AUGUST 4, 1911


  Miss Vanda Martin of Keyser, who has been visiting here a few weeks, returned home last Sun.
  Miss Hattie Dettinburn is visiting friends in Grant co for a few weeks.
  Surveyor D G Martin is doing some work to Piedmont today.
  Miss Catherine Grayson went to Keyser last Sun to visit her brother, Lawrence a while.
  will Bothwell and family and Dave Bothwell and wife of Piedmont visited L J Mott's last Sun.
  Well we hear the railroad is coming; anyway the surveyors are close so let it come.
  Aug 2
  Mrs Kisiah Walker, who has been visiting here for several weeks, returned to her home at Forman last Sun.
  J M Martin was a business visitor at Forman and Petersburg first of this week.
  Mr and Mrs Tom Markwood, of Blaine, were pleasant callers at D G Martin's one evening recently.
  Mr and Mrs L J Mott were Cumberland visitors one day last week.
  Surveyor D G Martin did some work last week at Bayard for the Rees company.
  Don't forget to vote for the railroad next Mon.


  Uncle Jake Biggs says that he is about the oldest man on the mountain, and he is done haymaking for this year and has a fair crop.
  Mr John Gordon and others are mowing the grass on the Company's land this year, but the crop is very light.
  Mrs Rosa Dean attended the silver wedding of Mr and Mrs Edgar Arnold, near Keyser, last week.
  We forgot to mention last week about the merry-go-round ball game between Elk Garden second nine and Oakmont July 15. The score stood 30-15 in favor of Elk. Batteries for Elk, Carney and Rollman.
  Elk Garden played ball at Blaine last Fri, the score being 5 to 4 in favor of Blaine. The Blaine team played at Elk Garden on Sat last. The game was clean, tight, close, resulting in a score of 2 to 1 in favor of Blaine. Batteries for Elk, Laughney and Clark; for Blaine, Markwood and Moore.
  D C Arnold went to Frankfort district this week to conduct a Sun School Institute.
  Wm Oates and wife and Wm Burke of Gormania, were in town last Sun.
  Jas Norman and family are rusticating in the vicinity of Gormania. Mr Norman is enjoying a much needed rest. He is manager of the three stores of E M Norman & Co.
  At the District Sun School Inst for Elk District, Rev C P Bastian, of Keyser gave a highly enjoyable and interesting talk on "Our Boys" at the evening session. Every parent in town should have heard it.
  They are still huckle-berrying on the Pinnacle, but the big picking is over. It may be a safe estimate that upwards of or perhaps more than three hundred bushels of these berries, were picked and carried or hauled away. Teams came from Deer Park and from a number of towns in a radius of ten and fifteen miles. There were three kinds of early blues. the large gray blue, the dark blue and the silver gray blue. Your correspondent knows something about this phenomenal crop for he spent three days in the hucklebery woods.
  Mrs Susan Montgomery and Miss Esther Bonnafield, of Tunelton and Mrs Clara Bryan, of Philippi are the guest of Mrs Mary Harris this week.
  There was a good attendance of Red Men at the special services in the M E Church, South, last Sun. Mr T H Davis and wife of Keyser, came up in tan auto, and several others came from Keyser and Bloomington, besides the tribes nearer. MR F C Rollman gave an interesting heart talk on the "Real Man". At the close of his sermon he made an appeal to the Red Men for an offering for the Davis Child's Sheloter, an orphanage at Charleston.
  Prof J Walter Ross and family of Wheeling, visited friends and relatives here this week.
  The potato blight has struck every patch of potatoes on the mountain and the crop is materially injured.
  Messrs Earl Haskell and Clyde Riggleman, of Piedmont, drove to Elk Garden last Mon and called on the family of Mr J Z Clark.
  Miss Mary Mason and Mrs W T Dixon returned last Tues from Webster Springs, being much benefited by their two weeks' stay at that famous health resort.
  Rev J F F Gray and wife of Waterford, Va are the guests of Mr R M Dean this week. Rev Gray's health was poor and he was advised to come to the mountains during the hot weather. His health is improving.
  Miss May Michael, of Keyser was in town last Mon.
  Mr Ferd (?sic) Browning began mowing the Company's meadow last Mon.
  Mr Isaac E Oates and wife visited friends at Gormania over Sun.
  Elk played three games with Blaine last Sat and carried away two of them.
  Died July 31, 1911, Joseph Russell, infant son of George and Sarah Dishong, aged 1 month and 20 days. Interment in Nethken Hill cemetery. Funeral sermon by Mr F C Rollman.
  Died July 28, 1911, at Wabash, Freddie, son of Thomas and Bertha Davis, aged 1 year and 28 days. Interment in Nethken Hill cemetery. Funeral sermon by Rev J W Bedford.
  The dry weather is pinching the crops very much.
  Clary Liller of Blaine, was seriously hurt in No 20 mine last Tues. A large rock fell upon him and hurt him about the head and breast.
  Miss Mary White, of Pittsburg, is visiting her cousin, Miss Goldie White, and other friends.


  Mrs Deeter of McNeill, is quite sick with typhoid fever.
  David Miller who lives on Fravel's Run, this county, has been very ill for several weeks.
  P F Sions & sons have about completed the new wareroom which they are erecting to thier store.
  Mrs J M Hawley and daughter, Miss Helen, of Hamilton, Va, arrived here last week and are visiting relatives in this community.
  The new mail route from here to Purgittsville has been let to Mr Leatherman, and it will be started Mon July 24th. It will be a daily mail.
  We understand an ordinance is being prepared and will be presented to Council prohibiting the throwing of peanut shells, etc, and spitting on the pavement. This is a move in the right direction and there are other things which should be incorporated in the ordinance, such as throwing refuse in the streets etc.
  Scott Sions, of Keyser, arrived here yesterday evening for a short visit to his parents.
  P F Sions who has been ill for several weeks, we regret to say does not show much improvement.
  A W Seymour is spending a few days this week in Alleghany.
  Born to Mr and Mrs R S Kuykendall, last week, a daughter.
  Mrs D S Huffman left Tues morning for a short visit to Cumberland.
  Geo Brill and family of Middletown VA, arrived here last Fri and are visiting Mr and Mrs John T Bowman.
  The sale of mules by the Hampshire Orchard Co, held here last Sat was well attended and they sold for very good prices.
  Mrs A A Welton and daughter, Miss Susie, of Williamsport and the Misses Welton of Piedmont spent several days the past week with Misses Carrie and Bettie McMechen.
  W H Barger has been here this week at work on an Industrial write-up of the South Branch Valley. Mr Barger is anxious that the world know who is who in the Valley, and what can be produced in our fertile fields.
  R S Wright of Strasburg and Dr M F Wright of Burlington, were here a short time last Sat.


  Mr E L Haines, of Slanesville, is ? friends here.
  Mr V F Alkire and family of Keyser, called at Mr J P Arnold's one day last week.
  Mr T Smith of Hoy, was here in interest of education Mon.
  Mr W H Kight of Elk Garden, was calling on friends here last Sun.
  Misses Maggie, Blanche, and Mr T B Duling were at Mountain Lake over Sun.
  Mr J H Sollars lost a good horse last Mon. He was only sick a little while.
  Mrs Nannie B Jack of Abrames Creek was visiting relatives at Emoryville last week.
  Mr Tom ward of New Creek,visited friends at Emoryville last Sun. tom likes the beautiful scenery of Alleghany.
  Mr E A Ludwick was so unfortunate as to cut his arm with a scythe a few days ago.
  Mr J E Ludwick is closing out his store. We hear that he contemplates going into business in a new field.
  Mr Howard Evans is whistling on both sides of his mouth. Its a big boy.
  Mr Henry Kitzmiller was going along the road the other morning and he was surprised to hear a bell in the air. who can imagine his surprise when he saw the long talked of "Belled Buzzard" flying over his head.
  Henry says the bell is right large and is around the Buzzard's neck. Now this is no snake story but the plain truth.
  quite a number of young ladies and gentlemen from Sulphur attended church at Blake Chapel Sun night. come again.
  Mr J P Arnold is at Keyser as Grand Juror.
  Our Pastor, Dr J W Bedford, is very sick at his home in Parsons.
  Commissioner J W Idleman paid our village a hasty visit last week.
  Mr H C Homan of Ridgeville, was out at his mountain farm last Fri.
  Mr Andrew Woolf and mother of Keyser, were at Mr J P Arnold's for supper last Sat.
  Mine Supt, Mr Robert Grant made a business visit past here Tues.
  Mrs Maggie Clemsen, of St Louis Mo, is the guest of her niece, Mrs J P Arnold. She is in bad health, and thought the pure air of the Alleghany would do her good>
  Peddler Gabe is making his monthly visit, after being reported dead and buried.
  Quite a number of culverts on the roads were broken by a traction engine last week and the road Supervisor ought to look after them.
  News just reached here by phone of the death of Mr J H Shobe, of Keyser yesterday.
  Last Sun was children's Day at the Kolb School House near Sand Spring. Quite a large crowd was present and a pleasant day was spent by all present. There is quite a large and interesting Sunday School there, conducted by Edwin Burgess Jr.
  There will be an All day meeting at the Blake Chapel, Hartmonsville, by Dr J W Bedford, next Sun, Aug 6. The public is invited.
  If the loose rocks were thrown off the roads which have been recently worked would be a great pleasure to those who travel.
  The stork visited the home of Mr Alex McDowell and left him a little girl baby.



  Miss Dora Ludwick, returned Sat from a weeks visit with friends at Moorefield and Petersburg.
  Mr and Mrs B T Racey spent Sat and Sun with relatives here.
  Miss Edith Cheshire was shopping in Cumberland Sat.
  Mr Frank Breinig of Douglas, W Va, visited home folks over Sun.
  Miss Lillian Purgitt returned to Purgittsville Tues, after spending a week with relatives here.
  Messrs Walter Frederick of Romney, and John Derflinger of Front Royal Va, were the guests of the Misses Ludwick Sun.
  Mr and Mrs Nick Leatherman were the guests of Mr and Mrs John Leatherman Sun."
  Mr G C Mathias, of Old Fields, was the pleasant guests of friends here Sat night and Sun.
  Mr Wade Clindinst was at Moorefield Tues and Wed having some dental work done.
  Messrs Art Hoffman, of Purgittsville, spent Sat night and Sun with friends here.
  Mr and Mrs B W Smith were the pleasant guests of Mr and Mrs A Clindinst Sun.
  Mrs E H Parker was in Romney Wed having some dental work done.
  Perry Biser is along the creek thrashing this week.
  Mrs Edgar Allen of Alaska, is visiting Mrs Chas Flemming.


  A very sad death occurred in this community last Thurs when Dallas Aronhalt answered to the "Roll Call Up Yonder". He was taken with that dreaded disease, Scarlet Fever, on Sun in a very malignant form, and was sick only four days. He said he did not want to get well and almost absolutely refused to take medicine. Dallas was the younger son of Mary E and D W Aronhalt. He had but recently passed his 18th birthday, and bid fair to live many years. Thus again we are reminded that youth is no security against death. Our sympathies go out to the bereaved parents. Their little daughter, Helen, now has the same disease but seems to be getting along very nicely. Mr Aronhalt is also confined with symptoms of the same disease.
  We are sorry to say that Miss Maggie Idleman, whose illness we have already noted, seems to be growing gradually worse.
  Every body is in their oats harvest this week. Oats are good in the straw, but the weather was a little to dry for them to fill well.
  parker Brothers are here this week making their hay. People say they have better grass that anybody else in the neighborhood.
  Now that so much is being said about "Good Roads" we would like for some one to tell us what that term implies. Just what is meant by "Good Roads?" Can a road be good one week and bad the next? Everybody knows that some of our so called good roads became the almost impassable in a short time. Perhaps "Uncle John" can give us some light on the subject.
  X O X


  Geo S Arnold will preach at the Grove School house Sun at 10:30 AM, and at the home of S I Urice, at 3 o'clock PM.
  H Arthur Flick, of Baltimore, Md, is spending his vacation with friends at M E Weckert's.
  what about our P O? Are we doing our best to encourage the Post Master and to aid Uncle Sam in establishing a Pinehurst Post Office or is our interest in it lagging behind? and before we are aware of the fact those three months are growing to an end, so will our delivery end; we surely write some when thirty letters come in to the office and only four go out, certainly the other party does not do all the writing. Let us get busy and try earnestly and why not have not only a thrice a week but daily mail?
  The carpenters and painters are busily working away repairing the Mt Zion Church.
  Rev Burgess will preach there on Sun night.
  The Picnic last Sat passed off quietly.
  While not a large crowd was there a fair sized and "good" one was present. Everyone seemed to have a pocketbook along and not only that but money in it.
  The ladies all prepared a bountiful dinner and when all tables were spread ready for the waiting hungry ones to do justice, the Rev S K Dawson stepped up and delivered a prayer of thanks that all ought to keep in mind.
  After dinner there were ice cream, watermelon, peanuts, etc sold and I am sure no one left the ground hungry. I here state that we wish to thank one and all who have so kindly helped us in our gatherings and have spend so freely for a good cause.
  Friends, I hope you will also come and enjoy the pleasure of being with us when our church is completed, and see for yourself how your money has been used.
  Mrs John Daniels, of Ellerslie, Md, and Mrs Lee Adams, of Westernport, also Mrs John Umstot of Westernport, are in this vicinity visiting friends and relatives.


  July 24, 1911
  Dear Tribune:
  I will write again to say that the people are all fairly well and the weather is somewhat cooler than it had been for several weeks.
  Mr Heiskel Hirsburger, who has been on the sick list for some time does not seem to improve very much.
  Another Italian was killed by falling at round Bottom last week.
  An Italian was shot by another Italian here yesterday. Dr Lantz was sent for and took him in his automobile to a hospital in Cumberland.
  The people down here are busy stacking grain and making hay.
  We learn that Mr C C was killed by a broken cable on crusher No 6 at Fairmont Ill.
  Mr Sutton Wagoner of Johnstown Pa, is off on a two week's vacation from the Cambria Iron Works, where he is draughtsman. After visiting his old home, at Davis, paying a visit to his sister, Miss Carrie, who is a stenographer for the B&O RR Co, at Elkins, he came here last evening for a visit to his many relatives and friends, who wish that he may enjoy his visit.
  Miss Sallie Wagoner is home from Shepherdstown, spending her vacation.
  The contractors are getting in pretty good shape to commence work, they say it will take fourteen months or more to complete the job at this place.
  Mr Thomas House is out patching up the roads, and they need it.
  Mr J W White, who was killed last week, was a widower and was to have been married next month to Miss Maggie Paugh, sister to Mrs Ernest Neff, of this place. Everything was ready for the wedding.
  Mrs Mary Kesecker and little daughter, Helen, are spending some time with her sister, Mrs Oscar Johnson. Mr Kesecker is expected tomorrow, he is brakeman on one of the fast trains from Cumberland to Baltimore.
  There are all kinds of foreigners here for this new work>
  H J Dohman and Berry Long, of Alaska, spent Mon at J H Long's.
  Mr and Mrs Elwood Wagoner and little daughter, Reba, spent Sat evening here and attended the festival.
  What has become of C E Johnson, of San Antonia, Tex?
  We do not see any items from that part of the country.
  M A D


  An infant child of Mr and Mrs Ruckman of Streby, was found dead in bed Sun morning.
  Misses Vada and Mintie Whiteser, of Harrisonburg, VA, are here visiting their aunt, Mrs Alice Barger.
  Mr and Mrs I S Welton of this place, and Mr and Mrs Jessie Fisher, of Moorefield, left this week on a visit of a week or ten days at Franklin.
  S S Rohrbaugh, and son henry of Jordan Run, were here last Fri after a load of feed. MR Rohrbaugh says the hay and wheat crop in his section is very light but the corn is looking good and promises to make a good crop.
  We had another fine rain early Mon morning. Our farmers certainly have no complaint to make of the season thus far and we believe they do feel grateful for we have certainly had several years of drouth. Everything points favorably to a good corn crop in this section and the wheat that has been threshed, considering the early drouth, has turned out very well and most cases is of a good quality.
  C E Taylor, a prominent merchant of Philadelphia, and wife spent several days here this week the guests of their cousin, Chas Taylor, at the Hermitage.
  C C Arbogast is putting water works in A J Welton's dwelling.
  Mrs E L Judy left Sat on an extended visit to her home near Cumberland.
  D L Judy had his arm thrown out of place Mon by being thrown from a buggy.
  Miss Maggie Koeltz, who has spent several days here visiting Mrs B J Baker, returned to her home In Keyser Thurs.
  Miss Myrtle Judy, who was on a two weeks visit to friends and relatives at Davis and Keyser, returned home the last of last week.
  Chas Berger, an engineer on a log train, was killed Fri morning at Gladwin, on Dry Fork railroad.
  Berger in some manner slipped from his engine and fell directly under the wheels. Several trucks passed over his body. the dead man was 23 years old and unmarried. His home was at New Martinsville, where the remains have been shipped.



  Married at Midland Md, Tues afternoon, July 25, by Rev Father Marshall, Mr John Purdy and Miss Anna Byrne, both of Keyser. The bride is one of Mineral County's most popular and successful school teachers, and the groom is a popular B&O fireman.



  John Henry Greenwade died at his home on Church St, Keyser, last Sat evening after a lingering illness, aged 70 years.
  He is survived by two sons and three daughters, Robert C of Elkins and Harry T of Keyser, Mrs Nora Lichliter, of Westernport, Miss Rose Greenwade of Piedmont, Mrs Minnie Highlman of Keyser. A sister, Mrs Hattie McKenzie, residing here, a brother, Mr D T Greenwade, one of our leading merchants, resides in Keyser and another brother Mr M M Greenwade, and official of the Southern Railway, resides in Cincinnati. Mr Greenwade's wife died about six months ago.
  The funeral services were held at the home Tues afternoon, conducted by Rev John T Dayton, assisted by Rev M H Keen. The body was buried at Queens Point.
  Mr Greenwade had lived in Keyser for about 30 years and none knew him but to love him; none name him but to praise. He was by trade a painter and glazer. He always dealt-honestly with his fellow-men and held their confidence. The pall bearers were, Col Geo T Carskadon, Floyd Knight, N J Crooks, L C McDonald, H L Arnold, H G Wilson.
  A good man has gone from us.


  Andrew Harmon, son of Mr and Mrs ?Joseph Rodruck, died at the home of his parents on Water St, early this morning in the fourth year of his age. Last Wed forenoon he was with his father in his place of business, but that evening complained to his mother of feeling badly and continued to grow worse, the combine skill of wisdom of eminent physicians were unable to define the cause of his illness or relieve his sufferings. He was an unusually bright and interesting child and was the pet of the home and the neighborhood.
  The funeral services will be held at the home tomorrow at 2 PM conducted by Rev Geo S Arnold, and the body will be buried in the Leatherman cemetery, three miles above Keyser.
  The parents have the sympathy of a large circle of friends. they have three daughters living, but Andrew was their only son.


  Mr John Shobe, aged about 60 years, died in Keyser Wed, Aug 2. the body was sent to Hartmonsville Thurs where the funeral services were held and the burial took place.


  Hazel Irene, daughter of Mr and Mrs Berkeley Umstott, recently ?, age of 1 year, 2 months and 2 days, passed from earth to the arms of the real Child lover. With the bereaved parents we weep our tears and try to write for them the sympathy we feel. The obsequies are passed, but still they touch a silent, sacred cord in memory. The little form with a beauty unmarred by death, lay in a white organdy like a carved image on marble, a white carnation in the shapely hand, the couch casket, the lovely flowers, the white clad pall bearers, the careful undertaker, the gathering of friends, who felt and looked a sympathy which they could not express, the minister who dedicated the soul to Heaven and the body to the dust, the little grave in Mt Zion cemetery, all have a place in the minds archives never to be removed. But there is to this heart piercing sorrow a bright immortal side. The fond parents can allow their minds to dwell upon what she has escaped by her early departure. Had she lived on she would have had the common experience of mortals. She would have been required to mourn over sins and shed the tears of penitence. She would have wrestled hard with flesh and blood even as we do now. She would have experienced many sorrows, she would have loved dear ones and felt the anguish often of parting at the grave. but such experiences she is not now to know. Hers is the victory without the battle. She has entered into rest without even having toiled. Oh sorrowing ones, consider for a moment where your child is and what she is, with her nothing can ever go wrong. her security is eternal. While we are trudging along through the wilderness she has entered the promised land. In the immortal hymn which the white souled saints chant around the throne of God, you may hear the voice of hazel, your own child, and reflect that she is your contribution to the happiness of Heaven. Though our hearts are filled with sorrow and our eyes with tears how thankful we should be to our loving Savior who has shed the light of immortality upon the grave of little children and of whom He has said so tenderly "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven". May the Savior of our little children be our Savior that in death and trough death and after death our portion maybe with Him.
A friend


  Mr J W Leatherman, of Beaver Run, one of Mineral County's most progressive farmers, was here on business Thurs.
  Miss Elizabeth Cady, of Morgantown, has been visiting her friends, Miss Marjorie Lambdin this week.
  Mr C H Bishoff was looking after business interests here Thurs.
  Miss Mary High is spending a month at Mtn lake park with her sister, Mrs L H Friend.
  Misses Lena and Mable Burke of Va, are spending their vacation with their parents here.
  Miss Bessie Dawson returned Sun from a short, but pleasant visit to the home of her aunt, Mrs Fout in Purgittsville.
  Mrs John J Johnson and children left Sun morning on a visit to relatives and friends in Parsons.
  Mr and Mrs Robert Pownall were business visitors to Cumberland on Sat.
  Mrs Joe Shaffer and daughters have returned to their home on Piedmont St from a visit to relatives at Newburg.
  Mr and Mrs J D Gelwick and daughter, Miss Pauline, returned from a two weeks' visit to friends in Grant Co.
  Prof J B O Clemm returned last week from an extended visit to points of interest.
  Centenary Sun School, of Reese's Mill, will hold its annual picnic Sat, Aug 12, on the old school house grounds near R B Taylor's.
  Mr Chas A Carskadon of Philadelphia, reached Keyser last night on a visit to home folk, before returning he will go to Petersburg on a fishing trip.
  The Thompson Furniture Co, has had the front of their place of business newly painted; Mr B F Wells had the contract.
  The Harrison Meat Market has had a new and attractive sign swung over their place of business.
  Mrs E V Romig, Master J* and Master Earl Grove visited Romney this week.
  Jacob I Watson of Beryl and Miss Minnie Annie Tranum, of Westernport, obtained a marriage license in Cumberland this week.
  Mr James H Jones, of Kernstown Va, visited old friends and relatives here this week.
  Many prices cut half in two at Sincells' store, read ad on last page.
  Capt Sam Harrison and Messrs T F Kenny and John Mackey, all of Piedmont, came down in an auto last Sat afternoon and mingled business with pleasure in Keyser.
  Mr A W Bane, Mr C W Bane, Mrs Dan Bailey and Miss Grace Bane came over to Keyser in their auto last Tues.
  Mrs I P Carskadon, of Headsville, and Mrs Lena Hutson visited in Cumberland and at Seymour this week.
  Mrs E L Judy of Petersburg, and Mrs S D Brady of Morgantown, visited Mrs Salle Johnson this week.
  Dean E D Sanderson was here this week arranging for the agricultural train next week.
  Mrs John A Veach and two children, who had been on a ten days' visit to Wilson W Va, returned to their home in Burlington last Tues.
  Miss Helen Bane of Elk Garden, visited in Keyser this week.
  Mr D R Leatherman, was in Keyser on business last Wed.
  Mrs J M Wolfe and daughter, Miss Virginia, who have been visiting friends near Oakland for the past week, returned home today.
  Miss Beulah E McNemar was driving cross country a few days ago to give a reading at a Teacher's Institute in Roane Co, when the horse ran away and she suffered a broken limb. She is now in a hospital at Spencer W Va.
  Miss Lulu West and Miss Hattie Coffroth attended the wedding of Miss Taylor at "the Maples" at Purgittsville on Thurs.
  Mr and Mrs Deppy of Newberne N C, spent from last Wed until Tues with her brother and wife, Mr and Mrs J F Silfies. They left Tues on a visit to Johnsonsburg Pa and were accompanied by Miss Mabel Silfiers.
  Mrs Will Greenholt and children have returned home form a visit to relatives and friends at Independence W Va.
  Mr Joe Howell and family are visiting in Wheeling.
  Mr John W Ravenscroft was a business visitor to Cumberland on Sat.
  Mr and Mrs George Fazenbaker are visiting friends and relatives here.
  Mrs Ella Hawk and daughter, Mrs J Spring of Cumberland, arrived here on Fri and left Sat morning on a visit to relatives at Maysville. While here they were the guests of Mrs Carrie Kight.
  Misses Myrtle and Elizabeth Stewart left Sat on a visit to relatives at Burlington.
  Mr and Mrs Walter Deneen and friend of Frostburg, were the guests of Mrs Clarence Bierkemp.
  Miss Viva Burke has returned home forma visit to friends and relatives in Cumberland.
  Atty E L Judy attended Circuit Court here this week.
  Mr Ralph Smith of the Tribune force, and brother James, visited in Baltimore last week and this.
  Mrs Fannie Butler and children spent the past week in Oakland.
  Mr and Mrs E D High were shopping in Keyser last Tues.
  Mr S S Rees and Mrs B B Cavitt returned Tues form a two weeks' visit to Pa.
  Mr and Mrs J M Linthicum visited relatives and old friends in Romney this week.
  Mrs R M Frye made a pleasant visit to her parents in Romney.
  Mr J H Merryman was in Moorefield last Sun and Mon. He reports the country as suffering for rain.
  Mr G R Folk had the misfortune to cut his hand badly while at work on a building in McCoole last Fri morning.
  Miss Bessie Dawson has returned form a pleasant visit to Purgittsville.
  Mrs John Ravenscroft and son, Fred, returned home form a pleasant visit to friends in Morgantown.
  Mrs Morgan and daughter Miss Rhea Morgan, are visiting Mr and Mrs Harry Atkins.
  Rev W C Ney, Mrs Ney and Miss Elizabeth Ney, of Newport Pa, are visiting Mrs Ney's parents, Mr and Mrs W Baker. Mr Neys' church granted him a four weeks vacation.
  Mr E A Leatherman made this office a pleasant call yesterday.
  Capt J W Vandiver was attending to business in Keyser Thurs.
  Mrs Roy Delauter of Westernport, visited her sister, Mrs H S Pulliam last Mon.
  Misses Virginia and Frances Tayman have returned to their home in Baltimore, from a visit to Mrs Roy Rafter.
  Mr Ed Harrison was a visitor to Cumberland Sun. His mother, Mrs Sam Harrison is visiting him.
  Born to Mr and Mrs L K Jacobs, Fri, July 28, a daughter.
  Miss Anna Porter of Rawlings, was visiting in Keyser Sat and Sun.
  Mr John B Fetzer and daughter, Miss Alice, spent from Sat until Tues with friends in Front Royal VA.
  A stranger who had registered as Robert W Graham, was found dead in his room at the Olympia Hotel, Cumberland, Thurs forenoon.
  Miss Elsie Rees, who attended school at Fairmont last session came down on 14 last Sat and went out home with her father, who was here to meet her. She took a very high stand in her class all during the session.
  Miss Viva Jons, who had been visiting friends in Keyser, returned home Thurs.
  The personal property belonging to the estate of the late W R Paris was appraised Thurs. The appraisers were D Arnold, J Sloan Arnold and W A Leatherman.
  Mr C A Brown of Crafton Pa, is visiting his sister, Mrs J T Sincell.
  Harry Nefflen caught two very fine bass while fishing in the Potomac, near Hubbard, last Tues. They say he was hard to hold.
  Miss Margaret Lawton of Oakland, is visiting friends and relatives here.
  Miss Wallace of Fairmont is visiting Mrs Whitwam on Piedmont St.
  Misses Minnie Welch, Bessie Wageley, Fidessa Workman and Beulah Fisher were visitors to Piedmont Sat afternoon.
  Dr Edgell is having his residence and his house adjoining on Piedmont St, newly painted, Robinett and McIlwee are on the job.
  Mr James W Leatherman and son, Ray, made the Tribune office a pleasant call last Mon.
  Dr P S Keim was in Keyser on business last Mon and gladdened our office with his smiling countenance.
  Mrs J C Liller spent last Mon in Cumberland.
  Mrs Maude Gurd, Mrs E C Prugitt (?sic) and Master Paul Purgitt went to Rawlings last Mon after blackberries.
  Mr and Mrs J B Forester of Pittsburg, who had been on a visit to Mrs Howard Huffman, returned home last Mon.
  Mrs William Coughlin, of Shenandoah Va, is visiting Mrs Howard Hoffman.
  Miss Ruth Bane is visiting in Elk Garden.
  Mr Cecil Bane was in Elk Garden this week.
  Miss Edna Touda, of Pittsburg, is visiting Mr and Mrs J T Sincell.
  Mr F H Babb spent last Sun with his family, who are visiting in Grant Co.
  Mr Charles Kight was here looking after business interests last Mon.
  Mr and Mrs E P Babb visited relatives in Keyser the latter part of last week and the first part of this.


  Laban Riley vs Alpheus and John Whitaker, a suit for ejectment, Surveyor of Mineral County, ordered to make a survey and report to next session of court.
  State vs Geo Bobo, the grand jury failed to find a indictment and the defendant was discharged. State vs John Jackson defendant plead guilty. The court sentenced him to five day in jail and to pay a fine of "10.00 and cost. State vs Charles Lynch, defendant plead guilty and the court sentenced him to six month's confinement in the county jail and to pay a fine of $50,. State vs Michael Gogle. It was reported that said Michael Gogle had left the state and his bond of $500 was declared forfeited.
  State vs Samuel Metz charged with cruelty to his child. the jury found him guilty and recommended that the child be sent to the Orphans Home.
  State vs Fannie Metz, charged with cruelty to her step child. The jury found the defendant not guilty, and also recommended that the child be sent to the Orphans Home.
  State vs E L Sullivan. Settled by attorneys. George B Shank vs John W Shirley. The defendant filed an amended bill of particulars.
  W Va, C&P R Co vs George W Eagle. Court allowed plaintiff $484.40 with interest.


  Mr W A Liller has completed his contract for the dam for the new reservoir, the Inspector and Engineer have examined the work and reported that the Contractor has finished the contract in accordance with the specifications, the Committee has accepted the job with the provision of the original contract, that ten per cent of the contract price be withheld for six months in order to thoroughly test work.
  The town council and citizens committee were out to the reservoir yesterday for a final inspection and found every part in good shape. The new reservoir now has more water in it than the old reservoir is capable of containing. Keyser has solved the perplexing water question. After the new reservoir has been once filled we shall ever have an abundance of pure water.


  Rev M B Lambdin, who supplied the pulpit of the First Presbyterian Church, Newport News Va for two Sundays, returned home Tues night and will preach in his own pulpit next Sun forenoon and evening.


  An important damage suit was settled last Sat by a compromise Attorney W H Griffith, representing plaintiff Mrs Lena McNeill Hutson, and C W Eagan, general claim agent of the B&O RR Co, in an allowance of $5,000 in full for damages for the death of Howard J Hutson, on Oct 12, 1909. Hutson was a fireman on engine no 1866 which blew up on this fateful day, at Rodamer, and literally cooked him to death with scalding water and steam.
  It seemed to be well established fact that the boiler was defective and that the water was allowed to run low. The suit was bought in the circuit court of Mineral County, but upon petition of the railroad company, it was removed to the US court at Clarksburg.
  When the case came up before Judge Alton G Dayton, he held that the suit was brought under the Employers Liability Act and a special act of Congress governing such cases and not within his jurisdiction, and he removed it to the circuit court of Mineral County for the trial. The date as already set for the hearing was July 27th.
  The sum asked for in the bill was $10,000.


  Train No 1 on the B&O RR was wrecked early Wed morning at Industry, three miles east of Salem W Va. Thomas W Dunnington, engineer, and Jas A Huber, fireman, both of Grafton, were killed. Postal clerks, R E Ross, S S McMillan and J R Cary were injured. No passengers were seriously injured but all were considerably shaken up.


  At a school election held in Keyser Independent School District last Thurs, J W Wagoner was elected school commissioner for the ensuing three years.
  The vote was Dr W H Yeakley 226, J W Wagoner 358.
  The issue in the contest was the policy that should be pursued in the management of the Keyser High School..


  The undersigned regard the construction of the proposed Twin Mountain and Potomac Railroad as being of the greatest benefit to Mineral County, and would urge upon the voters of these Districts that they vote for the purposed bond issue at the election to be held on Aug 7th.

Charles N Finnell

Wm MacDonald

C W Siever

A L Liller

L J Powell

J D Gelwicks

C E Nethken

Frank C Reynolds

L O Davis

C E Harrison

P H Keys

J H Swadley

George L Sincell

P S Grove

W Parsons

W W Woodard

W S Johnston

F H Babb

George W Bane

J H Merryman

Harry G Fisher

J W Wagoner

T H Wagoner

George R Davis

H A Keenan

R M Frye

Wm Coulchard

J Ed Frye

S T Merryman

R A Welch

J Z Terrell

L R Warner

P J Diehl

H S Thompson

J C Watson

Loren High

A W Merryman

I S Newhauser

W P Holland

Vincent Lacy

 D W Davis

W C Long

W S Davis

B F Cline

W S Davis

H L Arnold

 C A Blackburn

D W Glover

G M Loy

 J B Fetzer

A W Coffroth

T H Davis

Arza Furbee

F J Wear

E J Greene

W A Willhide

H Newhouser

E G Kimmell

J D Rogers

N C Taylor

C F Moomau

T B Frye

C G Scribner

J L Arnold

 W S Secrist

D A Kesner

Fred Huffman

W A Welch

M Linthicum

T C Coffman

R A Mulledy

C C Clevenger

W H Crabtree

G H Reynolds

H C Greenwade

A W Stanhagen

W F Evans

J T Carskadon

Geo T Carskadon

H C Swadley

H L Miller

E W Hill

G T Stonebreaker

A S Wolf

A Charlton

J H Vernon

W W Kesner

V W Twigg

R H Rodruck

J G Harrison

Ruben Johnson

N R Sears

J W Arnold

F Fazenbaker

J R Carskadon

B F Shoemaker

H G Castle

J W Hinckle

Joseph Isles

Dennis Alderton

J H Rines

L C McDonald

A A Fleek

D N Dayton

L E Morna

W E Steward

H W Baker

O A Hood

John T Sincell

W L Harmon

Leo Jellinek

W S Keller

A B Day

Wm Stewart

G B Newhouse

J G Wolfe

A L Buckner

F G Davis

R W Nine

M Sayres

W H Griffith

W W Woods

I M Long

W I Knott

W H Yeakley

Sol Rogers

D Long

E D Rush

C E Caldwell

James H Rotruck

John Maine

M C Winters

John Keyser

H S Pulliam

C L Bane

Israel Kaplon

A D Akers

D T Greenwade

T T Huffman

Guy Deputy

R M Workman

A I Rogers

A P Brown

C H Flick

W J Kuykendall

B L Taylor

A C Feather

L W Kibler

Zimri T Bailey

E M Stottlemyer

M H Smith

W E Crooks

Floyd Knight

 R R Walsh

H V Whip

C L Everhart

W W Long

Campbell Smith

Clarence Walker

Alex Redmond

F W Smith

V S Welch

D M Dayton

R W Stickley

C E Dayton

I G Newhouse

T B Rogers

 C W Dodds

W W Welker

Wm Davis

Rev W E Woolf

N A Newman

G C Leary

B W Markwood

H Hewitt

I C Purgitt

P J Cheshire

Rev W A O'Hara

H A Blair

C S Hoffman

J H Schaffer

J E Peters

Geo W Pyles

F L Kimmell

C W Schaffenaker

H J rolls

C R Weimer

J E Smith

 N J Crooks

A K Bazzle

S N Moore

W J Newhouse

E C Newhouse

Robert Caldwell

W M Babb

Scott Brown

A M Wilt

F W Davis

T A Devilbliss

L E Nilster

J E Rizer

A V Douglass

J T Crawford

J B O Clemm

Ed Beckwith

W H Nefflen

J C Liller

J I Bane

S D Blair

C E Shears

 R N Ravenscraft

J H Rinard

J N Martin

J W Newlon

Wm H Crist

R Harrison

F L fisher

P Dorsey

W J Newhouse J J Dickle

L O Mott

E M Workman

R P Beaty

 C W Beall

L W Tasker

V Redinger

V E Lynch

Phil Smith

T H Twigg

D R Sollers

H Blackburn

J T Davis

E T Giffin

Isaac Iser

J A Bazzle

W C Pifer

C E Bright

M F Jones

P Naughton

C L Adams

M F Stone

W H Longsdorf

C P Peters

Isaac Whiteman

Charles Boyce

F L Whip

Ed Lynch

Wm B Leatherman

John Bill

Scott Stotler

J A Camphor

A Reed

W D Wright

E A Walker

E G Hammond

G A Greenholt

D G Leary

C H McGahan

D B Shores

W H McIlwee

M Sayres

A L Buckner

F G Davis

R W Nine


  For the purpose of voting upon the question and selling Bonds of New Creek and Welton Districts to enable said Districts to subscribe for a sufficient amount of the Stock or Bonds of the Twin Mt and Potomac RR Co to cover the costs of procuring the right of way for said RR, from Keyser to a point on Patterson's Creek, near Burlington.


  Mr George W Bane, Agent of the NY Life Ins Co, has move his office into the room formerly occupied by Dr T H West as his office. He may be found on Armstorng St, only two doors from where his office formerly had been.
  The present office is No 106 Armstrong St.


  One day last week Mr James H Trenter hauled a record breaking load of coal to the Tan*, with his pair of brown horses, that are admiration of all horse lovers in this section. the gross weight on the Keyser scales, was 12,460 lbs, weight of wagon, 1,500 lbs net weight of coal 10.960 lbs. A friend who met him on the road said the browns could have hauled an additional ton, but 5 tons and 960 lbs is load enough for two horses.
  Mr Trenter is justly proud of his team.


  All persons indebted to the estate of Barber Stewart are requested to make settlement at once. All persons holding claims against the estate are asked to present them in due form for settlement.
  Fannie S Buckner
  Executrix of the will of Barber Stewart, dec'd.


  County Court was in special session Fri July 21.
  J E Leps and F C Reynolds were appointed notaries public.
  A franchise was granted the Twin Mt and Potomac RR Co.
  Dr W M Babb was appointed Pres of the Board of Health, for Mineral Co, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Dr T H West.
  The Sheriff submitted his annual settlement, which was accepted and approved.


  Next Mon the voters of New Creek and Welton districts will have the opportunity of securing by their votes a railroad extending from Grant Co to Keyser, traversing Mineral Co for a distance of 24 miles.
  If this road is built it will be one of the best propositions ever secured for Keyser or Mineral County and it is one that we did not have to go after, while others were working to have it go in another direction.
The Twin Mt Orchard Co came to Mineral county and offered to build the road through our territory, if we desire it. If these two districts fail to secure a railroad that will increase the value of our real estate, bring into market many, many thousand dollars worth of bark, timber and other resources, that are now worth but little because of their distance form market, and miss the opportunity of increasing the assessed valuation of our property in the two districts for the amount of $200,000 or $250,000, which will be a source of revenue to the districts forever hereafter, in the way of taxes, we say, if we fail to secure these and other advantages that the building of the road would bring to our county, it will be because the voters of Welton and New Creek districts fail to do their duty at the polls next Mon, Aug 7....


  The trust worthy people of the Mt Zion church wish to extend their thanks to Misses Nannie And Minnie Umstot for the new organ which they have so kindly purchased for the church. It is now in their home waiting for the repair of the church.


  Mr A B Lambdin, who is a student at the WVU, and son of the Presbyterian minister, Rev M B Lambdin, of Keyser, is spending part of his vacation in town. He is a beautiful singer, having a baritone voice of magnificent scope.
His solos in the Presbyterian church the last two Sundays have been much appreciated especially by the judges of high class music.
He also favored a number of our people with some of his songs at the residences of Capt H C Getzendanner, Mrs Geo S Eyester and Mrs H P Clines, and at Stephenson Seminary, where he is summering.
spirit of Jefferson, Charlestown W Va.


  Rev R E Strider, who will have charge of the Keyser and Davis Churches in the future will hold services in Emmanuel Episcopal Church Sun.


  Mr Wright Davis, who has the contract for the erection of the new building for the Mystic Chain, Cor Main and Mozelle Sts, has the structure under roof and is now being plastered.


  "The Duke, The Girl and The Money" will appear again at the Music Hall tonight, and tomorrow afternoon will leave on a special train for Blaine, where the entire company will appear at the Warnick Opera House. One of the features of this excursion will be the concert by McIlwee's Band.


  Pope Jordan, Sargeant and George Wells, John MacDonald, Loren High, Marshall Carrier and Perry Greenwade were in encampment near Headsville, last week and a part of this.
  Pope Jordan caught a black Bass last Mon morning that weighed two lbs and 6 oz.
  He said it looked good to him.


  Mr and Mrs Fred Davis of the Davis Fruit Farm, gave a very pleasant surprise to Mrs T H Wagoner, Mrs Davis' mother, at their home three miles from town. It was the fifty-fifth anniversary of Mrs Wagoner's birthday, and a pleasant surprise in the form of a sumptuous birthday dinner was given. Only the immediate relatives were present. Mrs Wagoner received several beautiful and useful gifts.


  Mr R W Stickley has bought a Pattersons' Creek Farm from Mr Walter Leatherman. The place contains about 170 acres and has on it first class buildings.
  Mr Stickley gets possession Nov first.


  After an absence of seven years from Keyser W VA, the Rev L A Thirkeld was invited by a former parishioner Edward Abernathy, Esq, to visit Dobbin W Va, the place of his employment.
  With the friend's money in his pocket, and a two-week vacation ahead, the pastor was happy to get away from Baltimore and its superheated houses and streets. Wearing a porous plaster for a crick in the back the chair in the observation car comforted the aching part, and the prospect of beautiful scenery and a fine dinner brought reveries of a pleasant character.
  But our happy contemplations were of short duration. Stopping our train at Union Bridge for minor repairs to a coupling, and the Pen-Mar Express not being flagged in time, there was a rear-end collision and the preacher was thrown sprawling in the aisle of the coach. Being already a semi-invalid, and now with a bruised hip, the dining car detached and no hope of a meal there was nothing to do but relax from our high tension and patiently wait for the end of our journey.
  Dobbin is not a classical name, but it offers asylum to an exhausted traveler. Our friend gave smiling welcome. Buena Vista Hotel, with its capable landlady and modern appointments, soon had the preacher in better form. And to sleep on the side of a mountain 2633 feet above the sea and 233 miles form the maddening crowd, brought refreshment far beyond words to express.
  What a surprise to know that the hills surrounding the town give pure soft water, enough to supply the homes of 400 population. Bathrooms are the rule and not the exception. Natural gas and electric lights are the conveniences of dwellings, the electricity being generated by the machinery at the sawmill. The Methodist, Presbyterian and Baptists worship in one church and school house; a fine store and a public hall; four mails and express facilities - with over-time work at the mill - make the inhabitants prosperous and happy.
  The Parsons Pulp and Paper co, with its headquarters in Philadelphia, own the well-equipped sawmill, with an every daily output of 70,000 feet of lumber; and the Gatzmer Coal Co, near the town, together employ 200 men. It is over these interests my friend, Mr Abernethy, has management. Indeed, he has many other lines of work. Homes must be built, rented and repaired; a dept store maintained, an insurance association conducted; the order of the town preserved and that without police or constable; and misunderstandings of a social domestic and business character adjusted. All this requires a cool mind, quite manner, and a determined will. And in many places in this prosperous State of W Va, worthy and capable young men may find responsible and lucrative positions. A dozen girls and boys I knew ten years ago are now filling positions as cashiers of banks, managers of industries, deputy sheriff, teachers, preachers and stenographers.
  To get me ready for a trip to the "logging camp", Dr Manning, the successful physical of Dobbin, took me in hand, and in one day I was prepared under the guidance of Mr Elmer Lucas, to go to the outskirts of civilization. Capt George Kline's truck train started at 6:00 AM, and 18 miles on the tramway brought us to where the big spruce and hemlock trees were cut. Up the steep log-road made by the "road-monkey" jumping out of the way of the descending team hauling four large sticks chained together on its trip to the skid-way, we at last came to the choppers. We were offered to ax to try our hand, but politely declined. On up the grade to the "divide", where I was told of a hut whose roof split a raindrop- the one-half going to the Ohio and the other to the Potomac river.
  It was Capt Joseph Kline who sent me to the dinner table of Camp No 6, over which he has control; and it was Mr William McEwen, the cook, who furnished the menu, bread and butter, coffee with sugar and milk, boiled meat and potatoes, beans, peas, tomatoes, prunes, rice-custard and pie. this variety is an everyday diet. All visitors at camp are fed, and without money or price. And right here in the forest you find members of "the craft" - the brothers named in this paragraph being connected with Fairfax Lodge, No 96, A F & A M.
  What a study was "sawmill science" to the preacher. Everywhere was order, economy and efficiency. I found here the veritable "n* in the woodpile" = an iron post with round head and steel teeth bobbing up through the floor to catch and throw logs on the carriage. and between the "setter and the sawyer" there is a code of signals, as when one, two or three fingers or nods of the head indicate the same number of boards to be sawed. The "hog" takes the small refuse bites of the lath-mill and chews them fine to mix with sawdust, which is used in the furnaces of the boilers.
  The colored blacksmiths of the mills is also the barber of the town, and the only man of his race in Dobbin. His proper name is John Randolph, of Va, but his tonsorial friends call him "Coalie". He can give a clean shave and a fashionable hair-cut. He claims to be a farmer and to raise his own chickens, the latter by entirely lawful means.
  We visited Canann Valley, Blackwater Falls, Which some visitors describe as grand as Niagara; the Conoway Hotel, and ate one of its famous dinners, after which we climbed the "observatory" and saw a more extended landscape than from Table Rock; Fort Pendleton, of the Civil War, finishing our itinerary at Keyser.
  Keyser is the court town of Mineral county, about 200 miles west of Baltimore. We could hardly believe our eyes in looking upon so many well-paved streets, large wholesale building, livery establishment, four stories high and covering a quarter of a city block; new school on Mineral St; law building and a large number of fine dwellings; and even the M E Church has added a kitchen and dining room since our pastorate - this to the praise of the ladies of this congregation. Judge Reynolds told us that he was entering his 41st years as S S Supt. While in this town we did our best to accept the hospitality proffered the visitor. We kept our traveling case at the Montgomery and Johnson homes and took the morning meal with them, but otherwhile we scattered ourself, and ate and shook hands in fifty-five homes and public places, - thus meeting just one hundred and forty-eight persons.
  Our homeward journey finds us possessed of renewed bodily and mental vigor, a larger fund of knowledge of W Va, the friendship of many new acquaintances and gratitude to the heavenly Father for life preserved. We started with a railroad collision and ended with a severe hailstorm.


  11 x 17 favorite job press, three chases, new rollers, F O B Blaine, Md $40. B D Durham, Kizmiller Md.



  Good men. Wanted for Twin Mountain orchards, apply at Orchard, Twin Mt, Grant Co, W Va. W P Russell, Mag'r.

14 in Rival 3 knife 8 in wheels $2.75
16 " " 2.75
14 " Banner Ball bearing 3 knife, full 9 in wheels 4.00
16 in Banner ball bearing, 3 knife, full 9 in wheels 4.25
14 in Congress ball bearing, 3 knife, full 10 in wheels 4.75
16 in Congress ball bearing, 3 knife, full 10 in wheels 5.00