MAY 31, 1912


  Next Sat, June 1st, has been appointed the day to clean the graveyard and do a lot of other work there.
  Several people attended the ministerial and S S Meeting at Rockoak Fri, Sat and Sun; B W Smith and wife J B Leatherman and wife, Miss Beulah Shoemaker, E W Bailey and G S Arnold.
  Miss Bessie Arnold went to Bridgewater Va, Mon to attend the commencement of the school there this week.
  Daniel Arnold is indisposed and Dr Wright has been over twice this week.
  Strawberries in abundance now.
  Some people are plowing corn, but most of them just planted last week. Some who planted earlier have much replanting to do, and a few are just planting all again.
  G S Arnold sold Belle, the driving mare, to Wade Clinedinst. He has a good excuse now to stay home.
  The funeral of the late James Ludwick of Hartmonsville, was attended Sun by several of the relatives down here: I R Biser, W B Leatherman and wife, Miss Emma Duling, Dan Ludwick and wife, Robt Ludwick, Joseph and Rufus Taylor.
  Elder Peter Arnold is delegate to a meeting at York Pa, but several others will also attend the meeting.
  Aunt Manda Biser is up in the neighborhood. For some time she has been at Albright's on Little Capon, caring for Mrs Albright, who is an invalid.
  Ye young men and widowers, come hither and enquire diligently, you are wanted here.


  May 28 - Mr Perry M McKenzie of Chicago Junction, was visiting his sister, Mrs I L Vanmeter, Tues.
  Mr Silas Cook, of Ridgeley, spent Sat and Sun here.
  Mr J J Dawson, of Frost, was among friends here Sun.
  Miss Maggie Swaner, of Piedmont, was visiting her brother James, at this place, from Fri until Sun.
  Quite a number of the young folk attended a birthday party at Mr Charles Greenwade's at Westernport, Sat night.
  Rev S D Dawson was at Mt Zion Sat.
  Owing to the cold and rain a few weeks ago the farmer, who had planted corn, have to plant over again on account of it rotting.
  Mr and Mrs John Hart, of Piedmont, and Mrs Henry Biggs, of Westernport, were here Sun decorating the graves of their relatives.
  Mr Robert Yonker and Master Lee, of Keyser, were visiting here Sun.
  W H Crabtree, of Keyser, was visiting his uncle, MR H C Dawson, Sun.
  Mr C L Bane, former editor of the Tribune, was circulating among friends here Sun.
  Miss Bessie Vanmeter is spending this week at Keyser.
  Nero, I have no poem for you this week. I have been very busy and not feeling well.


  Messrs Henry H Harrison, David Grant and R Marsh Dean went to Keyser last Tues evening to receive Royal Arch Degrees in Masonry.
  Dr P S Keim has a White Orpington pullet that laid an egg measuring 7 1/2 inches, long circumference, and 6 1/2 inches short circumference, and weighing 3 1/2 ounces. It takes a good sized egg to fit these figures. See if it doesn't.
  Mr Eston Winsboro and family have returned form their vacation.
  Died at Elk Garden W Va, May 25, 1912, Emile Viole Anne, daughter of William and Almeda Brav, aged 22 years, 1 month, 14 days. The funeral was preached by Rev L C Messick in the Nehtken Hill church, assisted by Revs J W Shockey, W W White and Blake. The deceased was afflicted with consumption and displayed so much resignation and patience during her lingering illness that all hearts were drawn to her. She possessed a sweet Christian spirit. The flower girls were Misses Bertie Kings, Venda Blackburn, Grace Aronhalt, Velma Wilson. The pall bearers were John Kenney, Blake Dixon, Ernie Simmons, Ed Clark, Wm Arnold, Earle White. Interment in Nethken Hill cemetery.
  Married at the bride's residence, May 17, 1912, by the Rev L C Messick, Edward Clark and Miss Nellie Arnold, both of Elk Garden. Congratulations.
  Miss Kate Joyce, of Clarksburg, is visiting her relatives and friends here.
  Miss Laura Barrick is visiting friends in Indiana.
  Mrs George Middleton and Miss Anna Middleton attended the school commencement at Myersdale Pa, this week, where Miss Florence, Mrs Middleton's daughter, graduates.
  The net receipts of the two night's festival to help furnish the parsonage of the ME Church, South were $57.85. This is a snug sum and is very encouraging.
  The funeral services of James A Ludwick at Hartmonsville last Sun was largely attended by friends from this place. As has been noted in the papers he was kicked in the stomach by a stallion in a stable at Arch Biggs' near Cross, May 25. He suffered but little and was planning to be out again in a few days. The stomach and intestines no doubt were paralyzed by the powerful stroke. A physician was called but could do nothing. Death came suddenly the morning of the 26th. Rev J W Bedford preached the funeral sermon, assisted by Rev D B Arnold. The unfortunate young man was nearly 25 years old, and the son of Edward Ludwick. An unusually large crowd attended the funeral.
  Candidates are so thick that you could mow them with a scythe, but they are an interesting set of fellows.
  A Ladies's Aid Society, of the M E Church, South, was organized last Mon evening. President, Mrs W W White; vice-president, Mrs Myrtle Kiem, secretary, Mrs I H Bane; treasurer, Mrs F C Rollman. Now, all lend a hand.
  Frank Wear disappeared from here last week and was at once accused of taking about $250 of Mrs Rebecca Wilson's money. He was arrested at Cumberland and is now in the Keyser jail. Justice J E Aronhalt and Mrs Wilson went to Keyser on Tues to attend the primary trial.
  Miss Helen Beckman and brother of Bayard, are visiting Mr I H Bane.
  A movement is on foot here among such order men as F M Sheetz, J E Aronhalt, Lloyd Oates, W H Kight, R M Dean, A Barrick, Geo Dishong and others, representing the Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias and Red Men to inaugurate an "Orphans' Day." This day is to be observed once a year by all the secret orders of the town uniting, and inviting the public to join them in attending church service and hearing an address on the "Homeless Child."
  Mr F C Rollman will deliver the address and this movement is in line with the suggestion he makes, that the co-operation of the secret orders of each town be enlisted in behalf of maintaining a sheltering home for the orphan and homeless children of our end of the State. At the close of this service a collection will be taken which will be sent to the central committee at Keyser.


  Press (Petersburg) of 23rd
  Born Sat night to Ed Lewis and wife, a daughter.
  Joseph C Shobe, who recently moved for Hiser to a farm near South Branch in Hampshire Co, was here Sat night. Joe says he likes his new location fine.
  Born, Wed, to John W Kimble and wife, of Brushy Run, twins, a boy and girl.
  Mrs Sallie Chambers, of Moorefield, spent a few days here the first of the week visiting relatives.
  Albert Engle and wife of Frostburg, Md were here the first of the week. Mr Engle is a butcher and was buying beef cattle.


  Moorefield Examiner of 23rd
  Born to Mr and Mrs C E Garber Mon.
  Emory Bean made a short business trip to Romney.
  D S Huffman made a short business trip to Cumberland last week.
  Mrs Eva Spintzer, of Martinsburg, is visiting Mr and Mrs C E Garber.
  Dr H C Baker took his horses to Harrisonburg, where he sold them this week.
  Paul Marsh of Cumberland, spent several days here the past week visiting friends.
  Miss Rose Hendrickson, of Hampshire Club, came up Mon on a visit to relatives here.
  Mrs Harry Paskel, who has been visiting here, left Sat for her home in Cumberland.
  Mr and Mrs E M Hyde have gone to housekeeping in Miss Ella Allen's home near town.
  Miss Virginia Wood was in Cumberland this week having her throat treated by Dr Jones.
  W H Shearer rented Jas D Wood's store building, on the Island, and opened a grocery store.
  Scott Sions, of Keyser, came up the first of the week and spent several days with his parents here.
  Mrs F C Turley, who spent a few days visiting relatives here last week, returned to her home in Romney.
  W F Fiddle, and wife left this week for a visit to relatives at Woodstock and other points in the Valley.
  A band has been organized here with 12 members. This is a good move and should be encouraged by our people.
  Mrs Chas D Gilkeson and son Charles, who have been visiting near Baltimore for some time returned home this week.
  Mrs Jos I Cunningham, who spent several weeks in Baltimore with Mrs Jesse Fisher returned to her home here Sat.
  Miss Ellen Kuykendall, who spent several weeks visiting in the Valley of Va, returned to her home here last Thurs.
  Dr and Mrs S D VanMeter, of Denver, Col, who are well known to many of our people, have sailed for a four months tour of Europe.
  Dr H C Baker has received his new soda fountain and has it installed. It is very handsome in appearance and is modern in every particular.
  Mrs W B Violet, who has been in Cumberland, for several weeks taking treatment, in the Western Md hospital, returned home last Thurs.
  Charley Bonney and C E Headily made a business trip to Romney this week. Mr Headly has sold the fine percheon horse he had to Geo W Miley and Herd Mathias.
  Rev J W Duffy, of Winchester, will deliver the address at the annual Decoration Day exercises here on June 6. Dr Duffy's many friends will be glad to hear this.
  While visiting on Pattersons Creek this week, Tom Williams had the misfortune to have his horse badly cut in a barbed wire fence in the pasture field. It scared at an automobile and ran into the fence, cutting its front legs badly.
  Mrs N W Kuykendall, of Beverly W Va, will arrive this evening on a visit to Mr and Mrs Geo H Kuykendall. She will be accompanied by her sister, Miss Louise McGraw, of Buckingham.
  Misses Edna McNeill and Nannie Belle Gilkeson and Messers Overton Micelle, Machhir Inskeep, Harry Welton and Tom Williams spent form Sat until Mon visiting at the home of A A Welton, at Williamsport.
  Mrs Lulu Dice, who has been here visiting for some time, left last Sat morning for her home at Youngstown, Ohio. She was accompanied by Mrs Ben Tharp who will spend several weeks visiting her.
  The County Committee met Tues and canvassed the vote, which is as follows:
  For House of Delegates: McCauley 837, Poling 389, McCauley's majority 448.
  For Assessor: Combs, 1204.
  For Prosecuting Attorney; Chipley 624, Gamble, 595, Chipleys majority 29.
  For County Commissioner, Clower 1081, Riggleman 1106. The former elected to take the place of M S Henkel and the latter to fill the unexpired term of H L Wise who resigned.
  J Wm Kuykendall was elected County Surveyor and Jno W McNeill County Chairman.
  In Moorefield District, C W Paskel and W H Shearer were elected magistrates; J Wm Kuykendall Pres Board of Education and Jn o W McNeill member Board of Education.
  In South Fork District A G Hutter was elected Justice; B I Wood President Board of Education and G G Simmons Member Board of Education.
  IN Capon District C H Cline and T J Hawse were elected magistrates; N M Willis and J Marion Cline Constables and Wm Wolf Member Board of Education.
  In Lost River District J Ward Wood was elected Justice of the Peace and President Board of Education, and W V P Ritchie Member Board of Education.
  When the committee met Tues Mr Bowman, by his attorneys, asked for a recount of Mathias and McCauley precincts which was granted by only a vote or so change was made in the result.
  The above figures do no include Fairview precinct which was not in when the committee met.


  Franklin, May 20.
  Mrs Isabel, wife of the late James Bible, died Sat night of complication of diseases at her home in the Buffalo Hills, aged 74 years.
  Dick and Cortland McCoy, of Louisiana, are visiting their parents, Mr and Mrs John McCoy.
  It is reported that Arlie and Sam Byrd purchased the mill property of David Mallow, at Ruddle, last Sat.
  Byron Boggs has traded his property on Main St to his brother, Mason Boggs, for his property on Back street.
  Mrs Cam Thompson and little daughter, Susan, for Dayton Va, are visiting Mrs Thomspon's parents, Mr and Mrs I S Pennybacker.
  C W Grimes of Parkersburg, and Arthur Cunningham, of Moorefield, arrived here Mon and will try their luck fishing.
  Dr S B Johnson removed a growth from J Fred Buzzerd's finger Sun. Mr Buzzerd has suffered a great deal lately from the growth.
  Mr and Mrs W H Cuningham were visitors here Mon.
  Mrs G W Holmes of Upper Tract, died Thurs morning and was buried Fri.


  North High, of Phillipi, Barbour county visited relatives and friends here last week.
  Nash Purgit and Martin Huffman were business visitors at Romney Sat of last week.
  Mrs Myrtle Whiteman and Miss Nan Ludwick, of Junction visited relatives here Sun of last week.
  John Merrit, of Flats was in this vicinity Sat and Sun.
  A singing class has been organized at White Pine Church with forty singers. Rev B W Smith, of Beaver Run is teacher.
  Wm S Purgit still continues poorly.
  Our roads are getting in bad shape here and there seems to be no one looking after them, so Dillon Leatherman, the mail carrier has his hounds hitched to drags and has been dragging the grade.


  Westernport, May 25
  Some person or persons have begun their old despicable trick again of throwing poisoned food promiscuously around in people's yards to their dogs. Several valuable canines have perished by this method. It would not be very good for the guilty ones to be caught as the citizens have about reached the limit of their patience in this matter and should they be caught they will surely get justice with a vengeance.
  Mr Benjamin Robinette, an aged citizen of Piedmont W Va, died at his late residence on Piedmont Hill, Thurs night, aged about 70. He leaves an aged widow and several children. Death was due to dropsy. He had been confined to his bed about six weeks.
  There was another drowning accident in Piedmont Fri afternoon about 2:30 pm in which a young colored boy named Males and who was employed by Dr Abbott, as an office boy, met death. The boy with another companion went in bathing at the big rock when the unfortunate young man was seized with cramps and sank out of sight. His companion on discovering his friend had gone down for the last time quickly spread the alarm and soon a large crowd gathered and endeavored to locate him but up until a late hour their efforts were in vain.
  Mr McGrevy, of Baltimore Md, is spending some time with his mother, Mrs Nannie McGrevy.
  Miss Clara Morgan, who has been quite ill for a couple of days,is somewhat improved.


  Mr Fred Gerstell of Easton, Pa, was here last Sun.
  Mrs J A Sharpless returned home from Elkins last Sat.
  E H Ravenscroft spent Sun afternoon and evening in Grafton.
  Mr and Mrs Roy Bailey spent last Wed in Cumberland on business.
  Mrs Joseph Shafer spent last Sun with relatives at Rowlesburg.
  Cletus Channell, of Glady, came down last week on a visit to relatives.
  Mr and Mrs Geo W Baldwin and little son, of Ridgeley, were in town Mon.
  B L McGinness of Newburg, was in town last Fri night and Sat.
  R E L Hollen has returned home from a visit to his brother at Breedlove W Va.
  Mrs J M Cather, who has bee ill with appendicitis, is able to be out again.
  Mrs Charles Broome left Tues on a visit to relatives at Grafton and Pittsburg.
  Mrs W H Virts was able to leave the Hoffman Hospital last week and return to her home.
  Squire J E Aronhalt, of Elk Gardener, was in town Tues circulating among his friends.
  J W Liller, manager of the Soy Bean Farm at Rawlings, was in town Tues on business.
  D M Leatherman, who is working on a saw mill down at Spring Gap, was in town last Sat.
  Mr and Mrs I P Carksadon, of Headsville, spent last Sat and Sun with relatives in Keyser.
  Mrs Henry Kolkhorst returned home last Mon from a short visit to relatives at Parkersburg.
  Mrs Minnie Potter leaves today for Appleton City, Mo, where she expects to spend the summer.
  Miss Mary Milburn, who taught in the public school here the pasts term, returned to her home at Buckhannon, last Sat.
  Mrs Will Stewart and daughter, and sister Miss Elizabeth Stewart, spent Sat and Sun with relatives in Cumberland.
  Dr W M Babb was up at Martin last Sun and his father, Mr Obed Babb, accompanied him home and is spending the week here.
  Mrs Jacob Sobraske and daughter, Miss Isabelle, spent Wed of last week in Baltimore, with Mr J Sobraske, who is in the University Hospital.
  Miss Grace Ashenfelter returned to Youngstown, Ohio, Sat from a visit to the home of her sister, Mrs Maurice Wilt and friend, Mrs John Ravenscroft.
  F O Bailey, of Keyser, is spending the day in the city.
  Miss Marie Harwood, who has been attending school in Baltimore, returned home Thurs. -Elkins Inter Mt of 25th
  Mr and Mrs Frank Carpenter, and son Frank, Cumberland, were in Lonaconing Sun the guests of Mrs Emily McAlpine and family. - Lonaconing Advocate of 24th.
  Mrs H B Dawson, of Westernport, and her aunt, Mrs James Peers, of Washington, who has been visiting her, spent Thurs of last week with relatives in Keyser.
  Mr and Mrs J T Fisher, of Winchester, Va, who were up attending the funeral of Geo B Shank at Burlington, last Sun, spent Tues night with Keyser friends on their way home.
  Mrs Earl Smith, her son Herndon, and sister, Mrs Sadie Kinsey, came to Fairmont yesterday after a visit with Mr and Mrs Lewis Millholland at Manheim W Va. -Fairmont Times of 29th.
  Miss Nellie Neville has returned from a week's visit to relatives at Keyser W Va. She was accompanied to Ronceverte by her sister, Miss Laura Neville, who will be her guest in this city for a few weeks. -Roncevert Times of 24th.
  Rev Dr C D Harris, of Baltimore, will preach the baccalaureate sermon to the Preparatory school, graduates next Sun evening at 8 o'clock in the Prep Auditorium.
  Ex Senators B J Baker and L J Forman, of Petersburg, were here Tues on their way home. They had been to Beverly attending the funeral of Mrs Harriet Baker, who died last Sun. She was an aunt of Mr Baker and Mr Forman's wife, Robert Baker brought them down in an auto and remained here until they returned.
  Miss Bertha Glaze left Sun for Mannington to join her parents.
  Miss Nellie Vossler went to Maysville Wed to spend a while.
  John T Dawson, of Martinsburg, spent Mon afternoon here with relatives.
  Miss Bertha Burke, of Cumberland, spent Sun here with homefolks and friends.
  Miss Hallie Kuykendall is visiting her sister, Mrs Charles Blue, on South Branch.
  Mrs S K Devries has been visiting her mother at Grafton the past ten days or so.
  Mrs Clarence Borst and daughter Miss Nellie, spent Sat in Cumberland Md.
  Miss Cora Martin and Miss Madeline left last night on No 7 for DeKalb, Ill, to pay relatives a visit.
  Mrs Rev M H Keen and little son have been visiting the family of Dr Fisher, at Medley, the past week.
  Miss Ruth Michael of Oakland, spent several days among her young Keyser friends during the past week.
  Miss Frances Arnold, of Hartmonsville, has returned form Winston-Salem NC, where she had been since last fall.
  Miss Mabel Morrison has returned to her home at Headsville, after spending the winter with her aunt, Miss Anna Leary.
  Misses Katie Sims, Irene Davis and Tracy Gaunt are visiting Miss Virginia Ewers, at Three Churches in Hampshire county, this week.
  Miss Emily Hall, a student at the University at Morgantown, came home Wed to spend a few days before the commencement.
  Miss Fannie Smith, of Capon Bridge, came over last Mon on a visit to friends, and in a short while will go to California on an extended visit.
  Mr Wm C Clayton and sister, Miss Emma, went to Washington Tues on a short visit. While away Mr Clayton will pay a business visit to Philadelphia.
  Miss Blanche Babb, of Falls, came down yesterday on a visit to Miss Sue Johnson, and expects to go from here to Colorado to spend a while.
  Mr and Mrs J H Markwood and son, Bernard, went to Harper's Ferry Tues in their auto, on a visit to Mrs Dr Floy Edgell.
  Sol Hott, who has been miller at Burlington for some years, has taken charge of the Farmers Alliance mill at Romney. He has not moved his family to Romney yet, but expects to do so in the near future.
  Col a R Stalligs, of Davis, W Va, candidates for the Republican nomination for judge in the Mineral-Tucker circuit, was a guest at the Queen City yesterday. -Cumberland News of 27th.
  Mr and Mrs S D Blair, of Keyser, spent Sun here with the family of Mr George A McDonald, corner of Raliegh and West Marting Sts. - Martinsburg Statesman of 24th.
  Mrs David Cook, of Ellerslie, Md, accompanied by her daughter, Mrs Dr Shoemaker, of Cumberland, spent a few days last week with her daughter, Mrs F O Baily, Orchard St.
  Mr and Mrs Grove Moomau, of Cumberland, are the guests of Mr and Mrs Charles Twigg, in South Elkins. -Elkins Inter Mt of 24th.
  Mr Pollock and daughter, Miss Hazel Pollock, returned home on Sun from a visit to relatives in Huntington W Va. They were accompanied home by Mr and Mrs Walter Wilson and child.
  Mayor Babb and Mr David Long made a trip to Cumberland yesterday in the Mayor's automobile. They came back by the way of Frostburg, and made the run form Cumberland to Keyser in one hour and a half.
  Mr D T Greenwade was in Cumberland Wed to see his wife, who is in the Western Md Hospital. He reports Mrs Greenwade as having passed the crisis and is getting along very well, which will be good news to her many friends.
  Mr Arthur Arbogast, of Marlinton, accompanied by his brother and sister, Miss Sallie Belle and Edward Arbogast, of Montery Va, came in last Sat and spent Sun with their brother, Cam. The two gentlemen left Mon, but Miss Sallie remained until Wed, when she and Cam left for Montery by way of Petersburg.
  John Offner of Romney, was in town yesterday.
  T M McCorkle, the popular drummer was in town yesterday.
  Misses Marion Glover and Eva Christian went to Terra Alta yesterday to spend a while.
  Mrs A J Cunningham, from West Bend Md, was here a few days ago to see her brother, Mr Robert Stickley, who has been quite sick.
  The Gas Iron - A labor saver for the women, the best thing yet to save time and expense. L C McDonald's.
  Forrest Welch of Cumberland, was in town Mon. He came up with the remains of Cap Shea and attended the funeral at Ridgeville.
  Mr B C Kight, general mechanic of the Western Md Railroad, will move to Ridgeley from Elkins within the next few days.
  John Riggleman and Luther Kesner of the Iron Bridge, came down and accompanied Dave Kesner on the excursion to Gettysburg yesterday.
  F P Schoot, of Courtland, one of the best known residents of Canaan Valley, Tucker Co, died at the State Hospital at Weston, aged 59 years. He is survived by his wife and two children.
  Robert Yonker, of Keyser, has purchased a 1,500 acre tract of timber on Patterson Creek Mountain, near Williamsport, Grant Co, W Va, on the A A Welton farm, which will cut 6,000,000 feet of lumber. He will put in mills at once. His brother , Rutledge Yonker, with whom he was formerly associated, has started a mill on a timber tract near Lonaconing.
  Last Tues evening Sheriff L O Davis arrested "Licker" Lee at Gleeson and lodged him in jail here. He was charged with throwing stones at Engineer Mickey on the Western Md, road about two weeks ago. He was given a hearing before Quire Dunn, at Piedmont, Wed afternoon, and fined $25 and cost. Lee is also accused of having struck R B Smith, at Blaine, last Sat. IN the fall from the blow, Mr Smith was severely injured. Mr Smith was going home from his place of business, when Lee walked up to him and struck him.
  Mrs Ann DeBerry Kuykendall and husband, have returned to the Park, and are getting their cottages ready for guests.
  Charles Weimer, of Keyser, who has been ill at the home of his sisters in the Park, was able to take a short walk Sat.
  D P Miller, the hustling real estate agent of Cumberland, has purchased the Broderick property. Consideration $950. This is one of the finest pieces of suburban property about Oakland.
  Col John T McGraw's family, of Grafton, have opened their cottage at Deer Park.
  Attorney H K Drane, of Piedmont, had business in Oakland, the latter part of the week. - Oakland Democrat of 30th.


  Let Shelly draw plans for your new house.
  Charles Mires, of Brunswick, is here on a visit.
  Rev J H Moore will deliver the address at Romney on memorial day, June 3rd.
  Louis Millholland of Manheim, was in town Tues.
  Master Claude Hollen is suffering with a very sore ankle which was painfully injured on Sat.
  Dick Githens enlisted in the army last week, and is off to be a soldier.
  Miss Anna Dugan has returned home from a visit to relatives and friends in Cumberland.
  The Misses McBride, of St Cloud St, have gone to Ireland to pay their old home a visit.
  Father Abraham Wilson, the 93 year old boy of Wilson, was in Oakland Fri. - Oakland Democrat of 30th.
  Mrs G H Reynolds gave a small reception yesterday afternoon in honor of her visitor Miss Kate Head, of Headsville.
  Hon C H Vossler has bought a Stoddark-Dayton auto, which he is expecting to arrive tomorrow.
  Yardmaster W H Virts is off duty nursing a very sore leg, Mon an air hose burst and struck him on the leg just above the ankle, cutting a vary ugly sore.
  Prof and Mrs Moore chaperoned a crowd of Prep students to Dan's Rock Wed. evening where they spent the night.
  Last Sat night, Prof J C Sanders gave a reception to the graduating class of the High School at his home.
  We were in error last week in saying Miss Lola Sharpless had been operated on for appendicitis at the Hoffman Hospital. She was taken to hospital at Elkins. However, she is getting along fine.
  Messrs Anthony Delfer, Kulp and Brown of Cumberland, who had been on a tour in an auto up the country stopped here yesterday on their way home and paid Miss Charlotte Vossler a call.
  Mr J M Cather, one of Keyser's most highly respected citizens and a retired B&O conductor, suffered a severe stoke of paralysis Wed afternoon about four o'clock, and is very poorly.
  Mrs D T Greenwade was taken to the Western Md Hospital at Cumberland last Fri and on Sat was operated on. She is reported to be getting along as well as could be expected, which will be good news to her many Keyser friends.
  Hubert O Thrush has moved into his new house, near the town reservoir. He has an up-to-date home. It is built on the modern plan and is equipped with all conveniences. It is lighted with acetelyne lights, and is supplied with water and heat, making a home second to none in the county. The plumbing was done by C C Arbogast.
  Mr N H and Col W E Crooks were called to Washington Court House, Ohio, Thus of last week by the serious illness of their aged mother, Mrs Sarah Conrad. They returned home Mon, leaving their mother some better. She had been very ill.
  Later - Mrs Coonrod died last night at 7:30.
  Deputy Sheriff Donald Davis went to Cumberland Mon evening and brought up Frank Wear and lodged him in jail. He had been arrested by the police in Cumberland on the suggestion of Sheriff L O Davis of this county. Wear is charged with having sneaked into the home of Mrs Wilson, a widow lady of Elk Garden, last Sat and stealing $200. The money was in one $100 bill and five 20 dollar bills. He will be given a hearing before Squire Aronhalt at Elk Garden, next Sat.
  Mrs E V Romig and son Jack returned yesterday from their visit to Petersburg.
  Mrs A D Feete, of Baltimore, is here visiting her sister, Mrs Boyd Linthicum.
  Mrs Dora Grant of Ellicot City Md, has been visiting Keyser friends the past week.
  Jas Babb of Glady, was in town yesterday on his way home form a visit to his home at Falls, in Grant Co.
  Miss Pauline Gelwicks went to Cleveland, Ohio, Tues to pay a visit to her cousin, Mrs Kenneson.
  Miss May Arnold, teacher of domestic science in the Oakland High School, left for her home in Burlington, after the commencement exercises last week. -Oakland Democrat.
  Lost between home and Mr G H Reynolds' residence, going down Piedmont ST up church St and Alice St, a U D C Pin. Finder will be rewarded by returning to Miss Maggie Sheetz, 29 W Piedmont St, Keyser W Va.
  Mr James Babb and wife are in the city. Mr Babb is a brother o Mrs Harry Greider, of this city. They arrived here on Mon afternoon.
  Col W A Feeley, of this city returned last week from Macon Ga, where he attended the reunion of the Confederate veterans. He reports a very pleasant trip and about 50 thousand visitors at the reunion. Parsons Democrat of 30th.
  Decoration day was very quiet here. There was nothing going on at all, consequently most of the people who were looking for a good time left town. People as usual, went to the cemetery and strewed flowers on the graves of their dead. The G A R Went out and decorated the dead comrades, using their usual services. The McIlwee Concert band turned out in the afternoon and went to the cemetery and decorated the graves of their dead members. The business houses were closed most of them all day and all of them in the afternoon.



  May 27 - John Gecky and Julie Brecky, both of W Va Junction.
  Irwin Emerson McFarland of Humbert Pa and Dollie Phares, of Elkins W Va.
  May 19 - John William Duncan of Luray Va and Sarah Etta Kair, of Onoko W Va.
  Jessie Albert Smith, Great Capon W Va and Gerty Elizabeth Santymore, Bloomery W Va.


  Invitations have been issued by Mrs Annette Cunningham, 183 Baltimore St, to the marriage of her daughter, Lois A to Mr James McFadden Berry of Covington W Va, the ceremony to take place on Wed next June 5, at the Cunningham residence.
  The brine-elect is a well-known and very popular young lady of Cumberland, noted for her musical ability. Mr Berry, who holds a responsible position with the Carter Construction co, was stationed here for about a year and is now engaged with the same company location at Pittsburg.
  Cumb News



  Mrs Lydia Ebert, aged 69 years, died Sun evening May 19th, at the home of her son, Jesse Ebert, near Sherr in Grant County. Surviving are one sister, Mrs Simon P Idleman and five sons W F Ebert of Laurel Dale; Jesse Ebert of Scherr; T U Ebert of Blaine; J T Ebert of Norristown Pa and Wilbur G Ebert of Dodson, Md. Her husband, Jno L Ebert, died in 1881. The funeral was preached by Rev Ben Smith and interment was made in the family cemetery.


  George B Shank was born Aug 28, 1861, and died May 25, 1912, at his home in Burlington, where he had lived all his life. Had he lived until the 28th of next August, he would have been fifty-one years of age. He had been married twice. His first wife was Miss Willie Carroll, who died May 27, 1890, leaving one son, Harry Shank. He married the second time, Miss Nannie Strother, on June 1, 1893, who was with two sons, William and Baker, survive him. He leaves one brother, John Shank of Indiana Miss and three sisters Mrs Page, Mrs Stine and Mrs Frazelle, all of Chattanooga Tenn.
  Mr Shank was one of the most active business men of this section of the country, giving employment to a large number of men all the time, consequently he will be a much missed man.
  For a number of years he has run stages between Keyser and Petersburg, having been awarded the mail contract by the government. Mr Shank had also been an extensive bridge contractor, having erected a number of bridges in the county, and at the time of his death was building bridges for the T M & P railroad. He was one of the prominent Democrats of the county and a number of times was the nominee of his party for different important offices, and always made a good gift against overwhelming odds. Mr Shank was also interested in the orchard business and owned a large interest in a n extensive orchard at Spring Gap, besides being interested in numerous other business enterprises in this and other counties. He had a wide acquaintance and counted his friends by the hundreds, hence his funeral was one of the largest ever held in Burlington, people coming from all the surrounding country as far as Moorefield, Romney and Keyser, many bringing beautiful floral tributes, attesting to their great esteem for the deceased. The funeral took place at two o'clock. Services were held in the church, the building not being half large enough to hold the people. An appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev A A P Neel, after which Rev W E Woolf, a former pastor, made a few timely remarks. The pall bearers were J W Dunn, C K Wilson, Dr F L Baker, E A Russell, S N Moore, G P Miller, J W Carskadon and W W Woods, and interment took place in the Burlington Cemetery.
  The relatives from a distance attending the funeral were Mrs Stine and daughter, and Mrs Page, of Chattanooga; Mr and Mrs J T Fisher of Winchester Va. Mrs Fisher was a sister of Mr Shank's first wife.


  The accidental explosion of a "cat and rat" rifle in the hands of George Hadley, 14 years old, son of Mr and Mrs Harry Hadley, Beechwood, sent a 22 calibre bullet crashing through the head of his companion. Elvin Iser, 17 years old, Jackson street, about noon, Monday, causing his death without gaining consciousness at 10 o'clock that night. The dead boy is a son of Mrs Annie Iser, a widow. He is her sole support and was a large, heavy built manly fellow.
  Mrs Iser moved to Koontz Barracks in Feb and to her Jackson street home last week. Besides Earl, she has four daughters, Mrs James Beeman, Mrs Herbert Jackson and Miss Blanch Iser, all of Lonaconing and Mrs Elmer Sanders of Keyser.
  The funeral took place yesterday afternoon. The body was sent to Keyser from where it was removed to Duling church for burial on Wed.
Lonaconing Advocate of 30th


  James Edlin Ludwick died May 23, 1912, aged 24 years, 10 months and 22 days. He was the son of Mr and Mrs E A Ludwick. He was kicked in the stomach by a horse on Wed about non, and died Thursday morning near seven o'clock. He leaves to mourn their loss his father and mother and two sister, Misses Otie and Cora. He was very much loved by his family, and was very true, good boy to his parents, and sisters. He will be greatly missed by his many associates, as his familiar voice and kindness were an inspiration to everyone.
  These mysterious dealings of Providence in taking away form our homes those whom we love most is beyond our comprehension, but "Sometime We'll Understand" as not a "sparrow falls to the ground without our Father's notice." Funeral services were held in Blake Chapel church by Rev J W Bedford. A conservative estimate of the crowd of persons that attended the funeral services was seven hundred. The floral offerings were many and beautiful. The pallbearers were his six cousins, Henry L, Earl A, Wesley A, Herschel G, Thomas B, and Lewis W Duling. The flower bearers were Blanche, Bernice, Kate, Carrie, Grace and Zennie Duling, cousins of the deceased. F C Rollman was undertaker.
A Friend


  Dr J H Shircliff, of Gorman Md, died yesterday morning at 6:30 o'clock at the home of his sister, Mrs Annie E Stemple, Gorman Md, after an illness of four weeks, suffering from typhoid fever. Dr Shircliff never married. He leaves four brothers, Mr L E Shircliff, Hagerstown Md, L M Shircliff, of Cumberland; A L Shircliff, Gorman, W H Shircliff, Westernport; and in addition to Mrs Stemple he leaves another sister, Mrs Bernadette Shrout, Wildell, W Va. DR Shircliff was 32 years old and had a dental office at Kitzmiller, Md and Gormania W Va. He was a member of the Red Men and the Modern Woodmen and the latter organization will have charge of the funeral. The funeral will take place on Wed morning at 8 o'clock with services at St John's Catholic Church, Gormania.
  The remains will e taken to Little Orleans, this county, for interment, on the afternoon train.
  Mr L M Shircliff, of Cumberland left this morning for Little Orleans to arrange there for interment of the body.
Cumberland News of 28th


  Cumberland Md, May 24
  William Henry, 22 years old, unmarried, son of James Henry, was killed yesterday n the Newburg shaft, near Grafton, by a fall of slate. About the same time there was a fall of slate in the mine at Berrysburg, W Va, catching three Hungarians. One was killed outright and the others were removed to a hospital.
  Andrew Turner, a miner, was instantly killed when run over by a car in the sand house of the Merchant's Coal Co at Boswell today. He was asleep on the track and his presence not being known the loaded cars were sent over him.


  Henry Shea, 29 years old, a farmer of Ridgeville, W Va, who came here some months ago, died Sat at the home of W F Welch on the Bedford road, near this city. His body is at the Stein undertaking rooms awaiting word from his aunt, Mrs Treavey, who lives in Va. The young man sold his farm in W Va, and came to town to live. HE bought the race horse, Mimic, once owned by the late Col Thomas B Davis, from W F Welch for $1,200. The horse had been in training on the Cumberland track for the coming season. The death of Shea, who had been drinking heavily since his residence in Cumberland, was under such circumstances that coroner Shaw made an investigation, having heard that he had had money, but none had been found on him. Dr A Leo Franklin attended Shea and gave a certificate of death from natural causes. The remains were brought up on No 55 Mon and taken to Ridgeville for burial.
 Cumb News of 27th.


  We desire to express our heartfelt thanks to each and every one who in any way assisted us during the sickness and death of our husband, father and brother Geo b Shank.
  We also wish to thank the Romney Consolidated Telephone Co and all others for the beautiful tribute of flowers.
  Mrs Shank and Family


  Mrs Harriet Baker, aged mother of Hon Stark L Baker, of Beverly, died Sun morning. Funeral services Mon afternoon at 3:00.
  Elkins Inter Mt of 27th


  Mr Joseph Berry, an aged citizen of Piedmont, formerly of Patterson's Creek, died on Tues, May 28, 1912, at his home in Piedmont. the remains were taken to Patterson's Creek yesterday for burial.


  The Misses Bird gave a tea Sat afternoon from 2:30 till 5:30, at their home on Elm St, announcing the engagement of their sister, Miss Martha, to Clement E Babb. The color scheme was carried out in pink and white. The rooms were tastefully decorated in cut flowers and ferns. A delicious collation was served after which each one drew a small heart from the center of the table on which was a personal remark about the lady in question.
  The heart which concealed the announcement was hidden and was found by Miss Pearl Piper and read, "Two souls with but a single thought. Two hearts that beat as one." Martha E Bird to Clement E Babb. Mr Babb is a member of the Galdy Fork Lumber Co, of Glady.
  Elkins Inter Mountain


  The annual memorial services of the Keyser, Aerie, No 1234 Fraternal Order of Eagles, were held in the Music Hall on Sun afternoon. A very interesting program which is as follows was rendered: Musical selection, Keyser band; Opening Ceremony, Aerie; Solo, Mrs Ray Wells; Responses, Aerie; Solo, Miss Sadie Paris; Eulogy, H K Drane; musical selection, Keyser Band; Solo, The Vacant Chair, Prof McIlwee; Oration, Rev J H Moore; Closing ceremonies, Aerie, music, Keyser Band; Hymn, Nearer My God to Thee, by the audience. Benediction, Rev F H Havenner. the roll of the honored dead of the order are: Messrs Herbert J Smith, Harry G Trenton, Spencer Knott, George N Sharps, C H Potter, John G Harrison, R J Smathers and E S Harrison. The hall was beautifully decorated in plants, ferns and flowers for the occasion. A very large crowd was present and each person that attended the exercises was presented with a white carnation. The officers of the Keyser Aerie are: W R Taylor, W P; Harry Randalls, V P; William Martin, P W P; John C McNabb, Chap; I H Offner, secretary; A V Douglass, treasurer; and J G Harrison, W G. Quite a crowd of out of town visitors also attended these services.


  Mr Frank Krause, aged 38 years, of Bloomington Md, is in the Western Md Hospital at Cumberland, to which place he was taken early Sun morning, with a bullet in his right shoulder, the wound having been inflicted by his friend, Washington Barnard, for the same place, on Sat shortly before midnight.
  The shooting appears to have been the result of mistaken identity, and was not because of any ill-feeling. Krause was on his way home to the boarding house kept by the father of the man who shot him, and who resided next door. Hearing some voices in Barnard's house Krause stopped and knocked at the door. He states that after a short time the door was thrown open and Barnard raised his revolver and fired. Barnard, it is said, asked who was at the door, and not receiving a reply he drew a revolver and opened the door. He says the man at the door raised his hand and thinking he was going to shoot or assault him, Barnard blazed away with his revolver.
  Both men were very sorry about the affair, and so far Barnard has not been placed under arrest.


  The superstition of rapping on wood when one has been betrayed into boasting of a special bit of luck, like immunity from illness, etc, is of German origin. The raps were supposed to drive away evil spirits vexed by vaunted happiness or any piece of good fortune.
  The three raps originally signified that three persons of the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and the necessity fro rapping on wood was because that was the material of the cross.


  Mr Clyde W Rector, who recently purchased the Green place, four miles up New Creek, has moved with his family in the newly acquired premises. Mr Rector, who is a well known business man of Grafton, where for years he was connected with the Merchants and Mechanics Bank is taking to rural life on the advice of his physician. Two years ago while hunting in the mountains of Randolph county, he lost an eye by a gun accident and the other threatened to go bliind from sympathy. He hopes that by living close to nature, it may be preserved. He plans to make his farm of 160 acres an ideal one. Already a part of it is set to fruit and he will plant more trees, and add a dairy herd and engage in general farming and trucking.


  At the regular meeting of McNeill Chapter U D C held Sat, May 25, a monument committee was appointed for the erection of a monument at Keyser to the Confederate dead. The officers and committee are the following:
  Mrs C S Hoffman, Chairman
  Mrs W H Barger, Sec'y
  Mrs V F Alkire, Treas
  Mrs John Arnold
  Mrs N D McCoole
  Miss Margaret Sheetz
  Mrs Nannie Welch
  Mrs C F Jordan
  Mrs Jesse McNeill of Illinois
  The members of the U D C hope to erect a monument that this entire community will be proud of. The monument is estimated to cost about $2500.


  Fifteen lots were sold at public auction at Ridgeley, W Va, opposite Cumberland, Sat by William MacDonald and Taylor Morrison, special commissioners, Keyser W Va, and Urner G Carl, attorney, Cumberland. The Francis Sweltzer home property, which embraces eight lots, was sold to Mrs Rice for $1500 and lot No 1 known as Sandy Bottom, which was divided into seven lots, was sold for $1125. The purchasers of this lot were J T Vandergift, D A Dane and J H Payne. Ridgeley is having a big building boom as the result of the extensive yard and terminal improvements being installed by the Western Md RR. - Cumberland News


  A mass-meeting of the Democrats of Grant District, Grant county, met at Williamsport, W Va, on May 25th, 1912, and the following business was transacted.
  C C Marshall was appointed Chairman; Wm P Russell and T W Michael were named as the Executive committee, and J W Wise, secretary.
  The following delegates were appointed to the various conventions of the state and district:
  A A Welton, Jacob Rotruck, A J Mumbert, Sam Nydegger, Carl Michael, W L Webb, E C Evans, Chas Hugh Delawder, J W Shrout, R W S Mullin, D W Billmyer, P O Boseley, Jno A Porter.
  C C Marshall, Chairman J W Wiser, Secretary


F M Reynolds

A R Stallings

George T Carskadon

D W Eagle