NOVEMBER 8, 1912


  Married Tues evening in Thomas, Herbert Edeburn and Miss Dottie Stemple, the Rev J C Strader, of this place, officiating.
  Born to Mr and Mrs Jos Kline, Wed, an eight pound daughter.
  Born to Mr and Mrs Sheridan Ours, Wed, a son.
  Mrs Anna J Teter, wife of Ruben Teter, died at her home in Canaan Valley, Mon, aged 49 years. The funeral was held Wed, the Rev J C Strader officiating. The deceased has been in bad health for the last ten years. - News of 1st.


  Review (Romney) of 30th
  M E Ailes, of Washington spent Sun in town.
  Miss Maggie Sheetz, of Keyser, is visiting Mrs E V Parker.
  Miss Janet Welton of Moorefield, is the guest of Miss Laura Gilkeson.
  Mrs G A Gibbons returned home Tues from a visit to relatives in Va.
  Miss Eugenia Hobbs, of Howard Co, Md, is the guest of Miss Alma Pancake.
  Mrs Alice Keller has been visiting relatives at Rawlings and Cumberland the past two weeks.
  A J Thompson was called to Greenbrier county last week by the illness and death of his mother.
  Jas Emmons, of Philadelphia, accompanied by Miss Helen Alkire of Keyser, spent last Sat here.
  Mr and Mrs A B C Whitacre, of Hamilton Va, returned to their home Mon, making the trip in a buggy.
  Thos Keller and wife of Washington DC, have been spending several days at Mr Keller's old home.
  Mrs Lucinda Golliday and sister, Miss Ada Lupton, left last Thurs for Dayton Ohio, to make their future home.
  Misses Elizabeth Hobbs, of Howard Co, Md, and Maud Hodgson, of Cumberland are guests of Mr and Mrs C H Inskeep.
  Marion, the little daughter of W B Cornwell, who was operated on for appendicitis at the Allegany Hospital, Cumberland has so far recovered as to be brought to her home here Sun.
  Mrs H H Chidester, of Baltimore, formerly of this place, is spending this week with family of C D Seaton. Mrs Chidester has been spending the summer with her daughter, Mrs S W Langfitt, at West Union, and is on her way home.
  William Wills died at the home of his daughter, Mrs Susie Largent at Glebe, Hampshire Co, on Fri, Oct 25, 1912, owing to a complication of diseases due to old age. Uncle Billie, as he was familiarly known, will be greatly missed by many of the older residents of Hampshire co. Mr Wills had reached the age of 75 years.
  Mrs George Cheshire, of Belington, is visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs Edith Shannon.
  Misses Nannie Kuykendall and Katie Sims, of Keyser, were guests last week of Mrs Charles Blue.
  Mrs Tom Long and little son, Garrett, paid a visit to Mrs Long's mother, Mrs W F Taylor, a few days last week.
  Miss Susan Arnold, of "Horse Shoe Farm" has as her guests Misses Maud Hodgson of Cumberland, and Elizabeth Hobbs of Howard Co, Md.
  Sam Mathews left today for his home in Wheeling, and is spending two weeks at Fern Dale.
  Rev Mr Gibbons of Romney was a welcome member of the congregation of the Meth Church last Sun.
  Miss Maggie Guthrie spent several days with the Mrs Hodgson last week and attended the Seymour-Peddicord wedding at Seymour, W Va. Fri night.
  Joe Sparks, who has been in Springfield, the past two weeks as N B Guthrie's secretary, returned to school at Keyser Mon.
  Campbell Blue, son of Mr and Mrs James H Blue, was married Tues morning to Mrs Eliza Hogue, of Wheeling.
  Miss Katherine French spent the week end at Three Churches the guest of Miss Guthrie Thompson.
  Miss Mary Taylor, of "The Maples" arrived in town Sun and opened the primary department of the public school Mon.
  Mrs D Rehath's friends are glad to see she is able to be around among them again after a prolonged illness.
  Clifton, the little son of Mr and Mrs Wood Parsons, who was so badly burned about the chest and arms a short while ago, has recovered.

  Review (Romney) of 6th
  Irvin Welton, of Frankfort, spent a couple of days in town last week.
  Mr and Mrs Paul Keller and son, Washington, are guests of Mrs Lou Keller.
  Mrs Sallie Brady is visiting Mr and Mrs Eugene E Ailes in Washington DC.
  Miss Ada Kenny, of Piedmont, has been spending several days with the family of G W Parsons.
  N B Guthrie of Springfield, was in town last Wed for the first time since his return from Davis. His health has greatly improved.
  County Road Surveyor, C J Nixon, who was very seriously injured in a runaway a few days ago and whose life was despaired of at first, is so far recovered that he is expected to be out in a few days.
  Mrs Elizabeth Poling, aged 70 years, died Fri afternoon at her home in the Hinkle Addition, Elkins, W Va, of paralysis. Mrs Poling was paralyzed last March. She is survived by Mr Poling and five children.
  A marriage license was issued in Cumberland Mon to Gilbert Dailey Starnes and Ada Pearl Polard, both of Romney.
  Mrs Gertrude Barnes, wife of Albert Barnes, died at her home on Jersey Mt, Wed night, after a protracted illness from consumption, aged about 35 years.


  Moorefield Examiner of 31st
  Miss Kittie Heiskell spent several days in Cumberland this week.
  Mrs Harry Parsons died this week in Baltimore. She was a resident of Winchester.
  Mrs Dave Wilson and Miss Maude Wilson visited in Romney a few days last week.
  Miss Mathias and brother Herd, visited relatives in Harrisonburg, the past week.
  W H Smith, of Cedarville, Ohio, spent a few days here the past week with friends.
  Miss Birdie Smith, who has been visiting home folks, left this morning for Clarksburg.
  Mrs R G VanNewkirk and Mrs H C Baker, went to Cumberland yesterday on a shopping trip.
  Mrs Jno W Gilkeson, who attended Synod in Richmond, returned to her home here last week.
  Mrs H McS Gamble has been quite sick the past week, but we are glad to say is now improving.
  Dr H McS Gamble went to Cumberland Wed on professional business.
  Miss Janet Welton left this week for a short visit to Miss Laura Gilkeson, at Romney.
  Misses Willie and Nannie Belle Gilkeson spent a day or so in Cumberland this week.
  Clerk C B Welton, who has been quite sick the past week, we are glad to say is improving.
  Miss Sallie Chambers left today for Martinsburg, where she will make her home in the family of S W Walker.
  Mr and Mrs F C Welton and Miss Mary Sprigg, of Cumberland, drove up and spent a few hours here last Fri.
  G P Grady, of Lost River, sent us this week a bunch of second crop blackberries. Though a little late they look good.
  Mrs Julia Gilkeson and son Vance spent a few days in Washington the past week. The latter was having his eyes treated.
  Mrs Evelyn Cunningham and daughter, Francis, who visited here last week, left Sat morning for their home at Flintstone.
  An infant child of Mr and Mrs Fultz of near Fisher, died Tues and was taken to Romney yesterday for interment.
  Brounley Bowen, who spent a few days here last week, left Sat for Detroit, Michigan, from which point he will make a trip to the Southwest for the D M Ferry Co.
  T A Wilson and G H W received 2000 black bass from the government hatchery, in Illinois, last week, which they put in the South Fork, about nine miles above town.
  Scott Sions, son of P F Sions, was married in Baltimore last week to Miss Montgomery, and arrived here Mon evening. Mr Sions has been in delicate health the past year and was nursed by Miss Montgomery. We are glad to say he is improving nicely, and we extend our congratulations.
  Mrs Annie Stubblefied, of Cumberland, came up yesterday on a short visit to relatives here.
  Robt Baldwin and Miss Bernice Pope, both of this community, were married last evening by Rev J D Saville.
  Mr and Mrs Ed S Cunningham, who has been visiting here for some time, left this morning for their home at Mansfield Ill.
  G W Wickman, who has been quite sick for some time, died at his home near Glebe, this week. The remains were taken to Wheeling for interment.
  A message was received here yesterday stating that Julian Gilkeson, who just underwent an operations for appendicitis, was quite wick with typhoid fever. Mrs Gilkeson went to Richmond from Washington.


  Oakland, Nov 3
  Henry Felty has purchased the right to cut the timber on the Savage farm which joins the lands of the Mt Lake Park Association on the north, and will place on the farm a saw mill and cut the timber into lumber ties, mining props an cord wood. He has a number of men at work in the woods. The cord wood will be shipped to Va ports.
  Edward Helbig of Oakland, purchased a large tract of timber land in Hampshire co, W Va. With his wife, he has moved to the land and will install a saw mill and cut timber into lumber and place it on the market at an early date.
  Mr Thomas Cornwall and family who lived at Mt Lake Park for years, but who spent the past two years in Montana, have returned east. They will spend the winter in Elkins W Va, with their daughter and in the spring will return to the Park and rebuild their home which was destroyed by fire last Sept.
  Milton Miller of Grantsville, Harvey Miller and P S Davis of Springs Pa, and Prof J A Beahan of Salisbury Pa, will be quartette to furnish the music for the Garrett co teacher's institute at New Germany Nov 16.


  November 9, 1912
  George Duckworth has rented a house of Mr J E Long and moved his family here form Cumberland Md.
  Born to Mr and Mrs J M Grimes Sat night, a son.
  The following people of Cumberland were visitors at the home of Mr and Mrs J H Smith this week: Mrs Edd Young and daughter, Elizabeth, Mr Robert Riddler, Mr and Mrs William Starr and son, and Misses Susie and Nellie Robinson.
  Mr and Mrs Howard Culp, and Miss Mildred Culp are visiting their father, Mr Dennis Culp.
  Mr and Mrs John H Rhodes have moved into the house recently vacated by Mr J E Malone.
  Mr Floyd Dowden of Alaska, is visiting his uncle, Mr George Logsman.
  Mr and Mrs H F Ash have returned from Ridgeley, W Va, where they have been visiting their daughter, Mrs Emory Runion.
  Misses Bernice Long and Jack Smith are spending the week-end with Miss Mary Largent, of Paw Paw W Va.
  Mrs M H Duckworth spent several days with Mr and Mrs Charles Snyder, who have been tenants on her farm near the Furnace, several years.


  Oct 28 - A little child of Mr and Mrs Robt L Eye died last Thurs at their home on Friends Run.
  Ruth, the youngest child of Chas Moyers, has pneumonia.
  Misses Mary Welton, of Petersburg and Sarah Woodson of Harrisonburg, are visiting Mrs W B Anderson.
  Dr and Mrs Osceola Dyer and daughter, Miss Dolly, spent several days in Harrisonburg last week.
  Miss Josie Stephenson of Monterey, is visiting at Mrs M S Hodges.
  Hon John McCoy is suffering from a carbuncle on his face.
  Mrs Cam Thompson, of Dayton Va, is visiting her parents Mr and Mrs J S Pennybacker.
  Glenn Moomau, who has spent a good part of the summer conducting farmers' institutes in different parts of the state, has returned home for the winter.


  Piedmont W Va, Nov 5
  the Morgan building near the B&O crossing is receiving a new coat of paint. Mr Edward O'Gorman has the contract.
  Mr Louis L Littman, district supreme organizer of the Independence Order of Heptasophs of Louisville Ky, was in town last week, soliciting new members for Piedmont Conclave No 413.
  Married, at Tunnelton, W Va, Sat, Oct 26, Mr James William Cheshire and Miss Carrie Blanche Herndon, by Rev Harry V Wheeler, of St John's M E church South, Piedmont. The following persons of the Tri-Towns attended the wedding: Mr and Mrs E J Chesshire, Mr and Mrs J G Schramm and Mrs Estelle White.
  Mrs Katherine Wilburn died at her home in Westernport, Wed morning, Oct 30. The funeral took place Fri afternoon last.
  Born on Sun, Oct 27, to Mr and Mrs Elmer Michael, of Westernport - a son.
  J Elkins Goshorn, who has been ill for some time with typhoid, is getting along nicely.
  Mrs Annie Gilbert, of Dobbin, W Va, is spending a few days here visiting relatives and friends.
  Mr Allan Luke, who has been in Europe for the past five weeks in company with his father, Mr John G Luke of New York, is expected home this week.
  Mrs Allan Luke, Mrs D T Graham, Mr Frank Dixon and Mr John Hannon returned home Tues form Covington VA in the Luke automobile. While away they had a slight accident with the automobile, and Mrs Rocke, mother of Mrs Luke, was slightly injured.


  Nov 4
  We are having a few days quite cool now, but not disagreeably so.
  The funeral of the late Mrs J W Roderick, preached at Rehoboth church, by Rev L C Messick, last Sun, was largely attended, several from a distance being present, amongst whom was quite a crowd from Blaine.
  Spencer Whitehair, of the firm of Joshua Whitehair & sons, was here last week gathering up the last car of lambs that was to go out from here this season. He shipped them Sat evening.
  The writer spent some time in Elk Garden last week calling upon friends of the days of yore. Amongst many others we met our good friend, C L Bane, late Editor of the Tribune, whom we found the same genial "Charley" that we knew twenty years ago, but there is much more "Charley" now than there was then. We also met his venerable father, Geo Bane of Sulphur. Nothwithstanding his advanced age - near 88 years - he is hale and hearty and for exercise he drives, all alone, to Elk Garden nearly every day that the weather is good. Mr Bane is the only man now living who is associated with our earliest recollections of Sheetz's Mills, now Headsville, and the Staggs Run country.
  The coal business all along the line is on the boom. The mines along Abrams Creek or advertising for more men. The Ajack Coal Co, have bought the Upper Potomac mines at Hubbard and have a large force of men at work cleaning up and making outside repair, preparatory to running coal. The mines at Schell is being cleaned up for work and they are now running coal at the old mine at Wallman; this mine has not been worked for several years. Some of the saw mills about here have nearly suspended operations, not that the lumber trade is falling off, but they want men at from $1.25 to $1.50 per day - whilst other concerns are paying $2.00.
  Mrs Stella Shillingburg, of Gormania, has rented her property and is selling off her personal effects. She will move in with her brother, Gabe Kitzmiller.
  Uncle John.


  Daniel Allen, of Alaska, was in town last Sat.
  Dr Clay Leps, of Fairmont, was home for the election.
  Miss Margaret Dorsey, of Cumberland, spent Sat here.
  Mr John Rinehart of near Alaska, was in town last Sat on business.
  Fred Offutt and Capt Woodward, of Washington, came up to the election.
  Mrs Russell, of Fairmont, is spending a while at the home of her son, A E Russell.
  Mrs J H Dye returned home first of last week from her visit to Grafton and Elkins.
  Mr and Mrs Owen Dorsey spent Sat and Sun with relatives in Cumberland.
  Mr and Mrs J G Campbell, of Baltimore, were guests at Will Greenholt's last Fri.
  Mrs Nannie McCoole went to Elkins last Sat to spend a while with Mrs John B Wilt.
  Miss Ora Lyly Kimmell, of Grafton, has been a guest at the home of Mr F L Kimmell the past week.
  John MacDonald, a student at Washington & Lee University, at Lexington Va, was home for the election.
  Mrs J B Criser returned home latter part of last week from her visit to her daughter in Washington.
  Prof Fred Koelz and Stottle Steorts, of the University, Morgantown, came home Mon for the election.
  Mr Conrad Fisher, who spent the past few months with his daughter, at Narrows Va, came home last Fri night.
  Mrs W W Hennen of Deer Park, was the guest of Mrs W A McGinnis a few days this week. -Terra Alta Republican.
  Andrew Woolf, a student at the University of Va, Charlottesville, Va, was home for the election to cast his first vote.
  D R Shull of Keyser, was registered at the Randolph today.
  C W Krise of Keyser, is calling on his customers in the city. -Elkins Inter Mt of 4th.
  Mrs Patsie Shaw and daughter, Miss Margaret, returned to their home at Bellfonte Pa, last Sat after a pleasant visit to relatives here.
  Miss Louise Steorts, accompanied by her aunt of Brunswick, went to Baltimore Sat to see her mother, who is in the Johns Hopkins Hospital.
  Mr G H Reynolds assumed the position of assistant cashier of the First National Bank yesterday, filling the position made vacant by the resignation of T D Leps.
  J Clarence Faw, professor in the commercial dept in the College at Friendsville, Md, spent Sat evening here on his way to his home at Douglas to cast his first vote.
  Miss Jessie Rauth Reed, of Altoona Pa, who has been visiting relatives in Mineral and Grant counties, the past two months, returned to Cumberland Tues for a week's visit before going home.
  Mrs Earl H Smith and little son Herndon, of Piedmont, who spent a few days here with relatives, left last Sun for Manheim to spend a few days with Mrs Louis Millholland before returning home.
  Vernon McNemar, a law student at the Morgantown University, passed through here last Sat on his way to Lahmansville to cast his vote, because they need all of them in Grant co.
  Mrs George McCarty and daughter Virginia, arrived Tues on a visit to the former's parents, Mr and MRS Robert Carskadon, and other relatives and friends. They will probably leave for home tomorrow.
  Misses Grace and Edith Pickett left last night for the west, where they will spend several months. The former goes to Wichita Kansas, the latter will spend the winter with her sister, Miss Mildred Pickett, at Phoenix, Ariz. Enroute to their destinations the Misses Pickett will visit friends for a short time at Parkersburg, St Louis, Kansas City and other places. -Fairmont Times of 8th.
  Mrs Jas Davis is ill at her home on Orchard St.
  Miss Ada Gillum returned Tues from a visit to Baltimore.
  Mr and Mrs W H Riley returned Mon from a visit to Wheeling.
  Jas Moody of Washington, was her Tues. He had been to Piedmont to vote.
  Mrs Sadie Fairall, of Altoona, is spending a few days here with relatives and friends.
  Chas Berry of Baltimore, spent a few days here first of the week with relatives.
  Josh Gillum came up from Cumberland Tues to cast his vote for the next President.
  Miss Edith Head returned Wed from a visit to Mrs Dr A G Livengood at Elk Lick Pa.
  Mrs Bertie Frey returned home last Sat night from an extended visit to relatives at Pittsburg.
  Mrs Lulu West has gone to the Old Fields, where she will teach school this winter, beginning next Mon.
  Mrs Ed Hall and Mrs George Hast of Cumberland, spent Sat and Sun here with relatives and friends.
  Miss Edna Bryden of Bloomington Md, was the guest of Miss Frances Sayers, on Thurs and Fri.
  Miss Bessie Wilson of Moorefield, has been spending the past week here with her cousin, Mrs D H Huffman.
  Capt J B Compton, of Baltimore, spent a few days here as the guest of Capt J B Criser first of the week.
  Mrs Carrie Kight, who has been ill for some time, was taken to the Hoffman Hospital Tues for treatment.
  Mrs Mary Nethken and daughter, Mrs Johnson, of Lanesville, spent a day here the latter part of last week with friends.
  Miss Elizabeth Hoffman left Wed for Richmond Va, to attend a house party to be given by Miss Edna Peck.
  Mrs Crawford, who has been the guest of her son Elmer Crawford, and family, returned to her home in Terra Alta on Mon.
  Mr W T Martin, of Chicago, Junction Ohio, was her Wed on his way home. He had been on a short visit to his old home at Martin.
  Mr and Mrs C W Akers, of South Keyser, returned home last Sat night from a visit to their daughter, Mrs C R Owens, at Shepherdstown.
  Mr and Mrs George Rees, of Washington, came up last Fri to pay a little visit to relatives, and for Mr Rees to register his vote for the next president. They returned home Tues.
  Mrs Leah Sincell, of Oakland, spent from Sat to Mon here at the home of her son John T Sincell, leaving for Lonaconing to visit her daughter, Mrs Durst.
  J N Martin, who has been working at Chicago Junction for a short while, came home to the election and is spending a few days with his family before going back.
  Mrs Laura Rice, who spent some time with friends at Newmarket Va, returned home on Thurs of last week with her daughter, Miss Maud, who had been on a visit there.
  Miss Serapta Bane and Mrs Zack Arnold of Ellsworth Ill, came in US and went over to visit relatives near Burlington. Miss Bane is daughter of the late Samuel Bane.
  Mr and Mrs Ernest Schoppert and baby of Ridgeley, spent last Sun here with relatives. Mr Schoppert has accepted a position as night agent at the B&O passenger depot and will move here.
  Mrs J H Miers, accompanied by Mrs A M Aronhalt, is visiting her daughter, Mrs H W Miller, and sister-in-law, Mrs W H Plush in Baltimore. They expect to visit in Washington before returning home.
  Mr and Mrs Aaron Welton have returned from a visit to their son Mr James Welton, of Fairmont.
  Mrs Thos Welton of Petersburg, and Mr Walter Welton of Cumberland, are visiting relatives here. -Piedmont Herald 1st.
  Squire J T Doyle was reelected Justice in this district, and D P Osborn was also elected. F G Davis was elected constable.
  Frank Sollers, aged 45 years, of Franklin Mines, this county died yesterday at the Western Md Hospital here. -Cumb News.
  Mrs Isaac Mills is on the sick list this week.
  WS B Coffroth of Elkins, was home Tues to vote.
  Mrs Mary E Caldwell is on the sick list this week.
  Misses Sadie and Lou Paris spent Mon in Cumberland.
  Mrs Taylor Morrison was a visitor to Cumberland yesterday.
  Miss Dora Steiding of Swanton Md, is visiting relatives at McCoole.
  Miss Washington of near Romney, is a guest of Mrs B B Cavitt.
  Ernest Grayson of Antioch, is clerking in the Peoples store at Loch Lynn Md.
  Mrs Thos S Welton of Petersburg, is visiting Mrs E A Burke, of McCoole.
  E P Babb, of Martin, came down Tues evening to get the election returns.
  Mrs Blaine Connell, of Kingwood, has been visiting relatives here the past week.
  Mrs E P Babb and son Vance are visiting the home of her father, Clerk J V Bell.
  Mrs W W Hennen of Deer Park, visited Mrs McGinnis, Terra Alta, last week.
  Miss Alice Ayers of Washington, is visiting her grandparents, Mr and Mrs J B Criser.
  Mrs Wm Byerly of Bridegwater Va, arrived yesterday on a visit to Mrs W E Woolf.
  Mr and Mrs George Keim, of Cumberland, spent Tues here as they guests at Mr M B Wagoner's.
  Mrs H Friend returned to her home at Mt Lake Park, last Sat after a pleasant visit to home folks here.
  Mrs Ed Hall, and Mrs G P Hast, of Cumberland, spent a few days here the past week with friends and relatives.
  J A Glaze and family have returned home to spend the winter. Mr Glaze had a good season with his amusement outfit.
  Mrs Charles Clayton spent from last Fri to Tues with her aunt and uncle, Miss Emma and Mr W C Clayton, returning to Cumberland from here.
  Capt C A Woodward, of Washington, came up to the election and was a guest of D T Greenwade. AT the age of 80 years he takes a great interest in things and has so proud a recollection of Keyser that he wants the old home paper to read.
  Thos D Leps has assumed the position of cashier of the People's Bank, caused by the resignation of W W Woods, who gave up the position Nov 1st. We understand Mr Woods will go into the insurance business.
  Mr Leps is a worthy young man and we congratulate him upon this promotion. We know that he will "make good."




  Hagerstown Md, Nov 3 - Lying in bed, critically ill with typhoid fever, Lewis Aaron Sager, son of former Justice Aaron D Sager, was married last night to Miss Frances Louise Middlekauff at the home of the groom's father, by Rev W L Remsburg of Lutheran Church, Funkstown. Today, the groom's condition was so serious that he was removed to Washington County hospital.
  Cumberland - The Masonic Temple erected by the Masonic Fraternity of Cumberland, which has just been completed, will be dedicated with elaborate ceremonies extending over two days beginning Nov 12, by Grand Master Thomas J Shryock of Baltimore, assisted by Grand Lodge of Md.
  Washington, Nov 3 - Physicians in attendance on Col John S Mosby, ex Confederate soldier, pronounce their patient out of danger. Within a short time, it is expected that Colonel Mosby will be out. His friends are sure that in spite of his 79 years he will regain strength rapidly.
  Oakland - Claude Bent Maxwell of Clarksburg W Va, and Miss Winifred Lantz were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr and MRS John A Lantz, at Aurors (?sic), near Oakland, by Rev W H Berry, of Morgantown.
  Hagerstown - William Holders, of this city, and Fannie Butts of Martinsburg, were married Sat in Baltimore. They left on a bridal tour for New York and Boston.
  John O Lemen, a prominent lawyer of Martinsburg, and widely known in this section of the state, died Thurs evening of pneumonia in the 41st day of age.
  Hagerstown - Miss Kate Cain and Irvin Sherman, both of Winchester Va, were married here Fri by Rev E Kincaid Thomas at the First Baptist parsonage.
  Winchester Va - Beverly Jones, aged 80 years old, died on Mon. He leaves three sons and four daughters. His wife was Miss Rebecca Tidball.
  O W B Reed of Washington DC, came home to vote and spent Mon night with his sister, Mrs J W Leatherman, at "Oak Lawn Farm."
  Oakland Md, Nov 5 - The Oakland Hotel co, of Garrett Co, was incorporated here and will build a fine hotel, with 60 rooms, on the corner of Third and Adler Streets. The incorporators are Truman West, G Semmes Hamill Jr, Henry Laure and DeCoursey E Bolden.
  Mrs Louie Leps entertained a few friends at cards last night in honor of Mrs George McCarty, of Philadelphia.
  F W Davis had four birds in the chicken show at the State fair at Laurel Md this week. W S Secrist nine birds there. We expect both of them to carry off prizes.
  On Fri afternoon a horse belonging to the Home Steam Laundry became frightened on Main street upsetting the wagon and injuring Mr Norvel Glover, who was driving, about the face slightly.



  License to marry were issued at Cumberland as follows:
  Nov 2 - Wm Thos Spiker, of New Germany, Md, and Rosa Arena LeRue of Cumberland.
  Arthur Lee Dolly and Kate Thompson, both of Key, W Va.
  Michael Floyd Perchin of Ellamoia W Va, and Mabel Lucille Brown, of Cassady W Va.


  Clarence E Walker and Lula R Fiddler, two of our colored people, surprised their many friends, while attending the Halloween dance in Piedmont, Oct 31, 1912, when they slipped over to Westernport and were quietly married by Rev William H Stewart. They are living on Lincoln Ave in South Keyser.


  William B Smith and Miss Allie Mae Humston were married Fri by Rev W H Carter, of First Baptist Church at Kentucky Home, the residence of the bride's parents, Doctor and Mrs E A Humston. They will live at Campbellsburg Ky.


  Lying upon a sick bed, suffering from typhoid fever, Dr Robert P Cooke, was married Sat evening to Miss Nellie V Jones of Winchester Va. Only the most intimate friends of the contracting parties were present. Dr Cooke was formerly a surgeon in the navy and after the Spanish-American War he located here.


  Miss Annie Zais, daughter of Mr and Mrs Will Zais, of McCoole, and John Borland of Piedmont, slipped off to Cumberland last Fri, Nov 1st, 1912, and were married. They will make their home in Piedmont.


  Miss Alma Pancake, of near Romney, and Harry Welton of this place, were quietly married at the home of the bride Wed, Oct 30.
 Mrs Welton is an accomplished young lady of many graces of mind and person, who is capable of filling the home she will adorn with happiness.
  The groom is one of our best young men and is considered one of the substantial business men of our community.
  After spending a short time at the home of the groom's parents at Williamsport, they will return to this place, where they will make their home. We join their many friends in extending congratulations. -Moorefield Examiner.


  Miss Eula F Kite and Celden L Kite, both of Grove Hill, VA, were married here by Rev E Kincaid Thomas at the parsonage of the First Baptist Church.

  Miss Ethel L Brown, daughter of Mr and Mrs C M Brown of Charlestown W Va, and John W Huntzberry of Frederick, were married here on Wed by Rev Robert A Boyle at the Presbyterian manse. Mr and Mrs Huntzberry will reside at Frederick.


  George Brooke Crawford and Miss Edith McMahon Price were married here at the rectory of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Rev A B Mitchell officiating.


  Announcement is made of the marriage of H P Pitzer and Miss Maude Mason, of Mannington W Va. Rev O T Anderson, of the Baptist church officiated. Mr Pitzer holds a position with the Homewood Pottery of Mannington.

  Announcement is made of the approaching marriage of Ray Cobun and Miss Hazel Dellinger, of Morgantown, which will take place this month.


  Lacy C Irons and Miss Nita Price, daughter of Martin A Price, formerly of Hancock Md and Berkeley Springs W Va, were married here Wed in the Methodist Church. A number of pre-nuptial functions were given in honor of the bride. The bride is a sister of William L Price, a businessman of Berkeley Springs.


  Nov 2
  Peter W Roller, 65 years old, a former Confederate soldier, of Mt Crawford, and Miss Bessie Marshall, 21 years old, were married Wed. The bride is a daughter of Isaac Marshall.

  Charles F Coffman, manager and treasurer of the Mutual Millin Co, and Miss Flora Long, daughter of Mr and Mrs J W Long, were married Wed by the Rev H H Sherman, of the Methodist Church.



  Mr John Laughlin, an old and respected citizen of Westernport, died Wed night, Oct 30, 1912, aged 86 years. He left seven sons and one daughter, J T and Daniel of Luke; Jas F, John, C E of Westernport; Richard of Columbus Ohio, and Miss Mary Ellen, who resides at home.


  Another son, who kept the Laughlin Hotel, Westernport, died the next morning, Thurs, Oct 31, about 50 years. He leaves six sons and one daughter, his wife having died a few years ago, Ted two deaths coming together make it very sad for the family.
  Both father and son will be buried at the same time, the funeral services taking place at St Peters Catholic church, Sat morning at nine o'clock.


  Miss Nellie Sharp, daughter of Mr Thomas Sharp of Luke, died Sat afternoon, Oct 26, 1912, aged 16 years, of tuberculosis. She leaves father and mother and one sister. -Piedmont Herald of 1st.


  Mrs Sarah Buxton, mother of Mrs E M Stottlemyer, of this town, died Tues morning at Alexander, Va, where she was on a visit. She got a fall last Sun, fracturing her skull. the burial took place Thurs at Marvin church, Plane No 4. Her daughter was with her when the end came. She had spent considerable time here with her daughter, and had many friends among our people who learned of her death with much sorrow.


  Wm S Purgit, one of the oldest citizens of the county, died at his home at Purgittsville Fri last, after a long illness of Bright's disease. For some years following the war he was deputy collector of Internal Revenue for the District, and was postmaster at Purgittsville for nearly a half century, barring a few year. The funeral occurred Sun from the church of Purgittsville, conducted by Revs Neel and Burgess and interment in the family burying ground. -Hampshire Review of 6th.
  The deceased was the father of I P Purgit, one of our well known citizens.


  Mr Patrick Brenan, formerly of Piedmont W Va, and well known to all the older B&O men in his section, is dead in Baltimore. MR Brenan was one of the oldest employees of the B&O railroad and was a veteran in the Civil War. He had been in bad health for several years owing to a complication of diseases and died at Mercy Hospital. Mr Brenan was born in County Roscommon, Ireland, Oct 29, 1839, but when two years old was brought to Westernport by his parents, who settled in that section. He enlisted as a private in the Union army on July 26, 1861, and was made a corporal in recognition of his services.
  At the close of the war, Mr Brenan entered the service of the B&O railroad as an engineer and served in that capacity continuously 45 years. He was retired on March 1, 1909.
  He was twice married. His first wife was Miss Ellen Tierney of Piedmont. His second wife was Miss Catherine L Sharkey of Baltimore. She survives him, with two daughters and two sons. Mr Brenan's sons and his son-in-law are now in the service of the B&O.


  W S Shaffer died on Sat night, aged 32 years. His death was directly caused by a paralytic stroke sustained two weeks ago. He is survived by his widow, his father, W E Shaffer, Hyndman, Pa; two brothers, Roy and Emory Shaffer, Hyndman and three sisters, Mrs Alice Logsdon, Hyndman; Mrs Kirk Kerns, Uniontown Pa and Mrs Chas Deal, Ellerslie Md.

  Henry J McNamee, aged 32 years, timekeeper in the office of the division superintendent, Western Md Railway, died Fri at Allegany Hospital from typhoid fever. He was prominent in the Knights of Columbus.


  Lockjaw brought on by a splinter in his hand caused the death Sat night of Edgar L Zirkle, 55 years old, a merchant, at New Market, Shenandoah county. Recently, Mr Zirkle was fishing in the county, and while handling the fishing pole ran a big splinter into his hand. From this injury, tetanus developed, proving fatal. Mr Zirkle was widely known as a collector of war relics. He is survived by his widow, who was Miss Larrick of Middletown, Frederick Co, and four children, Mrs Irdine Lincoln of Pittsburg; John Larrick and Robert.
  Were two articles on this in this paper
  New Market Va, Nov 5 - Edgar Zirkle, aged 55, a prominent merchant and telephone manager of New Market Va, while fishing ran a splinter in his hand which resulted in lockjaw and death. Mr Zirkle weighed 300 pounds. Many knew him as a famous collector of war relics, which he recently sold for $1,000. His funeral took place today at 10 o'clock from the Lutheran Church of which he was a prominent member.
  While out hunting, Thomas Parker's gun accidentally discharged and shot off two of his toes. He lived on the Capon Road. He was taken to Winchester for treatment.


  Joseph R Munshower, aged 26 years, unmarried was drowned last night in the Antietam creek at Funkstown. His body was recovered at noon today. Munshower spent yesterday at Funkstown and was seen to start for Hagerstown, where he resided. It is thought he lost his way and in crossing the bridge at the Antietam mill fell into the creek. Cries for help were heard and a search was made, but no person could be found. Today the water in the millrace was drawn off and the body was found. His watch had stopped at 12:46 AM.


  Fate has dropped a fell hand upon Thomas Kilroy, miner, and his family, of Meyersdale, according to reports received here. Kilroy's wife died. Then he followed his mother to her grave. When he returned from the second funeral, he found his infant daughter, painfully, perhaps fatally, burned. Kilroy himself was injured badly by a fall down the stairs of his home. Lockjaw is feared.
  Kilroy is about 40 years old. He was employed at the mines around Meyersdale and worked steadily until a short time ago. About 15 years ago, Kilroy was married. Seven children came to him and his wife, Mary. their ages range from 14 to 5 years. When October's chill winds killed the leaves, they wafted death into the Kilroy cottage. Mrs Kilroy sickened and died. The seven children were cared for by Mrs Mary Kilroy, the bereaved Mrs Mary Kilroy, the bereaved man's mother. Again death stalked into the stricken home. The grandmother lay on her bed, one night, never to rise. She was buried last week, not far from the new grave of her daughter-in-law.
  From his mother's funeral, Kilroy went home to find his youngest girl severely burned on the body. As he stood in the cemetery, she had played near the cook stove. Her clothing caught fire. The other children had beaten out the flames in time to save their sister from death.
  Kilroy was distracted. Work was lacking and he hunted for a place to earn bread for his children and himself. He came back, sick, a few nights ago, and two of the children helped him to bed. He arose in the night, wandered to the stairway, and fell down. Moaning, he was picked up by his children and assisted to bed. The he lapsed into unconsciousness. The children, thought, for the greater part of a day, their father was asleep. When evening came and he did not rise as usual, they became alarmed. Word was sent to neighbors, and inquiry revealed that Kilroy was hurt severely.
  His jaws set a day later as if lockjaw had attacked him. A doctor was summoned. He opened Kilroy's mouth, allaying the first fear of tetanus. Kilroy's mind is affected, it is said. he has not been able to tell definitely how his plunge down the stairway occurred.
  Neighbors are caring for Kilroy and his children. Food, fuel, clothing and bedding have been supplied. -Cumb News of 24th.


  Benjamin Corbet, son of the late Frank Corbet, who was a Union veteran, died at his home near here form consumption brought on by breathing air laden with pulverized sand. He had been employed at a sand pulverizing plant, when his health began to fail. He then changed to farming, but the disease had a firm hold.


  William B Timberlake, 82 years old, died Thurs night near White Post, Clarke County. He was married twice, both wives being dead. His second wife was formerly the widow of William Kerfoot and was the mother of the late Mrs William G Conrad, wife of the Montana millionaire banker and copper kind. One son and three daughters by his first marriage survive.


  After an illness of several years, died at the home of her niece, Mrs C J Webb, of 1209 Eighth Avenue last evening at 8 o'clock. She was the widow of the late Alexander Fairall, who preceded her to the grave fourteen years ago last Sat. The deceased was a resident of Swanton Md, until two years ago, when she came to Altoona. She had reached her seventy seventh birthday on the 24th of last May, having been born and raised in what was formerly Allegheny Co, Md, but has since been charged to Garrett Co. Her maiden name was West. She was a member of the Protestant Episcopal church and is survived by a sister, Mrs Sadie Fairall, who resides at the Webb home. Private funeral services will be held at the Webb home and the body will be shipped tomorrow morning to Swanton Md, for burial. Mrs Fairall,during her short residence here made many friends, who will sincerely mourn her death, as her kind and gentle nature won for her the love and esteem of all with whom she came in contact. -Altoona Mirror Nov 4th.
  Mrs W C Kisney went over to Altoona and together with Mrs Sadie Fairall and C J Webb accompanied the remains over. They arrived Tues and the remains were taken to the old home at Swanton, for burial. Judge and Mrs F M Reynolds, Mrs Lula West, Mr Chas Miller, and other relatives and friends from here went up to the funeral. Rev R E L Strider conducted the funeral service.


  (I did not get all of this article copied)
  Thomas Rush, who served in the Third Maryland Infantry of the Army of the Potomac in the civil war died last week at his..


  Charlestown, W Va, Nov 3
  Mrs Virginia Chew Earle, wife of Robert Earle, a well known farmer residing near Charlestown, died Fri night from the result of being attacked by a stray sheep on Tues. Mrs Earle left her home to go to the mail box on the public road, and discovering a stray sheep on the lawn, attempted to drive it out. The sheep turned on her, butted her down and continued to do so until she was unconscious, striking her head each time.
  Mrs Earle was found about fifteen minutes afterwards by her husband, who had gone to the house to warn her about the sheep.
  The deceased was sixty-seven years old and before her marriage was Miss Chew, sister of Col R P Chew, who survives her, together with another brother, J Aldridge Chew, and a sister, Mrs O Norris.


  Richard M Johnson, aged 72 years, died of hemorrhage of the stomach at the Odd Fellows Home, Elkins W Va, Fri night, Nov 1. Mr Johnson was ill but a very short time before he died. He went to Elkins from Wheeling and had been at the home since the first of August. The funeral services were held at the home Mon afternoon. The remains were taken to Wheeling for interment.


  Wed night Ed G Vandiver and Clarence Shank, of Burlington, had a narrow escape from being killed just above Keyser on the Piedmont road. As we got it they were going to Piedmont to sell, driving the horse to a buggy. When they got where the road is narrow, above the tower, they met an auto which was coming at a good rate of speed and was without signal lights. The horse became frightened and started to back the vehicle and in an instant had gone over the side of the road and down a 50 foot precipice landing on top of the wrecked buggy. Vandiver fell from the buggy and was slightly injured, but Shank was carried with it some 30 feet and was badly hurt. The horse was taken from the wreckage very little hurt.


  Cumberland Md, Nov 4 -
  William T Spiker, arrested some time ago at Westernport, was found guilty of the charge of pandering in court here and was sentenced to three years in the penitentiary. Spiker denied the charge. The prosecuting witness was a young girl of about 16 years. She met Spiker at Westernprot, and went with him and a woman she was told was his wife to Johnstown Pa, from which they returned to Westernport. This is the first case of its kind ever tried in Allegany Co.


  Dr W T Highberger, of Maysville, was elected sheriff in Grant Co by 40 majority. He will be first Democratic sheriff Grant Co ever had.


  Remaining unclaiming in the post office at Keyser W Va week ending Nov 7, 1912.
  Miss Lucy Farister, Miss Lula Iser, Mrs A D Murphy, Mrs Florence Smith, Emmitt N Abed?, Ross Lewis, Wm McNabb Jr, T L Shipley, Thos Welton.


  G H Heatherly, a fireman on the Western Md Railway, was struck by a mail crane at Chaffee W Va, while leaning out of the engine yesterday to get a breath of air. Nearly all his teeth were knocked out and he was otherwise injured about the head. He was taken to his home in Ridgeley, where his injuries were dressed by Dr J Kyle Cowherd. -Cumb News of 5th.