JULY 5, 1912


  Alaska W Va, July 1
  On account of the rainy weather the men are behind with harvesting and mowing.
  Robert Davis is home for a week or so helping in the harvest.
  Pearl and Viola Shanholtz were the guests of Lena Wagoner Sun last.
  Norman Abe was visiting at the home of E B Wagoner.
  Mrs M J Davis is not improving very fast from having the measles.
  Obe Wilkins and Hollie Davis were the guests of their uncle, Geo Dennison Sun.


  July 3
  We certainly have the champion cherry picker of the state. Mr James Dye, 75 years old, has sold over 200 gallons and has picked about 160 gallons himself, picking 16 gallons per day for several days and most of them were the "old time" small red cherries. If there is any one in the state, or anywhere else at that age, that can beat that, we will be pleased to hear from them.
  Mr Seymour Whip and sister of near Burlington, were visitors at V M Graysons one day recently.
  J M Martin and Herbert Thrush made a short visit to Luray, Va about 10 days ago.
  Mrs Clary, of Deer Park, Mrs T B Rogers of Keyser and Mrs V M Grayson were guests of Mrs D G Martin one day last week. Mrs Clary and Mrs Rogers have returned home.
  Miss Minnie Berg and a Mr Keplinger, of near Falls, were pleasant guests at D G Martins a part of last Sun. They had been to Ridgeville to attend the funeral of Mrs Anise Liller, a relative of Miss Berg.
  A merry crowd of our young folks are preparing to spend the 4th in Greenland Gap.


  July 3
  Here we come again.
  we are having plenty of rain which threatens to be a hindrance TO the farmer in gathering their wheat harvest.
  The Western Md RR Co, has installed a large new pump of the Fairbanks Morse type at Gerstell water station.
  Mrs I L Vanmeter visited in Keyser Mon of this week.
  Aunt Margaret McKenzie of Rawlings, is calling on relatives here this week.
  Mrs Arthur Robison, of Westernport, is visiting Mrs Henry Shimer this week.
  Granville Baker, of the W Va Junction, has secured a position in the orchard near here. He prefers to be near here.
  Rumor predicts a wedding in our vicinity in the near future. boys, get your bells ready, but be sure and leave your bottles.
  George House and wife, of Luke, are visiting Mrs Houses's father, S J Thrasher, this week.


  The teacher's salaries in Elk District are the same this year.
  Miss Ada B Gordon of Keyser, is visiting friends here this week.
  Mr and Mrs Harry Moore and children of Powell Pa, visited the family of Frank Jones last week.
  Mr and Mrs John Bankert and little daughter Katie, attended the funeral of John O Edwards, near Tunnelton, last week He was 67 years of age and the father of Mrs Rankert.
  Marvin Gordon, of Cass W Va, visited his parents here this week.
  At the meeting of the board of education last Mon, Mr Willie Cooper of Mrogantown W Va, was appointed principal of the elk Garden school. Misses Anna C Fleming, Mary Mason and Mrs Nina McCall were appointed assistants. There are two vacancies.
  H P Thompson of Palestine, Wirt County W Va, was appointed principal of Potomac Manor school, and Miss Lulu Tasker assistant. Walter Simpson was appointed book depositor and the school books will be in his store early in August. Parents will do well to call early and get the new school books but the changes are good ones, and everybody will be pleased with the new books.
  The increased cost of securing these new books amounts to something, but the children will be delighted with them.
  Last Fri James Healey was severely hurt in No 20 mine. A large rock weighing several tons fell from the roof of the mine and pinned him underneath. Help was at hand at once. His skull was slightly fractured and badly cut. He remained unconscious two days, but his condition is now favorable.
  Mrs J E Bailey and daughter Mrs Lillian Neville, of Keyser, and Mrs Sam Sheetz, of Westernport, were the guests of Elmer Sheetz's family last week.
  Dr P S Kiem has gone to Pa to see his mother who is very sick, and Dr Brown of Blaine, is in his place.


  Picking cherries is the order of the day.
  The festival at Fountain last Sat night was the best one we have had for years, and we wish to thank every one who lent a helping hand, and especially the Mountain Valley Band for their excellent music which was much enjoyed by every one.
  Mrs A S Fleek and sister, Mrs Emmert, were visiting home folks last Sun.
  Mr and Mrs H J Bailey and Mr and Mrs Newton Umstot visited Mr and Mrs John W Rogers last Sun.
  Miss Virgie Staggs, who has spent the past six weeks with her sister, Mrs V A Ellifittz, is expected home this week.
  Mr and Mrs Will Hull, of Grant Co, have been visiting friends in this section since last Sat.
  Mr Berkley Bailey and Miss Blanche Staggs were calling at Mr P M Dayton's at Knobley, last Sun evening.
  Miss Marie Wilson, of Moorefield, who spent the past week at Mr J W Rogers, went to Keyser Sun evening, to visit her sister, Mrs Dan Huffman.
  Mr and Mrs Jacob Urice spent Sun at Mr B F Corbin's.


  Press (Petersburg) of 27th
  Mrs Sell Bean of Moorefield, and sister, Mrs Mose Kesner, and son of Keyser, spent a few days at A W Harper's at Durgon.
  W V McNemar, who is taking a law course in the WVU, after spending a week at his home at Lahmansville, returned to his school Mon.
  Jesse Welton, of Washington, C H O, is here visiting his sister, Mrs B J Baker.
  Chas W Powers, of Piedmont, was here Mon and qualified as Executor of Eli A Powers and as administrator of Ann Mariah Powers, his deceased parents. A W Roby, of Piedmont, was also here and appointed guardian for Lucy J Roby and Clarence Roby, children of G T Roby.
  A W Roby of Piedmont was here the first of the week on a business trip. Mr Roby recently engaged in the hotel business, and is running the Central Hotel in Piedmont. He tells you he is doing a good business.
  J W Wise and Daughter, Miss Lee, were up from Williamsport Mon. Mr Wise says it is very dry in his community, and that the grass in the fields is drying up. they haven't had any of the rains that have been falling lately.
  B J Baker, K C VanMeter, Dr J B Grove and Roswell Ervin are among those from Grant Co who are attending the Democratic National Convention in Baltimore this week.
  Mrs Jacob S Hinkle, who has been visiting friends and relatives here and at Dorcas, returned to her home at Old Fields, Sat. Her brother, Jack Barger took her down.


  Review (Romney) of 26th
  Mrs Hannah (Mobear?), aged 77 years, died at her house east of Romney last Wed. She is survived by three children. Funeral services were held at the house Thurs, conducted by Rev ? H Billingsley.
  Mrs Lou Keller is visiting friends in Oakland MD.
  Jno S Pancake of Staunton, Va, is a business visitor here.
  Miss M B Foote left last Wed for New York City, where she will spend several weeks.
  Miss Moore, of Albany, NY, who has been visiting Miss Grace Hays returned to her home last Wed.
  Miss Anna Ruckman, of this place, attended the meeting of the W Va Educational assn held in Wheeling last week.
  J w Watkins of the Ruckman neighborhood, left last Thurs for Watseka Ill, where he expects to spend the rest of the summer.
  Miss Mary Watkins, who has been visiting in the Ruckman neighborhood, left last Thurs for her home in Junction City, Kansas. Many of her young friends regret her departure.
  Mr and Mrs Gerit Smith, Mrs Helen Hedges, Mrs Sadie Reech, Mrs R L Schaeffer, Miss Katherine Schaeffer, Fred G Smith, Harry Smith, Margaret, Walt and Bryan Smith, all of Cumberland, are guests of Mrs George Wheeler and Mrs Isabel Wheeler, at their bungalow.
  Mr and Mrs Harry Cookus returned on Sat night from their wedding journey to Baltimore and Washington. Harry, the youngest son of Mr Clarence Cookus, is well known to all the people of Romney. He is engaged in office work for the Telephone Co and insurance business. The bride is the eldest daughter of Dr and Mrs J W Shull. She is an accomplished musician, being a graduate of the school of music in Bethany College, and having also studied in the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore.


  Dr Purnell and wife of Piedmont, are entertaining a number of guests at Raven Rock Park.
  Henry Campbell returned Fri from Washington and Lee University.
  Ada, the little daughter of Mrs Jim Blue, while playing at Mr Ansel's Sun afternoon, fell and dislocated her elbow.
  Col and Mrs P B Swearengan, of Fairmont, were week end guests of Mr and Mrs W N Satterfield.
  Born to Mr and Mrs Thurman Moreland, June 18th, a daughter.
  Mrs Mary Wilson has gone to Frostburg to visit her niece, Mrs Ed Shannon.
  Mrs E A McGlathery and daughter Helen, returned last Fri from an extended Northern trip.
  Mr and Mrs Copeland have returned to Ridge Dale from their bridal tour to Boston, and will remain with Mrs Copeland's parents until their new home on the mountain is completed.
  John Haines, of Green Spring Valley, returned from Ravena, Ohio, last week, accompanied by his little niece Katherine Donaldson.
  Mr(?sic) Lucy Kuykendall and daughter Miss Nan and son June all of Keyser, are visiting Mrs Charles Blue.
  Miss Nannie Blue has returned from a trip to Cumberland.
  John Adams was called to Patterson's Creek last week by the illness of his uncle Amos Adams.
  Miss Mary Adams spent part of last week with friends in Cumberland and her aunt, Mrs Donaldson, near Green Spring.


  Chas C Parker, fireman on the second division of the B&O RR is ill with typhoid fever at his home on Mill Creek.
  Eusebius Henry Miller and Anna May Shawen were married at the home of J J Mayhew near Mechanicsburg, at noon Sun, June 30th by Rev Ray M Busler.
  Miss Steorts, of Keyser is visiting Miss Lulu Taylor, at "The Pines".
  Mrs S E Bruke returned home here last Sat from a trip to Charleston.
  Miss Edna Wirgman has been visiting Miss Bessie Magruder in Washington.
  Miss Ruth Keller, of Winchester, Va, is the guest of Miss Margaret Keller.
  Herschel Stanberry returned home last week from the WVU.
  Vance McCarty, of Pittsburg, spent Sat with his mother, Mrs M E McCarty.
  Miss M B Foote returned form NY to attend the funeral of Miss Lucy Brooke.
  Mrs Nan Lewis and Mrs Emma Boose of Cumberland, are visiting Mrs C D Fisher here.
  Flournoy Hiett came Sun from the state of Washington to visit his old home at Slanesville.
  Isaac Parsons of Wappocomo, spent Sun with his sister, Mrs Geo S Brackett, at Fleminton.
  The Misses Rudasil, of Hanover Pa, spent a couple of days last week with the Misses Stump near town.
  Miss Susan Kuykendall returned home last Fri from North Carolina, where she taught the past winter.
  Misses Elizabeth and Cornelia Harmison returned to their home near town last Sat after a trip to Va.
  Miss Hattie Lupton, of Rio, spent last week here with her sisters, Mrs Golladay and Miss Ada Lupton.
  among those who attended the Baltimore convention from here were Messrs. F C Turley, Wm Trapnell, Robt Brady, D G Marshall, Thos Marshall, W W McClaine and Kerr Kump.
  Rev Mann of Glebe; Rev Hoge Smith of Petersburg; Rev Earl of Springfield; Prof St Geo T Brooke and son of Charles Town; June and Max Kuykendall of Keyser; Mrs Chas Blue of Springfield; Miss Susie Welton of Williamsport were among those from a distance who attended the funeral of Miss Lucy Brooke.


  Moorefield Examiner of 27th
  Mrs Ada Hatcher? of Winchester Va and Mrs James Sommerville, of Newport News Va and Mr Richard Sommerville of Lewisburg W Va, arrived Wed evening called here by the illness of their mother, Mrs Sommerville.
  A V Wilson's new barn which he erected about a year ago, burned to the ground this morning with all of its contents, consisting of about 4 tons of hay and straw and about all of his farming implements. The origin of the fire is unknown.
  Coke Funkhouser caught a bass last Fri that weighed 4 1/2 pounds. The same day he caught about 30 together nice ones.
  E O Harwood left Mon for Elkins, to attend the Postmasters Convention which is being held in that city this week.
  Miss Helen Bowen returned last Thus evening from Cumberland, where she had her throat treated.
  Miss Sue Welton, who has been visiting here for several week,s has returned to her home at Williamsport.
  W H Shearer, has been quite sick the past week and still continues ill.
  Jack High left last Sat for Green Spring, where he expects to open a barber shop.
  Miss Ethel Rice, who has been here visiting her sister, Mrs Hyder Reed, has returned to her home near Cumberland.
  John G Kuhn, in some manner, fell on the pavement in front of the post office last Sat evening and hurt himself right badly.
  Mrs T B Scott and daughter, Miss Mary Little, left last Sat for Boston, where they will spend the summer with Mrs Scott's sister.
  Mrs Jesse Fisher, who has been visiting Washington since leaving the hospital in Baltimore, returned home here Fri much improved in health.


  Misses Otie B Ludwick and Agnes Endler made a shopping visit to Blaine last Fri.
  Isaac P Carskadon was out at his mountain farm, Fairview, last Wed.
  Uncle Nat Kitzmiller, and Seymour Hill were on business in Keyser last Sat.
  Grover C Pool, of Kitzmiller, was here after beef cattle one day last week.
  J H Sollars lost a fine hog last week.
  E L Haines, of Slanesville, came up after Mrs Leona Haines, who has been on a visit to her home, Wm Shillingburg's last Sun. They leave for home today, Tues.
  Henry L Duling, of Gorman, was down visiting home folks Sun. Henry is an admirer of "The W Va Hills". Squire Shillingburg accompanied him home for a short outing.
  Mrs Dr J Oliver Lantz and Miss Maggie Duling started to Atlantic City Mon. Misses Margaret Barnes and Katie Duling went with them as far as Cumberland.
  Mr and Mrs J Frank Idleman, of Mt Storm, visited friends at Sulphur last Sat.
  Cal Bosley of Gormania, was down looking after the interest of his farm last Sat.
  Miss Arbelan has gone to Clarksburg to make her home with her sister.
  Messrs Earl A Duling and Homer M Junkins were at Keyser Mon. They were going after a re-painted buggy, but now we are not going to "peach" on the boys this time.
  We think some of the money spent on our county roads could be spent to the satisfaction and convenience of the public by putting sign boards at the junction of each county road. It would often save strangers much inconvenience.


  Mr and Mrs G C Mathias, of Old Fields, visited relatives last Sat and Sun.
  Miss Della Vink, of Keyser, and brother of Washington DC, were visiting friends last week.
  Mrs w T Mulady, of Keyser, was the guest of Mrs C D Whiteman last week.
  J C Pancake was among relatives Sun.
  Messrs M R Twigg and P D Peters, of Keyser, were calling on friends Sun.
  Miss Mildred Tarr, of Romney is visiting Mrs C D Whiteman.
  R S Ludwick left Mon for Washington and Baltimore.
  Miss Tinte High is sewing at J H Cheshires.

  Piedmont WV, June 24

  Mr Wm T Sigler is putting concrete cellar floors in the property of Mr Thos Boyles, occupied by Rev R H Vice and C W Powers, on East Fairview St.
  A new grocery store has been opened up in the Cross building, under the firm name of the Cut Rate Grocery co, of which Mr H J Hess is manager.
  The following officers of Mineral Castle, No 1, A O K of the Mystic Chain, were elected Thurs night, June 20; T E Morrison, commander; Francis Fazenbaker, Marshall; W H Linn, treasurer and inside guard; Elmer Vanpelt, outside guard; C T Vanpelt, financial scribe; C F Peters, recording scribe; W J Viney and W D Kerns, select representatives; Francis Fazenbaker and C E Frankland, alternate.
  Mr C F Hath is spending a few days in Hagerstown visiting relatives.
  Miss Beulah Van Arsdale left Sun on a few weeks visit to friends and relatives in Cumberland.


  The road crew will finish up their work in a few days. Our roads are in excellent condition now and the need of more auots is keenly felt. The roads are made for autos and we must have them. One wideawake young man undertook to mortgage his face for a loan of five hundred dollars for no other purpose than to buy an auto, but he had shaved off his mustache and his face would not go for so much. We give this as a warning to others.
  We are having fine growing weather now and the people who though a few weeks ago, there would be nothing to winter on, are in much better spirits now.
  Ye Scribe visited the Twin Mt orchard last week. We will not attempt a description, suffice to say it simply showed how the wealth which lay dormant for centuries responds to the call of man when wrought upon by the powerful lever of capital.
  the many friends of Miss Jennie Alkire will be glad to know that she is getting along nicely. She keeps her bed yet, but is taking considerable nourishment and is expected to be able to sit up in a few days.
  Misses Minnie and Bertha Boseley are visiting friends at Streby this week.
  Mr and Mrs F O Idleman visited at Sulphur last Sat and Sun.


  Miss Beulah E McNemar of Keyser, gave an entertainment in the auditorium Mon night.
  Mrs Wm A Michael and daughter, Miss Bessie, of Piedmont, are spending a few days in the Park, the guests of friends.
  Arrivals since last week, who are occupying cottages: Hon George C Sturgiss and Family, Morgantown, W Va; Harry Clayton and family, Wheeling, W Va; Joseph Hartman and family, Pittsburg Pa; Mrs Thompson and daughter, Mrs Turney of Weston W Va.
-Oakland Democrat, June 27th


  June 25, 1912
  Hiram Lodge No 103, A F & A M of Westernport, attended divine service at St Johns M E Church South, Sun morning last when the pastor, Rev Harry V Wheeler, preached an eloquent and appropriate sermon.
  Mr H Clay Shaw is having his residence on Ashfield St nicely painted.
  Miss Mary Francis, daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank V Eppler, is ill with typhoid fever.
  Mr George R Boyles, left Sun morning for Baltimore to attend the Democratic convention, which is being held this week.
  Mr E M Mickey, of Gormania, who has been spending a few days in Kingwood, this State, the guest of Mr Geo A Williams, and family, stopped off here and spent Sun evening the guest of relatives and friends enroute to his home.
  Mr J H Fisher, who was paralyzed last week, is still very ill, though somewhat improved.
  Mr Abe Bennett is ill with typhoid fever at the home of his brother-in-law, Mr Rosenbloom.
  Mr and Mrs J H Holmes, of Auburn NY, are the guests of their cousin, Miss Ell McKone, on Ashfield St.
  Mr and Mrs James Martin and little son, of Washington DC, are spending some time here visiting relatives.
  Chas N Knight returned to Piedmont last week from Danville Pa, and left a few days later for his home in San Antonio, Texas.
  Miss Portia, daughter of Mr and Mrs H S Richardson, who has been attending Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY has returned home for the summer vacation.


  Political Bugs and Potato Bugs Buzzing Busyly(?sic)
  For the past two weeks in this community has been i na uproar over politics and the end is not yet. All during this time every time the phone rang some one would answer it, thinking they would hear something about the conventions. But nothing definite has been learned yet. It is rumored around here that Mr Taft was nominated some where last week and that the Democrats were having a convention some place else this week. This isn't what keeps up the excitement, though. There is to be a primary convention at Markwood's School House Sat that will be of far more interest to the folks hereabouts than the conventions that take place farther away.
  This convention will convene at 1:30 PM and unless there is a dead lock will in all probability get through some time that afternoon. Delegates will be selected to attend the county convention, which will be held at the county seat July 20th. This part of it is not causing much loss of sleep, but the district officer proposition is what's keeping the folks awake. There will be a Justice of the Peace, constable, school commissioner, and most important of all, two agents for the Twin Mountain and Pacific RR nominated. These are the officials over which the fight will occur.
  The railroad being here now we need a good justice and constable. Sun excursions filled to overflowing with sin ladened sinners from the county seat will be here and unless we have a Justice and Constable there will be much disorder.
  There will be two against nominated, as mentioned above, one to serve at Burlington and the other at Ridgeville. This is a good very important office and good men must be selected.
  There are five regular candidates and seven dark horses aspiring for the nomination. In case any of them threaten to bolt another station will be opened up at Fleatown and three candidates be put in the field.
  There is all indications, so far as can be seen now, for a Democratic victory in this district. The Republicans haven't a ticket in the field and unless a third party starts up they will win in a walk, providing a re-actionary doesn't set in.
  The Camp Meeting bees have begun to buzz and will swarm on Aug 19th prevailing Providence preventing not. About the usual number of preachers will be on the ground to look after the spiritual and temporal welfare of the campers. The temporal welfare bids fair to be better than usual. The recent rains have brought forth a wonderful crop of vegetables and the chickens are looking better than they have at this time, for ten years. The same rules and regulations will be in force but will be published again for the benefit of new comers.
  These long yellow striped bugs lit in on the cucumbers last week and nearly cleaned up the crop before the folks found out how to handle them. Rev John Jerebum Jones invented the exterminating system which did the work. It is very simple. All you have to do is to gather two bugs form each hill of vines, being sure to keep them separate. Number the vine hills and the bugs from each hill. You will now have double the amount of bugs than you have hills of vines. Take the bug and paint its back black. Now get some yellow paint and strip the bugs back just opposite from the way nature did it. this is right tedious but it is the answer. After all have been striped turn them loose on the vine again and the other bugs will be so surprised to see the stripes running the wrong way, that they will all leave. Try it.


  Millard Welch was down last week doing some shopping at Burlington. Millard says that the Sweek William weed is whipping out his ox-eye daisies.
  Hez Root got a new pair of suspenders last week. They are red and blue mixed.
  Cy Cloverblossom's old cow, Boss, came in last week with a new calf. This means plenty of milk for camp meeting.
  Little Ike Whip went through here last week enroute for Fried Meat Ridge, to pick cherries.
  Jim Turbin pulled his house down below Burlington and will live there awhile. Jim is a little afraid of the cars and wants get away before they get here.
  There will be singing at the school house next Lord's day a week. Some new hymns will be practiced for camp meeting.
  Uncle Hiram Root is about the same.


  June 22
  Wilbur Gower left this morning to attend the funeral of his brother at Blaine, W Va.
  Bailey Gower, aged 23 years, was killed Wed in the miens at that place. He was working in one of the air courses when a heavy fall of slate and caught him. The fall was so heavy that it took a large force of men several hours to recover his body. A sad feature in connection with his death was that he had been married only three weeks, his bride being Miss Welch of Oakland, MD. He was well known in Ridgeley, where he frequently visited.
  Mr J G Barnes, employed at work on the new Canal Towage Company's building, was seriously injured yesterday afternoon when a heavy plank fell upon him. He was at work in the new boat yard mill when a plank measuring 60 feet dropped upon him striking his left leg. The member was not broken but badly lacerated. HE was removed to his home in Ridgeley.
  Miss Lillie Caldwell, of Keyser, is visiting friends and relatives in Ridgeley.
  Mrs Ella Daughtery and daughter, Miss Beaurie Daughterty of Gassaway, W Va, are visiting relatives here.


  Mrs Ada Bier and little daughter returned last Fri from a visit to Washington DC.
  Mrs Bane of the Arlington, is visiting friends and relatives in Keyser, Piedmont and Elk Garden. -Parsons Advocate of 27th.
  Misses Florence and Margeret Hamill, of Keyser, visited their aunt Mrs Levi Cater, at Eckhart, Md, Wed of last week.
  On July 20th, the Democratic convention of the Fourteenth Senatorial District will be held at Keyser.
  Miss Mollie White, of Terra Alta, who had been visiting in Cumberland, stopped off here last Fri to pay Miss Fannie Davis a short visit.
  Mrs Ludwig and daughter who recently returned from two years travel in the West, will spend the summer at Ocean City Md. -Baltimore Sun of 1st.
  R P Kelley arrived from Wildell on a visit to his mother, Mrs W G Kelley, near Barksville. He has been confined to the hospital at Elkins for the last three weeks.
  Miss Lola Sharpless, of Beverly, is spending the afternoon in the city.
  Misses Louise and Blanche Woolf, of Keyser, are the guests at Graceland. -Elkins Inter Mt of 27th.
  Will McClaine of Romney W Va, is here for a short stay with his wife and little son, who are visiting at the home of Mrs McClaine's parents, Mr and Mrs J F Conaway, at the Watson Hotel. -Fairmont Times 1st.
  Mrs A F McKenzie and son Francis, of Keyser, stopped on Thurs on their return form Berwick, Pa, where they visited Mrs McKenzie's father-in-law, Mr C McKenzie. -Cumb News of 29th.
  Miss Katie Sims, accompanied by Mrs Arthur Ewers, of Three Churches, W Va, spent from Sat to Mon with relatives at Elkins. Miss Sims left Mon for Morgantown to attend the teachers school at the University a few weeks.
  Mrs Kathalie Miller, of Mill Creek, a sister of Mr Chas A Smeltz, is here on account of her brother's illness. Mrs Mary Knight, also a sister of Mr Smeltz, left for her home at Elk Garden, today, as Mr Smeltz is somewhat improved. -Cumb Times of 28th.
  Mr J Harry Weimer, who is employed by the firm of Charles Weimer, at Keyser, spent Sun at his home in Oakland.
  Word was received here Fri of the death of Mr John W Lowry, of near Kitzmiller, at the age of 60 years. -Oakland Democrat of 27th.
  Mr and Mrs Frank Carpenter and family of Cumberland, spent Sun in Lonaconing, the guests of Mrs Emily McAlpine and family of East Main St.
  Miss Nellie Rice of Keyser, and Miss Mary Mowbray, of Barton, were the guests of friends in town Fri. -Lonaconing Advocate of 27th.
  Leon Sage, the three months old son of Mr and Mrs Wm Campbell died Wed last at the home of its grandparents in Tannery Row.
  Mrs J H Fisher and daughter, Lucille, left Sat for a visit to her old home at Paw Paw.
  Mrs John Dailey and daughter, returned to Meyersdale, Pa today. -Davis News of 27th.
  William Mills has sold his restaurant on Armstrong St to Tom O'Connor who will conduct business.
  L Calvert has been visiting with his son, A Lee Calvert, Wardensville, the past week or two.
  Mrs Julia W Pearson, Berkeley Springs, is on a visit to Mrs Charles M Miller of Alice Street.
  Clatus Schafnaker, has resigned his position with L C McDonald, and is now with contractor W A Liller.
  Jesse Floyd was called to Mannington last Fri morning by the serious illness of his sister Mrs Zenus Mercer.
  Miss Justina Bean went to Rock Oak, Hardy Co, last week to spend a couple of weeks with her sister, Mrs Walter Evans.
  Mrs Charles Hughes Gibbons, of Washington, and Mrs J H Wentz, of Cumberland, have been the guests of Mrs J C Liller the past week.
  Miss Emma Carr of Keyser was here Mon for the Masonic banquet. She was the guest of Dr and Mrs S M Scott while here.
  Mr and Mrs J A Annan, of Deer Park, attended the Masonic banquet here Mon night. -Terra Alta Republican of 27th.
  A five month old daughter of Mr and Mrs Troy Waybright on East Dry Run, was found dead in bed by its parents, Thurs morning. The cause of death is unknown.
  George Gallihue has sold his dwelling and tract of land two miles north of town to Gordon Boggs for $100. Mr Gallihue will return to his former home in Madison County Va. -Review (Franklin) of 28th.
  Mrs Manley W Trask returned on Mon from Grafton where she has been visiting her daughter.
  Miss Lucy Trask returned Tues evening from Terra Alta, where she has been visiting friends.
  Mrs Grace Connell, who has been here with her mother, Mrs M W Trask, for some time, left the other day for New York to spend the summer with her sister. She was accompanied by her son, a boy of six years of age. they stopped in Grafton for a few days' visit with relatives and the boy was taken sick and the physicians pronounced it appendicitis and an operation was necessary. -Kingwood Argus of 27th.


  Lee? Lauck of Washington is home on a visit.
  M Taimburini of Bayard, was in town Tues on Business.
  George Miller, of Baltimore, was here last Sat on business.
  Mrs D A Arnold, of Knobley, returned last Sat from Fairmont.
  H G Wilson was at Baltimore a couple of days last week taking in the convention.
  W M Ludwick formerly of Windber Pa, is visiting relatives in this section.
  Miss Vinia Neel of Burlington came over Mon and entered the Prep normal.
  Mrs Harry Miller and children returned to their home at Baltimore last Sat.
  Carlisle Smith of Parkersburg, is visiting at the home of his uncle, R A Welch.
  Jacob Stullenbarger, Esq, of Elk Garden, was in town last Sat on business.
  Hon and Mrs J C Liller attended the funeral of Mrs Anise Liller at Ridgeville, last Sun.
  Mrs W S Johnston and niece, Miss Virginia Welton, her guest, paid Cumberland a visit Wed.
  Mrs Maurice Lamb of Covington Va, is visiting her mother, Mrs Carrie Kight, who is ill.
  Mrs Etta King and daughters returned home last Fri from their visit to Yougnstown, Ohio.
  R W Nine and family and Miss Hallie Sayre returned last Sun from their auto trip to Baltimore.
  Miss Virginia Welton of Baltimore, came up Sat on a visit to her aunt, Mrs W S Johnston.
  Mr and Mrs I P Carskadon, of Headsville, came over last Sat and spent several days among relatives.
  Rev H C Smith spend last Sat and Sun here with friends. He had been on a visit to his brother at Elkins.
  Mr and Mrs Richard Laughlin, of Columbus Ohio, arrived last Mon morning on a visit to relatives and friends.
  Mrs H H king and daughter, Miss Lulu of Pocomoke Md, arrived last Sat on a visit to Mr and Mrs T P Leps.
  Miss May Rice, of Brunswick, came up some days ago and will spend the summer at the home of her grandmother, Mrs Laura Rice.
  Mr and Mrs Walter Scherr and son came down form Martin last Fri and left Sat night for their home at Louisville Ky.
  Miss Minnie Lynn, of Cumberland, spent a few days here the past week with her sister,s Mrs J B Johnson and Mrs George Wells.
  Misses Cora and Madeline Martin returned last Sat from a months' visit to relatives at DeKalb and other places in Ill.
  Jesse Welton of Washington Court House, Ohio, stopped off here last Sat a few hours with relatives on his way home from a trip to Petersburg.
  Mrs George McIlwee, who had been spending some time here with her daughter, returned to Baltimore last Sun. Albert Rice accompanied her.
  Miss Belle Taylor, returned to her home at Purgittsville last Sat after spending a while with her aunt, Mrs Charles Flick. Mrs Flick is some better.
  Mr and Mrs William W Shearer and daughter, of Alexandria Va, are the guests of Mrs Barbara E Humbird, 126 North Mechanic St. - Cumb News
  Misses Lena and Mabel Burke nurses in the hospital in Charlottesville Va, came home Mon on their summer vacation. Their many friends are glad to see them.
  Mrs T W Blundell left last Mon for her new home, at Dayton, Ohio, where her husband and son have been working for some time for the Cash Register people.
  Hon C H Vossler will move his family to the old home at Maysville next week to spend the summer. They will return in time for the commencement of school next fall.
 Mrs Jennie Shafferman and daughter, Miss Lottie, and Mr and Mrs Edward Bolen and little daughter, returned home last Sat from a few days visit to Eglon, Preston Co.
  Messrs, J G Koelz, D T Greenwade, Oscar Cosner, J W Stayman, Chas Bashore and I H Offner attended the funeral of Mr Bruce, a former member of the Masonic fraternity here, and acted as pall bearers.
  A very fine brood sow, belonging to the Leps family, was killed by a B&O train last week at the Alkire crossing. A bill for something like $75 has been put in to the company.
  Messrs C H Vossler and Jas E Sheetz are a committee appointed by Thompson Furniture Co to assist in taking the periodical invoice of the firm. They are busy at the job this week.
  The monument which is a massive granite memorial on two bases, is surmounted by a bronze cast of Col George D Wells, who commanded the regiment. It was unveiled by Mrs C A Sherman, of Ash Grove Va, a cousin of Col Wells.
  One of the heaviest rains that this section has ever had fell last Fri afternoon. It did not last long,and appeared to cover very small scope of country, but it was terrific while it lasted. It was something like a cloud burst, and the most water fell up back of Reynolds addition, and the water came down through the B&O yard, and flooded the shops, and came on down Armstrong St, like a small river, blocking travel for some time.
  Last Sat afternoon some sneak thief stole $15 from the home of S M Bright in South Keyser. The thief was very bold as neighbors were out on their front porches on either side and in front of the house, and Mrs Bright was out of the house herself only a few minutes and then in the back yard. No one was seen to enter or leave the premises.
  Mrs R M workman, who has been on the sicklist is better.
  Miss Edna Kaplon went to Baltimore Tues night on business.
  James Wright and sister, Miss Lena, of Burlington, spent Mon in town.
  Dr M F Wright and son of Burlington, were in town on Wed.
  Miss Bessie Dawson, returned home last Mon from her visit to Washington.
  Mr and Mrs Ray Wells returned first of the week from Baltimore.
  Rev S D Dawson, of Dawson was a business visitor in town Wed.
  Mrs J W Ravenscroft has returned home fro a visit to her son at Baltimore.
  Miss Beulah Hodges, of Cumberland, has been visiting Keyser relatives the past week.
  Mrs W P Welch has returned from a visit to the home of her son Forrest, at Cumberland.
  Miss Sedalia Newcome and brother returned home last week from their visit to Youngstown, Ohio.
  Miss Mayme Dean and Annie Leary left this morning on an extended visit to friends in Pa.
  Mrs J Wilson Wheatly and daughter of Easton Md, are guests at the home of D W Weaver on Piedmont St.
  W E Hough of Fairmont representing the Canton Steel Roofing and Ceiling Co, was a business visitor here Wed.
  Mrs J F Grimes has returned to her home at Pittsburg, after spending a short while here with her daughter, Mrs George Sincell.
  Mrs William Drodge, of NY, arrived here Sun night on train No 1 to join her husband who has been here for some time.
  Mr and Mrs J J Turner, of Green Spring, came up last Sat and remained till Sun evening as guests of the latter's sister, Mrs Evans.
  Mrs Charles Hughes Gibon, of Washington, Mrs I H Wentz and son Clyde of Cumberland were guests of Hon and Mrs J C Liller last week.
  Miss Gertrude Tracy of Pittsburg, were in town was a guest of Miss Laura Crooks a day or two this week and attended the dance Tues night.
  Mrs Laura Rice, who has been at Newmarket Va, some time on account of her health, came home last Sun to spend a few weeks when she will return to Va.
  Engineer Howard Huffman of the 3rd division has made arrangements to take his wife and children on a trip to Oregon, to see his father, whom he has not seen since his childhood.
  John D Dennision, of Rawlings, brother of our fellowtownsman, Jos Dennison, was in town first of the week making arrangements to go west on account of a serious throat affections.
  Messrs C E Nethken, H H Stover, Taylor Morrison and R A Welch, who went to the Baltimore convention in an auto, returned last Sun. Mr Welch went back Sun night, being an Alternate.
  Last Sun W T Mulledy took Mrs Hannah Orndorf and children over to Vanderlip on their way to Moorefield on a visit to her mother and brought back his wife, who has been on a visit to Moorefield for several weeks.
  The many friends of Capt Shores, the veteran retired conductor, will rejoice to learn that he is some better. Capt Shores was taken very ill some days ago and for a time was quite poorly. We hope to see him around as usual.
  Mrs Blaine Connell and little son were here Thurs of last week on their way to NY to visit Mr and Mrs Cromie. It was found that Mrs Connell's little son, who it was thought had appendicitis, wouldn't have to be operated on, and he having improved so much they went on their visit.
  Mr and Mrs F S Johnston and daughter, Miss Mildred Bryan, of Elkins, who had been on a visit to Frederick Md, stopped off here last Sat night to visit Mr Johnston's mother and other relatives. Mr Johnston went on home Sun and Mrs Johnston and daughter remained till Mon evening.
  W H Coffman, the hustling shipping clerk for the Siever Hardware Co, accompanied by his wife and daughter, left Wed for Moorefield and other points up in the country. Mr Coffman has not been well for some time and he thinks a little vacation will bring him around all right. We hope it will.
  Mayor Babb was in Cumberland Tues.
  Miss Sue Sheetz returned from Morgantown last Tues.
  I E Oates of Elk Garden, was in town Wed on business.
  Mrs Laura Carroll, of Cumberland, is a guest of Mrs N J Crooks.
  Mrs David Long will go to Mt Lake Park tomorrow to spend the summer.
  Ed Kineny and family went to Terra Alto Wed to spend a while.
  Mrs Luella Johnson returned home from an extended visit to Grafton relatives.
  Mr and Mrs F E Hutchinson and their guest spent the fourth at Mt Lake Park.
  Clarence Arbogast went to Raineville W VA, yesterday to do a job of plumbing.
  Mrs Pauline Gelwicks arrived home Wed night form an extended visit to Ohio.
  Mrs Charles Glower and two daughters, of Moorefield, are visiting relatives here.
  Willie Coffroth, assistant engineer for the W Md spent the 4th here with home folks.
  Dr and Mrs J T Little, of Pittsburg, came over Wed night to spend the fourth.
  Roy Ravenscraft and family came up from Baltimore Wed to pay home folks a visit.
  Miss Tirza McDowell of Burlington, was here last Fri on her way to Luke to spend the fourth.
  Frank Snyder and family of Jerome Pa, arrived Wed to spend the fourth with home folks.
  Mrs W S Decker and children went to Terra alto last Sat to spend a few weeks with relatives.
  Miss Beulah McNemar will give one of her popular recitals in Burlington on Tues evening July 9th.
  Miss Grace Bane has returned home from Prospect Va, where she filled a position as milliner the past season.
  Mrs Arza Furbee returned home Wed from a pleasant visit to the Doctor's home in Tyler Co.
  Dr Umstot took his family over to the orchard to spend a short time while he takes a trip to Hagerstown.
  Mrs Pearl Lillard of Grafton, was called here last Sat by the illness of her sister, Mrs Thomas Hogshead.
  Mrs John L Babb of Falls came down Tues and is spending a few days here as a guest of Miss Sue Johnson's.
  Huntley Hoffman went to Baltimore Sun to see the finish of the convention and feels good over the way things went.
  Miss Edith Bonnison, of Wheeling, went home Wed after a pleasant visit here as the guest of Mrs Willis Rickey.
  Prof Homer Hott and wife, accompanied by Mrs Luther Hott, went to Washington last Sat on a visit.
  Mrs Lucy Decker and son, ? V of Blaine, spent last Sun and Mon here as guests of the former's son, Walter S Decker.
  Rev O A Price and family arrived Wed night. They are stopping at Mrs Lucy Kuykendall's until their household goods arrive.
  Mrs Charles Tibbets and daughter Elinor, of Beryl, came down Wed on a month's visit to the former's parents, Dr and Mrs F P Stehley.
  Harry G Fisher went back to Baltimore Tues to see the convention finish up their work and returned home Wed happy as a lark over the result.
  Harry Shutte and bride returned Tues from their bridal trip and are spending a few days with the bride's mother, Mrs A E Moore, before going to their home at Pittsburg.
  Arnold Gerstell, of NY, arrived Wed night, to spend a few days with his home folks, and will be accompanied home by his wife and child, who have been spending some time here.
  Attorney J A Alexander, of Staunton Va, spent Sat in Keyser on business. He is interested in orcharding in Augusta Co, and was shown some of the Knobley Mt orchards.
  Frank Dorsey is ill with typhoid fever.
  A reception will be given tonight at Stone Cliffe in honor of Mr and Mrs Harry Leps.
  Wed Burr Davis stepped on a nail, consequently he is limping around with a very sore foot.
  C W Shelley, architect and builder, is official inspector on the school building job for the school board.
  Contractor H W Baker is building a nice house for Jas McCoole on West Piedmont St.
  C C Clevenger, the hustling Piedmont St merchant, has just added a very fine McCaskey Register to his store equipment.
  The Board of Review, accompanied by Clerk J V Bell, went to Cumberland Tues to consider the assessments at Ridgeley.
  Mr and Mrs J T Sincell went to Lonaconing to spend the fourth with relatives. Mrs Sincell remained and will spend a week.
  The mother of Daniel Arnica, who lives on Dr Stehley's farm, up New Creek, died last Wed at her home at Paw Paw. Mr Arnica was there when she died.
  Mr Granville Ruckman, of Stewart Ill, who has been spending a few weeks at Romney, stopped off here with his cousin, Miss Cora Martin, on his way home.
  Miss Fannie Davis, gave a fishing excursion to Patterson's Creek yesterday in honor of Miss Virginia Welton of Baltimore. They had lots of fun but the fish did not suffer much.
  Miss Zue Myerly Alt, of Maysville W Va and Mr Thomas H McCullough of Cumberland, were united in marriage on Sun, June 3rd at Westernport, Md by Rev Stewart.


A Pretty Wedding, Tues Evening, at the Seymour House

  About 75 relatives and friends gathered at the home of Mr and Mrs henry Seymour, on North Broadway in this city, on Tues evening to witness the marriage of Miss Cora E Seymour of this city, to henry F Johnston, of Hammond Indiana. The house interior was beautifully decorated with ferns, palms, peonies, and daisies, the predominant colors being green, white and pink.
  The ceremonies opened with a feeling rendition of that beautiful vocal solo, "Beloved, It is Morn," by Mr Arnold Lovejoy, the accompaniment upon the piano being played with rare taste by Mr Harold Tower of Minneapolis. At its close, Mr Tower, began the wedding march, and at the first chords the bridal party appeared from the floor above. The groom with his best man, Mr J Homer Johnston, of Keyser W Va, and the bride's father, Mr Henry Seymour, awaited the bride and her bridesmaid, Miss Pike, of Ft Wayne, at the foot of the staircase, and the party preceded by little Helen Hatch as flower girl, marched to the north-east corner of the main parlor, their course being defined by Mary and Andrew Lundteigen with daisy chains.
  The bride was most becomingly gowned in white messaline silk, draped with all-over lace, and carried white roses, while the bridesmaid appeared in tasteful pink silk, and carried pink roses. The marriage ceremony was impressively performed by Dr Geo E Barnes, of Coldwater, the bride being given away by her father.
  The hearty congratulations of the assembled company followed after which all sat down to an elegant wedding supper which was served in the dining room. Mrs Claude Palmer acting as mistress of ceremonies.
  Shortly after 11 o'clock the bride and groom were taken by automobile to Battle Creek, their departure being preceded by a liberal bestowal of rice, old shoes and other customary attempts at hindrance. Mr and Mrs Johnston at Battle Creek immediately took a train for Hammond Indiana, where a furnished home awaited them.
  The bride is a native of Union City and a graduate of our high school, as well as of Michigan State Normal College. She is an accomplished pianist and musician, and for several years has been an instructor in music and drawing at various places. As one of Union City's most lovely and talented young ladies, she has won the warm friendship of all, and there is regret at their departure from our midst. The groom holds a responsible railroad position at Hammond Indiana, and is a native of Keyser W Va, where the acquaintance was formed which later ripened into love and its consummation in marriage. The hearty best wishes of hosts of friends accompany they young couple to their new home.
  the out of town guests at the wedding were as follows: Dr and Mrs Sutherland and Mrs Johnston of Angola, Ind; Mr and Mrs M W Wimer and Dr Geo E Barnes and wife of Coldwater; J H Johnston of Gary Ind; Miss Pyke, of Ft Wayne Ind; Mrs Belle Haley of Toledo and Mr Harold Tower of Minneapolis.
-Union City (Mich) Register


  Harry Carroll of South Cumberland and Miss Texie Yeager of Marlington W Va, were married Thurs evening at the home of the groom, 210 Grand Ave, this city, by Rev Mr Rachel. The bride and groom are mutes. The clergyman wrote the questions upon a sheet of paper and and the bride and groom replied upon the same sheet. quite a number of friends who understand the deaf-and-dumb language were present.

  Anthony Wayne Cozard, Baltimore and Ohio telegraph operator at Patterson's Creek, and Miss Lucy Mae Orr, of Newburg W Va, were married in Grafton at the Baptist parsonage by Rev Leland Jerome Powell.


  Announcement has just been made of the marriage of Mr Harry Biser of this city, to Miss Romaine Irene Breneman, daughter of Mr and Mrs George K Brenneman of Wheeling W Va, the ceremony having been held in Wheeling on Wed evening Feb 21.
  Miss Breneman is well and favorably known here, being manager of Jacob's Millinery Story. Mr Biser is in the employ of the B&O railroad. The couple will make their home at Wheeling after July 15th,.
-Cumb News of 2nd



  Robert E Donovan, of Bayard, died at the Elkins hospital about midnight Tues of a cancerous trouble from which he had suffered for several months. Mr Donovan was a native of Va and a brother of the late John D Donovan, a Presiding elder in the Va Conference of the United Brethren Church. Mr Donovan was a photographer along the line of the C&P railroad for several years, was chief of police of the town of Bayard, and served one term as deputy sheriff of Grant Co. he was also deputy assessor of that county until forced to resign on account of failing health.
  Surviving is his wife who prior to her marriage was Miss Emma Rexroad, of Central Grant Co. The funeral took place in Bayard on Thurs.


  Capt John M Jarboe, 76 years old, died July 3, 1912, at his home in Oakland, after a long illness. Her served in the Union army in Co I, Tenth W VA infantry, and rose to the rank of Captain. For eight years he was postmaster of Oakland. Cap Jarboe was a prominent contractor and builder and he superintended the erection of many houses and hotels of Oakland and Mountain Lake Park. He was a prominent Mason, having been the first man to be made a Mason in what is now Garrett Co.
  He is survived by his wife, who was Miss Jennie Baker, to whom he was married at Oakland in 18(?6)5, one son and four daughters.


  Miss Martha Porter, aged 23 years, daughter of John Porter, died last Sun, June 30, 1912, at her home in South Keyser. The remains were taken to Arthur, Grant Co, and buried on Tues.


  Mrs Agnes Berry, wife of Elward Berry, died at her home on Welch St, Mon, aged 51 years. Mrs Berry had been ill for over a month. She was a Miss Agnes Howser before her marriage to Wm Schaeffer at Dobbin, and after his death she moved to Keyser, where she married Edward Berry. The deceased is survived by one son, Eliza Schaeffer, of Cumberland Md, two daughters, Mrs Stella Kennedy and Miss Allie Schaeffer, of Keyser and one sister, Mrs Annie Moser, of near Oakland Md.
  The funeral services were conducted Wed afternoon by Rev M H Keen with interment in Queens Point Cemetery.


  The funeral of Mrs Jacob Geldbaugh, who died June 20 at her home in Newburg, took place Sat, June 22, at the Lutheran Church, her pastor Rev Mr Richardson officiating. Interment was in Newburg cemetery.
  The deceased was 74 years old and was born in Alotshouser Germany. She came to this country at the age of 22 years. She was married to Mr Jacob Geldbaugh, Feb 21, 1863, at Newburg W Va, where she resided up to the time of her death. She leaves to mourn their loss a husband and seven children: Mrs Elizabeth Kephart, Mrs Anna Kolkhorst, Mrs Margaret Shaffer and Edward Geldbaugh of Keyser; John and Charles of Newburg; Harry of Newark, Ohio; and one son George, who preceded her 12 years ago. She also leaves 27 grandchildren, 2 great -grandchildren, and one brother, Geo Nightingale, of Wheeling, besides a host of relatives and friends.
  Mrs Geldbaugh was a woman of the most exemplary character, a devoted Christian and a kind, affectionate wife and mother. She joined the Lutheran Church at the age of 14 years and lived close to her church obligation up to the time of her death when the Lord called her home to receive her reward. The grandsons were pallbearers, which was her request before she died.
Mrs Geldbaugh was well known in Keyser and was loved by all who knew her.
  Farewell, dear mother, thy sufferings are o'er,
  You are free from all sorrow and pain;
  On this troublesome earth we'll greet thee no more,
  But in Heaven we'll meet you again.
Then weep not for your dear mother,
  Whom the angels have taken away;
  But trust in the Lord, He'll comfort your hearts,
  Till he calls you home with your loved ones to stay.


  Mr William Bruce died Sat night at his home on Arch street. He had been ill since May 30th and several days during the past week dissolution was hourly expected. On Wed evening last it was stated by several persons well acquainted with him that Mr Bruce was dead. This information was telephoned to the Daily News office Wed night and was published in the paper Thurs morning. The patient rallied however from the attack of Wed and on Thurs and Fri was somewhat improved. There was a recurrence of illness Sat afternoon and it was soon apparent that the end was near. He died at 8:30. Mr Bruce's last illness began an attack of apoplexy while he was taking part in a parade at Westernport May 30. He revived after the first attack, was brought home and for some time it was hoped he would eventually get well. Later he was overcome while out for a walk on the street here and had to be assisted to his home. Mr Bruce was 64 years old last Nov. He was a native of Cumberland and when a young man became a machinist and was a fine mechanic. He spent nearly all the years of his manhood in the service of the B&O railroad and for many years was in charge of the shops at Keyser and Piedmont. He returned to Cumberland after the South Cumberland shops were built and was foreman here until about a year ago, when he was placed on the retired list. In his long service with the B&O in this vicinity, Mr Bruce had become well acquainted with practically all of the permanent employees of the road between Brunswick and Grafton. He was a man of such fine disposition and high character that to know him well was to be his loyal friend. He was popular not only with the railroad men but had friends in all walks of life. His figure was a familiar one in South Cumberland for a number of years. Mr Bruce was a devoted Christian and since moving to South Cumberland had been a member of Holy Cross Episcopal Church. He was prominent in Masonic fraternity of this region and for many years was a member of Davis Lodge AF and AM of Keyser and of the Grafton Commandery Knights Templar. HE was also a member of Philos Lodge Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Westernport. He is survived by his wife but no children. The funeral will take place Tues afternoon with services at the residence at 3 o'clock. The interment will be in rose Hill Cemetery.
-Cumb News of 1st


  Bailey Gauer, son of Mr and Mrs D Gauer, of near Oakland, was instantly killed in a mine at Kitzmiller last night by a fall of roof coal. He was a young man married two weeks ago to a daughter of Mr William Welch, of near Gortner.
-Oakland Republican of 20th


  One of the most pleasant events that has taken place in this section for a long time was the birthday dinner given to Mrs Lottie Moomau last Sat at her home at McCoole by her children. There were about 75 guests present, composed of brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces and other relatives and friends, who enjoyed the occasion to the fullest extent.
  Mrs Moomau received a large number of presents including a nice little sum of money. A sumptuous dinner was served which was very much enjoyed.


  William Cessna, 16 years old, son of John Cessna, of Ridgeley, was seriously injured when struck by a train Sat afternoon on the Western Md railway at Carpenters. He was at work as a track boy when he was hit, having his left arm torn away and his foot so badly injured that part of it had to be amputated.
  The injured youth was placed in a caboose and drawn by a special engine was rushed to the Allegany Hospital. His condition was improved last night.
  -Cumb News of 1st


  A ginseng farm is one of the new institutions for Oakland and vicinity and will be located between Oakland and Mt Lake Park. Dr Thurl Bullard, brother of Mr E Z Tower, of Oakland is the proprietor of the enterprise. this valuable herb grown wild in many parts of Garrett county and was formerly a considerable source of revenue to people living in the rural sections and near where it grew. It still exists in some sections of the county and one of the thriving little villages, Sang Run, was in years gone by a good market for buyers.


  Mr and Mrs John Arnold of Keyser, have been spending some days in Winchester, Mr Arnold is a Confederate veteran of the famous Stonewall Brigade, and his visit to Winchester recalls the story of his sister and "John Arnold's old cow." During Milroy's occupation of Winchester, Miss Arnold, then a pretty young girl of high southern spirit, went to the Federal commander to see about getting her father's cow (which he had seized and appropriated to his own use) liberated. Milroy (although he soon skedaddled away, pretty lively with the Confederates at his back) refused to let her have the cow. Thereupon the spirited southern girl retorted, "Well, If you expect to conquer the south by keeping John Arnold's old cow, take her and go with her; but you'll be mightily mistaken."
-Spirit of Jefferson, Charles Town


  H C Wright, the well know fruit grower, whose farm is located on the mountain just west of Keyser, says the recent heavy rains and storms have almost ruined his raspberry crop, which was big this year. Many of the berries became over-ripe and were blown off and the others rotted on the vines. The loss will be heavy. He had berries of the black-cap class measuring almost an inch in diameter.


  Following are the jurors chosen for the July term of the Circuit Court:


  R G Richardson, T F Kenny, T W McDowell, J M Armstrong, C E Taylor, J E Sheetz, H G Steorts, W T Sigler, W E Hubbs, H J Dohrman, John Bane, John Flick, J H Markwood, A J Clark, E A Ludwick and C E Wagoner.


  B F Funderburg, C M Dayton, John P Kitzmiller, Wheeler T Biser, J Frank Bane, George W Doll, I C Ferribee, L J Powell, Clarence P Grady, C E Harrison, S B Harrison, R M Frye, E A Duling, Thomas Taylor, Robert Grant, Jr, James L Kitzmiller, W E Largent, D B Biser, P B Long, Millard R Twigg, Henry W Malone, L F Adams, V E Daniels, V M Grayson, Joseph A Hannon, Vause A Ellifritz, D L Adams, F L Fredlock, W W Long, O M Rizer, R R Allen, W J Leatherman, James R Kuykendall, C E Dunlap, J W Thomas, H L Miller, E R Baker, M L D Albright, N C Taylor, J E Bailey, Frank Smith, Allen Everstine, D G Martin, C W Schaffenaker and G W Berisford.


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