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APRIL 7, 1913

MAY 25, 2003


Mrs Ollie Robinette of Dayton, Ohio, a cousin of the Messrs Crooks here, in the letter to Mr N J Crooks, says that she with her husband and two children, when the floods surrounded them unawares at night, commenced to go up in their home, first to the second story, then to the attic, and finally had to take to the roof. Here for two days, without food or water, ordinarily clad, they endured storm, rain and snow, expecting at every moment that their home would be swept away. She says the cries of terror stricken sufferers and the drowning were too horrible for human description. How they lived through it she hardly realizes for in the time she says they lived half a century. Of course their home is a wreck and all their belongings therein ruined.


Several members of the state board of regents spent Saturday in Keyser. State Supt of Schools M P Shawkey, J Frank Marsh, secretary of the board, Geo S Loidley, member of the board, all from Charleston, and G A Northcott, member of the board from Huntington, were here. Their trip was of a general business nature. With Principal Stayman, they discussed general school matters. They particularly looked into the matter of making the agricultural department more extensive, and of other departments that may be added. The school is now in a prosperous condition and the regents are encouraged in aiding in development. Work will soon be started on the new dormitory for girls.

Fire! Fire! Fire!

At 4:17 o'clock on last Friday afternoon fire of unknown origin was discovered in the roof of the mill by machinist Guy Liller. Mr Miller give the alarm and while he and Eve Reel ran for a ladder, they hollowed to the wheel press stenographer to get a bucket of water which he did after running past 2 barrels full out in the blacksmith shop to the slack tub. The ladder was put up against the side of the building and a 3 gallon bucket that contained about 3 spoonful was picked up by Eve Reel who ascended the ladder and when Eve reached the eave he could not get up or down and was rescued later by firemen who put out the fire. After it was all over everybody said where is Bill Caldwell and Henry Clark? At this minute Joe Dickle came running up and said, I wonder what is the matter with Bill Caldwell and Henry Clark, as they passed me a few minutes ago at the coal tipple like a streak of greased lightening and as white as crows.

The weather forecast for the shop is, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday rain

The shops did not work Saturday afternoon so we will report in our next, how it was spent by the boys

After being in the service about 40 years carpenter W C Lewis has been retired. "Uncle Billy" as all the men called him leaves our midst with the best wishes of all the men.

Baltimore Md

It was understood here yesterday that Baltimore will not be honored by the President when he selects a successor to Judge Goff on the Circuit Court of Appeals bench. When Judge Goff was elected United States Senator from W Va he suggested to the President the promotion of Judge John C Rose, of the US District Court. Judge Goff had sat with Judge Rose and was impressed by his ability. But, unfortunately for the judiciary and incidentally for the citizens of the circuit, Judge Rose is not a Democrat, nor has he any connection with a university. Last week a strong endorsement was given Judge James P Gorter of the Supreme bench in this city. While the local jurist is a good enough Democrat he is not a varsity man and so he is considered out of it. According to information received here yesterday the place will go to the University of Virginia. Who the favored son of the institution is no one in this city knows, but those who gave out the information say it comes from a reliable source.


There is a good opening at this office for a boy, aged about 15 years, or over, a boy of good industrious habits, who is accustomed to obey his parents, and who wants to learn a good trade or profession.

B&O'S LOSS $4,000,000

Columbus-President Daniel Willard of the B&O RR estimated here today that the roads loss in Ohio by the floods will amount to approximately $3,000,000. In addition the company's reduction in gross revenues for the last week of March and the first week of April is put at $1,000,000. Mr Willard placed the property loss of all railroads in Ohio at from $18,000,000 to $20,000,000. The losses for the B&O will not require new financing. They will be taken care of through the financing recently arranged for. The expenditure for repairs, however, will prevent the making of improvements that had been planned for this territory.


The spring meeting of the Potomac Valley Round Table will be held at Romney, April 18 and 19, the association being composed of teachers, principles and school superintendents of W Va and Western Maryland. The officers of the Round Table are as follows: Moderator, J C Sanders, Keyser, W Va; Vice Moderator, F E Rarthbun, Oakland, Md; Lee Siler, Martinsburg; Treasurer, Miss Sue Sheets, Keyser.

The following is the program for the meeting in Romney:

Friday morning&ldots;

Devotional exercises

After devotional exercises and the minutes of the last meeting approved the Round Table will visit and observe the work of the institution for the Deaf and Blind.

"The Child and its Relation to the Teacher." Supt Wm C Morton, Martinsburg

A general discussion of this talk followed by round table work for the remainder of the season

Friday morning

"Elementary Art in the Graded and District School." Miss Ireland, Shepherd College

General discussion of Round Table topics

"The Problems of Districts Supervision," Supt D C Arnold, Elk Garden

"English in the Public Schools," Princ. A F Smith, Lonaconing, Md

Round Table Work

Friday evening

Address of welcome, Hon J J Cornwell

Response, Supt J E Edwards

Address, Dr J L Sheldon of W Va University

Saturday morning

"Training For a Career," Pres. J R Pentuff

"Commercial Work in the Public Schools." Prof C P Moore

Discussion of Round Table Topics

"The Value of the Summer School," P O'Rourke

Saturday afternoon

Business meeting

General round table topics

What should be the standard of measuring the merits of a teacher?

Can proficiency in school work be obtained if home study be eliminated above the fifth grade?

What kind of supplies should be furnished to teachers of the lower grades?

How far should age be considered in making promotions?

What is the value of examinations to the teacher as regards promotion?

How far is the welfare of the pupil to be considered if his presence is detrimental to the school?

Should any teacher be given a life certificate? What should be the condition of renewal?

Should the pupil recite to the teacher or to the class?

What should be the position of grammar in the language courses?

How much and what should be the nature of the High School History course?

What are the values and uses of stories told children?

Should all written work be corrected and returned to the pupils by the teacher?

How much school money is wasted in your district on account of poor attendance?

Do our public schools meet the demands of the day? Are the demands of the times on a true foundation?

What are the most difficult problems of promotion? How solved?

Which is more important, the study period or recitation?

What are the educational needs of West Virgining?

Does the elementary work of our grades prepare for the High School?


You will miss seeing the prettiest line of spring goods ever brought to Keyser if you fail to visit I M Long's store.

Mrs Lee Hollen is visiting at Terra Alta

Miss Lora Hollen of Piedmont street is very sick

Miss Myra Nefflen is home for a few days from Morgantown. She will return to complete the summer course. She is working faithfully for an A B degree

Mr A B Liller who lives up New Creek with his wife was here today looking after a civil suit with Geo Caldwell, before Squire Osborne

The Davis Brothers are painting inside and out and otherwise remodeling W M Stewart's barber shop

Mrs W E Crooks, who left Saturday, is visiting her daughter, Miss Hattie Estes at the Presbyterian Hospital, Philadelphia

Miss Florence Githen closed a very successful term of school at Gerstell on Friday

Miss Lillie Wilson of Wheeling is visiting Miss Margaret Offner.