Sept 6 1912

Beaver Run Items

Beaver Run has become somewhat bilious again and is about to take another spew. G S Arnold has advertised a public sale of part of his personal effects Monday 30th inst. At 1 PM Soon thereafter he and family will move to Bridgewater Va to live awhile, at least, with Mrs Arnolds mother, Aunt Bettie Click, who is aged and feeble.

Also it is said that W B Leatherman, recently bought a farm at Frederick Md and that he and family will move to their new home about the first of October.

Art Tutwiler and wife made a visit of several days to Petersburg over Sunday. They went by rail.

Miss Estelle Arnold, of New Creek, spent part of last week here visiting relatives.

It has been announced that Rev Bursey Ludwick, of Mt Pleasant Pa will begin a series of meetings at the Union School house Sunday, Sept 22.

Seymour Whipp and crew were bailing hay and straw on the run last week.

Miss Florence Cheshire is attending Teachers Institute at Keyser this week.

Frank Carnells crop of oats made fifty bushels to the acre. Not a bad yield considering that it was so badly lodged and so many smut heads in it.

Wm Bane, son of A W Bane, left Tuesday for Bridgewater to attend school there. He was joined at Keyser by Miss Harvey, of Wilsons Mill, who also is a student at the same school.

The communion meeting for New Creek will be held at the church next Saturday evening.


Elk Garden

Mr Wm Norman left five weeks ago for England. Aug 17 he arrived at Liverpool. He writes from S Kirkley Colliery, S Yorkshire, England, and says he received a royal welcome in the land of his nativity and is enjoying himself very much.

 The Marion Sanitarium at the Browning House, Kitzmiller Md, is an institution that has recently come in existence. The proprietors, are Dr Marion Wynlap, of Baltimore Md and Dr Hugh Strachan, of Blaine, with Mr Chappell, as manager. The main object of the institution is to cure people of the drug and alcohol habit. Several patients have already been treated successfully.

Miss Goldie White, of Wilkinsburg Pa visited her many friends here this and last week.

Mrs Susan Montgomery who was visiting her daughter Mrs Mary Harris, was taken ill suddenly last week, and Thursday morning she was taken to her home at Grafton. She lives with her son, Wm Montgomery. He came and assisted in taking her home, and Mrs Harris and son, Robert, accompanied them.

Mr and Mrs Seymour Taylor returned from Keyser last Saturday from the funeral of Mrs Charles Flick, sister of Mr Taylor.

Our baseball boys played Piedmont last Sunday and Franklin on Monday.

Mr Patrick Mason went to Johns Hopkins Hospital last week to be operated on the first of this week for bladder trouble. He was accompanied by Postmaster F C Rollman, who returned last week.

Mr I E Oates and wife went to Ohio this week to visit their daughter, Mrs Walter Bischoff.

Mr Willie Cooper, of Tanner, Gilmer Co Wva was a visitor to Elk Garden last Saturday and Sunday. He is the principal of Elk Garden School.

Ray Hubbs and Johnnie Arnold, of Thomas, spent Sunday with Elk friends.

Misses Mary Mason, Anna C Fleming, Genieveive Kearney, and Messrs D C Arnold, and Willie Cooper attended the Teachers Institute at Keyser this week.

The U B church held a supper and refreshments in Odd Fellow's Hall last Saturday night.

We expect to get in touch with the world the last of this week.

The whistle of the locomotive will be a welcome sound.

Rev Wm Campbell, of Midland, preached at Emoryville at the all day meeting last Sunday. His many friends were glad to see him.

Rev F C Rollman preached Mortimer Nevilles funeral sermon at Mt Storm last Sunday.

Rev W W White is conducting revival services at Emoryville this week. Roland

Fountain News

I have been absent a long while, I will try to give our readers a few happenings from the Fountain although news is very scarce.

Picking and hauling peaches is the order of the day with the men, and storing away fruit for the cold snowy days that are coming is all the women can think of.

Mr and Mrs H J Bailey spent last Sunday with Mr and Mrs Wm E Staggs.

A E Sites was among Fountain friends last Sunday.

Miss Blanch Staggs spent until Monday until Wednesday in Keyser the guest of her Aunt, Mrs Ed Rush.

Ernest Dawson was calling on his friend, Miss Ethel Steedman, Sunday evening.

 B G Bailey was calling at the Knobley View Farm Sunday evening.

Sunday School next Sunday at 10:30 am and Prayer meeting Sunday evening at 7:30.

Grant County

Miss Dora Ludwick, of the Junction, Hampshire county is here the guest of Mrs E J Allen.

Bush Thalaker, of Thomas, arrived here the first of the week to visit his parents, Mr and Mrs E H Thalaker.

Miss Annie Feaster, of Arthur, returned last week from a two months visit to her brothers in the state of Indiana.

Ankis Cook, of Dorcas, who was recently appointed a guard at the penitentiary by Governor Glasscock, left for Moundsville Monday morning.

Geo W Mallow, of Kline, took the train here Saturday morning on an extended trip to California and other western states.

Miss Frances Young, sister of Rev R Young, and Miss Rosie Simpson, of Washington D C are visiting the Rev R N Young, of Maysville.

Died at south Mill Creek on Saturday morning, Miss Delia Bowman, a highly respected lady, She was the daughter of John Bowman, who preceded her to the great beyond some years ago.

Mrs M M Smith and daughter, Miss Helen, are here on two weeks visit to friends and relatives.

Misses Mary and Louise Zell, if Birmingham Ala, are here visiting their uncle E A Harness.

Born, to Mr and Mrs G P Schaeffer, a daughter.

Mrs J G Stewart, of Alaska, spent last Friday night here on her way to Mouth of Seneca to visit relatives.

Petersburg graded school will open on Monday, Sept 9th The teachers are Guy Crigler, of Franklin, Principal; Miss Anna Godlove, first assistant; and Elsie Lawson, second assistant.

Col Wm Lavelle, of Preston county, democratic candidate for the state senate from the 14th district, was here Tuesday night. He brought his daughter this far on her way to Franklin on a visit.

Mrs Frank Clause fell one day last week as she was going off of the porch and sprained her ankle very badly.

Mr and Mrs I S Welton left the first of the week for Franklin to attend the reunion and visit relatives.

Born, Saturday to Mr and Mrs Hugh Rodgers, a boy.

Mrs R W Baker is visiting relatives in Mechanicsburg.

Dr Siple spent Monday at Romney

J F Bowers and Cosmus Siple, of Alaska, passed through town Monday on their way to Pendleton County on a visit.

A N Clower raised a potato this season that was nine inches long and weighed a pound and thirteen ounces.


James Marshall and wife are both sick with typhoid fever at their home near Falls.

Mrs Carl Michael has been very sick for the past few days with appendicitis, but is improving slowly.

Wm Coyner, of Pikesville Md, is spending his summer vacation with his niece , Mrs A A Welton.

 Samuel B McNemar, the pioneer school teacher of this county, is in critical condition with diabetes at his home near Lahmansville.

Charles Hull Jr who conducted a general store at Lahmansville, has gone to Baltimore Md where he opened a successful commission firm and the store at Lahmansville is being conducted by Jos Hull during his absence.

J L Hott, of Keyser, is here this week to take the contract of building a new graded road from this place to the top of the mountain, known as the Old Fields Road, which thoroughfare has been entirely out of commission since the recent flood.

Morris Jones, of Keyser, will move here next week to take charge of Rotrucks store which he purchased. Mr Rotruck will still reside here.

Mr Johnson of Cumberland the proprietor of Queen City Restaurant, was here several days last week estimating the Wise timber which he is about to close a deal for soon.

Hampshire News

Miss Irene Montgomery spent last week in Keyser.

Mrs Arnold Gerstell and children returned to their home in Philadelphia on Monday after spending the week here with Miss Jean Daily.

Mrs Louie Brydon, of Grafton Mrs Allen Darrow, of Philadelphia Pa, and Miss Edna Brydon, of Bloomington Md spent Sunday at Hampshire club.

Mrs Tina Taylor and Miss Nell Taylor arrived here last Friday from a trip to Keyser and Oakland.

Mr and Mrs Covell Parsons and children, Myersdale Pa, are guests of Mr and Mrs Garrett Parsons, near town.

Misses Lena and Bessie Wright of Burlington stopped off here a few hours Thursday on their way to Washington.

Miss Mary Russell, of Fairmont is visiting Mr and Mrs Wm Russell here.

Mrs Vause Parker and children spent last week in Burlington and Keyser.

Miss Mary Linthicum is spending the week with relatives in Cumberland.

The prize bass was caught in Capon by Harry S Whitacre It weighed 5 pounds strong and measured 22 ½ inches in length

Miss Maud Jackson was visiting in Keyser last week.

Triplets----two boys and a girl were born to Mr and Mrs Joseph Hott, who lives about 6 miles south of town. Mother and children are doing well.

The youngest child of Isaac of Augusta, died at the home of J N Barnes last Wednesday, after several weeks of sickness.

An infant child of Mr and Mrs B M Grim died at the home of its parents Sunday morning, aged four months.


Mr Elihu S Riley started for Mt Lake Park Tuesday.

Mr Fred Yeager is attending the Teachers Institute this week.

 Rev J F Leeper, of Augusta,Va is holding a series of meetings at Blake Chapel.

Mrs Fred Sheetz, of Winston Salem NC visited at Mr J P Arnolds last week. She went to Keyser Tuesday.

They are making preparations to rebuild the bridge at No 15. It was was washed away in the flood of July 24th.

Mrs Jas Scothern of Blaine attended church here Sunday night. Jas likes to go to meeting.

Mr Geo D Junkins and family are on a visit to her father, Jas H Endler, of Stony River.

Mr Bub Endler, of Mt Storm, came down after his sister last Saturday.

Mr Henry L Kitzmiller, and son, Harry, were at Keyser last Saturday. Mrs Kitzmiller and son, Sloan, went with them as far as Mountain Breeze Hotel.

Mr and Mrs Morgan Bane, of Sulphur, visited her sister, Mrs Henry L Duling, of Gorman, last Sunday.

Mr Clarence Green has typhoid fever. Dr J Oliver Lantz is his physician.

Mrs Bonilla and children, Charles and Lucy, of Annapolis Md, who have been the guests of Mrs Minnie Duling for several weeks, left for home Tuesday morning. Mr Bonilla was here several days. He is an instructor in Spanish in the Naval Academy.

Mr Lewis Duling is in Morgantown looking for a farm. We hope he will conclude to stay in Mineral County.

Mr J W Junkins is working on an invention which he calls "perpetual motion" The machine runs alright, but Tommy is now studying how to increase the number of revolutions to the minute.

Mr Earl A Duling's store and post office were burned this morning, Wednesday, at about 1o'clock, He carried a stock of about $4,000 worth of goods, and had no insurance on them, so we were told. Everything was lost. He was in Cumberland at the time laying in a new stock of goods for the Fall trade. No one knows how the fire originated. Some think it was first robbed and then set on fire to cover up suspicion. Wesley Duling and Tom Shillingburg were in the store about half past nine that night. A suspicious character was seen prowling about the house a night or so before the fire. LODI

P.S. Since writing the above we learned that the goods were insured, but did not hear the amount of insurance carried.


The Board of Education met in regular session Tuesday, August 27th, Commissioners Neff and Tibbetts present. There being no objection to the proposed levy of Aug 13, 1912, the same was adopted. The resignation of the newly elected superintendent, Mr Lakin F Roberts was received by telegram and accepted.

Miss Baker, of Luke, while out driving last Saturday, was thrown out of her carriage, her horse running away. She was badly bruised but not seriously hurt. The horse was soon stopped and little or no damage was done to either horse or carriage.

Master Harley Dixon, son of Mr and Mrs Geo G Dixon and two little daughters of Mr and Mrs Grant Hayden, were taken to the Keyser Hospital and operated on for the removal of adenoids this week.



Mr Eldon Hood and Miss Theresa Griffith of Somerset County Pa were married at Cumberland Tuesday morning. They came here on train No 55 on the B & O and are being entertained at the home of Senator O A Hood and brother of the groom. Miss Zella Hood is one of the party. Mr Hood is the son of the late John Hood and a native of Grant County Wva, He is employed in a store of the Consolidation Coal Co at Jenners Pa.

License to Marry

License to wed were granted at Cumberland as follows:

Sept 8- Frank Puckett of Nellis Ford Va and Carrie Allen, of Luke Md.

Charles James Hogg, Morgantown and Grace Slider Fairmont WV

 Sept 4- Thomas Hollis Jenkins and Nina Miller Chesshire, both of Romney

Otha Clifton Liller and Lulu Berry, both of Rawlings Md

Noland - Fertig

Orie L Noland, of Paw Paw, and Miss Ora M Fertig, were married Wednesday morning Sept 4, 1912 at the home of the brides brother, on Ft Ave, by Rev J H Brunk. They departed on the 11:32 train for the east.


Capt S W Kight Killed

 Mr Samuel Kight received a telegram Tuesday night bringing sad news of the death of his son, Samuel W, who was killed by a train on Tuesday. Mr Kight was a conductor on the B & O S W and was at work in the yard at Cincinnati, when he was struck by train and injured so badly that death resulted in a short time. The news was a terrible blow to his father and sisters. The remains were brought here last night, but we have not learned what arrangements have been made for the funeral. Besides a wife and father he leaves two sisters, Misses Martha and Grace, and one brother who lives in California.

Death of James Dowden

James Dowden, aged 81, died Sept 5, 1912, at his home at Alaska Wva, he was the brother of George F Dowden, the oldest man in Cumberland and oldest Odd Fellow. The funeral will take place Saturday at 10 o'clock at the Methodist church at Alaska. Deceased leaves the following children: Charles Dowden, Mrs Ella M Hawkins, Mrs Margaret Adams, Mrs Nannie Boome and James B Dowden all living around Alaska. Two children Sallie and Thomas, are dead. He leaves also a half brother Mr Howard C Dowden of Alaska.

Died of Paralysis

Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Bane passed to her reward Sunday morning at 1:30 o clock, after suffering since Thursday night when she was paralyzed. She had been in failing health for about one year. Aunt Sallie was one of those kind hearted old ladies whom everyone loved. If she had lived until October she would have been 71 years. She was born in Prince William county, Va, and came to this section in early childhood with her parents. The deceased is survived by one brother, Mr J H Rine. In 1876 she married Zimri Bane, who has been dead for many years. She was the happy possessor of a loveable Christian character, and there is no doubt but that our loss is her eternal gain. After a brief funeral service held at the home of her niece,Mrs Jack Athy, Monday morning, the remains were laid to rest in Queens Point cemetery beside those of her mother, father and brothers. Services were conducted by Rev M H Keen of Grace M E Church, assisted by Rev J H Brunk, of the U B Church.

Mrs James Harrison Dead

Mrs Jas Harrison died Saturday night Aug 31, 1912 at her home near Antioch. She was 37 years of age and leaves the husband and six children. The remains were laid to rest Monday morning in the cemetery in Antioch. Services were conducted by the Methodist minister of Romney.

Dr Thayer

Grafton-This city lost one of her foremost citizens in the death of Dr A H Thayer, who died at his home on Thayer Hill yesterday morning at 8:15 of Brights Disease. Dr Thayer had just passed his 70th birthday last Sunday at his home. Throughout his life Dr Thayer was a man of vigor and action. He was a soldier of the Civil War, having served as an Army surgeon throughout the war. Since the time of the war he has been the physician for the B&O RR serving all the years without intermission. He was one of Grafton's most skillful physicians and surgeons.

Congressman W G Brown's Wife Dies

Kingwood W Va

Flora Martin Brown, wife of Wm G Brown, member of the congress of the second congressional district of West Virginia, died today at the family home in Kingwood. Mrs Brown, while in Washington with her husband attended the sessions of the Baltimore convention, where she overtaxed her strength. She had been in ill health for a number of years, but her condition was not considered alarming. Mrs Brown was born and raised in Marion county, and was a daughter of Geo W Martin, of Grafton. She was a graduate of the Fairmont Normal School and a lover of social and literary pursuits.

Death of Abel S Veach

The body of A S Veach, of Burlington, from six months a fugitive from justice, who died at a Baltimore hospital Saturday just before he was to be arrested by Burns detective, was sent to his home yesterday. Veach was charged with fraudulently using $10,000 given on a note endorsed by John A Parker and John Bane, wealthy farmers. The money was to be used in settling the affairs of A S Veach & Co. which had failed for $25,000. Some Baltimore firms were among those who lost. After obtaining the money on the notes at Cumberland six months ago Veach went to Oklahoma, where he has said to have made investments. In the meantime, his son, J A Veach was arrested. The elder Veach arrived in Baltimore about a week ago with the Burns men close behind him. They traced his movements to a hotel in the city and then to a hospital. Not until a short time before his death, did he reveal his identity, when he requested one of the hospital attendants to notify his relatives in West Virginia. The body of Mr Veach arrived here Tuesday night on No 7 and was taken in charge by H S Thompson and conveyed to Purgitsville, where, on Wednesday it was buried beside his last wife. The services were conducted by Rev George Burgess.

Mrs William Loy

Mrs Wm Loy, of Glebe, W Va, died at an early hour Tuesday morning Aug 27th after a lingering illness of several months, aged 68 years. She is survived by quite a number of grown children among whom are the following: Mrs J W Buckley, Mrs L F Frey, Mrs Samuel Evans, and Mrs Willard Everstine, of Cumberland.

Mrs Howard Dead

 Mrs Pearl Howard, of Bloomington Md, died Monday morning Sept 12, 1912 at the Hoffman Hospital. Her remains were taken home the same day for burial.

Church Dedicated

The new Methodist Episcopal church at Thornton, WV was dedicated Sunday> The sermon was by Rev George Dolliver Smith, of Fairmont, superintendent of the Morgantown district. At night Rev R O Phillips, of Belington, preached Saturday night, Rev T M Hare, of the West Virginia Anti-Saloon League, spoke in favor of the state wide prohibition amendment.

Teachers Institute

Monday Sept 2nd, 10:00am
  Mineral county teachers Institute met and was called to order by county superintendent Jos Rosier, of Fairmont, and Dr Waitman Barb, of Morgantown, were introduced, each of whom made the members of the institute feel glad of the privilege of being under the instruction of such splendid leaders in the educational movement in our state. Institute adjourned at 11:00 and the teachers proceeded to enroll. The enrollment showed an attendance of 125.
Afternoon Session
1:30 P.M.
  Mr Rosier took up the regular institute work and chose for the subject of his address. "The Growth of the Teacher". The way in which he handled this all important theme showed that he is a live and growing teacher, and should be an inspiration to all who heard it to cultivate the little life left in them until they became better fitted for their work, in fact to grow and grow. Dr Barb asked whether there were as many as a dozen teachers who would meet him each afternoon, after adjournment, for the purpose of studying the life and works of some of the famous authors. There was a hearty response at these meetings are assured. Then stated four fundamental Principals of education and explained each in his usual forceful way. These four principals were as follows: 1. All study and all the teachings is for life's stake. 2. The sole business of the teacher is the care and culture of man. 3. Nothing which had entered into our experience is ever wholly lost. 4. The teacher must have a conception of the things most worth while. His explanation of the meaning of life as determined by three great forces which play so great a part in each life namely, ancestry, environment and personal conduct was listened to with much attention.
Evening Session
Mr Marsh gave picture exhibition of school advancement in West Virginia. From 9:00 until 10:30 the Institute was entertained by the teachers of Keyser. Light refreshments were served.
Tuesday Sept 3rd
9:00 A M
  Devotional service conducted by superintendent J C Sanders, of the Keyser school. Minutes yesterdays session read, corrected, and adopted. The roll call showed 128 in attendance. Miss Sue Sheetz, Miss Nan Hepburn, and Mr Burke told the institute of the good things they have to offer in the way of the educational publications. Dr Barbe took up the general subject of reading and spoke particularly of The Things Read in the school. He recommended very strongly the use of supplemental Readers in the schools, and urged those in authority to make more careful selection of books for school libraries. County superintendent Thrush appointed the following committee on resolutions: J C Sanders, chairman; Nan Hepburn, Willie Cooper, Luke McDowell, Sabiba Neel, Myrtle Bond, and Ann Vandiver. Mr Rosier spoke on Teachers and teaching. He showed that in many ways teachers can raise the standing of their profession in the community. If his suggestion are put into practice our teaching body will soon stand on a much higher plane.
Afternoon session 1:30 PM
Former county superintendent Geo S Arnold was introduced and made a few remarks in a reminiscent way which was much enjoyed by all present. His words of good cheer and encouragement were heartily applauded. Mr Barbe then took up reading and used Bryants lines to a Water Fowl to illustrate the proper assignment study and recitation of the reading lesson. Sectional meetings for the graded and rural teachers were held, the former conducted by J C Sanders and the latter by D C Arnold, at which many topics of special interest to these teachers were discussed. Institute adjourned. Dr Barbe chose Emerson for the subject of his special lecture. These talks are of great value and a large number of the teachers are taking advantage of them.
Evening Session 8:30PM
Dr Barbe gave his lecture on Edgar Allan Poe. He gave a very entertaining and instructive count of this most interesting instructive account. Following him step by step, as far as careful research reveals those steps, from the cradle to the grave. He read and explained The Raven and several other of his best poems. This lecture was largely attended by both the teachers and their friends.
Wednesday Sept 4th 9:00AM
Devotional service conducted by M H Keen, of the M E Church South. Minutes yesterday sessions read and adopted. Roll call showing 132 in attendance. Prof Keen of the University of Texas was giving one period and he discussed very ably the Teachers preparation for his work, and showed that while academic training is well and should be had whenever possible, that there are many ways in which the teacher can help himself and especially urged him to devote a regular period each day to study of some special subject.
Dr Barbe discussed briefly advanced comparison. His talk was beneficial to all especially helpful to the High School teachers. Mr Rosier then spoke of the Reading Circle Books. He talked of all the books of the prescribed list but put special emphasis on reading in public schools and chicking the waste.
Afternoon Session 1:30 PM
The teachers of the several districts met and organized and adopted the books to be read this year. Mr Rosier took up the health problem, and discussed it as regards to the teacher. He called attention the fact that diseases are divided into two classes which he says are those caused by contagion, and pointed out how the careful teacher can do much to improve the health of those in his care by teaching them to know and to obey some of the simpler laws of health. A very pleasing variation of the exercise was a piano solo by Miss Nell Johnson, for which the Institute tenders. Miss Johnson the thanks which she so well deserves. Dr I H Stafford read a splendid paper on "Oral Hygeine" The doctor gave some very helpful facts regarding the care of the mouth and especially the teeth, showing how any impairment of most any of the organs might be traced to the unhealthful condition of the mouth. Institute adjourned.
Evening Session
Knobley Stock and Fruit Farm, 6:30PM
One hundred teachers and friends boarded the Twin Mountain and Potomac Train at 5:00 PM and were soon wending our way over the serpentine track of this young railroad through the beautiful Limestone Valley, past the splendid body of water, which is the pride of the city of Keyser, and on through the magnificent orchard of the Knobley Mountain Orchard Company, which covers some 400 acres of land decked with 29 thousand 5 hundred apple trees and 8 thousand peach trees, to the home of Mr David A Arnold, where we arrived at 5:45. Mr Arnold with his baskets of luscious grapes and mellow apples and Mrs Arnold with her basket of beautiful asters were waiting to receive us. After partaking of the fruit and receiving a flower, and having our thirst quenched at the bubbling spring of purest water, led by our host we took our way to the orchard and here we are, surrounded by hundreds of trees many of them bending under their load of large ripe apples, kissed by the summer sun. We are a happy crowd out here "neath the old apple tree" singing the songs we love so well and listening to the pleasing stories told as they can be told only by Dr Barbe, Mr Rosier, Miss Rees, Miss Millburn, Miss Steele, Mr Sanders, Mr Grimes, and Mr Bosely. To call for a vote of thanks to Mr and Mrs Arnold the county superintendent received a hearty response, but this vote freely as it was given can but feebly express our feelings to Mr and Mrs Arnold for the kindness shown. It is now time to turn our steps homeward. We shall never be the same again for we have had an experience that can never be wholly lost. Continued next week.
The Teachers Enrolled are:
Eva Steele, Jessie Thompson, Ida Broadwater, Susan Parr, Lacy Wolfard, Julia Grace, Edna Brock, Emily Milburn, Mary Milburn, Virgie Lee, Hulda Gross, Grace Wentling, Pauline Taylor, Lula Smith, Bertie Wolf, Daisy Alderton, Ida Harman, Arta Hitchcock, Donna Schrader, Lula Tasker, Edna Furbee, Mrs G E Kitzmiller, Nettie Mackley, Lora Fowler, Anna Eichelberger, Nora Sutton, Kate Moore, Mary Murphy, Freda Kerne, Nela Lawrence, Pearle Bosely, Woodrow Baker, Lelia Frantz, Emma Burgess, Stella Liller, Sarah Burgess, Bessie Ebert, Bessie Warnick, Elsie Rees, Etta Dunn, Nora Abe, Zaida Wagoner, Estelle Wagoner, Ann Vandiver, Helen Cunningham, Sabina Neel, Florence Cheshire, Anna Fleming, Genevieve Carney, Mary Mason, Nina Knabenshue, Miriam Carskadon, Martha Thomas, Alice Welton, Mary Faherty, Alice Hartley, Kate Murphy, Florence Renshaw, Mrs Eva Ritchie, Stewart Arnold, Nellie Zarnitz, Nannie Hepburn, Marguerite Matthews, Emily Hall, Lulu West, Florence Githens, Nancy Kuykendall, Bessie Wagely, Juanita Blackburn, Mida Blair, Bertha Wagoner, Katie Sims, Lillie Caldwell, Augarita Shore, Grace Steiding, Elizabeth Wolf, Bertha Urice, Kate Kennedy, Lena Bond, Sue Sheetz, Susan Abernathy, Sue Johnson, Elsie Wagoner, Frances Dickel, Ida Dickel, Minnie Welch, Myrtle Blackburn, Pauline Maxfield, Minnie Umstot, Vira Frye, May Michael, Fannie Leps, Myrtle Bond, Mabel Neville, Marie Riker, Ada Wagoner, Mildred Wright.
James Dugger, Clarence Umstot, Bruce Bosely, Wade Everts, Harvey Fike, Henry Fike, Raphael Leatherman, Thomas Lemon, John Park, Angus Spaid, Ed Hanlin, James Idleman, Wade Lease, Chas Wagoner, J A Hanlin, Frederick Yeager, Willie Cooper, David Arnold, Delmar Harper, Claude Fertig, Ollie Jones, Luke McDowell, Frank Urice, Henry Lewis, J C Sanders, Wm H Rogers, Warren Harr, Albert Lee, Ervin Welton, D W Wildman.


Mrs Scott Faulk was taken to the Hoffman Hospital Tuesday morning.

A large number of Keyser people visited Cumberland this week.

Miss Cora Snyder, of McCoole, returned last week from a trip to Baltimore.

Mr and Mrs F A Dodd left Tuesday to a visit to Oakland and Terra Alta.

J E Boyd and Bruce Traugh, of Fairmont, were visitors in Keyser last Monday.

John E Kabrick, of Martin, spent several days here this week circulating among friends.

Miss Sallie Strader died last Sunday night at her home in Petersburg of typhoid fever.

Miss Alta Schoppert returned home last Saturday night from a weeks visit to Grafton friends.

Miss Georgia Shelley is spending this week in Cumberland as a guest of Miss Lillian Cowherd.

Mrs Isaac Mills and two sons who have been visiting in Virginia returned home last Tuesday.

Miss Virginia Canty, of Piedmont, was brought to the Hoffman Hospital Tuesday for treatment.

Mrs Jas Bean, of Wappocomo, brought her little daughter to the Hoffman hospital for treatment for appendicitis.

Mrs Fred Martin and children left Tuesday for their home at Wheeling, after a pleasant visit to home folks here.

Miss Bessie Offutt, of Oakland, who spent a few days with Miss Fan Leps, returned home Monday.

Mrs J W Hollenback, of near Foote, one of Pattersons Creek prosperous farmers, was in town Tuesday on business.

Mrs J L Frost daughter, Miss Jean Emily, returned home a few days ago from their visit to relatives at Uniontown Pa.

Elsie, little daughter of Wright Telphabach, was struck on the head by a stone Monday and painfully, though not seriously hurt.

E C Flaccus, of Wheeling, who has orchard interests in this section was here last Sunday and Monday looking after business.

 Miss Lillian Wright, of Flemington,who spent some weeks here at the home of her brother, Mr H C Wright, returned home Wednesday.

Messrs E A Russell and R A Welch spent from Saturday to Monday at the Trough fishing. They report poor fishing on account of the river being muddy.

W H Nefflen and son Elliott left Sunday on a trip to Washington and Baltimore. Mr Nefflen will select his Christmas stock of goods while gone.

Mr E P Babb, of Martin, who brought down Mr and Mrs Baird, took his wife and on home with him Tuesday. They spent some time here among relatives.

Mr David Long, of the firm D L Long and son left Tuesday morning to lay in their Fall stock of goods and of course the people know what to expect, as Dave has served them so long he knows exactly what they want.

Mrs F S Johnson and daughter, Miss Mildred Bryan, of Elkins, spent Monday and Tuesday here as guests at Mrs Sallie Johnsons. They went to Cumberland Wednesday, returning here that evening and going on home yesterday.

Mr and Mrs J S Lyon, of Washington D C, arrived last Saturday and are spending this week with friends here. Mr Lyon is a native if Grant county and holds a government position in Washington. He always spends part of his vacation in Grant and Mineral, but this year he will not visit Grant, but they will spend a week here and the rest of their time at Mrs Lyons former home in Pennsylvania.

Miss May Abernathy of Kitzmiller is visiting Miss Toria Offner.

Mrs L H Friend of Oakland is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Loren High

Mrs O Jay Fleming and children, of Grafton, are guests at the home of F L Kimmel

Guy Greenoble of Cumberland was taken to the Hoffman Hospital Tuesday for treatment

Miss May Davis returned Monday night from a weeks visit to Oakland and Mt Lake Park

Robert S Pownall, of South Keyser, one of the B & O shop bosses has been off on the sick list the past week.

The chicken exhibit at the Sincell Peach Show was a sample of what is coming at the annual exhibit in November.

Mrs Ferrington of Mechanicsburg Ohio who has been spending some time in this section left last Monday for home.

H G Wilson of the Racket store left Monday for New York and other Eastern cities to replenish his stock of goods.

Misses Bertha and Florence Brinkley, who have been guests of Miss Fannie Leps left for their home at Baltimore Monday.

Misses Bessie Dawson and Nellie Ravenscraft returned Saturday from Frostburg where they enjoyed home coming week.

Mr and Mrs I E Oates of Elk Garden, were guests at B R Sollars Tuesday on their way home to Ohio to pay their daughters a visit.

Geo R Davis cashier of the Farmers and Merchants Bank and Dr A H Hosack returned Monday night from a short trip to Atlantic City.

Mrs R W Tuggie and Miss Clara Vass Beverly who have been the guests at Col T B Fryes left Monday for their home at Blackstone Va.

Miss Sue Sheetz who spent the summer with her sister Mrs Miller at the Trough, returned Saturday and is attending the Teachers Institute.

Mrs Albert Leatherman of Twin Mountain spent Monday night at the home of H S Thompson on their way to near Clarksburg to visit relatives.

Mrs D C Ashmead of Ashland Ky arrived Monday on a visit to her parents Mr and Mrs B R Sollars and will spend a month or six weeks here.

Miss Helen McKenzie the efficient bookkeeper at Greenwades store is spending her vacation at Cumberland and enjoying their home coming celebration this week.

Mrs Will Richardson and daughter Miss Mildred who has been visiting Mr and Mrs R G Richardson on South Mineral St. went to their home at Aberdeen Md.

Miss Josephine Tamburini of Bayard arrived Yesterday to attend school at De Sales Heights She was accompanied by her father who returned home today.

"Ab" Hammil who was a patient at the Hoffman Hospital with Typhoid fever, has so far recovered that was able to go fishing on Pattersons creek accompanied by Perry Greenwade.

Mrs W H Coffman and little daughter went to Bridgeport Ohio Thursday of last week on a visit to relatives. Mr Coffman went out Saturday and visited his brother in Wheeling and returned home with them Tuesday evening off No 14 He says the flood was terrible out there.

W W Thomas of Laurel Dale underwent an operation at the Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore Monday for the enlargement of the prostrate gland. A telegram from his daughter, who is with him, stated that he came from under the operation in good condition.

Mr and Mrs H C Baird of Zanesville Ohio were guests of clerk J V Bell Monday. They had been at Cherry Lane for a week, where Mr Baird spent his early days having run the old Frederick mill before the war. He was born and raised at Williamsport, where his father ran the old mill. Mr Baird had been back but one time since the war and that was eight years ago. He now operates a 50 barrel mill at Zanesville.

The fruit season is on-LC McDonalds is headquarters. He has everything in the fruit line.

Will Kennedy, of Clarksburg, is here to see his father.

The best is the cheapest thats why D Long and son sell so many shoes.

The seventh annual session of the West Virginia State Camp P O S of A is in session at Martinsburg

D Long and Son are handling out great bargains an all sorts of fall wear. Don't miss the opportunity.

Miss Hazel Greenwade entertained a "Five hundred" party Wednesday evening in honor of Mrs H C Stephens of Johnstown.

It makes no difference who's president if you buy your table supplies at L C McDonalds.

Ex-Senator H G Davis, of Elkins, came down Monday and was joined here by T B Davis, of New York, and were looking after business connected with the estate of the late Col T B Davis.

Preserving kettles, just the thing you need now, any size at Frye and Son's.

H A Sliger, T H Davis, and Ed Liller spent Monday near Ridgeville squirrel hunting. They had a pleasant day and each of them got a good mess of game.

Mr J A B Kennedy, who has been making his home with his son, Dorsey, for some time, was taken sick Wednesday of last week and has been quite ill since. Last Saturday night he suffered a stroke of paralysis, which affected his left side and he has no use of his arm or leg on that side, and his speech is also badly affected. He is in an precarious condition.

The time is here to put up fruit, Fruit jars, all sizes and tin cans, the best made at away down prices.

Mr Edward McGill is visiting in Paw Paw.

Lee Lauck is home from Washington spending his vacation.

Miss Margaret Pownell, of Cumberland, is visiting at T B Fryes.

Mrs Julia Sims is visiting friends at Levels, Hampshire county this week.

A daughter of Mrs Perry Inskeep has typhoid fever at her home on Main Street.

Miss Faye Painter, of Manheim, is the guest of Miss Frances Kinsey.

Miss Cora Snyder returned home last Friday night from a visit to Baltimore.

Miss Daisy Cline has returned to her home from a visit to friends in Clarksburg.

Mrs M H Smith and Mrs Emma Shipley were visitors to Cumberland Wednesday.

Miss Alma Peters returned home last Sunday from a visit to her home of her uncle in Baltimore.

Ed Rice returned home last Saturday from his trip to Richmond and other places in Virginia.

Miss Mayme Dean who has been visiting friends in Keyser returned to her home in Baltimore Thursday.

Miss Isabelle Grimes, who is summering in Deer Park, spent Saturday with her aunt Mrs George Sincell.

W J Lavelle is back again on his job as train dispatcher after a rest of several months at his home in Tunnelton.

J Webb Davis , of Grafton, and Harry Loar, of Oakland were in town Wednesday and visited orchards.

Lewis Bombarger, wife and children have returned from a ten days visit to Mrs P M Spangler, at Pen Mar.

Mr and Mrs J C Brydon, of Somerset Pa, were visiting at Susan Brydon's at Bloomington, the past week.

Miss Mary Wright, of Newberry NC, has been visiting Miss Joretha Liller the past week.

Miss Frances Kinsey gave a theater party last night in honor of her guest Miss Faye Painter, of Rowelsburg. They reported a fine program at Music Hall.

Miss Elizabeth Nixon, of Brunswick, who spent some time at Clarksburg, with her aunt stopped off here Thursday of last week for a short visit to relatives on her way home.

Rev E L Strider, the Episcopal minister from Keyser, filled the pulpit of the Presbyterian church Monday night.

 Miss Gertrude Coffroth, who spent a few weeks here at the home of her uncle, Mr A W Coffroth, returned to her home at Somerset Pa last Friday.

Rev John Neuhauser, wife and child, who had been visiting relatives were at Stewardstown Pa returned home at Shelby Ohio last Thursday night.

Mrs Isaac Mills, of Mozelle St, and two sons, returned home from an extended visit to Norfolk, Roanoke, and Washington. Mr Isaac Mills and son Fred, met them in Washington.

Mrs Ida Menefee of the Preparatory faculty has returned from the West Virginia University where she spent the summer vacation in a special course. She will do some field work for the "Prep" until the fall term opens.

Mrs Lillie Johnson, of Keyser, is enjoying a short vacation in the park

Mrs H Friend went to Keyser Monday on a short visit

An interesting figure in the institute is Thos Lemon of Grant county, now 74 years old, who has taught 56 terms of public school. He commenced teaching in 1866 and has not missed a year since and some years he had taught two terms. He expects to teach this winter.

Arthur Dawson, who has been filling the position as weighmaster at the B&O scales, has resigned his position and will clerk in the pharmacy store for a few weeks, when he will go to Cumberland to take a course at the Tri State Commercial College.

The Loch Lynn Cor, of the Oakland democrat of last week says:

Miss Laura Lauck and friend, Miss Phillips, of Keyser, were weekend visitors at this place.

Levi Hewit is visiting at Keyser for a few days.

Mrs Eugene O Grayson of this city is visiting at the home of Mr and Mrs Fred Long Cleveland Ohio.

Rev R N Mann, Maysville, is visiting friends in this city Mr Mann was formerly assistant secretary at the B&O YMCA.

Mrs R M Collins is on a visit to Washington

W W Kesner has been on a trip to Pittsburg the past week

Miss Mabel Ritzell returned Wednesday on a trip to Baltimore

Miss Grace Steding returned last Monday from a trip to Mt Lake Park.

Squire Albert Lee, of Blaine, was a business caller in town Wednesday.

Miss Lora Holland returned last Saturday from a visit to Clarksburg

Mrs William Kady and sister, Miss Margaret Dorsey, are visiting in Wheeling.

Miss Gladys Nefflin is attending the millinery openings in Baltimore this week.

Mr Chas Milne, of New York, is visiting Mr and Mrs R G Richardson this week

Mrs Lizzie Turner and children are on a visit to the Canaan valley for a few days

Webb Souder and family returned from a visit in Pendleton county Monday

Mrs Ellen Hawk, of Cumberland, spent last Sunday here as the guest of Mrs Carrie Kight.

Miss Ethel Ritzell, who has been visiting home folks here, returned to Wheeling Saturday.

Chester Dixon and Miss Nell Rice spent last Sunday with Miss Faye Duckworth at the Orchard.

Misses Ellen and Vennetta McKenzie spent last week in Cumberland visiting relatives and friends

Rev M H Keen, wife and son, accompanied by Prof J H Keen, took a drive to Greenland Gap Tuesday.

Attorney Harry G Fisher returned Sunday night from a short stay at Atlantic City and other eastern cities.

Mrs Loren High went to Baltimore Wednesday to attend the millinery openings and lay in her fall stock.

Miss Jennie Wagely, who sustained a broken arm a short time ago, is doing nicely and able to be about.

Mr S H Jordans family Capt and Mrs C F Jordan have returned from their summer home at Corinth

Miss Broadwater, of Cumberland, attended institute here this week and was a guest of E W Rice.

Misses Grace and Ruth Wentling, of Paw Paw, are visiting Keyser and Cumberland relatives this week.

John H High, of Purgittsville, brought his daughter to the Hoffman Hospital Wednesday for treatment.

Miss Virginia Rose Edgell, of Harper's Ferry, is visiting her grandparents, Mr and Mrs J H Markwood

Misses Katie Scherr, and Fan Leps and E B Reynolds returned the latter part of this week from the fishing camp at Springfield.

 Mrs Jennie Williams, of Cumberland, is with her sister Mrs J B Johnson. Little Miss Margaret Johnson continues very ill.

Mill Mildred Twigg gave a picnic to several of her girl and boy friends. Miss Edith McMakin and Elizabeth Hamill were the chaperones.

Mrs J T Miller, of Lonaconing, and two nieces, The Misses Weeks, of Washington DC, have been spending a few days with her niece, Mrs F L Byrd, on Mozelle St.

Mr and Mrs D M Dixon, and children, of Oakland, spent last Sunday with Mr and Mrs H S Thompson on their way to Cumberland. Mrs Dixon is a niece of Mr Thompson

Mrs A P Brown and children, Max and Mary Frances, left Wednesday morning for a visit to Romney and Moorefield. Mrs E M Pancake accompanied them as far as Cumberland

Mr and Mrs A C Feather and son, Norris, left this morning to attend the Feather family reunion which will take place Saturday at Cross Roads, in Preston county, They expect to return Monday.

Mrs M B Wagoner, who had been with her mother at Wellersburg Pa, for some weeks, returned last Friday but was called back on Sunday, her mother having become worse. Her daughter, Miss Ada, accompanied her over, but returned Tuesday evening.

Mrs George A Caldwell, of Bannock Ohio, who came in for the funeral for her aunt last week, and has been visiting her parents at Purgittsville, came over yesterday and left last night for home. Her mother, Mrs Julius Taylor, brought her over and was accompanied home today by her daughter, Miss Belle, she spent some time her with her aunt, Mrs Flick.

Miss Nell Crabtree paid Cumberland a visit Wednesday.

Geo T Leatherman of Old Fields was in town Tuesday

J C Smith, wife and son spent Wednesday in Cumberland

Born Wednesday Sept 4, 1912 to Mr and Mrs E A Burke a fine son

Miss Lucy Kuykendall has returned from her visit to Hampshire county

Misses Mattie and Victoria Offner attended home coming week at Frostburg last week

Mrs Myrtle Clark returned home last week from a short visit to her parents at Greenland

Dr Clay Leps of Fairmont spent a few days here with home folks since our last issue.

Mr Fred Bane of Parsons was here last Saturday Mr Bane says business is good at Parsons

Wm H Frye and son, of Lahmansville came down yesterday and are taking in Cumberland today

Mrs H C Stephen of Johnstown Pa is a guest at the home of her uncle Mr D T Greenwade

John Burke and wife and daughter of Philadelphia arrived last Saturday night on a visit to relatives

Miss Bertha Wagoner returned last Saturday from a visit to the home of her brother Russell at Cincinnati Ohio

Miss Hattie Coffroth returned home Thursday of last week from her visit to Hampton Va and points to the north

Mr and Mrs J S Cowger of South Keyser left last Saturday for a ten days visit to their old home at Broadway Va.

Mr Jacob Abe, of Alaska, was in town Monday and paid us a call. He brought his daughter Miss Nora up to the institute.

Mrs D Riley Shull went to Elkins yesterday to take charge of Senator Davis's home during the absence of Mrs Arthur Lee.

Mrs Gertie Wilcox, of Maureytown Va, who spent a short while here as the guest of Mr and Mrs J M Linthicum left Thursday of last week for her home.

Mrs Dr J T Little, of Pittsburg, who spent a few weeks here with her parents , left last Saturday night for Cumberland on her way home.

Mr Julius Taylor, of Purgittsville, was here last Saturday attending the funeral of his sister, Mrs Flick, and paid us a pleasant call.

Misses Louise and Blanche Woolf and Louise Gerstell, who have been visiting Mrs Duncan Sinclair, at Fairmont, have returned.

 Miss Vivian Wright accompanied her sister , Mrs Fred Martin, to her home at Wheeling , and will likely spend some time there.

C K Welch and family , who have been visiting relatives in this section , returned to their home at McMechen W Va last week.

Dr and Mrs Charles Taylor of Clarksburg, was here last Friday and Saturday having come to the funeral of their sister Mrs Flick.

Mr J W Markwood, of near Ridgeville, was here last Saturday attending the funeral of his sister in law, and Monday took in home coming at Cumberland.

Mr W I Chesshire, boss of the B&O wrecking crew, was painfully hurt on the head Thursday of last week by a chain breaking and striking him and cutting his head badly.

Messrs Percy and Leslie Miller, of Wheeling, stopped off here latter part of last week for a short visit to friends on their way home from a fishing trip to the South Branch

Mrs Josephine Hoffman, of Dallas TX, who spent some time here with her sister, Mrs J M Linthicum, left last Saturday for a visit to Cumberland and her former home, Martinsburg, before returning home.

Mrs Sol Hott and son George of Burlington were in town last Saturday attending the peach show, Mrs Hott says her husband has given up the position in the mill at Romney and will remain at Burlington.

John M Wolfe, of Elkins, formerly with the Tribune, came down last Saturday and is spending the week here. He has given up his position at Elkins and accepted a position with the Journal at Kingwood and will set in their next week.

Rev S R Ludwig and son, Robert, of Gettysburg Pa were here last Saturday calling on old friends. They has been off on their vacation and visited Mr Ludwigs father at Rio and also visited relatives at Purgittsville and came here to spend Sunday Their many friends were glad to see them.

Another Jumbo Apple

A couple weeks ago Mr Kalb High of near Purgittsville brought us two monster apples of the Kendall Pippin variety and no one has appeared to compete with him, he has brought one better himself. This one weighed one pound and fourteen ounces, and it was a beauty.

 Organize a Club

It has been suggested to us several times that the democrats in Keyser, in fact all over the county, should organize Wilson, Thompson, and Brown clubs. If the Democrats are going to carry on a progressive campaign they should organize, and now is the time to do it, not wait until the campaign is about over. Clubs are being organized in a great many sections of the state and nation they are doing effective service, There is nothing like organization to accomplish good results. Let clubs be organized, and let it be done right at once.


Another Westernport boy has made good-William Batie, who learned his trade as a machinist with the B&O Railroad Co, in the famous old Piedmont shops. He has been appointed general foreman for the shops of Denver & Rio Grande Railroad with headquarters at Salt Lake City Utah, in effect Sept 1. After the shops closed at Piedmont he went with the B&O railroad at Cumberland thence to Keyser, then on an increase of pay to the shops of the Navy Yard at Washington DC, Then he had charge of the railroad shops at Williamson WV for the N&W railroad. He is a son of Louis Batie, of Keyser.

Lost an Eye

John Freeland met with an accident Saturday night that cost him an eye. He was at work at the B & O shops when a piece of steel hit him in the eye burying itself there. He was taken to the hospital where the wound was examined and it was decided to take him to Johns Hopkins at Baltimore in order to have the steel removed. The young man was taken to Baltimore Monday.

Farmers Institute

The farmers of Mineral County will meet at institute at Van Myra Camp on the line of the new T M & P railroad near Burlington Tuesday and Wednesday Sept 17 and 18th C R Smith of Arlington Ohio H T Smith of Martinsburg and Mrs S D Smith of Kenova are to be instructors.

Hon Virgil A Lewis

Mason City Wva Hon Virgil A Lewis state historian and archivist , who has been confined to his home in this place, by serious illness for several weeks is convalescent, and is physicians state that he will soon be restored to health.

New Office Building

Recently Attorney Wm MacDonald bought the office property on East Street, of Mr W C Clayton, and is now having Burr Davis move the old building back to the alley in the rear. He has contracted with with H W Baker to erect on the lot an office building. It will be of brick and up to date in every particular, with heat, lights, water, fire proof vaults and every convenience of a modern office. It will be one story with two suites of offices and will be a building that will be an ornament to that street.

Band Concert Tonight

Last night the ladies of the M E Church, South, held a very successful lawn fete on the lawn at the home of Mr J H Markwood. Arrangements for even a larger party have been made for tonight, at the same place, and proceeds will go towards the proposed new band stand. The band will present and give a delightful concert of popular and classic selections.

Business men all over the country are predicting a great revival of business this year. They are all saying that the election will have no immediate effect whatsoever.

"A Girl Of The Mountains"

"A Girl of the Mountains" Lem B Parkers new version of his successful four act society drama, which comes to the Music Hall on Sept 11th has a real story, a real plot, characterizations, and has behind it all an idea and a theme. A Girl of the Mountains touches with a singular force the romantic spirit in everyone. Its story is true to the heart and to nature. Its characters are striking, well drawn and cleverly contrasted, and the entire performance teems with fascinating dash and spirit from start to finish.

Baby has two Sets of Arms and Legs

Virginia- The 22 months old daughter of Mr and Mrs Malone McDonald, of near Strasburg, was brought to Harrisonburg last night and will be taken to Roanoke today. The child has two sets of arms and legs, the latter perfectly formed. While the extra arms are lacking several fingers on each hand. The baby was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore some time ago, where she was examined by members of the staff of that institution and pronounced a marvelous freak of nature. Brent Bowman, of Harrisonburg is in charge of the exhibition.

Returned from a Long Trip

On Sunday week Congressman Wm G Brown, Murray Winters, H H Stover, R A Welch and Taylor Morrison, in the latters car, started to Staunton Va, via Petersburg, Franklin and Montery. Friday they returned having covered the long run over the mountains without accident. At Staunton "Junior" Brown left the party for Charleston Wva to attend the K of P meeting.

Estray Notice

Strayed from our pasture on or about Aug 12th, one dark-red heifer, 2 years old. Will weigh about 600 lbs gross. Any one returning this heifer will be paid for their trouble. Respectfully, The Buxton and Landstreet Co, Elk Garden W Va.

Fiduciaries Notice

There are before me for settlement the following accounts:

Susan E Minshall guardian for her children, Robert E Minshall and Maude Minshall Cather.

J E Aronhalt, administrator of Wm Hetzell, deceased.

W M Keller, administrator of Henry Trenerman, deceased

 Wm Clayton, Administrator of Anna M Burns deceased

These accounts will be taken up and settled as required by law. Wm MacDonald Commission of Accounts

Public Sale of Personal Property

Beginning at 9:00 am on Wednesday, Sept 25 1912, at my farm, I will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, my personal property consisting of live stock, farming implements, household goods, and many useful articles too numerous to mention. I will also sell privately, my valuable farm, which contains about 400 acres, and lies eight miles east of Keyser in Patterson's Creek valley. Farm is well watered and adopted to grazing and farming. Mail daily. Convenient to both school and church. For further information address:

Jas B Reese, Reeses Mill, W Va

Hardy County News

Moorefield Examiner of 29th

B B McMechen, of Glendale, arrived last Saturday evening on a short business trip.

E M Hyde left Monday morning for a visit to home folks at Martinsburg.

Misses Mamie Alexander, Lizzie Williams, and Annie Cunningham, who spent a few days last week visiting at Burlington, returned home Monday.

Mr and Mrs Dave Whiteman, of Junction, spent Monday night here. Mr Whiteman shipped a car load of cattle Tuesday morning for Wise and Ruckman.

Mrs Brose McNeill and children, who visited here for a week or more returned to their home in Cumberland last week.

Mrs Sallie Chambers, who has been spending some time at her farm near Wilson, returned to her home here last week.

Mrs Will Wilson has been quite ill the past week with appendicitis, but we are glad to say is some better at this time.

Wm Cowger, of Ft Seybert, is visiting his brother J S Cowger in South Keyser.

Dr O V Brooks left the first of the week for Cumberland with Mrs Art Heath, where the latter was operated upon by Dr Claybrook, of that city. Mr Heath accompanied them. We are glad to say Mrs Heath stood the operation well and is getting along nicely.

F C Turley, of Romney, accompanied by C H Hancher and a party of friends from Wheeling autoed to Moorefield last Saturday and spent a few hours here. Mr Hancher was very much pleased with our little valley and said it was the most beautiful he had ever seen.

While cutting up some feed Tuesday, R A Wilson came very near cutting his finger off with an ax. The wound is a very painful one.

Jos W and Jno Dasher, of Peru, were in town for a few hours Tuesday. The former was attending a meeting for the Board of Education.

DeKalb High, of Purgittsville, has some beautiful apples on exhibition in town. They are well colored and the shape is almost perfect.

Will Wise, of Williamsport, was over Monday on business. Mr Wise says the Democrats expect to elect Dr Highberger Sheriff of Grant County.

TAN BARK: See H S Thompson before contracting for your Chestnut Oak Bark. Highest market price paid.

FOR SALE: A fine fruit and truck farm containing 14 ½ a, 6a of fine trucking land, the remainder, pasture. A good 7 room dwelling with water and gas good out buildings, one tenant house, located 1 ½ mile South West of city limits. For particulars address J F Grayson RR 1 Box 79 Cumberland Md.

WANTED: Plasters and lathers to work on school building. Apply quick to W A Liller Keyser W Va

FOR SALE: A pair of fine young mules, well broke, heavy and good workers, 5 years old. Apply to L C McDonalds, Keyser W Va

CUT FLOWERS FOR SALE Apply to Mrs John Hoover 33 North E St.

WANTED: Experienced girl for general house work. Apply to Mrs J E Patchett


Miss Emily Coffroth desires to announce she will open her kindergarten class at her home on Main street beginning Sept 9th. Those desiring to enroll children should arrange to do so at once. School opens at 9am.

Something About T O Moss

The Active Man Behind the Moss Bros

Greater Shows To Be Presented by

Keyser Volunteer Fire Company


It appears to the writer no manager of outdoor amusement is known more widely than T O Moss, the man behind the show that bears his name. The regard which he is held by his business associates is envinced in their years of association under his personal management. He is a big man in his business of medium statue. He carries his inches with dignity. A smile habitually lights his benignant face and his presence is that of energy and power. He has a penchant for walking about amid the crowds that throng his midway., listening to the comments of the people on the merits of his various attractions and builds upon the fruits of his observation. The knowledge thus required is been of invaluable aid to him in the up building and uplifting of his business organization Long ago he achieved the reputation of being the peer of any amusement manager in the business, establishing a record or presenting a line of high class exhibitions exceeded in point of merit by no other aggregation traveling. And the announcement that he will personally be with his company here insures to the people and their visitors a superior lot of exhibitional enterprises. "Summer Amusement Bargains" lets say. Reports from down in Cumberland this week where they had furnished the amusement features for Old Home Week say "It's a bully show from start to finish" Theres a riot of fun it's a scream. Everyone contributes his share "A little nonsense now and then" and thats just why you will all be there, and its all good value for the dimes you spend.

The Moss Bros show exhibited in Wheeling a few weeks ago and the Wheeling Daily News of June 12th said: Moss Brothers Carnival showing on the Twenty Sixth Street Playground for the benefit of the association is probably the best and cleanest carnival that ever appeared at Wheeling. The show is drawing great crowds which promises to break all records in point of attendance before another week.

The most interesting local features will be the two big popularity contests-the Young Ladies for a prize of a beautiful diamond solitaire ring, and the other for little girls under fifteen for the gorgeously dressed doll that is on exhibition in the window of Long;s Store. Both contests have a number of candidates who are anxiously endeavoring to be in the lead at the finish Saturday when the balloting ends.

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

The following is a program of the Eastern Convocation Diocese of West Virginia, to be held at Emmanuel church, Keyser. Sept 10,11,12. Tuesday, Sept 10 Preparatory service by the Dean, Rev A J Willis, 8:00PM. Wednesday, Sept 11, sermon by Rev W H Cumpston and administration of the Holy Communion by the Bishop, 10:30 am; business meeting and reports 2:30pm; missionary service,8:00pm, Speakers the Bishop and Rev J S Alfriend. Thursday, Sept 12th, service and sermon by Rev P LeBas Cross, 10:30am; business meeting, 2:30pm; evening prayer and sermon by Rev G A Gibbons, 8:00pm. About noon on Wednesday, Sept 11th, in the Commercial Room at the Preparatory school. ,a luncheon will be served by the ladies of the guild. All members of the church, visiting clergy and visitors are invited to attend this luncheon. The public are cordially invited to all the services.

R E L Strider, Rector.

Auto Trip

Bernard Markwood started on an auto run in Valley of Virginia Monday morning. They will run by the way of Franklin and Harrisonburg. The party is composed of Miss Elinor West, of Baltimore; Mrs Earl H Smith, of Fairmont, and Mr and Mrs Harry Markwood.

Card of Thanks

We take this method of expressing our thanks to the many friends and neighbors who so kindly aided us in the sickness and death of my wife and aunt. Charles H Flick, Belle Taylor.

Who can beat this?

Mr Julius Taylor, of Purgittsville, finished digging his potatoes this week. He dug one hundred and ten bushels and one rick from one quarter of an acre of ground.

Miscellaneous News

BORN-Sept 5th, 1912, to Mr and Mrs Chas N Finnell, a daughter

Jas E Peters returned last Monday on a two weeks visit to Atlantic City

Ladies, D Long and Son new fall gods are arriving. Better see them at once

New goods arriving daily at I M Longs

J W Wolfard the Armstrong street grocer has been a victim of Rheumatism the past ten days

Fine, thoroughbred R C B Minorca. Roosters for sale at $1.00 each. Miss D E Sloan Burlington Wva

Mrs Wm B Griffin and two children of Norfolk Va have been visiting Mrs Malcom Frye the past week.

Mr Wm Chamberlain has sold his property at Antioch and expects to move to town soon.

Frank Corder wife and children , of Connellsville Pa, spent the night here last Friday on their way to Terra Alta to visit Mr Corders home folks.

If you buy all your goods from I M Long you can save enough money to ride in an automobile

Mrs Nettie Carrier left last Saturday for Washington, Baltimore, and other eastern cities to attend the millinery openings.

Harry Hendrickson caught a bass Monday that weighed 51/2 pounds and Tuesday Coke Funkhouser caught one that weighed 5 3/4 pounds. They were both beauties.

Attorney W H Griffith, wife, and daughter returned latter part of last week from their visit to Luray Va and were accompanied home by Mr Griffiths mother.

A card by H O Thrush and party last Friday dated Washta Iowa stated that they arrived there safe without a bit of trouble on the way, having traveled 1216 miles in 69 hours.

Hon N G Keim, wife and children, of Elkins, were here last Friday on their way to Cumberland for a short visit before returning home. They had been visiting relatives near Burlington and came in on the T M & P.

Mr George C MacFarlane, of Barnum, accompanied by his wife and little son left on No 2 W M RR the latter part of last week for Towanda Pa where he and his family will be the guests, for a few weeks, of his widowed mother and sister at the parental homestead.

We want to remind you again that L C McDonalds store is the place to get your supplies for that big dinner.

Burlington Charge

Sunday Sept 8th 1912 Service at Purgittsville 11am Junction 3:30pm and Burlington 8pm

Never make an investment until you see what I M Long has for sale.

First M E Church

Davis Street

Rev Franck H Havenner Pastor

Sunday Sept 8 1912

Preaching morning and evening by the pastor.


75 to 100 girls and women to work in canning factory at Keyser W Va. Will begin between Aug 20 and Sept 1st. Those wishing employment will please file application at the office of the Seiver Hardware Co

Keyser Canning Co B E Dawson Mgr.