FRIDAY, MAY 9, 1913


  Late last night the pin factory of the Twin Mountain Orchard Co at Twin Mountain was burned. The plant with all the machinery and the storage building with about 45,000 locust pins are a total loss. The plant was being operated at a good profit. The origin of the fire cannot be learned.


  At a well attended mass meeting held in South Keyser, Warren Harr was unanimously chosen as candidate to be voted upon for Councilman on May 20th in the nominating primaries. Mr Harr is a surveyor by profession, and is a very substantial citizen.

  The people of that part of the Town make it plain that they want representation on the Town Council.


  Charles Grove, a young man who resides in Piedmont, was brought here at an early hour this morning and was operated on for appendicitis at the Hoffman Hospital.

Nicola Cavala, an Italian track hand employed by the B&O Railroad Co, was brought to the Hospital last night for treatment. He was run over by a train, which broke both legs.


  Atty. H G Fisher has arranged to spend the Mineral county Bar Association vacation on a northern trip. He with Mrs Fisher, will go to Halifax, starting August 12th.


  Mrs Charles Haslacker, died Monday morning at the home of her father, Chas. Hesse near Maysville, Grant county, leaving her husband and two small children. They live until recently in New York where Mr Haslacker was in the wholesale shoe business, but left there on account of Mrs Haslacker's failing health. Mountain Echo.


  Dr. Arza Furbee and H L Arnold have purchased from C J Webb, the property adjourning the Furbee's drug store. The consideration is $3,400. At present, Miss Cora Hughes has a millinery store on the ground floor and occupies the second story for living rooms.

  Grafton W Va

  The pretty 21 year old daughter of George R Miner, of Phillipi, was kidnapped yesterday by a well dresses stranger, and the people of Grafton are on the search for him. The stranger came to the Miner home in Phillipi and asked to have Miner and his young daughter come to Grafton in order that he might lay claim to a fortune which was to be left to them in New York. They came here yesterday. The stranger sidetracked Miner and disappeared with the girl. The girl is dressed in a light waist and dark skirt, with Leghorn hat. The man was dark, showing either Indian or Mexican blood.


  Before from time to time mention was made of a southern trip being made by Mr and Mrs Isaac Mills, Chas Pollock, J B Johnson, and Minton and Prentis Shores. The men are members of the B of L E and went primarily to attend a national meeting of locomotive engineers at Jacksonville Fla. They returned last of the week, but are just now rested so that they can best tell you what they saw and how much they enjoyed the outing of two weeks. The trip was made by Washington thence over the A C railroad until they made connection with the F E C line, the world famous 125 miles of trestle through the Everglades.

  Mrs Mills, who is our informant in these facts, says four days were spent in Cuba, part of which was in Havana. Here they visited Moro Castle, of historic note in the Spanish-American war, the old Catholic church where the body of Christopher Columbus, who discovered America, rested for about 400 years until the war came on in 1898, when the Catholic sister, fearing the sacred bones might be disturbed by some vandal, took them and hid them in a niche in the wall of the edifice. Later they were shipped to Spain.

  The took a 60 mile trip on a Cuban railroad. They saw orange, lemon, coconut, banana, and grapefruit groves, and were given all they would accept. They brought back some fine specimen of grapefruit and coconuts, of the latter growing and ripened nuts. Mrs Mills says the large sugar cane plantations and sugar refining plants were exceedingly interesting. She says the barred windows and doors of all buildings give even the homes the appearance of prisons. The cooking, she says, was everything but palatable. However, all with one accord have praises to give the white people of Cuba for their good treatment.

  Before returning, they visited Miami and Palm Beach, Fla. The latter they say was the finest they saw on their trip or ever, and some of the parties have gone from coast to coast.


  A very liberal reward will be paid to anyone who furnishes information that will lead to the arrest an conviction of the parties who robbed my store on the morning of May 8th.


  The new ice cream plant of A P Brown and Bro is completed all to new finishing touches. The new building is 40 x 70 ft. One half of this, directly connected with the main storeroom, has a board floor to be used as a wareroom. The other section constitutes the ice cream plant, which is so constructed as to make fine sanitary plant.

  The whole has a solid concrete floor, and there is a concrete icehouse with a capacity of 5 tons, and a large concrete storage room for manufactured cream.

  The large power freezer is driven by a 6 horse power gas engine.

  Mr A P Brown, the manager, says they use nothing but the finest grade pure, rich cream sterilized and pasteurized, produced from the rich Blue Grass pasturage at Barneville, Ohio. A sample of the cream as it comes to the plant, we sampled today, was as fine as we ever tasted. Last year A P Brown & Bro put out over 10,000 gallons of ice cream and ices, and, with their improved equipment, they plan to double it this year.


  Arthur Cartwright, a potter who works for the Keyser Pottery Co, is seriously cripples from having two ribs broken by falling down a flight of stairs, a distance from of some 15 feet.


  A few more men have been added to the skilled workers list at the Keyser Pottery Co's plant. This brings the output, up to about 65 bowls per day. This plant has the reputation of turning out a very high grade of sanitary earthenware.

  Dr. L L Edgell, the owner, who gives liberally of his time, when not engaged in his profession, to this plant, says the output of the plant finds a ready market as a good price in competition with the biggest potteries of the world.


  James Cain, of Elkins W Va, was awarded the contract for the Immaculate Conception Church High School building at Clarksburg. The contract price is approximately $75,000. The dimensions of the building are 135 ft and it consists of two stories and a basement, which will contain the gymnasium, by 41ft. The auditorium will be 83 by 41ft, with a big stage. The building will be erected opposite the church.


  Suit for $15,000 damages was instituted in the circuit court in Parkersburg by Simon Brock, proprietor of an ice cream parlor against E O Hiesle, owner of the Parkersburg Bottling Works, by cause of an explosion in Brock in place of a soda drum, which Brock lost a part of his hand and suffered a broken jaw and other injuries.


  Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, the 20th day of May, 1913, a primary election for the nomination of candidates for Mayor and three Councilman of the City of Keyser, will be held at the following places in said city, to wit: The Council Chamber, Skating Rink and the old City Hall of the late Town of South Keyser.

  Candidates for nomination for these offices must be on or before Saturday, May 10th, file with H L Arnold, Recoreder, a statement of such candidacy in substantially the form prescribed in Section 6 Page 7 of the Charter, and such statement must be accompanied by a petition signed by at least ten voters requesting such candidacy. The form of the petition will be found also in section 6 of the Charter. This is the only manner in which candidates can be nominated and finally voted upon at the general election to be held Tuesday, June 3rd, 1913.

  The citizens of the City of Keyser are urged to inform themselves upon this matter and take a special interest in the selection of the candidates to be voted for under the New Charter.

Frank H Babb, Mayor

  We're showing the prettiest line of summer dress goods ever brought to Keyser in voiles, all colors, silks, all shades, and many other kinds. Also, assorted trimmings. D LONG & SON'S.

  J A Glaze, proprietor of the J A Glaze Amusement Co, advises us that on May the 6th, a large and modern new Ferris Wheel, making a full car of Q D stuff was shipped to him from the factory. This, he expects, to arrive any day. However, lest there be some disappointment, he is erecting his last year's Ferris Wheel on the Reynold's lot adjoining the post office Building, facing Davis St. He will have also his famous Merry-Go-Round which will make up an essential part of the amusements in the Keyser Fireman's Fair which opens tomorrow night for a week.

  Mr Glaze has an attraction that proved a big success at numerous big fairs the past several years. He has his own private car, a remodeled, standard day coach. He is giving the people clean amusements, and is making a big success financially of it.


The wife of George Redman, colored, died yesterday at Romney and was buried today at 2 o'clock.

Lemons, oranges, grapefruit, pineapples, rhubarb and apples; also tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, lettuce, radishes, asparagus, all fresh today at Wolford's Grocery.

Mrs J H Markwood and Msr M H Keene went on an auto trip to Cumberland today.

Ira Duckworth, who resides at Cherry Run is here on account of the illness of Mrs Goldie Duckworth at Orchard.

Mas. Frank Towlsley of Philadelphia who has been here a few days will return to her home tonight.

Mr and Mrs Louie Nine arrived here from Baltimore yesterday evening. He will soon have charge of the store during the absence of his brother, R W Nine.

Mr Wm Fazenbaker of South Cumberland is visiting his son here.

Mrs Chas Rice and Mrs Wm Rafter of South Cumberland are visiting their sister Mrs Gaston.

Miss Florence Cheshire of Beaver Run is the guest of her sister, Mrs James Whiteman.

Mrs Howard Hotzman was a Cumberland visitor yesterday.

Mr and Mrs Louis Nine of Baltimore are visiting relatives and friends in our city.

Mrs Chas Owens and baby of Shepherdstown are visiting her parents Mr and Mrs Akers here.

The Epworth League of Grace M E Church, South, topic for Sunday, June 11th, will be Jesus' Doctrine of His Own Person.

The executive committee of the W Va Funeral Director's Association, meeting in Clarksburg, designated June 15, 16, and 17, as the time, and Clarksburg as the place for holding the next annual convention.

The Ladies Mite Society of the Presbyterian Church will serve Ice Cream, Coffee and Cake, in the building recently vacated by the First National Bank, corner Main and Center Streets, Saturday evening from 7 to 10 o'clock.

Take a look at that new style Coal Range at FRYE & SON'S.

Ladreth's Garden Seeds-Irish Cobbler, Burnbank, Hebron, and Early Rose Seed Potatoes, at McDonald's.

Plumbing-Water and Heat done by expert mechanics, Write or Phone for terms and plans. C C Arbogast, Keyser W va.

I M Long is giving 20 percent off Lace Curtains for ten days only. Buy quick, while you have a large line to select from.


  The undersigned executor will on Thursday, May 15th, 1913 at one o'clock sharp, at the late residence of George W Staggs Sr. the home of James Tasker in Cabin Run District, of Mineral county, sell at public auction the personal property of the late George W Staggs Sr consisting of household and kitchen furniture, farming utensils, lumber, wagons, blacksmith tools, and other articles too numerous to mention.

  The sale will begin promptly at 1 o'clock.

  Terms of Sale: On all amounts under $10 cash, on amounts over $10 a credit of 90 days will be given, the purchaser to give his note with approved personal security, bearing interest from date. No property to be removed until the terms of sale are compiled with.

Frank C Reynolds
Executor of George W Staggs Sr
S N Moore, Auctioneer.



JULY 7, 2002