AUGUST 30, 1912


  Aug 19
  Mrs E Waddel and children of Davis, were visiting relatives here over Sun.
  Mrs Mary Nethken and granddaughter, Virginia Kreugh Johnson, Of Laneville, are visiting relatives here.
  M. Tamburini, who was visiting at Connelsville Pa, has returned home.
  Mon, Aug 19, 1912, was the scene of a very nice birthday party given in honor of Mrs Mary Nethken's seventieth birthday by her children at the home of Mr and Mrs Nugent. Those present were Mrs Mary Nethken, and I H Bane and family of Elk Garden; Dr I B Johnson and family of Laneville; C E Nethken of Keyser; H W Nethken of Pittsburg Pa; Mr and Mrs J M Nugent of Bayard; and Mrs Tola Beckman and family of Bayard. Dinner was served at late hour. Most all of the guests left on the evening train. All wish her many happy birthdays.
  Miss Helen Bane, of Elk Garden, has been the guest of Mrs Beckman the past week.


  Aug 28
  The mosquitoes seems to have given Lucas a rest and the result was - No news from Dawson last week.
  The festival at Waxlers last Sat night was well patronized and a decided success.
  Farmers are busy plowing for fall seeding.
  Dr Gipson Porter, wife and two children, of Roland Park, Baltimore, spent several days the guest of Dr Robert Gerstell's family last week.
  Miss Ellen Bobo, of near Springfield, visited her brother, Charles at this place last Sun and Mon.
  Messrs Harry and Daniel Dawson took in the camp meeting at Burlington last Sun.
  Miss Louise Gerstell of Easton Pa, and Misses Blanche and Louise Woolf, of Keyser, were guests of Dr Robert Gertsell's one day last week.
  Misses Hannah and Elsie Gerstell visited relatives and friends at Boliver W Va and Williamsport Md, last week.
  Bud Sheppherd and wife, of Rawlings, visited their daughter, Mrs Harness Miller, last Sat and Sun. The political pot has not got the start of boiling here yet. Some would rather wait for apple butter boiling first.
  Robert Gerstell Jr was a Cumberland visitor last Fri and Sat.
  Duncan Sinclair and wife of Fairmont, visited relatives at Gerstell last Sat and Sun.
  Mrs Jersy Taylor was called to Ridgeley last Sun on account of the serious illness of her mother, Mrs Huff.
  L R Llewellyn, the champion trucker, has chartered a car on the W M Ry, which he loads and ships to Westernport twice a week.


  The potato crop on the mountain is a bumper crop this year. The potatoes are large and well formed.
  Rev W White and wife accompanied by Rev white's sister, Miss Elizabeth, returned last week from an extended visit to relatives and friends at Romney.
  Rev N O Sowers of the Davis Child's Shelter, Charleston W Va, was in town last Sun.
  There is a good oats crop on the mountain. It was harvested last week and this week.
  We had a number of representatives at the Van Myra camp meeting last Sun. They were very much impressed with the surplus of dust. Wonder if a judicious use of oil on the roads would tend to make a dustless camp meeting?
  Our town people have been careful to divide their labors between huckleberry picking and working on the branch road. Berry picking has been very popular and profitable. But the season is about over.
  Our old friend, W W Boseley, of Barbour county, was a pleasant visitor here last Sun.
  Messrs I H Bane & Bro have purchased a lot at Ridgeley on which they will build a store for general merchandise. Work will begin soon on the building. They will retain their store at Elk Garden.
  Mr F C Patton went to Charleston this week as representative in the Grand Lodge of the Knights of Pythias.
  Mr Solomon Stullenbarger returned this week from Charleston where he was representative in the Grand Lodge of the Encampment.
  Misses Chadwick and Ruth Bane are the guest of Mrs Mabel Winsboro.
  Mr J Fred Bane, of parsons was in town the first of this week.
  Mr Peeler of Parsons, is handling the cleaner in the B&L store.
  Teamster John Davis has returned from his vacation.
  Misses Beatrice and Anna M Joyce returned from Cumberland the first of this week.
  Died at Sulphur, three miles from Elk Garden, Aug 23, 1912, of cancer in the throat, Mrs Lillian Pickens, wife of J Frank Bane. She was born at Piedmont and was the daughter of the late Adam Pickens. She had been a suffered with throat trouble many months and was at Baltimore hospital but the doctors could not operate for it. her remains were taken to Keyser to the home of her sister, Miss Ida Pickens, 280 St Cloud St, where funeral services were held at 10 o'clock on Sun. Rev Geo W Yost conducted the funeral services and the interment was in Queens Point Cemetery.
  The husband and four children, Miss Beulah, Fred, Muriel and Harry survive. Also a brother, Geo Pickens, Bellwood Pa and the following sisters: Mrs James Moody, Washington; Mrs Geo Fazenbaker, Cumberland; Mrs Geo Dixon, McCoole; Mrs Thomas Johnson, Mrs R H Lewis and Miss Ida Pickens, all of Keyser.
  Schools in Elk District will begin Mon, Sept 30.
  James Norman and wife are at Baltimore this week.
  Mrs Mary Hubbs, of Thomas, is visiting her parents and friends.
  The T M & P railroad having done so well during the camp meeting, the Push Road addition will have to get up a lot sale and thus keep up the passenger traffic.


  Mr and Mrs Henry L Duling of Gorman, were the guests of relatives here this week.
  Mr and Mrs Harry L Arnold of Keyser, visited her father, Mr J P Arnold last Sat and Sun.
  Mr and Mrs Schaeffer of Washington DC, were visiting his sister, Mrs Dr J O Lantz last Sun and Mon.
  Mr Elinu S Riley started for Van Myra Camp last Sat and returned Mon.
  Chicken thieving has got to be a common occurrence. Most every family in the neighborhood has lost chickens.
  Misses Fannie and Sarah Burgess of Laurel Dale, visited friends here last Sat.
  Mr and Mrs R Marsh Dean, of Elk Garden, were out on a pleasure drive to J P Arnold's last Sun.
  Mrs John A Streets and sons, Charles and George, of Laurel Dale, visited friends here last Sat.
  Mr Edgar Shillingburg is building a new porch.
  Most of the farmers are done making hay. The high water did much damage to many meadows.
  Mr Jack martin of Bayard, was visiting his father, Sam Martin, of Claysville last week.
  Don't forge the basket meeting at Emoryville next Sun.
  One of our neighbors was away from home a little while the other day, and when she returned she found some good Samaritan had left a sack of beans, a set of cups and saucers, and a set of pie plates at the door. "A kind act is never lost."
  The Black Diamond mine started to work last Fri, the first work since the high water.
  We have not seen or heard of a County candidate for the office since the conventions were held. Boys, don't make the "Full Dinner Pail" your text when you start out, unless you fulfill your promises immediately.


  Mr and Mrs Wood Farrington of Mechanicsburg O, were visiting relatives here last week.
  Miss Ida Umstot of Keyser was visiting at Stone House.
  Mr and Mrs F W Getty and daughter, of Westernport were among friends Sat and Sun.
  Messrs E H Ludwick and F D Johnson of Ashland O, arrived Mon on a visit to relatives and friends.
  Miss Dora Ludwick was visiting in Petersburg last week.
  Mr and Mrs C D Whiteman were in Moorefield Mon and Tues.
  Mr and Mrs Frank Brenig, of Cumberland, were among relatives first of the week.
  X X X


  Mrs T B Scott has rented her home here to M Dasher and will make sale of her personal property next Sat.
  Mrs Bettie Gamble remains very ill at her home here.
  Mrs Bessie Lewis and Miss Daisy Rice, of Luke, arrived last week on a visit to relatives her.
  Mrs Ida Wood left this morning for Ironton, Ohio, where she will spend a month visiting relatives.
  Rev R A White, who spent a week at Lost City, conducting services, has returned to this place and is visiting his sister, Mrs Gilkeson. Miss Nannie Belle Gilkeson, who accompanied him, has also returned home.
  Harry Cunningham, who has been visiting relatives at Upper Tract for several weeks came down Tues. His brother W H Cunningham, brought him down. the former left for his home in Texas yesterday.
  Mrs J M Wells is suffering very much with a carbuncle.
  Dr R C Price of Morgantown, arrived here Wed.
  Miss Mary Paskel, who has been visiting in Hagerstown, returned home yesterday evening.
  Mr and Mrs Jesse Fisher left this week fro Franklin where they will spend several weeks.
  Jim Price left last week for a visit to relatives in Romney.
  Edwin Junkin for Romney, where he has secured employment.
  Misses Dessie and Mattie Roby, of Maysville, are visiting Mr and Mrs M M Bean.
  Misses Ann and Belle Gibson, of Romney arrived last week on a visit to relatives here.
  Miss Bertha Pancake, who has been visiting at Jacob Reed's returned to her home at Pancake Tues.
  J G Kuykendall and wife, who have been visiting here for several weeks, left for their home in Charleston yesterday morning.
  Miss Nan Zirkle, who has been visiting Mr and Mrs M S Henkle, left Tues for her home in Winchester.
  Misses Lizzie Williams and Annie Cunningham left yesterday morning for a short visit to relatives at Burlington.
  Miss Jessie Taylor, of Ohio, and Geo Pollock, of Grafton, who have been visiting here, have left for their homes.
  Miss Mildred Kuhn, who has been on an extended visit to Springfield and Winchester, returned home here last week.
  Mrs P J Harman and baby, who have been here for a month or more, left Mon morning for their home in Washington.
  Dr Love and Roy Sions left yesterday morning for Baltimore with Scott Sions, who will take treatment in a hospital there. Mr Sions does not seem to improve much.
  Mrs Hayden and daughters, Alberta and Eunice, who spent several weeks visiting Mr and Mrs M W Gamble, left for their homes in Washington, Sat morning.


  We are pleased to now that our good friend MR Thrush has become business manager of the Echo. With such talent, qualifications and "get up" behind it we predict flourishing times for the Echo.
  Harry V Schaffer and Miss Effie and Miss Mary Mooreland went to Kerney Sat to visit the family of R L Neville.
  C M Fisher, took a crowd from Hartmansville to Burlington Sun in his auto.
  E H Hanlin went to Martin Mon and brought out a load of peaches for himself and the neighbors.
  Jas J Idleman had a very valuable horse to badly snag a front leg, about three weeks ago while running in the pastures. There is little hopes for any sort of recovery. The animal goes on three legs.
  F O Idleman is down at the Inskeep place this week making hay.
  One of the saddest deaths we have been called upon to report occurred here Sun morning, when the soul of Mrs Lulu Belle Verley, wife of C H Verley bid adieu to earthy scenes and took flight to the spirit world. Mrs Verley had been very poorly but was thought to be well on the way to recovery.
  Mr Verley had gone to Hartmonsville early in the morning for medicine. On his return he was met by a neighbor who conveyed to him the sad news that his wife was dead. Mrs Verley was thirty two years and one day old. She was converted last fall and united with the Methodist church. The funeral, which was held at the home on the Groves place, was conducted by her pastor, Rev C D Johnson. Besides a mother, father, two sisters and a brother, there are left to mourn the loss of the departed a husband and seven small children. (The eighth and last child having been buried just a few days before).
  The sympathy of the entire community goes out for the motherless children and the bereaved husband. Mr Verley is a hard working man, who supported his family by day's work. His aged mother also made her home with him and is depending upon him for support.
  F C Rollman was undertaking.
  X O X


  Review (Franklin) of 22nd
  The republicans of Pendleton county, who are not tied down by official interest or prejudice, are going to vote for either Theodore Roosevelt or Woodrow Wilson. this is the year of independent voting.
  the many friends of little Miss Cornelia Johnson, who has been seriously ill for the past two weeks will be glad to know she is convalescent.
  Last week a party of 12 persons from Onego went on the North Fork Mt, near the residence of Lee Warner, and in less than two days gathered 200 gallons of huckleberries.
  Miss Elizabeth Rexroad, a maiden sister of Wm C Rexroad of New Hampden, Highland county, was killed Sat afternoon near her home by being thrown from a buggy, drawn by a runaway horse. Her nephew was with her in the buggy, and he escaped with some bruises and minor hurts. Miss Rexroad was about 68 years of age, and was a sister of Mrs Eye.
  At Roaring, in this county, Elijah Vance, Sylvester Vance and Isaac Vance, three brothers, living in sight and close to each other, have jointly 30 children. Elijah has eight, Sylvester ten and Isaac twelve. Of this number twenty are boys. If this condition continues much longer, it is going to be hard on the Democratic party.
  So far as the Review can recall them, this is a list of the confederates who have died since the last reunion: John Phares, Isaac Arbaugh and Sampson M Jordon, Co "C", 92nd Regiment; Wm H Bodkin and Edward Walker, Co "K", 62nd Regiment; Lieut James W Kee, Franklin Guards; Lieut Absalom Propst, Co "E", 25th Regiment and Martin V Keister, Co "A", Pendleton Reserve. If any one can recall others, let us have the names at once.
  John McClure as trustee, has advertised the sale of the old "School House on the Hill." It was built more than 60 years ago, but Levi Propst and the late D G McClure had the contract. When it is removed it will reveal the New High School building, modern and up to date, and yet it served a noble purpose in its day. Scores of men scattered over the US received their education in this building under the instruction of James W Johnson or John B Moomau.


  Aug 23
  On next Sun, Sept 1, Revs W H Euband and L C Messick will conduct an all-day meeting at Rehoboth Chapel, about three miles southeast from Schell. There will be preaching at 10:30 am after which there will be sacramental services. At 12 noon, sharp, there will be an abundant dinner-if the people will bring it - for all that may attend. At 2:00 pm there will be a song service and Love Feast; at 3 another sermon, then all may go home. Come one, come all, and don't fail to bring plenty of dinner for yourselves and some to spare - the writer will not take any with him.
  P S- Best bring your pocket book also, as your home might be burglarized in your absence.
  We have had quite a lot of cool and cloudy weather the past ten days, making very poor hay weather, yet our farmers are getting up some hay. Some are nearly done, whilst others are more than half done.
  Capt Wm Messic of Harrisonburg, Va, who is spending the summer in our Mt State, spent three days first of last week with ye scribe. Come again, Captain, always glad to meet old soldiers and hear them fight over some of their battles of the company, no matter what colored clothes they wore.
  Bruce Roderick made a "business" trip to Blaine last sun evening, returning Mon on No 1.
  Where are all the candidates? We have not smoked a campaign cigar vet this summer. We hear but little said about politics in this end of the county, but no doubt the people are doing much thinking. One thing is sure, the "Bull Moose" or Mules Ancestor, will be a more appropriate name for him will get but little support here.
  Uncle John


  Mrs F L Kimmel and Mrs Geo Richards left Fri on a visit to relatives in Terra Alta.
  Miss Francis Kinsey has returned home from Altoona, Pa, where she has had a visit among relatives.
  John T Sincell, spent Sun afternoon and evening with his mother at Oakland.
  Mr Fred Bane of Parsons, was here last Sun attending the funeral of his sister-in-law.
  Robert Baker, of Petersburg, was here last Sat attending a meeting of the Democratic Congressional committee.
  Miss Anna Vossler returned home last Fri form her visit to Berkeley Springs.
  C L Everhart , and family went to Harpers Ferry last Sun for a week's visit to his home folks.
  Miss Josephine Grimes, of Pittsburg, who is summering at Deer Park, came down last Sat and spent Sun with her sister, Mrs George Sincell.
  Misses Pearl Howard and Opal Williams left for their home in Newark Ohio, after a pleasant visit to the home of Mrs James Holtzman.
  Mr and Mrs Harley Ravenscroft, of Danville, Ill, spent Thurs the guests of their uncle, Mr John W Ravenscroft and family.
  Miss Fannie Burnay, accompanied by her niece, miss Illese Kight, left for her home in Washington DC, on Fri morning.
  Miss Elsie Hoffman returned last Fri from an extended visit along the Pacific coast. her health is very much improved.
  Miss Margaret Johnston of Clarksburg, returned home on Sun after a visit to relatives here.
  Dr and Mrs Grusendorf left this morning to visit Oakland, Hutton and Terra Alta.
  Attorney W H Griffith wife and daughter are visiting relatives in Luray Va.
  Mr Russell Spots, a young farmer near Keyser, has accepted a position with the B&O RR Co in Wheeling W Va.
  Dr Kalbaugh and wife of Piedmont, passed through Keyser yesterday in their New Winston car.
  W W Long, Mace Smith and W C Long, editor of the Tribune, left Mon right on No 1 for Charleston, where they will represent the Keyser Lodge at the Grand Encampment of the K of P.
  Mrs Emma Shipley of Martinsburg W Va, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs M H Smith, left Thurs with a party of old friends from Martinsburg for Mt Lake Park, Md, where they will spend a few days.
  Miss Stella Muse, who attended the Hampshire Co Teachers' Institute at Romney last week, returned home Sun. She was accompanied by Miss Mary Haines of Romney.
  W Miller has been appointed to the position of telegraph operator at this place. He has been at Rawlings station. He is now looking for a house to move his family to Davis. -Davis News of 22nd.
  Next Sun will be the last service for Rev E A Rice, who has served the Lutheran Church here the past summer. he will return to the Seminary, at Gettysburg, to complete his course, this being his last year there. The Lutheran congregation has been very much pleased with Mr Rice since he has been with them.
  Last Sat John Johnston was bit on the arm by Wm Hosack's bull dog. He was on his monthly rounds reading the gas meters, and in coming out of Mr Hosack's yard at McCoole, the dog went after him, and while he was shutting the gate the dog snapped his arm, making a slight wounds, which John had the doctor cauterize right away, and he does not apprehend that any serious trouble will come from it.
  Miss May Michael has as a visitor, Miss Iris Brown of Morgantown W Va, Mr and Mrs D W Wilt, of Blaine; Miss Michael; Mrs Michael and Mrs Brown drove in Mr Wilt's car to Burlington Sun. Miss Brown, Miss Maxfield, Miss Michael and Mr and Mrs Wilt formed a party which motored to Piedmont Mon morning. Miss Michael and Miss Brown will visit Mr and Mrs Wilt at their home, returning Tues. Several pleasant affairs have been planned for Miss Brown during her stay. - Mineral News.
Hon Gen W McCauley, of Moorefield, was in town Mon.
  Miss Bertie Bell, of Newburg, spent a few days here the guest of Miss Amanda Stevenson.
  Miss Nellie Taylor, of Romney, is visiting her aunt, Mrs A R Rinehart.
  Mr and Mrs George P Warner, have returned from a visit to relatives at Aberdeen Md.
  Mr Pollock, a B&O engineer, has left for Eastern cities to spend ten days.
  Mrs Ida Menefee, who has been attending summer school at Morgantown, returned last night.
  Miss Grace Bane left this morning for Baltimore to prepare herself for fall millinery trade.
  Mrs French Parker, of Romney, is visiting at the home of Miss Mary Kuykendall.
  V W Twigg has received his oil tank to replace the one damaged by the flood.
  Mrs Will Richardson and daughter, Miss Mildred, of Aberdeen Md, are guests of Mr and Mrs R G Richardson.
  Miss Lola Wright and her aunt, Miss Lillian Wright, are visiting in Oakland.
  Mr Andrew Woolfe will enter the University of Va to continue his course in law.
  Miss Ida Umstot was to Petersburg to see Mrs Arch Welton, who remains quite ill at her home.
  Henry C Stuart announces that he is a candidate for Gov of Va.
  Misses Louise Woolf, Joretha Liller and Prof J O Stayman rode horse back over Knobley and report a splendid time.
  Mrs W O Parriott and son, William Wright, will arrive this evening to visit her parents, Mr and Mrs H C Wright. This will be a pleasant event as the entire family will be together.
  The Keyser Electric Light Co are wiring in a number of lights at the Wilson building where the Democratic headquarters will be after Sept 5.
  Mrs Ernest Babb, of Cery Lane, Grant Co, is visiting at the home of her father, Mr J V Bell, Piedmont St.
  Miss A M Giffin, superintendent of nurses at the Hoffman hospital, left this morning for Frederick Co, Va, on a month's vacation. Miss Giffin will visit Atlantic City before returning.
  Misses Emile Coffroth, Catherine Coffroth and Pauline Wilson, accompanied by Miss Gertrude Coffroth of Somerset Pa, spent a few days in Mt Lake Park this week.
  L L Friend, supervisor of high schools, has returned from Morgantown, where he has been in summer school work at the state university. -Charleston Gazette.
  Miss Cora Lee Faust, who has been visiting in NY stopped here Sun and spent the night with Mrs M H Keen, enroute to her home at Baird, Texas.
  Mr D G Stover went to Mountain Lake Park Wed to rest a day or two after which he will go to Chicago Junction, Ohio, where he has accepted a position.
  Our jovial barber, James Goldsworthy, has been spending the week at Frostburg enjoying the home-coming celebration in that city. In his absence his shop is well taken care of by Mr L T Stafford, a good fellow and a good barber.
  Mrs Albert Steiding is in Fairmont visiting relatives.
  Dr Olin H Hoffman spent last night in town with his mother.
  Miss Iris Brown, of Morgantown, is visiting Miss May Michael.
  Miss Sue M Johnson, who has been attending summer school at Morgantown, returned home Sat.
  Dr L H Gaston Wife and children have returned from a stay at the doctor's old home.
  Bob Rice has returned from Washington and other points.
  Mrs Edward Rogers has had a severe attack of rheumatism in her left arm this week.
  Mrs A J Keenan and son Frank, who spent most of the summer with relatives at Capon Bridge, came home last Fri.
  Mrs H S Pulliam and children, Alice and Walter, accompanied by her visitors, Mrs Loughrie and son, went to Frostburg Mon to visit Mrs Maud Johnson and take in homecoming week.
  Mrs James Loughrie and little son Harold of Bayonne NJ, arrived last Sat on No 1 on a visit to her brother's Mr H S Pulliam. Mrs Pulliam met them in Cumberland.
  Dr and Mrs W Holmes Yeakley and son Holmes went to Franklin in their auto Tues of last week to spend a few days and enjoy the fishing.
  Fred Wildeman and family have been spending their vacation the past ten days camping on Patterson's Creek.
  Misses Mollie and Mattie Brown have returned from their trip to Atlantic City and the eastern cities, where Miss Mollie attended the millinery openings.
  Harry G Fisher left on No 12 Sun night to spend the rest of his vacation at Atlantic City.
  Webb Souders, wife and child accompanied by Mrs Bess Greenwade and little son, departed for Milam, Pendleton Co, this morning to pay their father and mother a visit.
  Otis Nordeck of Jenningston, has been spending three or four days with his friend Perry Greenwade, and meeting with old school chums.
  E W Rice and sister Miss Annie, are in Richmond Va. They will visit in the valley of Va for several days. Miss Annie will be absent for a month.
  J B Fetzer's family moved in from Van Myra Camp yesterday. Miss Alice Carskadon and her mother also came in from camp yesterday.
  Miss Blanche Snyder, who has been visiting the Misses Taylor, near Keyser, has returned to her home in Cumberland.
  Miss Littie Bowers, of Piedmont, with her friend Miss Piercans, of Cleveland, Ohio, was visitors to N J Crooks this week.
  Olin Evick, wife and family accompanied by Mrs Nettie Dayton, left today for a ten days visit to their old home in Franklin. C C Arbogast took them up in his auto. Bam will visit the big stock show at Harisonburg before returning.
  Misses Hazel and Marguerite Greenwade, accompanied by Mrs H C Tepens and son, Stanley, came in on No 1 last night from Johnstown, where the Misses Greenwade have spent a part of the summer very enjoyably.
  Over three hundred tickets were sold last Sun morning for the excursion over the T M & P railroad to VanMyra Camp. A large crowd attended, although the attendance was not up to former years. The camp closed with services Sun night.
  Miss Bessie Oller, of Hagerstown Md, who has been spending a week at the home of S W Whipp of near Burlington, and attending the camp meeting and enjoying herself generally returned home Mon. Mr Whipp brought her over in his auto.
  Miss Daisy Kline left Wed on a visit to friends in Clarksburg.
  Mr and Mrs J J Carney are visiting her mother in McCoole.
  Born to Mr and Mrs Clarance Shank, last Mon a daughter.
  Miss Ida Dickle was a business visitor to Cumberland today.
  Mr and Mrs J P Burns and family left this morning for Cumberland.
  Dr Barbe and Supt Rosier will certainly make a good institute team.
  Mrs M B Wagoner left Fri for a visit to her mother at Wellersburg Pa.
  Mr Warren Wagoner has opened a grocery store on Center St, opp. Music Hall.
  Harry Dettinburn, son of Mr and Mrs Albert E Dettinburn, is very ill at his home on Mozelle St.
  The stork left a fine baby boy and the home of Frank Kagey the other day.
  Misses Trix and Cleo Cooper are visiting relatives and friends in Newburg.
  Miss Cora Hughes left Mon evening on train 14 for a trip to Baltimore, Philadelphia and other eastern cities.
  Mrs Price McKenzie spent Sun in Mt Savage with her sister, Mrs Harrison Poland.
  Miss Lucy Trask has been employed as stenographer in the office of Circuit Clerk Watson. -Kingwood Argus.
  Mr and Mrs Claude Dunlap and daughter, Sylvia, returned Sat night from a pleasant visit to relatives in Va.
  Mrs Mary Vocke, of Pinto Md, spent Sat and Sun with her brother, Mr Frank Barton.
  Mr Geo Warnick and family of Bloomington, were in Keyser yesterday. They took The T M & P for "The VanMyra" camp and were very much pleased with their trip.
  Mr R B Leatherman of Winchester Va, was in town a day or two ago. He is selling a patent brake for a wagon.
  Mrs Charlie Huffman arrived yesterday from Texas and is the guest of her sister, Mrs J M Linithicum.
  Miss Alta Shoppert left on 55 for Grafton, where she will visit for a week.
  Mr and Mrs W S Johnston returned Sat night from Hillsdale, near Baltimore.
  T D Leps and Miss Lulu King went to Piedmont on 55. From there they will take the trolley to Cumberland, going through Frostburg and Lonaconing. They will return this evening.
  Miss Lulu King, who has spent the summer with a sister, Mrs T D Leps, will leave in the morning for her home in Pocamoke City Md. She will spend a week at Ocean City.
  Miss Mollie Brown returned from the east today. She has selected her fall stock of millinery for her large trade.
  Cashier H L Arnold and wife spent Sat night and Sun with Mrs Arnolds' parents at Hartmonsville. C C Arbogast took them up in his auto.
  Mr Drake is putting a concrete walk on Third street, which will be a great convenience to South Keyser people in getting to the Episcopal church.
  D B Biser set stakes Sat for the foundation of another concrete block house for L E Moran on South Main Street, adjoining Mr Drake's property.
  J E Johnston has resigned his position at the freight depot, and will be clerk in C C Clevenger's prosperous store on Piedmont St.
  Mrs R M Workman, who has been confined to her room with fever for several months, is now improving, much to her gratification of her family and friends.
  Mr Cam Arbogast received a card from Mr Hubert Thrush and party Mon. They are motoring through the western part of Illinois, in Mr Thrush's car, enroute to Iowa.
  Jesse Sharpless and wife have returned to their home at Gormania, from Atlantic City, and Paul Davis, who filled the portion of cashier for Jesse in his absence, has returned home.
  Prof H H Hott and wife left Sat for Trinidad, Col where Prof Hott has charge of the Commercial Dept of the High School. They will got to housekeeping at once, and first of the week Mr Hott will take up his work.
  Mrs Hannah Orndorff has on exhibition at Greenwade's store a beautiful large pumpkin of last years' growth, in as perfect state of preservation as when it was gathered last Oct. IF anyone is incredulous in the matter, let them call and see for themselves. Mrs Orndorff expects to make a pie out of it next Christmas.
  Arnold Gerstell, of NY, is here paying his parents a visit.
  Russel Cutter spent Sun with his parents in Midland (Md?.)
  Mr and Mrs A L Liller were over at camp meeting yesterday.
  Mrs George Greenholt was in Piedmont Sun.
  Miss Fidessa Workman, is visiting relatives in Lonaconing.
  Mr Frank Corder, of (?Frost)burg, spent Sat here.
  Mr Gassaway Shores is visiting the Eastern cities.
  Mr and Mrs D P Osborne returned yesterday from a visit to Pennsylvania and Md.
  Miss Edith Little, of Al(?toona) Pa, is visiting Dr and Mrs Ira Stafford.
  Mr T A Hays, who has been here on business, left for Baltimore today.
  Mr Wm Schwinabart spent Sat night visiting Mrs Sharpless and family.
  Mr and Mrs John Kimmell of Grafton, are the guests of relatives here.
  Mrs W C Long left today on No 6 for Petersburg where she will visit relatives and her many friends.
  Mr Wm Cowger, of Fort Seybert, is visiting his brother J S Cowger, in South Keyser.
  W D Martin is suffering with rheumatism this week.
  Mrs W H Virts and two ?sons are spending a few days at Atlantic City.
  Mrs Repp of Westernport spent Thurs with friends here.
  Mr D M Lamdin returned to his home in Ga last week after a visit to relatives here.
  Mr and Mrs Russell Lewis have returned from a visit to Grafton.
  Mrs A S Wolf and little granddaughter Francis Whitehouse are on a visit at Newburg.
  Misses Evan and Geraldine Christian have gone for a two weeks' visit to relatives in Terra Alta.
  Miss Florence Renshaw of Piedmont, is visiting friends in Elkins.
  A. Spears Brady, of Piedmont was registered at the Gassaway today.
  Miss Ruth Davis who was visiting in the city, left this afternoon for her home in Grafton. -Elkins
  Mr Lawrence Grayson a popular B&O brakeman, has given up a through run to accept a yard position.
Mrs "Stony" Green returned from Van Myra Camp first of the week. She enjoyed the outing very much.
  Mr H S Feaster wife and daughter, Eura, returned to their home near Petersburg after a pleasant visit among friends and relatives here.
  Mr Steward Baldwin, Mr D W Eagle's dairy manager, has resigned and accepted a position as fireman with the B&O RR Co.
  Mr C W Hott and H S Feaster spent Wed and Thurs at Deer Park guests of Mr and Mrs Chas George.
  Mrs Homer Clark and (?little) daughter came home Tues from a visit to her parents at Maysville.
  Mr Chas Spotts went hunting and fishing up in Grant Co this week, and was accompanied home by his wife and little daughter, Virginia, who were attending the camp meeting at Van Myra.
  Mrs Geo W Lee of Kitzmiller Md, went down to the Park Orchard this morning where she will help cook for the men who are gathering the peaches at that orchard. She is an excellent cook.
  W H Pool and wife of Kitzmiller, Md were in town last night. They left for Franklin today to attend the reunion of the ex-confederate soldiers at that place, which will be held on the 27th and 28th of Aug.
  Mr Buchanan, of Houston Texas, has returned home after a most pleasant trip to relatives in Keyser and Cumberland where he had not seen for twenty years. He was visiting at the home of Mrs Geo Wells, on Mineral St, and Mr David Lynn, Cumberland.
  Mr and Mrs William Bothwell spent Wed afternoon here.
  Miss Gladys Hollen of Cumberland, is visiting at the home of her uncle, Mr Lee Hollen.
  Mr Patrick King, of Cumberland, is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Owen Dorsey.
  Mr and Mrs Claud Dunlap and daughter have returned home from a visit to relatives in Va.
  Miss Eulah Purgit returned home on Sun from a visit to relatives in Purgittsville.
  Miss Nora O'Hara spent Mon and Tues with friends in Piedmont.
  Miss Alta Shoppert is spending a few days with friends in Grafton.
  Mr Fred and Miss Margaret Koelz, returned today from a trip to Niagara and other cites.
  Mrs Smathers of St James St, has been on the sick list the last few days.
  Miss Laura Lauck returned today. She has been visiting friends in Frostburg.
  Miss Nellie Ravenscroft and Miss Bessie Dawson left Thus morning on a visit to friends in Frostburg.
  Mrs Nathan Shaffer and son of Morgantown, spent from Mon until Wed the guests of Mrs M H Smith.
  Mrs T Clopper and two daughters of Hagerstown, and Mrs Baker of Martinsburg, spent Wed the guests of Mrs J W Ravenscroft.
  Mrs George Shoemaker and son and Mrs Burkhiser returned home today from Burlington, where they spent the past ten days.
  Mr Harry Grenoble, B&O chief train dispatcher at this place, left on Sat for Baltimore, where he will undergo treatment for stomach trouble in the Johns Hopkins hospital.



  License to wed were granted at Cumberland as follows:
  John Albert Ray and Annie Greaser, both of Lord, Md.
  Milton Merrill Gibson and Alice Gelen Rouzer, both of Altoona, Pa.
  Alexander Bell Johnston and Nettie Witherspoon, both of Sunnyside Pa.
  Lester Olden Falls and Agnes Crooks, both of Indiana, Pa.
  Albert R Houdyshell and Mary Virginia Moreland, both of Delray, W Va.
  Thurman R Houdyshell and Verta I Bean, both of Delray, W Va.
  Charles Wm Winebrenner of Borden Shaft, Md and Aggie Level, of Steubenville, Ohio.
  Gilbert R Kinter of Hailwood Pa, and Mabel Viola Miller, of Canoe Creek Pa.
  Thomas Cleveland Coleman and Annie Elizabeth Sarver, both of Berlin Pa.
  Elmer Scott Boreland and Alice Marie Doland, both of Seweckly Pa.

  The following marriage licenses have been issued in Oakland:
  Alfred Thomas Conley and Ota Carpenter, both of Fairmont.
  Chas Wm Riley and Frances Elizabeth Ross, both of Ellwood City, Pa.
  Clarence Ernest Brown, of Fairmont, and Mary Alice Fitzpatrick of Clarksburg.
  Hosea K Burgess and May Minnie Kissner, both of Friendsville.
  Edward F Margroff and Etta M Resh, both of Accident.
  William C Hoy and Georgia Lee Walters, both of Mt Morris Pa.
  Albert B Snyder and Pearl Fox, both of Mt Morris Pa.
  Walter Burns and Beatrice Dawson, both of Morgantown.
  Harry Postalwait and Leona Delaney, both of Parkersburg W Va.
  Robert T Morrison and Blanche P Satterfield, of Fairmont W Va.
  Chas P Tendy and Melvine Bowers, of Volga W Va.
  Carl E Smith and Mabel Rogers, both of Brown W Va.
  James F Hamilton and Nellie Bessie Brooks, both of Morgantown.
  Hurley A Curtis and Verna E Bennett, both of Weston W Va.
  Elga F Clark and Mollie M Seckman, both of Alma W Va.
  Alexander B Hardesty and Arta O Lish, both of Deer Park.
  Peter Shipp and Stella Owens, both of Crellin.
  James R Menear and Flora Maylor, both of Reedsville, W Va.
  Wm H Stephens and Sarah H Grafton, both of Balaire O.
  Alston Gall and Elsie Hupp, both of New Salem W Va.
  Olin Coleman and Harriett Merrill, both of Avilton.
  Eli Camden Henderson and Susan Roxie Bell, both of Wallace W Va.
  Dexter B Friend and Lulu Lewis, both of Sines.
  Charles W Bowers and Martha E Broadwater, both of New Germany.
  Harry H Bennett and blanche May Streets both of Moatsville, W Va.
  Arthur R Williams of Tunnelton W Va and Anna V Blosser of Morgantown W Va.
  C Taylor and Ruth A DeBerry, both of Terra Alta, W Va.
  Curtis M Adams and Winnie Crook, both of Flemington, W Va.
  Edward Simmons and Myrtle Stahl, both of Amboy W Va.
  Samuel A Yarnell and Naomi F Tasker both of Oakland.
  Granville Norris and Mary Norris, both of Meridan W Va.
  Harry C McAfee and Elsie L Holloway, both of Staunton Va.
  Walter G Callihan and Lila H Kugel, both of Braddock MD.
  Charles L Haught and Beatrice B Connor, both of Salem W Va.
  Nine with request not to publish. -Oakland Democrat.


  Miss Margaret E Yeager, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs L G Yeager, of Cumberland, and Mr George Hansel also of that city, were very quietly married at Thomas, W Va, July 28, and Sun, they imparted the secret to their friends and relatives. It came as a complete surprise to all. Mrs Hansel is a very accomplished and talented young lady and has a host of friends. For a number of years she has been employed as a stenographer for the W M R R Co, at Thomas W Va. Mr Hansel is employed by the Coal and Coke Co, at Thomas, at which place they will take up their residence Oct. 1. They left yesterday for a tour through the West.


  Miss Bessie Ross of Piedmont and Wood Hollen of Keyser were married in Cumberland, Tues. They left for a wedding trip to Pittsburgh and other places.


  Beard Michaels, of Firm Rock, and Miss Annie Kline of Westernport were married at the home of the bride.


  Mr E F Bechtol and Miss Minnie Pearl hardy, of Orleans Cross Roads were married at the United Brethren parsonage, at Keyser, August 16, by the pastor Rev J H Brunk. Mr Bechtol is a telegraph operator on the B& O RR.


  Miss Lulu Stewart of Chaffee and Mr Leonard Starks of Blaine were united in marriage at the Brady House in Westernport Md by Rev W D Stewart.



  Early yesterday morning, Mrs Sallie Lee Fleek, wife of Chas Fleek, aged about 47 years, died after having suffered many months with cancer. She was a member of the Southern Methodist Church, a true wife, a good neighbor, and will be greatly missed by a large circle of friends.
  Deceased is survived by her husband, two sisters, Mrs Jemima Carter, of Los Angeles Cal; Mrs Maggie Ellis, of Kansas and four brothers, W R Taylor of Keyser; Dr C P Taylor of Clarksburg; Julius W Taylor of Purgittsville; and Seymour R Taylor, Elk Garden.
  Funeral services will be conducted at 10 am Sat by Rev M H Keen, after which interment will take place at Queens Point Cemetery.


A small child of Mr and Mrs Seymour Fisher, who lives at Baker, Hardy Co, died Fri night about 10 o'clock.

  The two year old son of Mr and Mrs Roy Simmons died at their home on the Alkire farm, Thus night. Funeral was conducted Fri by Rev O A Price, of the Presbyterian Church. Interment at Queens Point Cemetery.

  A fifteen months old daughter of Mr and Mrs William Heavener of McCoole, died Fri and was buried in Queens Point cemetery.


  Mr Clifford Gordon, a well known B&O railroad brakeman, was instantly killed at about 1:30 o'clock Thus morning while shifting cars at the "hump" in Evitts Creek yards. Just how the accident happened could not be learned, but he was riding a car and is supposed to have falled off or in some manner been thrown off the car and run over. Mr Gordon was about 32 years old, and leaves a wife and family. he resided at the corner of Fulton and Decatur Streets, and several months ago he was filling the position temporarily of night station master at the Queen City Depot.


  Piedmont, Aug 23.
  Yesterday evening, at about 8:15 o'clock, Harry Bell, a resident of Backstretch, Piedmont, about thirty-five years of age, a married man, while walking up the B&O railroad tracks from Rat Tail, fell from the track to the rocks below, a distance of about five feet, and was instantly killed, his neck being broken by the fall.
  He was found lying upon his face, with his neck broken and face considerably lacerated.
  Mr Bell leaves a wife, who is said to be in very bad health, and a child.
  The deceased had spent his entire life here, being a son of the late Wm Bell, who was known both here and at Keyser, where he spent some years at the Keys House during the balmy days of that hostelry.
  Harry's last work was to drive the delivery wagon for Dr T A Cross, but had not been working for two or three weeks.


  Mrs J A Shatzer of Washington DC, mother of Charles Shatzer, of Piedmont, who went to visit her son was taken suddenly ill and died. The funeral took place Fri. -Cumb Times.


  Mrs Lillian Pickens Bane, wife of Frank Bane, died Fri afternoon at her home at Sulphur, two miles from Elk Garden, at the age of 39 years, 9 months and 12 days, having been born in Piedmont, Dec 11, 1872. She was a daughter of the late Adam Pickens.
  The funeral took place Sun from the home of her sister,Miss Ida Pickens, 280 St. Cloud Street, with interment in Queens Point Cemetery. The husband and four children survive, also a brother, George Pickens, Bellwood, Pa; and the following sisters: Mrs James Moody, Washington; Mrs George Fazenbaker, Cumberland; Mrs Thos Johnson, Mrs R H Lewis and Miss Ida Pickens, all of Keyser.


  Mrs Lowell Vernett died at the home of her daughter in Davis W Va, Aug 15, in her 77th year. She was born in Liverpool, England, and came to this country when she was about 16 years of age. For the last twenty years she had lived in Davis. Her husband died there. She is survived by the following children: Lawrence, Parkersburg; Wallace J, Pittsburg; Mrs J H Heltzen, Ft Defiance Fla; Mrs H A Donalds, Davis; Victor, Washington State; Herbert, Youngstown Ohio.


  Edward O'Donnell, aged 90 years, died Fri afternoon at his home at Vale Summit. Mr O'Donnell was born at Lancaster, Pa, but resided nearly all his life in this county. His wife, who was Miss Winters, of Mt Savage, alone survives. Mr O'Donnell sold the first coal that was ever mined in the George's Creek coal fields and the O'Donnells may be said to have been the pioneer coal people of this region. For many years Mr O'Donnell kept a hotel at Mt Savage, but later located at Vale Summit, where he owned considerable coal land. -Cumb News of 19th.


  Miss Mattie Hardy was found dead in bed this morning at her home at Laneville. She is a sister of Squire Jacob Shobe, of Petersburg. - Mineral News


  J W Browning, aged 64 years died Sat, Aug 17, at his home on second street, Elkins W Va of Brights' disease. The remains were taken to Martinsburg for interment. Mr Browning is survived by a widow and nine children.


  Parkersburg W Va, Aug 19
  Mrs Elizabeth Lovett, aged 107 years, queen of a tribe of gypsies camped here, died today of pneumonia after a brief illness. She was born in Europe and had been gypsy queen 60 years. The body will be taken to Cumberland Md, and buried by the side of her husband, who has been dead 40 years.


  Jesse Woods, an employee of the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company at Luke, fell from the top of the new pulp room to the basement, a distance of fifty-three feet, landing on a mass of iron and rock. He had a miraculous escape from death as he did not receive any broken bones or even an abrasion of the skin. He was taken to his boarding house where he was given medical attention, but as far as could be ascertained he was not seriously injured and is doing well.


  This morning, W C Bowden, the Main Street photographer, met with a painful accident while at work in his gallery. He was preparing a glass for a large frame and turned quickly to see a friend when he struck his leg against the sharp corner. The glass cut an ugly gash in his leg reaching to the bene. -Mineral News


  New Cumberland W Va
  Aug 29 - Benjamin Masters aged 21, employed at Dam No 9, was shot here and perhaps fatally wounded by Dan Manley, aged 45 a shoemaker, whose son Douglas Manley, is alleged to have teased the wounded man until he went into the shoe shop to tell his father. The latter became angry, it is said, and shot the visitor through the left lung.


  There are before me for settlement the following accounts:
  Susan E Minshall, guardian for her children, Robert E Minshall and Maude Minshall Cather.
  J E Aronhalt, administrator of Wm Hetzell, deceased.
  W M Keller, administrator of Henry Trenerman, deceased.
  Wm Clayton, Administrator of Anna M Burns, deceased.
  These accounts will be taken up and settled as required by law.
  Wm MacDonald, Commission of Accounts


  Judgment by agreement for $435 was entered in favor of Katie B Barkley against the B&O RR. The case was removed to Hagerstown from Allegany County. She fell upon a greasy crossing in Cumberland and was injured. She sued for $1,000.


  Miss Susana Thompson gave a nice little party Mon night at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs H S Thompson, in honor of her cousin, Miss Mildred Dixon, of Oakland, who is visiting her. Quite an enjoyable evening was spent with games, amusements and refreshments. Those present and enjoying her hospitality were: Lor Shelly, Adine and Ethel Nine, Mildred Twigg, Elizabeth and Etheline Dodd, Eva Chrisman, Margaret Gilmore, Genevive Bier and Margaret Clevenger; Knight and Leslie Reynolds, Newlin and Thomas Carskadon, Wilbur Hoffman, Arley Twigg, Morris Sanders, Clayton Chrisman and H S Thompson Jr.


  P H Keys, the candidate for assessor of Mineral County, is making a very active campaign, and is counted a formidable candidate. He is very well qualified for both the general and clerical parts of the work. For four years he was assistant to Clerk Bell in county clerk's office. Four years he was manager of the Keyser Milling Co. He was postmaster of Keyser from July 1 1894 to July 1, 1898. He is a Democrat.


  Misses Mildred,Vivian and Virginia Wright, accompanied by Messrs H H Stover, Edward Gerstell and Lawrence Lowry, went to the "Pinnacle" Sun and had a glorious time. They were chaperoned by the Misses Wright's Aunt, of Buckhannon.


  Dr Carter Long, son of Editor Long, of the Tribune, has arranged to establish dental offices at Blaine. Work on the construction of same will begin at once.


  To all persons holding liens by judgement or otherwise on the real estate or any part thereof of Jacob Hendrson.......


  Aug 5th, 1912, the following order was entered:
Sarah I Trexler Vs James M Trexler In Chancery.
  The object of the above entitled suit is to have granted unto the plaintiff a divorce forever from the bonds of matrimony.


  Elk Garden, Aug 23
  I H Bane and C L Bane,of the firm I H Bane & Bro, of this place, were in Keyser and Ridgeley this week consummating a deal for a valuable lot in the heart of the business section of Ridgeley, where they will erect a large up-to-date store room, in which they will have the latest fixture and in which they will put a line of general merchandise and do a general store business, such as they have carried on in Elk Garden for years. They will continue to run their business in Elk Garden as in the past but have the two store instead of one.


  Dr E Marion Wynelap and wife, accompanied by Mrs J Elbert Chappel, all of Kitzmiller, Md, were guests at the Reynolds Wed night, and departed Thurs morning for Oakland and Mountain Lake Park. Dr Wynelap recently came from Baltimore to Kitzmiller and established the new Marion Home, an institution for the cure of inebriates, at the latter place.


  Mr and Mrs S H Brady and daughter, Lucille of 146 W Piedmont St attended the family reunion of the Brady Family at Cohill Md, the home of Mr Brady's parents. There were twenty nine present as follows: Mr and Mrs Edward Brady of Cohill, Mrs Emma Lowe of Hancock Md, Mr and Mrs James Montgomery and six children of Hancock Md, Mr and Mrs J H Brady and son, Edward of 309 Highland Ave, Highland Town Md, Mrs W B Seavolt and three children of near Cohill Md, Mr and Mrs W E Suter, of 323 Virginia Ave, S, Cumberland Md, Mr and Mrs H W Ambrose, of 325 Grand Ave, S, Cumberland, Md, Mr and Mrs S H Brady and daughter Lucille, of 146 W Piedmont St, Keyser W Va, Mr Virgil Brady of Charlton Md, Mr Lorenza Brady of Cohill Md.


  Mrs J Z Terrell and Miss Laura Crooks entertained at cards Mon night at Miss Crooks' home, in honor of their cousin, Miss Hewett, of New York. A large number of guests were present and the evening enjoyably spent.


  Miss Emily Coffroth desires to announce that she will open her kindergarten class at her home on Main St, beginning Sept 9th.


  John F Gilmore, a traveling painter who has been working about Keyser for some time, left suddenly Sun taking with him $22 from the cash register in P S Grove's hotel. He was keeping house, as he had done before on Sun occasions, while Mr Grove and his family attended camp meeting. About 2 o'clock he asked another guest of the house to care for it awhile, took all the money except a little small change and boarded No 55 on the B&O. Late in the evening, he was seen in Piedmont but a thorough search in the Tri-Towns has failed to shed any light on his whereabouts and the supposition is that he has left for parts unknown.


  A report has reached here that a farmer on the old Wilson homestead, on the outer edge of Mercer County, found a pot of gold under a flag stone on the hearth. The house was built in 1806 by William Wilson, an old settler. The pot contained $8,500. There is only five living Wilson heirs, one of whom is Mr D E French, of this city, the wife of State Sen French. It is said the heirs will sue for possession. -Bluefield W VA


  Little has been said but much done about the organization, equipping and starting the Cohongronto Club. A few enterprising citizens conceived the idea of doing something to better the business and social conditions of the community along in Feb and the club is the result.
  It is made up of 50 of the business and professional men of town, has leased the upper story of the Miller brick building, corner Main and Armstrong Streets, and fitted up a library, assembly room, pool room, board of governors room, kitchen and storage room. The entire building is well lighted and furnished in up-to-date style. The rooms are open to members at all times, each member having a key. Professor Henry Lewis is steward in charge.
  The officers of the club are Dr Walter M Babb, president; J H Markwood, vice president; J Z Terrell, secretary; H L Arnold, treasurer; Joseph Patchett, A J Keenan and F C Reynolds, board of governors.


  An institution that no doubt will prove a boon to this section of country has been established in our neighboring town of Kitzmiller, Md, just across the river from Blaine. It is a home for the treatment and cure of people addicted to the liquor and drug habit, a treatment that has proved so successful that homes have been established at Washington DC, and a number of other places. The parties have bought the old Browning House, at Kitzmiller, which is being remodeled and put in shape for the purposes of the treatment, and will be formally opened Sept first. On our first page we present a splendid picture of the new Marion Home. Dr Hugh Strachan, a well known and popular physician, who has practice medicine for a number of years at Blaine and the surrounding country, will be the physician in charge, which is a guarantee that everything will be conducted properly. Hon J Elbert Chappell, a member of the House of Delegates from Garrett Co, Md, is the superintendent. This institution meets a crying demand for something of this sort here at home, where people can be relieved of these terrible curses that are dragging so many people to destruction, but who are without means to go away for treatment. Write either of these gentlemen for catalogue or for information of any sort.


Cumberland Md, Aug 18
  Baltimore and Ohio passenger train No 14 due in Cumberland at 6 pm struck an outing party of six on the Western Maryland Railway extension one mile west of Frostburg station, near the Borden water station, this afternoon 5:50 o'clock.
  The dead are:
  Mrs Carrie Schneider, 27 years old, wife of Oscar Schneider, of Orlando Fla, who was visiting her sister, Mrs Morris Wetmore, of Frostburg.
  Miss Jennie Schneider, 22 years old.
  Miss Bessie Williams, 32 years old.
  The injured are:
  Miss Edna Raley, 30 years old.
  Miss Minnie Schneider, 30 years old.
  John Dixon, a machinist of Baltimore, who was with the party, escaped uninjured. He is employed on the new addition to the State Normal School at Frostburg.
  The party was on an afternoon jaunt and had a camera. Dixon heroically grabbed Miss Bessie Williams, but was too late to save her. The six persons were walking toward Frostburg, returning home, on a curve with their backs toward the approaching train. A freight train had just passed on the west bound track and the party walked over on the eastbound track when it got by.
  Passenger Engineer Cunningham saw the danger and blew the whistle, but he was speeding about 30 miles an hour and his train was upon them before he could slow down to any extent. Olin Skidmore was walking along the track with a child in his arms. He knew of the danger to the party ahead and he rushed along frantically and succeeded in pulling Miss Raley from the track. The pilot hit her, however, and her skull is fractured and she is injured internally.
  Mrs Schneider, a daughter-in-law of Henry Schneider, shoe merchant of Union Street, was a home-coming week visitor. her husband is expected from Florida tomorrow. Miss Jennie Schneider lived at home with her father, Henry Schneider. The dead women are sisters-in-law and Miss Minnie Schneider, who is injured, is a sister of the dead girl. She is a clerk in her father's store.
  Miss Bessie Williams was a daughter of Mrs Helen Williams and the late Thomas J Williams. He was a clerk in the store of Weinberg & Abramson.


  Whitford H Shelton son of Dr Charles Eldred Shelton, superintendent of Mt Lake Park, has been elected to the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh. He has charge of the dept of modern languages at the Mt Lake Summer Schools.


  A merry crowd of young people drove to Pattersons Creek early Fri morning and remained until Mon evening. They camped along the creek where fishing was good, and undoubtedly had an enjoyable outing. Those comprising the party were: Misses Ethel and Josephine Miers, Leah Wolf, Katie Robey, Helen Stewart and Messrs Walter, Ray and Luther Kephart, Byron Kesner, James Kohler, Warren Kolkhorst and chaperon Mrs Aronhalt.


  Messr john Johnston and W E Mellor went fishing down near Frankfort Wed and report having landed a bass measuring fourteen inches. We believe this for they took no "refreshments" with them.


  Remaining unclaimed in the Postoffice at Keyser W Va week ending Aug 29, 1912:
  Arthur Alt, P R Barnaby, Jno L Bishop, Dora Corban, Martin Cosner, C P Linaburg, Griff Liller, A B Miller, Guthrie Rodes, Alva D Neaver.


  Prof Lakin F Roberts, of Terra Alta, recently appointed superintendent of the Piedmont schools, has resigned to accept a position in the Wellsburg public schools.


  Aug 20
  The store of Charles E Casler, Berkeley Springs was robbed Sun night or early Mon morning of a large quantity of merchandise. W E Harris, of Fairmont W Va, arrived this morning with two bloodhounds and in less than an hour and a half captured three Italians and charged them with the burglary. The hounds ran them down in the mountains nearby.


  A. Burkhart, of East John Street, Martinsburg, W Va, one of the best known railroad men of Martinsburg, has been retired by the B&O after over forty years of service with that company. Mr Burkhart started in on Jan 7, 1871 as a brakeman, and for some years has been a conductor. For six years he was yardmaster at cut off page.


  Mr Harry Atkins and his Minstrel Maids, all popular young people of Keyser, went to Oakland last night and played to a fair sized house and the audience was delighted with the performance. We understand the boys and girls expect to play other near by towns and we predict a big success for them.


  The following ladies will compose a house party to be held from Thurs until Mon at the pretty home of Miss Sue M Johnson, near Reeses Mills. Mrs Kate Johnson and daughter, Miss Nell, of Keyser; Miss Dilgard, Gormania; Misses Harriet Wilson, Ann and Mary Vandiver, Burlington; Misses Elsie Reese and Maude Kuykendall, Reeses Mills. Mineral News.


Two chair barber shop in Kitzmiller Md, doing a good business and established; Owner going south. Bargain to quick buyer. Address:
Chas Sprague, Kitzmiller Md


A good farm 5 miles above Burlington, will rent for cash or on shares to married or single man. Call or address:
Peter Arnold, Burlington W Va