AUGUST 4, 1905

AUG 2, 1905

  Our mail carrier from Falls to Ridgeville and return, desires us to speak a word about the mail boxes along the road. Some are too small, some are too far from the ordinary line of travel, and others again lean toward Junkins, until you cannot see in them or cannot drive close enough TO put the mail in. Many people do not think this is a serious matter, but our carrier's must handle mail at these boxes twice each day for sic days of each week for the next four years in all kinds of weather, hot or cold. Kindly fix up good boxes in appropriate places and put in a few apples, peaches or pears for him occasionally and see him smile. He will then do his best to accommodate you when called on.
  Bucy's engine with bark hauling outfit has made 3 trips over Knobley road and to the writer's personal knowledge in the first four miles above here there was 3 tile outlets and one bridge outlet broken in, and we have only traveled the distance mentioned. The road is in a very bad condition in places, the worst we ever saw it, and getting worse with every rain, and yet we are taxed to maintain it, and find it very hard to travel, besides the tile outlets and small bridges are unsafe and will be as long as Bucy continues to haul their heavy loads with an engine. We respectfully invite the superintendent of our roads to make a trip over it and see its condition.
  Miss Catherine Grayson returned Fri last from a visit to her grandparents, Mr and Mrs W H Clary, at Deer Park Md.
  Mrs B H Grayson and little son of Keyser, are visiting Mrs Florence Grayson.
  Mr A H Rotruck of Martin, was a caller in our village sun evening.


  Mrs Ella Arnold and Miss Ruth of Kansas, who have been visiting here for several weeks, left last Sat to visit Mr and Mrs Miller, near Gortner Md. thence they will go to Accident Md, where Mrs Arnold's brother lives. Thence they will return westward, but will visit R E Arnold's to Ill on their return. Mrs Mary B Arnold also went last Sat to visit her daughter, Mrs Minnie Miller, and will stay a few weeks.
  "Joily Peter" (Peter Baner) is now boarding at Jo. Taylor's.
  G T Leatherman and Albert, of Old Fields, were down Tues for a bunch of good sheep they bought of J W Carskadon.
  Last week Will Biser and Miss Annie Leisure, of Princess Anne, Md, came back to this section. Don't know whether they will go back or not.
  Mon Mrs Julia Whip, accompanied by Arthur Whip, went to Princess Anne, Md. She received news that her son, L J Whip, was sick and they went to see him.
  Mrs Mollie Biser of Keyser, is spending a few weeks over here at A M Carnell's and other places.
  Art Tutwiler and wife of Extract, were over Sat and Sun.
  Several persons from the Run attended the meeting over Sun at Pleasant Dale. It was the closing of two weeks good meeting by Rev D Ronsack, West Minister Md.
  Miss Aya Watkins, of Va, is visiting at W B Leatherman's.
  Prof Justus Cline, of Bridgewater, Va, who made a tour through the western part of the state, came this way enroute for home and stopped for a little Beaver Run hospitality last Sat and then went on to attend the meeting at Pleasant Dale.
  Geo Arnold and wife were down on the Run visiting last Mon.
  Aunt Sallie Leatherman has been sick for a few days. Sol Biser's condition continues about the same, but is better than he was a few months ago.


  July 31, 1905
  The death messenger visited our peaceful community Wed evening, July 29, 1905, and laid his bony fingers upon Mrs Julian Dawson. he was aged 69 years, 8 months and 6 days. Her husband, Jacob Dawson, preceded her to the glory land about five years. The deceased had been confined to her home for a number of years with a complication of diseases. Although she bore her sufferings patiently, only waiting for the summons of the blessed Master to call her home. About 50 years ago, she gave her heart to God and enlisted under the banner of king Emmanuel and ever since has been battling and toiling for the master. She was a loving and faithful companion and a kind and devoted parent, and will be greatly missed in the home circle, as well as by her many friends in the community. She leaves to mourn their loss five sons and four daughters, namely: J J Dawson, of Frost; T H, of 21st; Rev S D of Dawson; G W, J H and Miss Sarah M, who are unmarried and reside at home. Also Mrs Mary R Schell of Cabin Run, Mrs Susie C Johnson of Shaw and Mrs Julia Iser, of Rawlings. Her remains were laid to rest in the Mt Zion cemetery Fri., there to wait the final summons of come ye blessed of my father inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. The services were conducted by her pastor, Rev C P Dyche, who used for the occasion the 40 chapter and 4th verse of Isaiah. The pall bearers were Messrs John Kemphier, H T Daniels, David Martin, Henry and Reese Bailey and (L/I?) L Vanmeter.
Farewell mother, thou has left us
  Sad and lonely here to roam;
But your toils on earth are ended,
  And the Master called you home.

Long and patiently you waited,
  But at last the summons came;
Now your sufferings here are ended,
  And your work on earth is done.

Though we sadly miss you, mother,
  And the parting gave us pain;
  But thou art free from pain and sorrow
  We would not call thee back again.

Thou hast gone to yon bright heaven,
  Far beyond the crystal sea;
No more on earth to meet you, mother,
  But one by one we'll come to thee.

Yes, one by one we'll meet you mother,
  Over on that golden shore;
Free from sickness, pain and sorrow
  Parting there is known no more.

  Miss Dora Hays, of 21st, was visiting friends here Sat and Sun.
  The corn along the river looks very promising and farmers anticipate a good crop.
  Mrs Katie Lease of Rawlings, was the guest of her cousin, Mrs Augusta Mellon, Fri night.
  News of importance being scarce, I will close.


  Ezra? Norman has returned from the Elliott Schools at Wheeling, where he has taken a commercial course.
  Miss Bessie Dean returned last Sat from an extended visit to Terra Alta.
  Mr and Mrs Frank Pugh, and daughter of (Pittsburg?), have been guests of Mr John Pugh the past week.
  A W Reels' merry-go-round was set up for business at the vacant lot opposite D C Arnold's residence last Fri. the children got impatient for the machine to start.
  Mr Reese Nethken made a trip to the ?line the first of the week.
  Mrs Carrie Bane of Burlington, is the guest of friends here this week.
  Dr Simmons, of Hartmonsville,w as in town ? friends. He left the same day for his home in Washington DC. The doctor stands high in his profession and made many friends while in this section.
  Mrs Kreugh Bane, visited her mother, Mrs John A Nethken, at Bayard this week. Mrs Nethken was very sick, but is much better.
  Miss Katie Keegan returned to her home in Meyersdale, Pa, the first of this week, accompanied by ? Miss Florence Middleton.
  Dr Robert Gerstell of Keyser is in town this week. All are pleased to see the genial doctor.
  Mr Clarence B Striker, of mill Creek, Randolph Co, was a pleasant caller the first of the week.
  Services are being held in the M E Church at Nethkenville, Rev Wm Anthony pastor, by Miss Ida Miner, a deaconess, in the M E church. She came here form Mountain Lake Park, is a consecrated woman, and the meetings are full of interest and will, we understand, continue through next week.
  Messrs Frank C Ort and Clarence A Cavenaugh, of Midland, Md, were visiting friends here first of the week.
  Miss Florence Kinkead is making an extended visit to friends at Lonaconing and other points along the Creek.
  Miss Emma Broadwater of Frostburg, is the guest of friends.
  On Thrush evening of last week, J L Biggs, commonly known as Dude? Biggs of No 6 mine, had a thrilling experience. About 5 o'clock, Dude rode on horseback after their cow, and it was supposed that he came to Elk Garden, a mile away, after that. At any rate, about nine o'clock, the alarm was raised that Dude was nowhere to be found. A number of miners secured lights and quickly resolved themselves into a searching party. Following the horse tracks along a road crossing over the mines. Presently, they came to what is known as an "all? hole" where the earth had just fallen in, and both horse and rider were found eighteen or twenty feet below the earth's surface in a living temple. the coal had been mined out from below, and the earth had fallen in except the crust on road, and the weight of the horse broke through. these air hoes at first widen as they go down. It was a trying ordeal for both horse and rider. When night came on the darkness was dense. A pillar, or "stump" of road was being removed below, and adjoining this air hole, and about ten o'clock, fresh earth began to fall as the stump was taken out. This excited the horse and he began running around in the air hole and ran over Dude, ? pain trying to dodge horse hoofs under such circumstances. dirt kept falling in on both of them, and from the pale gleaming of light from above, it revealed a tree leaning over the opening with but few roots holding it from falling in and adding to the confusion. At this exciting, horse-pounding, and nerve straining juncture, voices from above greeted Dude's ears, and never were their cheering tones more welcome. A pole was put down and Dude with difficulty climbed out and pale and trembling was joyfully received by his friends. The horse was not rescued until next morning. Strange to say, neither was hurt, except slightly. Uncle Jake Biggs was away and he says that something always happens when he is away from home.
  Marsden and Nutt Stock Company are having a tent show here this week. He is a very good company and the people have choice of merry-go-round or theatricals.
  Last Sun, Newton Streets, and Miss Allie Metcalf, both of Elk Garden, went to Westernport and came back man and wife. Congratulations.


  Aug 2, 1905
  Mrs Nat Taylor is visiting in Cumberland this week and will attend the campmeeting at the Allegany Grove.
  Mr and Mrs S Urice were visiting at Twigg's peach orchard Sun.
  Mr and Mrs W T Umstot, of Keyser were guests of his sister, Mrs Jacob Urice Fri.
  Seymour Taylor and sister Miss ?Annie were guests of Miss Nannie Umstot Sun.
  Charley Fleek, of Knobley, was the guest of Simon Umstot, Sat night.
  Mr and Mrs Jacob Urice were visiting in Dogtown Sun.
  S P Umstot, took to the picnic at Mill Meadow Sat and spent the night with Wm Stagg's family.
  Mrs Ben Corben spent Tues with her sister, Mrs F J Urice.
  Taylor Martin is still in the horse trading business.
  Mr Harry Thomas was visiting Miss ?Annie Umstot Sun.
  Miss Viola Thomas is spending a few days on Cabin run with Mrs Rogers.
  Mr and Mrs Wm Staggs were visiting his father, Mr Michael Staggs, at Staggs Run, Sun.
  Miss Emma Urice was visiting her sister, Mrs Ben Corben, Sun.
  Miss May Harvey is very poorly with ? fever.


  (From Press of 27th)
  Mr Gordon of Riverside California, is visiting his sister, Mrs Agnes McLaughlin, near here. He came Mon evening and expects to remain some time. They have not seen each other for forty odd years.
  Miss Mary Welton, who has been at Culpepepr, C H , Virginia, for several weeks for her health, returned to her home here, Sat. Her many friends here are glad to know that she greatly improved in health while gone. Her brother, Edgar, met her at Franklin.
  Misses Viola and Neama Marshall of Texas, have gone to Hardy County, where they will spend some time visiting relatives.
  Mrs Stanly Naedele, of New York, is visiting relatives at Medley, also Scott Naedele is home from Richwood on a visit.
  "Mammy" Stewart, colored, is very sick.
  Mr Cain, of Keyser, is here building a cellar for C C Marshall.
  Mrs Benj. Rotruck has been sick.
  J C Michael has just finished roofing the flour mill for Asa Alt.
  Davis Bros, of Midland Md, were here last week on the lookout for a farm.
  Miss Doris Paris, of Keyser, has been visiting Mrs McNemar.
  Two heavy rains last week supplied moisture needed for the growing corn and the fall in temperature to relieve sweltering humanity.
  Rev C W Ball of the M E Church, preached on Sabbath evening to a large congregation. The quarterly conference of said church will be held here on Sat next at 2:30 pm, also in the evening and on Sun following in the morning, there will be the usual services. Presiding Elder will not be present, his place being supplied by Rev w A Koontz, of Keyser.
  The Misses Emilie and Eleanora Vossler have gone to Mt Storm and vicinity, on a visit to friends and former neighbors.
  Mrs Stanley Naedele has gone to visit her father-in-law Ernest Naedele, who lives south of Medley. Quite a serious accident, which might have resulted fatally, threatened her and Mrs E G Vossler on their journey to the last mentioned place. On driving up the hill near the Reel school house, they were met by John Lahman, and idiot, from near Lahmansville, who was going towards Maysville, and who keeping the middle of the road, making an unearthly noise with a mouthharp, came right in front of their horse and so frightened the otherwise very gently animal, that he turned short around, as was about to upset the vehicle, and to run off, when one of the ladies jumped out and succeeded in holding and quieting him.
  Miss Nellie, the youngest daughter of C H Vossler, is the latest addition to our sick list, but is reported improving at last accounts. Her sister, Helen , seems to also be doing well. Mrs C W Patch is improving slowly.


 In and Around About Petersburg
  Aug 1, 1905
  Circuit court convened here Tues.
  The election for incorporating the town passed of Fri and failed by the vote.
  The colored people had preaching Sun at the Knob.
  The ladies of the Presbyterian church will hold a festival on the lawn at the church Wed night.
  Dr Jauy? and wife went to South Fork Sat, returning Mon.
  Messrs Watson and Loy, left Tues for Keyser.
  The boys from Maysville came in Sat and had a game of ball with our boys and got licked.
  Born last Wed to Andy Davis and wife, a fine daughter, and Andy is smiling all over.
  Mr and Mrs Joe Bowman, and daughter, of near Harrisonburg, spent several days here with Mr and Mrs Ed Judy,. they left Mon.
  Harry McNemar? has been employed as principal in the public school here, with Miss Annie? Taylor as assistant.
  The Misses Parks, of our town, gave a dance Sat night at their country home, "Locust Grove" near Seymoursville.
  A festival was held Sat night at Mt Horeb church in the "Ridges".
  Mr and Mrs Ed Plauger returned from Red Creek Sun.
  Mrs Ed Hill, who was quite ill last week is improving.
  Rev ? W Stump and wife left sun for Hardy circuit.
  We are glad to see a move being made by property owners for having the weeds and grass removed from the side walks. It certainly looks much neater and shows that we've a little pride in our town and property, besides giving room to walk without weeds interfering.
  Rev Alkire was in town Tues.
  Roy Davis is home from Franklin, where he had been assisting Keiter with papering and painting the new ?.
  W T Delay left Sun for Baltimore to bring home his daughter, Miss Clara?.
  Dr McCuskey's wife and child, of Moundsville, are spending their vacation at Taylor's hotel.
  Miss Mary Welton returned from her visit to Va, last week, much improved in health.
  Prof J I Martin has accepted the principalship of the school at Romney.
  Rev Holliday returned from district conference Fri.
  Col A R Stallings, of Davis, was in town Tues a while.
  A number of Maysville fair sex attended the ball game her Sat afternoon.


  Hampshire Review of 2nd
  Robert Poling left Mon for Morgantown, where he will enter the University in the fall.
  Mrs Hammond and daughter, Miss Virgie, are visiting friends in Piedmont and Westernport.
  Robert Fisher, the best known colored man in Romney, died at his home here on Friday night, last after a brief illness. He was more than 70 years of age, and was greatly respected. he accumulated considerable property during his life time, being the owner of a couple of houses in town and a small farm nearby. His only son, Charles, died at Simpson about two years ago of smallpox, consequently he leaves no immediate family, aside form one brother and a sister.
  Prof H D Hays has called our attention to a singular coincidence that occurred last Sat when the windstorm blew down a tree at his corner, 65 inches in circumference. The tree was set out according to his record, when it was only an inch in diameter, by "Uncle Robt Fisher" just 23 years to the day before it blew down, and ? yet, "Uncle bob" died in the ? day the tree was destroyed.
  Misses Mazie Clark, Clara and Bertha ?man of Cumberland, and their ? Miss Teresa ?ost of Johstown,. left Tues at noon for Cumberland after a ten days stay at Sycamore Dale.
  E G Eurmett of Hanging Rock, was among our business callers Fri, he was enroute home from Keyser, accompanied by Rev Mr Melvin, of Capon Bridge, they having been attending District conference.


  Wm Baker of near Wardensville, spent several days here last week visiting relatives.
  Thomas Lakin spent from Sat till Mon with Bean Settlement friends.
  Robt Huffman, of Purgittsville, was in town on business Tues.
  Miss Elizabeth Beaty, returned ?day from a visit to relatives in Woodstock.
  Traveling salesman, Jno. Veach, of Purgitsville, was a business visitor here Sat.
  Squire C H cline and Boyd McKeever of Wardensville, were registered at Mullin Hotel Mon.
  Miss Ritter, who has been the guest of her uncle, George Kuhn, for several weeks, returned to her home at Cumberland Sat.
  Frank J Baker, of Pittsburg, spent from Sat till Mon at ?Fruley Hotel.
  Jno. ?ltz returned Sat from a short trip to Maine.
  Mr A E Bergdoll and family of Romney are visiting relatives.
  Messrs Wm Lot and Charles Wise and D F Knee, of Rio, were business visitors here first of the week.
  Harry Hendrickson spent Sun with Purgittsville friends.
  Mrs E M Tucker and daughter of Cumberland, arrived Mon to visit Mr and Mrs C W Paskel.
  Steve Davis, of Elk Garden, was a business caller in town Wed.
  Miss Lulu Fisher left last week on an extended visit to friends at Cumberland and other points.
  J R Miley and son of Wardensville were in town several days last week.
  (Parts of the following are missing)
  Mrs James S West? and ? Mrs Lulu Isenberg who have ? the guests of Mr and Mrs E C? for the past week returned to ? home at Huntingdon, Pa. They ? Judge Dailey of Romney Tues night in town.
  David Wilson and family ? Sun from a visit to ? Harrisonburg.
  Mrs Will Kuykendall is quite ?.
  Miss Nellie Clinedisnt returned to Baltimore Fri after a month ? to her parents here.
  Robt Lobb Jr, of Washington, arrived Tues on a visit to ?.
  Miss Nina Rinker visited ? Bean Settlement from Sat to Mon.
  Mrs Lou Swisher of Rio, and Mrs J T Bowman, of Potomac Tannery, left last week for a visit to Jno.Wilson's at Philippi. They also expect to visit at Elkins before returning home.
  Harry Cunningham fell out of an apple tree last Thurs and broke his arm just above the wrist.
  Mrs S W Grady and two children, of Keyser, came up this week on a visit to relatives.
  Miss Nellie Clinedinst, who spent the past month at her home here, will leave in the morning to resume her position in Baltimore.
  E W Brock of Lost River, was here last week on his way to Blaine, where he goes to spend several months.
  Mr and Mrs Frank Shupp, who visited at the home of R C Price last week, took their departure for home.


  Aug 1, 1905
  Mrs Vause Ellifritz and sister, Miss Blanch Staggs, were guests of Mrs Charles Junkins Sun.
  Mr and Mrs Fred Haggerty were visiting the latter's parents on new Creek last Sun.
  Miss Maggie Yost, of Elk Garden, spent last week with Miss Bessie Yost.
  Mr John Likins, and wife, of New Creek, were visiting at Mr James Knabenshoe's Sun.
  John Kabrick of this place, and Forest Honser of Keyser, spent Sun in Romney.
  Mr E Junkins of Sulphur, was in the Gap last Sat hunting harvest hands.
  Misses Pearl Roberts and Hattie Junkins spent last Sun in Headsville as the guests of Miss Nyna Knabenshoe.
  Frank Davis, spent Sat and Sun with home folks at Burlington.
  A A Rotruck and James Knabenshoe made a flying? trip to Headsville one day last week.


  During the severe storm on Wed of last week, lightning struck a tree on the farm of Jacob Beachy, near Aurora, twelve miles south of Oakland, under which four of Mr Beachy's best milch cows were taking shelter and all four of them were instantly killed.


(Review of 28th)}
  Rev Ray M Rusler will preach at Laurel Hill church next Sun and Sun night.
  Attys M S Hodges and William McCoy returned Sat from a Business trip to Elkins and Horton.
  Mr and Mrs Lloyd Bowers' baby died last Thurs and was buried Fri in Upper Tract.
  Mr and Mrs Otto Cunningham and child, of Mill Creek, Randolph county, passed through town Tues on their way to visit Hon Sol Cuningham of Augusta County.
  Cap Hiner, who returned form Randolph county last week, took sick and is now housed up at the home of his daughter, Mrs Wm Boggs. Mrs Hiner came down to see him.


  (Piedmont Herald, July 28th)
  After a brief illness, Mrs Clara Louise, beloved wife of Mr Rollin R Schaefer, and the only daughter of Mr and Mrs John Daddysman, of Westernport, died at her late home in Westernport, this morning, Fri, July 28, 1905, at about 5 o'clock, aged nineteen years. On the ninth of June last she had been married just two years. She was quite a favorite with all the young people, and the sorrow and pain occasioned by her early death is felt and shared by a host of her friends and acquaintances. Her parents have the heartfelt sympathy of their very large circle of friends, the family being among the early residents about here. The deceased is survived by husband, mother, father and three brothers, Clarence, john and Charles. the funeral will take place form the residence of her parents, Westernport, Sun afternoon about two o'clock.
  We understand that Prof C R Murray, principal of the Davis Free School, has tendered his resignation, to accept a similar position at Will Hamson this state.
  Miss Bertie Hoth?, daughter of Justice Charles Hoth?, and Mr Frank G(r)aney, of this place, were married at the priest's residence, Thurs July 27, 1905 by Rev Father Heath.


  Aug 3, 1905
  Misses Ella and Carrie Fisher, of Keyser, visited friends here several days last week.
  There is much complaint by the citizens of our community against Bucey's outfit ? the roads. The outfit is composed of a heavy traction engine and two large bark wagons, conveying as much as twenty thousand pounds of tan bark at one trip, so we are informed. In pulling the grades with thigh weight, a mark is left which assures all concerned that the outfit is very injurious to the roads and expensive to the taxpayers of the county.
  Mrs Anise Liller left Wed for Thomas, where she will visit her daughter, Mrs A L Helmick, for several weeks
  Mrs Gerrard? Stotler, of Lonaconing, is visiting her father's J W Markwood.
  Mrs Olivia Clause spent several days this week with friends at Lonaconing.
  Rev Wolf preached to quite a large congregation here last Sun.
  Homer Rogers who has been seriously ill with typhoid fever, is much improved.
  Wade Liller if Sulphur, was down visiting home folks last Sun.
  Captain Shea, left Mon fro Wabash coal mines, where he will devote his time and skill in extricating the black diamond.
  We thought a few items from our community might be of some interest to the readers of your valuable paper. The weather is fine just now and the farmers are taking advantage of it be rushing their harvest through. Most of them will get through before camp meeting commences.
  Rev W N Wagner preached a excellent sermon Sun morning in Emmanuel Church. He and wife were on their way home from District conference.
  The ladies contemplate holding a lawn fete under the "big tent" in the church yard on the evening of the 12th, providing another flood doesn't come. Bills will appear later.
  Walter Shea who has been very sick, has sufficiently recovered to be about.
  Mrs H Clause returned Tues from a short visit to Midland and other points.


  Westernport Md, July 31
  Mrs M Brown, a former resident of Westernport, died at her late residence on Washington street, Grafton, agreed 6(?0) years. the deceased was well known here and was highly respected, being noted for her kind and loving disposition. She leaves a husband and five children to mourn their loss, among which is: F B Brown, a conductor on the W Va, C R R. Interment was made in Grafton.
  Mr Eslie Lambert and family left this morning for Bayard, W Va, where they will reside in the future.
  Mr John Iser and family of Peking, this county, passed through here enroute to visit his brother, Isaac of Gerstell , W Va on Sat.


  J W Cook is painting Rees Chapel at New Creek, both inside and outside.
  Born, Mon night, July 31, 1905, to Mr and Mrs Boyd Linthicum, a fine son.
  Quality sells Lacqueret, not display. Call for a book on Lacqueret. H M WELLS
  W W Long is having concrete pavement put down along his property along the Centre Street side.
  In the election last Tues for a member of the school board in the Keyser Independent district, Geo P Warner was re-elected.
  Last Sat, Col T B Davis lost two hay stacks on his Ravenscroft farm above Westernport. Lightning struck them and set them on fire.
  Mr Loren High has bought the Morgan house and lot just back of Willow Ave. It is good Property. Price paid $1,200.
  G A Smith, who has been in blacksmithing and wagon making business at Rees' Tannery for the past five or six years, has moved to Keyser and will continue the business at the old Rine stand on Water St.
  Col Davis had his race horses brought home from the east last week and next week he will send them to Belington and Elkins, where they are entered for the fall races.
  The Vigilant Reel and Hose Co will give an old time dance at Mill Meadow tomorrow night. The Keyser concert Band will be present.
  Mr J E Unger, manager of the C S Curtis Music Store, on Main st, had his opening last Mon night, at which he gave a pianola concert for several hours. A large crowd was present and the music, which was of a high class was much enjoyed. They have a variety of choice instruments, which Mr Unger takes pleasure in showing to all callers.
  Considerate improvement is being made at the electric light plant, which means a vast improvement in its capacity and service. A good-sized addition to the house is being erected by W A Liller, who has the contract. An engine and boiler with about 250 horse power will be installed, also a new dynamo. the improvements contemplated will cost about $9,009.
  the Board of Trustees of the Keyser High School, selected Walter Barnes, A B of Morgantown, as assistant principal to fill the position formerly held by Prof H E Flesher.
  Miss Howard, colored, was selected as teacher for the colored school.
  the secretary of state has issued a charter to the Keyser Provision and Brewing co of Keyser, to erect a brewery and manufacture beer, ale and porter. Capital stock, $200,000. Incorporators: J H Engle, Indeani Pa; J B Denny, Ebensburg Pa; J A Luther, M R Bell, V F Alkire, J ? Bean, W H Griffith and O A Hood of Keyser.
  Brother F W Rose has sold his paper, the Piedmont Herald, to Herbert Montgomery, who has been running a job office here for some time. The transfer took place Aug 1st. We are sorry to lose Bro Rose from the journalistic filed as he is a good editor and a pleasant neighbor, but we welcome Bro Montgomery, and wish him much success. He will move his job office to Piedmont and consolidate it with his paper.
  A Grange was organized at McCoole on the evening of Aug 3rd by Deputy State Master Sweet with the following officers and charter member: *eres, Mrs Mary Zais; Flora, Miers, Kate Lark; Pomona, Mrs M W Trask; Lady Ast Steward, Mrs A W Inskeep; Master, A C Dawson; Overseer, C W Ravenscroft; Lecturer, R S Dayton; Secretary, E B Tucker; Treasurer, Wm Abernathy; Chaplain, Albert Steiding; Gate Keeper, I F Clark; Steward, W A Ravenscroft; Ast Steward, Leonard Dayton; Delegates to County Grange, A C Dawson, I W Inskeep, John Gank, Geo Robison, Mesdames Trask, Zais and Inskeep. Other charter members are A W Clark, E B Baker, Jas I Dayton and Fred Morrison. Any one wishing a grange in their neighborhood should notify Chas T Sweet, Swanton Md.
  The Southern Methodists have about completed the improvements to their church and parsonage. At the church both the auditorium and Sun school room were repainted and frescoed, and a handsome new carpet was put down in the auditorium. At the parsonage a concrete pavement was put down in the front on Mineral St, and along the Fort Avenue side. A concrete walk was built from the street back to the kitchen, new steps were built and the porch steps changed to the east end of the porch. It is a big improvement and something like $1,100 were expended in the work. W A Liller was the contractor.


  Mrs Thomas Jones of Grafton, is visiting relatives here.
  Mrs Will Smith and children are visiting in Cumberland.
  W A Liller was in Baltimore Mon and Tues on business.
  Miss Flossie Clark, of Wallman, was in town on business Sat.
  Miss Maggie Larkin returned home Sun after a pleasant visit east.
  Miss Katie Spicer of south Cumberland, is visiting Keyser relatives.
  Mrs J H Rafter, of South Cumberland, spent yesterday among friends here.
  Mrs W Blamer and daughter returned home Wed evening from their visit.
  Mrs H Shaw and little daughter, have returned to their home at Baltimore Md.
  Mrs Jas W Carskadon, of Headsville, spent last night here with her parents.
  Misses Jennie and Cora Kidwell returned Tues from their visit to Rowlesburg.
  Mrs John McIlwee and little son went to Oakland Wed on a visit to relatives.
  Major Frank Breathed, of Petersburg, was here Wed night on his way east.
  E A Burke and Jas Harris returned Wed night from a short visit to Petersburg.
  Wm Virts and wife returned last Wed on No 1 from their trip to Atlantic City.
  Miss Ruby Brown, of Reeseville, Ohio, arrived Tues morning on a visit to Mr Walter Lowry's.
  Misses Nellie Cather and Mattie Kight spent Sun evening in Piedmont with friends.
  Thos D Leps and Fred Wildeman were among those who left yesterday for Atlantic City.
  Mr H C Stephens left Mon for his home at Boston, leaving his wife here to spend a while.
  Miss Ruth Davis went to Cumberland Sat to see her sister, Mrs Chas Rice, who is sick.
  Mrs Weaver, of Pa, arrived Tues on a visit to her daughter, Mrs Herschel Gurd.
  Mrs John W Keys and son Richard left yesterday morning for Lowell, W Va, on a visit to relatives.
  Ed W McNeill, of Morgantown, was here Tues night on his way to Moorefield to look after business.
  Mr Tom McBride of South Cumberland, was among relatives and his many Keyser friends on Sun.
  Mr and Mrs Earl Carskadon of Pitsburg, arrived Wed night on a visit to the former's parents.
  Miss Fredrica Koelz, of Grafton, who spent a week or two with relatives here, went home last Mon.
  Mrs F M Reynolds, and Mrs L T Carskadon and son, Master Newton, paid Cumberland a visit Wed.
  Mrs E P Babb and little son returned from martin last Sun and are spending a while at Clerk J V Bell's.
  Mrs N J Crooks and Daughter, Miss Lena, left yesterday on a trip to Baltimore, Atlantic City and other places.
  Miss Mary Daugherty, of Terra Alta, spent last night here en route to her home at Franklin, to spend her vacation.
  Mrs Maud Gurd arrived home last Sun from a visit to Baltimore. She will soon return to her mother's home in Pa.
  Arthur Emory, of Parsons, came down yesterday evening to attend the funeral of his mother, who died Wed at Romney.
  The little son of Mr and Mrs Robert Walsh, who has been visiting his aunt, Mrs Caldwell at Bayard, is quite ill with typhoid fever.
  A W Seymour and son Ren from Moorefield, came down Mon and went on to Cumberland and other places on a few days visit.
  Miss Harriet Stalnaker, of Martinsburg, stopped off her Mon to spend a few days with Miss Emily Hall on her way home from Morgantown.
  Mrs Lewis Milholland of Cumberland, who is spending the summer at Swanton, spent a couple of days here first of the week with home folks.
  Mrs Rev Simmons and father, Mr Paxton, of Springfield, spent from Wed to Thurs here at W C Shaffenbaker's and P M Spangler's.
  Mrs Mollie Hank, of Martinsburg, who has been at Mt Lake Park spending some time, came down Wed on a visit to friends and relatives.
  Mrs Geo E Wells, and son George, left yesterday morning for Atlantic City. Her sisters, Misses Minnie and Isabel Linn, joined her in Cumberland.
  Mrs Hattie Emmons returned home last week. We hear that she expects to give up the hotel business here in a short time and move to Philadelphia.
  Mr and Mrs James Carskadon, of Keyser, spent Sun in the city. Mr Mills of Keyser spent yesterday in the city. -Cumb Times of 31st.
  Miss Katie Schaeffer, of Philadelphia, accompanied by her niece, Miss Alice Caskey, arrived yesterday to spend her vacation wit her aunt, Mrs A E Martin.
  Dr M R Bell was called to Harrisville W Va, last Fri by the death of his grandfather Harris. Mon Mrs Bell and daughter went out. They returned Wed.
  J H Mobler and two daughters Misses Margaret and May, left last night on a month's visit to relatives and friends at Garrett, Ind, Dallas, Ill and other places.
  Mrs Julia Whipp, of near Burlington accompanied by her nephew, Arthur Whipp, left here Mon evening for Princess Ann, Md to see her son, Israel, who is right sick.
Miss Maggie Sheetz returned Tues from her trip to Philadelphia, Atlantic City and other places. She expects to go to Romney tod ay or tomorrow for a few days' visit.
  Rev R J Campbell, of Cumberland, spent Wed here as a guest of Miss Emily Hall. Mr Campbell has been transferred from South Cumberland to Frostburg to succeed Rev Mr Haverstick, who resigned.
  Mrs Fred Sheetz, of Winston NC, who was in the Pastuer Institute at Baltimore for treatment for a dog bit, arrived here Mon on a visit to her sister, Mrs Nannie McCoole, and other relatives and friends.
  Dr Orlando Reynolds arrived home yesterday from Philadelphia, where he as been the past six or seven years. Since his graduation he has been resident physician at the Prot Episcopal Hospital. He has not decided where he will locate, we understand.
  Thomas Delay, of Petersburg and Miss Annie Bane of near Burlington, went to Baltimore last Sun night to bring home Mr Delay's daughter, Miss Clara, who had been in the hospital there for some weeks They returned here with her Mon night and went on home Tues.
  Mr David Long, of the firm Long & Son, was in the eastern cites several days this week replenishing their summer stock and laving in an up to date fall stock of goods.
  (The following have some info missing)
  Sol R Hott, and family, of ?ton were in town Wed.
  Miss Maria Frye spent ? with friends at Swanton ?.
  Mrs Paxton spent Sat with relatives and friends.
  Creek Taylor, wife and chi? Piedmont spent Sun with relatives.
  L F Kern, of Frankfort?, town Tues on business and ? in to see us.
  Mrs Davis Long went to Deer Park last Mon to spent ? the season>
  Miss Annie High went to ? Wed on a visit to ? Mrs Crawford.
  Virgil Gull made a little ?diana the past week. He to? out for Mr Luther.
  Mr and Mrs George Rich? children, Mrs Trexler and ? spent a week with relatives ?ney.
  Miss Alice and Blanch ?, returned home Sat evening ? a pleasant visit to relatives ? in Pa.
  Mrs Gibbs and little son of Horton arrived Mon ? visit to Mrs Fred Long.
  Mrs J H Rafter of South ?land, visited her daughter, ? Harrison, Sat and Sun.
  Miss Cora Hughes spent ?urday to Mon at Some? with her cousin, Douglas Fr?.
  Mr H G Steorts spent from ?day evening until Mon ? wife and children at Terra Alta.
  Miss Elliott Kight returned Sun evening from a pleasant ? to relatives and friends at D?.
  Mr and Mrs F E Hutch? ?turned last Sat from ? to their old home in Mass.
  C N Finnell spent Sun ?sons with his family.
  Mrs Ada Bier, has been ? an absolute divorce from her ? John J Bier. Cumberland ? 2nd.
  Miss Prim Caldwell, left ? morning for two weeks vis? ?tives at Berkeley Springs.
  F H Babb, wife and daughter ?, Miss Helen West spent from ? to Tues at Mr Obed B ? Martin.
  Miss Edith DeGrange, of ?burg, has been spending the ? weeks here as a guest at ? Clerk J V Bell.
  Mr and Mrs Daddysman ? place, attended the funeral ? cousin, Mrs Roland Shaffer, ?ernport Sun.
  Miss Rebecca Porter of ? is the guest this week of ? Mrs harry Frost, Allegheny? Cumb Times of 1st.
  Miss Florence Curtis, of ? who was the guest of the ? Brengle, has returned home. Cumb New of 1st.
  Mrs Solomon Exline has ? to Ridgeley from a visit to her ? Mr and Mrs Emmanuel Ath? ?cock. Cumb New of 2
  Miss Louise Gerstell, wo ? visiting Miss Elizabeth Nix? the past two weeks returned home yesterday. Cumb Times
  John E Offner came home ?urday on a ten days' visit. H? a contractor and builder at ? Va
  Guy Powell has secured ? newsboy on the B&O ? his run will be between ? and Wheeling. He left ? to begin work>
  John Weese and sister, of ?tersburg, came down last ? to see their aged mother, who ? at the home of her daughter ? Isaac Cox, up the Creek.
  Mr L E Morran spent ? in Washington and was ac? home by his sister, Mrs W? and her daughters, Misses ? Ruth, who will spend a whil?
  Rev Mr Ney left Tues ? for Lovettsville Va. He ? one of the attendants at the ? of Rev MR Wade, of we? and Miss Ursula Richards ?nesday evening.
  The many friends of Com? M Brown, U S N who? here, will regret to learn ? confined to the Garfield. ? Washington DC, under ? at that institution.
  Rev Dr Wagner and wife ?lin, who attended conference ? week, remained ? Sunday ? with friends, and then dr? Burlington, where Dr Wagner ?ed at night, leaving for home.
  Mrs Atkins and Mr and ? R Davis,left last week on ? Mr and Mrs Jos Johnson, ? ville, Rappahannock county, ? also expected to pay Luray a ? and Mrs Davis returned Wed.
  Miss Carrie Miller, of ? who spent a while with M? Litter, went home Mon ? joined her sisters, Misses A? and Agnes, who spent few ? Mt Lake Park, and were on ? home.
  In another column, it will ? that Mrs G W Warner ? her entire stock of goods at ? cost. Mr and Mrs Wa? decided to leave us, we are ? state. They expect to move ? field W Va in a few weeks
  Mr E J Taylor of Cent? was here a few hours last ? his way home. He had been ? to the eastern shore of Mary? stopped off on his way back home on Patterson's Creek ?.
  Rev R A White passed ? here Tues on his way to ? City, where he expects to spent two weeks. During his ab? pulpits will be supplied. He ? at Harper's Ferry by Rev A ? of Strasburg, who with a? him. Martinsburg Statesman
  Miss Warden and Miss ? Dowell of Thomas, who have ? Atlantic City, stopped off ? their way home and spent ? the home of Mr and Mrs ? Wright, St Cloud St. ?dred Wright accompanied ? will spend a week in Thomas.
  Dr Ira Stafford recently ? State examination at Mo? and is now a full fledged d/ has located at Terra Alta, ? formed a partnership with Dr ? L Beerbower.
  ICE CREAM - Ella Whitforth is serving ice cream at her home on Piedmont St.
  The concrete curbing put in last week on Armstrong st, was condemned and had to be taken out. The contract was let so W A Liller, who is at work putting it in.
  G A Smiith, at his shop at Rees' Tannery, last week turned out two fine roller bearer stager for Daughtery & Zeilor, of Romney, for use on the Romney and Moorefield line.
  Are you going to paint your house? "Bill" say as you ought to use Pattons' Sun Proof Paint. For sale by F W Davis. Five years written guarantee.
  H M Wells has closed the contract to paint two more dwelling houses at Parsons. He just finished painting John McMackin's house on Mozelle street, and is painting J W Chrisman's house on Piedmont St.
  Strasburg Va, July 31 - Mrs Julia Simmons, wife of William Simmons, died this morning at Edinburg after an illness of 10 days with typhoid fever, aged 25. She was the daughter of J M Ludwig and was married last April.
  The ceremony at the marriage of Miss Beulah A Evans, daughter of former Mayor and Mrs George F Evans, of Martinsburg, and Mr Samuel W Stanley, a special detective in the service of the B&O railroad, was performed on Sat at the parsonage of the Centre Street Methodist Episcopal church , this city, by Rev W W Barnes. Mr and Mrs Stanley will reside in Martinsburg. -Cumb News of 2nd.
  Winchester, Va , July 25 - Lahr Barr, son of Melton Barr and Miss ?Elsie Barr, daughter of John Barr, who are distant relatives left their home at Capon Bridge, Hampshire W Va, with the consent of their parents, this morning, boarded a Cumberland Valley Railroad train here, were married in Hagerstown and returned here by noon. After having a wedding dinner served, they left for Capon Bridge this afternoon.
  During the past two weeks, W C Pifer, the hustling music dealer, has sold instruments to the following persons: Mrs Virginia Reel a Jacob Doil piano; W W Zais, A Belining piano; Norman & Co, Elk Garden, A Beining piano; Mr Hackett, a Standard piano; Jacob Sobraske, an Estey organ; Mr Fenske, a Moller organ; Geo W W*rner, a Moller organ.


  Edward Allen, 11 year old son of J A Graeme Allen, president of the Tygart's River Lumber Co, one of the largest lumber concerns in the State, was drowned at 6 o'clock last night by falling from a boat into Mill Creek, near the Allen home at Mill Creek.
  Dr Robert Ramsey, son of Dr John W Ramsey, accidentally fell out of a second story window of his office in the Lattster building at the corner of Third and Pike Streets, Sun morning about 4 o'clock, and sustained injuries which resulted in his death before assistance could be given him. Dr Ramsey was 34 years of age and the son of the only pioneer physician now here. He served several years with the W Va National Guard.
  Mr James A Mayhew, and family who live near Bedington, had a thrilling experience during the storm that prevailed in many portions of the county, last Wed afternoon. The house which is a solidly built stone one, with a small frame addition, was struck seven times, and each bolt did more or less damage, one igniting the wooden portion of the building, but the flames were extinguished by the aid of the heavy rain before doing much harm. The most terrifying experience was when two bolts, at short intervals, passed through a room in which three members of the family were, each tearing a large hole in the massive walls, and passing out of the windows on the opposite side of the room. Mr Mayhew considers it little short of miraculous that none of the three were killed or even injured, and is deeply thankful for their escape. -Martinsburg Democrat



  John W Baker, one of our energetic and popular young contractors and builders, met with a accident last Tues afternoon. He was on a scaffold at the building which he and his father, Contractor H W Baker are erecting for R G Richardson, seeing about some work, when the scaffold gave way, throwing him to the ground, a distance of at least thirty feet. He fell on his back and after striking the ground was unable to move, although retaining consciousness. His father came near going down with the scaffold also. He was on it and fell, it gave way, but was able to grab hold of a window, which he got into just in time to save himself. As soon as Mr Baker and the hands could get to Johnny they picked him up and finding that he was badly hurt, took him to the Hoffman Hospital. An examination showed that his back was broken and that he was paralyzed from the shoulders down.
  He lingered till about six o'clock Thurs evening, Aug 3, 1905, when he peacefully passed away. He was conscious almost to the last. The deceased was 27 years of age and was the only son of Mr and Mr Henry W Baker. He spent all his life in Keyser and enjoyed the esteem and respect of every one. He was a model young man, a devoted husband, son and brother, a sincere friend and honorable and upright young man in every respect. His sad death is a shock to his loved ones and many friends. He was not a member of any church, but has been deeply concerned for some time about his spiritual condition and doubtless made his peace and election sure before passing to the great beyond. He was a Past chancellor of Olive Branch Lodge, No 25 K of P, and was an honored member of the order at the time of his death being the Master of the Work.
  About two years ago, he united in marriage with Miss Gertrude Taylor, of Purgitsville, who survives him, together with father and mother and two sisters, Mrs Harry L Welch, and Miss Elsie Baker.
  The funeral will take place Sun at two o'clock pm, and will be in charge of the Knights of Pythias. Interment will take place in Queen's Point Cemetery.


HUGHES - Wm H Hughes, died on Sat Evening, July 29, 1905, at his home near Washington C H, Ohio, aged about 65 years. Mr Hughes death was sudden. He had been working that day, ate a hearty supper and sat down in his chair and in a short while was discovered by one of the family to be dead. He leaves a wife and one son. Mr Hughes was born and reared near Lahmansville, Grant Co, W Va, and went to Ohio in 1861, where he has since resided. He was a brother of Mrs Sarah Siever and Mr D K Hughes, of this place, and he and wife paid them a visit just two years ago. The deceased was a member of the old South Branch Riflemen, at Petersburg and was with them in the battle of Rich Mountain at the beginning of the war.


  Mrs Yost McDonald died last Mon, July 31, 1905, of typhoid fever, at her home in Basic City, Va. She leaves a husband and several children. The deceased was formerly of Oakland, but lived here for some years.


  J William Forthman, of Piedmont, W Va, after an illness of three years, died Mon at noon, aged 55 years. For many years he was employed as a painted by the B&O railroad. Mr Forthman never married. He leaves two brothers, Messrs Alfred and Chas Forthman, and two sisters Mrs Laura Johnson of Piedmont and Mrs Emma Sigier of Barton Md. His remains were buried Thurs afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, with services in the First Methodist Episcopal church, Piedmont , Rev W W Davis, the pastor, officiating. The funeral was in charge of Mt Carbon Lodge, A F & A M of which Mr Forthman served several years as worshipful master. He was a strict man, well like by all who knew him.


  The infant daughter of Mr and Mrs Elmer Harris, died Tues night, Aug 1, 1905, at their house on Armstrong St. She had been ill for some weeks The funeral was held Wed, services being conducted by Dr A M Cackley. Interment at Queens Point Cemetery.
  Mrs G N Emory, died on Aug 2, 1905, at her home in Romney, aged 45 years, leaving a husband, and six children, four sons and two daughters. The remains will be interred here today.


  July 31
  Robert M Tennant, aged 5(?3) years, weigh master and clerk for the consolidation Coal Company at Ocean mine No 8, near Midland, fell dead this evening after he had locked his office and turned from the door to depart for his home in Frostburg.


  Mr D M Switzer, died at his private cottage at Rawley Springs, this afternoon after four days' illness of cholera morbus. Mr Switzer was 76 years old and a native of Rockingham county. He was elected Mayor of Harrisonburg in 1890, and served for four successive terms. After a term in the House of Delegates, he was again chosen Mayor and retired in 1900. He was principal owner of Rawley ?, a summer resort 12 miles west of Harrisonburg. H is survived by a widow and four children.


  John Bier and Miss Mildred Duer were united in marriage yesterday evening at 7:30 , Rev Barnes officiating. -Cumb Nes of 3rd
  The groom is well known here, having run a restaurant near the B&O a short time ago. He was granted a divorce from his first wife only a short time before the above mentioned marriage.

  A very pretty wedding took place Wed evening at the home of Mr and Mrs A M Tabler, Mp 18 Seymour St. The contracting parties were Mr Harry McDowell Adams and Miss Clara Vernon Tabler. Rev W Al Melvin officiating. The maid of honor was Miss Catharine Tabler, a sister of the bride, and Mr D W Hoeratter acted as groomsman. After the ceremony, a sumptuous supper was served. The happy pair left yesterday for Alaska, where they will visit friends and relatives. After a brief honeymoon, they will reside in South Cumberland. -Cumb News July 29th

License to wed were granted at Cumberland as follows:

  July 28 -
  Chas Wilbert Cook and Hannah Malinda Propst, both of Franklin W Va.
  Newton Streets and Ella Medran?, both of Elk Garden.
  Aug 1 -
  George William Shepherd, Rawlings, and Mary Stinebaugh, Great Cacapon.
  Alfred McKenzie and Cora Wolford, both of Cumberland.
  Phillip Edward N((ter, Mt Vernon Indiana, and Ma** Williams, Shenandoah Va.
  July 31 -
  Horace Holt Winthers and Virgie Kavanaugh Phillips, both of Buckhannon W Va.
  Aug 2 -
  Boyd Wilson Reed and Maud Taylor, both of Piedmont.
  Frank Nelson and Bertie Mellen, of Riverton W VA.
  Charles Yates Grayson of Cumberland and Katherine Eugenia Kinzer of Front Royal Va.
  Richard Bertholomew Dick of near Shockeville W Va and Hannah Elizabeth Johnson, of Highview Va.


  The Brady Construction Co of Fairmont, has been awarded the contract for the erection of a school building in connection with St Peters Catholic church at Westernport Md. It will be brick with stone trimmings, 100X100 feet, two stories high with basement. It will cost $9,000. Thomas C Kennedy, of Baltimore, was the architect. The top floor will be 90 feet long and will be used as a hall by Catholic societies.
  Keyser people are rejoicing over the good news received there recently that the B&O railroad co would replace the large car repair shops which were destroyed by fire about a month ago. AT the time of the fire the prevailing opinion in Keyser and vicinity was that the shops would be rebuilt at another point, which would be the cause of at least a third of the population leaving for lack of employment. It has been given out on good authority that work on the shops will begin in a short time and before long a bigger and better shop will be ready for occupancy. During the present good weather a large number of men are employed on the outside and cars are rebuilt in the open air. The shops are Keyser's main standby and should ? be taken away the town would lose its chief industry. -Cumb News
  Samuel F Williams, one of the pioneer settlers of Davis, died at Richwood Tues of rheumatism. The remains were brought to Davis yesterday morning and taken to the home of Mrs A O Shaffer where at 4 pm, Rev R McGinin conducted funeral services. Interment was made in Davis cemetery. The burial was made in Davis cemetery. The burial was in charge of the Masonic fraternity, who used their own burial ceremony at the grave. The following children survive: George Williams of Cass; Manse Williams of Richwood; Wm Williams, of Hambleton; Mrs A O Shaffer, of this place.
  Mrs Edith M Moore, wife of Reuben Moore, died at Parsons on the 15th, inst. She was for a number of years a resident of Davis and was a member of the M E Church, South. A father, three brothers a husband and one son survive.
  D B Cessna moved his family to Keyser this week.
  W E Patterson, Democratic committeeman from this county, has just received from Congressman elect Phos B Davis, the gold watch when he promised to give the committee man of the county making the greatest gain. It fell to this county, which made a gain of 876 votes. Following the inscription inside the watch: "Presented to W E Patterson, of Tucker county, for distinguished service to the Democratic party, election of Co Thos B Davis to Congress, June 6, 1905. -Davis News of 27th.


  All persons indebted to Geo D McNeill, dec'd will please come forward at once and settle with the undersigned administrator.

  W H Griffith, Adm of Geo D McNeill, dec'd


  all members of Olive Branch Lodge No 25 K of P are request to meet at the Castle hall at 7:30 pm, Fri, Aug 4, 1905, for the purpose of arranging for the funeral of Brother John W Baker, who died Aug 3rd. W E RINEHART, CC


  At an adjourned term of court, Judge Dailey presiding the following chancery business was transacted:
  D F Graham & c, vs P S Minshall's heirs & c. Order for distribution of money.
  F Guy Davis vs Harry Davis & c. Decree for sale of residence.
  Geo E Leps vs Thomas Adams & c. Report of commissioner continued, and Wm H Urice, John W Rogers and Geo C Arnold appointed commissioners to partition certain lands, & c.
  Minnie Everett, Adm'trix & co, vs Catherine Everett & c. Claim of Keyser Hardware Co, allowed & c.
  Encoh Harlan and Jas H Preston, receivers, vs David Cowan. Agreed that case proceed for the use of Mrs C D Klipstine & c.
  D B Biser vs L E Mastellar; settle and dismissed.
  Keyser Industrial Co vs Sallie B Carskadon & c. Demurrer to full overruled and defendant given 30 days in which to file answer & c.
  Jas P Parr vs W VA Central & P Ry Co. Injunction awarded & c. Court adjourned Fri.


  State of W Va, Mineral County to-wit: In the Circuit court of said County, July Rules, 1905.
  Alice Ridgeway, Plaintiff vs T E Ridgeway, Defendant.
  The general object of this suit is to have the marriage celebrated between the plaintiff and the defendant on the day of - 1888, annulled, declared void, and held for naught, and that the defendant be compelled to support the plaintiff and her children is such manner as the Court may direct...........


  Remaining unclaimed in the Post Office at Keyser W Va, which if not called for by Aug 10, 1905 will be sent to the Dead Letter Office:
  Mrs Moley Boddes, Miss Lucy Chamberlain, Miss Lillie Cane, Mrs Mary Foley, Miss Nellie Harison, Miss Mary Jackson, Mrs Annie King, Mrs Ida Murphy, Miss Lizzy Merry, Miss Maude M Miller, Mrs Jennie Reathe, Mrs Mary Riggleman, Clara Reel, Mary E Steward (2), Miss Bessie Shoemaker, Miss Minnie Shields, Mrs T W Talley, Stella Turner (2), John Durst, Charles Dean, S W Gardner, Ove Gordone, Perry Horn (2), Martin Higgns, Josiah Hughes, John H Leasure, D V Moyle, John B Mitchell, Dennis O'Connel, M V Pingidy, Jacob Ray, Marion Short, Isaac Sleighter, Walter Strosuider, James Swadley, I H Vail, James Mareti, George Turner, Ed Violett, Aaron Washington. T T HUFFMAN, PM


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We guarantee our pianos to be the best. We are offering these pianos at special prices because we are opening up a new territory and will use this method for advertising our goods. We are located in the old drug store room opposite Post Office, where we will be glad to show you our line of goods and entertain you with some pianola music. Yours for Business, E S CURTIS MUSIC STORE, J E UNGER, MANAGER

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 Broken or decayed teeth restored to use and beauty by an improved method as filling or crowning. All operation of painless as science can make them. Teeth made that will fit. Moderate prices. Work guaranteed
  Main Street, over Dr Bell's Office, Opp First Nat'l Bank, Keyser W Va


  1 large lot fronting 50 ft on Piedmont St, and running back 286 ft to an alley; improved with fine fruit and shade trees; the best lot in Keyser, either for a fine hotel or residence; adjoins residence of Mrs N D McCoole.
  2 lots on St Cloud St, 30 X 110 ft; adjoining property of J E Spiker; also improved with fruit and shade trees. Price $500.00 for each lots on St Cloud St. P H NEFFLEN, ELKINS W VA


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Ladies and Gents' Watches, Guards, and Chains, beautiful designs; also Neck Chains, Lockets, Charms, Brooches, Waist Sets, some nice Signets for name.
Ladies' and Gents Shell rings
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  Dr Stehley is home in Keyser every Fri evening from four o'clock until Sun night. His office is on Main St at his residence. Dr Stehley would ask his patients who live in the country to please try and make engagements by writing and letting him know when they will be there so he can be prepared to do their work. Those who will make their engagements first will have the preference. All kinds of dental work done. Teeth with and without plates, gold crowns, porcelain crowns, crown and bridge work a specialty. Best sets of teeth $8.00, teeth extracted without pain 25c, teeth filled with gold, silver and amalgam. Remember the time, from four o'clock Fri evening until Sun night of each week. Office at residence on Main St.



(Photo of Morrison's residence, Piedmont W VA on page)

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