FEBRUARY 2, 1912


Traveling here now is rather between rough in a buggy and equally so on a sled. But this condition does not daunt the skaters. They go by the fair moonlight and in the dark and rain, just the same.
Mrs Ellen Leatherman is still on New Creek at her sons. Mrs Leatherman has been reported still, by Dr Baker, as doing well under the circumstances. Today he reported that the trouble has developed into a case of Milk Leg.
Last Sat Art Tutwiler sold his team of young horses, Ross and Tom, to Andrew Ludwick, consideration fro them $350.
School is still adjourned on account of scarlet fever. Last week two new cases of the fever developed. Lowry Staggs' children. The baby has been poorly but the doctor reports it is better now. Also a case developed last week in Tob Stickley's family on Mill Creek, one of his little boys. None of these cases, as far as it is known, had an opportunity to contract this sickness.
Mrs George Biser has been poorly for some time but is better again.
A O Whipp came over to Cheshire's from the hospital on the Jan 14. He was there three weeks. he has been doing well and is now able to walk around some.
Jos Moyer will probably remain till spring in the Roger's house where he and Aunt Margaret lived more than a year.
After a visitation of some time, Miss Annie Bailey returned to the city last Sat.
Miss Glennie Carnell, of Keyser, has been on this side for several weeks, but expects to return to town soon. She will take Miss Bessie Cheshire's place at the hospital as cook. It is said Miss Cheshire will find a better position.
J W Leatherman sold several loads of straw at $7 per ton loose. Several parties in this neighborhood will probably have some surplus feed notwithstanding the dry summer and hard winter.
Try John Rogers for straw.


Dawson, Md. Jan 23, 1912
Last week was a record broken for cold weather, this week for mud.
Mr Webster Ravenscroft, of Oakland, was visiting his parents Mr and Mrs R D Ravenscroft, last week.
Miss Myrtle Groves, of Westernport was calling on relatives last week.
Mrs Margaret McKenzie, of Rawlings, spent a few days with relatives here this week.
Miss Lulu Berry, of Rawlings, spent Sat and Sun with Miss Lena Dayton.
Mr Litton, of near Hancock, is spending this week with his aunt, Mrs H C Dawson.
Well, friend Nero, I was sorry to learn that your poetic vocabulary was so soon exhausted, was expecting to have something good from you. I do not think I can supply enough for both, as you say, but here goes for your answer.
Poetry you say you cannot write
Its useless for to try
You leave it all for me to do
Enough for both you and I.
Now Nero, this is not quite fair
As I can hold my own
Why that's enough for me.
The mark we made you cannot toe
I will not at you scoff
And if you cannot write a rhyme
I'll gladly let you off.
My little rhyme I now will close
I have no more to say
By bidding you good evening now
I'll write another day


On Thurs of last week a south wind ran the mercury up to 54 degrees. It took most of the snow off the mountain and hill tops leaving the earth bare, while the valleys were yet covered with snow. Quite strange these things but strictly in compliance with natures laws.
A great many witnesses were summoned to Keyser this week on the suits against the Davis Coal & coke Co, on the account of lives lost in the explosion at No 20 mine last spring.
The revival series of meetings have been well attended and earnest sermons delivered. Rev H V Wheeler, of Piedmont, preached last Sat evening and Sun morning, and Dr Bacon, District Superintendent of the M E church, preached Sun evening. Earnest appeals were made by these ministers as well as by the pastors. Revs Percy W Metheny and Wm J Bernard.
The fourth quarterly meeting business session of the M E Church was held in the Nethken hill church Mon, Jan 22. Dr Bacon presiding.
Clarence Rollman has secured a position with Mr Stegmyer, at Cumberland, in the butchering business.
Mr David Ravenscroft has so far recovered from the typhoid fever that he has no further use for his doctor and nurse. He is more interested now in having a good cook.
Dr P S Keim attended the Medical Association at Keyser this week.
Mr J R Bane, county commissioner, was in town the first of this week.
Sheriff L O Davis was sitting at the receipt of custom last Mon in the B & L store.
the ladies of the M C Church held a successful festival in Festival hall last Sat, A handsome sum was realized.
The baseball club had a three nights festival and dance in Moody's Hall. Proceeds for the benefit of the ball team.
Mr Harry Umstot, of Frankfort District, visited his uncle D C Arnold, last week.
Misses Maggie Matthews and Ethel Junkins, of Emoryville, visited friends here the first of this week.
We are having delightful winter weather. It is not too cold and sleighing is splendid.
no doubt ever town has some worthless curs that should be killed. But there is a distinction. A dog that is a household pet, and a protection to little children is not to be classed with worthless curs.


Well, as I have been absent for quite a while will try to write a few of the happenings in and around the Fountain.
Mr and Mrs Jacob Urice spent Sun with Mr and Mrs S C Urice.
Miss Virgie Staggs returned to her home Jan 20th after spending the past month with her sister, Mrs V A Ellifritz, at New creek.
Mrs Bertie Tasker was calling at the Knobley View Farm Sun evening.
Mr William Rogers and sister spent Sun with their sister, Mrs Seymour Taylor.
The Fountain School is progressing nicely with Miss Myrtle Bond as teacher, Miss Myrtle says she has 31 pupils on the roll.
Mrs William Staggs and daughter, Miss Virgie, spent Sun at the home of Edward Staggs.
"Boys" don't forget that this is Leap Year and the Fair sex are going to give you a call soon. so make up your mind whether you shall surrender or always live alone.
we hear some of the peach orchard men say that about one half of the peaches around here are killed. We are surprised to know any of them are alive, such fierce weather as we have been having this winter.
Lone Girl


Rev Dr C R Lacey is dead at his home in Lewisburg, W Va.
Miss Lizzie Williams has been confined to her home the past week with tonsillitis.
Miss Nellie Clinedinst has accepted a position and is clerking in Fetzer Bros store.
Warfield Taylor, who spent a week here returned to Richmond Va, Sun morning.
Paul Wilson, returned last Thurs evening from a visit to points in the Western part of the state.
Rev Dr J W Duffey, of Winchester, will speak at the celebration of Lee's birthday, in Harrisonburg, Fri Jan 19th.
J W Clayton had the misfortune to break a bone in his arm a week ago. He is getting along nicely, but is unable to use it.
Preston Harman, of Harman, has been appointed to the position of field agent for the W V Humane Society.
Jos D Heiskell has purchased of H L Gamble his lot, in the northern end of town, and we understand will erect a dwelling house on it.
Dr Wm Finney, a former resident of this place, returned last week to his home in Baltimore forma trip to Bermuda, to find that half of his home had been destroyed by fire.
The many friends of Mrs H A Brown, wife of Rev H A will regret to learn that she fell recently at her home at Upperville Va, and sustained a broken limb and badly sprained the other ankle.
The old John H High store house, this side of Purgittsville, which has been used as a school house, was totally destroyed by fire Tues, with all its contents. The same day the house of a Mr Blackburn, in the Flats, was totally destroyed.
While working on the new Court House last week, H A Clinedinst had the misfortune to loose his balance and fell a distance of about 22 feet below, striking on the hard concrete floor. He was picked up by several who were working there and Dr Love was hastily summoned, who made an examination and found no bones were broken. Mr Clinedinst was right badly bruised and suffered a great deal, but at this time is getting along nicely. His escape is almost miraculous.
Miss Sarah Weese has returned from a visit to relatives at Keyser.
Ercelle High, who left here a week ago for Baltimore, was operated upon for appendicitis and is getting along nicely.
Miss Regie Baldwin and John Branson, both of Moorefield, were married at the Manse, on Jan 6th, by the Rev Chas D Gilkeson.
E D Clark of the National Forest Service, was here this week.
Jacob Reed, who has been right sick for a week or more, is able to be about again.
Rev W H Marsh, has been right sick for the past week but is somewhat improved.
We are in receipt of a card from Ercelle High, who was operated upon in Baltimore for appendicitis. He says he is getting along nicely.
The many friends here of Dr S P Johnson, of Franklin, will be glad to know that he has about recovered from an extended illness with typhoid fever. Mrs Johnson has also been right ill, but is improving.
C R Miller, who went to Glassboro, NJ several weeks ago, was here Sat night on his way to Lost River. He says he has secured a nice position there. Mr Miller says the weather was not near so cold there, as here.
An attendant from the asylum at Weston arrived here last night and this morning left with Chas Lynch, who has been committed to that institution.


Dr W T Highberger, was in town Tues.
born the first of the week, to Mr and Mrs Glenn Roby, a girl.
W W Kimble and Edgar Hedrick, of Upper Tract, were Petersburg visitors Tues.
Miss Arminta Taylor, of Romney, spent several days here this week visiting relatives.
L S Stingly, H L Stallings and Rev Landstreet, of Medley were on our streets Tues.
John J Idleman, who has a store at Scherr, was over to the Piedmont Grocery after a load of groceries Wed.
Sat Moomau & foreman sold the farm at Seemly that they recently bought of C E Judy, to J E Judy of Boyer, Iowa.
O M and J A Smith and their mother, Mrs Mary L Smith, were at Franklin Mon attending the burial of Mrs Smith's mother, Mrs Elizabeth Harper, who died Sun morning in her 82 year.
John E Judy of Boyer Iowa, who was visiting his parents, Mr and Mrs Isaac Judy, at Seemly, this county, was here over Sat night on his return home. Mr Judy was accompanied on his trip by Raymond Newcomb, of Detroit Iowa. Mr Judy is one of the successful farmers of the state of Iowa, and brought with him on this trip as far as Chicago a load of fine Hereford cattle. Miss Lettie Judy, his sister, accompanied him home, where she will visit for a month.


A phone message from Uncle John this forenoon stated that the sick in that community are all improving. Mrs Hanlin, Mrs Rodruck and Bruce Rodruck have been very ill and are still confined to their beds, but are now improving rapidly.


A large sleighing party from Elk Garden passed through here Tues night. They seemed to be enjoying themselves.
A sledload of young people were calling on Wm Kitzmiller Tues evening.
Miss Freda Kerns was calling on home folks Sat and Sun.
A large crowd of our young people attended the festival at Elk Garden Sat night, the 27th. They report a good time.
Mr Edgar Welch and Mr Cassel Green were calling on Jno Mackley's Sun.
Mr James Mason was calling on Bertha Burke Sun.
Mr J R Green's family are very ill with colds.
Mr T Smith was calling on Miss Bird Wiseman Sun.
Mr Keyser Smith has been very ill with sore throat.
Mrs Wilbur Shillenburg and sister have returned home from a visit to their parents at Junior.
Mr A C Dixon killed a fine hog Tues.
Morgan Bane and family were calling on Mr John Schwinabart Sun.
By the time these items reach us we will now how the next six weeks of weather will be, if the ground hog has not frozen to death this winter.
Some talk of a festival here, Ginger up, boys and girls, and help a good cause.
Sleighing seems to be the order of the day and some of the people seem to be enjoying it.
Mr Thomas Junkins has just received a check form Kann and Co for furs. Tommy is an expert trapper.
Mr T H Brock has recovered from a spell of sickness. We are glad to hear of his recovery.
One month of Leap year is gone, girls it's going fast.
Mr Truman Schwinabart made a trip to Elk Garden Tues.
Mr Owen Abernathy and family were calling on home folks Sun.


Mr J Arly Blackburn has moved his family to Keyser.
Mr David Schwartzwalder is in Keyser looking after his nursery business.
Mr Bun Markwood visited Harpers Ferry this week.
Capt J W Vander was visiting in Keyser Thurs.
Mr J H Markwood returned last Fri from a business trip to Baltimore.
The sleighing was good this week and the coasting was very fine - so old and young enjoyed the snow, a heavy sleet made it very slick.
Miss Annise Wise returned home this week from Uniontown Pa.
Miss Frances Parker and Mr Thos Marshall of Romney, spent sun and Mon with Mr and Mrs R M Frye.
Fri Jan 29, Master Eddie Alkire had his fourteenth birthday, that evening a number of his young friends gave him a very pleasant surprise.
We learn with regret that the dwelling house of Warner Poling, who lives near Shirley Lane was destroyed by a fire a few days ago and he barely escaped with his life. He is one of our land marks and a worthy citizen.
Mrs S N Moore and Mr and Mrs jack Frost and child, who have been on a visit to Kalimazoo, Mich, are expected home today.
Music lovers should not fail to hear the Jess Pugh Co in the High School Auditorium next Tues night at 8:15. Admittance 50c for reserved seat.
Born to Mr and Mrs Emmart, of South Keyser, last week a daughter.
Born to Mr and Mrs James Rogers of W Piedmont St, last week a daughter.
Born last week to Mr and Mrs Jay Moran of South Keyser, a son.
Mr I I Whipp was in Keyser on business last Wed.
Mr Samuel Liller attended court here last Wed.
Mr Seymour Whipp was looking after business interests in Keyser last Wed.
It is better to love what you can not have than have what you can love.
Mr and Mrs M Tamburini came down to Keyser Tues and drove out to the farm.
Mr S S Rees returned Tues from a very delightful visit with friends in Pa.
Miss Mayme Dean has returned to her home in Baltimore after a pleasant visit to friends in Keyser.
Mr Harry Reed, the well known traveling man, delighted his many Keyser friends this week by making them a visit.
Mr Fred Ravenscroft has been sick this week.
Mr and Mrs John Burke visited in Meyersdale Pa, this week.
Harry Chapman and Julian Keys returned this week from a visit to Brunswick Md.
Mrs Carl Mitchell, nee Miss Cora Kidwell, of Hagerstown visited in Keyser this week.
Mr H Clay Thrush was looking after business interests in Keyser Tues.
Messrs William Johnston, Harry Wright, Norvel Glover, Arnold Harrison and Tolbert Wagoner Jr were visitors to Piedmont on Sun.
Mr A B Burkholder of Pittsburg Pa, representing the Dupont Powder Co, Mr Cecil Vilet of NY and Mr W A Dawson Jr were visiting friends in Piedmont on Sat and Sun evenings.
Mr and Mrs Harry Atkins spent Sun afternoon with friends in Piedmont.
Misses Leah Wolfe and Olive Robey were visiting friends in Piedmont on Sun.
Misses Daisy Lynch and Bessie Malcomb spent Sun afternoon in Piedmont.
Miss Pauline Maxfield, of Gormania, spent Sat and Sun here with home folks and friends.
Mrs Rickey and daughter spent Sun afternoon with relatives in Piedmont.
Mr and Mrs Ernest Shoppert, of Ridgely, W Va, spent Sun here the guests of Mr and Mrs Willie Long.
Miss Pearl Christy visited her sister at Luke Md on Sun.
Mr C E Dayton returned home last Sun from a ten days trip to Chicago where he attended the National Convention of Modern Woodmen as a delegate from the State of W Va.
Miss Nanee H Ludwick has been appointed post mistress at Junction, Hampshire co, in place of Hannah Breinig, resigned.
Mr H W Biser, of Cumberland, was hurt a Thurs night of last week, at Fairmont his injuries were not serious.
Mr F C Patton was in Keyser on business Mon.
Messrs George W Bane and H S Richardson were in Wheeling this week to attend a State Conference of the Agents for the NY Life Insurance Co.
Mrs J H Markwood pleasantly entertained the members of the Ladies' Aid society of The Grace ME Church South at her home on Mineral St, on Fri evening. During the evening refreshments were served.
Mrs W J Koeltz is visiting relatives in Parkersburg.
Mr and Mrs D R Bailey were shopping in Keyser Wed.
Mr H G Wilson was in Piedmont on business last Wed.
Mr E A Ringer of Kitzmiller, was in Keyser on business this week.
Mr S R Taylor of Salisbury Md, was visiting relatives in Keyser this week.
D T Greenwade was a business visitor to Cumberland Md Sat.
Mrs Price Poland and Mrs Chas W Uhl and son, of Mt Savage Md, spent the first of the week here.
Mr and Mrs Julius K Monroe, of Kingwood W Va, enroute to NY, spent Sun with the latter's sister, Mrs T P McKenzie.
Mr Harry Adams has sold his restaurant near the B&O depot to E F Murphy.
Mrs Charles E Smith, of Cumberland spent Tues with Mrs C E Dayton.
Mrs E H Davis and Mrs W C Whisler spent last Sat in Cumberland.
Mr O M River of Piedmont, was a business visitor here on Tues.
Mr E T White was a B&O visitor here on Wed.
Mrs M H Stallings is able to be out.
Mr John Thornhill is off of duty suffering with a badly mashed hand.
Quite a number of Piedmont young people were visitors at the rink here on Tues.
Mrs Carrie Kight is still very ill at her home on W Piedmont St.
Col W E Ried of Cumberland, was looking after business interests here this week.
Miss Charlotte Vossler made a pleasant visit to NY.
Mr C C McKee has returned from a pleasant visit to visit to relatives in Old Va.
Mr Frank Giffin visited relatives in the Valley of Va last week and this.
Mrs J W Chapman has recovered form a spell of illness.
Mrs Wilbert Gower and little son, Elmer Biggs Gower, of Ridgeley, are visiting their aunt, Mrs George W Bane.
Mr Lee Inskeep, of Ill, stopped off in Keyser this week to visit his mother and other relatives, he was enroute to Washington to look after business matters.
Mrs James Blue and Miss Nannie Washington who had been visiting Mrs D A Arnold, came down Wed to visit Mrs B B Cavitt, and they expect to return to their Hampshire Co homes Sat.
Mrs W C Whisler left Wed for her new home at Grafton. Mr Whisler, who had been working at Fairmont, has rec'd promotion and has been sent to Grafton.



Miss Mattie Dunk, of Westernport, Md and Claude Kight, of Piedmont W Va, were married at the bride's home this week.


Married at the Lutheran parsonage by the pastor Rev C P Bastian, Jan 29th, 1912, Thomas H Goff, of Bridgeport, Ohio and Susie Barnhouse, of Keyser W Va.



On Mon morning at 11:30 o'clock, death came to end the sufferings of Isaac Hutton. He had lived to a good old age in spite of a heart that would have brought death to one of less constitutional vigor many years ago. Several months ago, he suffered a severe stroke of paralysis and from the effects of this he never fully recovered, although he made considerable improvement for awhile.
Mr Hutton was born in June 1833, and when a young man entered the army with McNeill's Rangers and served with bravery throughout the Civil War. His old army pistol that that saved his life on so many occasions during the war was buried by his side. He was married in youth to Miss Mary Jane Riggleman, of Hampshire Co, who preceded him to the grave twelve years ago, and is survived by one daughter, Miss Minnie Lee Hutton, and a sister, Mrs Mary Hyre, of Nara Visa, New Mexico.
Grant Co Press


Miss Rosa Harrison died Jan 29th, 1912, with an abscess of the lungs, age about 42 years. She lived all her life in this community, and had many friends as all, who knew her, thought well of her. Her funeral was held in the church, conducted by Rev J K Baker, of Keyser, interment in the U B Cemetery. She leaves to morn her loss three brothers and three sisters, James, Clarence and Irvias Harrison, Mrs Frank Leatherman and Misses Sarah and Lula Harrison.
"Fare well Sister thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But 'this God who has bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal."


Have you seen R E Montgomery's Partridge Plymouth Rocks prize winners? In the Elkins show they won second cock; third, fourth and fifth hen. In the Lonaconing first and second cock; second and fifth hen.
Miss Faye Montgomery goes up to Elk garden Fri evening and back Sat of every week where she has a music class.
Mr Hugh A Edwards, of Marysville, Ohio, who spent some time visiting at the home of Mrs Henery Montgomery left for his home last Thurs night.
Mr Henry Fleek has been and is still very poorly at his home on Church St.
Mr and Mrs harry Ravenscroft, of Westernport, spent last Sun with their aunt, Mrs Henry Montgomery.


The old council held its final meeting last Wed night, closed up the business for the past year and turned over the affairs of our town to the new officers who were elected on the fourth of Jan. The new council will hold its first meeting next Wed night.
Mayor R A Welch retired on his own motion, having refused to be a candidate for another term, after having filled the office of mayor of the city of Keyser for seven consecutive terms. It was said of a great ruler that when he took charge of the affairs of Rome he found it of wood and when he retired he left it of marble. May Mayor Welch took over charge Keyser was in the mud, he turned over to his successor the best paved city of its size within the State of W Va. On the first day of Feb, he turned the gavel over to his worthy successor F H Babb, and it is now Mayor Babb. Mr Babb is an up-to-date business man, capable and honest and will take a pride in giving Keyser an efficient and clean administration, he is supported by a strong Council, and Keyser may expect its public affairs to be well handled during the year just beginning. So note it be.


The second number in the entertainment course under the auspices of the Preparatory and Public Schools will be given in the High School auditorium, Tues night, Feb 6th, at 8:15 o'clock.
This attraction consists of three artists, Mr Jess Pugh, Miss Hazel Lathrop and Miss Katherine Kellog. Mr Pugh is a baritone and reader, and has but few peers on the American platform. Miss Lathrop is an especially fine soprano, and Miss Kellogg is known for her professional skill on the violin. As a company, it is well balanced and is sure to please all who hear it. The program consists of baritone solos, soprano solos, vocal duets, dramatic readings, piano numbers and violin solos.
Tickets are on sale at Romig's Drug Store at 50c for reserved seat. Season tickets may be secured for this number and two remaining numbers - three excellent attractions -for $1.25.


William Chamberlain, the colored porter at Furbee's drug store, familiarly know to Keyser people as "Bill" was taken sick about the middle of Nov, and for a time lost his eye sight. He was sent to a hospital in Cumberland for treatment and returned home two weeks ago greatly improved and his sight continues to grow clearer. Everyone rejoices in his recovery.


The stockholders of the Keyser Orchard Co, met in Keyser last Fri night and elected L C McDonald, H L Arnold, T T Huffman, J R Baker and C L Bane as directors. The officers are H L Arnold, Pres; C L Bane, Vice Pres; T T Huffman, Secty; L C McDonald, Treas and manager, Jesse Wilkins, Foreman. This company has some of the best orchard land in the county and a number of growing trees.


Cumberland Md, Jan 26.
The court today imposed fines aggregating nearly $2,000, exclusive of costs in the famous Green Ridge orchard hazing cases, involving assault and carrying concealed weapons. Out of the cases also grew the illegal sale of liquor in the commissary, and fines aggregating $500 were imposed in these cases.
Those fined were: John W George, superintendent; John Iskra, Horace Fisher, William McClure, Frederick Ludwig, William Billmeyer, Aaron George and Peter Simons. The cases grew out of the hazing of J W Viering and Andrew Zaler, of Davis W Va, who visited the orchard, as the defense claimed, to entice away labor. Zaler was manacled to a tree and a mule hitched to one arm. They were put through a night of torture, according to the testimony. Judge Boyd said that while there was evidence that Zaler's mission was to entice away labor, the assault was not justified, and that as no one was really hurt, he would not impose imprisonment.


Mr and Mrs McMakin gave a birthday party in honor of their daughter, Miss Edith McMakin's sixteenth birthday at their home on Mozelle St, on Fri night, which was a very enjoyable affair. During the evening delicious refreshments were served. Those present were Misses Edith and Eulah McMakin, Constance Gordon, Julia Wright, Josephine Miers, Elizabeth Hamill, Messrs Fred Ravenscroft, Fred Mills and Claude Iser.


Major John White, of Terra Alta W Va, was here on Fri night to inspect the company and to install the officers of the Potomac Company, No 17, Uniform Ranks Knights of Pythias. After the Installation of officers all retired to the Rosemont Restaurant on Armstrong St, where an elegant supper consisting of all the delicacies of the season and refreshments were served. All present report a good time.


While crossing Sleepy creek at Duckwall ford on Mon the ice broke and the six mule team belonging to J H Philips Sons and being driven by Mr Early Speelman, was plunged into the icy water. The mules became entangled in the ice and harness - but all got except one which was drowned. Mr Speelman was thrown in the water and narrowly escaped being drowned. This is a dangerous ford and should be bridged.
Berkeley Springs Messenger


At the meeting of the council last Wed night the franchise prayed for by the T M & P RR for the privilege of laying its track along, over and upon Armstrong St extended was granted.


Having decided to close out our entire line of Queens Ware consisting of a very complete line of dinner and toilet ware, we will sell them regardless of cost.
We also have 250 pairs of Woolen and Cotton Blankets of exceptional good value which we will close out at a reduction of 25 per cent from the former price, which was as low as sold anywhere for the quality.
Thompson Furniture Co


During this session of the Circuit Court, because Clerk J V Bell has been disabled on account of a broken arm, Deputy Clerk A A Jordan has had full charge of the office and has performed the duties with the skill of a veteran at the desk.


At the fourth quarterly conference for Grace M E Church, South, held Jan 22, the following board of stewards was elected for next conference year. Dr C S Hoffman, W S Davis, J H Markwood, C W Schaffenaker, Frank Giffin, Sargent Wells, J R Bane, H S Jordan, George W Bane, D W Weaver, Wm C Lewis.
Miss Odie Peters and Miss Daisy Rice of Cumberland, Md, were visiting Miss Alma Peters last week.
At a meeting of the creditors of max Shearer, who failed in business in Piedmont last Dec, held in Keyser last Mon, Atty W H Griffith was appointed receiver to settle up the business.

FORD 1912
Four door model Touring
Car Fully Equipped $690
Ford Torpedo $590
Ford Roadster $590
Ford Delivery Wagon $700
Jeweler and Agent for Ford Automobile
Keyser W Va Phone 32K


Sober industrious man with small family to work in orchard. Good wages paid and house furnished to suitable partys. Orchard experience not necessary.
Apply to W A Liller, Keyser