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APRIL 2, 1913



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The conference of the Methodist church at Baltimore and the M E church South at Staunton, both completed their work Monday night, and the appointments for the ensuing year were announced. It is a source of gratification to the people of Keyser and other local charges to know that few charges were made. Petitions have been made for the return of Rev Keene and Rev Havenner to Keyser. The following dispatches give the details;

Staunton Va, April 1

At the closing session of the Baltimore conference of the Methodist Episopal Church South, at Staunton, Va, Monday night, Bishop Kilgo announced his appointments. The appointments for Moorefield district show no changes in the pastorates of the Cumberland churches. They follow:

R L Fultz, presiding elder, Moorefield; J B Henry; South Branch, G W Yost, supply; Franklin, W Lawson; Keyser, M H Keene, W E Woolf, supervisor; Cumberland, J H Bathis; South Cumberland, A Lee Barrett; Elk Garden, W W White; Garrett, W J Barnard, supply; Piedmont, H V Wheeler; Frostburg, W S Nickolson; Flintstone, H C Marsh; Romney, J H Billingsley; Burlington, J H Wilhite; Morgan, H L Myerly; Gainsboro, Wendell Allen; Wardensville, G D Karicofe; Capon Bridge, C W Stump; Listonburg, H B Smith, supply; Hampshire, J L Thomas; Hardy, G K Hedrick; Monterey, L L Lawson; McDowell, F E Hammond; Crabbottom, W S Thomas; transferred, J F Cuthrell, Virginia Conference.

Baltimore, April 1

At the close of the Methodist Conference held tonight, the following appointments for Frederick District were announced:


District Supt-G C Bacon

Barton-F I Mumford

Berkeley Springs-C E Ely

Bloomington-J Halfpenny

Brunswick-J I Winger

Bunker Hill-J W Fleming

Cumberland, Centre Street-Joseph Dawson

Grace-F A Killmon

Kingsley-J G Pile

Doubs-J W Briscoe

Eckhart-J A Gross

Elk Garden-J A Shockey

Ellerslie-R H Bartlett, Supt

Flintstone-C C Archer

Frederick-E H Lamar

Frostburg-D H Martin

Grant-U S Landstreet

Hagerstown, St Pauls-C L Pate

Washington Square-F C Power

Hancock-W B Elliott

Hancock-E H Showacre

Harpers Ferry-William Rogers

Hedgesville-D B Gates

Hillsboro-E N Parrish

Hyndman-George F Stiles

Keyser-F H Havenner

Lonaconing-W L Lynn

Martinsburg-B W Meeks

Midland-W E Bird

Mount Savage-R J Nickolson

Oldtown-Mark Day

Paw Paw-W C Brian

Piedmont-William Harris

Rawlings-Mason Kessecker

Romney-C K Lewis

Shepherdstown-J H Feltner

Smithsburg-J T Creek

Union Grove-William Pierpont

Urbana-W A Lythe

Williamsport-H D Stewart

Winchester-C D Taylor


W C Griffith relieved Hagerstown, St Pauls quarterly conference

E S Todd relieved Frederick quarterly conference

H C Smith relieved Centre street quarterly conference

C E Dudrear relieved Frederick quarterly conference

J F F Gray relieved Hancock quarterly conference


Harrison's Meat Market has made a deal whereby this company will carry a full line of the world famous groceries put up by Francis H Leggett & Co of New York. Mr Harrison says, in the future their store shelves will contain everything in the Leggett line for which there is a trade demand here.


R A Welch is in receipt of a letter from his sister Mrs M J Rathbone at Parkersburg in which the flood damage there is set out as frightful, more especially, however, to property. Murdock Ave and Julian streets, the finest residential sections of the town have been inundated, and the magnificent homes, almost every one are completely ruined.


Rain has been falling here a good part of the day, but in the mountain region it has been snowing, the ground being covered to a depth of two inches.


No 12 from Parkersburg over the B&O arrived here two and one half hours late last night. This is the first train through in several days, in fact since the floods first cut off traffic.


While blasting holes for fruit trees on the premises of W A Liller near Keyser yesterday, James Bier had a call so close on his life that he hardly knows whether he is living today. A premature explosion in one hole threw a large stone which struck him on the shoulder and neck and knocked him down right on top a blast where the fuse had just been lighted on another hole. His helper was so excited he was dazed and could offer no assistance, for a few seconds, it seemed hours, he lay over the dynamite charge, with the sputtering fuse burning closer and closer, then slightly revived, by a super human effort he crawled away a few feet, and the debris thrown out by the explosive passed over his body. He was severely shocked by the explosion, not seriously hurt.


3rd or 4th of April. Keyser Indoor Rifle Range. Corner of Armstrong and Mineral St. Entries soon to close.


Miss Emma Stallings is engaged in nursing at Burlington

Joseph Biser is moving to his farm near Dawson

B Armentrout, the County Glebe keeper, is in town today on business

Mrs L A Criser has returned from a weeks visit at Washington DC

Mr Joseph Smith of Piedmont, and Miss Sarah Trenaman of Piedmont were married at Cumberland yesterday

W J Newhouse and Son are making special prices on groceries, Read their new ad.

H Halbritter has torn away the portico to his home on Armstrong street and will at once remodel the entire front of the building

Find out about Shepherd of the Hills Friday, April 4th, you cant afford to miss it

Mrs Robert Gerstell, who has been visiting her daughter in Clarksburg a couple of weeks, returned home yesterday on No 14

L O Brotemarkle, who fell from his train in Keyser yards first of the week, is able to be on the streets

Mr Geo McFarland, mine superintendent at Barnum, who lived here the past winter, has moved there for the summer

Miss Minnie Sloan, who has been on a visit to relatives here a few days, returned to Petersburg today

The Sincell Co, have some very attractive features in their new ad of today. To read it is to learn of them. Its worth your while and more.

Miss Ida Crawford has returned from Baltimore, where she had been attending the school of training for a corset company. There were 107 in attendance. They meet once a year for a week

Miss Georgia Powell of Uniontown, Pa, returned home yesterday

Seats now selling at Furbee's for Shepherd of the Hills. The manager of Music Hall says sincerely and positively this will be the greatest offering this season.

Farming implements for all kinds at Frye & Sons

Miss Lurah Shelley is sick

John Sloan, Esq, of Burlington was in Keyser today

W A Liller is at Fairmont today on business

Miss Kate Simms spent Sunday at Frostburg

Mr and Mrs Harry Johnson left last night for Las Vegas, NM

Mrs M H Keen and son Spruce who spent the past winter in Texas, returned this morning. Rev Keen returned last night from conference at Staunton

Senator O A Hood returned last night from Charleston. He is one of the bribery investigating committee. There is yet some work which requires the attention of this committee, hence he will go back in a couple of weeks.

Mrs R E L Bowie, Washington street, Cumberland, entertained yesterday afternoon in honor of her guest Miss Emily Coffroth, of Keyser, W Va. Cards were the chief diversion

For everything new in summer wearing apparel go to I M Long's where you will always find the lowest prices in town

W W Woods who was sergeant at arms for the bribery investigating committee of the legislature, which has adjourned for a few days, is at home

Mr and Mrs Enoch Kight, spent today in Westernport

Mrs John Kinney and daughter, Miss Hattie of Terra Alta are visiting Ed Kinney's here, on their way to Charlotte NC, where they will make their future home. Mr Frank Kinney came up from Charlotte to accompany them South

The popular "Century" gas ranges in all sizes for home, restaurant or hotel, guaranteed the equal of any other make and at better prices. Phone orders to 19-F or call at store C C Arbogast, 133 Armstrong street, Keyser, W Va

Geo W Sechrist, expert piano tuner will be at my store during the month of May. Leave orders at music store. W C Pifer

If you want a stylish pair of pumps or oxfords, see the new styles just added to I M Long's stock.


R Golden Monday morning signed his position with the B&O

April Fools Day was celebrated as usual at the shop April 1st

E C Ward has been given employment at the shop. He went to work on the first and was given the first degree as a mill hand at noon. The boys have not decided as yet when they will give him the second

Some of the boys attended the commencement exercises Friday night at "Blackberry Gallop" school house on the banks of the mighty "Limestone" at the south end of Wild Cat Hollow

The car shop and round house men were put on a 9 hour per day working schedule Monday morning

The weather forecast for the shop is: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, rain with occasional showers

John Thais a mill hand resigned his position Tuesday morning

Since our tool dresser Joe Dickle has gone to piece work he says all band, cut off and rip saws should have only one tooth

Sponscellors carpenter gang which has been camped on the Y near the Electric Light Co, was sent out on the B&O S W via Pittsburg Tuesday morning. They had to go via Pittsburg on account of the tunnels between Clarksburg and Parkersburg being filled with water. The men promised to send the writer of these notes some post cards, but I bet they won't do it.


Conductor W J Cather of the B&O third division, was seriously injured, yesterday by being thrown through a window of his caboose in an emergency stop in the Grafton yards. His neck was badly cut and he bled profusely. He was brought to his home here. Early Monday morning Conductor W Murphy of Church street was also badly injured in a similar way, at Tunnelton in an emergency stop. His knee cap was hurt so he is off duty. The long trains of empties of from 60 to 80 cars the railroad men claim are responsible for these accidents.


One of the most brilliant social events of the year for Keyser was a belated Easter Ball given at Bachelor's Hall Monday night. About 200 invitations were extended and the response was very general. Isles Saxophone Orchestra furnished music, and the patronesses were Mesdames, W E Woolf, A E Russell, R A Welch, D R Shull and Harry Markwood. From 9 pm until 2 am the innocent pleasure was enjoyed by the joyous crowd. All in one accord cast to the winds of time business troubles and all cares that joy might reign unbridled and supreme. Among those in attendance were:


 A E Russell

D R Shull

B Wells

O D Rickey

Cliff Kinsey

Willis Rickey

M R Bell

W E Woolf

R A Welch

Rex Offutt

Geo Sincell

N G Carrier

N J Crooks

Anna Moore

W H Dickey, Clarksburg


 Elizabeth Hoffman

Marguerite Greenwade

Hazel Greenwade

Hallie Clemson

Catherine Russell

Virginia Wright

Mary Vosler

Louise Woolf

Marie Crooks

Helen Smith

Florence Hamill

Elizabeth Hamill

Pauline Wilson

Arvallia Bazzell

Aida Gordon

Eulah McMakin

Margaret Liller

Julia Wright

May Long

Sue Brady

Elsie Hoffman

Eva Moore

Vivian Wright

Jennie Wells

Frances Kinsey

Blanche Woolf

Isabella Isles

Lillian Jordan

Mary High

Nancy Lauck

Mary Moore

Ruth Seiver

Edith McMakin

Bertha Wells

 Georgia Shelly

 Ola Brown



Misses Hannon, Morgan, O'Leary, Carry Arnold and Gladys Davis, of Piedmont; Miss Burke of Petersburg; Miss Mary Black, Boswell, Pa, and Miss Georgia Powell, Uniontown Pa.


Don Cunningham

Geo Sincell

R A Welch

Perry Greenwade

John Nordeck

H H Hoffman

Chas Neville

Geo Carskadon

John Carskadon

Ben Wells

John Johnson

Willis Rickey

M H Carrier

Claudius Terrell

Raymond Lowry

A E Russell

C E Nethken

Don Davis

Paul Davis

Pope Jordon

G N Blair


Clyde Hott

Fred Mills

H H Stover

O D Rickey

Glen Workman

Emory Tyler

Frank Keenan

Prof Van Dyke

Dr A H Hosack