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APRIL 4, 1913



The Lincoln Vacuum Carpet Cleaner, is what any child can use and every family needs, a regular $10 article all next week only at $7.50. The Sincell Co


A three-year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Irah Johnson, of South Keyser, died yesterday afternoon. The interment will be at Duling Church Cemetery Sunday. The child had a malignant diphtheritic croup.


Madame Sibyl Sammis MacDermid, dramatic soprano, and one of the most brilliant artists of Chicago, will give a concert in the Prep auditorium , Tuesday, April 29th, at 8:15 pm, for the benefit of the Y W C A.


Mayor F H Babb has forwarded to Governor Hatfield $152.25, contributions to the flood sufferers of the west. Of this amount the Prep school as a body, gave $16.00, and the Epworth League of the M E church $35.00. Contributions are continuing to come in, and it is hoped the fund will materially grow yet. Mayor Babb has decided to send all the moneys to the Governor and leave the distribution to him as he is in a position to best know where it is most needed.


The hospital corps of the First Infantry, W Va National Guard, composed a large number of young men of Piedmont and this vicinity and under the direction of Mayor Z T Kalbaugh of Piedmont, has leased the third floor of the post office building for an armory. The boys have received their uniforms, tents, equipage, etc, and soon as they can be properly drilled will be ready to be called out in case of emergency.


There is a good opening at this office for a boy aged about 15 years or over, a boy of good industrious habits, who is accustomed to obey his parents, and who wants to learn a good trade or profession.


Miss Jennie Smith, the widely known railway evangelist and so well known here, will address a meeting here in the interest of the railway men in Music Hall Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. All employees in whatever branch of railroad service are requested to attend, and the public in general is cordially invited. She will arrive here Friday.


Geo Blakemrn, a B&O brakeman, is in the Hoffman hospital being treated for injuries received in the service, Wednesday night. His injuries are not of serious nature.


Our "greese monk" Russell Stickley and another young man boarded their bicycles Wednesday morning for a days fish on Patterson's Creek. They say they did not see a fish much less catch one. It rained while they were over there, and when they reached Knobley coming back "Stick" says it was a field of mud, so we got out our "mud diggers" put them on and were soon at the top. A forty hundred could not hold us down this side.

"Old toothache" was down to see us Friday with his jaws swelled up like a pup with the mumps.

Electrician Billy Liller paid us a visit Thursday. He says that his back gives him some trouble and that his under pinning is not as strong as it was before he fell.

Blacksmith Garret Corbin has returned to work after being on the sick list.

Re-Pete Pettet is back in the harness again after being off duty about ten days

Repairs are being made to the G A Glaze Amusement Car. Mr Glaze informs us that they will go on the road about May 1.

Catching Rats With Fish Hooks

An old ex-B&O man told us the following:"When I was a boy in the country one ground floor room of our house was used to store grain and nuts in. As there was an old fireplace in the room, we boys spent some of the long winter days in it by catching rats. As there were a number of holes in the floor, we boys would bait our fish hooks with corn, drop them down the holes. The rats would swallow the corn and then we would pull them out and kill them. We caught and killed many of them in this way.


"Miss Lydia Millman, will organize a children's Dancing class-Saturday afternoon, April 5th, at half past two Bachelor's Hall, Bane building, adult's classes now forming."


Mr and Mrs Enoch Kight spent yesterday in Piedmont

Miss P Batteir is visiting relatives at Rowlesburg

Mr Snyder has bought a building lot of Ed Geldbaugh. He purposes building an 8 room house on it.

Mrs W P Ferrebee and a friend of Hampshire county are guests of Mrs A K Bazzle

Conductor W J Cathers who was injured in the Grafton yards first of the week, is able to be on the street, but is very weak from loss of blood and will not be able to resume his regular turn for several days.

Mrs Obed Babb of Cherry Lane Farm, Grant county, who has been visiting his sons here Mayor F H Babb and Dr W M Babb, has gone home.

Editor D W Snyder of the Cumberland Alleganian is an applicant for the Cumberland post office. There are a number of others.

The Bachelors Club hall has been leased to Jean Cross

The Commercial class of the Prep school presented the infant son of Prof and Mrs C P Moore with a ring and a handsome bouquet.

Ladreth's Garden Seeds-Irish Cobbler, Burnbank, Hebron and Early Rose seed potatoes, at McDonald's

Mrs J H Miers has just heard from Mr and Mrs H W Miller and family who have been in Huntington for some time, that they are safe and well from the flood and fire of that city. They live on West Third Ave, the flooded district. Mrs Miller is the daughter of Mrs Miers

H Halbritter who is remodeling his property where he now resides, on Armstrong street, has decided to make a storeroom on the front. This will be occupied by Basil Martin, who is already in business on the opposite side of street.

Note the special line of green groceries in Dayton's ad on page three.

Mrs David Parker is quite ill at her home on South Main street

Mr Gus Olsen is on the sick list

Earl Moran was a business visitor to Piedmont this morning

Mr Amus Walters has returned after a few weeks visit to his old home in Virginia

A telegram was received at Elkins stating that Charles S Moore, died very suddenly in Richmond, Va, Wednesday morning, April 2. Mr Moore was formerly a resident of Elkins having taught in the public school for several years, but has been living in Richmond for about ten years. Mr Moore was a brother of Mrs Paul Brown and Mrs S M Hall of Elkins.

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Geo W Sechrist, expert piano tuner will be at my store during the month of May. Leave orders at music store. W C Pifer

If you want a stylish pair of pumps or oxfords, see the new styles just added to I M Long's stock

The Sincell Co have some very attractive features in their new ad of today. To read it is to learn of them. It's worth your while, and more

Large shipments of dry goods just received at I M Long's. Up-to-date styles for Spring and Summer

W W Degler, brother of Mrs Warren Harr, who has been in Baltimore for some time, is here today visiting his sister. He is enroute to Davis