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J Ed Frye-Editor
Entered as Second- Class Mail Matter at Keyser, West Virginia
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APRIL 3, 1913

23 MAY 2003


Spring is here and I M Long's new lace curtains have just arrived. Don't fail to see them

White pumps, white shoes, and everything new in footwear can be found at I M Long's

You will miss seeing the prettiest line of spring goods ever bought to Keyser is you fail to visit I M Long's store

Ladreth's Garden Seeds-Irish Cobbler, Burnbank, Hebron and Early Rose seed potatoes, at McDonald's

Mrs Virginia Frye, of Lahmansville spent Friday as a guest of her sister-in-law, Mrs E R Connell. She came to Keyser with Mrs F V Williams and Dr Fisher of Medley in an auto

Mrs Ida Menefee and Miss Emma Carr are Cumberland visitors today

Joseph Bageant, aged 72 years, nearly deaf and partly blind, was struck by a fast west-bound train while crossing the tracks at Weverton station and instantly killed. He failed to hear the train approaching

Alonzo Bernard Propst and Lucie Wilson, both of Parsons W Va, were married at Cumberland yesterday

Paul Sloan of Burlington is spending the day in Keyser

Mrs Ellen Rodruck, who spent the winter in Cumberland with her son Harley and family, returned yesterday on No 55

Aristotle Steorts and Harry Hodges, who are attending school at Morgantown University are home for a few days

Mr and Mrs Oscar Spotts have gone to Hagerstown for a few days

Nathan Rexrode of Randolph county was in Keyser last night. He has been engaged in mining at Mill Creek. He came here to get work and found it, but could not find a house for his family. He will now locate at Frostburg

The little son of Mr Grover Southerland, who has been so very ill, is much better

Mr Geo Mitchell is having her household goods packed, preparatory to moving to Staunton, Va, to join her husband who is engaged in business there

H G Evans, liveryman from Frostburg, came down in his car last Wednesday on business

J M Bright has placed an order for two new demi-coaches with a Philadelphia firm, to be delivered at an early date

Dr Fred Gerstell of Gerstell spent yesterday afternoon in town

The large barn of former mayor Frank W Mich, of Hagerstown, situated near Clearspring Md, was burned Thursday afternoon, with 500 barrels of corn, farming implements, hay and fodder stacks. Ten horses and fifteen cattle were rescued. The loss is $5,000, partly insured.

J McDonald, liveryman from Romney, was in town one day this week

P S Groves has been sick several days of grip

Ten years ago last Tuesday William R Gunter assumed ownership and operation of Hotel Gladstone. That he has made a success of his venture of that era everybody knows, hence he was pardonably proud of reminding his friends Tuesday of what is, to him, next thing to a birthday. Frostburg Mining Journal

W Taylor of Ridgeville was here today to attend a regular monthly meeting of the directors of the Farmers and Merchants Bank

The brick work on W H Barger's new home on Mineral street, W A Liller contractor, is well nigh completed. It is already rented

Mrs Dr Z T Kalbaugh of Piedmont is visiting friends here today

Mr and Mrs W L Webb, came down from Williamsport, Md, yesterday, to visit their daughter, Miss Audry Webb, at Burlington, who is the chief operator of the telephone. They will return tomorrow.


The Lincoln Vacuum Carpet Cleaner, is what any child can use and every family needs, a regular $10 article all next week only, at $7.50.


A three year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Irah Johnson, of South Keyser, died yesterday afternoon. The interment will be at Duling Church Cemetery Sunday. The child had a malignant diphtheretic croup.