January 30, 1914


14 JULY 2003



Rev John A Shockey has so fully recovered from his recent illness that he will try to preach in the Nethken Hill church, Sunday morning, Feb 1.


Mrs Rose Kenny Schwinabart was taken to the Alleghany hospital at Cumberland last Monday morning for treatment.


Revival services began in the M E church, South, the first of this week. Rev W W White secured the service of Rev H C Marsh, of Flintstone, Md, who will preach this week and next. He is a nephew of Rev Thos Marsh who preached here years ago.


D C Arnold, Dist. Supt attended the conference of superintendents at Keyser last week, addressed by Mr M J Abbey State Supervisor of Agriculture


A committee of the “Craft” consisted of Dr P S Keim, Jacob Ott, W Reese Nethken, R Marsh Dean, Robert Grant, Jr and D C Arnold had a supper, toasts and music in Odd Fellow’s Hall last Saturday evening. They had a royal social a “splendid good time.” D C Arnold was toastmaster and responses were made as follows: Dr P S Keim, “Welcome.” R Marsh Dean, “Chips;” W Reese Nethken, “At Random;” Supt. J G Boyd, of Potomac Manor, and Dr Stewart of Oakmont, entertained the “Craft,” also with pleasant responses. Mr and Mrs J R Hubbs, of Thomas, gave a number of vocal selections. Misses Virginia and Evelyn Ott gave recitations. James Norman sang a solo and aided in the choruses. Those present from out of town were: Dr Stewart and son and B S Coleman and son Earl, of Oakmont; Mr and Mrs J R Hubbs, of Thomas; Walter Kinkead, Mr and Mrs Kirby Delinger, of Dodson; Miss Steele, of Winchester, Va; Mr and Mrs J G Boyd and daughter Miss Althea, and Mr and Mrs Geo Campbell, of Potomac Manor; Mr and Mrs Doc Badgeley, of Beryl; Robert Grant, Sr of Henry; Fred M Dean of Pierce.


Resolved, That the US Government should own and control the telephone and telegraph lines. This was the question at the literary last Friday evening. There was much interest in this question and the debates waxed eloquent in presenting their arguments. F C Rollman and L O Taylor favored Government ownership and B J Faller and James Norman opposed it. Decision in favor of the negative.


Co Supt R W Thrush visited schools in Elk District this week


Rev L C Messick is conducting a revival service this week


The snow is leaving the mountain. The recent thaws are bringing the bare ground to view.


Mrs J E Aronhalt returned from a visit to Gormania the first of this week accompanied by her father.





G P Miller spent several days in Martinsburg last week


Rev Booker, of Virginia, is the guest of his sister, Mrs R W Dailey


John J Hetzel, of Martinsburg, was a business visitor here Saturday


Jno S Pancake of Staunton spent a day or two last week here on business


Mrs Bon Poland and Miss Mary Shannon, of Springfield, spent Friday in town


W R Barnes, of Middleway, spent a couple of days in town last week on business


Atty R W Baker, of Petersburg, spent Tuesday of last week here on business


Campbell Pancake of Staunton came Monday to look after his business interests here


Misses Ola and Eva Conway of Fairmont, are visiting their sister, Mrs W W McClaine


Robt Huffman and sister, Miss Blanche of Purgittsville, spent last Tuesday in town


Miss Willie Parsons spent several days last week with Miss Ada Kenny, in Piedmont


Mrs Arthur Ewers, of Three Churches, is the guest of her father, Thos Long, near town


Miss Stehley, Falling Waters, and Miss White, of Terra Alta, are the guests of Miss Corinne De Berry at the D&B Schools.


Mrs Lou Keller is spending several days in Oakland. She was accompanied there by her mother, Mrs De Witt, who has been here several weeks.



Mrs Albert Umstot spent Tuesday with Mrs C U Sites


Mr Ernest Dawson was helping Mr Edward Umstot the past week


Misses Grace Long and Blanche Warnick spent Thursday night with Mrs I D Taylor


Miss Sue Johnson was given a very pleasant birthday surprise party one evening last week


There will be a Missionary Rally and Valentine Social at the Reese’s Mill School Friday, Feb 13. A program consisting of music, recitations and reading will be rendered. Let everyone come and help in a good cause. Proceeds for church and school purposes.


Mr John Umstot is in Hampshire county this week buying cattle.





The ice is going at last and sugar weather is just setting in. This has been a favorable winter to feed and stock have done well thus far. There seems to be plenty of feed among the citizens. D B Bailey and J W Leatherman are each feeding a bunch of stock for Bob Washington. J B Rogers is feeding a bunch for Clinedinst Brothers. J B Rogers has been marketing his hay. Many others have hay to sell but there has been but little demand for it. The price seems to range from $16 to $18 when one can find a market for it.


Ed Clinedinst and Arnold Ludwick have both pulled in home with their saws and engines after having taken sometime sawing wood


Uncle Edward T Whiteman died in Cumberland last Thursday morning and was buried Friday in the Elijah High graveyard


J W Shoemaker has been indisposed with cold for some time and for ten days has been poorly but is reported some better now


It is reported that there has been another increase in Wilbur McDonald’s family


Edgar Arnold and wife, of New Creek, were on the Run visiting two days last week


Mrs Orndorff and Ida were down in Hampshire county visiting several days recently


At the literary Friday evening the question for debate was, Resolved: That the world is growing morally better. The judge’s decision was two for the negative and one for the affirmative


The next meeting of the literary will be Friday evening, Feb 6, and the question for the debate is Resolved: That the Indian has received greater cruelty than the Negro from the white race.


The Bible class will meet at J B Rogers next Sunday evening. Romans 3rd chapter is the lesson.





Mr and Mrs Wilbur Rotruck and children of Martin, were visitors at D G Martins Saturday and Sunday


Mrs V M Grayson and Mrs Sallie Junkins were guests of Miss Mona Homan Wednesday of last week


Surveyor D G Martin did some work last week for Mr John Sloan and the Sloan Sisters, near Burlington. He also did some work for Lemuel Adams, and at Mt Zion cemetery, near Fountain, last of week


Robert Doll and family were visiting at Joseph Dolls Sunday


Rev George Burgess is conducting a revival meeting at this place


Prof M Bumphey is in our midst





We are having fine winter weather


Mr H L Clause is quite ill with gripp, and attends court, both the same time


Mrs U L Clause, Misses Sadie and Dolly Sloan were pleasantly entertained by Miss Momans last Wednesday


Miss Nannie Markwood is spending this week with Miss Mona Homan


Mr H C Homan is having the old grave yard moved near the old Camp ground. Mr Cannon is helping do the work


Our new merchant is getting along nicely with his store, hoping to get things in better shape to please the public


Mr Wirgman and Mr Null spent a few hours here Monday


Miss Juanita Blackburn spent Tuesday night with Miss Ethel Biser


Mr W E  Amtower was to see Mr Clause Sunday, who was the victim of the grippe


News is scarce about our town this week


Will come again when the wedding bells ring.


Blue Birds




Review of Jan 28

J A Grace, just last week built a new ice house and already has it filled


Dave Pownall has been very ill during the week


Mrs A Z Ewers spent Saturday and Sunday in town


Miss Audrey Kiser was called home on account of her mother’s illness. Miss Mary Sparks assisted with the school


Miss Nannie Blue Long spent this week end with her aunt Mrs Silas Milleson


Gus Shannon spent Sunday at home


Miss Maggie Guthrie has gone to Baltimore to spend several weeks


Mrs Kate Baker is spending a few days with relatives in town


Miss Ann Stickley had the misfortune to fall down the steps Saturday night and cut her head very badly. Dr Kirk being out of town Dr Bryan was called in


Mrs Brooke Taylor and daughter, Bert, have gone to Elkins to spend some time



Mr Thomas A Kenny died at his home in rear of the Kenny House at 3:15 o’clock this morning of congestion of the lungs, aged 48 years. He had been in ill health for over fourteen months and had but recently returned from a hospital in Baltimore where he had been for treatment. He had been seriously ill but for a week. There survives him his wife, who was Miss Jennie Hamill, and one son, Hamill, aged about eleven years; also his parents Mr and Mrs Timothy Kenny, of the well known hosterly, the Kenny House, and one brother, Rev Timothy B Kenny, pastor of All Saints Church at West Forest Park, Baltimore. He was a director in the First National Bank of Piedmont and a partner of the firm of T Kenny & Son, proprietors of the Kenny House. He was a member of the Grafton Lodge, B P O of Elks, and a lifelong member of St Peters Catholic Church, Westernport, from which he will be buried Saturday morning at 9 o’clock with a solemn requiem high mass.


Ralph R Phillips, who was injured while riding his new motorcycle by running into the north end of the inter-state bridge yesterday and who was taken for treatment by Dr’s T L Wilson and Z T Kalbaugh to the Hoffman Hospital at Keyser in an unconscious condition, revived after the operation and at intervals showed consciousness. There is a possibility that he may survive, yet he is not out of danger. He was on the motorcycle by himself when the accident occurred, and on his way to Piedmont from Luke when the machine in the short curve at the bridge ran directly into the bridge, throwing his full weight against the superstructure. He only had purchased the machine about two weeks ago, and was learning to drive it.


Mrs H Frank Harrison returned to New York on the flyer last night after spending the day at the plant at Luke, Md


Master Robert Jenkins, son of the late Col Maner Jenkins, who is undergoing treatment in the Elkins Memorial Hospital at Elkins, is regaining his health


The old Piedmont B&O shops are being rapidly dismantled by Contractor Fred L Fredlock


A valuable silver service was presented to Mr George N Hoover, the retiring manager of the plant of W Va Pulp and Paper Co, at Luke, upon his transfer to the plant at Mechanicsville, NY. It was the gift of the employees of the company at Luke. Mr Hoover made a neat address to the donors.


The reception Monday evening at Pythian Castle to Grand Chancellor Samuel R Nuzum and Grand Keeper of Records and Seal Samuel B Montgomery was a successful affair. Hon Wm G Brown, grand inside guard, was inavoidably absent. Col W ?eaber, and Capt Norris ? acted as escort, Chancellor Commander Delawder, master of ceremonies, W H Fredlock and Past Grand Chancellor George Wellers took part in the ceremonies.



Examiner of Jan 22

Mrs Albert Johnson, of East Orange, NJ, will arrive this week on a visit to her sister, Mrs Dailey


W N Welton, who has been quite ill for some time, we are pleased to say is able to be about again


Miss Mary Katherine Wilson left this morning for Washington where she will attend Madsion Hall School


Col Robt White, who is well known to many of our readers fell on the icy pavement at his home in Wheeling and sustained very painful injuries though not seriously hurt.


Miss Elizabeth Michael is right sick at her home here


Geo Miley shipped 58 head of cattle last week that averaged 1302 pounds and Arthur Cunningham shipped 60 head that averaged 1262 pounds. These cattle was purchased by a Mr Price of near Wheeling. Mr Miley put on his cattle, 157 pounds in 56 days.


The revival at Mt Olive church at Kessel has closed at it was one of the most remarkable ever held in this county. There were 73 conversions and nearly forty new members were added to the church. Rev Mann is now conducting a revival at Oak Dale and we are informed that there had been quite a number of conversions and large congregations are attending each night. May it be as successful as the one at Kessel.


Grover Bean, of Bean Settlement, was adjudged insane and brought to jail here Sunday by Constable Wilkins to await the arrival of an attendant from the hospital. The young man is only 24 years of age, which makes his case especially sad.


Mrs Wm Hose and four children are quite ill with typhoid fever at their home near town. The fifth child is just recovering from the disease.


Dr E K Wilson of Romney spent last Thursday night in Moorefield


Mrs Fannie Paskel has been right sick this week but we are glad to say is better


Vincent Allen left today for South Holland, Ill, where he has secured a position


Brady Vetter killed a hog recently that weighed 650 lbs



Press of Jan 24

Peter Arbogast of Jordan Run has sold his farm to Wm P Barger, and has moved to Greenland and will live with his son Saul


A small child of Samuel Landes, died Tuesday evening. The child had chicken pox and caught cold which caused its death.


Dr W C VanMeter and wife and Mrs Annie Grove, who have been in Baltimore for several days where Mrs VanMeter was taking medical treatment, came home Wednesday


The revival which has been going on in the M E Church, South, for more than three weeks is still in progress with unabated interest. Rev G W Yost of New Creek came Wednesday, and will assist the pastor a few days.


A J Wise, of Potomac, Ill, who is visiting relatives in this county, was here Saturday and had Dr’s Judy and Moomau remove a bone that was fastened to his throat. Mr Wise says crops in his section were very poor


Job Sites, who about a year ago, sold his farm in this county and since then has been living in Illinois and Ohio with his children, returned last week and we understand will make his future home here. His son, Albert, came with him, and will spend a couple of weeks visiting friends and relatives.


Geo E Hiser has accepted a position as traveling salesman in this territory for McDowell, Pyle & Co, of Baltimore.


An infant child of Mr and Mrs Ed Landes of Corner died last Thursday night


BORN, to Mr and Mrs W C Moomau, a daughter





Martinsburg, W Va

Adolph Kogeleschatz, the oldest funeral director in W Va and for the past 47 years a prominent resident of this city, is dead here, aged 82 years. He was a native of Hanover, Germany, but had lived in America 62 years. For a number of years he had conducted an undertaking establishment in Baltimore. Surviving are 7 children.



Dr Wm M Dent of Newburg died Thursday morning, Jan 29, 1914, at Powell hospital, Grafton, from blood poison. He was 83 years of age and a brother of Judge Dent of Grafton.



Romney, W Va

George Park, 77 years old, died suddenly Wednesday night at his home at Kirby, this county. He was stricken by paralysis and survived only 30 minutes. His third wife died last August from a stroke of paralysis. A V and F A Park, prominent orchard men of Keyser, W Va, are sons.



Aaron W Seymour, aged about 68 years, died Wednesday afternoon at his home in Moorefield, W Va, after a short illness. He was a brother of C C Seymour, of Cedar Cliff, also Mrs D E Offutt, of Oakland, Mrs Offutt of Cumberland, Mrs Caudy and Mrs Boggs of Baltimore. He has one daughter, Mrs J Ed Chipley, of Moorefield, and Rev Seymour, of the West.



The death of Charles Samuel Rogers occurred just after midnight Monday at the Hoffman hospital, where he was taken about a week ago, from the home of his sister, Mrs J E Howell, suffering from typhoid fever. Mr Rogers was in his forty-second year, and was the son of Mr and Mrs B F Rogers, of Independence, W Va, from which place the funeral services were conducted Thursday morning. Burial was made in Hollack’s cemetery, near the old home place. Mr and Mrs Jas Howell, Mrs John Burke, Mrs Johnson and Mr and Mrs Harry Inskeep of Keyser, attended the funeral.



The body of Grover C Liller, 22 years old, who was shot to death at Wartburg, Tenn, was brought to the home of his mother at McCoole last night. Liller, it is stated, appeared in Wartburg and acted strangely. No one seemed to know him, where he came from or what he wanted. He went to the house of a farmer. Two men were the only occupants. They heard a noise and went out with a shot gun. Liller was seen scratching along the side of the house. When he was asked what he wanted, according to the story given by the men, he placed his hands on his hips as though he would shoot. One of the men then shot him dead. It was found that Liller was entirely unarmed and he did not have even a pocketknife. He was a member of the Loyal Order of Moose, the Ancient Order Knights of the Mystic Chain and the Junior Order United American Mechanics. At one time he was employed in the Baltimore and Ohio yards at Keyser, W Va. Although final arrangements have not yet been made, it is announced that the funeral of Mr Liller will be held in the United Brethren Church here Sunday.


Cumberland Md

The funeral of Edward H Welsh, President of the Kenneweg Co, was held yesterday. The Rev Martin Luther Enders, pastor of the St Pauls Lutheran Church, officiated, assisted by the Rev George A Gibbons, rector of St Stephens Episcopal Church, Romney, W Va, and the Rev Dr James E Moffatt, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, this city. The Grand Army of the Republic, the Union Veteran Legion and the Order of the Blue and the Gray were represented. Burial was in Rose Hill cemetery.


Hagerstown, Md

George W Bush, 75 years old, a native of Pennsylvania and a Union veteran of the Civil War, died here from paralysis Saturday. He was a member of Company F Potomac Home Brigade, Maryland Infantry. He was a member of the Episcopal Church. His widow and the following children survive. Mrs Emma Bopp, of Washington, Mrs Helen Batchelder, of Wilmington, Del, Mrs Florence Deshields, of Kent, Ireland, John Bush, Blaine, G Bush, Robert S Bush, Mrs Claude McP Smith and Mrs D Clyde Snyder, of this city.


Cumberland, Md

The funeral of Mrs Susan M Thomas, wife of James W Thomas, Maryland historian and former president of the Allegany County School Board, who died in Baltimore Thursday night, was held from First Presbyterian Church here Sunday afternoon. The Rev Dr James E Moffatt officiated. Burial was in Rose Hill cemetery. Mrs Thomas was a daughter of the late Dr James M Smith.



Morgantown, W Va

Mrs Maude Lavelle-Welch, aged 20 years, who for the past year made her home in this city, attempted suicide by asphyxiation at her apartments in the E P Millan residence on Front street yesterday afternoon about 3 o’clock. The young woman had closed all the windows and doors of her room, stuffed the cracks with paper and turned on the gas in the light and stove. Despondency was the cause of the girls act. She was discovered in a semi-conscious condition by Miss Olla Dille, who also resides at the Millan residence. A physician was hurriedly summoned and revived the girl. The following note was found on the table in her room:

“Dear Sister:--It’s too late now. I thank the girls for what they’ve done for me. Write my Uncle Jake. He will come to see to everything—


As soon as she was revived, her girl companions attempted to revive her spirits by joshing with her about the affair. The Welch girl became angry at this and suddenly sprang from the bed where she was lying and ran into the bathroom, bolting the door behind her. Fearing another attempt on her own life, friends of the woman effected an entrance to the bathroom from a nearby porch roof and she was found lying prostrate over the gas stove with her face close to the burner so that she could inhale the fumes as quickly as possible. She had not inhaled enough of the gas, however, to cause any sickness. The girl’s home, it seems, is near Henry, W Va, and she left there several years ago. About twelve months ago she was married to a man named Welch, who resides at Cumberland, and who, it is said, belongs to a prominent family there. She lived with her husband for only a short time and they separated. For the past year the girl has made her home here with Mrs Harry McFadden, who has apartments at the Millan residence. She has insisted on discarding the name of Welch and is known to many people in this city as Maude Levelle. For several months after her arrival here she worked at one of the local glass factories, but of the late has been disinclined to work, according to the statements of her acquaintances. On Saturday, January 17th, the Lavelle girl, accompanied by Nina Miller, went to Fairmont with two young men from this city. During the escapade the girls were apprehended by the Fairmont police and placed in jail there. It is said that the Lavelle girl was forced to pawn her clothing in order to obtain her release. She returned to this city last Sunday morning and at that time both Mrs McFadden and Mrs Millan told the girl that they did not care for her to room there any longer and requested her to get out at once. The Welch woman seemed reluctant to go, but finally stated yesterday that she would leave on the noon train. When she failed to depart, Mrs McFadden and Miss Dille appeared before Squire Barker and reported the facts of the case. It was during their absence from the residence that the girl attempted suicide. Mrs McFadden telegraphed relatives of the girl at Henry, W Va, and they are expected here today to take charge of the incorrigible. The girl was resting easy last night, apparently none the worse for her attempt at death. Friends remained with her last night to prevent any repetition of the suicide attempts.




Frank W Pritt, deputy clerk of the Circuit Court, Parsons, W Va, and Miss Ada Evick, of Elkins, were married Saturday at the parsonage of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Elkins by Rev W B King.



At the fourth quarterly conference held at the First M E Church, Davis street, last Saturday night, the following resolution was passed by the conference.

Keyser, W Va

Jan 24, 1914

Resolved, that we, the members of the Quarterly conference, Keyser Charge, Frederick District, Baltimore Conference, commend the faithful work of our devoted pastor, Dr F H Havenner during the past year and earnestly desire his return to labor among us for another year; to this end, we respectfully petition the District Superintendent and presiding Bishop of the annual Conference for his return to us for another year. We believe a change in our pastor at this time would be detrimental to both pastor and our Church. Dr Havenner is closing up his seventh year at this place, and in passing above resolution the board is satisfied  they are carrying out the wishes of the whole congregation.

R G Richardson




Mrs H V Thrush vs. J W P Welch, ejectment. This was a case over the dispute of a line fence. Verdict of jury for the plaintiff.


Max Kamen vs. Robert Larue, appeal from Justice Casey, of Piedmont. Verdict of jury for the defendant.


State vs. Sam Savage and Martin Chunkle, indictment for misdemeanor for train jumping. Pleaded guilty and each fined $25.


On the chancery side—Jane E Hughes, re. vs. E F Hughes, rc. Order for sale of real estate in Keyser owned by the late D K Hughes.


Jos W Parrish vs. H L Lyon, admr, of Archie E Parrish, rc, order referring case to Comr. H G Fisher for report.


Annie Jenkins vs Scott Jenkins, decree of divorce granted plaintiff and she is given possession of the child.


On the common law side—Chas Bryan vs Caroline Penn and Frank Smith, appeal from justice; verdict of jury for defendant, awarding them $5 damages.


Joe Simona vs Sergis Cephe, action for debt, appeal from Justice Casey, verdict of jury for defendant.


City of Keyser vs Elmo W O Kaufman, appeal from the police court wherein Kaufman had been fined $30, verdict of jury “not guilty” acquitting Kaufman


W H Griffith vs Western Union Telegraph Company, the plaintiff sued the company for $50 for not delivering a message promptly. After considerable evidence had been taken and numerous objections entered by the defendant the plaintiff took a non-suit without prejudice.



All persons having claims against the estate of the late Sallie B Carskadon will please present same, properly proven at once. All those knowing themselves to be indebted to said estate will please pay same at once to the undersigned administrator.

F H Babb, Adm’r

Sallie B Carskadon, Dec’d



The mission Sunday School started on E street a few weeks ago by the Presbyterian church with A C Feather as superintendent is in a flourishing condition. Each Sunday shows an increase in attendance, until now there is an enrollment of over fifty scholars. A movement is on foot to build a chapel there on ground leased from the B&O Railroad Co.



A special address will be delivered to the members of the A O K of the M C at Friendship Hall by the Rev M H Keen, on Sunday, February 1, 1914. The topic will be “The Supreme Law.” The public is cordially invited to attend.



McNeill Chapter U D C will hold its regular monthly meeting on Friday evening, Jan 30, at 7:30 o’clock at the home of Miss Mollie Brown, Davis Street. As this is the first meeting of the New Year a full attendance is requested.

Mrs H A Sliger, Pres

Maria Vass Frye, Sec



A fire alarm Wednesday morning about 10 o’clock stirred things up for a little while. The fire was at the home of James H Mason on Welch street and was caused by a child catching its clothing on fire from a gas stove and setting a curtain ablaze. The fire was put out before the child was burned much and all the loss was the curtain.



James Arnold, of Beaver Run, W Va, was cutting wood Tuesday and a piece flew up and accidentally put out his eye. He was brought to Keyser for treatment.



Potomac Co, No 17, Uniform Rank, K of P, closed their fair Saturday night. The door receipts showed an attendance that night of over 800 people. The gross receipts during the fair was over $1,100. The boys are greatly pleased with the result.



On Thursday of this week Mr Edward Rogers killed a snake measuring 34 inches in length, of the viper variety. This is some snake for the time of year and is rather unusual to find them in January. If anyone can find in January a bigger one than Mr Rogers killed, we want to know about it.



The Twin Mountain Orchard Co has established an extensive poultry plant at Twin Mountain. Mr S A Cody from the Experiment Station at Morgantown will be in charge. From the fact of the prominence of the man in charge it can at once be seen that it will be no amateur performance, and the men behind it are pushers and there is no doubt but that it will develop into an extensive business.



The annual meeting of the Romig Drug Co was held Jan 12th and elected board directors as follows:

R V Romig, H G Fisher, Harry Arnold, Dr Gaston and R G Richardson.

Board organized by electing R G Richardson, Pres; Dr R V Romig, Treas and Gen Manager.


Richardson Furniture Co held their annual meeting Jan 20th. The following board of directors was elected:

J C Watson, J H Markwood, Wm MacDonald, Geo M Loy, H G Fisher, W B Burgess and R G Richardson.

The board organized by electing J C Watson, Pres; R G Richardson, Sec and Treas and Gen Manager; H P Inskeep, Factory Supt.



Sunday School 9:45 am

Morning Worship 11:00 am

Subject of sermon by the pastor, “Witnesses for Christ”

C E 6:45 pm

Evening Worship 7:30, Subject: “Understanding or Faith, Which?”

Everybody is welcome at these services

H F Baughman, Pastor



Services in Emmanuel church on February 1, the Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany, as follows:

Celebration of the Holy Communion 8 am

Sunday School, Mr C M Miller, Supt, 9:45 am

Celebration of the Holy Communion and sermon 11 am

Evening prayer and sermon 7:30 o’clock

On Monday, February 2, the Feast of the Purification of the Virgin Mary, there will be a celebration of the Holy Communion at 8 am.

The public is cordially invited to attend these services.

R E L Strider, Rector



Davis Street

Sunday, Feb 1, 1914

9:30 am—Sunday School

9:45 am—Men’s Bible Class

11am—Morning Service

7 pm—Epworth League

8 pm—The second sermon in the series. “Has the Bible any Place in Modern Life.”

Subject for the evening, “Some Problems Solved by the Old Testament.”

A very cordial invitation extended to the public to attend these services.

Franck H Havenner, Minister



Barton, Md

After an absence of 23 years, during which his whereabouts was unknown, Benjamin Davis returned Friday to his family here. He had been reported dead several times and on one occasion he was reported destroyed by wild animals. His wife did not believe these reports and awaited his return.


Hagerstown, Md

Reno Post, Grand Army of the Republic, assisted by Mansfield Camp, Sons of Veterans and the Ladies Auxiliary began a carnival and campfire in the Junior Hall Saturday night. The festivities will continue a week.


Hagerstown, Md

E D Morrison, a Western Maryland Railway conductor, was presented by President J M Fitzgerald a gold “Safety first” pin as a reward for the prompt action he took when he discovered a broken rail at Siloam on December 25.


Winchester, Va

Founders’ Day exercises were held Saturday by Massanutten Academy at Woodstock, which is under the patronage of the Potomac Synod of the Reford Church. Among the speakers were Representative Simeon D Fess, of Ohio; Rev A M Gluck, of Washington; Rev B K Hay, of Mount Jackson, Va, Rev T K Skyles, of Woodstock, Va; Rev T K Cromer, of Winchester and Rev L N Wilson of Toms Brook, Va


Winchester, Va

R Powell Page, of Boyce, has been elected president and Charles Mullikin, of Washington, secretary, of the Clarke County Horse and Colt Show Association under the auspices of which the annual Berryville horse show is held. It is planned to spend much money this spring for additional improvements. The Berryville show is the only three -day exhibitions on the Virginia circuit.


Winchester, Va

The Rev D H Rhodes, of Edinburg, Va, president of the Virginia Valley Conference of the Church of Christ has been extended has been extended a call by the Martinsburg W Va congregation and preached twice Sunday there.


Fairmont, W Va

The Marion County Court has about completed negotiations for the sale of $700,000 good roads bonds, $400,000 for the construction of permanent highways in Fairmont district and $300,000 to be used for the same purpose in Mannington district. The banking firms in the deal are Otis & Co, Cleveland, and the Fifth-Third National Bank of Cincinnati. In Fairmont district, 21 ½ miles of permanent highways will be constructed. The roads are to be paved with brick, laid in a cushion of sand on a concrete base.



Mrs James Liller was a Cumberland visitor Monday


Wilbur Chapman was a Cumberland visitor Thursday


Aluminum ware at reduced prices. Keyser Hardware Co


Mrs Harry Cole, of McCoole, has been ill for the past week


Mrs C W Shelly returned home from the hospital last week


Mrs Chas M Miller is visiting her daughter in New York City


Miss Tempie V Smith of Grafton is visiting home folks for a few days


Mrs J G Wolfe left Tuesday for a trip to Grafton and Dayton, Ohio


Mr and Mrs Emmett Beech, of Richmond, were in Keyser Tuesday


Mrs Luella Johnson returned home last week from a visit to Grafton


Mr M Tamburini of Bayard was a business visitor here Wednesday


Sewer pipe and all its fixtures in any quantity. Keyser Hardware Co


Mr and Mrs A S Chambers of Brunswick are visiting Mr and Mrs C E Dayton


Mrs R C Caldwell and Mrs W E Duling spent Thursday afternoon in Piedmont


Mrs A J Bier, who has been ill for some time, is able to attend to her business again


Mrs F P Stehley went to Philadelphia to see her daughter Mrs Tibbetts who is ill


J R Miley of Wardensville was here today to answer to a summons as a witness in court


Mrs Charles Bell and baby have returned from a long visit to Mrs Bell’s home in Westernport


Miss Margaret Sollars, of Oakland, came down Wednesday on a visit to her sister in law, Mrs Wm Sollars


Mrs B J Baker, of Petersburg, who spent a week here with relatives and friends, has returned home


Mrs D E Lawson entertained a number of friends at cards last evening at her home on Sharpless street


Mrs Dr Yeakley, who became ill Tuesday night, was taken to the hospital Thursday morning to be operated upon


Mr and Mrs Elmer Sheetz and baby left last night for Washington, Indiana, where they will make their home


Mr M Masteller of Fredericksburg, Va, was here Wednesday attending the meeting of the Masteller Coal Co.


Mr Walter Endler, of Pittsburgh, Pa, and Mrs T Frank Myers, of Coatsville, are the guests of Mrs H S Pulliam


Misses Aleene and Catherine Chrisman who have been visiting Mr J L Pugh, Cumberland, returned home yesterday


Rev M H Hammond returned home last Saturday from Indianapolis, Ind, where he was called by the death of his brother


The Mastellar Coal Co held its annual meeting of stockholders Wednesday and elected the board of directors and officers


Mr and Mrs Stanhope Scott, of Terra Alta, have been spending a couple of days here and are guests of Dr and Mrs H C Grusendorff


The Ladies Mite Society of the Presbyterian church will hold an apron, bonnet and food sale on Saturday, Feb 21, in Thompson’s window


Mr Harry Kight has left his position as night station agent at the B&O to accept a position as assistant manager with the Home Laundry


Mrs W R Davis went to Cumberland Thursday to see her brother in law, Mr Wheeler W Davis, who is still in the hospital. She reports Mr Davis improving


Mrs Ernest Schoppert and son, and sister, Miss Pearl Christy, returned Thursday night from Columbus, Ohio, where they were called by the illness of their grandmother


Mrs E Lee Fink returned to her home in Cumberland Sunday after a few days visit here with friends. Mrs J M Wolfe accompanied her and spent Monday with Cumberland friends


Mrs J W Shrout of Falls made us a pleasant call on Thursday. He was returning to his home after an extended visit to his son, R E Shrout, of Winterburn, and stopped off here for a few days visit with his daughter of this place.




ROOMERS WANTED—All conveniences. Apply at this office


FOR SALE—A new trunk, suitable for travelling purpose. Apply at this office


NURSING—A practical nurse will go out on cases of all kinds. Apply at Tribune office


VIAVI TREATMENT—I will be at the Reynold’s Hotel the second and last Wednesday of every month, from 1 until 3 o’clock pm. MRS. L M KENNISTON, MANAGER


SCHOOL BOOKS!—Bought new for this term, 6th grade of school, used about two weeks. Good as new. Will be sold at a reduction. To any student entering this grade this will be a bargain.

Elson Literature, Book One

Modern English, Book Two

New World Speller

Hygiene and Sanitation

Complete Arithmetic

Mace’s Primary History

Frye’s First Geography

Apply at this Office





































Academic, Commercial

Agriculture, Music and Expression



FEBRUARY 10, 1914