March 8, 1912


Jacob Swadley's nice home is for sale. He says they will make sale of their personal property some time in April. He desires to locate where he may work at his trade, carpentry.
I hear Nick Biser has bargained to move to Keyser and work for W A Liller, through the summer.
Geo Biser's will leave their home and move up about Vernon Welch's over the summer.
Chas Davy has moved into Homer Liken's house near Rosedale.
Geo C Bailey has posted bill advertising his farm to be offered for sale at public auction on the 28th inst. at his residence.
Andrew Ludwick has rented his farm for one year to Charlie Fleming. He moved in first of this month; so now Charlie lives in one end of the house and Andrew and his mother in the other end. Andrew says he will sell off his stock and make some change in a few months.
B W Smith, went to Whiteoak Flats to spend several days teaching a few classes in singing. He has had these classes for some time.
J E Miller says he has been crowded with making brooms. He has on hand many brooms made for different parties and lots of broom corn yet to work up. Charges 12 1/2 cents per broom, but says it is too low.
some time ago, Arnold Ludwick was busy making brooms, but lately, has been sawing wood, grinding, shredding fodder.
Miss Glennie Carnell went to Keyser last week to assume the responsibilities of cook at the hospital. Her predecessor, Mrs Bessie Whiteman (nee Cheshire) came over here on a visit for a few weeks. She had been cook for some time but on the 14th of Feb got a valentine (a husband), and a change of plans has followed.
J H Arnold was at Cumberland last Wed and had Dr Jones operate on his eyes. He keeps his eyes bound up all the while but has been a great sufferer most of the time since except when under the influence of medicine. He is reported better today.
For several days Dan Bailey has been suffering much with rheumatism in his well leg.
At the recent council meeting it was decided to hold the communion on Sat, Oct 12, and it to be followed with a series of meetings by Eld. S K Fike, of Cordova Md.


Davis W Va
March 4, 1912
I will now try to give you a few of the happenings from our little hill town.
We re having some winter weather at present.
The hard wood mill of the Babcock Boom and Lumber Co, of this place, broke down last week and it was wrecked so badly that they expect it will be about six weeks before they can start up again, there was no one injured in the wreck.
Emory Bros of Newcreek, are rolling for the Union Tannery Co, of this place.
Mr Arthur Davis of Antioch, was seen on our streets one day last week. Mr Davis is a dandy good fellow and we are always glad to see him, come again Arthur.
The Keyser Preps played basketball here Sat night with the Davis Imperials, both sides played a good game, the score was 36 32 in favor of the Davis team.
Mr Herbert Bosley and Mr Eugene McCrossen are writing up plays for the moving picture shows.
Mr L H Mott's little child is right sick at this writing.
Mrs H G Bosley was visiting in Gormania one day last week.
Mr William Grant expects to locate in our town.
There is quite a bit of sickness around here, at present, owing to the sudden change of the weather.
Well,a s my letter is getting rather lengthy, I will now close for this time by sending my best wishes to the editor and readers of the Tribune.
Good by
Uncle Sam


Mrs Bettie Gamble has been right sick for a week or so.
Mrs A R McNeill spent several days in Cumberland this week shopping.
Miss Fillie Welton, who has been right sick, we are glad to say is better.
J H McWorter left Mon for a short business trip to Washington.
B T Racey, of Romney, attended the funeral of young Brill here Tues.
E H Frye, ex-superintendent of Grant Co, is very ill at his home in Lahmansville.
Miss Carrie McMechen, who has been visiting in Ohio for several months, returned to her home here Tues.
A little daughter of Mrs Ritchie, of Ft Seybert, ran a needle deep into her foot having only the eye of the needle visible.
J M Clark, of Needmore, was over yesterday. Mr Clark is just recovering from a broken wrist, which he sustained some time ago.
the case of Jas Rudy against the B&O railroad came up in the Supreme Court of Md Tues. Rudy obtained a verdict for over $4,000 in Cumberland, and the railroad company carried it to the higher court.
E M Chenoweth, of Martinsburg, has secured a lot here an one at Petersburg and is making arrangements to go into the produce business. the firm will be the Chenoweth Produce Co, and Mr Chenwoweth will handle all of the poultry eggs & c, shipped from here and Petersburg.
Mrs Lucinda Cain, wife of I P Cain, died at her home near town Sun night.
Circuit Court was in session for several days this week, but only one jury case was tried.
Dr H McSGamble (?sic) and H M Friddle, who have been in Ohio for several weeks, returned home yesterday.
Mr and Mrs B A Stinner, who have been in Pittsburg for some time, returned to their home here last Fri.
Dr R W Love returned last Fri from Philadelphia, where he accompanied Mrs Geo T Williams. Mrs Williams is improving slowly.
attys W H Griffith, of Keyser, and H B Gilkeson, J S Zimmerman and J Sloan Kuykendall of Romney, were here this week attending court.
Mrs J D Judy, a most estimable lady of Peru, died at her home Wed, after an extended illness. Deceased was the mother of Dr Judy of Petersburg.
As will be seen by notice in another column the firm of the Kuykendall Hardware Co, has dissolved and R S Kuykendall becomes the sole owner. this firm has built up a fine business and we predict continued success for the owner.


March came in like a Brugal Tiger.
Miss Nannie Nevile, of Keyser, is visiting friends and relatives here.
Misses Delpha and Carrie Duling were the guest of relatives at Paddy's Land over Sun.
Dr J Oliver Lantz returned from his Western trip last week. He says it was not summer in Chicago.
Messrs Robert and Will Rodruck, of near Schell, were business callers here Tues.
Mr G W Swadley is preparing to move from Emoryville to Ridgeley in the near future.
Misses Grace and Zennie Duling visited relatives near Emoryville last Sun.
Preaching by Rev P W Mitheny in Blake Chapel next Sun at 10-45 AM. The public is invited.
It is reported on good authority, that Squire C E Shillingburg is a candidate for the Republican nomination for County Commissioner. Ed has always been on e of the "true blues", and deserves his share of the "loaves and fishes."
The County Court's attention is called to the condition of the North Western Turnpike from the U B Church east of here to the far end of Wm Shillingburg's place. It has been impassable for about two months, and persons traveling said road are compelled to either open and close 3 gates, and travel over a rough road or else go over a and through drifts from 4 to 6 ft deep and run the risk of crippling their team, and endangering the life of the driver. this is not written with malice toward anyone, but with charity and good will toward everyone.
Mr Bert Liller killed a large wild cat last week.


Feb 28, 1912
Will send a few items as it is a pretty day for once in a long while, it has been so cold and stormy the creek and river were very high here last week.
Walter Shank and a man named Pennington were badly hurt one day last week, they took Mr Pennington to the Hospital where they cut a foot off yesterday, Mr Shank is using crutches, it was done by a steel rail striking them while at work on the railroad.
Mr Mora Runion, only son of Mr and Mrs Ad Runion, and Miss Ola, oldest daughter of Mr and Mrs George Douthitt, were married on Wed the 14, of this month, by Rev H L Myerly. The Bride and groom are both of this place and are very popular.
A daughter was born to Mr and Mrs J H Long on Mon, the 19th, all are doing well.
Mrs C E Wagoner is getting all right after having diphtheria so bad.
Mr Elwood Wagoner is getting better after a hard attack of quinsy, his wife and little daughter, Reba, are most well, the had the diphtheria so bad, the stork has left another little daughter at their home.
Mr Howard Baker lost a good work horse one day last week, the cause is not known, suppose it picked up something in the feed.
We learn that Mr James Douden, of Alaska, is very ill from eating canned oysters.
Mr P M Dayton, of Knobley, is much better after being so very ill.
Mr Cluade Robinson and Miss Edith Valentine were married Thurs the fifteenth, both of Cumberland.
Mr Lantz Hirshberger, oldest son of Mr and Mrs Heiskel Hirshberger, and Miss Susan, second daughter of Mr and Mrs George Logdston, went to Cumberland yesterday to be married by Rev George W Yost.
There were nine conversions here at the protracted meeting conducted by Revs H L Myerly, and G W Yost 2 weeks ago, they all joined the M E Church with several more that joined by certificate. time for the conference will soon be here, hope our ministers will be returned to this work.
Mr John Rhodes is very sick at his home at Green Spring with the measles.
Mrs Myra Dermer is still sick at her fathers, H T Daniel's home at Short Gap. She will be taken to the hospital at Keyser for treatment.
Most all the people down this way have colds. Tonsillitis and so forth.
Mr Ground hog did not mistake his mission this time.
Mrs Harriet Broome continues about the same.



Born Tues morning to Chs W Shobe and wife, a girl.
On Thurs, march 14th, J C Michael of Williamsport, will offer for sale a lot of personal property.
The county court of Tucker county refused to grant liquor licenses at Laneville. Licenses were granted at Davis and Thomas.
W O Johnson, of Romney, was here over night last Fri night. Mr Johnson and his family have spent the winter with his parents in Hampshire county, but they are moving back this week to Canaan Valley where Mr J has a large farm.
During the high wind on Wed night of last week, a house owned and occupied by Moses Sites near Jordan Run, was blown down. Mr Sites' barn was also blown over. A lot of damage was done to several others buildings in the same vicinity.
Born, Sun to Will Freize and wife a girl.
A W Seymour, of Moorefield, spent Wed here.
The grand jury for Randolph county found 250 indictments.
Dr J N Judy left Mon for Baltimore with Mrs Ross Shobe, Miss Edith Hyre and Adam Ketterman, who will take medical treatment in hospitals in that city.
J C Shobe, this week is moving with his family to the farm he recently rented of Mrs Selvey near the mouth of South Branch in Hampshire co. Mr Shobe is one of Grant County's most substantial citizens and his many friends here regret to see him leave the county.


Enough snow fell Sat night to make the ground white once more for this year, but hope it will be the last for this winter.
Rev Myrely preached a very interesting sermon here Sun evening, and quite a large crowd was present.
Messrs Will Adams and Earl Taylor were visiting at Mr N R Taylor's Sun.
We are glad to know that Mr Albert Umstot is improving.
through a letter that was received here the first of the week, we understand that Mr Chas Johnson, of San Antonio, Texas, has moved his family to Piedmont, Missouri, where they will make their home.
Mr Ran Ashby and family, of Keyser, were visiting at Mr H C Dawson's Sun.
Mr Earl Rogers was visiting near Alaska Sun.
Some of the people around here attended the telephone meeting at Keyser Sat, we hope it was a success as we are needing a change very badly.
Mr Jess Taylor was calling on Miss Maude Kuykendall Sun evening.
Messrs Wallace Anderson and Harold Reese attended school at the Grove part of last week taking the county examination. We whish the boy success.
Mr Edwin Kuykendall and wife expect to leave soon for Va where they will make their future home.
there will be a spelling Bee at Reeses Mill school house Fri night. All are cordially invited to attend as we always have a nice time here.
R U Y's


After quite a long silence I will again try and jot down a few items for the readers of the Good Old Tribune.
We are still having good solid winter here on the mountain it began to snow Sun morning and kept at it until about noon on Mon, so we have another good sledding snow. The drifts are now settled so teams can pass over them, but it is a common thing to see a sled down against a fence where it has slid out of the road.
Ad Lucas has made and hauled quite a lot of crossties this winter, he has also hauled about 500 ties for Bud Roderick.
Bud Kuhn and Charley Welch are down on the Gleason hill cutting props and making mine ties for the Gleason mine.
Bruce Roderick went back to his work on the saw mill last Mon morning.
The sick of our neighborhood are out again and we hear of no new cases except severe colds.
Elmer Kulm purchased Arley Blackburn's telephone stock and box and has moved it to his place. This will be a great convenience not only to Elmer but to others, as he has a mine and furnishes coal for the entire neighborhood.
Bruce Roderick made a business trip to Blaine last Sat.
Our school teacher, Jas J Idleman, made a trip the same day to his home at Mt Storm to see his mother. He says that not withstanding her advanced age she is getting along well with her broken arm.
Feed is getting very scarce here. D W Idleman received a car load of hay a short time ago for himself and Gabe Hanlin. Notwithstanding the scarcity of feed stock has wintered well up to this time, never see one but what is in fine condition.
By the way, we wish to than "Mrs N D McC" for her very interesting letters from Winston Salem, and hope to have more of them.
Uncle John
Note - We are all pleased to hear from Uncle John again.


Mr O M Rizer was a business visitor on Tues.
Mr I H Bane was here on business Tues.
Rev T S Long of Baltimore, visited in Keyser this week.
Mr H C Thrush was in Keyser on business Wed.
Rev George S Arnold, was shopping in Keyser Thurs.
Miss Belle Taylor is visiting relatives in Keyser.
The editor of our Push Dept was in Keyser this week.
H G Wilson went East the first of the week to lay in a supply of sprig goods.
Mr and Mrs D T Greenwade spent from Sat until Thurs at Gerstell.
Mrs J C Liller has returned from a very delightful visit to Baltimore.
Furbee's drug store has been newly papered. Mr Harry Wells was the artist.
Dr and Mrs W J Koelz attended the funeral of MR George Arnold last Mon.
Mrs Alice Allen and daughter, of Piedmont, spent Sun here with relatives.
Atty Taylor Morrison was in Oakland on legal business Wed.
Judge F M Reynolds held court on legal business Wed.
Mrs Clarence Borst spent Sat and Sun with relatives in Cumberland.
Messrs J C and H L Arnold attended the funeral of Mr George Arnold last Mon.
There are two eggs on display in the windows of the Harrison Meat market, layed by a Plymonth Rock hen owned by Mrs Frank Troy, that weigh four ounces each. Who can bet that?
Our Milliners are getting in their Easter goods and will have their opening in about two weeks.
Mrs Carrier has been in Baltimore this week purchasing millinery, the other milliners have returned.
Prof J B O Clemm returned home Thurs, after having spent a pleasant winter in Baltimore.
Patent leather shoes that won't break, get them at Weimer's.
Our former fellow citizen, C E Johnson, has had the address of his Tribune changed from San Antonia Tex, to Piedmont, Mo.
Mr A H Michael, of Oakland, Md, attended the funeral of Mr George Arnold last Mon, Mr Michael is a brother to Mrs Arnold.
Mr J Humbird Smith, of Patterson's Creek, was in Keyser on business Thurs, he is interested in the good roads movement.
Hon N G Keim, W H Keim and Lew S Keim of Elkins and Dr P S Keim, of Elk Garden, attended the funeral of their Uncle, Mrs George Arnold, last Mon.
Born to Dr and Mrs L H Gaston, Feb 28, a daughter.
Doc Stehley has been in Martinsburg on business this week.
Sprayed fruit brings the money, get your spraying material of S&T Hardware - best for least money.
The weather has begun to improve, slightly.
Mr R A Smith spent Thursday night in Keyser.
Mrs A S Wolf is on the sick list this week.
See the New Way Power Sprayer at the S&T Hardware.
Mr J W Leatherman unloaded a car load of tyle (?sic) here this week that was taken by farmers in different sections of this county.
L C McDonald sells the best hams and groceries.
Mr and Mrs A J Boor attended the funeral of Mrs Jacob Boor, at Mt Pleasant last Sun.
Mr W W Woods, Cashier of the People's Bank of Keyser, was in Parkersburg on business the latter part of last week.
Mr Ben Souder paid Keyser a business visit first of the week.
Miss Mary Souder of Fairmont, is spending some time with her sisters, Mrs F P Greenwade and Mrs Jas Gault.
Messrs R T Cunningham and H L Heitzlman, of Fairmont, Directors of the TM & P RR Co, were here this week in the interest of that company.
Mr L C McDonald went to Hampshire County Sat to visit his mother, whose health has not been good, and returned Tues.



Mr O M Wilson, died at his home, Wilson Stateion, Garrett Co, Md, early Wed morning, March 6, 1912, aged about 38 years. He had never married. He will be buried in the family cemetery near his home tomorrow, Sat. Mr Wilson was a son of the late Jonathan Wilson and a brother to Mr Charles M Wilson, who died at Kitzmiller Md, about one month ago.
Mrs H C Homan, of this county, is a sister.


Mr George Arnold, one of Mineral County's most successful farmers and a man who had been prominent in the public affairs of the county, died at his residence on the Patterson's Creek Pike, five miles south of Burlington, Sat forenoon, march 2, 1912, aged 76 years and 14 days. He was a son of the late Rev Joseph and Elizabeth Sloan Arnold and was born Feb 17, 1836. He was married Dec 16, 1868 to Miss Frances J Michael, daughter of John Michael, of near Greenland Gap. She survives him with three children, Silas M Arnold; chairman of the Republican County Committee, and Misses May and Annie Arnold, all at home. He had four bothers and one sister, of these only the sister, Mrs Annie Keim, of Salisburg Pa, and Rev Peter Arnold, the youngest brother who lives on an adjoining farm, are living.
The funeral services were conducted at the residence Mon forenoon, the sermon being preached by Rev B W Smith, and the body was buried in the family cemetery on the home farm about one hundred yards from where he was born and where he spent his entire life with the exception of about two years during which time he lived in Illinois.
Notwithstanding, the very inclement weather,a large congregation of friends and relatives, from far and near, were present to pay their respects to the memory of one whom they had loved and honored in life. The pallbearers were: N G Keim, W H Keim, L S Keim, of Elkins; Dr P S Keim, of Elk Garden; J G Wright and R S Stimmel, of Burlington. Mr Karl Kreitzer, a great nephew, of Ellsworth, Ill attended the funeral.
Mr Arnold's life had been a very active one, he went early and late, was one of the most industrious farmers in our county and accumulated valuable property. Indeed, he inured his heath by over work and in the autumn of 1908, because of broken health, he went to Baltimore where an operation was performed in the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and from the effects of that operation he never recovered, though he was able to go about the premises until the day before his death. He abounded in hospitality, it was to him a delight to have his friends in his home. He was a man of good judgement and his advice was frequently sought by his neighbors. Fro six years he was a member of our County Court.


The citizens of Keyser were startled early Tues morning when it was announced that E S Weltner, engineer of the Keyser Electric Light Plant, had taken his life in his own home, corner Piedmont and Mineral Streets, that morning at five thirty o'clock. Mrs Weltner was on the first floor preparing breakfast and when it was ready went to the second floor to call Mr Weltner to the meal; before she reached the top of the stairway, she saw the trail of blood leading to the bathroom where she found the lifeless body of her husband. He had cut his throat with a razor and so deep were the two gashes made that death must have ensued within a very few minutes. He had been talking with his wife on the first floor about ten or fifteen minutes before the lifeless body was found.
Mr Weltner was about 32 years of age. he had been connected with the electric Plant here for several years; was a first class business man and well like. He came her from Logan, Ohio, and his body was taken to that place Thurs, where he will be buried today. His wife, who survives with three small children, is a daughter of Moses Woltz, of Lancaster, O. he was a member of the Knights of the Mystic Chain Modern Woodmen of America, and order of Eagles.
It had been noticed that Mr Weltner had been in a depressed mental condition for some time. One of the babies put out an eye during the holidays and that preyed upon his mind, since then he had been threatened with appendicitis and dreaded an operation which his physician told him that he must undergo shortly. The night before the tragedy he was restless and visited the plant several times. He had a revolver which he handled so suspiciously that one of the men took the shells out when he was not watching. The most profound sympathy is felt for his wife.


Captain Jesse C McNeill, of Mahomet, Illinois died last Sun morning after a lingering illness of heart trouble. He was a famous confederate soldier and at the death of his father, during the war, took command of the McNeill Rangers of Hardy County.


In the Circuit Court of Mineral County, W Va, March Rules 1912.
Jedson D Barnes, Plaintiff
vs In Chancery
Josephine S Barnes, Defendant
The object of this suit is for the plaintiff, Jedson D Barnes, to secure a divorce a vinculo matrimonii from the defendant, Josephine S Barnes, and for general relief. And it appearing from an affidavit filed in the papers of this cause at these Rules that the defendant, Josephine D Barnes, is a non-resident of this State and that she has not been served with process in this suit. Etc....


The Tri-towns at the junction of the George's Creek and the Potomac river believe that there is much strength. In uniting forces, and have joined together for the purpose of organizing a board of trade. The following board of directors has been elected.
Piedmont - Messrs Charles T Neff, Robt. McV Drane, A F Hawkins, H Clay Shaw, Wm T Sigler, H Clay Thrush, F E Rathbun, A Spates Brady, Drs J E Suter, Z T Kalbaugh, T A Cross.
Westernport - Messrs M P Gannon, H P Whitworth, John P Miller, U B McCandlish, Harry F Smith, Jacob W Hughes, John McGuingan, J Grant Dayden, M A Patrick, Geo G Dixon and Dr C E Dellinger.
Luke - Messrs Allan Luke, J T Laughlin, Robt Smith Sr, John Miller and O Tibbetts.


A wide variety of community conditions exist in this district, making the work of administering to the schools rather difficult. The board must look after the schools at Ridgeley, Patterson's Creek and Alaska and provide for the needs of the rural schools. But in spite of the handicaps, much has been accomplished. At Ridgeley is a six room brick building and a good room for the colored school. Patterson's Creek and Alaska both have good two-room buildings - the one at Alaska being easily the best in the county. Most of the rural houses are in good shape -a few will need to be built soon. nearly everywhere the property is well-kept. This always speaks much of the interest of the people in their own particular school.
the members of the Board, now, John Rinehart, Pres, Alaska; Allen Everstine, Pinto Md; J T Vandegrift, Ridgeley with J M Armstrong, Secty, Alaska.
There are 27 teachers. All show a good degree of devotion - some are excellent teachers doing excellent work. Several have done much to improve the appearance of their rooms. they have succeeded in making them real, and pleasing object-lessons of what a teacher may do if she but tries. And certainly they and their boys and girls are well repaid. Twenty of the 27 schools have libraries, ten have flags, Ten teachers have first grade certificates, twelve second grade and five third grade.
The schools and teachers are:
Seymour - Elizabeth Wolf, Keyser.
Knobley - Corma Huffman, Knobley, Palestine.
Horseshoe - Frank Troy, Alaska, Keyser.
Fairview - Archie Hutson, Knobley, Salem.
Short Gap - Augaretta Shore, Pinto Md, Keyser.
Abe - Julia Grace, Pinto Md.
Rocky Gap - Zaida Wagoner, Patterson's Creek, Alaska.
Dohrman - Stella Wagoner, Alaska.
Patterson's Creek (col.) - A L Hardy, Patterson's Creek, Romney.
Turner's Run - Minnie Umstott, Pinto Md, Pinehurst.
Dan's Run - Love Wolf, Wagoner, Cold Stream.
Sulphur Springs - Errah E Noland, Alaska, Davis.
Malone - Sarah Tipton, Alaska, Siebert Md.
Wagoner - Bertie Wolf, Alaska, Cold Stream.
Davis - Audrey Kiser, Alaska.
Sycamore - Lena Bond, Reeses Mill, Keyser.
Venerr - Ruth Bair, Ridgeley, Williamsport Md.
Patterson's Creek - Susie Van Meter, Prin., Patterson's Creek, Alaska; Julia Oliver, Patterson's Creek, Cumberland Md.
Alaska - Wade Lease, Princ., Alaska, Reeses Mill; Etta Dunn, Alaska.
Ridgeley - Loretta Miltenberger, Prin., Cumberland Md; Cora Murray, Cumberland Md; Lillian Wolford, Ridgeley Md; Westernport Md; Nela Lawrence, Ridgeley; Mary High, Cumberland Md; (col) Anne Oram, Cumberland, Md, Washington DC.
Richard W Thrush


Next Fri and Sat March 15th and 16th, the ladies of M E Church, South, will have their bonnet and apron sale in L C McDonald's window. Everybody should see the bonnets on Fri. They are all beautifully made as they were put in the hands of our best designers. Aprons that will please everyone, from the large substantial cook apron to the dainty dress apron.
Then the dear little dust caps that just make you look beautiful.
On Sat the ladies will also have everything good to eat.
Home made candy will be a specialty and there will be lots of it.


While crossing the B&O tracks at East St crossing last Fri afternoon with a two horse team, Mr W H Bobo's wagon was struck by a fast west-bound freight, the rear end of the wagon was demolished. Mr Bobo was thrown out with great force and landed under one of his horses, but fortunately he was not permanently injured, though considerably shaken up and bruised. It was a very narrow escape, Mr Bobo lives on the Md side, opposite Keyser and is an aged gentleman.


In this issue of the Tribune will be seen the formal announcement of Col A R Stallings for the nomination for Judge of the Circuit Court of the 16th judicial circuit, composed of the counties of Grant, Mineral and Tucker, subject to the Republican primary election to be held on the 4th day of June 1912.
Col Stallings is a native of Grant Co, his father was for years a prosperous merchant and prominent business man of Medley. Mr Stallings is now located at Parsons W Va, and practices law in Tucker and adjoining counties. He is a brainy young man and an able lawyer. He was prominently mentioned four years ago for attorney general fro W Va.


A communication from Atty H G Fisher, written from Cuba, states that he and Mrs Fisher are having a great trip. They are expected home within about two weeks.


A very fine imported brown stallion, purchased by Dr J O Lantz, in Indiana, reached Keyser early this morning. He is three years old, and weighed 1800 lbs, just off the car. He is well nigh a perfect specimen.


Squire J E Aronhalt, one of the candidates for the Republican nomination for Sheriff of Mineral County, was in Keyser this week in the interest of his candidacy, he is meeting the leaders of his party in different parts of the county and it is reported that his prospects are bright and his friends are working for him faithfully.


Messrs R P Cessna and H W Schaeffer, of Bedford Pa, have bought of Mr Wertheimer the fixtures etc of the Empress Picture Show business carried on in the I H Bane building on Main St, and will continue to run a first class moving picture show at that place. The new proprietors took charge the first of this week.

On The Level

You should get our Figures on Plastering. We will give them gladly and may save you money. We are prepared to do all grades of work with any brand of patent mortar. Repairing a specialty.
J H Merryman & Bros
Keyser W Va Phone 34F


is our high grade Grain, Feed Hay and Flour. You can't bat it for quality and excellence anywhere, and our prices are as low as the rest. It has the nutriment that will give stamina and backbone for either work or speed.
E M STOTTLEMYER, 32 N Mineral St, Keyser W Va


Having decided to changed my occupation, I will offer for sale at public auction at my residence on Patterson's Creek turnpike, midway between Burlington and Headsville, Thursday, March 28, 1912............George C Bailey, Burlington WV.


This is to give notice to all persons that I will not be responsible for any bills made, debts contracted by my wife Caroline R Leatherman.
Signed A T Leatherman
Feb 19, 1912