MARCH 31, 1914



16 SEPT 2003



We are having some delightful weather now and putting out crops and house cleaning will soon be the order of the day.


Miss Blanche Staggs and friend Mr B O Bailey went to Headsville Sunday. Miss Blanche stayed over to assist her cousin J E Staggs in the postoffice and store.


Mr and Mrs S C Urice was in Keyser Friday shopping.


Mrs Tom Pyles of Alaska is visiting her mother who is quite ill at this writing.


Mr D G Martin of Antioch, did some surveying last week for Messrs James Tasker and Hamp Parrill.


Mr Jacob Fleek was calling on Mr S C Urice Sunday evening.


Mr Jacob Urice spent Sunday at Ben Corbin’s.


Fountain school will close Friday.


Preaching at the Chapel Sunday at 3 pm everybody welcome.


Lone Girl



Jim Hopkins, of Harrisonburg, Va, stopped over here Sunday with W H Coffman of Davis St. Mr Hopkins came through with some horses from Harrisonburg bought by a party at Luke.


Mr Orange W Richardson, of Tennessee, who has been visiting his family in Philadelphia, stopped off over Sunday in Piedmont, enroute home. He was accompanied by Atty Saul Praeger and Fuller Barnard of Cumberland.


Mr Fred L Fredlock left Monday for Baltimore to have his eyes treated.


Mrs Claude W Greitzner, Jr, is visiting in Philadelphia.


Miss Ada Kenny entertained Mesdames W C Kreitzner, Z T Kalbaugh and D F Grahara at auction bridge whist on Saturday afternoon. A luncheon was served.


Mr Wm H McGuiniss will leave for New York, his future home, this week. He is the only child of the late Col John J McGuiniss who did so much for the benefit of the tri-towns during his life time.


There has been lately put in shape a movement for a long needed public improvement and that is a building of a subway to connect the hill and flat part of Piedmont, that is from Ashfield to Fairview street. There is only one way to reach the points indicated above at this time and that is from Ashfield street to Child’s avenue crossing the Baltimore and Ohio railroad tracks and the Cumberland and Pennsylvania railroad tracks at a grade crossing. As it is people and teams are detained almost every ten minutes in the day at Child’s avenue crossing.


Mr and Mrs Allen L Luke and children returned today from a visit to relatives in New York.


Mrs Locke, of Covington, Va, is the guest of her daughter, Mrs Allen Luke.



BORN, unto Mr and Mrs Kelly Williams on March 24, a son.


Tom Houdershell moved from the Park orchard to Keyser this week.


L E Morran is spraying his orchard this week.


S J Parks moved from Hardy county to the Mt Zion orchard on the 25th.


Mrs O J Faulk was visiting her mother, Mrs G T Miller, recently.


J J Dawson of Pinto was visiting his brother-in-law, G T Miller, Sunday.


J R Baker was calling on Noah Boyce last Sunday.


J R Kennedy is improving the Ritchie Orchard by erecting a large barn.


R L Baker spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives near Pinehurst.


Jess Wilkins called on Noah Boyce Sunday.



(By Prof. E F VanDyke)


Most tests for milk are too complicated to be carried out at home and should be left to the dairyman or the analytical chemist. However it is possible by a simple test to determine whether the milk you are buying is of fair quality. To do this, take a large knitting needle and plunge it into the milk to the depth of several inches. Remove it, holding it in a slanting position. If the milk is of good quality, a drep will form on the end of the needle that will remain for a comparatively long time. If the milk is poor, scarcely any drop will form.


A good quality of milk will answer to the following analysis. Water, 87.3 %; total solids, 12.7 %; fat, 3.6 %; protein, 3.8 %; milk sugar, 4.5 %; lactic acutic, .1 %, ash, .7 %.


From “Olsen’s Pure Foods” Milk is a food rich in proteins or nitrogenous food.


Two and a half quarts of milk contain as much protein as a pound of meat, and in addition the milk contains sugar and fat. As a food, two and a half quarts of milk are far more valuable than a pound of meat.


But milk is a poorly balanced food too rich in some constituents and not rich enough in others so it cannot be used alone as food.


Sometimes in milk as well as in other foods a small amount of preservative is used.


Preservative may or may not be injurious, that is a much discussed question that depends very frequently on the physical condition of the consumers.


The chief preservatives used in foods are Borax or Boric Acid Formaldehyde Sodium Solicylate and Sodium Benzoate.


To test for Borax or Boric Acid add of a few drops of hydrochloric acid to about three tablespoons of milk heat and test with turmeric paper. Dry the paper carefully and a pink or cherry color will indicate the presence of Boric Acid or Borax.


To prepare turmeric paper soak ordinary soft paper in the following tincture:

Turmeric tincture U & S P, soak any convenient amount of ground turmeric root in water for some time and discard the liquid. Dry the residue, soak six times its weight of alcohol and strain. However, it is much cheaper and more convenient to buy the turmeric test paper already prepared.


To test for Formaldehyde place about a tablespoon of milk in a porcelain or porcelain lined vessel, and add an equal amount of commercial Hydrochloric acid and a piece of ferric chloride about the size of a grain of wheat. Heat slowly to the boiling point, stirring constantly. If Formaldehyde is present, the mixture will show a lavender color.


Caution in this experiment, as well as the others in which acid of any kind are used. Do not use metal spoons or utensils.


The other two preservatives Salicylat of Sodo and Benzoate of soda may be used without inconvenience to the health unless the consumer is suffering from some organic disease, of the kidneys. The chief objection to the use of preservatives lies in the fact that the chemical used by some persons while by others they may be consumed with impunity the evaluation being caused by the state of health of the consumers. Then, too, there lies the possibility of proper sanitary methods for if absolute cleanliness is used in many cases preservatives will not be necessary.



“Waltons” Penciled I R Ducks, lay more large white eggs than any other breed. Try them and be convinced. My breeding pens are true blue blood of English type. 13 eggs $1; 30 $2; 100 $5.00.

L C Markwood

Burlington, W Va



Mrs H Poling is visiting her sister, Mrs Shelley.


At D Long’s store will be seen artistically displayed all the latest designs in 1914 styles.


Mr Paul Davis spent the latter part of last week at Morgantown.


New spring styles in shoes, D Long & Son.


Mas P D Peters and Miss Alma Peters were Cumberland visitors Monday.


Mrs J W Harrison  of Argyle street has had the interior of her house decorated with mellotone sold by Chas P Peters.


Farm seeds ready for you, Frye & Son.


Miss Mary Moore returned to her school, at Fairmont, Sunday after several days visit with home folks.


Jas H Rine, Jr, of Zanesville, Ohio, is here, having come on account of the death of his mother.


See the pretty new white goods at I M Long’s store.


Miss Georgiana Powell, who is also attending school at Fairmont was home over Sunday.


50 doz men’s and boy’s 50c work shirts 25c at Wilson’s.


Chas Flick returned last Saturday from a visit to his old home at Harrisburg, Va.


Mrs M J Filler and daughter, Eva, spent Saturday at Cumberland.


That trusty Oliver, and while you are thinking about it come in and see our supply, Frye & Son.


Ladies and Children’s hats for Easter at Wilson’s.


Mrs Leah Sincell, of Oakland, came down Friday on a visit to her sons, John T and George.


Miss Bertha Dilgard, of Gormania, is visiting Miss Ethel Schwartz on Piedmont street.


Fred B Martin and little son, Bill, of Wheeling, spent from Saturday evening to Sunday night here with relatives.


Mrs Maggie Offner, of Romney, is visiting friends and relatives here.


The Presbyterian Sabbath school held special services Sunday morning. The collection amounted to about $24.00.


Mrs Elizabeth Stehley, accompanied by her son, John, of Falling Waters, arrived Saturday on a visit to her home of her son, Dr F P Stehley.


For any pain, burn, scald or bruise apply Dr Thomas’ Electric Oil , the household remedy.


The funeral of Mrs Jas H Rine took place Monday afternoon from her late home and was largely attended. The services were conducted by Rev O A Price. Interment in Queens Point cemetery.


Mrs Walter Lowry went to Cumberland Tuesday to pay her daughter, Mrs Jesse Hoover, a visit.


New Line Ladies shirt waists 48c and 98c at Wilson’s.


The Winchester Preparatory will meet in its spring session on Tuesday April 14th, at Falling Waters, in Berkeley county.


Hole-proof Hosiery the latest designs. Guaranteed. I M Long’s store.


Mrs Oscar Fazenbaker was in Cumberland Saturday to see her mother, Mts T H Wagoner, who underwent an operation at the Western Maryland last week. Mrs Wagoner is reported as getting along very nicely.


Ladies and Children’s spring coats at Wilson’s.


The Presbytery of Winchester will meet in the Falling Waters Church, near Hedgesville, W Va, on Tuesday, April 14th, 1914, at 8 o’clock pm.


Mr Estil E Wallace, aged 35 years, who died Monday morning at the Tuberculosis Hospital on Haystack Mountain of tuberculosis was sent to Keyser today, his late home where preparations for interment will be made.


Mrs N J Crooks returned home Saturday night from a week’s visit to Baltimore.


Word was received here Sunday of the death of Mr Julien Mason, which occurred at the Church Home Hospital early Sunday morning. Mr Mason was a brother of Mrs E A Russell of this city.


Farm seeds, recleaned 1913 stock. Frye & Son.


MARRIED, March 28, 1914, at 4pm, at the Martin House in Keyser, by the Rev A O Price, Mr E Crisswell Webb of Greenland and Mrs May Lea Herman, of Burlington. They will make their home on Mr Webb’s farm at Greenland.



A purchaser for a desirable building lot, well located in McCoole.

Price right to cash buyer. Inquire F & M Bank.



I have for sale a farm of 25 acres on Pattersons Creek, three quarter miles from (Franfork) Alaska, W Va. All creek bottom and under cultivation. Improved by a new five room dwelling, barn and outbuildings. Suitable for truck farm. A bargain for a quick buyer. Only offered for sale for 30 days. For price and full particulars, address, Dr Percival Lantz, Alaska, W Va.



Write me when you have wool for sale.

Prices quoted later and sacks furnished.

David Ruckman, Phillippi, W Va




One of the best and cheapest polish on the market.

6 oz 25c. Prepared by T Charles Gaston, Weston, W Va. Agents wanted.




Two office rooms, nicely located, also a large hall.

For information apply to H G Shores, at the law offices of

Taylor Morrison, Keyser, W Va.




25 hp Tourist Car $750

25 hp Torpedo Runabout $725

35 hp Touring Car, Self Starter, Electric Lights $1225

Automobiles repaired, Automobile supplies,

Automobiles for hire. Second hand cars for sale.


Phone 31k

Keyser, W Va















Transients a Specialty

One day or 100 days $1.00 straight







Lives Saved at $1.00 Per Day






Stomachs repaired and life preserved $1.00 per day.





Dress Goods, Silks, Ratines, Rice Cloth and White Goods.

Rugs, Carpets and Mattings.





All accounts not paid by

April 1st will be given to

A collector, March 12.

Dr. T H B Staggers, M T