Friday, November 7 1913



We were very sorry to lose from our community our esteemed friends and neighbors Mr and Mrs H H Hott, who have purchased and moved to their new home at New Milford, Portage county, Ohio. Mr and Mrs Hott moved into our community four years ago and soon added to the already long list quite a number of friends, which was proven on Tuesday night of last week when 46 both young and old gathered at their home at 21st and spent the evening with them, singing and talking and playing innocent games until about 11 o'clock when refreshments were served after which the friends began to disperse bidding the family adieu and wishing them success in their new home. They will be sadly missed in the community both as neighbors and as church workers.

Mr S L Robison is still very ill with typhoid fever

Mrs O S Jenkins of Cumberland and S L Robison, Jr, and wife of Keyser, were visiting the sick, Mr Robison, Sunday

BORN, unto Mr and Mrs Henry Shriner Saturday a girl.

Rev S D Dawson was called at Rawlings Tuesday night to united in marriage Ben Gordon and Mary Lease both of Rawlings

Mrs James Ivans of Cumberland is visiting Mrs H Shriner this week

Charles Bobo moved to Gerstell this week



We failed to mention the names of Misses Myrtle and Katie Umstot, of Westernport, last week, in giving the names of those who attended the 36th wedding anniversary of Mr and Mrs D C Arnold. It was true that the train was late that evening but they got here at 10:30pm.

Mr Ray Blackburn has again entered the S N C at Dayton, Va. Ray intends to make good and is sticking to his studies.

Harold Hubbs has given up his music class at Elk Garden on the account of sickness. We learn that he is confined to his bed. His friends will be sorry to learn of this, but all join in trusting that he may recover.

James Norman has rolled his house back from the street, built an addition to it, a porch in front and otherwise improved his house.

Miss Myrtle Umstot, of Westernport, is teaching the music scholars who were in Harold Hubbs' class

Mrs Wm Turner of or in the neighborhood of Chestnut Grove, Md, died recently and was buried last Tuesday. She is a daughter of Mr Christopher Hott, of this town, and sister of Mrs Wm Bean.

Mrs John E Steiding, of Midland Md, visited her sister, Mrs Anna Dean, and returned last week

About half the teachers of Elk District attended the Round Table at Lonaconing last week, and were well pleased with the program. All the Elk Garden teachers attended.

Ellsworth Rodruck who worked in the mines at Dartmore, near Junior, died in the Miners' Hospital at Fairmont, Oct 29, 1913, aged 28 years, 2 months, and 17 days. The remains were brought to Elk Garden and then taken to Hartmonsville for interment. He was a member of the Odd Fellow's and Red Men and the members of these two orders at Elk Garden attended the funeral. Rev John A Shockey preached the funeral sermon. The deceased formerly lived at Wabash. He leaves a wife and two children.

Miss Myrtle Sheetz of Keyser has been visiting her uncle Elmer Sheetz for some time

The teachers of the Elk Garden school have formed an interesting reading circle. They meet on Tuesday afternoon of each week at the close of the school session.

Rev W W White and the members of his congregation and others engaged in a mix-up at the parsonage last week. It turned out all right. It was just a substantial pound party.

 The first debate of the Elk Garden Literary Society had a full house.

Question, Resolved that all adult males in the US, unless physically disabled, should spend two years in military service. Affirmative, Clifton Gurd and Harry C Duke. Negative, B J Faller and R Marsh Dean. The debate was interesting on both sides. Decision in favor of the negative. There were other features, there being a full program.

Last Saturday evening Mr Geo R Branner was treated to a royal stag party. There was wit, humor and plenty of eats. It was a genuine old fashioned social. Those present were Revs Shockey, White and Messick, Messrs W H Arnold, N W Pealer, B J Faller, Reese and George Nethken, Robert Grant, Steve Carney, David Junkins, R M Dean, Presley Harris, James Norman.

We are expecting a heater car on the branch road every day. At present it is the refrigerator system with colds and possible pneumonia accompaniment.



Miss Catherine Welton, who has been visiting at Laneville and other points returned home Monday evening.

Drs. Grove and Vanmeter's new office is about ready for occupancy.

Dr W H Siple went to Baltimore Monday. He was accompanied by Mr and Mrs K C Vanmeter and son Garrett, and Mr and Mrs Clarence Taylor and a little child, and a child of Mr and Mrs Seymour Fisher, of Durgon. The children will receive treatment there.

E A Harness is taking a vacation this week and is spending the time in the east. Mr Barrett, of Romney, is running the Kenneweg branch during Mr Harness' absence.

Allen Russell, of Keyser, and Edward Russell, of Twin Mountain, were before the county court Tuesday in the interest of the county road into Twin Mountain.

W B Hill is erecting a new residence in Central Addition for the purpose of renting.

O M Smith and bride are expected home from their bridal tour the last of this week.

An election will be held in Union district on November 8th, for a bond issue of $15,000 which will be used to build a High school. The building will be erected at Gormania if the bond issue carries.

C C Arbogast, the well known Keyser plumber, has contracted with Mr Schaeffer to install apparatus for heat, light and water in the Hermitage Hotel. Also with John G Harman, who will install a hot water heating plant in his residence.

Mrs T S Welton spent Wednesday afternoon with Moorefield friends

John Parks and mother, Mrs Rebecca Parks, are in Baltimore this week

The addition to Senator Forman's law office will soon be ready for occupancy

Chas Zell of Alabama is here on his annual visit to the home of Mrs Annie Grove

Mrs E L Judy, after spending several weeks in Baltimore, returned home Wednesday

Asa Alt, who has been conducting a successful milling business here with John Parks for several years, recently purchased Dave Lyons' farm at Forman, and we are informed will move upon it in the spring, having sold his interest in the mill here to John Parks, as well as his residence and lots adjoining. Mr Alt will remain in the mill until spring. We regret to hear about Mr Alt leaving town as he is one of our most progressive citizens, being a member of the town council for several terms, to which body he has given much strength and aid in matters pertaining to the town.

Press of 31st

Mrs Frank Redman, colored, died Wednesday

L W Kessel, of Ohio, who came here a few days ago to visit his sister, Mrs H C Schaffer, is now sick of pneumonia.

Dr Glenn Moomau went to Baltimore Sunday. He took down Mrs J W Dove, of Peru, who will take treatment at a hospital

While recently sprouting on I V Inskeep's ridge farm T S Kent found a dry land terrapin with the initials of N J C on it. 1871, forty two years ago.

W E Hill, who holds a position under the public service commission, this state, spent a few days with his family here this week. Mr Hill is working temporarily at Wheeling now.

Mrs Mollie Smith, Mrs T S Welton, Mr and Mrs Harry Smith and Mrs M A Parker left first of the week for a trip to eastern cities. Mrs Welton will visit in the Valley of Virginia before returning home.

Aaron Welton, of Piedmont, Arthur Welton, wife and son, of Cumberland, were here the first of the week, having come up from Moorefield, where they had attended the funeral of Dr C L Cunningham.

Examiner of 30th

Thompson VanMeter, of Mansfield Ill, who has been visiting relatives and friends here for some time, left Tuesday for his home.

Rev Chas D Gilkeson, who spent a week at Falling Water, where he held services, returned home Tuesday. Mr Gilkeson also attended the meeting of the Synod of Virginia, at Danville

Mrs S A McCoy and daughter Katherine left Friday for an extended visit to Mrs J M Wells, at Wilmington, NC. They were joined at Washington by Mrs Julia Gilkeson.

Mr and Mrs A R McNeill, who have been visiting in Indiana for several weeks, returned to their home Sunday

Ren Kuykendall, who has been working in the tannery at Petersburg, moved to this place last week, where he will reside.

Ernest, son of Mr and Mrs C D Bowman, had the misfortune to fall down the stairs one night last week and knocked two of his teeth out.

Mr and Mrs John T Bowman, who have been visiting relatives in Middleton Va, and other points in the Valley, returned home last Saturday

Wm Rogers, of this place and Miss Viola Stine, of Needmore, were married at the home of the bride yesterday and arrived here today, where they will make their home.

Wm M Kessel informs us that last March he bought eight pounds of long red potatoes of P S Sions for $1.00. He sent four pounds to his uncle in Kansas and the other four he planted and a few days ago he dug 1 ½ bushels, good measure. Now, he wants to hear from his uncle in the Sunflower State, whether he can beat it or not.

Jesse Fisher is right much complaining, at his home near town.

S W Whipp of Burlington spent several days here last week on business

Mrs Sallie Chambers spent several days visiting relatives in Cumberland last week

Miss Ruth Huffman returned to her home near Purgittsville Saturday, from Cumberland, where she spent the past summer, and expects to begin her school Monday Nov 3.

Walter Wood, who has been connected with the Forest Service near Woodstock, returned home last week. He recently took the examination for re-appointment, but has not heard from that yet.

Miss Lillie Wilson, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs Kate Hawley, at Hamilton, Va for some time, has returned to her home at Durgon. Mrs Hawley accompanied her and spent a week visiting

We are informed that F C Welton, of Cumberland, has purchased Page Welton's interest in the Brighton's Farm and that P S Welton has purchased R A Wilson's farm above town for $20,000.

Misses Bettie and Fillie Welton left this morning for Cumberland where they will visit a few days and then go to Baltimore to visit for some time.


B A Poland, our enterprising young merchant, was married last Wednesday at the Arlington Hotel, Cumberland, to Miss Ruth Dicken, of Levels. After a short wedding trip Mr and Mrs Poland returned to Springfield Saturday night, and are occupying the house recently purchased from E A McGlathery by Poland & Powell.

Mrs Lucy Kuykendall has been spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs Charles Blue, en route from Greensboro NC, to her home in Keyser

Hugh Allender is ill of typhoid fever

Mrs Kitty Grace went to Moorefield last week to visit her sister, Mrs Pollack. She was accompanied by Mrs J D Grace and Miss Mary Adams, who returned Thursday evening.

Miss Maggie Guthrie spent last week with Mrs J W Thompson, at Three Churches

Miss Lucie Blue gave a Hallowe's party to a number of her friends Friday night

Mrs Sue Washington is visiting her daughter, Mrs G H Thomas, Romney

Mrs Wood Parsons and little son, Clifton, and Miss Anne Stickley are the guests of Mr and Mrs J E Parsons near North Branch

N B Guthrie left Tuesday morning on a business trip to Washington



Wheeling-Shortly before midnight, fire broke out on the top floor of the Edward Wagner wholesale grocery establishment, in the heart of the Wheeling jobbing district. The entire fire department is battling with the flames, in the effort to prevent their spread to many jobbing houses on the same block. The loss will reach $100,000 more, covered by $75,000 insurance. The flames spread to adjoining buildings, but were soon extinguished. Cy Wagner, a bookkeeper of the Wagner concern, was overcome by smoke while removing the books. He was rescued and soon revived.


Grafton-Miss Marion Gough, of this city, who entered the Post Graduate Nurses Training School in New York a few weeks ago, made the highest average in her class in the preliminary examination a few days ago, getting 98 in a class of 80 girls. Her roommate, who studied with her got 95.


Berkeley Springs-The building of the $100,000 hotel and a large sanitarium in Berkeley Springs is now an assured fact. The plans for the hotel been approved by the trustees. The old hotel sight has been purchased from Clason Graham, and the temporary improvements to the present bath houses has been begun and Berkeley Springs looks forward to resuming her old time prestige and taking front rank in the line of a curative resort. Mr Alex McNeill is here with his family and has rented a cottage and will be in Berkeley Springs personally until the work is completed.


Independence-W H Jenkins, postmaster and merchant here is dead at his home at the age of 72. He was a victim of heart trouble.


Parkersburg-Representatives from all the States schools will meet here December 6 to form a State athletic board.


Charleston-At a cost of one million, five hundred thousand dollars, the United Fuel Gas Co, subsidiary to the Standard Oil Co, will erect at Kermit, Mingo county, a power plant for the purpose of conveying gas from W Va in to other States, especially Kentucky. Immense pipe lines are to be constructed to carry the product from the W va fields.


Grafton-After having been on a hunt for several days in the Mingo Flat region about 80 miles from Valley Head, M B Wolf, of Webster and C A Shroyer of this city, returned home today bringing a black bear cub as the principal spoil of the hunt. Both the hunters had a hand in at the killing, as shots from each rifle are said to have struck the young bear. The bear had been treed by dogs and was shot in a small pine tree. The hunters failed to have found any deer, which is the game they had started after. Lots of squirrels and wild turkeys were seen and the hunters had no trouble in keeping a supply of meat for their table in camp.

Kingwood is to have a new water system, to be in by capital from Moundsville, W Va, the promoter being Col. C C Pierce, and work on the same will begin during the coming week. It will be a reservoir and gravity system, supplied by mountain spring water. In granting the franchise the Kingwood council reserved the right to purchase the plant at the end of seven years. The plant must be completed within a year.


John Imes, who escaped from Parsons W Va jail on Sunday night was captured in Cumberland at 5 o'clock Monday evening in Shantytown by officer Robert Meister. Imes is now in the station house awaiting the arrival of an officer from Parsons, who will return with Imes to that city today. Imes is the same man who nearly escaped from the local station house some weeks ago by cutting a large hole in the wall with a penknife. His work was discovered in time to prevent his getting away. Imes is about 30 years of age.


Harry F Smith of Piedmont has secured the contract to build an M E church at Dodson. This church is being built through the influence of Rev Wm Harris, pastor of the First M E church of Piedmont.


On Sunday, November 2, 1913, unto Mr and Mrs Maurice F Jones, of Williamsport, a daughter.

On Thursday, November 6, 1913, unto Mr and Mrs A A Dettinburn, East Piedmont street, a daughter.



Married, Oct 22, 1913 at the home of the officiating minister, Rev I F Roberts, Arthur Filmore Hanlin and Bessie Harriet Ebert were united in marriage. The groom is an eminent young businessman of Grant county, the bride is one of Mineral county's most popular school teachers. Many wished for their success.


Mr Paul D Peters of this city and Miss Bessie E Grant of Cumberland, were united in marriage in Cumberland on September 29, 1913 by the Rev H Balthis. Miss Grant is a very popular young lady in Cumberland and her many friends regret her leaving the city. Mr Peters is a progressive young man of this city, well liked by all who know him. They will make their home here after November 17, where Mr Peters will continue in the hardware business with his father.


Wednesday, the 45th anniversary of her mother's marriage, Miss Ruth Mildred Dicken, of Levels, was married to Bonn Arthur Poland of Springfield. The marriage ceremony was performed by Rev D G Pyle, pastor of the Kingsley M E Church, in the parlors of the Arlington Hotel, Cumberland, at noon. The wedding was a quiet one, only members of the immediate families being present. The bride was attended by her sister, Mrs Robert T Powell, and Robert T Powell, of Levels acted as best man. The bride is the daughter of Mrs D M Dicken, of Levels, who was also present at the ceremony. The young couple left for the west on a wedding trip on Baltimore and Ohio train No 55. On their return they will make their residence at Springfield, where Mr Poland is engaged in the general merchandise business.



D N Shaffer, one of Rowlesburg's oldest and most honored citizens, met death suddenly Tuesday by falling from the porch roof of Dr Brynar's residence, striking his head on the pavement, dislocating his neck. Drs Marple and Proudfoot were summoned immediately but were unable to restore him to consciousness. He died in less than an hour after being hurt. Mr Shaffer for years had been a well- known contractor and builder, having built many of the business houses and dwellings of town. He leaves a wife, five children and several brothers and a host of relatives and friends.


We wish to extend our most heartfelt thanks to our many friends for their kindness and sympathy to us during the illness of our dear husband and father and especially to the kind old comrades who were so loyal to him.
Mrs Francis Osborne and daughters


James Hott, one of the most upright citizens of the county, was found dead in bed at his home about four miles south of Romney Thursday morning of last week. He had been in his usual health the day before, so that his sudden death was a shock to his family. He is survived by his widow and eleven children, six grandchildren, three sisters and five brothers. He was 56 years, 3 months and 28 days old. He had been a member of the M E Church, South, for over 21 years and was a good faithful Christian man and ready when the summons came to call him home.


After an illness of several months Squire D P Osborne passed away at his home on Centre street on Sunday morning. He was a native of Pennsylvania but had his home in Keyser for the past 14 years. For many years he was a successful schoolteacher, but the latter part of his life was devoted to milling. At the last election he was elected in this district as Justice of the Peace. He is survived by a widow and three daughters, Mrs Roxanna Diehl of Bedford Pa, Mrs Carrie Ash of Cumberland and Mrs Etta Stafford of Keyser, also one brother, Mr W W Osborne of Altoona, Pa. He was buried from his home on Monday, the Rev F H Havenner, one of whose church he was an active member, conducting the service. The funeral was in charge of the G A R, of which he was a member.


We wish to thank our friends and neighbors who were so kind to us during the illness and death of our brother, Edward Liller.
Mr and Mrs John Ellifritz


Edward T Liller, son of the deceased James Liller, of Ridgeville, W Va, departed his life October 18, 1913, at 7 o'clock am at the home of his sister, Mrs J H Ellifritz, aged 23 years 4 months and 28 days. He was a member of a family of 13 children, of which three brothers, two sisters and his father have gone to that world beyond, and he had gone to meet them on the golden shore. He has been in ill health for the past year, nothing seemed to check the disease. He had been married three years. We will meet him no more in this world but hope someday to meet him on that golden shore, to clasp glad hands where parting will be o'er. Those left to mourn the loss of a loved one are as follows: a wife and mother and four brothers and three sisters, Crowder S, Tom, Wade and Guy, Mrs John Main, Mrs J H Ellifritz and Mrs R V Tucker. The remains were laid to rest in the Liller graveyard at Ridgeville, funeral services were conducted by Rev Wilhite.



Edward T Liller died October 18, 1913 at the home of his sister Mrs J H Ellifritz at New Creek, with whom he had made his home the past summer. He leaves to mourn his loss his mother and the following brothers and sisters: Crouder, Thomas and Guy of Keyser, Wade of Elk Garden, Mrs John Main, Mrs Kate Tucker, of Keyser, Mrs John Ellifritz of New Creek. His wife also survives him. Deceased was 23 years, 4 months and 27 days old. He was of kind nature and made many friends wherever he went. May our loss be his gain. His remains were laid to rest in the family burying ground at Ridgeville, the Rev Mr Wilhite conducting the services. The floral offerings were many and beautiful.


Hubert Ashby McMannis, little son of Mr and Mrs Howard McMannis, of Dobbin, W Va, who was born November 15, 1911, died of pneumonia October 31, 1913. Aged 1 year, 11 months and 16 days. Hubert was a bright and affectionate little boy. Always having a smile for everyone. He leaves to mourn his loss, father, mother, one little brother, grandfathers and grandmothers, besides a host of relatives and friends.



Roy Ward, 25 years old, unmarried, died Monday at the home of his father, Baker Ward, about three miles above Daniels Mill, this county, from typhoid fever. Four others in the house are ill with the disease.


Mr Omar Hott of Pittsburgh was in the city on Monday

Mr J M Armstrong of Frankfort, was in the city Monday

Mr John Shores of Blaine Sundayed with home folks

Miss Amy McKee was calling on friends in Piedmont Sunday

Mr I P Carskadon of Headsville, was in the city Wednesday

Mr Harr Dawson of Dawson was in the city Saturday last

Mrs W D Wright is on a visit among friends in Virginia

Mrs A R Rinehart is visiting friends on Pattersons Creek

Mrs Bertie Frey returned on Saturday from a visit to Charleston

Mr L T Carskadon was a Cumberland visitor one day this week

Mr F P Greenwade has returned from a visit to Pendleton county

Mr Charles Kiser of Frankfort was a business visitor here Monday

Mrs J W Leatherman was a pleasant caller at this office on Thursday

Mr Oscar Spotts of Ridgeley was the Sunday guest of Mrs O F Spotts

Mr John Bailey of Headsville was a Keyser visitor one day this week

Mrs Lucy Kuykendall returned Monday from a visit to Winston, NC

Heavy underwear for ladies, gentlemen, and children-D Long & Son

Mr Charles Bane of Burlington was in the city the early part of the week

Mr James Bean has recently moved his family here from Hampshire county

Mrs J D Gelwicks and daughter have returned from their visit to Philadelphia

Mrs William Greenholt is entertaining Mrs Thomas Morris and son of Cumberland

Mr M E Thompson and Mrs Ollie Smathers were Cumberland visitors the last of the week

Mrs E A Burke and family, who have been visiting in Petersburg, have returned home

Mr and Mrs George Cook of Johnstown, Pa, are the guests of her brother, Mr S Bitner

Dr Gilbert Furbee of Terra Alta, was calling on his brother, Dr Arza Furbee, Sunday last

Mr and Mrs Joseph Sobraska and daughter Miss Isabelle, were in Cumberland on Saturday last

Mr Solomon Thrasher of Dawson spent Sunday with his daughter, Mrs Lee Fletcher, in McCoole

Mr James Morris of Morgantown has been for a few days the guest of his sister, Mrs J C Sanders

Mr and Mrs Charles Clayton of Washington DC are the guests of his uncle, Mr William C Clayton

Mr and Mrs Jesse Sharpless have returned to their home at Gormania after a visit here with his mother

Miss Mamie Carroll has returned to her home at Grafton after a visit to her sister, Mrs Luella Johnson

Mr and Mrs Nelson Baker of Trenton, NJ, have returned to their home after a visit to Mrs Annie Golden

Mrs Roy Durrett and daughter of Cumberland, is making her mother, Mrs Stevenson, a little visit this week

Mr and Mrs K B Thompson and son, who have been visiting in Rowlesburg for some time, have returned home

Mrs Isaac Mills, Mrs R C Caldwell, Sr, Mrs Margaret Rafter and Mrs S L Evy went to Piedmont Tuesday in Mr Mills auto

Oh the ride you will get, the sights you will see and the eats you will have when you take The Trip Around The World. All for 50c November 14, 1913

The Ladies Guild of Emmanuel Episcopal church will hold a bazaar and food sale in the window of the Thompson Furniture Co, on Saturday December 6, beginning at 10 o'clock am

Mr D D Taylor of Burlington, passed through the city early in the week on his way to Rawlings to see his sister, Mrs Susan C Dawson, who was very ill with typhoid pneumonia. On his return he stopped in to see us and says that she is now getting better.

Owing to the ill health of Mr R W Nine, the general merchandise store at the corner of Piedmont and Mineral streets has closed. This is one of the oldest business places in the city, and has for over 40 years been conducted by Mr E F Nine and his sons.

Messrs Edward Rush and L W Grayson and Miss Alma Grayson and Rev R G Hammond were in Deer Park on Saturday last, to attend the funeral of Rev W H Clary, who died last week near Baltimore. Mr Clary was well known, having formerly made Keyser his home.

Mr L Snider was a Cumberland visitor Sunday

Mr R B Sims was in Fairmont on Wednesday

Mr E R Pulliam is visiting his sister in New Jersey

Mr and Mrs J B Criser were in Fairmont over Sunday

Mrs A J Boor was a Cumberland visitor on Thursday

Mr B W Hardy is visiting his sister, Mrs J H Watson

Miss Grace Wenner was a Piedmont visitor on Saturday

Mr and Mrs W R Davis were in Cumberland Thursday

Mr and Mrs D T Greenwade are visiting in Johnstown

Mr John Spiker of Cumberland was in the city over Sunday

Mr and Mrs Patrick Dorsey were in Cumberland over Sunday

Dr Carter Long of Blaine spent Sunday here with his parents

Mr John Rogers of Burlington was in the city on Saturday last

You can keep warm by buying your winter clothing of D Long & Son

Mr Arnold Ludwig of Junction was with friends here over Sunday

Mrs Mollie Piper of Arizona is visiting Mr and Mrs J S Koontz

Mrs J T Boor of Cumberland is visiting her sons, A J and Kirk

Miss Augurita Shores who is teaching at Thomas was at home over Sunday

The shoe department at D Long & Sons is complete and fully stocked

Dr Offner of Fairmont, spent a few days here with his parents this week

A fine line of dress goods as in the city can be found with D Long & Son

Mrs John McMackin and Mrs Boyd Linthicum were in Cumberland Wednesday

Mr Clarence Vossler and Miss Mabel Babb spent Sunday in the city with relatives

Mr and Mrs O F Spotts who have been visiting in the west have returned home

Mr James Arnold of Beaver Run spent Saturday with his sister, Mrs M A Tutwiler

Mrs R Nethken and J W Dayton and Mrs Samuel Kirney are visiting in Alexandria Va

Prof. Grimes of the Prep school, has moved his family here from Oakland Md

Mr W C Crist was called to his home at Kinderville, Va, on Thursday night, owing to the death of his father

Rooms have been rented in the Koelz building by G H Reynolds and A J Keenan, where they will conduct a general real estate and insurance business

Miss Pearl Christy, who has just completed a course as a trained nurse at the Hoffman hospital left Saturday for Terra Alta where she has two cases of typhoid pneumonia, both in the same house.

An infant son of Mr and Mrs J A Miles was buried in Queens Point cemetery on Sunday, the services being conducted by Rev H F Baughman. Mr Miles formerly made Keyser his home, but is now located in Ridgeley.

Of Valuable City Real Estate

By virtue of an order by Wilbur H Thomas, Referee in Bankruptcy for the Northern District of W Va, entered in Lucille H Slaver, Bankrupt on the 4th day of October, 1913, the undersigned Trustee elected for the purpose, will on Saturday, November 1, 1913, at one o'clock pm, at the front door of the court house in Keyser, W Va, sell at public auction to the highest bidder the following real estate situated in the City of Keyser, Mineral county, W Va, to-wit, All that certain lot situated on the north east corner of Piedmont and Clary streets, in said city, known and number on the Plat of N D McCoole's Addition to said City as Lot No 12, which said lot fronts 30 feet on said Piedmont street and extends back along Clary street, the same width, 130 feet to an Alley. The said property being the real estate belonging to the said Bankrupt. Said sale is made subject to a deed of Trust to S R Barr, Trustee for the Real Estate and Improvement Company of Baltimore City, amounting to the sum of $920.40, as of date of September 8, 1913.

Terms of Sale

One third of the purchase price cash on the day of sale and the residue and two equal payments at sic and twelve months from date. The purchaser to execute his interest bearing notes, with approved personal security, for the deferred payments and the legal title to be retained as additional security until the payments of said notes.

R A Welch
Trustee in Bankruptcy
October 6, 1913


G G Cain
  Vs In Chancery

Mary Cain

To Mary Cain

Take Notice: That on the first day of November 1913, at the office of R A Welch, in the Law Building, Armstrong street, Keyser, W Va, between the hours of six o'clock am and six o'clock pm. I will proceed to take the depositions of myself and others, to be read in my behalf on the hearing of a certain suit in equity pending in the Circuit Court of Mineral county, W Va, in which I am Plaintiff and you are defendant. If from any cause the taking of said depositions shall not be commenced on that day, or being commenced, shall not be completed, the taking of the same will be adjourned from time to time, at the same place and between the same hours, till they are completed.

Very Respectfully,

R A Welch
Sol. For Plff
G G Cain,
By Counsel


How dear to our heart is the steady subscriber
Who pays in advance at the birth of each year
Who lays down the money and does it quite gladly
And casts round the office a halo of cheer
He never says "Stop it! I cannot afford it,
I'm getting more papers than now I can read."
But always says, "Send it; our people all like it-
In fact we all think it a help and a need."
How welcome his check when it reaches our sanctum,
How it makes our pulse throb;
How it makes our hearts dance.
We outwardly thank him; we inwardly bless him-
The steady subscriber who pays in advance.
--Inland Printer

Charleston W Va

The Tripolitan and Balkan wars not only affected immigration but caused a temporary exodus, and a war with Mexico. According to prominent coal operators in this State, might seriously affect the coal industry. There are opportunities for fifteen thousand additional men in the mines, according to calculation recently made, and in case the war drew upon the supply of labor available at present there might be a positive lack of it, and a consequent curtailment of production. It is probable, however, that the United States Government would not do much recruiting in this State, in spite of the fact that army experts have figured that it would take two years and five hundred thousand men to pacify that turbulent country, because then famous W Va smokeless coal would be needed for the navy which would play an active part in blockading Mexico's seaports. In the meanwhile there are the fifteen thousand jobs that will pay from $80 to $180 a month, according the industry of those who get them, waiting for applicants. The earning for the better class of miners average about the same in all parts of the State and according to recent statements in the coal trade papers an influx of labor has already commenced.


The Knights of Pythias Armory will be completed about the first of December, and as soon as completed the Uniform Rank will hold its annual fair. In its new quarters it will far exceed all previous fairs, and the event is being looked to with a great deal of interest by all its friends.


The Epworth League of the M E church, South, held a little social at the church on Thursday evening under the management of Miss Margaret Liller. The feature of the evening was a number of verses on the walls, each representing some late invention, and prizes were offered to the one guessing correctly the largest number. The first prize, a pumpkin (but a cracked one) to Rev C M Miller. Refreshments were served including the famous pumpkin pie, and a most enjoyable evening was spent by the young people.

Richmond Va

The verdict of the district court in Martinsburg, which awarded Miss Iva Lea Fullhart, of Marion, Ind, $5,000 in her $15,000 breach of promise, action against William V Thrush, well to do farmer of Burlington W Va, was upset yesterday by an opinion by Judge Knapp, in the federal circuit court of appeals, which remanded the case for another trial. Miss Fullhart and Thrush first met and became sweethearts in 1894, while students together at Otterbein university, Westerville, Ohio. The suit was instituted in 1911, soon after Thrush married another woman and inherited a considerable estate from his father about the same time.


The Order of the Owls attended in body the morning service at the M E Church, South, last Sunday, where the pastor, Rev M H Keen, preached an able sermon prepared especially for them, from the text "Am I My Brother's Keeper."


All diseases treated and cured by natures methods if you want to exchange sickness for health come and see me. Dr Staggers, Mechano-Therapist, C&P phone call 46K, Residence and Office corner of First and Davis streets.


Mayor Babb has called a meeting for Monday night next at the Council Chamber at 8 o'clock and asks that every organization of every kind be represented to assist in taking some action regarding the having of a Community Christmas Tree in Keyser. The movement is meeting with general approval of the citizens and there seems to be no reason why it should not be carried. The Ministerial Association of the city are heartily in favor of the community tree, and have passed resolutions pledging their support in the undertaking. Let there be a large number present.

Ladies, gentlemen and children all find shoes to their taste at D Long & Sons


On Monday night Chief Davis, assisted by the other officers, raided a suspicious place on Armstrong street and captured more or less paraphernalia pertaining to gambling which was confiscated. More anon.


While attempting to clean a revolver last Friday night, Mr Oscar Fazenbaker was shot through the hand. The shell had been in the revolver for a long time and was hard to remove for a long time and in attempting it, it was discharged


Sunday school 9:45 am

Morning service 11:00 am. This is the 430th anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther, the subject of the pastor's address will be "Luther and the Church."

C E Service 6:45 pm

Evening worship 8:00 pm

Subject: "The Power of Prayer"

Everyone is welcome to attend these services.

H F Baughman, Pastor


With the fast increasing business, Mr H G Wilson has found is necessary to enlarge his salesroom, and has had a convenient stairway cut from his present store to the room above, where he will display his large stock of ladies coats and mens clothing, rugs, and other more bulky things, thus giving much more space in the room below for the large display for his holiday goods. Mr Wilson is one of our progressive merchants and merits the patronage he receives.


On Tuesday night the citizens of Keyser were called to the court house to attend a meeting pertaining to good roads, which was to be in charge of a representative of the State. The entertainment from first to last seemed to consist of screen pictures showing the "before and after" of roads that had used a cement, with prices ranging from nine to twelve thousand dollars per mile. Somehow this is not what the people were expecting and the lack of enthusiasm was very apparent. We need good roads, we want good roads, but something of a different nature, and of less cost, must be shown before this section of the country can grapple with it.

$65,000 FOR HER LIFE

Miss Ellen M Stone, who was captured by Macedonia brigands while she was doing Missionary Work in that country, and held until the people of the United States had paid a ransom of $65,000 for her life, will give a lecture in the auditorium of the Keyser High School building on Thursday, November 13, 7:30 pm. Miss Stone has lived in the Balkan States for upward of 23 years and has most interesting things to relate of those lands in which the wars of the past year have been waged, the war to free Macedonia and Thrace from Turkish opposition, and the war of the other allies upon Bulgaria, which followed the first. Be sure and hear Miss Ellen M Stone's lecture upon "New and Old Days in the Balkans," for she has lived in two of these States Bulgaria and Macedonia, and traveled also in Albania, Greece and Servia. Miss Stone comes under the auspices of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Admission Free, An offering for State work will be taken.

Shelly can draw plans all right. His houses speak for themselves.


Having been transferred to another field that necessitate my moving I offer my home at 100 W Piedmont street for sale to the highest bidder on Saturday, November 15, 1913, sale beginning at 1:00 o'clock. Good six room house, bath and all conveniences, fitted with gas throughout, and wire for electricity, a splendid cellar, making it a desirable home. At the same time and place will be sold a quantity of household goods, too numerous to mention. Terms: One-third cash on day of sale, and the balance in two equal annual payments. A discount will be given for cash.

F A Dodd

It was my pleasure to attend the Potomac Valley Round Table at Lonaconing last Friday and Saturday. Taken as a whole it was a very inspiring meeting to the teachers that attended, and we think that all will enter their schools with higher motives in view than ever before. We were most highly entertained Friday evening by the man who addressed the teachers upon the subject of sanitation. The American people in this day of fast material development and education progress have neglected one of the most vital questions, the question of sanitation. But in the last decade they have become aroused, and wonderful progress is being made along this line. The Old Oaken bucket and tin dipper than used to sit in the corner with the broom as a cover has passed from existence and has been replaced by a drinking fountain, or a stone water cooler with individual drinking cups. Thus we hope to spare any of the boys and girls of the rising and future generations from such diseases as Typhoid fever, Diphtheria, and Tuberculosis. I believe that if all the pupils of this fair land of ours are properly educated in regard to this great question of sanitation that were many years some of these now dreaded diseases will be unknown. We also listened with intense interest to a lecture by Dr Waitman T Barbe, upon the topic entitled: The awkward age. It surely is a great treat to have the privilege to listen to an address by so talented a man as Dr Barbe. We as teachers should be careful that we build for our boys and girls in school, such stately ship that there will be no hazard for the young man or woman when they hoist anchor and set sail upon the perilous seas of life. Just a question and then I have done. Should a program for a teachers' meeting have at its close five two-steps and as many waltz's?

A Teacher.







Two men can secure board with private family. Bath and other conveniences. Centrally located. Apply at this office.

Shot gun, double barrel, hammerless, Remington. Good condition for $21. Original cost $40. Address E, care Tribune.

The Walsh building on Piedmont street. 16 rooms, in good condition. Desirable for flats or hotel. For further particulars apply at premises.





PRICE $1.00