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MARCH 31, 1913



The Hampshire-Southern Railroad, which is now out of commission because of floods, has had similar troubles already in a couple of years two or three times before. The cost in each case has been very great. This recalls statements, seemingly well founded, that J Spates Brady, who made the original survey located the road 15 feet higher on an average. N Trapnell, who built it later, it has been said, thought it an entirely unnecessary expense. Mr Brady was entirely familiar from boyhood with the territory traversed by this railroad.


Mrs W J Lambert who visited her parents Mr and Mrs Chas Deputy several days has gone back to her home on Bedford road, Cumberland

Mrs E A Firlie, who visited her parents Mr and Mrs Kauffman at the B&O restaurant, with her little son, has returned to Cumberland

BORN, to Prof. and Mrs C P Moore, last night at 5 o'clock, a son. Mrs Moore is being cared for at the Hoffman Hospital.

The Texas Cattle King attracted a good crowd to Music Hall last night. It was a thrilling, wild west production, but clean and full of spirit. The street parade was one of the good features

Obed Babb, one of the leading farmers of Grant county, who owns the Cherry Lane farm, came to Keyser yesterday. He will remain a few days. The guest of his son, Mayor Babb

H L Arnold returned yesterday from Hartmonsville where he spent Sunday and on Monday attended the funeral of the young son of D W Idleman, who was killed by a window of the school house falling on him.

Mr C E H Brown, of Waynesboro, Pa, salesman for the Masteller Coal Co, is here a few days as the guest of J C Watson

Mr and Mrs Harry Dickey arrived here from Clarksburg yesterday. Mr Dickey was at one time a manager of the Keyer Pottery Co. He will return today but Mrs Dickey will remain some time with friends

Miss Catharine Neuhauser, of Stewartstown, Pa, arrived here today to visit her brothers Isaac and Clarence Neuhauser. She brought with her the little son of J C Neuhauser, who has been visiting his grandparents for three months.

Mrs John Burke was a Cumberland visitor Tuesday

Mrs Geo Barker has gone to Cumberland for a visit of a few days

Mrs J H Crawford is very much worried about her brother, George Daughtery, who lived on 2nd street, Dayton, Ohio, the portion of the city most affected by the flood. All messages have failed to get a reply

J W Morris, in the railway mail service between Winterburn and Ronceverte, arrived here today on a visit to his father, James Morris who is critically ill.

The relatives of the Carder have received messages to the effect that all are safe.

Find out about Shepherd of the Hills Friday, April 4th, you can't afford to miss it

Mrs Raines of Luke spent the first day of the week as a guest of her sister, Mrs Geo Barker on west Piedmont street

Geo Schramm, representing the Kenneweg Co of Cumberland, spent today calling on Keyser merchants

Miss Margaret and Joe Liller will give a card party tonight in honor of the Misses Richordson of Piedmont, who are home from Vassar College for a few days.

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