of Frankfort, who is in Keyser serving on the petit jury spent Sun with his father-in-law Mr D O Smith.

  Clarence Carlton, Walter and Luther Kephart spent Sun in Keyser.

  Mr Mike Caldwell, is serving on the petit jury.

  We are very glad to say Mr Henry Parish, who has had a very severe attack of pneumonia is improving very rapidly and we hope to see him out soon.

  Miss Lottie Shafferman and sister, Mrs Rose Bolen and little daughter, Virginia, were the guests of Mrs J C Kephart last Thurs.

  Fisher Bros started to burn another kiln of lime at the Alkire Kiln last Fri.

  Miss Nellie Zarnith spent Sun with Mrs H O Thrush.

  Miss Mary Purdy is spending several days in Keyser.

  Mr C H Hood is making quite improvement by cleaning up the place formally known as the "Chicken Farm."



  Feb 25 - Plowing and getting ready for spring work is the order of the day.

  Thurman Brown, school teacher here, spent from Thurs of last week until Sun evening with relatives and friends at Doman and Delray.

  Warner High, of Fairmont, is visiting relatives and friends here.

  Nash Purgit, was a business visitor at Moorefield Fri of last week.

  Rev B W Smith, of Beaver Run, organized a singing class here at White Pine church Sat night of last week.

  Miss Ruth Leatherman was called done day last week to stay a while with her aunt, Mrs Niota Parker, near Junction.

  Several from this vicinity are thinking of going to Twin Mt to see the Twin Mt to see the first train come in next Sun.

  Wm Rinker sold his riding and driving horse to C W Fout, of Flats today. Also Sylvester Rinker sold a beef to Mr Fout.

  Mr Fout is dealing in livestock of all kinds.

  John A Veach has escaped the small pox, of which we are glad to know.


  Feb 25 - Miss Edna Brock, the schoolteacher at this place, visited her parents, Mr and Mrs J W Brock, of Brannard, last Sat and Sun.

  Messrs Lonnie and Claude Iser, of Keyser, were visiting relatives around here last Sun

  Mr and Mrs O J Faulk were visiting Mr and Mrs G T Miller last Sun.

  Born unto Mr and Mrs G T Miller, Thurs, Feb 20, 1913, a daughter.

  Mr J J Triplett, of 21st Bridge was calling on Mr J Baker last Sun. Mrs J R Baker was visiting Mrs G T Miller last sun.

  Waxler Boy


  Westernport Md, Feb 25

  An alarm was sounded on Mon afternoon, at 5:15 o'clock, when fire was discovered in a large dwelling house on Piedmont hill. He reels of both fire companies was soon on the scene and after a short fight subdued the flames.

  Mrs Roberta Groves, wife of Mr Dennis Groves, died Mon night at 11 o'clock, aged 35 years. The deceased was the oldest daughter of Arnold Dawson and was born at Barton, this county, in 1878.

  Miss Ida Jones was paying a farewell visit to friends in Keyser on Tues preparatory to leaving for Morgantown W Va, where she will make her home in the future.

  Mr Park Spangler, who was quite ill for several days is able to sit up.


  Cam Arbogast went to Petersburg Wed on business.

  Mr Loren High left Mon morning for Baltimore on a short business trip.

  Miss L Grace Wenner went to Baltimore last Sun to spend a few days.

  Charley Flick was called to Harrisonburg Va, last Fri by the illness of her father.

  M G R Dye, of Ridgeville, attended the funeral of the late Samuel H Davis, at Cumberland Tues.

  Miss Laura Lauck returned first of the week from Mt Savage, where she was nursing a case.

  Born Feb 21, 1913, to Mr and Mrs Louis Bomberger, a fine daughter. Congratulations are in order.

  Miss Annie Ruckman, teacher in the public school, spent last Sat and Sun at her home in Romney.

  Misses Frances and Nancy Brengle have been spending this week in Cumberland with Mrs J R Goodfellow.

  Miss Ella May Johnston, who is teaching at Emoryville, spent last Sat here with her aunt, Mrs Rebecca Rinehart.

  Miss Mabel Babb, of Martin who had been visiting relatives at Wheeling, arrived here last Mon her way home.

  Mrs B J Baker, of Petersburg, came down Wed and will remain until tomorrow with relatives and friends.

  Mr and Mrs F C Smoot left for their home at Hagerstown, Mon after spending a few days here with relatives and friends.

  Rev R G Hammond was at Berkeley springs last week assisting Rev E E Neff with evangelistic services, returning home Sat.

  Mrs E E Biggs and two sons, Harvey and Richard of Ridgeley, spent last Sat here as the guests of Mr and Mrs Geo W Bane.

  Jas W Barrick and sister, Mrs Emma Shipley, of Martinsburg, attended the funeral of their uncle, Carlton Jones, at Westernport Mon.

  Mr H L Wagoner, foreman for Contractor W A Liller, returned home last Fri. night from a couple weeks visit to his mother at Montgomery Mo. He says everything is nourishing out in that country.

  Frank Hutchinson, of New York City, has been spending this week with his parents, Mr and Mrs F E Hutchinson. He brought his little son up last Sun and will leave him here to spend a while with his grandparents.

  M W Trask, who spent a few days here under the doctor's care, the past week, returned to his home at Kingwood Tues morning. Mr Trask did not have to undergo an operation, and was feeling much better when he left for home.

  While in Clarksburg on Tues of last week, Dr L L Edgell stepped on a rusty roofing nail that ran into his foot about a quarter of an inch. It gives him a great deal of trouble and for several days he had to use crutches to get about, but is about over his injury now.

  Mr D P Pennington and family have removed to this city from Pattersons Creek W Va. They now reside at 8 Charles St.

  Mrs Fazenbaker and daughter, this city, are at Petersburg, W VA, visiting Mrs Fazenbaker's husband, Engineer Fazenbaker. -Cumb Times of 24th.

  Dr And Mrs Arza Furbee paid Cumberland a visit Tues.

  C C Seymour, of Cedar Cliff, was in town yesterday on business.

  Miss Lillie Cowherd, of Cumberland, is a guest of Miss Georgia Shelly.

  C N Fout, of near Purgittsville, was in town Tues calling on friends.

  Miss Bertha Thrasher of Deer Park, has been visiting relatives here this week.

  Mr and Mrs W W Hennen, of Deer Park, spent several days here with relatives this week.

  Miss May Long returned home last Sat from an extended visit to her sister in Baltimore.

  Mrs E McGill left Tues morning on a visit to friends and relatives in Paw Paw, for a few days.

  Miss Maud Rice, D & Long & Son's efficient clerk, went to Martinsburg Tues on a visit for the balance of the week.

  Mr and Mrs Roy Ravenscroft and daughter Madge of Wheeling, spent Sat and Sun here with home folks and friends.

  Oscar Johnson and wife of Patterson's Creek, spent a day the first of the week with Mrs A R Rinehart, on Mineral St.

  Mr Dickey, of Clarksburg, who was manager of the pottery here for some time, spent several days here first of this week with friends.

  Mr W R L Wenner and son Mark A Hanna, of Mechanics street, Cumberland, spent several days here last week visiting relatives and friends.

  Mrs Boggs, of Baltimore arrived here last Wed and was the guest of her niece, Mrs C H Leps, until Tues, when she went to Oakland to visit her sister, Mrs D E Offutt.

  While Mayor Babb was in Charleston last week, Gov Glasscock signed the new charter bill for Keyser and made the Mayor a present with the pen with which he affixed his picture.

  Miss Maude Kuykendall of Reese's Mill, W Va, guest of Mrs F E Allison at Grace M E Church, South, parsonage, will leave today (Sat) for her home. -Frostburg Journal.

  Jean Kight left here first of the week for Clarksburg where he will take up work under Mr Dickey, who was for some time manager fro the Keyser Pottery Co.

  D C Arnold and Jas R Norman were down from Elk Garden first of the week. Mr Arnold how is trustee in a bankruptcy case, went to Martinsburg to appear before the referee.

  Mr H G Wilson, of the Racket Store, accompanied by Mrs Wilson, left on last Sun morning on No 4 for NY and other eastern cities on a week's business trip. They were joined at Frederick Junction by their daughter, Miss Pauline, who is attending school at Frederick Md.

  Miss Mary Richardson, who underwent an operation for appendicitis by Dr Finney at Union Protestant Infirmary, Baltimore, has so far recovered that she is now the guest of the Girls Latin School and expects to return home in a few days, where she will remain until after Easter before resuming her studies at Vassar College. -Piedmont Herald.

  Hon Geo S Vanmeter of Grant Co, was here last Mon morning on his way home from the legislature at Charleston. He spent Sat night and Sun with his brother, L L Vanmeter, at Dawson. Mr Vanmeter paid us a short call while waiting for the stage and is certainly disgusted with the way things were conducted at this session of the legislature. Especially is he bitter against the bill that was passed giving away the rights of the people along the streams of the state.

  Bennie Sims spent a few days last week at the home of John M Wolfe, at Kingwood, and was accompanied home last Sat by Miss Mary Virginia Wolfe, who is spending a short while here with relatives.

  Jesse Floyd, Cam Arbogast's right hand man, is just getting about again after having been housed up for the past month. He has had some trouble with his nose and an operation was necessary. His many friends are glad to see him around again.

  Rev and Mrs J C Hawk were given a good pounding at the Methodist Parsonage on Thurs evening. They survived the shock, and even enjoyed it immensely.

  Dr F P Edgell, of Harper's Ferry, who has opened a dental office in Charles Town, was a pleasant caller at the Spirit office last Fri. -Spirit of Jefferson of 25th.

  Former State Sen John B Shannon of Frostburg, has gone to his old home at Springfield W Va on a visit.

  Dr George H Carpenter left for Washington yesterday to remain until after the inauguration. He will be a guest at the Hotel Dewey.

  Mrs Percival Lantz and daughter of Alaska, W Va, have gone to Washington DC, on an extended visit. -Cumb News of 24th.

  Harry Johnson and bride of Las Vegas, New Mexico, arrived here last Fri and are now visiting his old home over on Patterson's Creek. Harry is a son of Chas Johnson, now of Piedmont, Mo. Harry went west about seven years ago, and has been in Kansas and New Mexico. He was married Jan 29th to a young lady at Las Vegas, where they now live. They have been on a trip to Baltimore and Washington, and will spend about three weeks among friends and relatives in this county, and stop on their way home in Missouri and Kansas.

  D Long & Son were the busiest people in town yesterday. They were arranging that large invoice of new spring goods for the ladies to inspect. Have you seen them?

  Westernport - Mrs Margaret Welsh Winkler died at he home in Barton Sat. Her father, Peter Welsh, is almost a centenarian. Mrs Winkler was 45 years old and was the widow of Edward Winkler.

  Pete Smouse of Cumberland, is shipping a lot of lumber out on Knobley Mt and Rock Hill from the Gerstell station on the Western Md Railroad. The lumber is being cut by Cosner's mills.

  Miss Hallie Kuykendall returned last night from Greensboro, where she made a brief visit to relatives.

  Mrs Maslin Davis and little son, George Maslin Davis, of Roanoke Va, returned home this afternoon, after a brief visit to Mrs Sue Sheetz. -Winston-Salem (NC) Sentinel of 21st.

  Winchester Va - Mrs R A Muse, widow of Robert Muse, died Mon, aged 91 years. Three sons and one daughter survive.

  Winchester Va - Jacob A Swimley, 69 years old, of Ridgeway, Berkeley Co, died Sun from pneumonia. A widow, an adopted daughter and four bort hers survive(?sic).


  Mrs J M H Brown is on the sick list this week.

  Mrs Raines is visiting her sister, Mrs George Barker.

  Mrs Fleek is ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs Lee Litten.

  Frank Barton moved his family to Garrett, Indiana, Thurs.

  John E Offner, of Romney, is here on a short business trip.

  Just got in a line of fancy lights and a large stock of new ranges at C C Arbogasts.

  Mrs J C Sanders will go to Washington tomorrow to visit relatives until after the inauguration.

  Sam Merryman and father are busy this week plastering the new T M & P depot at Barkville.

  Mrs J W Shaffenacker, who was painfully injured sometime ago by a fall, is able to be out again.

  Mrs Yost, of Berkeley Springs, is spending a few days with her son and daughter, Mr and Mrs. Hudson Yost.

  Chas Inskeep, a brakeman who had a leg cut off at McKinzie, a short time ago, is about ready to leave the hospital.

  D T Greenwade is improving his property in the way of leveling up his lawn, corner Piedmont and Main Streets.

  Mr and Mrs J B Wilt left yesterday for a few days' visit in Keyser and Cumberland. -Elkins Inter Mt of 22nd.

  The ladies of the W C T U will hold a food sale Sat March 15, on Main St, in Mr Markwood's window.

  It appears that in some ways the wrong number was read at the Mystic Chain fair last week and Harry Mills did not get the cheffonier, but it was awarded to Harry M Wells.

  Miss Laura Bunnell has been appointed administrix of the estate of her sister, Mrs Anna Murry, deceased. The property was appraised Tues by Dr L L Edgell, Geo W Parsons and W I Knott.

  Miss Marugurite Koelz entertained the New Era Circle, Wed afternoon at her home.

  Miss Bertha Michaels, daughter of Mrs Conrad Michaels of Mountain Lake Park, died at he home in that place last Wed night. She was 28 years of age.

  Owing to increasing work the Hoffman Hospital has three vacancies for young women who desire to take up nursing.

  Small boys, sons of Oscar Rogers, a fruitman living in Knobley, east of Keyser, killed a big copperhead snake last week. While they were at play on a sunny hillside the reptile crawled form his den in the ground.

  Contractor W A Liller has contracted to build for W W Elker, a 36-room boarding house on the corner of D and Piedmont Streets. MR Welker will have a comfortable place and it is conveniently located to the B&O shops and roundhouse and it will be a great addition to that end of town as rooming place are far short of the requirements.

  Mr Walter C Cappper, the well known lawyer of this city, today received a telegram stating that his father, Charles C Capper, had died rather suddenly at an early hour this morning at his home near Parsons, W Va, aged about 60 years, death being due to a complication of diseases. -Cumb Times of 27th.



  Relative to the announcement made in yesterday's Daily News of the marriage of Miss Edna Fazenbaker, of Westernport, denial was made yesterday that the couple had been married. The announcement was made on the authority of Mr Spear himself and Miss Ethel Fazenbaker, sister of Miss Edna Fazenbaker, both of whom in the presence of the latter, told a Daily Newsman the ceremony had been performed on Wed and authorized the announcement.
  The mistake, which is regrettable, is however, clearly traceable to the pleasantry of the persons interested and the sister of Miss Fazenbaker. It is a great pleasure for the Daily News to make announcement of the marriage of its friends when they are authentic but the newspaper publicity given which follows the effort to "fool" the newspaper reporter is generally regretted by the interested persons - the day after. -Cumb News of 28th.

Pittsburg Pa, Feb 27

  Milliard Twigg of Keyser W Va, and Isabel McCanuel of Munhall, were married in the marriage license office yesterday morning. The couple were accompanied by several friends and Rev Charles H Hulmes of Homestead, and after securing a license asked Clerk Walter Niven if the ceremony could be performed on the spot. Niven said he had no objections and the minister at once joined the couple in wedlock. Twigg explained that he and his bride wanted to catch a train and did not have time to return to her home in Munhall. Twigg is a prosperous farmer, 28 years of age, and Mrs Twigg said she is 27 years of age.


  License to marry were issued at Cumberland as follows:

  Feb 22 - Alfred Simeon Ross, of Lonaconing Md, and Bessie Vanmeter, of Dawson Md.

  Robert Sites and Cenia Elva Judy, both of Harmon W Va.

  James Irvin Wright, 23 railroader, Ridgeley W VA, May Pope, 22, Gormania.

  Feb 24 - Robert Lynn Barr of Keyser, and Anna Pearl Dye, of Westernport.


 The interesting news is announced of the engagement of Miss Frances E Arnold of Hartmonsville W Va to Mr Frederick Sheetz, of this city, the marriage to occur in May.
  The bride-to-be is the daughter of Mr and Mrs John P Arnold, of Hartmonsvile, and is a young woman of winsome personality, with a number of friends here, having spent last winter in the city. Needless to say she will be very cordially welcomed back as the bride of Mr Sheetz.
  The latter is well-known in social, church and business circles of the Twin-City, where he has for a number of years been connected with the Wachovia Bank and Trust Co, and is held in the highest esteem by his many friends and acquaintances. -Winston Salem (NC) Sentinel of 21st.

Huntington w Va, Feb 26 -

  William Owens, aged 17, was married yesterday to Mrs Lucy Jenkins, a widow, aged 35. Mrs Jenkins is the mother of four children, he oldest of whom is a son of 15 years old.


  Last Wed, Lulu A Elliott, of Westernport, was granted an absolute divorce from her husband, Robert R Elliott, Mr De Warren H Reynolds being Mrs Elliot's attorney. This morning, Mr George Stewart Longsley, of Westernport came here and secured a license to marry the divorced woman. The intended groom is a miner. -Cumb Times


Burlington W Va, Feb 22, 1913

  The death angel visited the home of Mr and Mrs Dora Taylor and claimed their infant babe, Woodrow Wilson, aged 13 days.
  A flower budded on earth to bloom in heaven. Weep not loved ones, your darling has gone on to that celestial city to await your coming. B W S

Martinsburg, W Va

  Miss Maria E Shaffer, aged 64 years, daughter of the late Christian M Shaffer, died Mon from heart failure. She is survived by her brother, Capt D W Shaffer.

Fairmont W Va, Feb 15 -

  David Vaughn, aged 60 years, committed suicide his evening by shooting himself through the temple. Vaughn bought a 22-caliber rifle at a pawn shop and walked within a block of the place when he ended his life. He had been despondent for some time, it is said. Vaughn worked about the plant of the Jamison Coal Co at Farmington. But little is known of his family connections. He was a native of Scotland.


  Samuel Baker Neill, 75 years old, a native of Shenandoah Junction W VA, and former school teacher, died today at a hotel here from the effects of a fall six weeks ago which fractured his hip. He served during the Civil War in the Twelfth Va Cavalry. He leaves a widow, Ms Ida Neill, of Shepherdstown, W Va, and one son, Paymaster William Gilmore Neill, USN, of Indian Head, Md.


  James Robert Green, aged 77 years, 4 months, and 5 days, died early Sat morning, Feb 22,1913, at his home near Sulphur. Mr Green was one of the oldest residents of this community. He was born and, excepting a few years spent in the west as a young man, has lived here all his life. He is survived by wife, one daughter, Lucy, and three sons, Fred, Cassel and Charles. Also two half-sisters and five half-brothers besides a host of friends.
  Funeral services were conducted in the Nethkin Hill church in the Nethken Hill Mon morning at eleven o'clock, by Rev J A Shockey, pastor of that church, assisted by Rev White, of the Methodist Episcopal church, South. Burial took place in the Nethken Hill cemetery. The pallbearers were Jas Junkins, John Wiseman, Upton Pritchard, Truman Schwinabart, John and Joseph Mackley.
  Funeral director, W H Kight of Elk Garden.


  Thomas S Allen, pioneer resident of this section, and one of the wealthiest men of Lord Md, where he resided, died on Sat morning at 10:30 o'clock, from the infirmities of age and a generally broken down constitution. He was born in Scotland in 1830 and came to this country when twenty years of age. In 1852 he married Miss Jean Walker, who survives him. Four sons and two daughters also survive, namely Messrs Alexander, George and John, all of Lord, and Mrs William Betts and Mrs Isaac Morgan of Carlos.


  Samuel H Davis, 68 years old, a native of Winchester Va, died Sun shortly before noon at his home 154 Bedford Street. Mr Davis had been car inspector in the employ of the B&O Railroad and was in the service of the company 40 years. He was a member of Queen's Point Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Keyser W Va. He is survived by one son, George Davis Keyser W Va and four daughters, Mrs William H Rafter, South Cumberland; Mrs Charles A Rice, Bedford street, this city; Miss Ruth Davis at home and Mrs Dr L H Gaston, Keyser W Va. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. -Cumb News of 22nd.

  Piedmont W Va, Feb 21 -

  Lieut Carlton M Jones, who was born Feb 29, 1826, and would have been eighty-seven years old March 1, died this morning in Piedmont W Va. He was a native of Virginia and a surveyor, active until two months ago. He commanded a company in the Union army. He was a Republican. One son and daughter survive.

Feb 25th, Mrs Xantippe Shomo, 57 year old, died of hemorrhages, at the home of her son, M B Shomo, at Elkins. She was a daughter of Ms Abe Phares, who survives.

 Fairmont W Va -

  Joseph Burke, aged 50 years was found lying dead at his home at Farmington wed. He told his wife Tues that he wold die before another day passed. He had heart disease.


  Fairmont Market, Aug 15, 1856

  Beef, per pound, 5 to 10c

  Bacon, 10 - 15c

  Butter, 10 - 12 ½ c

  Corn, 31 to 3c

  Corn meal, per bushel, 40 to 50c

  Eggs, 6 to 8c

  Flour, per barrel, $6.50 to $7

  Sugar, N O, 10 to 12c

  Lard, 10 to 12c

  Molasses pr gal, 62 to 75c

  Oats, 25c

  Sugar, loaf, 14 to16c

  Salt, per barrel, $3.00

  Tallow, 10 to 12c

  Wheat $1 to $1.15

  Coffee Java, 16 to 18c

  Coffee, Rio, 15 to 16c
  -Fairmont Times


  Since last report the following business was transacted:

  State vs Chas Bailey; ind. For a misdemeanor for disturbing public worship. Verdict of jury guilty.

  L V Dunn vs Auto Trading Co. Verdict of jury for plaintiff, awarding him $138 in damages.

  State vs Nathaniel Davis; iad. For a misdemeanor. Plead guilty.

  State vs Fred Hellam; ind for resisting an officer, Jury failed to agree on a verdict and were discharged.

  J J Burns, indicted for stealing a suit case from the B&O depot here was found guilty by the jury.


  Correction - In the court proceedings on the first page its states that in the case of Fred Hallem, indicted for resisting an officer, the jury failed to agree and were discharged. This is wrong, they found verdict of guilty, and the court takes time to consider of its judgment.

  In the case of Oscar Rogers, on the charge of assaulting J K Allamong, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.

  In the case of the colored boy, Robert Burley, indicted for shooting a colored man at F C Welton's place, below Cumberland, a couple of weeks ago, from which wounds the man died, the jury returned a verdict of guilty of involuntary manslaughter. The court takes time to consider of its judgment.

  State vs Clarance Grandstaff; ind for felony, for shooting Mrs Bridgett Cunnigham, at Piedmont some time ago. The jury returned a verdict of guilty. Pros Att Tyler was assisted by Chas Ritchie, and the prisoner was defended by Taylor Morrison and HJ G Shores.

  In the case of C W Minear, police officer of Piedmont, indicted for beating Fred Hellam while a prisoner, the jury returned a verdict of guilty of assault.

 The petit jurors have been discharged for the term.


  County court held a special session last Sat, with Commissioners Dayton, Bane and Klencke present.

  A number of bills were allowed.

  The restaurant license of Belle Raines in Piedmont was transferred to Neoma Ralston.

  T A Cross was granted license to keep a bowling alley and pool rooms in Piedmont.


  The Kildow Farm above Antioch, this county, for sale or for rent, 436 acres of fruit, pasture, and farmland, well watered. Lies on County Road. Address, Geo R Davis, Keyser W Va.

$5,000 DAMAGES

  Joseph Driscoll, of Allegany Co, Md, has filed a damage suit in the Circuit Court against the Cumberland and Pennsylvania railroad co. The amount asked is $5,000.
  Some time ago, while three boys, Joseph Driscoll, John Mayhew and James Stohll were on their way to the Franklin mines with a load of powder the wagon was struck by an engine of the defendant co, and Mayhew so badly injured that he died a few hours later. The other two boys were more or less injured, and has led to the bringing to the suit on the part of the Driscolls.


  Miss Maude Kuykendall, of Reese's Mill, W Va, guest of Mrs F E Allison, Grace m e Church, South, parsonage, was tendered a surprise Wed evening by friends of Mrs Allison.
  Refreshments were served and the party left for their homes at 11 o'clock, all profuse in expression of payment. -Frostburg Journal of 22nd.


  The condition of Dr J W Johnston is improved but he will be unable to make professionals visits for several days, and it is useless for those wishing him to visit their homes to call him by telephone. Inquiries by friends are not included in the request that telephone calls not be made. -Clarksburg Exponent of 23rd.


  To the Editor of The Tribune:
  In regard to the question asked by a taxpayer of Elk District as to whether the office of district superintendent was a needless burden upon the tax payer. I answer most emphatically, No, it is not a needless burden for the money so spend could not be put to better use in any way whatever.
  As to the statement of heating the school building at Hartmonsville, although I know nothing of the condition, it may be in either good or bad, but I will ask this question, "Has the fire been properly attended to in the beginning and is the fuel for such purpose always good? A part of the fault may lie with the fire and not entirely with the building. I know of one of the best school buildings in the district which is always cold, owing to the bad coal which is used and which is the best to be had at that place.
  As for school books not being procured promptly I wish to say that there the fault does not lie with the Board of Education or any district officer in any way. Owing to the change in school books quite a quantity was needed throughout the state, and according to newspaper statements and from what I can learn elsewhere the printers have been unable to print the books rapidly enough. If Elk District schools were the only ones that suffered through this there might be room to kick but the whole state seems to have suffered alike in this respect. I as a teacher although not near the book depository in Elk Garden, have not at any time had any trouble whatever in procuring books form there when needs, as our district superintendent willingly brings me all books required (when in stock) and charges no extra commission whatever and would do the same for any teacher or pupil if asked to do so. As to the necessity of having crayon in our schools no one doubts but ask the district superintendent to ring you a box any time and he will also bring that. When our district superintendent calls to visit my school while on the way to some other school he is always carrying something in the line of brooms, coal buckets, fire shovels, crayon, water jars, books, etc, until my pupils always says, "There comes our pack horse."
  Our district superintendent is an upright, honorable and conscientious man. He has always been a benefit to me and my school and more especially to those who have been preparing to take eighth grade examination this year in making suggestions, preparing test lessons, and reviews, really doing double the amount of work he is supposed to do.
  Are we as a progressive people aware of the fact that our having a district superintendent has caused us to rise in the educational affairs of the state several steps on the ladder of success at this one leap? Are we as a progressive people going to drop behind in this age of advancement? He answer is and should be, "No."
  Has he claimed negligence of the county superintendent been taken into consideration? He may have been sick and unable to visit all schools. We all have our faults, so why expect our county superintendent to be perfect. If we teachers and all others connected with our school world do our duty one half so well as the gentlemen herein mentioned our schools would be at the lead with one bound.
  All success to our county and district superintendents and long may they stay.

  An Elk District Teacher


  Leo McKenzie, was released from jail yesterday, a brother having come here from McCoole, and paid the fine. McKenzie was incarcerated for the reason hat he refused to pay a fine of $100, imposed by the court or selling liquor on Sun. His attorneys, Capt Roman and MR Praeger, tried to have him released from jail, on the ground that the Sate should look to the bonding company for the fine and not to McKenzie, but the court overruled the motion. -Cumb Times of 26th


  Remaining unclaimed at the Post office at Keyser W Va, week ending Feb 27, 1913:

  W L Ellifritz, A F Green, Fred Rotruck, Eston Groves, Geo Stagg, Jno T Hinley, Jas McKenrick, Fazzalori Flario.

Cumb Md, Feb 25

  At a meeting of Methodist ministers and laymen held here today an organization was formed for the purpose of extending the missionary work of that denomination in Frederick district.
  The organization will be known as the Missionary and Church Extension Society of the Frederick District of The Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Episcopal church. The following officers were elected:
  President - John w Young, Cumberland.
  Vice - Presidents - Lee M Bender, Martinsburg W Va; Davison Armstrong, Frostburg; Lewis Orrick, Hagerstown; George T Carskadon, Keyser W Va, and C A Gilson, Frederick.
  Secretary - E T Dixon, Cumberland.
  Treasurer - Cecil Miller, Lonaconing.
  Executive Committee - Charles G Watson, D H Martin, Frostburg; R G Richardson, Franck H Havenner, Keyser; Samuel Bradley, Barton; Joseph Dawson, A E Slagle, Cumberland; W A Rockwell, Berkeley Springs; Hunter Kern, Winchester; Peter E Dawson, Hancock; James Close, Midland; Harry Harmon, Hagerstown; William Barnes, Lonaconing; George Filler, Paw Paw; James Carskadon, Headsville; Charles A Smouse, Union Grove and Dr Zadock T Kalbaugh, Piedmont.


  The Secretary of State has granted the following charter:

  Magnolia Power Co, of Springfield W Va, to build reservoirs, dams, etc in Hampshire Co this state, to furnish water for domestic purposes, manufacture, electricity for domestic and manufacturing purposes. Authorized capital, $100,000. Incorporators: P J Seaver, Cyril B Geare, Albert M Diehl, William E Walsh and F Ernest Brockett, all of Cumberland.


  Last week we received a letter from Postmaster T T Huffman, of Keyser, containing a pledge for $25 signed by Miss Daisy Lowery, Sec of the New Era Circle, of Keyser, for the Orphan's Home investment. F C Rollman


  An application for the pardon of Andrew Bissett, of Keyser who was sentenced to Mounsville prison several months ago for assaulting a little girl here, will be presented to the governor of W Va on March 1. Bissett was tried on a similar charge at Cumberland a couple of years ago and escaped on a technicality of law.


  At a congregational meeting at the Presbyterian church last Wed evening a committee composed F E Hutchinson, Wm MacDonald, F C Patton, V F Alkire, T D Leps, C L Everhart and W C Long, was appointed to have plans drawn for and ascertain the cost of a Sun school room addition to the church. It was the unanimous sentiment of the congregation that the additional room is badly needed. T eh committee is to reported a future meeting.


  Guy Poling, a brakeman on the B&O, jumped from his train in the Keyser yards a few days ago and sustained a severe abdominal injury. He is at the Hoffman hospital, where he will be operated upon as soon as his condition will allow. He has been working on the "pickup" train for some time.


  The Calendar Coterie was very pleasantly entertained yesterday afternoon by Mrs Col George T Carskadon. The hostess served refreshments.

Cumberland Md, Feb 25

 Buying 10 acres of what was purported to be fine farming land near Jacksonville Fla, at $10 an acre, John Edwards sold his home at Paw Paw, W Va, 25 miles east of here, for $1,000 and took his family to Fla. He found that the property was under water and returned with his family to Paw Paw. It cost him $272 to make the round trip, besides incurring other expenses. He returned to his job at the Paw Paw cannery.


  &ldots;.estate of J W Wagoner, deceased,&ldots;&ldots; I H Offner, Administrator

  Cumberland - Casper Close, 43 years old, residing on Knobley Mt, in W Va, opposite South Cumberland, was accidentally shot by William Himler, a restaurant proprietor of this city, while they were fox hunting. The trigger of Himler's gun caught in a twig. Nine shots penetrated Close's arm.

  Left alone in their home at Oxley, a station in the Coal & Iron Railway, 37 miles south of Elkins, and with the door locked, it is alleged, three of the four children of Hubert Slough, a trackwalker, were burned to death in a fire, which destroyed their home at 11:45 Mon.


  The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Peoples Bank was held Tues. There was disbursement of an 8 per cent annual dividend, while a goodly sum was transferred to the reserve account. The election of directors resulted as follows: R G Richardson, Dr C S Hoffman, Wm MacDonald, James E Sheetz, C E Taylor, D A Arnold, C K Wilson, W E Heskitt, W B Woolf, F H Babb, J A Thrush, Wm C Clayton, C H Vossler. The officers elected followed: T H Babb, President; W C Clayton, Fist Vice-president, and R G Richardson, second vice president. T D Leps was elected cashier. He has served in this capacity since the first of last Nov.