Wednesday, April 30, 1913


Bridge Falls And Takes Team And Driver Down

  Yesterday J Davis who was driving a ? team with a good load was in the center of the bridge across Stony river, it suddenly gave away and one end pulled off of the abutment and dropped to the river bed, several feet below.

  One horse fell over one side of the bridge and landed on a big rock and was killed. The other horse with the wagon remained on the bridge. The driver had a miraculous escape with his life.

  The bridge was an old iron one at Oakmont, which was washed away last fall, and was later rebuilt by the county court, who employed an expert from one of the bridge companies to look after the reconstruction. The material was old, and weakened by rust, and it is said, had a very short hold on the abutment where it gave away.

Madame MacDermid
Pleased Big Crowd Last Evening

  A splendid audience greeted Madame Sibyl Sammie MacDermid, the sweetest singer of all Chicago, at the Preparatory Audience last night. Her rich voice filled the large auditorium and completely charmed her hearers, and a more appreciative audience never assembled in Keyser.

  Madame MacDermid accompanied on the piano by Miss Elsie Hoffman who is her personal friend. Keyser is glad that Miss Hoffman has such a talented friend that her people may enjoy her accomplishments.

  The following program and a number of encores, was enjoyed:

"My heart at Thy Sweet Voice"

From Samson and Dalila


A Little Pink Rose

Doan' You Lie'n&ldots;&ldots;..Carrie J Bond

I Love You Truly

Love is the Wind&ldots;&ldots;&ldots;MacFadyen

(Dedicated to Miss Sammie)

Slumber Song(mes)&ldots;&ldots;.MacFadyen


Believe Me If All Those

Endearing Young Charms&ldots;Old Irish

A Banjo Song&ldots;&ldots;&ldots;&ldots;&ldots;...Homer

My Old Kentucky Home&ldots;..Foster

Waltz Song from Romeo and Juliette

My Love is Like The Red, Red Rose


If I Knew You and You Knew Me

Ah! Love But A Day&ldots;&ldots;&ldots;Gilberte

A Recipe For An April Day&ldots;&ldots;Watson

The Sweet O' The Year&ldots;&ldots;&ldots;&ldots;Salter

Bad Wreck

  Last night on the 17- mile grade at Bear Hollow an extra east bound freight, with Claude Dillon, conductor, wrecked four cars. They were crushed and piled all over the tracks, and delayed No 4 so it got here at 3:30 this morning.

Post office May Close

  P P Nelson, postmaster at Dry Run, Pendleton county, has resigned as post master at that place. Unless the post office department succeeds in finding someone to accept the appointment, there will be a scope of territory including the entire North Fork Valley south Circleville without a postmaster. Mr Nelson is the third postmaster in Pendleton county to resign since Jan 1. The resigning post masters declare that the salaries paid to them are not commensurate with the work which is required of them.

Growing By-Crops

  J R Kennedy, manager of the Ritchie Orchard Company, which has a nice tract of land near Keyser, last year produced valuable crops in the orchard between the fruit trees, and this year he will plant heavy.

  He says he will plant 100 bushels of seed potatoes, 8 pounds each of watermelon and cantaloupe seed, 15 acres of corn and 10 acres of tomatoes and a lot of cabbage and other vegetables.

Where Your Drugs Come From

  A most interesting and instructive window exhibit is to been seen at Romig's in the display window. It is a good place to go if you are interested in knowing where your drugs come from in the original state of roots, barks, blossoms and leaves. There are many things like the Wild Ginger, Wild Cherry, Sarsaparilla, Ginseng and the like that are common to this country, but there are hundreds of others not found in America, and in some cases higher grades grow one place than another. The exhibit shows the licorice from Russia, Vanilla Bean from Mexico, Manna from Spain, Cubeb from Mexico, Chinchona Bark from which Quinine is derived from India, etc.

  The public is invited to take a look at this interesting Pharmacology exhibit, and questions will be answered and information given by either Dr Romig or his assistant Miss Korb.

Valuable Prizes Will Be Given at Farmers' Institute

  The annual Farmers' Insitute to cover two days will be held this year for Mineral county at Van Myra Camp, at some date yet to be arranged between September 20th and October 10th.

  Besides $70 in cash, other valuable prizes will be given, on grains and vegetable products.

  An effort is being made, and it is expected to be successful, to have the International Harvester Company give their world famous moving picture show, "The Romance of the Reaper."

  The officials of the Mineral county Farmers' Society are J W Vandiver, President; W A Leatherman, secretary and John W Leatherman, chairman of the premium committee, all of Burlington. D A Arnold of Knobley Farms, which is a member of the Committee takes an active interest. Those who contemplate trying to grow prize products should communicate with some of them.

Delegate to Big Convention

  Rev J H Brunk, former pastor of the Keyser U B Church but now on the Harrisonburg charge, who arrived here yesterday, is a delegate to the general conference of the United Brethren Church, which holds quadrennial meetings. This conference this year will convene in Chicago on May 8th, and will have representatives of this denomination from all over the world wherever this church is established.

  Rev Brunk has been appointed on the Judiciary Committee, one of the most important of all as it has to do with the government of the church, that is the law of government.

Buried in Virginia

  The remains of A M Cackley, DD, who died Monday at Roanoke Va, were buried today at 3 o'clock at Falls Church Va. He was at one time located there, and his wife and a child are buried there.

Apple Crop Prospects Good is Report From Berkeley

  H L Smith, president of the State Horticulture Society, who has large apple orchards in Berkeley county near Martinsburg, in a letter to H H Hoffman here, says his trees have a good set of fruit. Other sections of that, the biggest apple producing county in the state, give out reports of similar character.

  It seems the cold wave, which came from the northwest, has pretty well exhausted before it reached that part of the Eastern panhandle. In Morgan county the apples were severely injured. In Jefferson county an average crop is reported. Some orchards here and there in every section are ruined for this season.

Will Try Hungarian Partridges

  State Forest, Game and Fish Warden J A Viquesney, has purchased one hundred pair of Chinese ring-neck pheasants and fifty pair of Hungarian partridges as a beginning to stock the state of West Virginia with theses game birds.

  This initial shipment of birds are made with a view of ascertaining just how well, and with what success theses birds may be shipped into and liberated in West Virginia. It is the intention during the present spring and summer, to distribute several thousand eggs among the sportsman and farmers of the state and have them hatched under the common chicken hen, and later liberated in the fields and forests.

  Section 43 of the acts of the Legislature of 1909 provides that there shall be no open season of Hungarian partridges, Chinese Pheasant or other foreign game birds, and makes the penalty for violating this section not less than $25, nor more than $50, and at the direction of the court, jail sentence of not more than sixty days.

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