OCTOBER 4, 1912


  Rev Bursey Ludwick is continuing his meeting at the Union School House this week but expects to close next Sun evening. He has his family, wife and four little boys, with him.
  At the council meeting Peter Arnold and J B Leatherman were selected delegates to District Meeting to be held in Alleghany church on Sat, Oct 26.
  D R Leatherman and son, W B L and family have already left their home on Pattersons Creek for their new home at Frederick Md, a fine home as we understand it, lying up against the city, and cost them fifteen and a half thousand dollars. Last Sat was their sale and Mon started. W B L and Earnest Hickle drove through with five horses and wagon and buggy, and the others, including Miss Emma Duling, who has been living with Mr L's for several years. J H Arnold rented the farm for a year, and is moving to it, this week. And Jake Huffman,w ho lives up at the Leatherman's orchard, Chert Mt orchard, has promised to move down to Jim Arnold's home soon.
  John Knabenshue has advertised his sale for the 8th of this month. It is said he will move to Keyser.
  Nick Biser of Keyser, has fruit farm and some personal property on Middle Ridge advertised to sell at public sale 26 inst.
  G S Arnold's sale of part of his personal property came of last Mon afternoon. Today, Wed, all are starting froM Bridgewater, VA, where they will make their home for awhile.
  Mr and Mrs Arnold are going through by private conveyance, but Miss Bessie is going by rail.
  D B Arnold, and wife, and Miss Myrtle Shoemaker, and Miss Vida Miller, were all down attending sales and visiting several days.
  The communion services will be held at Tearcoat next Sat evening. A series of meetings was a begun there last Sat evening by Rev Will Conner, of Va. The love feast meeting here will be held Oct 12th. The first service will be held at 3 pm, the second at 5pm. Sun there will be a children's meeting. All are invited.
  James Spurding and wife who occupy the old Ludwick house, have moved down to the old Whiteman's house.
  G S A


  Mrs R A Barber returned Wed from Keyser.
  Born to Mr and Mrs John Robinson, Fri, a son.
  Mrs J W Lambert, is the guest of relatives at Keyser.
  Frank and Phillip Vetter left Sat for a weeks' visit at Moorefield.
  Misses Marie Hutton and Grace Mateer of Hendricks, were Davis visitors Sun.
  Robt Leth, of Bloomery, Hampshire county, was in town for several days the past week looking after his real estate. - News of 26th.


  Sept 24 -
  We have thought for the past few weeks to say good bye to the dear old Tribune and leave the field to Lucas, but Lucas, poor Lucas, has gone to nodding again and I suppose we must give him a friendly reminder to wake him up. Maybe he ate too much chicken at the picnic last Sat, but hope he will get over it and give us the news once more.
  Last Sat evening, the entire community turned out in regalia and gathered under the beautiful shade trees at the Dawson school house to celebrate their annual Sun school picnic. The children romped on the sward. The young people engaged in a few games of sport, while the fathers and mothers chatted in the shade until 4:30 when the pastor, Rev E H Showaese mounted the school house steps and gave a splendid and inspiring address on the importance of the sun school work, after which the ladies spread a bountiful supper on the green grass of which all partook, and oh, how the chicken did fly (but not with wings) and then all adjourned to their homes, carrying with them fond remembrance of the pleasant affair, and gratitude to their superintendent, R S Dayton, and assistant superintendent, I L Vanmeter.
  Mrs Arthur Robinson and daughter, Marguerite of Westernport, spent last Sat and Sun the guests of Mrs Henry C Shimer.
  Miss Cora Murry and Mr Auston Miller of Cumberland, visited relatives and friends here Sat & Sun.
  Well, Bro Lucas, we would like to whisper in your ear and tell you that the stork was around the night of the 12th and left a fine baby girl at the home of S D Dawson, but somebody might hear and then it makes enough noise, anyhow.
  Miss Bessie Leatherman, of Keyser, was the guest of S D Dawson's family last Sun.
  E H Gerstell returned Thurs of last week from Petersburg, where he had been taking a few days fishing, but reports that it is too dry up there for fish to bite. Even the political fish don't bite hard yet, but wait awhile, their season will come bye and bye.
  Robert Shultz, Jr, of Springfield, visited relatives here last Sun and Mon.
  E B Baker and wife, of McCoole, visited J R Baker's family last Sat night and Sun.
  Mr Harry Robison, who recently purchased the store property of the late Floyed Stotler at this place has taken charge with a full line of merchandise and prices as low as the lowest. We wish him success in his new adventure.
  We are having considerable rain which increases the farmers' anxiety about the safety of his corn crop as the corn is quite green and it is feared that the frost will get it before it will do to cut.
  What has become of the Mountain Girl. Guess she is singing a lullaby too. That is too bade.

  Oct 2
  Jack Frost made himself both felt and seen here Tues morning and was quite an unwelcome guest.
  Rev S D Dawson started for Martinsburg Tues to be present at the U B annual conference.
  Farmers are all very busy cutting corn.
  Mrs R L Yonker and son, Master Lee of Keyser, is spending a few days this week with her parents, MR and Mrs I L VanMeter.
  Mrs Margaret McKenzie of Rawlings is visiting relatives here this week.
  Mr and Mrs Charles Alkire of Keyser, were visiting at H C Dawson's Sun.
  Mrs George Mcintosh was called to Cumberland Sat on account of the illness of her daughter, Mrs Thomas Ruckman.
  Mr Flaccus is now erecting a large barn on the farm lately purchased from H C Dawson at this place, also expects to erect two new dwelling houses in the near future.
  Mrs Edith Swaner spent Sat and Sun with friends at Bloomington.
  Eva, little daughter of Mr and Mrs John Mellon is ill at this writing.
  Rutlege Yonker was visiting his parents at Orleans last week.
 Mr Silas Condict of New York, was here Sat.


  Harry Kitzmiller of Shaw, is registrar in his precinct, No 1 and in No 2, Elk Garden, and in No 3 Oakmont. On account of the conditions in the registrar's oath "to support the nominees of the ticket" now one could be secured as Republican registrar in the last two precincts named above. In consequence of this Mr Kitzmiller is registrar in other precincts than his own, and the sittings of the registrars, John H Tice and Mr Kitzmiller for Elk Garden has been changed form Oct 7th and 8th to Oct 9th and 10th at E M Norman & Co's store.
  The death of Mrs Beasy Kilroy, wife of Thomas Kilroy of Meyersdale, was noted last week. She was 42 years old and died of childbirth, the babe is dead also. She leaves eight children. Those attending the funeral services from this place were John Kenny, brother of the deceased, and other relatives. Jack and Bartley Kilroy, John McNally, Mrs George Middleton, Fred J Ravenscraft and wife.
  J Eston Winsboro has been transferred from the B&L store at this place to Old Dominion Supply Co, at Carbon Hill, Va, twelve miles from Richmond. Frederick M Dean is employed in this store. They are delighted with work at this place and the climate.
  The Elk Garden school started off very favorably last Mon morning under almost a new corps of teachers. There was much hustling to secure the newly adopted books. All seemed anxious to secure the new books and depositor Walter Simpson was kept busy handing out the books. Teachers and pupils are much pleased with the newly adopted school books. Mrs Nina McCall resigned on account of the serious sickness of her mother. Miss Annie Fleming was promoted to the fifth grade and the teachers are Mr Willie Cooper, principal and assistants, Misses Nelle M Smith, Annie C Fleming, Nina Knabenshue, Mamie White and Mary Mason.
  Three frosts make the rabbits fat. We have had the three frosts. Now bring on the rabbits.
  Mr Chris Yager is a prominent member of a certain secret order. This explains why he is very proud over the recent advent in his family of a young Knight of Pythias.
  Miss Sue Smith accompanied her sister, Miss Nelle Smith, who came last Sat to teach school at Elk Garden. Miss Sue will remain here a fortnight.
  Rev L C Messick went to Martinsburg this week to the Annual Conference of the U B church. He goes paid up in full, and was the eighth minister in the conference to receive a receipt "paid up in full on conference claims."
  The revival at Nethken Hill under Rev John A Shockey continues and the interest in the meeting keeps up.
  Rev W W White and F C Rollman, had service at Emoryville last Sun and received several members into the church.


  Press (Petersburg) of 26th
  Born, Mon night, to Reuben Evans and wife, a boy.
  Miss Margaret Taylor, returned to Baltimore, Thurs.
  William Selvey, of Romney, is here visiting his uncle, E M Johnson.
  Mr and Mrs E J Allen are visiting relatives at the Junction this week.
  Miss Myrtle Vossler, of Maysville, is here the guest of Mrs J N Judy.
  Wilbur and Worth Ludwig, of the Junction, spent last Fri night here.
  Mr and MRS H E Schell were visiting at Andy Seymour's near Moorefield the first of the week.
  Mrs Fred Klencke, of Piedmont, arrived here Sun evening to visit her mother, Mrs A A Parks.
  One day last week Reuben Evans had his toes on one foot badly mashed by a wagon loaded with bark running over them.
  Luther Rogers and family, of Keyser, were here Wed visiting Mrs Rogers' brother, I S Alt. They were on their return home form a visit to relatives in Pendleton county.
  T M Rotruck, of Williamsport, is here helping to invoice the stock of general merchandise of Shank & Co. Las week I V Inskeep, as administrator of the estate of Geo B Shank, sold this entire stock to John A Parks.
  Arnold S Ours, a railway mail clerk, of Grafton, is here on an eighteen day lay off. Arnold was in the wreck on No 3 last Sun week and got shook up pretty badly sustaining a bruised knee. He says he would not go through with another such an experience for a thousand dollars even though he knew he would came out uninjured.
  Sept 23
  Old "Grandpap" Ebert mad business trip to Keyser last week.
  Death entered the home of John Lemon last Wed and claimed little George, two years old. The little one was ailing from Sun with cholera infantum and developed brain fever also. Rev Geo Burgess conducted the funeral at the home and interment was in the Lemon graveyard.


  Review (Romney) of 25th
  Mr and Mrs Henry Bohrer, of Cumberland, spent last week with Mrs Annie McBride.
  Misses Lelia and Irene Houser spent last week with Mrs W W Carder, at Green Spring.
  Mrs Freddie Davis, of Greenville, Ky, is visiting her mother, Mrs Wm Bierkamp, here.
  Mrs Lewis K Dinkle and son Lewis, are spending the week with relatives at Charles Town.
  Mrs I V Parker, Mrs J M Poling and Mrs Floyd Keller are visiting friends in Berkeley Springs.
  Mrs Wm C Page and daughter, Miss Virginia, of Baltimore, are guests of Mr and Mrs Wm Trapnell.
  Mrs Joseph Trapnell, after a week's visit to her son's family here, returned to Charles Town Thurs.
  Mrs J T Goldsborough and Mrs Helen Heatwole, left Thurs to visit friends in Frederick County, Md.
  Miss Rose Hendrickson returned to Hampshire Club last week, after spending the summer in Moorefield.
  Miss Alma Pancake returned home Sat from several days visit to Mrs Edward Shaffer in Chicago Ill.
  John J Cornwell, Jr and William Baird, Jr returned to Shenandoah Valley Academy, Winchester, Thurs.
  Miss Jean Dailey has been spending a week with her niece, Miss Rebecca Baird, who is sick at Fort Loudoun Seminary, Winchester.
  Edgar Mytinger, of Keyser, spent last week here with his parents, Mr and Mrs Wm Mytinger. He was accompanied by Glenn Workman and Ned Mellor, who spent several days with him.
  J S Shingleton, brought to town Mon a bag of coal from a five foot vein on Short Mt. The coal is shaley in appearance, but is said to burn freely.
  J M Offutt, brought a potato to the Review office last week that weighed two pounds, after having a piece cut off, Mr Offutt says it is no Bull Mooser, either.
  Miss Pauline Taylor, of The Maples, was a weed end guest of Mrs Pue's. She and Miss Maggie Guthrie, and Mr and Mrs Pue spent Sun with friends at Three Churches.
  Rev Dr Brooke, of Romney, assisted with the series of meetings at the Presbyterian Church last week.
  Mrs Sue Washington and daughters, Mrs M Campbell and Miss Nannie Washington of Fern Dale, and Mrs Taylor of South Branch, were guests of Mrs Blue during the past week.
  The many friends of N B Guthrie will be glad to know that he is rapidly improving under the special treatment of Dr A B Butt at Davis, and that he expects to be home to vote for Wilson.
  June Kuykendall was with his sister, Mrs Chas Blue, several days last week.
  Mrs Snyder and little granddaughter, Mary Kerns, have returned to Springfield.
  Mr William Hogue, of Wheeling, has joined his wife at James H Blue's and together they are going on a northern trip.
  Henry Campbell has returned to Washington and Lee University.
  Review (Romney) of 2nd
  Mrs Fanny Taylor of south Branch, is visiting relatives here.
  Paul Milleson left last week attend a business college in Richmond Va.
  Miss Agnes Armstrong of Ellamore W Va, is the guest of Miss M B Foote.
  Mrs Daily Kenney is visiting her sister, Mrs Chas Coleman at Duquesne Pa.
  W M Mytinger left last week for Rainelle, where he has secured a position as clerk.
  Among the marriage licenses in Cumberland last week was one to Riley Estus Davy and Lena Mable Fuller, both of Romney>
  Myrtle Leonie Keckley was born Sept 1, 1911, and died Sept 21, 1912, aged 1 year and 21 days.
  Mrs Fannie Pancake is visiting her son, Campbell Pancake after spending the summer in North Carolina.
  Robert Daily Jr and Garrett Parsons, Jr, spent a couple of days last week in Myersdale attending the fair.
  Miss Alice Parsons, of Wappocomo, is visiting her sister, Mrs Geo Brackett at Flemington.
  Miss Susan Kuykendall left Mon for South Carolina, where she will teach this winter.
  Miss Virginia Stump left Mon to attend school at Powhatan College, Charles Town.
  E M Gilkeson, of Parkersburg, spent several days here last week. He is largely interested in the Fairfax Orchard Co, organized a few days ago, which purchased of G W Parsons his young orchard, together with all his land lying on the west side of the river.
  Dr T K Oates, of Martinsburg, was here last week, having been called by Dr Martin, of Augusta, to perform some difficult operations. Dr Oats is a native of this county, another Hampshire boy, who is making good. He is located at Martinsburg, and has a hospital which has proven a boon to that community.
  W A Shannon's family was called to Keyser Fri by the death in a railroad accident in Illinois, of the son of George Parsons.
  Miss Mary Shannon visited Miss Mary Linthicum, of Romney, last week.
  Miss Lucy Hurst, who has been spending the summer with her sister, Mrs Oliver, returned to her home Sat at Falls church Va, accompanied by her brother in law, Rev G G Oliver.
  Miss Black, of Philadelphia, is a guest at Ridge Dale.
  Miss Katie Sims of Keyser, Miss Taylor of the Maples and Mr and Mrs J W Thompson of three Churches, were guests of Mrs Pue last week.
  Mrs J Raymond Kirk, of Paw Paw, will have as her guests this week her sister-in-law, Mrs George Lucas, and Mrs Phil Huff, of Roanoke Va.
  E A McGlathery and sister, Mrs Crounse, are having two dwelling houses erected at Green Spring.
  Robert Washington, has gone to Manhattan, Kansas, to attend school.
  Born to Mr and Mrs John Kincaid, Sept 23rd a son.


  Moorefield Examiner of 26th
  Mrs Wm Dailey, who spent a few days here last week, returned to Romney Fri.
  Mrs A R McNeill left this week for a visit to Mr and Mrs E P Brown, near Baltimore.
  Miss Margurite Boggs, who visited here last week, returned to her home near Cumberland Fri morning.
  Mr and Mrs Adam Dichart, of Washington, arrived last week on a visit to Mr and Mrs R A Wilson.
  Mrs I S McNeill left Fri morning fro a visit to Cumberland. Mr McNeill returned to his home in Harrisonburg in his auto.
  Sen Price has had his store building painted and papered, which makes quite an improvement. Mas A Clinedinst & Son did the work.
  Mrs Hannah Breinig and Miss Margaret Whiteman, of the Junction, spent a few days last week visiting Mr and MRS Grover Mathias, in the Old Fields.
  A consignment of bass was received here last week by G H W Simon, of Milam, from the Government hatchery. We understand Mr Simon took them to Peru, where they were put in the South Fork.
  We are in receipt of a card from Mrs John Ultz, of Stark, Maine, conveying the sad news of the serious illness of Miss Bessie Utz, who has just undergone another serious operation for adhesion. She is very ill, but hopes are entertained for her recovery, and her many friends here sincerely trust that recovery may be speedy.
  We are glad to say that the people of Moorefield are throwing their homes open for the entertainment of the old soldiers, at the reunion on Oct 9th. We knew they would do so.
  Mrs Rebecca Brown left Tues to visit relatives at Reese's Mills.
  Mrs Mary Heath has sold her place west of Moorefield to, to Andy Brown.
  Miss Ruth Randolph left Tues morning for a visit to friends at Pittsburg.
  Wm Godlove, an aged and highly respected citizen of Wardensvile, died at his home this week, after a short illness.
  Mr and Mrs Ernest bowman spent one day here last week on their way to their home in Franklin, from Baltimore.
  Howard Fogle, of Westernport, was here last week on his way to visit relatives at Lost River.
  Mrs E Tucker and children of Vanderlip spent several days here last week visiting relatives.
  Dr Geo H Carpenter, of Cumberland, spent several days the past week here with his daughter, Mrs Everson.
  Moab Simmons has been suffering very much with a badly bruised leg, caused by catching it between two logs.
  Mr and MRS H M Trueheart and daughter, Miss Rebecca, of Galveston, Texas, arrived Wed evening on a short visit to Mr and MRS Jos I Cunningham.
  Mrs W C Paskel and daughter, Miss Fannie, returned Tues evening from a pleasant visit to relatives at Hagerstown.
  Mrs Art Heath, who underwent an operation in the Cumberland hospital, returned home very much improved.
  C C Arbogast, of Keyser and E M Grant of Cumberland, were here this week submitting bids on the heating plant for the Presbyterian church.
  Miss Ada Bowen left lst Sat morning for Woodbridge, Va, where she will teach school the coming winter. Her many friends here regret very much her departure.
  Mrs Milton Vetter, who has been visiting in Davis, returned home Sun accompanied by her sons Frank and Phillip, of Davis, and Mrs Bailey of Cumberland, who will visit here.
  Mrs Geo W Fisher and daughter, Jean, who have been on an extended visit to Atlantic City and the Valley of Va, returned home this week. MR Fisher spent several days in the Valley with them the past week.
  Jacob W Andes and Miss Josephine Dyer Kline, daughter of Mr and Mrs John S Kline, were married in Harrisonburg this week. The bride is a native of Hardy County, but has been living in Rockingham for some time.
  Ed S Cunningham, of Mansfield Ill, arrived yesterday evening on a visit to his sister, Mrs Kate Taylor, and other relatives. He was accompanied by Isaac N VanMeter, who went to Petersburg, to visit Wm C VanMeter.
  At a meeting of the Hardy Co Ratification Federation Sat night, held in the office of G W McCauley, and called at the request of Wm B Catlett, of this state, Ratification Federation, the Rev C D Gilkeson and the Hon G W McCauley were elected the speakers and publicity committee; Hon R C Price, the Rev J B Henry and Dr R W Love were selected as the working and steering committee; L S Halterman was elected county chairman in place of Dr Love, whose pressing professional duties made his resignation necessary.


  Misses May and Bernie Duling were at Blaine last Wed.
  Misses Susie and Nina Parr, of Hancock Md, were visiting friends here last week.
  Mrs Dr Lady Morgan is on a business visit to Baltimore.
  Misses Delphia and Katie Duling recently returned from a visit to Baltimore and Washington.
  Misses Sarah and Fannie Burgess, of Laurel Dale, were the guests of the Misses Ludwick last week.
  Mr S R Duling lost a fine cow one day last week from some kind of murrain.
  Miss Maggie Duling returned from Blaine last week. She had been there some time as nurse for a case of typhoid fever.
  Mrs Yeager, of Pocahontas county is on a visit to her son, F C Yeager. He is teaching the Hartmonsville school.
  Mr G N Emory and daughters, Olive and Myrtle, and Mr Chas Frederick of Oakland, called on friends here last Fri.
  Mr Vernon Rodruck, of Shaw was the guest of W P Rodruck's last Sun.
  Misses Cora Ludwick, Katie and Carrie Duling attended communion services at the Brick church, near Scherr, last Sat.
  Mr Jas Bosley has moved to Shaw, and is going to work on the railroad repairs this winter.
  Messrs E A Ludwick and T W Shillingburg went to Burlington last Sat.
  Mr G R Dye, of Ridgeville, went out to his mountain farm near Mt Storm Mon.
  Jack Frost was an unwelcome visitor on Fri and Sat nights. We presume it did some damage to the late corn.
  Mr W G Welch, better known as "Bunk" of Black Diamond Mine, visited home folks near Ridgeville last Sun.
  Mr W T Abernathy lost a horse last week. We did not learn the cause.


  Oakland, Sept 23 -
  A certificate of incorporation has been filed in the office of the clerk of the circuit court, by the Garrett Publishing Co, capitalized at $5,000. The object of the corporation is to publish a weekly newspaper and to do a general printing business. The incorporators are: Attorney G Semmes Hamill, Jr; Mr T L Warnick and Squire John Shartzer of Oakland; Mr Henry Friend, merchant, Crellin, and Mr Clarence V Gaurd, of Friendsville. The stockholders are scattered throughout the county. The compnay have the refusal of and expects to buy the Garrett Co Journal, published by James D Hamill. the company will make the paper strictly independent in politics.
  Mr D R Sloan of Lonaconing, was a week end visitor at this place. While here he talked up the advantages offered to Garrett county farmers by the Alleghany-Garrett Agricultural Society. Mr Sloan predicted some extraordinary exhibits at the festival to be held next month. He told of two farmers, one who raised 65 bushels of oats on an acre of ground, the other 70 acres. another farm on five acres raised 860 bushels of 72 bushels an acre. Another threshed 448 bushels from 8 acres, or 56 bushels an acre.
  The champion Garrett county oat raiser is John Wilt of North Glade, having raised 1105 bushels.
  Mr and Mrs R G Richardson have returned to Piedmont. Their son, Carl, has been invited to spend next summer at the Deer Park hotel and teach amateur photography and print souvenir post cards, as one of the amusements for guests of the hotel.

  Sept 29
  J W Markville, of Kitzmiller, this county was awarded the contract to build the new public school house at Sulphur W Va, for $895.
  The county school commissioners have awarded a contract to C J B(?an)ce to build a schoolhouse at Eagle Rock, for $450.
  The minimum salaries of teachers in Garrett Co has been raised from $27 to $28 per month.
  Albert Long, son of Rev Thos S Long, was awarded the scholarship at the Md Institute of Art at Baltimore.
  The past few days two of Garrett county's oldest citizens were buried. John Add Delawder was buried Fri morning. For over 52 years he resided in this county. He was 83 years old and is survived by three sons and a daughter.
  Levi Erhard was buried Fri afternoon. He was born in Pa, but had died lived in Garrett County for a half a century. He leaves a widow, two sons and five daughters.
  Rev C C Reid, pastor of the Methodist church at Kitzmiller, this county, was called to Buckhannon W Va, last week to attend a funeral. While there he was stricken with typhoid fever.
  Simon Baker, a nearby farmer, raised on five acres of land 360 bushels of oats, or 72 bushels an acre. John Wilt of North Glade had a crop of 1105 bushels, the largest report received to date.

  Oct 2
  Mrs ?D/B E Wells Of Keyser W Va, is visiting Mr and Mrs Samuel Lawton of this city.
  Miss Douglas Sincell, left for Washington DC, Tues to resume her studies in Madison Hall.
  Rev Dr Riker and family, Attorney Edward Sincell, wife and mother, Mrs Leah Sincell, left here Tues in their automobiles on a trip to Gettysburg, Annapolis, Washington and the Va Valley.


  Miss Susan Culp, who has been ill for the past three weeks, is convalescent.
  Mr and Mrs C E Robinson of Cumberland Md, spent Thurs with Mrs J H Smith.
  Mr Tilden Long, of Short Gap, spent Sun with his brother, Mr I E Long.
  Rev George Oliver, is going to begin revival service here the middle of next week.
  Epworth League was organized here last Sun. The following officers were elected: President, Mr O W Johnson; first vice president, Mrs J H Smith; 2nd vice president, Mrs J H Hershberger; 3rd vice president, Miss Charlotte Cozad; 4th vice president, Miss Grace Long; secretary, Mr Henry Logsdon; treasurer, Mr W A Kern; Epworth Era Agent, Miss Ida Logsdon, and organist Mrs Wm Logsdon.
  The General Railway Signal Co, are installing a signal plant at this place. They expect to be several months completing it.
  Mrs Emma Grace, of Short Gap, spent Sun with relatives here.
  Mr Harry Bloom, of Thornton, W Va, spent Sun with friends here.
  Mrs Cozad left Sat for Evansville, where she will spend some time with her mother.
  Mrs N C Small and two children, of Clear Spring Md, are visiting the former's mother, Mrs John Logsdon.
  Miss Helen Louise Smith is attending the Keyser Preparatory school.
  Mrs Percival Lantz, of Alaska, and her guest, Miss Clara Ensign, of New York, called on Mrs Smith Fri afternoon.
  Miss Olive Pennal, of Cumberland, is visiting Miss Mildred Culp.
  Mrs M H Duckworth, spent several days in Cumberland with relatives.
  Miss Ruth White, of Cumberland, and Miss Harriet Guiese, of Sunsberry Pa, spent Mon with Miss Willie Smith.
  Mr and Mrs Edward Kaylor are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby boy.
  School will open here the first of Oct. The advanced teacher is Miss Susie VanMeter; Primary, Miss Charlotte Cozad.
  The Martin Mountain Orchard Co, are shipping peaches on the average of two carloads a day.
  Misses Lucy and Mary Rhodes spent Sat and Sun with their mother, Mrs John Logsdon.


  Franklin Review of 27th
  Miss Matilda Waggy, died Mon morning at the Parish Farm of consumption.
  Last Sat while Russell, son of Johnson Smith, of Ruddle, was out hunting squirrels he saw a large chicken hawk after a large fox squirrel. He fired at the hawk and killed both the hawk and squirrel. The hawk was a very large one, measuring nearly five feet.
  Dr and Mrs S B Johnson left Tues morning for Shady Grove, Pa, to attend the funeral of Mrs Johnson's brother, Edward Snively.
  Harrison Simmons, died at his home on Smith's Creek, at 6 o'clock, on the evening of September 21, 1912, of infirmities consequent upon old age. He was nearly seventy-seven years old. He did service on the side of the South in the Civil War, first as a member of the Confederate militia, and later in the niter works, near Trout Rock. He was a quiet, industrious and inoffensive citizen, and for years a consistent member of the Church of the Brethren. He had ben totally blind for 18 or 20 years.
 John W Harper died at his home on Alleghany mountain, near Onego, in this county, on Fri night, Sept 20th, 1912, aged about 74 years.
  Patrick Johnson, of California, is visiting his sister, Mrs F Moomau. He is accompanied by James H Daughtery Jr, who is visiting his parents, Capt and Mrs J H Daugherty.
  Clay Day has purchased from M S Hodges his house and lot in west Franklin, now occupied by Dr J L Lambert, at the price of $1050 cash.


  Piedmont W Va, Sept 24 -
  Mr Chas F Huth Jr, left Sun night on a short business trip to Baltimore.
  Miss Kate O'Gorman and Caroline and Vaughn Ott returned home to Grafton last week, from a visit to relatives here.
  Mr and Mrs James Porter and Mrs Elizabeth Smith have returned to their home in Blain W Va, after spending some time with relatives and friends in Midland.
  Master Harry Dawson, of Westernport, who has been quite sick with a severe attack of tonsillitis, is much better.
  The Devon Club has installed free sanitary drinking cups in its club rooms for the use of its members.

  Sept 30
  Mr John Ryan is visiting relatives in Louisville, Ky.
  Miss Veronica Welsh has returned from a trip to Baltimore.
  Mr and MRS Chas Bell have returned to their home here from a visit to Philadelphia and Baltimore.
  Miss Pauline Knight of West Union, this State, arrived here Sat evening and wills pend some time visiting her cousin, Mrs H B Dawson.
  Misses Bessie and Willa Huth returned to their home here Sat, from a three weeks' visit to their aunt, Mrs F S Winter, at Hagerstown.
  Mrs Wm Ledlow left Thurs last on a visit to relatives and friends at Davis W Va.
  Miss Ellen Laffey, of Frankville Md, was a visitor here on Sat.
  Mr W S Smallwood has returned from a business trip to Baltimore.
  Mr Frank McMillan, of the firm of C E Laughlin and Co, is convalescing from a attack of typhoid fever.
  Miss Ada O'Gorman has accepted a position with the Piedmont Grocery Company. Miss Mary Lewis having resigned.
  Miss Lulu Heskit, of Henry, this state, is visiting relatives and friends here.
  Messrs Emmitt Hannon, Michael Laughlin and John Mullen left a few days ago for Mt St Mary's College, Emmittsburg, Md, where they will take up their studies for the winter.


  Minnie Wilbe Swift, our enterprising school teacher, who is in love with Cam Arbogast, the artistic and sanitary plumber at the county seat, after listening to the County Superintendent's speech at Farmer's Institute, has been discussing ways and means to make the school have a greater success. Herbefore things have been moving along on the same old lines and it has to stop. She has gathered up all the empty tomato cans that the Italians left behind and is making individual drinking cups for each scholar. These cans hold about one quart and each child is supposed to bring a can of water from home every morning. This will do away with the water bucket which they are told is nothing more than a germ incubator. Not only will it get rid of this eye sore, but there will be no change of water which so often has bad effects on the drinker.
  Individual dinner boxes will be used and as far as possible the following diet will be insisted upon. Two ham, or some other kind of meat sandwitches (?sic); one good sized cucumber pickle; four dried dried prunes; one piece of fudge and a paper napkin. Each child will be weighed monthly and a report on how they winter will be given at Farmers' Institute next year.
  Several new books have been added to the library. They Year Book of the Dept of Agriculture for 1911, "The Life and Sayings of Stewban Welch" and "The Autobiography (?sic) of Timothy Corn." written by his son in law.
  The Literary Society will be reorganized as soon as school starts. All the political questions of the day will be debated. Each and every voter desiring to cast an intelligent vote this fall should attend every debate before he votes, even if he has to put off casting his vote until New Year.
  This community is badly in need of some public speaking Political speaking. They all get enough spiritual and agricultural talks in the course of a year and what they need now is some red hot stump speeches. Any kind will do but Republican preferred. If they shoot their ammunition in this community, where everybody is immune there will be just that much less to fire at some weaker brethren elsewhere. The school house will be vacant next Sat night, so come on candidates and pass around the tobies.
  Capt Parril passed through here last Sun very much incensed. It seems the Captain saw in the paper last week that there would be preaching at Burlington in the afternoon.
  He went down in time for services at 3 pm, and upon arriving there found they had it in the morning. This is enough to make anybody mad, especially after they drive four or five miles. Hereafter Capt, attend church at this place. Rev John Jerebum Jones preaches on the sixth Sun of each month.
  The registrars have been passing around through our midst the past week registering the voters. They ask more fool questions than an assessor. For instance what difference should it make how a voter takes his coffee or whether he is a believer in the theory of the fourth dimension. They will tell you that the majesty of the law has to be upheld and every answer to be put down in ink without any mistakes in punctuation or orthography. this may be so but it ought to be changed or else suit brought against the T M & P.
  A meeting of the civic Club will be held at the home of sister Samantha Root next Tues afternoon at 3 pm. the smoke nuisance which came in with the railroad will be discussed in all its harrowing details. Refreshments will be served and good order guaranteed. Come early so you will not be talked about by those who came earlier.
  Miss Laurel Root got a souvenir postal card from some one last week. Didn't find out who sent it.
  Ginger Root, who was suffering with an attack of jiggers last week is some better at this writing. Ginger is contemplating a move. He is thinking of moving to Tar Kilna and let Hez Root, his papa, do his own chores.
  Vanilla Buttonhook, who visits here every summer, likes the place so well she wants to come over and help our Minnie teach school. the trustees told her not to come as there are not enough beaux to go around.
  On the Camp Ground after the Farmer's Institute, a small black pocket book containing 45 cents and ten Arbuckle signatures. Owner may have same by describing property and contents and paying for this advertisement by calling at Cy Cloverblossom's.
  Notices have been posted around stating the fact that the registrars will be in Burlington and Antioch on the 7th and 8th of Oct.
  Uncle Hiram Root is about the same this week.


  Sept 19 - The County Commissioners for this county met in special session Mon at Keyser for the purpose of making the desired change in the county road at this place, in and along the proposed new line of the West Md. After considerable discussion by the company's attorney, Mr Richmond, and the attorney, Mr Morrison, in behalf of the Ridgeley Bros, the court decided to change the county road from its present location to the following route: Down mineral St to Blocher, out Blocher to Mulligan, then up Mulligan to the present location near the Blue Bridge. a subway is to be built under the Western Md railroad that will accommodate the Ridgeley electric railway line. Work is to be started on this change within the next 30 days and it is to be macadamized and at the expense of the Western Md Railroad co.
  The public schools of Ridgeley opened here on Mon with the following teachers in charge: Miss Loretta Miltenberger of Cumberland, principal; Miss Ann Vandiver of Burlington, W Va, first assistant; Miss Mabel Cornelius, of Davis W Va, second assistant; Miss Nelia Lawrence, of this place, third assistant; and Miss High, in charge of the primary grade with 350 pupils, and if the truant law is enforced, which it will be, will make the school very much crowded.
  Last night, two of Ridgeley's most popular young ladies were led away captive by two very promising young men of Cumberland, and by Rev J H Balthis, of the Central M E church, united in bonds of holy wedlock. Miss Annie Shrader, daughter of Mr and Mrs Peter Shrader, became the wife of Mr William Bucy, who is employed by the B&O RR, in the transportation dept. Miss Bessie Hutton, who for several years was connected with the Western Md hospital, where she made many friends, became the wife of Mr Jos Lookabaugh, also connected with the B&O in Cumberland. Both happy couples, after partaking of a bountiful supper at the home of Mr Shrader, left for their respective homes in Cumberland, which had already been furnished for the occasion.



  On Wed evening, Sept 25th, Mrs Fannie Blackhart, of Hendricks, W Va and Mr Lamar Bready of Elkins W Va, were married in Hendricks at "Edge Hill" home of Mr and Mrs F E Mower, Rev W W Grover, pastor of the Presbyterian church, read the service at 8:30 o'clock. Mendelssonhn's Wedding March was played by Mrs Lenore D Hickman during the entrance of the bridal party and while the ceremony was being performed.


  A beautifully appointed wedding, and the first to be celebrated in the handsome little Episcopal church, on Mineral street, took place last Sat evening, Sept 28, 1912, the high contracting parties being Dr Henry Bertram Potter, of Wakefield, R I and Miss Mary E Miller, daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles McIlvane Miller of Keyser. The ceremony was performed by the pastor, Rev R E L Strider, and the bride was "given away" by her father. The ceremony was most impressive. In full vestment the church choir led the way into the church choir led the way into the church and rendered beautiful song service during the ceremony, with Prof VanDyke at the organ, among the pieces rendered being Lohrengrin's Wedding March. Messrs Richard Bryden, of Bloomington, and Huntley Hoffman were ushers.
  Miss Jennie Lansdale Miller, sister of the bride, was maid of honor and was gowned in a pink and green silk chiffon robe and carried pink carnations. Dr Arthur Potter, brother of the groom, of Providence RI, was best man.
  The bride looked lovely in a robe of white embroidered satin and old lace, with an enveloping veil of tulle that touched the edge of the gown.
  A reception followed at the home of the bride's parents. Those present were: Mrs C S Hoffman, the Misses Hoffman, Mrs G H Reynolds, Mrs John Fetzer, Miss Alice Fetzer, Mrs James T Carskadon, the Misses Brengle, Mrs E V Romig, Mr and Mrs Harry G Fisher, Mrs Murray Winters, Mr and Mrs Allen Russell, Miss Russell, Miss Sue Brady, Mr and Mrs Thos Brightol, Mrs D Bunnell, Mrs Anna B Murray, Mr and Mrs George Sincell, Mr and Mrs J Z Terrell, Misses Hallie and Frances Sayre, Miss Margaret Koelz, Mr and Mrs J H Markwood, Mrs Harry Markwood, Mrs W C Kinsey, Mrs John D Gelwicks, Mr and Mrs Jos Pachett, Miss Ruth Gerstell, Mrs Kate Johnson, Miss Nellie Johnson, Mrs Wm A Liller, Miss Joretha Liller, Mr and Mrs T B Frye, Miss Maria Frye, Mr and Mrs H S Thompson, Mrs Milton Friend, Rev R E L Strider, Prof VanDyke, Messrs Richard Brydon and Huntley Hoffman.
  Among the out of town guests were Mrs Isabell Potter, and Dr Arthur Potter of Providence R I, Miss Edna Brydon of Bloomington, d, Mrs Eliza Fundenberg and Miss Fundenberg, Mr and Mrs Thomas Brightol of Rawlings Md, and Mrs Milton Friend of Md.
  The many wedding presents of cut glass, silver and linen attested to the popularity of the bride, both here and in her northern home. The couple left on No 12 the same night for the east.

  License to wed were granted at Cumberland as follows:
  Sept 23 - Paul William Cox and Alice V Russel, both of Cumberland Md.
  William Riley Richie and Susie Ethel Ritenour, both of Matthias W Va.
  Riley Estus Davy and Lena Mabel Fuller, both of Romney, W Va.
  Walter Nicholas Edwards and Laura Elizabeth Williams, both of Cumberland

  Sept 27
  Charles Addison Hazlett, of Amity, Washington Co, Pa and Elva Cordelia Pease, Washington Pa.
  George Gibson of Beverly, W Va and Willa Russell of Mill Creek W Va.
  John Edward Stinebaugh, of Magnolia W Va, and Goldia Wilmer Reckley, of Keifer Md.

  Oct 2 - John Wesley Ford and Lulu Goff, Hamilton W Va.
  John Henry Stine, Westernport Md, and Mary Ellen Stewart, Keyser W Va.
  Ernest Jesse Davy, and Laura Lurenna Fuller, Junction W Va.
  Wm Welton Frankhouser, Hendricks W Va, and Grace Etta Shriver, Parsons W Va.
  Jerry James Eshbaugh, Marionville, Forest Co and Bessie May Ruckman, Durbin W Va.



  Henry M Friddle, the well known barber, died at his home in Moorefield, last Sat Sept 28, 1912.


  Mrs Virginia Duckwall, widow of the late Judge Joseph Duckwall, and mother of Rev J McCarty Duckwall, died last Mon morning, Sept 30, 1912, at the home of her son near Berkeley Springs, aged about 85 years. She leaves two sons, Rev J McC. Duckwell and Thos Duckwall, who lives in Washington DC.


  Mrs A J Welton, who has been ill for some time, died last Fri morning, Sept 27, 1912, at her home in Petersburg. She was well known in Keyser, having lived here a couple of years, and had many friends among our people. She was a sister of Mrs Charles Carskadon, of Headsville, and Mrs Russell Smith, of near Petersburg.
  Besides her band she is survived by two daughters, Misses Kathleen and Wayne, and two sons, William and Ralph, the latter being only a year or two of age.


  Maurice, second son of Mr and Mrs George Parsons, of this place, was so badly injured in the railroad yard at Savannah Ill, on Thurs Sept 26th, 1912, that he died shortly afterward. He had been employed at railroading there for some time, and had been in the western country of the past twelve years. The body arrived here on Mon afternoon, and the funeral took place Tues Afternoon. Interment in Queen's Point Cemetery. The funeral services were conducted by Rev F H Havener, of the M E church.
  Deceased was 37 years of age, and a member of the order of Moose, Ratton Lodge No 323, New Mexico.


  Chas Friend, known as "C Friend No 2", was severely injured last Sun night by stepping in front of a helper, at Snowy Creek. He was brought to Keyser, and taken to Hoffman Hospital, where he died in a very short time.
  The body was prepared for burial here and sent to Friendsville on train No 4. His brother, Mr Friend and wife, of W Piedmont Street, accompanied the body to his former home. He had been railroading only a few weeks.


  Edward Benson, aged about 40 years, of Westernport, died last night at the Allegany hospital here from heart trouble. he had been at the Institution since Sept 5. His wife was with him when he died. -Cumb News of 23rd.


  J A Hamrick, 88 years old, of J A Fauver & Co, long a merchant in Augusta county and Staunton is dead, leaving two daughters and a son.


  Dr Charles W Ely, for 42 years the head of the Md School for the Deaf, located in Frederick, died in Washington, yesterday morning at 10:15 o'clock.


  James E Stickley, of Davis W Va, and Miss Mary Edmonson, near Woodstock, were married Fri at the parsonage of the Lutheran Church by Rev S W Kohns. Mr and Mrs Stickley will live at Davis.


  Miss Bertha Glaze spent Sun here with friends.
  Miss Elizabeth MacDonald returned from Petersburg Mon.
  Miss Margaret Offner left Mon for a visit with relatives at Fairmont.
  Miss Ida Steele, of Stephens City Va, is visiting Mrs D W Weaver.
  Mr Will Broome and family spent Sun with relatives in Piedmont.
  Miss Mary Murphy, of Piedmont, will teach the Reese's Mill school this winter.
  Born, Sat night, Sept 28th,to Mr and Mrs Clarence Neuhauser, a son.
  Miss Florence Githens will teach at the Gerstell school at Gerstell this year.
  Mrs David S MacDonald and David Jr, left Sat night for their home at Durant Okla.
  Mr Silas A Condict, now of Columbus, Ohio, came in last Fri on a business trip for a few days.
  Mrs Marshall Sayre and daughter, Miss Hallie, left last Sat for Cincinnati to visit relatives.
  Mr and Mrs Guy Deputy and little son returned latter part of last week from a short visit to Washington.
  C H Lovenstein, of Piedmont, spent last Sat and Sun here with his sister, Mrs A C Feather.
  Willie Ravenscroft has been appointed superintendent of air brakes and instructor of same at Keyser station.
  John Murphy, who has been a sufferer with rheumatism for some time, went to Mt Clemons last week for treatment.
  John Crawford, is breaking ground for a new building which he will erect on W Piedmont street, near Orchard street.
  G T Ganoe, who is off duty with a sprained ankle, left with his wife Mon morning for a visit to Berkeley Springs.
  Mr and Mrs Richard Mobley and children returned home last week from a visit to Washington and other points in Va.
  Mr and Mrs Frank Hughes, of Washington Court house, Ohio, who have been visiting in Grant County, returned to Keyser Mon.
  We stated last week that Mrs J T Sincell returned home with her husband from Pittsburg. That was a mistake, Mrs Sincell did not return on account of the illness of her mother.
  Miss Bessie Fox, of near Romney, who has been at Washington for some time, stopped off here a day or two last week with friends on her way home leaving Thurs for Burlington over the T M & P road.
  Mr W K Hosack, of McCoole, who was roundhouse foreman of the B&O here, has received a promotion and is now general foreman at the roundhouse. Mr F Filipino, formerly general foreman, goes to Baltimore Md.
  Mrs Robert Caldwell and children of Keyser, are visiting her mother, Mrs Alice Dittmar.
  Rev Dr W C Campbell of Roanoke Va, was here over Sun to see his brother, Rev H C V Campbell, who has been extremely ill but who is now slowly improving. -Berkeley Messenger of 26th.
  Mr I M Long went to Baltimore last Sat to lay in his fall and winter goods and pay his daughter and other relatives a visit. So his customers can keep their eyes open for some choice late styles, as his excellent taste in selecting these things insures a nice selection. MR Long returned Tues evening.
  Mr Wm Coyner, an old ex-Confederate soldier, now of Sykesville Md, was here last Fri. he had been spending some weeks in hardy and Grant Counties, and was on his way back. He expected to stop off for a few days at Cedar Cliff to visit at Mr and Mrs C C Seymour.
  Mr and Mrs F Conway Welton of Swan Pond W Va, left today for Baltimore, where they will spend several days.
  Dr C J Fazenbaker and son, Anderson Jr, of Westernport, left yesterday for Baltimore where the latter will enter the University of Md School of Medicine. Dr Fazenbaker will return tomorrow. -Cumb Times of 30th.
  Marshall Akers of Brunswick, spent Sun here with homefolks.
  Dr Clay Leps, of Fairmont, spent Sun with home folks here.
  Gover Leith returned form a visit to his old home in Va.
  Mrs Georgia Paugh, of Grafton, is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs John Newcomb.
  Mr and Mrs C C McKee returned home Fri from a visit to relatives in Va.
  Elmer Kight is quite ill at the home of his father, Mr Enoch Kight, on St Cloud street.
  Rev Father O'Hara, is spending a few days in Lynchburg and other places in Va.
  H L Wise, of Williamsport, was here last Fri on his way to Cumberland on a short business trip.
  Mrs John Burke, returned Mon from Myersdale, where she was called by the death of a friend.
  Mrs Dodd arrived Fri night on a visit to the home of her son, Mr Fred Dodd, of West Piedmont street.
  Mr and Mrs Howard Hoffman and children have returned from an extended visit to relatives in Denver Col.
  A J Keenan and family have gone to housekeeping in one of Mr Eagle's new concrete houses on Sharpless street.
  Sargeant Wells went to Baltimore last sat to take up his dental studies at the University. This is his second year.
  Mrs Will Rafter, of Cumberland, has been visiting her sister, Mrs D L H Gaston a few days the past week.
  Mrs Lena McNeill Hudson and son, Loraine, returned last week from a visit to her sister, Mrs I P Carskadon, at Headsville.
  Mrs H C Stephens of Johnstown, who has spent a part of the summer here with friends, returned to her home last week.
  Miss Grace Ashenfelter of Youngstown Ohio, spent Thurs of last week here, the guest of her sister, Mrs Maurice Wilt.
  Miss Vira Frye, who is teaching the Hampshire school, spent Sat and Sun with her mother, Mrs Garry Cooper.
  Miss Sadie Paris, who has been spending a week with her mother, Mrs M W Trask, at Kingwood, returned Mon.
  J G Wolfe, who has been on an extended visit to Dayton, Ohio, St Louis, and other points west, returned home Thurs of last week.
  Miss Margaret Sheetz, who has been spending the summer at the home of her sister, Mrs Harness Johnson, near Romney, is very sick at that place.
  Mrs Floyd Knight, went to Charleston the latter part of last week to visit her daughter, Mrs Dr Hershey. She will also visit her son, Charles, at Moundsville, before returning.
  Miss Nellie Smith, of Petersburg, spent a few days here last week with her brother, R G Smith, while on her way to Elk Garden, where she is first assistant in the school.
  R T Kauffman, of Keyser W Va, formerly the well known restaurant keeper on Va avenue, was here today looking after some business interests and seeing old friends. -Cumb News of 1st.
  Mrs Wm J Cromie and Mrs W B Connell who spent the summer at Patchogue, NY, are visiting their mother, Mrs M W Trask at Kingwood, W Va. Miss Sadie Paris spent the week at Kingwood with her mother and sisters.
  Mr James A Glaze, with his amusement company, passed through Keyser Sat evening in his fine pullman car, which he purchased this season, attached to No 12 on his way to Cumberland, where he has a week's engagement with the Fair Co.
  Mr Frank Carpenter leaves tonight for a trip to Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia.
  Mrs Elizabeth Newman has returned to Keyser from a visit to relatives in this city.
  Miss Myrtle Troutman has returned to Cumberland after visiting friends at Keyser for a week.
  Miss Rose Beckman is visiting Mrs M J Vest at Elkins. -Cumb News of 30th.
  Mrs Charles Harness is ill with typhoid fever.
  John E Offner, of Romney was here yesterday on business.
  Miss Lola Sharpless went to Elkins Wed to spend a while.
  I H Offner, left Tues morning for a few days' stay in Fairmont.
  Mrs Bertie Frey went to Pittsburg last Sat on an extended visit to relatives.
  Herbet Schaffer, of Aurora, has accepted a clerkship in the Keyser Pharmacy.
  Miss June White, of Oakland, is visiting her cousin, Miss Nell Crabtree this week.
  Mrs Daniel Bailey, of Beaver Run, was in town Tues on a shopping expedition.
  Miss Lillie Cheshire is spending a few days this week with friends on Beaver Run.
  Mr and Mrs Geo w Bane went to Elk Garden this morning to spend a few days with relatives.
  Don Parsons of Waynesboro, Pa, was called here first of the week by the death of his brother Maurice.
  Virgil Gull, of Oakland, spent a few days here first of the week with his many friends, who were glad to see him.
  Contractor H W Baker, who has been quite ill, is improving and is able to be up and about the house.
  Policeman Tom Coffman, who is laid up with a case of typhoid fever, is reported to be getting along nicely.
  Miss Estelle Blackman, of Parsons, has been visiting her sister, Mrs Chas N Finnell, the past ten days.
  Jas C Smith, wife and son James, went to Kingwood Wed to pay Mr and Mrs J M Wolfe a visit.
  Miss Jessie Robinson, of Fairmont, stopped off here enroute to Baltimore, to spend a few days with friends.
  Mrs J B Iles fell down the steps at her home, in South Keyser Tues and severely sprained one of her knees.
  Miss Margaret Cunningham of Hendricks, is visiting her brother, Don, a commercial student at the Prep.
  Miss Anna Johnston returned Wed from a week's visit to the home of her brother Dr F S Johnston, of Elkins.
  Mrs John W Ravenscroft and son Fred, went to Baltimore Tues to pay Mr and Mrs Roy Ravenscroft a short visit.
  Mrs Ella Fletcher, of Blaine, is visiting her sisters, Mrs J F Ravenscraft and Mrs Geo Robinson, at McCoole, this week.
  Mrs Sarah Woodcock of Pittsburg, spent from last Sat to Tues here as a guest of her niece, Mrs Wm MacDonald.
  Miss Beulah McNemar returned home last Sat form her trip to Charleston and other places in the southern part of the state.
  Mrs W E Woolf left Tues night for Baltimore to join her daughters, Misses Blanche and Louise and accompany them to school at Bryn Mar.
  Mr Arthur Lee and son, Henry Davis, who have been spending the summer at Graceland, spent Sun night here on their way to Washington.
  D W Mohler, of Parkersburg, who had been spending part of his vacation here with his daughter, Mrs Dr W J Koelz, returned home yesterday on No 55.
  Mrs Eliza Carnell, of Beaver Run, was in town Wed on her way to Cumberland to pay her daughter a visit, and may visit her sister, Mrs George, at Hagerstown, before returning.
  Messrs D A Kesner and son Oren, and Loren High returned Tues night from a pleasant trip to Baltimore, Washington, Mt Vernon and other points of interest. Mr Kesner laid in a new stock of goods while gone.
  Mrs S N Moore returned home Wed from her trip east. She first accompanied her daughter, Miss Mary, to Charles Town, where she entered Powhatan College. then she went on a visit to Baltimore and Washington.
  Mrs Kate Corder, left this morning for Connellsville, Pa, to spend a couple of weeks at the home of her son, Frank, after which she willing o to Ashland, Ky, to spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs Gates.
  J Edward Neff, second son of Mr and Mrs E R Neff, has entered the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. Mr Neff stood quite high in his classes at the Allegany County High School and at LaSalle Institute, and will no doubt finish equally well in his classes at Baltimore. -Cumb News
  Robinette & Zacot painted the woodwork on the front of the Reynolds Hotel this week, doing a good job.
  Announcements are out of the marriage of Miss Ida Kight, daughter of Mr and Mrs Joshua Kight, of Hampshire Hill, to Lewis Porter Michaels, of Firm Rock. the ceremony took place Wed Oct 2, at the home of the bride's parents.
  Mr John M Kasecamp, of Morgan county, was in town yesterday. He is the father of Geo Kasecamp, who was sent to the penitentiary a short time ago. Young Kasecamp has made application for a pardon and his father and a number of friends are getting signers to petitions asking for his pardon. A large number of people in this and Morgan county have signed the petition.
  Mrs Rachael Stevenson is visiting in Oakland.
  Mrs Blanche O'Neil spent last week in Washington.
  Mrs C E Heare and Miss Anna Leary spent Sun at Headsville.
  Harry Deffinbaugh, of Newburg, spent Mon here with his parents.
  Miss Virginia Tayman, of Baltimore, is visiting her sister, Mrs Roy Rafter.
  N C Taylor and sister, Miss Faye, went to Martinsburg Tues to attend U B conference.
  Wm C Moomau, of Petersburg, spent Wed night with his sister, Mrs W C Long.
  D T Greenwade spent Thurs in Cumberland visiting his many friends and taking in the fair.
  Chas F Bashore moved this week from Mozelle street to Mrs Minnie Potter's house on Ft Ave.
  Mrs H A Sliger, who has been sick the past week or so, is some better, although still confined to her bed.
  Miss Katherine Stehley of falling Waters, Berkeley county, is visiting at the home of her uncle, Dr F P Stehley.
  Boyd Grayson and sister Katharine, are the guests of their grandparents, Mr and Mrs W H Clary at Deer Park.
  T M Rotruck, of Williamsport, returned from Cumberland Wed, on his way home. He had been having his eyes treated.
  William K Hartsock, the brickmaker, of Keyser, well known in Cumberland, and vicinity, has been paralyzed, one arm and leg benumbed. -Cumb Times.
  Mrs Blue, of near Springfield, is visiting her mother, Mrs Lucy Kuykendall, who has been ill with a slight attack of typhoid fever, but is now some better.
  Jas Wright, of Burlington, was in town yesterday morning on his way home from a short trip to Clarke County, Va. Jim is very pleased with that country.
  Mrs Mary Albright, who has been a patient in the Hoffman Hospital, has been discharged and is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs Jacob Avers, before returning to her home in McKeesport.
  Mr and Mrs J H Markwood, accompanied by Miss Jennie Kean, with Bernard Markwood as chauffeur, left Tues on a few days trip to Harper's Ferry to see Dr and Mrs Floy Edgell.
  Miss Faye Duckworth and brother, Harry of Orchard, and Misses Muriel and Ethel Cole, of Cumberland, were visitors at the home of Mrs Laura Rice, at McCoole last Sun.
  Mrs Eugene O'Leary and two children of Ridgeley, who have been spending a few days with relatives and friends in Brunswick and harpers Ferry, have returned home. -Cumb News of 3rd.
  Rev J H Brunk, who has been pastor of the United Brethren Church here the past four years, left Tues for conference at Martinsburg. He was accompanied by Rev L C Messick, of Elk Garden.
  W A Feely, of Parsons, stopped off here yesterday for a short time between trains on his way home from Cumberland, where he took in the fair a day or so. He is looking first rate, and says he just returned a week or so ago from a trip through the west.
  Mr (?E/F) P Kelly, has returned from Mineral County, where he spent the past three weeks. MR Kelley was detained there longer than he expected to stay, on account of a severe attack of bronchitis. Mrs Kelley and children will not return home for several days yet. -Fairmont Times of 1st.
  Mayor Babb and Mr David Long were out hunting Tues but they failed to get anything but one poor squirrel and a mashed finger for Mr Long. He was getting over a fence in chasing a squirrel, and the top rail turned with him, throwing him to the ground, and he says the rail fell on his finger and he fell on the rail, consequently he is nursing a very sore finger. But you can't always tell about these hunting yarns.
  Miss Ruth Byerly, has gone to Kansas City, Mo, where she will take a seven-months course of training for service as a missionary. At the end of this period she will be assigned to active work, and expects to be sent to South America, probably to Brazil. Miss Byerly is a daughter of Prof and Mrs F A Byerly, of this place, and is one of Shepherdstown's most estimable young women. Her friends were her success in her work. -Shepherdstown Register, Sept 19th.
  Miss Nellie Borst is visiting friends in Cumberland this week.
  John Johnston, who has been ill with typhoid fever, is able to be up.
  Born Oct 2, 1912, to Mr and Mrs A G Livengood, of Elk Lick, Pa, a daughter.
  Miss Sarah Rice of Cumberland Md, is the guest of Miss Beulah McKenzie this week.
  Miss Bertha Glaze spent Sat and Sun with Misses Ellen and Vennetta McKenzie.
  H A Sliger, the barber, is still adding beautiful furniture to his shop. He just put in two handsome settees, a part of the equipment that he bought some time ago.
  Mrs D M Lamden, who underwent an operation at the hospital in Cumberland, was brought up last week and is doing nicely at the home of her parents, Mr and MRS N J Crooks.
  Misses Mary and Louise Zell, who have been visiting in Grant County, spent Wed night here with Mrs Sallie Johnston, leaving Thurs morning for their home at Birmingham Ala.
  Mrs Fred Davis, of Keyser, formerly of Fairmont, will arrive here this evening to spend a few days among friends.
  Attorney E B Carskadon and family, who have spent the summer at their country home, have taken up their residence on East Park. -Fairmont Times of 3rd.


  One of Wes Stanhagan's boys has typhoid fever.
  Father O'Hara returned Wed form his visit to Va and reports a successful trip.
  Elder F E Hutchinson attended Presbytery at Piedmont this week as representative from the church here.
  Dr Fortney, druggist at Moorefield, and Miss Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr and Mrs E C Beaty, of Moorefield, were married last Tues morning. they went east on a bridal trip.
  Among those who attended Presbytery at Piedmont yesterday were Nancy and Lucy Kuykendall, and their sister, Mrs Blue, Mrs H S Thompson, Mrs D H Hoffman, Mrs W C Long, Misses Fannie Leps, Sara Johnston and Sue Sheetz, Mrs Squires, Miss Simmons, Mrs N D McCoole, V F Alkire, Wm MacDonald, and Rev J H Moore.
  Rev D M Kern married Mr Robert Lesley, a commercial traveler of Freeport Ill, and Miss Lola Blanche Brown, Piedmont W Va, in the city clerk's office at one o'clock Sept 23, 1912. The ages of the couple were stated as respectively 31 and 22. They went to Lynchburg, by an evening train. -Staunton, Va Exchange.
  Last Fri morning a pheasant was in town and thereby lost its life. It was found early in the morning behind a box of the pavement in front of W H Nefflen's store, and when disturbed flew up the street, and coming in contact with a window at Alex Redman's and broke its neck. Johnny Carskadon was passing when he accident occurred and picked the bird up and took it home and no doubt had a nice roast for his dinner.
  Roy Warner, of Keyser, visited his sister, Mrs H H White, last Fri.
  Mrs Earle Lowry, of Keyser, was the guest last Thurs and Fri of her sister, Mrs H H White.
  Dr A A Scherr, of Eglon, was a visitor in town a few hours Tues enroute to Kingwood.
  Mr and Mrs Ernest Parsons were at Keyser Mon attending the funeral of a relatives.
  O H Parsons was at Keyser Mon attending the funeral of a cousin. -Terr Alta Republican of 3rd.


  Sun evening in supervising the shifting of cars in the W M Railroad yards at Belington, George W Chesshire, superintendent of the shops at that place was accidentally caught between a heavy wire cable which was moving at great speed, and the side of a freight car. He was hurried by special train to the Davis memorial Hospital, where it was found that his main injury was the tearing away of some ribs from the breast bone on the left side. Fear of internal injuries were entertained, but it is believed now that his recovery is reasonably certain. That he was not killed outright, as fellow railway men believe, is due to the fact that he happened to be driven against the car between two studding of some inches in depth. Otherwise, they say the cable would have cut him in two. -Elkins Inter-Mountain.


  Miss Martha, daughter of Mr and Mrs Jos Dennison, entertained a few friends in honor of her birthday Sat evening. While dainty refreshments were being served eleven lighted candles graced the center of the table. Many tokens of kindness were received. Those present were Margaret and Eugene Clevenger, Cordellia and Rosalee Blair, Alice Pulliam, Thelma Peters, Iva Hacket, Virginia Linthicum, Nella Cathers, Esta Masteller, Ruth and Madalene Murphy, Henry Brook, Landon and Sarah Dennison, Mrs T M Liller and Mrs E C Clevenger, who spent a very pleasant evening.


  On May 16th of this year a marriage license was issued by Clerk E Z Tower to Daniel M Harvey of Kitzmiller, and a woman who gave her name as Dorothy May Tranium, of Cumberland, who posed as a single woman. Following the issuance of the certificate Dr Riker of the M E Church of Oakland, performed the marriage ceremony and the couple went to their home in Kitzmiller, where they continued to reside as man and wife until a week ago, when a man named Davis, giving Philadelphia as his place of residence, came to Oakland and after making an investigation swore out a warrant for the arrest of Mrs Harvey, alleging that he was her lawful husband.
  The warrant was place in the hands of Sheriff who went to Kitzmiller, but found upon his arrival there that the woman was ill and confined to her bed. The warrant was left with a deputy sheriff with instructions to serve as soon as possible.
  Sun the couple left Kitzmiller in a conveyance and drove to a point on the railroad some distance below that town where they took the train. The officer at Kitzmiller being informed of the movement of the couple, took the train out of Kitzmiller and after the couple had boarded it at the station below the woman was placed under arrest and brought to Oakland where she is being held to await the action of the grand jury. -Oakland Republican of 26th.


  M M Greenwade and wife of Cincinnati, were down for a week looking over their holdings in the Palm Beach Farm Company. Mr Greenwade is supervisor of air brakes on the Q & C railroad, and one of the best known railway official in the South. He owns two valuable town lots and is thinking of improving them at once. Mrs Greenwade thins the climate is delightful and says she has discontinued her tri-daily medicine since her arrival in West Palm Beach. They will go to Key West before returning. We hope to see them permanently located here in the future. -Lake Worth, Fla., Herald.
  Mr Greenwade is a brother of Mr D T Greenwade, one of our prosperous merchants.


  Friends who have visited B&O engineer Walter Grimm at the Allegany hospital yesterday stated that he seemed cheerful notwithstanding the awful ordeal through which he has recently passed. Mr Grim is recovering, but both of his legs have been amputated. He is the engineer who was caught in the wreck of No 3 at Paw Paw a week ago yesterday morning. Mr Grim was pinioned under the overturned engine and both of his legs were so terribly scalded that the physicians believed from the beginning that to avoid amputation of both limbs was hopeless. One leg was taken off Wed and on Fri last it became necessary to amputate the other leg to prevent complications that would have proved fatal. Mr Grim who resides with his family on Grand Avenue, is one of the most popular railroad men in South Cumberland, and inquiries concerning his condition are constant. -Cumb News.


  As the result of an injury sustained while working in the mines near Blaine about ten days ago, Eugene Moore, of that place will probably lose one of his feet. He was brought to Cumberland On Sat and taken to the Western Md Hospital, where it is thought the injured foot will have to be amputated. -Cumb Times of 23rd.


  The Farmer's Institute, which was held at VanMyra Grove, near Burlington, was well attended and one of the best farmers' institutes ever held in Mineral County. Officers elected for the ensuring year were: President, Capt J W Vandiver; Vice president, Mr D A Arnold; secretary and treasurer, W A Leatherman. Resolutions were adopted and the institute adjourned to meet next year at the same place and near the same date as possible.


  Mr George Henderson, son of Judge Robert R Henderson, has been appointed referee in bankruptcy for Allegany and Garrett Counties, by Judge John C Rose, of the US District Course, vice Mr Albert A Doub, resigned.
  Mr Doub, who filled the position of 14 years, tendered his resignation to Judge Rose on June 15. -Cumb News


  Sept 30 -
  The Hebrew population of Frostburg, who for years have been worshiping at the synagogue at Cumberland, have determined to erect a synagogue at Frostburg and have appointed a committee, consisting of Messrs Julius Abramson, Isaac Fine and Abraham Kaplon, to have the matter in charge. The synagogue will be built at Taylor and Stoyer streets, and the congregation will be known as the "Sons of Israel," with the following officers: Jacob Tuvin, president; Abraham Kaplon, vice-president; Samuel Arbamson (?sic), secretary, and Julius Abramson, treasurer. The church will be orthodox.


  At a congregational meeting at the Presbyterian church last Sun morning two new elders, Mr Wm MacDonald and Mrs Jas B Johnson, were elected. Also three new deacons, Messrs Thos D Leps, Richard Keys and B B Cavitt.


  C P Shaffer, who recently bought the hotel in Petersburg, from Chas Taylor, has sold it to M H King of Gorman, who takes charge at once.


  All persons are warned against trespassing on our property near Emorysville. Positively no admittance without our consent. Nash, Mallow & Co.


  As administrator of the estate of the late George B Shank, I will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, at his late residence in Burlington W Va, on Sat, Oct 12, 1912....... I V Inskeep, Administrator


  Mrs Sophia Michael, of Mozzelle street, was very pleasantly surprised Thurs when several friends cam in for a dinner, planned by her daughters.
  Among the guests who were present were, Mas F W Flurhutz, Mrs H U Flurshutz and Mrs F A Bland, of Cumberland; Miss Lou Ebert, of Blaine; Mrs Minnie Duling, of Hartmonsville; Miss Ella Whitford, Mrs Melissa Filler, Mrs A J Boor, Mrs Ellen Worth, Mrs Walter Lowery and Mrs James Michaels, of Keyser; and Mrs Wright Burgess of Laurel Dale. All spent a very pleasant day and Mrs Michael received a number of useful presents.


  Keyser Tribune: Charles W Bane, who until recently resided in Washington, and upon Sept 23, feeling inspired of a nervous and mental collapse, adjusted all business affairs, and informed his sister, Miss Bessie Bane, that he was going over to Martinsburg to spend a few weeks with his father for a rest, arriving in that city Sat pm at his father's home. His father detected a nervous break down, consulted a physician, who advised him to take a quiet rest and used all plans to divert his mind from his worry. On Sun, rising at the usual hour he spent the morning in an almost normal condition with the family, conversing upon family and business affairs. Sun pm, he accompanied his parents on an outing, returning home at 5 o'clock, which he seemed to enjoy very much. Upon retiring, at his request, he occupied a bed sleeping beside his father. Mon at 4 am, he became suddenly insane and despite all that human skill could do, he so continued until Tues morning when he was conveyed to the State Hospital at Weston. The cause of his derangement so far as is known was overstudy, mental exhaustion and spiritual delusions, superinduced by an invention he had recently perfected.
  His Father, W S Bane


  Elkins W Va, Oct 1
  Randolph County has a prize fat boy, Billy McDilty, son of John McDilty, of Fisher. Billy, who is ten years old and 49 inches high, weighs 196 pounds and is still growing rapidly. He measures exactly 3 feet across the chest. billy goes to school, eats very hearty, sleeps well, and is a typical American boy in every respect.

Fine, thorough-bred R C B Minorca roosters for sale at $1.00 each. Miss D E Sloan, Burlington W VA.

Shoats for Sale - apply to Mrs Annie Paris, Keyser W Va.


Thomas Lump Coal