DECEMBER 6, 1912



  Mr and Mrs Jacob Abe gave a birthday party at their home Wed evening, Nov 20, 1912, in honor of their son and daughter, Mr Ira L and Miss Nora M Abe, it being their twenty-third and eighteenth birthday. Music was rendered and games were played, after which refreshments were served. those present were: Mr and Mrs Jacob Abe, Misses Nora Abe, Bertha and Virgie Deremer, Edna Carder, Nelie Pownall, Beatrice Allen, Olive Abe, Audrey, Grace and Irene Kiser, Estella Emmart, Grace and Nelie Ward, Mabel and Mary Dayton, Eva Mulledy, May, Pearl and Bessie Malone, Messrs Ira Abe, Robert Golladay, Arnold and Charles Ludwick, Jesse and Clarence Abe, Elijah Rees, Paul and Robert Dayton, Frederick Malone and P T Siple.
  All returned home reporting a good time and wishing them many more happy birthdays.
  One Who Was There


  Born to Mr and Mrs Bert Lyle, a son.
  Earl Calhoun, of Keyser spent Sun in town.
  A son was born to Mr and Mrs Geo Riley, Nov 9th.
  Born to Mr and Mrs L H Buzzell, of William, Mon, a son.

  Frank Baker is ill of typhoid fever
  Miss Huntley Hoffman, who has been ill with typhoid fever, is able to be out.
  D J Hayes is moving his family to Wheeling, where they will make their future home.
  J P Hill and family, who have been in our town for many years, have moved to Clarksburg to make their future home. - Davis News of 21st.


  Assessor elect F C Patton moved to Keyser last week. We are sorry to lose them, but trust the family will find it pleasant in their new home.
  Robert Harris grew worse with appendicitis and last Mon he was taken to the Western Md Hospital. His father and Dr Keim went with him. The operation was successful, and he is doing well.
  Mrs Emma Arnold of New Creek District and Mrs John P Arnold, of Hartmonsville, were calling on friend here last week.
  R Marsh Dean attended the poultry exhibit at Keyser last week.
  Rev John A Shockey closed the revival services at Oakmont this week. There were fifty conversions.
  Ray Blackburn, who has been working at Akron Ohio, is home on a visit.
  Mrs Celia Davis is visiting friends at Romney.
  Mr Ferdinand Warnick, of Preston Co, was in town this week.
  Frank Kenny is making good at the S N C at Dayton Va. He is making a specialty of electricity but is taking the full academic course.
  Johnnie E Arnold is employed in an electric plant at Akron Ohio. He is a member of the Great Western band and taking lessons on the slide trombone from the leader of the band who is a trombone player.
  Miss Cora Keim is making her home with Dr P S Keim.
  Mrs Mary Harris went to Cumberland last Tues morning to stay with her boy, Robert, who was operated on for appendicitis.
  Mr Geo A Oss who was horribly cut with a rapidly running saw and died in a few hours at the Red Bridge on Abram's Creek, Grant Co, was well known here. He attended church and Sun school frequently at this place while he was operating his mill at Atlantic. He enjoyed the confidence and esteem of everyone. He was an earnest Christian, a member of the M E Church. His generous nature is shown by the following incident: A young man at his mill was taken down with appendicitis. He was in poor circumstances and Mr Oss sent him to the hospital for treatment, which was successful, and assumed all expenses. This is but one of his many charitable acts. His many warm friends here were exceedingly shocked on hearing of his sudden death. A good many has been taken away.
  Robert Dayton was visiting his aged father who lives near the 21st bridge, the first of this week.
  Miss Beulah McNemar will present "Mrs Wiggs of the cabbage patch" in the Odd Fellow's Hall, Mon evening, to benefit the Elk Garden school library.
  Rev F C Rollman has gone to Keyser this week with his Orphanage tree to see how many apples can be secured on the Keyser limb.
  Rev Miss Judy closed the revival services last Sun evening.


  Press (Petersburg) of 21st
  C C Hutton spent from Sat until Mon in Cumberland.
  Miss Grace martin left Tues morning for Keyser to visit friends and relatives.
  Mrs Hyre, wife of Jacob Hyre, who lives near town, was found dead in bed at her home near Petersburg on Sat morning of last week. Mr Hyre awoke at four o'clock in the morning and talked to his wife, and then got up and made a fire. About five o'clock he sent a little boy that he was raising to tell Mrs Hyre to get up and get breakfast. The little fellow went and called her and getting no reply came back and told Mr Hyre that she did not answer him, and Mr Hyre then went to her room, and getting no answer to his call, went to the bed and found his wife dead.
  Mrs Hyre was about 60 years old, and before her marriage was a Miss Alt. Interment took place Sun evening in the cemetery on the farm now owned by Wilbur McUlty, funeral services being conducted by Rev J W Stearn, of the U B Church.
  Next week we will give court proceedings in full.
  At the time of going to press but two jury cases have been tried, one of T G McDonald vs Twin Mt Orchards, appeal from Justice. Verdict of $92.50 in favor of the plaintiff. This suit was for damages for the loss of a horse valued at $175. Plaintiff claims that while in the employ of the defendant company there was a contract wherein the defendant became liable in case his horse, which he was keeping on the orchard for his own use, got crippled or killed. One day he hitched his horse near a running engine, and it became frightened at the popping off of steam from the engine and injured itself to such an extent that it died. Mr McDonald several months afterwards sued for the price of the horse and before the Justice won the full amount, but in Circuit court only about one half the amount.
  Next case was that of the State vs Henry and Edward Goldizen for killing with dogs four sheep belonging to T W and Walter Berg. Jury acquitted defendants.
  It is understood that an hour or so today (Thurs) will be taken by the court and members of the bar and visiting attorneys, for the purpose of holding Memorial services in memory of the late Benjamin Dailey.
  Seymour Whipp, accompanied by his sister, Miss Maude, of Burlington, came up to C C Hull's Sat in their auto and spent until Sun. They were accompanied home by Miss Fannie Hull, who will visit for a while.
  Mrs Jane Hood had the misfortune of falling from the top of a stairway last week, bruising herself up quite a bit.
  Seymour Hoffman, wife, little William Berger and Miss Katharine Wilson, of Moorefield, came over last Wed in Mr Hoffman's car to attend the burial of Mrs Jane Strother, Mrs Hoffman's Aunt.
  T M Lahman and Jas Hood went to Keyser today after Mr Hood's auto which he purchased a few days ago while there.

  Nov 2
  Isaac W Armentrout was here over Wed. He was on his way to his old home at Brushy Run from Farmland Ind. Mr Armentrout is a plasterer, carpenter and cement worker, and is thinking of locating in Petersburg. He has spent thirty years in Indiana.
  Robert Thompson of Scherr, was here Mon. Mr Thompson recently sold his farm at Scherr to Cyrus Halterman and purchased the Grayson farm two and one-half miles south west of Cumberland, consideration $3300. He will move there about the first of March.
  Mr Burrs Clayton, of Upper Tract, and Miss Nettie Simon, of near Milam, were married on Wed of last week at Moorefield. They came to Petersburg Wed evening, accompanied by the bride's aunt, Mrs Jane Hinkle, of Miles, and spent the night here with the bride's cousin, Mrs Chas Davis, and Thurs left for Milam.
  Mrs A A Sites, an aged lady, of Masonville, was paralyzed Sun.
  C E Keller on Wed killed two hogs, one of which netted 435 pounds and the other 387.
  Abel S Keplinger killed his large O I C Hog which was well known throughout the country and attracted a large crowd when killed. It netted 690 pounds.
  Laura Rohrbaugh, a witness in the damage suit of J W Rohrbaugh vs Mark Brennen, was arrested the same day after the case was tried, on the charge of perjury, and given a preliminary hearing before Squire Hiser, who held her under bond for the action of the next grand jury.
  The Lutheran Parsonage in Dorcas was the scene last Wed evening, Nov 20, of a very quiet wedding, when Miss Barbara Sites, became the wife of Jesse Shafer, Rev Poorman officiating. Both reside near Masonville and are well and favorably known by a large circle of acquaintances. the bride wore a dainty gown of white wool and lace while the groom wore the conventional black. They went directly to the home of the groom where they are receiving the hearty congratulations and best wishes of a host of friends.
  Ed Cunningham, formerly of Williamsport, but who has spent the summer in Illinois, is a visitor at Dr Cassday's.
  Mrs Jno Lemon has been right poorly but is some improved.
  Harrison Kessel fell down the cellar steps and badly sprained his ankle.
  Isaac Lewis, our justice attorney here has changed to a "Bull Mooser" since the returns of the elections.
  Ed V Smith and wife are on a visit in Indiana and Illinois.
  Mrs S P Idlemna(?sic) has been on a visit to her daughter at Philippi.
  Mrs Susan Tucker returned Sat from a visit to Fredericksville Md.
  Robt Thompson was a recent visitor at Cumberland, where he proposes to locate soon.
  W S Secrist, of Keyser, general manager of the S&T Hardware Co, was recently visiting at his mothers.
  Mrs Eliza Lemon is sojourning among friends and relatives at Maysville. She is getting to be among the oldest class in Grant Co, being past eighty-five.


  Moorefield Examiner, Nov 28th
  Born to Mr and Mrs Homer Friddle last week, a son.
  B T Racey, of Romney, spent last Fri night here with his mother.
  Mr and Mrs E C Beaty spent today with W E Beaty in Romney.
  Mr and Mrs H S Carr left Wed for a short visit to Clarksburg.
  A V Wilson, left Wed morning to attend the stock show in Chicago.
  Homer Frye, of Wardensville, came over this week and is visiting relatives here.
  Miss Jemima Rogers is visiting her sister Mrs Branson Snyder, at Wardensville.
  Mrs W H Wilson, who visited relatives at Clarksburg has returned to her home here.
  W A Funkhouser, of Ottaway Md, spent a few days here with friends the past week.
  Miss Lillie Wilson, left last week for a visit to her sister, Mrs Hawley, near Baltimore.
  Isaiah Dove, well known in this section, died at his home near Dovesville, aged 74 years.
  Dr H McS Gamble spent several days in Cumberland last week returning home Fri evening.
  Miss Dorothy Welton and Chas Smith of Petersburg, spent a few hours in Moorefield, last Sat.
  Dr H C Baker, who infected his hand several weeks ago while working on a tooth, is improving slowly.
  Mrs M D Blanton, of Scottsburg Va, arrived here last week on a visit to her daughter Mrs Homer Friddle.
  Geo H Kuykendall who has been confined to his home for a week, we are glad to say is able to be out again.
  Rev Chas D Gilkeson went to Petersburg Sun, where he preached in the Presbyterian church,
  F C Turley of Romney, spent Mon night with friends here.
  Miss Ella Allen who has been visiting in Romney returned home Tues.
  J Ed Williams had the misfortune to cut his foot very badly Tues evening. The ax caught in a limb and struck him on the foot, almost serving the large toe. It required nine stitches to close the wound. Mr Williams' many friends hope that he will soon be alright again.
  Born to Mr and Mrs Harry Sions, last week, a son. We understand the little fellow will be named Woodrow Wilson.
  Misses Mildred Kuhn and Margaret Larrick went to Springfield to spend Thanksgiving with Miss Lucy Blue.
  Mrs Marshall Everson and children, who have been here for some time, left Mon for their home in Pittsburg.
  Coke Funkhouser killed a fine deer on Branch Mt last week. A few days before that Grover Neff killed a nice one, near H C Harper's.
  W A Allen butchered a beef last week from the stomach of which he took the following: 2 keys, 1 cent, 1 collor button, 1 washer, 1 22-shell, 17 nails, 8 small nails, and 2 small rocks.
  M M Bean, W F Friddle and son Arno and Hugh Bean went to Woodstock last week to attend the funeral of A E Bauserman, who died suddenly at his home there from a stroke of paralysis.
  Jos W Dasher of Peru, was here Tues on his way to Washington to spend a few days with his daughter, Mrs Gasch.
  Miss Josephine Stephenson, of Monterey, Va, spent the past week as the guest of Misses Martha and Damie Gilkeson at "The Meadows".
  Died at her home near Ft Seybert W Va, Nov 12, 1912, Mrs Rachael C Siple, aged 68 years, 10 months, and 5 days. Death was due to cancer of the stomach.
  Misses Edna and Irene McNeill entertained a number of young folks at their hospitable home on last Fri evening. It is needless to say that a pleasant evening was spent.
  Mrs Annie Boward, who was visiting Mrs Jane Cunningham, returned to her home, in Cumberland Sun. Mrs Boward was right sick for several days and her daughter, Miss Nelie came up and accompanied her home.
  Wardensville will certainly be on a boom in the near future, if there is anything in rumors. We will have a new bank, a steam mill, and two new postoffice buildings. At least, a lumber man tells us he has been asked by two men to furnish them lumber of a P O building. It may be that we won't get but one of these P O. Uncle Sam may think one sufficient for the population just now.
  Mrs Betsy Ann cline, who died Sun morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs Ginn, was buried here Mon evening at 2:30. Dr D C Cline who was called her by the illness and death of his mother returned to his home at Dumfries, Va Sat.
  Hollis Brill left last week for Baltimore, where he will enter the Johns Hopkins Hospital and undergo a very delicate and dangerous operation. His many friends here hope for a speedy and permanent cure for this model young man.


  Rev R A Ray and wife of North Carolina, are visiting her father, Mr J P Arnold.
  Mr A B Keller and Miss Ethel Junkins, of Emoryville, were the guests of friends here last Sun.
  Rev Geo S Arnold, of Bridgwater Va, and Mr Dan Ludwick of Burlington, were the guests of E A Ludwick last Sat night. They went from here to visit friends near Gortner's Mill, Md.
  Mrs Henry Kitzmiller and sons, Harry and Sloan, called on the Misses Roderick last Sun.
  Mrs Frank Ludwick, visited Mr T P Duling's last Sat and Sun.
  Mr and Mrs Harry L Arnold were the guests of her father, Mr J P Arnold, last Sat and Sun.
  As Mrs Ed Kitzmiller and Miss Maude Salaaz were going to the meeting at Oakmont last sun evening the horse got frightened at a hay baler and ran away. He plunged into a barbed wire fence, broke the shafts, and escaped with several cuts. The lady's injuries were nothing more serious than a bad fright.
  Mr Riley, solicitor for the Siever Hardware Co, of Keyser, was here in interest of that firm today, Tues.
  Mr Seymour Hill has been ditching for Mr J P Arnold.
  Our latest trade that we have heard of was that of Oscar Simmons, of Emoryville, trading a horse for two Ingersol watches. We did not learn whether he gave any "boot" money or not. Oscar practices giving the other fellow fair play.
  Capt Wm Taylor is having his new residence painted. Arch Junkins is doing the work.
  Mr Arthur Jack is moving into the new house just completed by the Black Diamond Co.
  Dr J O Lantz butchered the largest year old porker that we have heard of. It tipped the scales at 434 lbs. It was of the Berkshire stock.
  All hearts were made sad on last Sat, when the news came by phone that Mr Geo Oss had been fatally hurt on his sawmill on Johnny Cake Run. While the saw was in motion, he was walking on a loose plank lying on the saw carriage, and it is supposed the plank tilted and threw him on the large saw which was making several revolutions a minute, cutting off his right hand and into his chest, exposing the lungs. Dr Lantz of Hartmonsville, Dr Keim of Elk Garden, Dr Drinkwater of Gorman, were called by phone and they did all they could to relieve his suffering. The accident occurred about 10 am, and he lived until 7 pm. He leaves to mourn their loss a wife and five children and a host of friends. He was a member of the M E Church, an earnest Christian, kind neighbor and genial friend.
  He was taken to Keyser Tues for burial. W H Kight, of Elk Garden, was undertaker.


  Dec 5
  Mr John Long attended quarterly conference at Short Gap Sat.
  Mr and Mrs Howard Culp of Cumberland Md, are visiting Mr Culp's father.
  Miss Edna Creek, daughter of Mr and Mrs Clarence Creek, is recovering from a slight attack of pneumonia.
  Messrs Chas and Tildon Long, of Short Gap, spent Tues here visiting their sister, Mrs M H Duckworth.
  Miss Susie Douthitt has returned from Cumberland to spend the winter with her parents.
  Miss Helen Louise Smith, who is attending the Preparatory school at Keyser, spent Thanksgiving with her parents Mr and Mrs J H Smith.
  Mrs George Logsdon spent Sun in Alaska visiting her sister, Mrs Nan Dowden.
  Mr E H Reinhart, of Romney, spent Tues with Mr J H Smith.
  Mrs W J Cozad announces the marriage of her daughter, Edna, to Mr Frank Magruder, of Ridgeley.


  Nov 30, 1912
  Miss Bertha Elizabeth Bothwell, of Westernport and Mr Everett Wilson McCarty of Washington Pa, were married at the Baptist parsonage in Westernport at 8:30 o'clock on Mon evening Nov 25, by Rev Wm Stewart.
  Park Spangler has added 900 square feet of flour space to his 5 and 10 cent store on Green Street and has fitted it up with an immense stock of holiday goods.
  Attorney Wm MacDonald of Keyser, was a business visitor here on Wed.
  Miss Dolly Goshorn, of Washington DC, arrived here Wed will spend some time visiting her brother, Postmaster Geo T Goshorn, and family.
  Mr Arthur Wheeler, of Keyser, spent Thurs here visiting home folks and friends.
  The work of erecting a new four-room school building at Luke is well under way, Mr Wm T Sigler being the contractor.


  The postmastership of Ridgeley has two aspirants for the place and both of them have their favorites. It has been generally settled that Postmaster Radcliffe, the present incumbent, must give way to another under the new administration. Squire Carson Payne is an active applicant, and Mrs Thomas Leekins is also in the field for the position. Both of them have their friends, who are interested in the outcome, of the appointment, which will be awaited with a considerable interest. -Cumb Times.


 Dec 2
 Geo Oss, a well known sawmill and lumber man, who had purchased a tract of timber of Russ Likens, near Red Bridge, on Abrams Creek, and had quite recently put in a mill and commenced to cut timber, on last sat about 10 am, in passing the large saw while it was in motion, stepped on a board that tilted and threw him on the saw, cutting off his right hand and cutting across his back and side so that, it is said, they could see his heart. He lived in this condition until about 7 o'clock pm. He was taken to Keyser Tues for burial.
  Jesse Cosner, Grant county's oldest citizen, died last week of the infirmities of old age, at his home near Bismarck, in the ninety-second year of his age.
  The weather continues, fine. True, we have had a few rough days, but not enough snow to shut cattle off from the grass which is still plentiful. None of our farmers have fed any yet and the most of them have enough grass to keep their stock until Christmas, if it is not snowed under before that time.
  Joe Kisner has bought lot of mine props of Bud Roderick, and his team is employed hauling them to the dock at Schell.
  John Gardner, will in a few days finish cutting his timber at the present set and will then move his mill to a new set on the same tract of timber.
 The two mills on the Cunningham place are running full time and are putting out quite a lot of slabs and sawdust.
  Mrs Bowers, of Kitzmiller, spent several days in our town last week visiting her sister, Mrs Kisner.
  By the way, we are now preparing to give the readers of the Tribune a short sketch of local history of the eastern part of this state, which has never been put on record. Just as soon as we can have the time to do so we will write it out.
  Uncle John


  W P Russell, of Twin Mt, spent a day or two here first of the week.
  Jas Kelley, and A T High, of Purgittsville, were in town Mon on business.
  Miss Lola Sharpless came home from Elkins to spend Thanksgiving with home folks.
  Mrs L F Friend, of Mt Lake Park, spent several days the past week here with home folks.
  Miss Dora Ludwick, of the Junction, was a visitor to Keyser last Fri and Sat.
  D W Weaver returned last Sat from a short visit to his former home at Martinsburg.
  Mrs Belle Parker, of the Junction, was a guest of Miss Ida Umstott, a few hours last Mon.
  Miss Vivian Wright, who has been at Wheeling for some time, came home Wed of last week.
  Mr and Mrs Cornelius Inskeep spent Thanksgiving with the latter's parents at Lonaconing.
  Mr Koch, of Oakland, spent a few days here with his daughter-in-law Mrs Elizabeth Koch, the past week
  J D Britton, of Rowlesburg, brought his little son to the hospital Mon, he having sustained a broken leg.
  Rev Mr Brown, a student at the Gettysburg Lutheran seminary, filled the Lutheran pulpit here last Sun.
  Miss Mildred Wright, who teaches at Adamston, was home for Thanksgiving, returning to her school last Sun.
  Miss Etta Washington, of near Romney, who has been visiting relatives here some weeks, returned home Mon.
  Mrs House of Davis, returned home last Sat after a pleasant visit to the home of Mr Darke in South Keyser.
  Stottle? Steorts, a student at the University, was home for Thanksgiving, returning to Morgantown last Sun.
  Mrs Lulu Buxton and children of Relay Md, came up last week on a short visit to her parents, Mr and Mrs Jos Sirbaugh.
  Mr and Mrs Harry Biser have again take up their residence in Cumberland, as it suits Mr Biser better in his work on the road.
  Dr W I Keolz spent Thanksgiving at Parkersburg and brought home his little daughter, who had been spending some time there with her grandparents.
  Miss Mariam Carskadon, of Headsville, who teaches in the school at Clarksburg, spent Thanksgiving with home folks, returning to Clarksburg last Sun.
  Mr A J Boor, agent for the Western Md railroad at Keyser, was in Cumberland yesterday en route to Philadelphia and New York. He is taking his annual vacation, his place at Keyser being supplied by Mr J P Getty of Westernport. - Cumb News of 30th.
  Mr and Mrs F L Stotler, of Spokane Wash, who have been visiting in this city, left Sat for New York and other Eastern points, after which they will return to the North West. MR Stotler is an Allegany boy, being a son of the late (?Floyd/Boyd) Stotler of Dawson MD. Cumb Times of 2nd.
  Mr Jas Parrill, of Walker, Vernon co, Mo, was in town last Fri. Mr Parrill is a cousin of Capt Jas A Parrill. He was born near Hanging Rock in Hampshire Co, but went to Missouri soon after the war and this is his first visit back, it being forty-four years since he left. He finds things very much changed since he was last in this country.
  Edward Chesshire is ill with typhoid fever.
  Master Clifton Bill is laid up with a sprained ankle.
  Jacob Githens and son have returned from their trip to Montana.
  Thos VanMeter of Alaska, was a business visitor in town Wed.
  Miss Mary Malloy of Westernport, paid Keyser friends a visit Wed.
  Miss Josephine Miers is on a visit to her sister at Baltimore this week.
  Mrs Blaine Connell has entered the commercial dept at the Prep.
  Mrs W S Johnston and Miss Anna Johnston were visitors in Cumberland yesterday.
  Miss Ethel Burkhiser has returned home from a visit to her father at Connellsville.
  Jesse Floyd returned Sat night from a very enjoyable trip to his home in Mannington.
  Mr A A McKee of Yellow Springs, is here visiting his son, Mr C McKee on Gilmore St.
  Miss Gaunt, of Berryville Va, a former teacher in the Keyser High School spent Sun here.
  Misses Ida and Bessie Kimmell returned home first of the week from their visit to Thomas.
  Mr and Mrs Roy Ravenscraft and daughter Madge, have returned to their home in Baltimore.
  Rev M H Keen, who is in the Hoffman hospital, is doing nicely and expects to able to go home soon.
  John Lowman, who worked here the past few months, left Sun night for his home in Va.
  Mrs Owen Dorsey and children, returned Sun from a visit with relatives in Cumberland.
  Mrs Chas Ayers and son, of Washington, are visiting at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs J B Criser.
  B F Wells, who went to Florida a week or two ago, has returned , but expects to go back soon for the winter.
  Misses Kate and Carrie Bane returned from a visit at Burlington the first of the week. -Parsons Advocate of 28th.
  J W Wagoner, of The Wagoner Bottling Works, has been quite ill the past week or two and does not appear to improve much if any.
  Mrs J M Wolfe and little daughter, Mar Virginia, of Kingwood, came in Wed on a little visit and will return home tomorrow.
  Mrs Leslie Brotemarkle, who underwent an operation, at he home in South Keyser for appendicitis, has so far recovered as to be brought down stairs.
  Mr and Mrs E W Heavener, of Cumberland, stopped off a day or two first of the week with the latter's sister, Mrs A J Boor, on their way to Tucson, Arizona, to spent the winter.
  Miss Allie Marriott, who has been visiting her brother, P W Marriott, on Earle Street, for the past four weeks, left this morning for her home at Keyser W Va. -Elkins Inter Mt of 4th.
  Frank Troy underwent an operation at Alleghany Hospital in Cumberland last Wed for head and throat trouble and is taking treatment from Dr Fechtig. His condition so far is very much improved.
  Mrs Mollie Nixon, of Brunswick, who had been visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs D T Greenwade, since Thanksgiving, went to Cumberland last Sat to spend a short while with her mother, Mrs Perry, on her way home.
  Rev R A Ray and wife spent a day or two first of the week here with Mrs Ray's sister, Mrs H L Arnold. We night Mr Ray assisted at the Presbyterian prayer meeting and made an interesting talk. Mr and Mrs Ray left yesterday for their home at Fayette N C.
  J W Grayson, of Pretty Prairie, Kansas, is here on a visit. He is a native of this county, but has been in the west for a long time, and this is his first visit back for twenty-five years. He is a farmer, having an 800 acre farm, and his wheat crop this year was about 3600 bushels.
  Rev Dr W J Webster, formerly of Hancock Md, recently admitted to the Winchester Presbytery, has been installed as pastor of the Presbyterian churches at Front Royal and Nineveh.
  Patrick Lynch, who has been in the Hoffman Hospital, left Mon for his home in Beryl.
  Mrs P J McGraw, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs Kidwell, returned to her home in Monogah on Sat.
  Attorney F C Reynolds spent Sun in Martinsburg with his cousin, C Lee Reynolds, of Grafton, who was severely burned at the fire which occurred at the chicken show Thus.
  Malcolm Frye has returned from a successful motoring trip through Hardy and Hampshire this week accompanied by a representative of the Olive Chilled Plow Co, in the interest in that line of goods.
  Mr Jno P Kennedy, of Ritchie County W Va, with his son Jno R Kennedy of Keyser, manager of the Ritchie Orchard Co, were visitors here. The elder Kennedy as a member of the Co G, Sixth W Va Infantry, was a soldier in this region in the sixties with the Eighth Corps. he has not been in this section for forty years. -Cumb News of 3rd.
  The little son of Mr and Mrs Basil Martin has been quite sick the past week.
  George Herriott, of Wappacoma, was in town last Sat on business.
  Sam Gilmore, left Mon for Cumberland, where he has accepted a position.
  Mr George Avers had a finger mashed while on duty in the B&O yards Mon.
  Mrs V F Alkire and Miss Cora Martin were visitors to Cumberland Tues.
  Miss Minnie Linn of Cumberland, spent last Sun here with her sisters and friends.
  Mrs W H Coffman, who has been on the sick list a few days the past week, is improving.
  Mr and Mrs N Z Popplin and daughters left Mon for Baltimore, where they will spend the winter.
  Clarence and Miss Myrtle Vossler came down from Maysville Sun. Miss Vossler will remain here.
  Miss Kathleen Johnson, of Frostburg, visited Miss Alma Peters and relatives here during the Thanksgiving holidays.
  Mrs Sam Kight returned to her home in Cincinnati Mon night from a visit to relatives and friends here and at Cumberland.
  Mrs Henrietta Seymour of Seymour, is spending a few days here this week as the guest of her cousin, Mrs Harry Leps, at Stonecliffe.
  Mrs Nettie Buckner, of Rowlesburg, was in town Sun to see her daughter, Nelie, who is in the Hoffman hospital for treatment.
  Miss Sadie Stimmell returned to Washington last Mon and was accompanied by Miss Helene Sloan, of Burlington, who went down to do some shopping.
  Mr Edward V Smith, of Greenland, Grant Co, was in town Tues, on his return from a month's visit to relatives in Vermillion county Ill.
  At noon Wed, Mrs Hartman fell down the stairway at her home on St cloud Street, painfully injuring herself, one ankle being badly sprained.
  Miss Isabelle Quinn, of Clarksburg, who spent a day or two here as a guest of Misses Laura Crooks and Emlie Coffroth, returned home Mon.


  Wm Birmingham for thirty years a magistrate of Barton Md, died Wed night, Nov 27th.
  Miss Lillie Chesshire was awarded the piano, in the Echo prize contest, which ended last Sat.
  Mrs Geo C Bowman, wife of the well known contractor, died at he home in Cumberland, Nov 30th 1912, aged 51 years.
  Jas D Hamill has sold the Oakland Journal to a company and L A Rudisill will be the editor.
  Mr and Mrs Roy Durrett and children returned to their home in Cumberland Fri after a short visit to relatives and friends here.
  Mrs Walter Cox and daughter of Piedmont, and Mrs Charles Beaver of Newburg, were the guests of their father, Mr J A B Kennedy, on Thanksgiving.
  Dr Floy Edgell's two children, Virginia Rose and "Buddy", who spent a couple of weeks here with their grandparents, returned home, at Harper's Ferry Mon.
  Dr James Johnson and son and Robert Gerstell Jr, of Gerstell W Va, left yesterday in the doctor's car for a few days' deer hunting in Canaan Valley. -Cumb Times of 30th.
  J M Bright has had quite an addition made to his property by the erection of a front stairway to the residence part of the building. It gives him not only a desirable entrance, but also a cosy (?sic) little ante-room at the foot of the stairway.



  License to marry were issued at Cumberland as follows:
  Nov 30 - Glenn H Dunkle and Ella Hiser, both of Deer Run, W Va.
  Edward Wowe and Elsie Coleman, both of Luke Md.
  John W Ship and Nellie Furr, both of Westernport Md.
  Lloyd Maple of Grays Landing W Va, and Pearl Tanner, of Mapleton W Va.
  Dec 2 - Harry Rotts and Ella Metz, both of Luke Md.
  John Walter Warnick and Carrie Catherine Cunningham, both of Cumberland.
  Theodore Michael Marcopulos and Mabel Evelyn Lynch, both of Cumberland.
  Robert Tuck and Katie Burger both of Cumberland Md.
  John William Jordan of Westernport Md and Annie May Clark, of Piedmont.
  Dec 4 - Robert Smith Shanholtz and Virginia Youngblood, both of Paw Paw W Va.
  Elmer Ellsworth Fazenbaker, Luke Md and Flossie Bell Green, Barton.


  Dec 5, 1912, at Manington the marriage of Miss Zola Gump and Sen William C Grimes, of Keyser, took place. The bride elect is a daughter of Mr and Mrs James Gump of Mannington, and is a popular young lady of her home town.


  Married at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs Richards, E Street, on Wed evening Nov 27th, by Rev Frank H Havenner, pastor, of the First M E Church, Mr John McNabb and Mrs Sadie Trexler, both of Keyser. They have gone to housekeeping in their new home on F Street.


  John Gibbons Yancey Jr, assistant teller at the First National Bank, and Miss Elizabeth Lucille Rosenberger, daughter of Mr and Mrs A R Rosenberger, were married last night at the Presbyterian Church by Rev Dr B F Wilson.


  Harry L Robinson of Youngstown Ohio, formerly of Cumberland and Miss Clara E Taylor of this city were married Wed evening at the parsonage of St Columbus Church, Youngstown, by Father Mears. Mr Robinson is the son of Claude Robinson, a Cumberland businessman.



Silently the moon's gentle beams creep over hill and vale. All nature seems to be in calm repose in quiet eventide, yet there's a sadness pervading all. there are aching hearts that the moonlight cannot turn to reverie, nor the sunlight cheer. There's a vacant chair, a tender voice that cannot be replaced; home is home no longer; mother is not there. The dearest treasure heaven lends to earth is with us no more. Death, without pity, comes into our midst unawares and takes the last golden link that binds our hearts and home together. It seems hard to bear such a life; only a broken dream; only a passing smile, overshadowed with sorrow and disappointment.
  On the 17 inst. the death angel visited the home of Mrs Elizabeth Fleek and claimed her as his victim, aged 88 years and 6 days. She is survived by five children, two sons and three daughters, John Fleek of Cabin Run; Henry Fleek, of Keyser; Misses Annie and Susie Fleek, of Cabin Run and Mrs Maggie Haines of Hampshire. Also one brother, Rev Samuel Umstot, of Mineral County, and two sisters in the West. Her husband, one son and onE daughter having preceded her to the great beyond.
  Years ago she united with the M E church, South, of which she ever after remained a zealous and consistent member, thereby setting an example worthy OF imitation by each one of her children and relatives. She was one of the most loveable and motherly women we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She was especially loved by the children of the neighborhood, whom she always loved to be with, telling and admonishing them to be good and to try and walk in the footsteps of the godly. Oh, that every boy and girl throughout the length and breadth of our great country could have such a mother as she has been, crime and prisons would be unknown and in their stead love, respect and harmony would reign supreme.
  The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community.
  Funeral services were conducted at the home by Rev Oliver, after which the remains were laid to rest by the side of her husband in the family graveyard in the presence of a large concourse of friends.
  The pall bearers were John and Henry Fleek, Charlie, Newton, Isaac, Wright and Albert Umstot.
  The treasures of earth must fail,
  It's riches and honor and glory decay,
  But the riches of love that are mine,
  Even death cannot take them away.
  C W


  George Radcliffe, who was braking on a freight train out of Thomas, met with a fatal accident Fri night. The engine became uncoupled form the cars on a steep grade, but was stopped about eight feet from the front car. After the engine was again coupled to the cars the brakes didn't hold, the engine slipped and caught Mr Radcliffe between the tender and car, breaking his left arm and mashing him between the hips. Mr Radcliffe was immediately taken to the Davis Hospital at Davis, where he died Sat afternoon.


  A G Harman, traveling salesman for the J C Orrick & Son Co, wholesale grocers, this city, was found unconscious under the trestling of the George's Creek and Cumberland Railroad, back of the plant of the Cumberland Ice Co, yesterday morning, about 9 o'clock. He was removed to the Western Md Hospital where he died last night without regaining consciousness. It is thought Harman wandered in that direction and fell from the trestling and was stunned. His body does not show any injury other than the scratches on the knees and it is though death was due to exposure, the man having evidently laid out all night in the freezing atmosphere.
  Drs Thomas W Koon and William L Burns attended Harman at the hospital. There were no marks at all on the head, and if there were any injury it might have been internal. An autopsy, which may be held today, would disclose this.
  Harman was a man of about 28 or 30 years and sturdy build. He came from Harman W Va., which was named for his family. He was unmarried and had a room at the Central Young Mens Christian Association here. About eight months ago, Harman underwent a serious seize of typhoid fever at the Western Md hospital and later he sustained a badly injured knee in a runaway in the vicinity of Romney W Va, while on the road as a traveling salesman. His territory covered points in W Va.
  The body of Mr Harman is being held at the Stein undertaking rooms and its disposition will not be known until the arrival of his brothers some time today. -Cumb News of Dec 2.


  After investigating the circumstances connected with the death Sun night of Alva G Harman, aged 28 years, traveling salesman for J C Orrick & Son, Coroner William H Shaw decided yesterday afternoon that an inquest was unnecessary. He gave a certificate of death from injury or exposure. Harman's money nor watch was disturbed, nor a check for $59 which he had endorsed. It is though he wandered up the railroad tracks Sun night and fell from a trestling. He was a member of Cumberland Council United Commercial Travelers, in which it is stated he was heavily insured. His brother, W L Harman, of Keyser and his sister, a resident of Parsons W Va, yesterday took the body over the Western Md Railway to Harman, W Va, the old home for interment. -Cumb News of 3rd.
  The remains of A G Harman were buried Tues at the old home at Macksville, in Pendleton co.


  Oakville Pa, Dec 3, 1912.
  Dear Editor,
 I take this method to inform our friends of the sudden departure of our little Pauline, a little over three years old. Membranous croup was the dreaded disease that claimed her. At 12:20 on Thanksgiving day, we gave her good-bye. she was conscious until within a few minutes of the end, and we believe she knew she was going away. Her intellectual and devotional faculties were wonderfully developed for her years.
  For several weeks before the end came, she was much given to prayer and reading her little Bible (in her childish way), and repeatedly inquired of her mother when she would die and go to heaven. We should have been warned and prepared but we were not. My own illness prevented me from her presence during her suffering and could not see her laid to rest. I am some better at this writing.
  To all who remembered us so kindly with letters of sympathy, we return our thanks.
  S R Ludwig and Wife


  Gassaway W VA, Nov 9
  Fire which started at 2 o'clock this afternoon destroyed two general stores and four dwelling houses in the Stuart Addition to Gassaway, entailing a loss of $10,000 only partially covered by insurance. There being no water line to this part of the town the flames were combatted only by bucket brigade.
  The fire originated in the kitchen of Mr Bowen, proprietor of Bowen's general store, whose residence and store are combined. The flames then spread to J W Barnett's general store which was likewise consumed. Four dwellings nearby were also destroyed before the flames could be checked.
  Mr Bowen's insurance had expired two weeks ago and had not been renewed. ...(rest of article not copied)


  Wilson M Foulk, formerly of Piedmont, superintendent of the Huntington public schools, and well-known both as an educator and a student of social problems was chosen chairman of the W Va child Labor Committee to succeed Rev John C Cranbetry, who resigned because of his removal from the State.


  H G Buxton Lodge No 758, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, elected the following officers, Tues for the ensuing year.
  President, W I Cheshire; Vice President, C F Ashenfelter; Secretary, J H Menefee; Treasurer, T V O'Connor; Conductor, A E Rice; Chaplain, A B Day; Warden, D L Reedy; Inside Guard, S Kibler; Outside Guard, O V Jennings; Journal Agent Publication, F T Browning; Delegate to Grand Lodge at San Francisco, Cal, J E Howell; Alternate Delegate, F T Browning; Grievance Committee, P Paris, F T Browning, and C Biercamp; Medical Examiner, Dr M R Bell.


  Report of the Fountain School for month ending Nov 29.
  Number pupils enrolled, boys 13, girls 16, total 29.
  Average daily attendance, boys 10, girls 16, total 25.
  Percent of attendance, boys 87, girls 94, total 91.
  Those who were neither absent or tardy are:
  Boys: Fred Staggs, Vause Staggs and Wade Parrill.
  Girls: Meda Parrill, Lola Parrill, Lulu Urice, Sadie Urice, Bessie Steedman, Marguerite Steedman, Bessie Fleek, Verta Fleek, Alma Staggs and Marguerite Tasker.
  Myrtle Bond, Teacher.


  Following a trial that lasted all of Fri and Sat in the circuit court the jury at 10:30 Sat night returned a verdict of acquittal in the case John A Veach of Hampshire Co, who was charged with forgery and who had been indicted at the June meeting of the grand jury.
  The case grew out of some transactions while he was manager of Burlington Mercantile Co. Attorneys Hood and Grimes represented the defendant and Attorney Arnold assisted by Attorneys Wm MacDonald of Keyser, and J S Zimmerman of Romney, conducted the prosecution.


  Grafton, Dec 2
  Last night George Moon, a brakeman on the Cumberland division fell off a box car on train No 97, at a point between McMilan and Amblersburg. He apparently struck his head, as he seemed badly battered up. He was found shortly after wandering aimlessly down the track not far from Rowelsburg. He seemed to be ignorant as to where he was and was unable to make himself understood by the man who found him.
  He was put on a helper engine and taken to Rowlesburg. After being given medical attention there it is understood that he was taken to a hospital at Cumberland. He apparently is suffering from concussion of the brain and his condition is considered critical.


  Mr George Filler, bookkeeper for the Paw Paw tannery, had his hand and wrist severely mashed Wed when it was drawn between the rollers of a planer.


  Woodstock Va, Nov 28
  Revenue officers arrested at Trout Run Valley, T A Rittenour, Richard and Milton Heishman, charged with illicit distilling or dealing in liquor.
  The officers went to the residence of Rittenour and captured him in bed. Rittenour, some years ago was charged with murder in Frederick county. He was twice convicted of murder in the first degree, but obtained new trials and on the third trial was acquitted.
  After arresting Rittenour the officers went to the homes of Richard and Milton Heishman. The prisoners were brought to Woodstock in time to take the morning eastbound train.


  Great Capon W Va, Nov 29
  Hunters in the vicinity of St John's Run, W Va, got two deer Wed and a wild turkey yesterday. Deer are said to be unusually plentiful in the W va eastern panhandle. Coke Funkhouser killed a fine deer on Branch Mt near Moorefield. A few days before that Grover Neff killed a nice one near H C Harpers.


  At the meeting of the Olive Branch Lodge No25, Knights Of Pythias, on Tues night, Nov 26th, the following officers were elected to serve the term beginning Jan 1st, 1913.
  C C, C E Bright; Vice C, W V Stewart; Prelated, E M Stallings; M of Work, Geo R Davis; M of F, A V Douglass; M of E, Geo P Warner; K of R and S, W C Long; M at A, E M Stottlemyer; Inner Guard, J H Mohler; Outer Guard, W H McIlwee; Trustee, E M Stottlemyer.


  The Calendar Coterie met yesterday afternoon at the home of Miss Elizabeth Hoffman, the attendance was good. The Coterie voted to donate $10 to the orphan's home. They also decided to have a party on New Year eve at the home of Mrs W E Woolf. After the transaction of business the hostess served refreshments.


  Last Sat night in the case of State vs John A Veach, on an indictment for forgery, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.
  T M & P R R Co vs Geo S McGee. This was a case of damages. McGee sued for $1500 for land taken by the railroad. The jury awarded him $1,000.00 damages.
  State vs Petro Piani; indt. for a mis. Verdict of jury not guilty.
  State vs Frank Weir; felony. He was charged with having taken $200 from Mrs Rebecca Wilson at Elk Garden. The jury failed to agree and were discharged.


  the third annual show of the Potomac Valley Association which was held here last week was remarkably successful. The exhibitors numbered near a hundred and they showed some fine birds, representing nearly all the standard breeds of fowls, according to Judge Jacob Eberley of Dallastown Pa. Many of them were of high class. F W Davis, president and C L Everhart secretary of the association, and B F Zacot who managed the show, gave it untiring attention.
  The prizes were valuable, many of the cups ranging in value from $25 to $50. The awards follow:
  Barred Plymouth rocks - R E L Hollen, Keyser. Cockerel 1, pullet 2, C H Smith, Piedmont, cock 1, hen 1,2,3, A K Bazzell, Keyser, cock 2, cockerel 2, pullet 1,3,4,5, W C Derry, Keyser, hen 4.
  White Plymouth Rocks - William Sloan Jr, Lonaconing Md, cock 1, cockerel 1, hen 1, 2 pullet, 2 C H Smith, Piedmont, cockerel 2.
  Buff Plymouth Rocks - R Marshall Dean, Elk Garden, cockerel, 1, pullet, 3, 4. Frank T Phillips, Lonaconing, Md, cock 1, hen 1, pullet 1, 2,5 .
  Partridge Plymouth Rocks - R E Montgomery, Keyser, cock 1 cockerel 1, hen 1, 2, 3, 4, pullet 1, 2, 3, 4.
  Golden Wyandottes - Everhart & Rogers, Keyser, cock 1, cockerel 1, 2, hen 1, 3, 4,, pullet 1, 3. Milo Wilson, Blaine, hen 2, 5. Mrs T B Rogers, Keyser, pullet 2,4.
  Columbian Wyandotte - Miss Luella M Zell, Burlington, hen 1, 2, 3, L E good, Westernport Md, cock, 1, 3, 4, cockerel 5, hen 3, 4, pullets 4, 5, hen 4. H L Bennett, Parsons, cock 2, cockerel 1, 2, 3, hen 1, 5, pullet 1, 2, T W Whitworth, Westernport Md, cock 5, cockerel 4, hen 2.
  White Wyandottes - A J Rexroad, Swanton Md, cock 1, cockerel 1, hen 1, pullet 2. Rev W L Ly*, Lonaconing Md, cockerel, pullet 1. L E Good, Westernport Md, cockerel 2, pullet 3.
  Single comb Rhode Island Reds - W S Secrist, Keyser, cockerel 3, hen 4, pullet 4, 5. J R Smith, Keyser, cockerel 5. Mr J H Youngerman, Frostburg Md, cock 1, cockerel 1, 2, 4, pullet 1, 2, 3, hen 1, 2, 3, 5, pen 1, 2.
  Rose Comb Rhode Island Reds - W S Cormany, Deer Park, Md, cock 1, 2, cockerel, 2, 3, 4, pullet, 3, 5, pen 1. Frank Watte, Frostburg Md, cock 3, cockerel
  Light Brahmas - William T house & son, Wheeling W Va, cockerel, cockerel 3, 4, he, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 pullet, 2, 4, 5.
  Buff Cochins W J Carskadon, Keyser, cock, 2, 3, cockerel, 1, 2, pullet, 1, 3.
  Light Brahmas, F W Davis, Keyser, cock, 2, 3, cockerel, 1, 2, pullet 1, 3.
  rose comb Brown, Leghorn, W C Pifer, Keyser, cock 2, cockerel 1, hen 1, 2, pullet, 1, 2, 4, 5, pen, 1, 3. J C Clem, Keyser, cock 3, 4, cockerel, 2, 3, 4, 5, hen 4, 5, pullet 3, pen 2, 4. F R Johnson, Keyser, hen 3.
  Single comb Brown Leghorn - J M Bright & Son, Keyser, pullet 1.
  buff Leghorn - Robert W Dodds, Lonaconing, cock 1, pullet, 1, 2.
  single Comb White Leghorn - Milo Wilson, Blaine - hen 4, pen 2. Hannas Bros, Keyser, cock 3, pullet 5. James Sheetz, Headsville, cockerel 4, pullet 4, pen 5. M C McKenzie, Keyser, cock 5, cockerel 2, 3, hen 2, 5, pullett 5, pen 3. Edward Rush, Keyser, pullet 2. F W Smith, Keyser, cock 1, 4, cockerel 5, pen 4. Karl I Heumann, Glen Arm, cock 2, cockerel 1, hen 1, 4, pullet 1, pen 1.
  Singel Comb Black Minorcas - W C McKenzie, Keyser, cock 3, cockerel 4. Theodore Giffin, Rowlesburg, cock 4, cockerel 2, 3, pullet 2. B B Young, Cumberland, cock 2, hen 1, 2, 3, 4. H L Miller & Sons, Keyser, cock 1, cockerel 5, pullet 1, 3.
  Rose Comb Black Minorcas - O S W Fazenbaker, Keyser, cock 1, 2, hen 1, 2.
  Ancons - Scott Brown, Keyser, hen 1, 2. Roy Rafter,Keyser, hen 3, 4.
  Single Bomb Buff Orpingtons - H L Bennett, Parsons, cock 1, 2, cockerel 1, 2, 3, 4, hen 1, 2, pullet, 2, 4, pen, 1, 2. Rev J H Cuppett, Oakland, hen 5. Hugh H Calderwood, Deer Park, pullet 1, 5, pen, W S Sedrist,Keyser, pen 4, 5, cock, 3, cockerel 5, hen 3, 4, pullet 3.
  Single Comb Ruff Orpingtons
  George A Carskadon, Keyser, cock 2, hen, 2, 3, 4. T T Fitzwaters, Bealington, cock 1, hen 1, pullet 1, 2, 3.
  single comb Black Orpingtons - T T Fitzwater, Berlington, cock 2, cockerel 1, pullet 1, 3. Rev J H Cuppet, Oakland, cock 1, hen 1, pullet 2.
  White Crested Black Polish - Mrs R E Montgomery, Keyser, cock 1, hen 1, 2, 3, pullet 1, 2.
  silver Spangled Hamburgs - T H Frankhouser, Keyser, cock 2, cockerel 1, hen 2, pullet 1, 2.
  Lakendvelders - F W Davis, Keyser, pen 1.
  Light Brahma Bantum - F W Davis, Keyser, cock 1.
  Pit Games - James Noughton, Keyser, cockerel 1, hen 1, 4, 5. J E Roberts, Keyser, cock 2, 3, cockerel 2, hen 2, 3. J J Dickel, Keyser, cock 1, pullet 1, pen 1, 2.
  Cornish Indian Game - G B Newhouse, Keyser, cock 1, hen 1.
  Golden Seabright Bantams - Albert Gulley, Shadyside Ohio, cock 1, cockerel 1, hen 1, 2, 3, pullet 1.
  Buff Cochin - J T Clevenger, Keyser, cock 1,cockerel 1, hen 1, pullet 1, pen 1.
  White Bantums - A H Robinette, Keyser, cock 1, hen 1.
  Indian Runner Ducks, L C Markwood, Burlington, drak 1, duck 1, 2.
  Bourbon Red Turkeys - Luella M Zell, Burlington, gobbler 1, hen 1.
  H L & O Bennet for the best general display of any standard varieties by anyone exhibitor.
  H L & O Bennett, for best display SC White Orphingtons.
  W C Pifer, for best display and most points won by Mineral County exhibitor.
  H L & O Bennett, exhibitor winning most points all varieties.
  J C Clem, for first cock Rose Comb Brown Leghorn.
  A K Bazzel, best display Barred Plymouth Rocks.
  R L Harman for best display S C White Leghorns.
 Scott Brown, for 1st Ancota? hen.
  I W Fazenbaker for 1st R C Black Minora cock.
  John Youngerman, for best display Single Comb R I Reds.
  AJ Rexroad for best display White Wyandottes.
  Jet Clevenger, for best display Buff cochran Bantums.
  R E Montgomery, for best display Partridge Plymouth Rocks.
  H L Miller & Son, for best display S C Black Minorcas.
  H L & O Bennet, for whitest bird in the show.
  F T Phillips for best display of Buff Plymouth Rocks.
 Everhart & Rogers for best display Golden Wyandottes.
  Miss Luella N Zell, Mineral Co, lady making largest entry.
  K L Heumann, exhibitor sending entry from greatest distance.
  William Sloan Jr, for best display by boy under 15 years old.
  Robert W Dodds,for best display in Mediterranean class.
  H L & O Bennett for best display in English class.
  William House & son for best display in Light Brahmas.
  J J Dickle, for best display of Games.
  Mrs R E Montgomery for display of Polish.
  H L & O Bennett, for best male bird in show.
  W S Cormany, for best hen.
  W C Pifer, for best display Rose comb Brown Leghorns.
  William House & Son, for best display Light Brahma cock in show.
  K L Heumann,for best display of single Comb White Leghorn.
  W C Pifer, for best display Rose comb Brown Leghorn.

J L Githens