JANUARY 3, 1914

21 JUNE 2003




A son of T G Barger, of near Maysville, was hurt Saturday by a wagon running over his chest


Mrs B J Baker has improved that she is now able to walk around the house


Dr Hawkins of Cumberland came up the latter part of last week to see Postmaster W C Smith in consultation with Dr Siple. Mr Smith has been very ill but at the time of going to press he is some better and hopers are entertained for his recovery. Miss Ida Smith, a sister, is nursing him


E J Allen and wife are spending the holidays with relatives at their old home at Junction


Miss Nell Smith, who holds and important position in the schools of Parsons, is home for Xmas


Miss Belle McDonald, of Keyser, is nursing Auston Sites, son of C S Sites, who has typhoid fever


BORN, Friday night, to Peter B Barger and wife, a daughter


We learn that a daughter of Michael Stump, of Pansy, was right badly hurt on last Saturday. Our information is to the effect that she took dinner to where some people were cutting saw logs and in some manner one of the logs rolled over her.


Miss Annie Taylor continues to improve and is now able to be about. Miss Gibson, who has been nursing her, may soon return home


MARRIED, Saturday afternoon at the Presbyterian Manse in this place, by Rev J Hoge Smith, Mr Victor Bible and Miss Carrie Feaster, both of near Maysville, this county


Rev Ida M Judy, who is connected with the Shenandoah Collegiate Institute at Dayton, Va, is spending the holidays with her mother here


Our old friend, Jacob Hill, has been crippled up with the rheumatism


One hundred and ten thousand pounds of poultry was shipped from this place for the Christmas market


Mr and Mrs W V McNemar of Morgantown are spending the holidays with relatives here and at the Falls


Miss Maphis, of Rio, who has been here visiting her cousin, Mrs E J Allen, went home the first of the week




T B Cunningham left Tuesday morning for Baltimore and will bring back Mrs Cunningham who has been taking treatment in a hospital there


Miss Jean Dailey and Helen Bowen, who are attending Ft Loudoun Seminary at Winchester, arrived home last Friday for the holiday vacation.


Invitations are out for the marriage of Miss Annie Cunningham, daughter of Mr and Mrs Arthur Cunningham to J D Chipley, at the home of the bride, on Tuesday morning, December 30th, at 8:15 o’clock


Miss Inez McNeill of Elkins and Miss Irene McNeill of Washington arrived home Saturday to spend the holiday vacation


Miss Bettie and Fillis Welton, who have been visiting in Baltimore for some time, returned to their home here last week


Mrs A M Earle and children of Springfield came up last Friday to spend Xmas with Mr and Mrs Jesse Fisher


W N Welton who has been right sick for some time, we are glad to say is improving


R C Wilson left this week for Dallas, Texas, where he will spend the holidays with friends


Aaron Russel who is attending school in Keyser, was here last week on his way to Wardensville to spend the holidays


C C Seymour of Cedar Cliff spent a day here last week on business


Mrs Mary Clower and daughters, Misses Nellie and Laura left Wednesday morning for Piedmont to spend a while visiting Elmo Clower and family


A tenant house on Geo W Miley’s farm burned down last Thursday evening. The wind was very high at the time and there was no chance in saving anything. Mr Kesner and family, who lived in the house, lost all their property.


Arthur Allen and wife and Bruce Allen, of Richwood, have arrived to spend the holidays with relatives here


Mrs Rebecca Boggs, of Pittsburg, arrived here last Saturday and will spend some time with relatives in this community


Mrs J H Marshall, of Midland, has purchased of W F Simmons, his house and farm North of Moorefield, for $4,000.


Carl Allen, who is attending the Keyser Prep School, came home last Saturday to spend Xmas


Miss Mary VanMeter, of Washington, arrived home Tuesday evening to spend Xmas with home folks


Mr and Mrs Ken Wilson left Sunday morning for Moundsville to spend Xmas with relatives at this place


Miss Mollie Kuykendall, of Martinsburg, arrived Tuesday evening to spend the holidays with relatives here


Mark Harwood, a student at the Keyser Prep school, came home last week for his vacation



George Doll who had been spending a few days in Keyser, returned home Monday


D G Martin is doing some surveying this week for Robert Ludwick, near Headsville


Miss Alma Grayson visited at D W Taylor’s Saturday and Sunday. She is spending a few days this week at Mr Ben Hulls.


V M Grayson, of Elk Garden, and son Ernest, of Mountain Lake, were home for Christmas


Mr James Dye visited his brother in Keyser a few days last week


Rev Henry Homan remains very ill


Misses Lucy and Nan Welch of near Burlington, were in our village Sunday evening


Cal Mott of Davis, who has been in our village several weeks, returned home last week


Several of our young folks visited Mr and Mrs T C Thrush Tuesday evening.




Misses Grace and Zennie Duling are visiting Mrs Cora Ludwick at Romney


Mr and Mrs Chas D Junkins, of Wheeling, visited his father, J W Junkins, at Emoryville, Christmas


Mr J O Watson is visiting home folks in Hampshire county


Mr D V Junkins made a business trip to Bayard last Wednesday


Mrs Amanda Lemon is on a visit to her son, Charles, of Emoryville


Mrs Hazel Burns and little son, Elbert, of Kitzmiller, were the guests of her father, W P Roderick, of Decker Run, Christmas week


Miss Ella Hockman, of Wabash, is visiting friends at Weaver


Mr J B Nash, better known as the “Sang Man” left his family the day before Christmas, telling his wife that he was going to call on a neighbor, and would come back in a little while. Night came on without his return, and some of the neighbors were called by phone, but they had not seen him. His wife received a letter from him the last of the week some place in Virginia, stating, so we are told, that he was never coming back, and it was no use for her to write to him, for he would not answer her letters, and said he left her and his children in the care of the Lord. No one knows any cause for his strange actions, unless that he lost his reason over the Socialist Party. His family has the sympathy of every one.


We received many cards upon the anniversary of our birth from friends of the Golden Sun of Colorado to the silvery rippling waters of the Potomac. We desire to thank everyone for their kind words. We know that no one would ever regret sending us a card if they knew the joy it gave to receive them. And if there is a reader of The Tribune that wishes a card from us on their birthday, if she be a lady, she need not give her age, we will cheerfully return the kindness shown us.


We have been a reader and a subscriber of The Tribune of nearly 40 years, and the greater part of the time one of its correspondents. If we have contributed anything that has given any pleasure to its many readers we feel that our items have not been in vain.




Mr and Mrs Doddridge F Graham quietly observed their 31st wedding anniversary on Monday


On Sunday, Mr and Mrs Wm B Mole, Luke, quietly observed their 41st marriage anniversary


Mr and Mrs Edward O’Gorman informally observed the 24th marriage anniversary Dec 27th


Mr Leslie Thrasher, artist, left today for his studio in Wilmington, Del, after spending Christmas with home folks


Capt. and Mrs Daniel Lichlighter, Cumberland, have been holiday guests at the home of her sister, Mrs Chas T Neff


Mrs Clem H Hamill and son Richard Kerns Hamill, are guests of her mother, Mrs Carl Hepburn


Miss Rose Fisher of the telephone office force was married on Christmas evening to Mr Harry Masure of Mt Savage, Md, Rev William Harris, pastor of the First M E Church, performed the ceremony. Mr and Mrs Masure left for a honeymoon trip to Wilmington, Del. They will reside at Mt Savage.


Mr and Mrs Orestes Tibbetts and family are spending a part of the winter down in Florida where Mr Tibbetts has some interests


Mr and Mrs Jas C Welton of Fairmont, who had been spending the holidays in Piedmont, returned home Monday


John Dayton, of Front Royal Va Laundry Co, is visiting his old home in Westernport, Md


Miss Mae Kalbaugh is convalescing from an attack of typhoid fever


Miss Anna Dayton has entirely recovered typhoid fever


Mr Lester Good, of Hagerstown, Md, is spending the holidays with his family at Westernport, Md


Mr Harry M Lewis of Sparrows Point, Md, was a Piedmont visitor this weekend. His family now resides in Cumberland, Md


Mr Harry Severs has about recovered from typhoid fever


Misses Nellie Adamson and Fern Tonry of Elkins are visiting Miss Beulah Sigler


Mr and Mrs William Ott and children of Grafton, are visiting Miss Mary O’Gorman


Mr George C Dixon has gone to Baltimore


Dr T C Nesbitt of Wilmington, NC, is visiting his mother, Mrs Jennie K Nesbitt


Mrs Wilson, wife of Dr T L Wilson, is spending this week in Baltimore


Mr and Mrs Wm B Williams, and daughter of Grafton, who have been spending the holidays with relatives in Piedmont, returned home today


Miss Mary Grant, who has been making her home in Kentucky, is spending the holidays in Westernport.


Mr and Mrs W A Liller of Keyser and Kentucky, were guests Monday of Dr and Mrs Z T Kalbaugh


Mr Charles Luke of New York who had been the guest of his brother Mr Allen L Luke, returned home Sunday



Here’s wishing all a prosperous New Year


Miss Ruth Smith spent Tuesday night with Mrs S A Trask


Mr Wallace Anderson is spending a while in Washington DC


Miss Lena Liller spent Monday with Miss Lena Dawson


Mr A E Sites of Cumberland is spending the holidays with parents here


Mr Earl Warnick and Ethel Kemp spent Christmas with U Z Warnick


Mrs Fannie Snyder and family from Davis is spending some time with Mrs I D Taylor


Mr and Mrs J K Staggers and family spent Christmas with Mr Cumberledge


Mr and Mrs Leatherman from Davis spent Christmas with Mrs Leatherman’s parents Mr James Hollenback


Mr and Mrs J A Smith spent Thursday with Mr Albert Umstot


Master Edgar and John Umstot are spending this week with their grandparents Mr Whip near Burlington


There will be a Spelling School at the Reese’s Mill School Saturday January 10th. Everybody welcome.





Fine winter now. With the few inches of snow already on the ground, the thawing and freezing, there is an excellent bed now ready for the best


Some of the folks went to Eglon to attend the Bible term there this week. From here only Mrs J B Leatherman and Harry Largent, who lives at Leatherman’s, went. But Misses Grace Bane, Ida Kelley, Etta High and W W Bane also went


I hear that Eld. D N Zigler of Broadwater, Va, is the principal instructor


Miss Florence Cheshire, teacher at Old Fields, is down here at home for her holidays. She and her sister, Miss Alta Cheshire, spent a few holidays in Keyser over Sunday


M M Biser is spending his holidays down about Frederick, Md


B W Smith opened his school Monday with a good enrollment and others yet to come


Last week J W Leatherman unloaded a car load of tile at Keyser. This week he has received another car load


Miss Beulah Shoemaker who lives at Mr Watson’s, Keyser, is out on the run here visiting


Mrs John Stickley, who lives with her son, Will Stickley, for some time has been quite ill but now is somewhat improved


BORN, unto Croff Myers and wife an heir.





Patrick Sarsfield Casey and Winifred O’Donnell, both of Westernport, Md

George David Boyer and Ethel Wilfong, both of Bretz, W Va

Charles Oliver Boehmes and Lillian Goldie Lease Lahman, both of Keyser, W Va

William Berton Keane, Dobbin, W Va, and Olive May Kline, Davis, W Va

William G Rymer, Mannington, W Va, and Katie May Booms, Berkeley Springs, W Va



Married on December 30, 1913, at the home of the bride, at Moorefield, Mr J D Chipley and Miss Annie Cunningham.



Married in Oakland, Dec 26, 1913, at the home of the bride, Mr J S Bosley of Keyser and Miss Sarah Cleveland of Oakland.



Married, in Keyser, at the M E Parsonage, January 1, 1914, by the Rev F H Havenner, Mr Arch Miller of Shinnston and Miss Augurita Shores of Keyser.



Unto Mr and Mrs James Davis, Orchard street, Wednesday, Dec 31, 1913, a son.


Engineers in charge of the Magnolia cut-off improvement of the B&O, one of the largest engineering feats underway in this country, report that work is progressing rapidly and the task is about 40 per cent completed. Much of the heavy work of tearing away the mountain to reduce grades and eliminate curves is well advanced and much of the masonry work is done. A section of the work involving heaviest construction is that which includes the elimination of the Doe Gully Tunnel, which is being made an open cut. It is expected the roof of the tunnel will be removed in a week or two.



The Luella Coal & Coke Co of Phillipi, W Va, this week declared a dividend. This is the second dividend that has been issued by this company during the present year. John T Robinson of Uniontown is president of the company.


Hendricks—Mr T W Ryan, former vice president of the J E Poling Co, of this place, has been appointed postmaster here to succeed A W Windom, who resigned. He will enter upon his new duties tomorrow, assisted by Miss Satie Patton.



In the District Court of the U S for the Northern District of W Va. In the matter of D M Nevitt, in Bankruptcy. To the creditors of D M Nevitt, of Keyser, W Va, in the county of Mineral, and district aforesaid, a bankrupt.

Notice is hereby given that on the 23rd day of December A D 1913, the said D M Nevitt, was duly adjudicated bankrupt, and that the first meeting of his creditors will be held at Martinsburg, W Va, in the office of Wilbur H Thomas, on the 6th day of January 1914, at one o’clock pm, at which time the said creditors may attend, prove their claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt, and transact such other business as may properly come before said meeting.

Wilbur H Thomas

Referee in Bankrupt



As Commissioners of Accounts, I have in my hands for settlement the accounts of the following fiduciaries:

H L Lyons, Administrator of the estate of A H Parish, deceased

John J Carney, Committee for Thomas Reddington

Laura A Bunnell, Admin of the estate of Anna B Murray, dec’d

J E Gardner, Admin of the estate of Jno W Gardner, dec’d

H T Greenwade, Admin of the estate of Sarah E Greenwade, dec’d

Richard Gerstell, Admin of the estate of Elizabeth J Woodworth, dec’d

Annie Paris, Committee for W R Paris

C C Seymour, Executor of the estate of Margaret McNeill, dec’d

Amy C Dixon, Guardian for Marshall Dixon

Amy C Dixon, Guardian for Samuel G Dixon

Given under my hand this 29th day of December 1913.

R A Welch

Com’r of Accounts





The regular annual meeting of the stockholders of the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Keyser, W Va, will be held on Thursday January 8, 1914, between the hours of 10 o’clock am and 3 o’clock pm, for the purpose of electing Directors and the transaction of such other business that may legally come before such meeting.

Geo R Davis




To the Stockholders of Said Company:

This is to notify you and each of you that the regular annual meeting of the Potomac Milling and Ice Co will be held at the office of Harry G Fisher, Armstrong street, Keyser, W Va, on Friday, January the 9th, 1914, at one o’clock pm.

Harry G Fisher



C E Harrison, doing business at Harrison’s Meat Market, having made an assignment to me as Trustee, for the benefit of his creditors, all persons knowing themselves indebted to the said C E Harrison are requested to pay their accounts at once and all persons having claims against the said C E Harrison are requested to file them properly probated, with the undersigned Trustee.

R A Welch



Mr Samuel Reese is suffering from a stroke of paralysis on Monday. This is the second attack within two years. As we go to Press we are told that he is slightly better.



Mrs Fred Long is in the city visiting relatives


Mr George Bane was a Cumberland visitor on Tuesday


Arthur West of Rowlesburg was in the city this week


Mr E F Giffin of Rowlesburg was in the city over Sunday


Mr Edgar Feller has returned from a holiday trip to Davis


Mr Prentiss Watson of Masontown, is here visiting friends


Miss Bessie Dawson is the guest of friends in Washington


Mr John Thornhill has returned from a visit to Front Royal, Va


Miss Lena Liller of Douglas spent a couple days here this week


Hon C H Vossler spent the holidays here with his home folks


Miss Lola Sharpless of Elkins, is visiting her mother for a few days


Miss Sue Johnson is spending the week with relatives in the country


Mrs Ed Hall of Cumberland was visiting relatives here last Saturday


Miss Florence Renshaw of Piedmont, is the guest of Mrs Isaac Mills


Mrs George Sheets and son have returned from a visit to New Jersey


Misses Christine and Catherine Clevenger are visiting in Cumberland


Miss Nancy and Payton Parker of Romney are visiting the Alkire home


Mr and Mrs Thomas Wenner of Cumberland spent Sunday with relatives


Mrs Ed Castle and daughter of Cumberland, visited relatives here this week


Mr Henry Pyles and family of Garrett, Ind, are visiting home folks here


Mrs A J Boor and two sons left Wednesday for Mt Pleasant for a visit to relatives


Mrs Harry Smith of Westernport, was the guest of Mrs George Bane on Tuesday


Mrs L B McCoole and son Calvin will leave today for Martinsburg for short visit


Miss Florence Dawson of Martinsburg, is the guest of her sister, Mrs Roy Warner


Mr Phillip Fetzer of Frostburg was this week the guest of his brother, J B Fetzer


Mr and Mrs Horace Menefee have been visiting Mrs Menefee’s parents in Westernport


Miss Daisy Cline has returned from Fairmont, where she attended the funeral of her aunt


Mrs Sam Lyons of W Va Junction spent Tuesday with her sister, Mrs L B McCoole


Mrs Arthur Akers has returned from Oakland, where she spent the holidays with her parents


Dr Charles Nesbitt of Wilmington, NC, has been visiting his sister, Mrs Carrie Sharpless


Mrs Louis Milholland of Cumberland, is visiting her sisters, Mrs Sadie Kinsey and Mrs Harry Markwood


Miss Elizabeth Hoffman of Philadelphia is the guest of her grandmother, Mrs Elizabeth Hoffman on Armstong street


Mr and Mrs George Rees of Washington, who have been the guests of Mrs B B Cavitt, returned home Sunday


Mrs M M Atkins returned home Wednesday evening from a visit to Westernport. She was accompanied by her daughter, Mrs Jno Barnard and children


Ernest C Brown of Bureau of Census, Washington DC, who have been spending a few days here left Thursday for Washington to resume his official duties


Mrs R A Welch entertained on Wednesday afternoon at her home on Water street in honor of her sister, Miss Nelle Edwards of Martinsburg, who is spending the holidays with her.


Observing an annual custom of the family, Mr and Mrs W H Markwood had a New Year house party, consisting of Mr and Mrs L C Milholland and two children, Louis and Fannie of Cumberland, Md, Mr and Mrs E H Smith and son, Herndon of Fairmont, Mr and Mrs C J Webb and two children, Thomas and Eleanor of Altoona, Pa, and Mrs W C Kinsey and two daughters, Frances and Martha.


Miss Ida Crawford was in Cumberland Tuesday


Miss Mattie Kight is in Piedmont for the week


Miss Augurita Shores was in Cumberland on Tuesday


Mrs P H Nefflen of Elkins, was in the city Wednesday


Mrs L H Gaston and children are visiting in Cumberland


Mr and Mrs William Offutt of Oregon, are visiting relatives here


Miss Franis Kinsey has returned from a visit to Cumberland


Mrs Henry Halbritter has returned from a visit to Clarksburg


Mrs C W Shelly is in the Hoffman hospital with typhoid fever


Mr Stewart Arnold came home to spend Christmas with his mother


Mr Richard Gerstell of Grafton spent the holidays here with his parents


Mrs Holmes Smith and Miss Isabell Sobraske are with friends in Wheeling


Mr and Mrs J Luther Arnold have returned from a visit at Washington


Miss Fannie Anderson of Rowlesburg, is the guest of Mrs Joe Shaffer


Dr and Mrs Jesse Little and son of Pittsburgh, are visiting Mrs Little’s parents


Mr and Mrs H B Grant of Ellicott City Md, are the guests of Mrs N D McCoole


Mrs Ida Menefee returned this week from a visit to her daughter in Baltimore


Mr and Mrs Charles Kiser of Alaska, are visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs S D Blair


Mrs Steve King and daughters of South Cumberland, are visiting Mrs John Burke


Mrs Ralph Wilson of Mt Savage, spent Christmas with her father, A W Coffroth


Mrs George Dermer and children of Alaska are visiting her father, Mr Robert McKane


Mrs Lucy Kuykendall and daughter Miss Nannie have been making a visit to Springfield


Mrs Belle Babb of Williamsport is visiting her sisters, Mrs Carskadon and Mrs Gelwicks


Mr and Mrs W R L Wenner and son Mark Hanna of Cumberland are visiting relatives


Mr Marsh Bean of Ohio has returned home after a visit here to his sister, Mrs E A Burke


Mrs Norman MacDonald has returned from Columbus Ohio where she visited her daughter


Misses Florence and Alta Cheshire of Beaver Run have been the guests of Mrs M A Tutwilder


Mr R B Yost has returned from Hampshire county, having been called there by the death of his brother


Mrs O M Smith of Petersburg, was here during the holidays visiting her mother, Mrs MacDonald


Mr and Mrs Charles M Babb and daughter of Morgantown have been making a visit here among relatives


Mr and Mrs J A Watson of Mannington spent the holidays here with her parents Mr and Mrs J M Hardy


Mr and Mrs Samuel Taylor of Baltimore, came up the first of the week to see their cousin, Mrs E P Hoffman


Mr and Mrs Arthur Welton wife and son spent Tuesday here, returned, accompanied by Cordelia and Rosalee Blair and Martha Dennison


Miss Virginia Dermer and two nieces, Helen and Mabel Long of Alaska spent several days during the holidays with their uncle, S D Blair


On Monday evening from 9 to 12, the post office force was entertained at the home of Mr and Mrs Ray Wells. A delicious supper was served at 10 o’clock


Mrs T D Leps entertained a number of her married lady friends Wednesday in the afternoon in honor of her sister, Miss King of Pocomoke City, Md, who is her guest during the holidays


Mrs W E Crooks went to Washington on Thursday to attend the funeral of her brother, Mr Frank R Harding, who died in Jacksonville, Fla, after a protracted illness. He will be buried in Glenwood cemetery beside his father and mother.



Must we again call your attention to the unpaid subscription? The year is fast drawing to a close and we would like to begin 1914 with every subscriber paid up. We are mailing statements to those in arrears, and if you fail to respond we shall be obligated to discontinue the paper. Let this call bring a hearty response, for we know you want the paper.


Keyser, W Va, Dec 24, 1913

The Keyser Nest of Owls has a Despensation from the Home Nest of Owls to open their charter for the next 60 days and will take new members in for $5 for the benefit of those wishing to get the funeral benefits of $250 at the small sum of 25c a month for all those wishing to take advantage of this offer now is the time to make application. Everybody is joining the Owls.



There will be divine services in Emmanuel church on January 4, 1914, the Second Sunday after Christmas, as follows:

Celebration of the Holy Communion at 8 am

Sunday School, Mr C M Miller, Supt, 9:45am

Sermon and Celebration of the Holy Communion 11am

Evening Prayer and sermon 7:30pm

The public are most cordially invited to attend all the services

R E L Strider, Rector


The Christmas exercises at the M E Church, South, on last Sunday morning and evening were enjoyed by a large congregation, both at morning and evening services. The service consisted principally of music, vocal and instrumental. The orchestra was at its best, and for the special music of this occasion showed the able leadership of Prof McIlwee and long hard practice of the members. The brief remarks by the pastor were in harmony with the service and of much interest. The whole service was very pleasing and interesting, and we trust will be an inspiration of the Sunday school lasting throughout the year of 1914.



Following is the program of the Union Week of Prayer services. The general theme of the week will be “The Church and The Unchurched.”

Monday, Jan 5th, Lutheran Church, Subject: “Inside the fold, or the duty of one Christian to another” Speaker, Rev M H Keen

Tuesday, Jan 6th, United Brethren Church, Subject: “The privileges of the fold, or what the church means to my spiritual life” Speaker, Rev H F Baughman

Wednesday, Jan 7th, Grace M E Church, Subject: “Outside the fold, or Why ‘Smith’ doesn’t go to church.” Speaker, Rev F H Havenner, DD

Thursday, Jan 8th, Presbyterian Church, Subject, “Why should Smith go to church?” Speaker, Rev R G Hammond

Friday Jan 9th,First M E Church, Subject, “The church reaching the unchurched, or How can we win Smith?” Speaker, Rev A O Price


Rev R G Hammond received a telegram Wednesday announcing the death of his brother, E E Hammond, at his home in Indianapolis, Ind. Rev and Mrs Hammond left for once for that city to attend the burial.



Mr J A Tachuor, assistant master mechanic for the B&O at this place, has been promoted to master mechanic at Washington, Ind, which is the second largest shop on the B&O system. He has been in the employ of the B&O but about three years and was promoted solely on his merit. He has not been in Keyser very long, but during his stay here he has effected the organization of the working force and improved the facilities for doing the work, in such a manner as to show his wonderful ability. He came into the employ of the B&O from Connellsville, and was formerly with the L S & M S RR, and wherever he goes he is rapidly promoted. He leaves here with the best wishes of the employees with whom he had dealings, having made many staunch friends among the employees from the laborer to those higher up, and while they regret having him go, are well pleased to feel that he has received a well deserved promotion.


The First National Bank of Keyser has filed its application with the Treasury Department to join the Federal Reserve System under the new currency bill. This is the first bank in this section to take action and the tenth in W Va. The largest and strongest banks in the US are joining and the success of the new system seems assured.



Baltimore, Md, Jan 1, 1914

To all employees:

Once more I wish to extend to all employees of The Baltimore and Ohio System, my best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year, and at the same time I wish to assure all of my appreciation of their loyal service and support during the year just ended. The year of 1913 has been one of unusual difficulties for the Baltimore and Ohio company. Never in its entire history has it met with such great disaster and was occasioned by unprecedented floods of last March. However, except for a few bridges, which have not yet been permanently rebuilt, the damaged caused by the high water has been repaired, but the making of the necessary repairs together with the loss of business during the interruption has imposed an excessive and most unusual burden upon the company during the last nine months. It is to be regretted that the smaller volume of business to be handled at the present time has made it necessary to reduce the force and curtail expenses as much as possible in all directions. It is hoped that conditions will soon mend to such an extent that the business of this company may again be on the basis of one year ago and the forces fully restored. While under existing conditions the most rigorous economy is necessary. It should be clearly understood that nothing is to be done which will in the slightest degree adversely effect the safety of operations, and in that connection I wish to again urge the request contained in my message one year ago today, that all keep constantly in mind during the year just begun, the importance of “Safety First”. Safety first means not only safety for the traveling public and our patrons generally, but also safety for each individual employee. Much has been done in that direction, I am glad to say, during the past year, and I hope we have the hearty and active co-operation of all during the year just begun.

Daniel Willard




FOR SALE—Farm, two miles from Keyser. U G Workman, Keyser, W Va


NURSING—A practical nurse will go out on cases of all kinds. Apply at Tribune office


VIAVI TREATMENT—I will be at the Reynold’s Hotel the second and last Wednesday of every month, from 1 until 3 o’clock pm. Mrs L M Kenniston, Manager


ROOMERS WANTED—All conveniences. Apply at this office.


MISS IDA CRAWFORD, AGENT, SPIRELLA CORSET—As advertised in the Ladies Home Journal, Delineator, etc. 127 W Piedmont Street. Phone 164 F