JUNE 29, 1912


June 25
  Mrs Frank Kidner and children, of Clarksburg, returned home today after spending a week with Mrs Kidner’s mother, Mrs Harriet A Pyles.
  Mrs Thomas Keyser and children, of Cumberland, are visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs M H Hawkins.
  Mr and Mrs henry Ward and baby, of Chicago Junction, Ohio, are visiting relatives in Alaska.
  Miss Anna Hovermale has returned from a visit to relatives at Okonoko, W Va.
  Miss Louise Hagan, of Morgantown, is spending a few weeks with relatives in this place.
  Mr Homer Weakland, of Altoona, Pa, spent last week with his family in Alaska.
  Misses Marie Marker and Mary Carvey are spending a few weeks with friends at Braddock Pa.
  Mr J J Ridgway of Martinsburg, spent last week with his son, A A Ridgway, of the Frankfort Inn.
  Mrs Lulu Carroll and children of South Cumberland, are visiting friends for a few days.
  Misses Maggie and Mary Johnson accompanied V E Thomson to Frost Ky, where they will spend a few weeks visiting relatives in that neighborhood.
  Miss Mildred Wilson, of Pierce, W Va, is visiting relatives and friends for a few days.
  Mrs Nancy Dowden and daughter are visiting relatives at Burlington.
  Mr and Mrs Dawson and child of South Cumberland, spent the last week with Mrs Dawson’s parents, Mr and Mrs Shannon Troutman.
  Miss Temperance Ring, of Cumberland, is spending a few weeks with relatives here.
  Mrs Sarah Daniels, who has been spending several weeks with her daughter, Mrs R R Allen, returned to her home at Spring Gap, Md.



    There will be singing on the Run at the church the first Sun in July at 3:30 from Kingdom Songs.
  The call was made some weeks ago for young men and widowers has been resounded to nobly and the game seems to be a success except for the display of some premature announcements and the rattle of the alarm unawares.
  G T Leatherman and Miss Grace, his daughter, of Old Fields, were down on the Run over Sun.
  J K Alamong and wife were over Sat at J B Rogers’.
  Some parties began harvesting last week.  Because of the latter rains harvesting has been held up somewhat.
  David Fleming is reported better.
  Gus Clinedinst has been confined to the house for some time.  He can be up some and does not seem to change much.
  Since the recent rains the raspberries have very much improved and are yielding good results.  Art Tutwiler has the banner patch in this neighborhood.
  Last week Harry Cheshire moved a load of property to Petersburg for E J Allen.  T M Allen has rented a house there and has made preparation to go to housekeeping.  He says the cage is ready for the bird and he will set a snare to catch one.  He is a carpenter and has been working around here, but is expected to go to Petersburg this week and take the bird with him.
  The new buggies shine.  J H Rogers and J H Arnold each have one.
  G E Arnold and Ward Hammond of Romney, came out last Sun.
  Jo Everett is helping Art Tutwiler through his harvest and berry marketing.
  A few weeks ago a Miss Mills who was just taking the measles attended the children’s meeting at Mt Olivet and inoculated the community with measles.  Already sever families have them.  It is said the girl knew she was taking them.
  This vicinity was visited last Sat by the heavies rainfall in the recollection of many persons.  At least greater damage was done than had been done for many years.  The clouds hovered over Middle Ridge and Beaver Run, and thither they continued to gather and form in battle array for about two hours.  The rain extended up to G S Arnold’s but the heaviest was below here.  The storm continued for two hours with but little cessation.  There was considerable hail in places.  Beaver Run was simply from hill to hill fences gone, bridges washed away except where the main flow of the water took another course; grass badly sanded; grain washed down, corn and land badly washed.  Thus far the Run road is impassable except for light travel, because of the washouts, etc.
  J H Cheshier sold Yacome the butcher, some fat heifers.
  Also Brooks, another butcher has been around for stock and got some of Frank Carnell.
  Nick Biser and family of Keyser, came over Sat.
  Last week Perry Biser moved his saw mill and engine form J E Parker’s, where they had been for a year, back home.
  E B Staggs recently lost several hogs form cholera.  He says he thinks the worst is over.






  From Davis News of 13th
  Wade I Wilson is the guest at the home of Mr and Mrs Crowder Homan near Ridgeville.
  Messrs Lyle Wilson and Wm Davis of Blaine, spent Sun here guests at the home of A I Wilson.
  Miss Rosalie Homan returned to Ridgeville Tues, after a few weeks visit with Mr and Mrs A I Wilson.
  Wm Montgomery, of Romney, is the guest of his daughter, Mrs W E Patterson.
  Mrs H A Meyer returned Wed from a visit to Morgantown.  She was accompanied home by Miss Pualine Heiskell of Morgantown.
  Miss Alice Hanger will leave Sat for Keyser to attend the ordination service which will be held in Emmanuel Episcopal church, Sun morning.
  John Kimble, of Bayard, and Mrs Chas Poling of William, attended the meeting of the O E S Fri evening.
  Married at the M E parsonage June 11th at 10 am, E A Cosner of Buena and Miss Kate Harper, of Dry Fork.
  Mr and Mrs T W Buckner and family accompanied by Mrs Howard Crawford left Mon for a week’s trip in their automobile to Parkersburg.
  Miss Florence Parks , of Hambleton, was the guest of Miss Mary Price from Sat till Tues.
  Miss Pearl Twigg left Tues for Washington DC, where she expects to enter a Nurses Training School.
  Mildred Rogers, who has been quite ill with diphtheria for the past week, is some better.
  Mrs L H Mott returned Tues from a visit in Barbour Co.
  M M Bailey has improved his property with a cement walk.
  Walter Bowman of Luke, is spending this week with his parents.


  H W Heironimous passed away at 5 am, Tues.  His illness for months past has been a matter of concern to his relatives and friends.  The end came peacefully at the home of his aged mother, who has been the most devoted of all during the anxious weeks just passed, and the sad blow falls most heavily upon her.
  Mrs Harry Nethken, of Pittsbug, is the guest of her brother, Joseph Lantz, of this place, and C H Lance of Coketon.
  J G VanMeter was in Elkins Sun.
  Dr Butt was in Elkins Tues night on professional business.
  Miss Susan Butt, who has been the guest of her brother for several weeks, returned to Winchester, VA, Mon.  Miss Thelma Butt accompanied her and will spend the summer at Woodstock.
  Mrs Seymour Kuykendall was called to Cumberland by the death of a relative.



  June 26
  John Osten an inmate of the Mineral Co alms house, died Thurs.
  Miss Grace Vanmeter spent Sat night and Sun with Miss Bessie Miller at Waxler.
  H G Miller spent Sat and Sun with relatives at Rawlings.
  Mrs I L Vanmeter was visiting relatives at Keyser Fri.
  Master Robert Wilson, and sister, Ellouise, of Rawlings, spent Sun with Miss Ruth Stotler.
  Thomas Ruckman and wife of Ridgeley, were calling on relatives here Sun.
  L R Llewellyn is treating his residence to a new slate roof.
  Mrs H H Hott is quite ill at this writing.
  Marsh Dayton took in the excursion to Luray Sun.
  Miss Cora Sheppard, of Rawlings, was visiting relatives here Sat and Sun.
  Granvil Baker of the W Va Junction, was calling on friends here Sun.
  Wheat along the river is turning very fast.  Harvest time will be here and a fair crop anticipated.  Corn and other vegetables are backward for the time of year on account of the cool nights.
  Charles Wenrich, of Cumberland was calling on friends here Mon.





  Miss Viola Warnick returned from the Mt State Business College on Thurs of last week.  She completed the stenographic course and received her diploma.
  I E Oates and wife were visiting friends at Gormania the first of this week.  Miss Verda Oates, who graduated in a business course at the Keyser Preparatory School, this year, came with them on their return, and is assisting in the E M Norman & Co's store this week.
  We stated last week that the Davis Coal & coke Co had installed two gasoline motors, one at 14, and the other at 20.  We were mistaken.  There is one at 14, but there is one at 20. Well, we only missed it one.
  Gen Mine Supt Lee Ott was in town the first of the week.  This is the first round he has made here since he was made a 32nd degree Mason and Shriner at Wheeling  He is of cheerful and pleasant mien notwithstanding the ordeals he passed through.
  Roy Harris, who is employed in Gross’ store, in Cumberland, made a pleasant visit to his parents last Sun.
  Misses Nettie Coneway and Mary Mason spent this week visiting Mrs Amy Dixon and other friends on Atlantic Hill.
  Which is greater, the steam roller or the people?  Well, the people are thinking for themselves, so look out steam roller.
  Mrs Mary Kight went to Cumberland last Tues to see her brother, Charles A Smeltz has suffered blood poisoning and the amputation of one leg above the knee the first of this week.  He is in a a critical condition.
  Keyser and Elk matched their skill on the Elk diamond last sat.  Battery for Keyser Hamill and Moore; For Elk, Clark, Kerney and Bane, the latter coming in at the beginning of the 9th inning when the score was tied, 13 – 13.  At the end of the 11th inning the score stood 14 – 13 in favor of Elk.
  Big doings at Elk Garden on the Fourth.  Two games of baseball and there will be a parade, not a trades display for who cares for that on the Fourth, but a comic one, a fantastic one.  Come and enjoy a good laugh, stay all day and see it all for there will be foot races and a variety of sports.
  Clarence Rollman has secured a lucrative position as butcher at Dodson, Md.
  Mrs Susan Montgomery, of Grafton, is visiting her daughter, Mrs Mary Harris.
  Died at the residence of his son-in-law, Wm Miller, aged 88 years, 2 months and 24 days. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev L C Messick in the ME Church, South, and the body was interred in the Nethken Hill cemetery.  The deceased was a resident of Md for many years, but spent much of his time recently in Elk Garden with Mrs Miller.  He had been a believer in Christ for many years.  The following children survive him; Mrs Wm Miller of Elk Garden; Mrs Rose Hitt, Mill Creek, Randolph Co; Mrs Alice Paugh, Swanton Md; Mrs Eliza Warnick, Randolph Co, and James Paugh.
  Don’t’ forget Orphans’ Day at Elk Garden, Sun 30th.
  Messrs C L Baldwin and Frank Bane are rusticating at Elk Garden.
  Undertakers F C Rollman and Wm H Kight were called to Blaine early last Thurs morning to take charge of the bodies of two men killed by the fall of an immense stone in the Smith and Hamill mine.  Wm Lowery aged 58 years, 5 months and 21 days, was buried at Cook’s Mills, Pa.  He leaves two sons and two daughters.  Mr Gower was young man, just recently married.  We did not learn particulars.



  Press (Petersburg) of 20th

  Uncle John Martin caught a 4 pound bass Ed.
  Born to Harry Porter and wife, of Seymoursville, Mon a boy.
  While sleeping under a tree near his home Sun, Isaac Vanmeter of Ketterman had a blacksnake to curl around his legs.  He discovered the reptile before it had would itself around him very tight.
  G A Keplinger and Dr Highberger, Maysville, Francis A Highberger, Sharpsburg Md, H N Beach N Y City, S M Kuykendall and W D Trenton, Keyser, Sadie Bible, Flintstone Md and John Berg, Lahmansville were among the guests at the Trenton Hotel since our last issue.
  Aaron Stonestreet of Streby, was here Sat.  Mr Stonestreet says that bear are killing sheep in the vicinity if Jordan Run.
  Mrs Lula Judy, wife of Jesse J Judy, of Laneville, who had been at the State Asylum for over three years, took seriously ill about three weeks ago and died shortly afterwards.  Her remains were brought to Laneville for interment.  She leaves a husband and three children.
 S M Kuykendall, of Keyser, colporteur of the American Bible Society, is in this vicinity this week with a nice line of bibles and testaments.  This Society aims to place a Bible in every home.  Where the family has no bible and no means with which to buy one, a bible is donated to them.
   Williamsport, June 17  -Miss Irene Houser is spending the summer at J W Wise’s and has a small class of music students.
  T M Rotruck & Co have sold their general store at this place to Maurice Jones, of Keyser who will take possession about Sept 1st.
  Isaac McDonald was right seriously injured while making wire fence a few days ago, the wire stretcher breaking and the handle striking him in the eye, cutting the eye-ball, but his physician does not think the sight is destroyed.
  Falls, June 17 -Mrs Eli Powers died June 10th of cancer.  Just three weeks ago her husband died.  She was a good woman, like by all who knew her and she will be greatly missed in this vicinity.  Her age was 68 years.  Services were conducted by Rev Landstreet at 10 o’clock am and then she was carried to the graveyard and laid beside her husband.
  Many of her sorrowful friends followed her to the last parting place, but all have a good assurance of meeting her in heaven, for she was a good woman and one that read the bible.
  Mrs Marge Strawder, who is visiting her nephew, J W Shrout is very poorly and Mrs Martin Goldizen has also been right poorly, but is a little better.





 Moorefield Examiner of 20th
  Miss Mary Littell, of Wheeling, arrived last Thurs evening on a visit to her sister, Mrs F S Randolph.
  Brown McNeill spent several days in Cumberland last week.
  B A Stinner returned last week from a business trip to Keyser.
  The remains of Garret Sherrard, who died at his home in Iowa, were brought here Tues evening and on Wed morning, after funeral services, were interred in Olivet Cemetery.
  Mr Sherrard was a brother of Mrs J Wm Kuykendall of this place, and left here about 30 years ago.  He lived for a number of years in Illinois and later moved to Iowa.  He was about 62 years of age.  He never married.
  Wm Sherrard,of Iowa, accompanied the remains of his brother here this week and will visit here for a short time.  This is his first visit here since he left about 30 years ago.
  Mrs E M Hyde and Miss Annie Cunningham delightfully entertained a number of their lady friends on last Thurs in honor of Miss Vandiver and Miss Cunningham, of Burlington.
  Mrs S B Johnson, of Franklin and her mother, Mrs Snively,of Pa, passed through here last week, the latter having been called to Denver Col, by the serious illness of her son.
  Geo W Fisher left Mon morning for Washington to bring home his mother, Mrs Jesse Fisher, who was operated upon several weeks ago.  Mrs Fisher continues to improve nicely.
  Mrs O V Brooks, who has been visiting relatives at Scottsdale, Pa, returned home Tues accompanied by Mrs Brooks, mother of Dr Brooks, who will visit here for a short time.
  Supt L S Halterman, Lost River, spent Tues night here and left yesterday morning for Wheeling to attend the State Educations Assn meeting, which is held there this week.
  Mr and Mrs Geo T Williams and Mr and Mrs S A McCoy celebrated the tenth anniversary of their marriage at the home of Mr and Mrs Williams, on Tues evening.  About 85 guests were present an a pleasant evening was spent by all.
  LeHew Wood, who has been teaching in Ga the past winter, arrived at his home here last week to spend his vacation.
  Misses Ann Vandiver and Helen Cuningham, who spent a few days here, returned dot their homes at Burlington last week.
  We are informed that a postoffice will be established at Cunningham on the Hampshire Southern RR with Fillmore Sindy as postmaster.
  Misses Edna and Irene McNeill pleasantly entertained a number of their friends last Fri evening in honor of Miss sue Welton, of Williamsport.
  F C Turley of Romney, spent Sat night here.
  Arthur Neff spent a few days the past week in Cumberland.
  Mrs Alice Johnson left Mon for a visit to relatives in Washington.
  Miss Alice Crites spent a few days the past week visiting in Cumberland.
  W H Shearer has been right sick the past week, but is improving slowly.
  Miss Helen Bowen went to Cumberland Fri and had her throat treated by Dr Jones, C B Welton accompanied her.
  Hon H B Gilkeson and daughter, Miss Laura  of Romney, came up Tues and are spending a few days at “The Meadows.”
  Atty’s J S Zimmerman and J Sloan Kuykendall, of Romney and W H Griffith of Keyser were here attending court this week.
  Wardensville, June 17.  Died at his home here Fri morning James H Funkhouser in is 77 year.  Mr Funkhouser was in apparently good health up to Thurs night, when he went to his home about 8:30.  He lived alone and about midnight he called a neighbor and sent him for the doctor and his daughter, Mrs Kate Wilson, both of whom went immediately to the house, but not in time to render any assistance to the stricken man. Mr Funkhouser complained of severe pains in the regions of his heart and was walking the floor of his room when the end came.  He told his daughter (the only person in the room) that he could not stand he pain much longer and that was the last spoken by him.  He kneeled to the floor and died before the doctor arrived.
  Mr Funkhouser was an Ex-Confederate soldier, member of Co I, 33 Va Regiment, and served throughout the war between the States.  His sudden death was quite a shock to his many friends and to his 7 living children, scattered over the States of Md, VA and W Va.
  He leaves six daughters and one son, all of whom are married and came to attend the funeral.





  A large black bear has been seen several times no far from Emoryville.
  Some penitentiary candidates have been killing fish in Abrams Creek with dynamite.  The party was seen, and strong hopes are entertained that they will be punished to the full extent of the law.
  E A Ludwick was at Rawlings on business last week.
  Mrs Kate Dixon and son, of Elk Garden, was here on business last week.
  B W Davis, of Keyser was a business visitor here last Wed.
  Harry Robinson and Miss Pearl Willis were married at Blaine last Wed.
  The Ajax Coal Co has reduced its force of men.  This is not very complimentary on a “full dinner pail” argument.
  D W Idleman and family of Empire, visited Silas S Thomas, of Sulphur, last Sat.
  J P Arnold is having a steel roof put on his barn on the Walter Arnold property.  Mr Arbogast of  Keyser is doing the work.
  Mrs Dr Lady Morgan is on a business trip to Baltimore.
  H C Homan, of Antioch, was out at his mountain farm last Mon.
  Mrs Leona Haines of Slanesville, is on a two weeks visit to her father, Wm Shillingburg.
  C E Welch, of Empire, was here one business Mon.
  Miss Mae Michael, of Keyser, visited friends here last week.
  Rev Eubank, of near Schell, was calling on friends here last Mon.
  Mrs Dr Lantz has a hen that has 85 chickens larger than partridges.  We don’t believe this can be beat in the county.
  E L Blackburn passed through town today with a lovely “bird”, and judging form Ed’s pleasant smiles, he don't care who got the nomination for President.
A J Shillingburg was at Cumberland last Thurs to see his wife, who is in the Alleghany Hospital for treatment.


    Franklin News of 13th
  Miss Jane Sites, daughter of Dr J M Sites, of Martinsburg, W Va, is visiting the family of Dr Moomau.
  On Wed, June 12th, 1912, Wm R Thompson, of Berin North Carolina, and Miss Merle Nelson were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s father, P P Nelson, on Dry Run.
  The frost on last Fri and Sat nights seems to have bitten vegetables in many sections of the county, with varying results, and in some of the higher localities, it is said to have killed corn and potatoes. In Franklin, the mercury registered 30 degrees above zero, or 2 degrees below freezing, by the government thermometer.
  David Eye and R L Eye returned last Sat from a trip over Loudon, Fairfax, Fauquer and Prince William counties, Va, in the search of prospective homes.  Don Byrd accompanied them upon the trip, but remained a week or two longer.  They liked some of the country visited, and if they can make sale for their farms in this county, we stand to lose two good Eyes, all of which is to be regretted.
  Among the graduates of Shepherd College of Shepherdstown, we notice the names of Mary Alice Armstrong, William Guy Crigler and Don Carlos Dolly from Pendleton Co.
  Rose bugs have gotten so numerous in town, that Michael Mauzy Jr, says he laid a bunch of artificial roses out in the yard, and in less than fifteen minutes it was covered with hem.
  The little son of Rev and Mrs Lawson has been named Phillip, and enjoys the distinction of being the first child born in the present Methodist parsonage, which was built about 18 years ago.
  John Emswiller, know to many of the people of this community, died suddenly at Milam, Hardy Co, on Thurs of last week.  He had been afflicted with heart trouble for some time.  On Thurs, he was employed in hoeing potatoes, and sat down on a stone to rest, when the end came.
  Mon David Eye brought down a drove of 32 young cattle sold by himself and Aldine Eye to John McClure.
  Byron Boggs has sold his property in West Franklin recently purchased of Mason Boggs to C F Hammer.
  Miss Eva Filler, who has been visiting friends in Keyser for the past week, returned Sat via Hartman.
  The old school building and lot were sold recently to Harry and Boyd Crigler for the sum of $885.00.


  Franklin, June 29
  C Ed Lukis, of Montana and Miss Macle, daughter of A J Bennett of Harman, were recently married in Chicago.
  C C Arbogast brought Miss Bond up form Keyser last week in his automobile to visit a few days at her cousin’s Lucian Bowers.  She is a daughter of the late Flournoy Bond, formerly of this county.
  Miss Mertie Lee, after spending several months in Harrisonburg, returned dot her home last Wed.
  Mrs Snively,of Shady Grove, Penn, who was here visiting her daughter, Mrs S B Johnson, was called home by the illness of her son, who resides in Nebraska.  Mrs Snively expects to go to his bedside.  Mrs Johnson accompanied her home, at Shady Grove.
  Misses Lynn Moomau and Alice McCoy went to Upper Tract Sun to spend the day with Miss Jane Sites, of Martinsburg, who is visiting at her grandfather’s, I T Kile.
  Guy Crigler returned from Shepheredstown last week where he graduated at Shepherd College.  He was accompanied by his sister, Miss Hazel, who attended commencement.



    Piedmont WV, June 21.

  Mr Charles J Bell, asst trainmaster, B&O RR, of Piedmont and Keyser, was married Wed morning at 9:30 o’clock with nuptial mass to Miss Agnes Morgan, of Hampshire St.  Rev Thomas E Gallagher, pastor of St Peter’s Catholic Church, performed the ceremony assisted by Rev Fathers Flood asst pastor Quinn, of Barton and Brady, of Meyersdale Pa.  Mr William Morgan was best man and Miss Mary Malloy of Westernport was bridesmaid.  There was a fine musical program by the choir.  The bridal party and a few friends returned to the bride’s home, where a wedding breakfast was served.  The bridal party left on the B&O train No 55 for Pittsburg. They will make their home in Piedmont.
  William W Shultice,  of Westernport, underwent a surgical operation at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore on Mon, which was successful.
  Frank Coddington, aged 22 years, of near Piedmont, who lost both legs below the knees by being run over by a Baltimore & Ohio freight in the Piedmont yards, is improving at the Hoffman Hospital in Keyser.  He displayed remarkable presence of mind, giving first aid to himself by making a compress with his necktie for one leg and a compress with his suspender for the other.
  An accident occurred at the Piedmont Grocery Company’s warehouse on Wed morning when the elevator fell with Earle Blaker, aged 17, carrying them a distance of about 20 feet.  Both were painfully, but not dangerously injured.  The rope broke and let the carriage fall.

  Mr John O Donnell Jr, a freight brakeman on the B & O RR had his right leg crushed in an accident at Terra Alta, Wed.  He is 22 years old, and a son of John O’Donnell, of Piedmont.
  A child named Graney, aged about six years, was struck by the Boothwell automobile on Wed evening in Westernport.  The automobile was moving slowly and the child ran in front of it.  The child is not dangerously injured.
  Mr Dailey Kenny, who holds a responsible position with the Hampshire Southern Railway in Romney, will be married in Baltimore on Wed morning to Miss Parsons of Romney, by his uncle, Rev Timothy Kenny.
  Mr Frank McMillan, of Piedmont, will be married to Miss Mella Poland, of Midland Md, Wed June 19.  Mr McMillan is a partner in the general store of C E Laughlin & Co Piedmont.
  The Devon Club is making great preparations for the Fourth of July Celebration. 
  On Tues afternoon about 2 o’clock a man named O’Neill , standing near the B&O passenger depot, was shot through the right hand by a thirty-two calibre ball.  It is not known who fired the shot.  Dep Sheriff Davis was soon on the ground.  It is the second time a person has been shot near this same spot.
  Mrs Thomas N Nevisson, of Luke, and children have left for a summer visit to her old home in Scotland.  Her husband will join her and return to their home at Luke about the last of Sept.
  Miss Portia Richardson will return tomorrow form Vassar College.
  Miss Mary S Richardson graduated with honor at the Girls’ Latin School Baltimore, last week.
June 21




  Mr and Mrs George Porter of Oakland, have issued invitations for the wedding of their daughter, Miss Sarah Elizabeth, to Mr Paul Bartlett Naylor, son of Mr A D Naylor, of Oakland.  The wedding will occur at the bride’s home June 27.



   The marriage of Miss Nivota Estella Liller and Mrs Edward Albert Parker took place at the home of Miss Mary High, 74 Union St this city, June 23.  Rev A J Secrist of the UB Church, conducted the marriage service.  The bride is one of Hampshire County’s most popular and successful teachers.  The groom a successful young farmer of near Romney.  Mr and Mrs Parker will make an extended tour of the Northern Lakes and Canada in August, a trip which was postponed on account of the serious illness of Mr Parker’s mother.   –Cumb News of 26th.



  Romney, W Va, June 21
  At the home of the bride’s parents, Mr and Mrs G W Parsons, near Romney, Wed, Miss Mary Albert Parsons became the bride of Thomas Dailey Kenny of Piedmont.  She wore a traveling suit of dark blue, and was attended by her niece, Miss Avery Parsons Coleman, of Duquesne, Pa, as ringbearer.  The groom is an accountant of the Hampshire Southern RR.  The ceremony was performed by Rev Frank  O’Hara of Keyser W Va.  After an eastern honeymoon, the couple will be at the home of the bride’s parents for a short time.  Mr Kenny was formerly located in Fairmont.



  June 19, 1912, Mr Blaine Summers and Miss Eliza Utt were united in marriage at the home of Mr Washington Utt, by Rev I F Roberts.
  June 25 – Arthur Owen Swann and Genevieve Beatrice Hine, both of Piedmont W Va.
  Ulysses Grant Dorsey, South Branch and Ethel Viola Cowgill, Levels W Va.




  W W Harper, clerk of the Pendleton County court, and Miss Margie E Teter, daughter of Charles G Teter, were married Sun by Reev J W Stearn.  After a trip to Washington and Baltimore they will make their home in Franklin W Va.





  Mrs Mary J Cunningham died Thurs afternoon, June 20, at the home of her son, A M Cunningham, on Davis St.  Her death was due to burns received some time ago and other complications due to old age.  Mrs Cunningham was 73 years of age and was the mother of A M, BY and A B Cunningham of this city.  The remains will be taken to Job Sat morning for burial.  –Elkins Inter-Mt.


  Capt Wm T Cooksey, for 35 years a conductor on the Western Md RR, died in Baltimore, aged 67 years.  He leaves a wife and two children.  He resided in Williamsport for a number of years and was one of the most popular men on road.  Capt Cooksey was born in Anne Arundel county, Md, and was an old Confederate soldier.



  Mrs Anise Liller died Wed night, June 26, 1912, at the home of her son-in-law, L O Mott, of Dawson, aged 85 years.  She was the last survivor of her family, the Tuckers.  She leaves four children, Mrs L O Mott, Mrs Fannie Helmick of Thomas; Mrs Martin thrush, of Moorefield; and C E Liller of Onio.  Interment will be at Ridgeville next Sun.



  Oral C Hall, who assisted his father in the construction of the Garrett National Bank, Oakland, last summer is dead at Boothville WV, from typhoid fever, aged 23 years.




John Wesley Deetz, one of the oldest native born residents of Cumberland, died last night at his home, 19 Hanover St, from infirmities, aged 80 years.  Mr Deetz had been in enfeebled health for a year and during the past week there was every evidence of early dissolution.  He peacefully slept away.  –Cumb News of 11th





  Mrs C H Parish, whom we mentioned last week as being very ill from eating poisoned meat, died on Mon, June 24, 1912, after suffering intensely.  It seems that the whole family were sick from the poison, but all recovered except Mrs Parish.  She was a lady who had a host of friends who delighted in calling her “Aunt Mandy” and she was generally known throughout this community.  She was about 58 years of age, and leaves a husband, three children, Mrs Lucy Fazenbaker of Bloomington, Mrs Beulah Smith and Charles, also one sister, Mrs Robert Caldwell, and two brothers, Allen Barker of Grafton, and Charles Barker of Georgia.  The funeral took place Wed.  Services held at her late home, on Limestone, conducted by Rev S Umstot, after which interment took place in Queen’s Point cemetery.
  The funeral was largely attended.  A special choir consisting of Mrs  H M Wells, Misses Emlie Coffroth and Myrtle Vossler, Messrs D T Greenwade and George Loy sang appropriate music.



  The body of Roy J Allamong, of the Twenty-First Infantry, U S A, who was drowned in the Philippines Nov 16, 1911, while bathing with companions, having been seized with cramps, was brought here yesterday and taken to Romney W Va, where the funeral will be held this afternoon.  Young Allamong at one time lived in Cumberland, where he has a number of relatives who will attend the funeral today.  -Cumb News



  The installation of the officers of the Keyser Charter No 19, A F & A N, took place on Fri night.  High Priest, J Z Terrell; King, Oscar Cosner; scribe, A J Boor; treasurer, J G Koelz; secretary, J W Stayman; captain of the host, I H Offner; principal sojourner, John W Ravenscroft; royal third veil, J L Frost; master second veil, G W Parsons; master first veil, W W Long; Sentinel, J M Linthicum.



  Miss Hallie B Parsons, daughter of Mr Frank A Parsons, this city, has returned to her home in Beverly W Va, from Mt St Joseph’s College, Emmitsburg.  Miss Parsons took first honors in art.  She was awarded the gold metal for having attained this degree of proficiency.  –Cumb News.



  Mayor F H Babb, and wife and two children, Mary Catherine and Arnold, and heir visitor, Miss Katie Scherr, of Louisville Ky and Dr and Mrs  W M Babb, went to “Cherry Lane,” Grant Co, Mon and took dinner with Mr and Mrs Obed Babb in honor of Mayor Babb’s birthday.



  A very delightful birthday party was given last Tues evening in honor of Miss Anna McGahan’s twelfth birthday.  Refreshments were served after a late hour.  Those present were Misses Nina Reed of Cumberland, Nellie Moomau, Florence Purington, Viola Umstot, Helen McGahan; Masters Russell Purington, Freddie Moomau and Claude Glover.  All report a good time.


  The Mayor has given notice that no fireworks shall be shot on the streets on the fourth.
  An infant of Mr and Mrs Edward Stewart was buried last Sat.
  Fred Stagg of up New Creek, was operated on at Hoffman Hospital on Wed.
  A S Wolf has bought Harry Kercheval’s blacksmith shop, on Water St, and has taken charge.
  One of the hardest rains for a short time that this section has ever experienced fell Wed afternoon.  Some hail also fell.
  Miss Lena Morran, daughter of Mr and Mrs J E Morran, and Luther Shoemaker were married on Sun, June 16th, 1912.
  Mrs Carrie Kight, who has been ill for some time, was taken to the Hoffman Hospital last Fri, but is now back home, and is on the mend.
  R W Nine, and family and Misses Hallie and Frances Sayre went to Baltimore Mon in Mr Nine’s auto with Herman Davis as chauffeur.
  The equalization board met Tues to go over the assessor’s books.  The members of the board are Capt J W Vandiver, of Burlington, W T Dixon of Elk Garden, and S N Moore of Keyser.
  Miss Margaret Liller entertained a few of her young friends last Sat night at a slumbering party at her home on Davis St.  Those present were Misses Charlotte Vossler, Pauline Wilson, Blanche and Louise Wolf.
  I M Long went down to Baltimore this week to see the next president nominated and to get the latest summer goods for his lady friends.  They are now arriving – the summer goods.
  We have the best water motor Washing Machine on earth.  A free trial.  Frye & Sons
  Mrs Murry and Miss Bunnell entertained at bridge last night, at their home on B street, in honor of Mrs S L Poindexter, Mrs A E Russell’s sister, Mrs J Z Terrell entertained Wed evening in her honor.
  Married:  Wed Evening, June 26, 1912, at the home of the bride’s mother at Westernport, J Horace Menefee, of Keyser and Miss Mollie Fazenbaker, daughter of Mrs Conrad Fazenbaker.
  Last Wed afternoon, during the storm, lightning struck the residence of Jas B Johnson, on Fort Hill, knocking off the chimney and tearing a hole in the roof.  Mrs Johnson was standing in a door and was considerably shocked, but no further damage was done.
  Mr W W Davis and family, Grand Ave, are spending a few days at Keyser.
  Dr John Groves and Mr Waler Irvin, of Petersburg W Va, went to Baltimore today to attend the Democratic convention.
  Mrs J A Dixon, of Shaw has returned home after spending several days with her friend, Mrs Daniel Casteel, Frederick St.  –Cumb and Times 24th.
  Mrs G B Crawford is spending a few days at Alaska.
  Miss Nell Taylor, of Romney, is visiting relatives here.
  Misses Cordelia and Maud Blair are visiting in Romney.
  Miss Maude Orbaugh has returned to her home at Berkeley Springs.
  Prof J C Sanderstook in the convention at Baltimore this week.
  Mrs R M Collins goes to Washington tomorrow to spend a while.
  Miss Jennie Smith, of Baltimore, is a guest of Miss Mabel Grenoble.
  Mrs Foreman and children of Pittsburg, are guests of Mrs Floyd Bailey.
  Miss Margaret Pownall, of Cumberland, is visiting relatives here this week.
  I H Bane of Elk Garden, was here Sun night on his way to Baltimore.
  T T Huffman is attending the meeting of the postmasters at Elkins this week.
  Mrs Mollie Jones and little daughter left Wed for Va on a visit.
  Mr and Mrs H S Thompson spent last Sun with relatives and friends at Gorman.
  Surveyor Warren Harr went to Ridgeley Wed to do some work for the W Md RR.
 Mrs Tom Johnston and children are spending a few days with relatives in Elk Garden.
  Miss Nina Reed of Cumberland, is visiting her aunt and uncle, Mr and Mrs C H McGahan.
  Miss Bertie Rice went to Newmarket Va, Wed to pay relatives a short visit.
 R S Pownall and daughters of South Keyser, have returned home from a visit to Romney.
  Mr Walter Lowry is able to be around again, much to the gratification of his many friends.
  Mrs Earl H Smith and little son, Herndon, have been visiting relatives here since last Fri.
  Miss Sue Sheetz went to Morgantown Wed to attend the summer school at the University.
  Mr and Mrs Grove Moomau and children of Ridgeley, spent last Sun with his mother at McCoole.
  Orvelle MacDonald, a former student at the Preparatory school, has been visiting friends here the past week.
  Mrs Carrie Sharpless and daughter, Miss Ella, went to Elk Garden Wed to visit relatives a few days.
  Mrs Frank Getty and children of Westernport, were guest of Mrs Wm MacDonald first of the week.
  Mrs Lydia Blackburn and children of Lonaconing spent last Sun with Mrs Albert Steiding, at McCoole.
  Mrs Geo T Carskadon returned last week from a pleasant visit to her sister, Mrs Belle Babb, at Williamsport.

  Miss Marie Grusendorf, of Lonaconing, spent last Sat here a guest at the home of her brother, Dr H Cgrusendorf.
  Miss Annie Walsh, a nurse in the Hoffman Hospital, has gone to Baltimore to take a course at Mt Wilson Children’s Hospital.
  Loyal Copeland, son of Dr H P Copeland, of Kitzmiller Md, and Guy Paugh of Blaine, were visiting friends in Keyser Tues night.
  Mrs Jackson and baby of Luke, came down Wed evening on a visit to her mother, Mrs MacDonald on Piedmont St..
  Miss May Paris underwent an operation at the Hoffman Hospital this week for the removal of her tonsils, which had been troublesome.
  Mrs C Hillabrandt and daughter, Miss Beulah, of Chester Mass, arrived yesterday on a visit to the former’s sister, Mrs F E Hutchinson.
  Mrs D H Frye and children left yesterday for their home, at Richwood, accompanied by Mrs R M Frye, who will spend a short while with them.
  Mr and Mrs J D Gelwicks and Mr and Mrs R G Richardson went to Williamsport lst Sat in Mr Richardson’s automobile.  Mr and Mrs Richardson returned Mon.
  Mrs J C Miller and daughter, Miss Essie, Miss Elsie Hawkins, of Fairmont, Mrs W C Whisler of Grafton and Mrs A S Bloom of Cumberland are he guests at the home of Mr and Mrs C E Dayton, on Main St.
  Mr J Walter Scherr, who is in the insurance business at Louisville Ky, came in last Sat and is spending a while at the home of his wife’s parents, Mr and Mrs Obed Babb, at Martin, Grant Co.  Mrs Scherr and son have been there several weeks.
Miss Frances Sayre returned from Baltimore Tues night.
  Mr and Mrs W E Duling are visiting friends in Baltimore.
  H P Adams returned Mon from a visit to Clarksburg.
  Mrs R G Richardson paid Cumberland a visit Wed.
  Miss Matttie Stewart went to Elk Garden Wed on a visit.
  Mr and Mrs Ray Wells are spending this week in Baltimore.
  Miss Ruth Arnold is visiting her uncle, Mr Wm Babb, at Medley.
  W Rees Nethken, of Elk Garden, was in town Tues on business.
  Miss Joretha Liller returned Mon evening from her visit to Washington DC.
  Mr and Mrs John Rickard left last Sat night for a visit to Lancing Mich.
  Mrs Kate Bailey and daughter, Mrs John Neville, and baby are visiting Elk Garden.
  Misses Florence and Clara Renshaw, of Piedmont, attended the funeral of Mrs C H Parish.
  Curtis Rice left Tues for Mannington for a visit until after the Fourth.
  Miss Alice Blair, of Hyndman Pa, is attending the summer normal at the Prep.
  Mr and Mrs O Arnold have returned home form a visit to relatives in Washington.
  Dr Arza Furbee returned last Sun from his visit to Tyler Co.  Mrs Furbee remained to spend another week.
  Mrs J H Trout and daughter, Miss Willie, and Prof J B O Clemn, went to Canaan last Mon to spend a while.
  Mr and Mrs Park Spangler, of Pen Mar Md, spent yesterday here on their way home form a visit to Westernport.
  Miss Margaret Sheetz went to Romney Wed to spend the summer with her sister, Mrs Geo H Johnson up South Branch.
  Master Morris Sanders went to Morgantown last Mon to spend the summer on the farm at the home of his grandparents.
  Mrs Nason Wood and little son, Nason of Fairmont, who spent a few days with Mrs A E Russell, returned home Mon.
  Mrs Herbert White and two children, of Terra Alta, are spending this week with Mrs White’s parents, Mr and Mrs George P Warner.
  Mrs W B Bazzle left Wed for a week’s visit to her parents, Mr and Mrs R N Fout at Purgittsville.
  Mrs Charles Burke and two children of Cumberland, who have been visiting relatives here, returned home Tues.
  C E Leary was summoned to Oakland Wed on account of the illness of one of his children.  Mrs Leary and the children have been spending a short time there.
  Rev J H Brunk went to Harrisonburg Va, Wed on a short visit and will accompany home his wife and daughter, who have been spending a couple of weeks there.
  Misses Myrtle Blackburn, Sue Johnson and May Michael, teachers in our public school, went to Morgantown last Mon to attend the summer school at the University.
  Mrs J C Liller, Mrs W H Virts, Mrs Isaac Mills, Miss Mary Moore and her guest, Miss Ethel Hooten, Messrs Isaac Mills, C J Snider, Ira Mankins, were among the visitors to Cumberland this week.
  Rev O A Price and family are expected today from their home in Tennessee.  The ladies spent quite a while in fixing up the parsonage and getting it in a nice condition for their new pastor and family and succeeded wonderfully.   In addition to putting the parsonage in nice condition they filled up the pantry with a bountiful supply of goods things to eat.
  J Sloan Kuykendall, accompanied by Arthur Ewers, came over form Romney Wed night in an auto to meet Mrs Virginia Gloss and brother, Frank Brooke, of St Louis, who were called to Romney by the death of their sister.  They arrived on train No 4 and were accompanied over by Miss Lucy Kuykendall of this place.
  H A Lineburg, who is superintendent for the Singer Sewing Machine Co, of heir agency at Parkersburg, arrived here Mon and remained for two days the guest of his numerous friends.  He was accompanied by his father, of Stephen City, VA.  They drove form Parkersburg to this place, having started on Wed last, and followed the old North Western Turnpike.  Here the elder Lineburg took the train, while the son continued the drive to his old home.
  Mrs Isaac Mills spent Wed in Cumberland.
  Harry Leps and bride arrived home on No 1.
  Mrs W Pollock spent Tues in Cumberland on business.
  Miss Bessie Wageley is visiting friends in Cumberland.
  Miss Lillie Caldwell has returned from a visit to Ridgeley.
  Mrs Malcolm Frye spent Mon in Cumberland.
  Miss Bessie Dawson is visiting relatives in Washington.
  Miss Clara Hare has returned to her home at Capon Bridge.
  Mrs Jas Whiteman is visiting relatives at the Junction this week.
  Miss Adah Gilum is able to be out after an illness of typhoid fever.
  Mrs A L Liller left Wed for Elk Garden on a short visit.
  Mrs C K Heare, and Miss Anna Leary spent Fri in Cumberland.
  Dr Geo H Carpenter, of Cumberland, was in town Wed on business.
  Miss Nina Havener, who spent some time in Baltimore, arrived here yesterday.
  Mrs Thomas Johnston returned home Mon from a visit to her sister at Elk Garden.
  H L Bowman, the insurance man of Piedmont, was in town Wed on business.
  Mrs H G Wilson and daughter, Miss Pauline, paid Cumberland a visit.
  John Dyche of Piedmont, who had his right arm cut of several days ago has returned home.
  Mrs F L Byrd spent Wed to Sat with her parents, Mr and Mrs W H Neff, at Pinto.
  Miss Belle Taylor, of Purgittsville, came down last Fri and is staying with her aunt, Mrs Chas H Flick, who is ill.
  Miss Edith Taylor, of Purgittsville, is taking the teacher’s summer course at the University at Morgantown.
  Mrs Jesse Hoover and daughter, of Cumberland, are visiting her parents Mr and Mrs Walter Lowry this week.
  Miss Pauline Woodward returned to her home at Chillecothe Ohio, last Sun, after a pleasant visit to relatives here.
  The children of Mrs Lottie Moomau will give her a birthday dinner tomorrow at he home.
  Chas N Finnell and H L Arnold, went to Baltimore yesterday to see the finish of the big convention.
  Miss Gladys Nefflen has returned to her home form the South, where she filled a position as milliner the past season.
  Mrs Price McKenzie and daughters, Misses Ellen and Vennetta, spent Sun with relatives at Mt Savage.
  Mr and Mrs Virgil Fout, of Purgittsville W Va, brought their son, Robert to the Hoffman Hospital on Sat for treatment.
  Miss Alice Bevans and Miss Louise Norton, left Cumberland this morning for their home in Paw Paw W VA.  –Cumb Times of 26th.
  Mrs Lavenia Poling, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs Price McKenzie, for several weeks, returned dot her home in Mt Savage Sat.
  Miss Fannie Leps returned home Wed from Baltimore, where she attended the wedding of her brother and paid a short visit to relatives.
  Mrs J T Bowman, of Moorefield and Mrs David Bean, of Fabiusa*e, the guests of Mrs Seymour Wilson, on Davis Ave.  –Elkins Inter Mt of 26th.
  T W Blundell has sold his property in South Keyser to Charley Fletcher.  Mr Blundell has been employed at Garrett, Ind for some time and his wife will join him there soon, their household goods having already gone.
  An auto party composed of Mrs W E Woolf and sons Willie and Andrew, Mr and Mrs R G Richardson and Mrs T Z Kalbaugh of Piedmont, left yesterday morning for Baltimore in Mrs Wolfe’s auto, where they will be joined by Messrs Harry Wolfe, and J H Markwood and party and go to Toronto Canada.
  Mr and Mrs J H Markwood, accompanied by their guest, Mrs McMasters of Wheeling, left Sat on an extended auto trip, with Bernard Markwood as the chauffeur.  They expect to stop at Washington over Sun with Mr and Mrs Geo S Rees, who will accompany them to Baltimore to take in the convention,after which they will go on a trip through the north.


    Phil Smith was taken to the Hoffman Hospital yesterday.
  F P Greenwade has accepted a position at the B&O shops.
  Harry Shank, of Petersburg, was I town Wed night.
  W A C Welch is building another house on Willow Ave.
  V F Alkire spent Tues afternoon and evening in Oakland on business.
  Miss Blanche Chrisman has been moved home from the Hoffman Hospital.
  Miss Minnie Rinehart, of Foote, spent last Fri in town with relatives.
  Mrs Louise Mullen, of Bloomington, has returned home from the Hoffman Hospital.
  Mrs Morris Jones and son returned Tues from a visit to Washington.
  Mrs Clara Comp, of Piedmont, was brought to the Hoffman Hospital yesterday.
  Miss Virginia Stewart,of Manington, is he guest of Miss Helen Alkire.
  John W Arnold, who has been sick the past few weeks, is able to be around again.
  Mrs N M Grim, of Beleview, Ohio, came in Thurs of last week on a visit to relatives.
  Col W E Crooks is having his residence painted.  Robinette & Zacot are doing the work.
  Last sun, while out in the mountain, Charley Harman and Will Martin killed a rattle snake that had fourteen rattlers and a button.
  Miss Bertha Wagoner went to Cincinnati last week to take a summer course in a school there.
  Mrs James Spence, of Bloomington, underwent an operation at the Hoffman Hospital Tues.
  Mrs Hill (nee Miss Ethel Edgel) is very ill at her home at Portland Oregon  Her mother is with her.
  Miss Bessie Wilson returned to her home at Moorefield Wed after spending a couple of weeks with Mrs D H Huffman.
  Born Sun night, June 23, 1912 to Mr and Mrs Thos D Leps, a fine daughter.  Tom is receiving the congratulations of his friends very serenely.
  Dr W J Koelz, wife and little daughter, Martha Lee, and Dr E V Romig, wife and son, Jack, spent yesterday on Patterson’s Creek fishing.
  Mr and Mrs George Groves and daughter returned to their home in Cleveland on Sat after a visit to the former’s sister, Mrs Annie Golden, of Spring St.
  Chief Engineer Lews if the T M & P RR, sustained a seriously mashed hand last Tues while superintending the erection of a bridge near Burlington.
  Mrs Rachel Stevenson and daughter, Miss Mary, have returned home after a visit at the home of Mrs McGraw, of Monongah.
  Wm T Dayton and daughter, Miss Helen, of Newark, Ohio, and Mrs Roland Dayton of Dayton, Ohio, have been spending the past week here among their many relatives and friends.
  J Z Terell and Wm MacDonald went to Baltimore Mon morning to take in the big convention.  Mr Terrell was assistant door keeper at the convention.
  Mr and Mrs A C Feather  and son, Norris, left last Sat.  Mrs Feather and son went to Winchester Va, and Washington, while Mr Feather expected to visit Baltimore and other eastern points.
  The fishing party we mentioned last week, composed of N J Crooks, A W Coffroth, W W Long and Wm Crooks, who went to Barkville fishing, caught a fine string of bass.  Mr Long boasts of having landed a three pounder, and the rest of them vouch for it, so it must be true.
  Walter Leatherman of Burlington, was in town Mon on business.
  C Arbogst returned last Fri form a trip to Franklin and other points up the country.
  Clerk J V Bell spent form last Thurs to Sun in Washington with relatives and friends.
  Mrs M Masteller, of Fredericksburg Va, has been visiting relatives here the past week, she and Miss Martha Watson returned last Sun from a visit to their old home, at Barnum.
  Mrs F L Baker, of Burlington, returned home Wed from her visit to Fairmont. Mrs Arnold remained to look after her colored girl, who underwent an operation at the Cooke hospital.
 Jas C Smith, a B&O yard conductor, who has been off duty for some time suffering from an injured leg, is now confined to the house, the doctor having put his knee in a plaster of paris cast.
  A party composed of Taylor Marrison, H G Fisher, R A Welch, C E Nethken and H H Stover, left Sun morning in Mr Morrison’s auto for the great convention at Baltimore, to see the next president nominated.








  Mystic Fields Assembly No 6, Degree of Naomi, A O K of the M C elected the following officers Mon night for ensuing term:  Past Commander, Mrs Olie Smathers; Commander, Mrs Lorena Rice; Vice Commander, Mrs Nettie Stallings; Conductress, Miss Lillie Cheshire; Secretary, Mrs Ellen P Hardy; Financial Secretary, Mrs Carrie M Dayton; Treasurer, Miss Delia Hardy; Guard, Mrs Mary Rice; Sentinel, Mrs Etta King; Trustee, C M Dayton.




  Friendship Castle No 4, A O K of the M C Wed night elected the following officers for the ensuing term:  Chaplain, A V Douglass; Past Commander, West Hardy; Commander, George Avers; Marshall, Thomas Nash; Inside guard, John Boswell; Out side Guard, ? Miller; Recording Scribe, James W Dayton; Financial Scribe, Charles M Dayton; Treasurer, Leslie B McCoole; Trustee, George B Ravenscraft.  Selecting Representative, Jesse Floyd, Alternate, Charles Arnold.


  The State Board of Regents has reappointed the faculty of last year for the Keyser Preparatory School as follows;  J W Stayman, Principal; Geo W Whiting, English; E F VanDyke, Science; C P Moore, Commercial; W H Thomas, Agriculture; Mrs Ida F Menefee, history; Miss Florence Shelton, modern languages; Miss Minola R Hatch, elocution; Miss Elsie Hoffman, music.




  Wilbut Chapman has received his Indian motorcycle.
  Chester and Arthur Akers spent Sun in Va.
  Mrs J W Vandiver of Burlington, spent Tues in town.
  Mrs T B Rogers, is visiting friends and relatives at Antioch.
  John F Dayton Jr, has gone to St Barnards Cal, to make his home.
  Miss Lille Koontz spent Sat afternoon with relatives in Westernport Md.
  Mrs Will Martin and son have returned home from a visit to friends in Youngstown Ohio.
  Miss Bessie Dawson left Sun morning on a visit to relatives in Washington DC.
  L E Moran has about completed a concrete house on S Main St, for Boyd Linthicum.
  Mr and Mrs J H Holzman left Tues for their old home at Newark, Ohio, to spent a week.
  The Drake family have moved in their new home n S Main St, which was erected by Walter T Drake.
  Mrs M W Trask left Tues afternoon for Grafton to visit friends and relatives.  Kingwood Argus of 20th.
  Mrs Cletus Channell left last week for her home in Kerns, after a six weeks stay with her mother, Mrs C A Sharpless.
  Mrs Bertie Allen and children returned to their home in Ohio Sun from a pleasant visit to the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs J M Akers.
  Mr W D Martin and Mrs Lizzie Vest, both of Mozelle St, returned Sun night on No 1 from a few days visit to Mrs Vests’ son at Connelsville Pa.
  Mrs J P Carder, of Grafton, accompanied by her mother, Mrs J G Wolfe, of Keyser, is visiting relatives in this city.  –Elkins Inter-Mt of 22nd.
  Mrs J H  Carpenter, who has been seriously ill at the home of her mother, Mrs Emily McAlpine, of East Main St, is very much improved.  –Lonaconing Advocate of 20th.
  Mr and Mrs Arthur Wells and son William, returned here last week after spending a while at her home in Garret, Ind.  Mrs Harry Burke and children came home with them to visit relatives and friends.
  Mr Joseph Arnold and daughters, Misses Ima and Bernice of Cosksville, Ill, who have been visiting relatives on Patterson Creek, are now guests of her cousin, Mr Joseph Arnold, of Water St.
  Miss Lola Sharpless of Beverly, is spending the afternoon in the city.
  Mr and Mrs C E Babb, of Glady, were in the city the guest of Mrs Babb’s parents. –Elkins Inter Mt of 24th.
  Ex-Sen H G Davis of Elkins, passed through here Sat morning for Baltimore to attend the Democratic National Convention in that city.  He will be located at the Hotel Rennert.  Mr and Mrs Arthur Lee left for Baltimore Sat afternoon.
  Miss Antoinette Johnson daughter of Mr and Mrs Albert Livingstone Johnson, of East Orange NJ, is the guest of Judge Henderson’s family on Washington St.
  Mrs Jno T Bowman and David Bean of Moorefield, are visiting Mr and Mrs Harry Paskel here.  –Cumb News 22nd.
  Mr and Mrs James E Watson, of Charlestown, W Va, arrived in Oakland Mon evening to visit their daughter Mrs John A Grant.
  Mesrs Milton and Edward Sincell returned home from Gettysburg College last Fri evening, where the former graduated in civil engineering. –Oakland Republican of 20th.
  Mary Lucy Casey, the oldest daughter of Mrs Arminta Smith, died on Fri morning at 9:30 o’clock, after a short illness.  The funeral services will take place from the residence, 67 S Lee St, Sun afternoon at 2:30 o’clock.  Interment will be in Sumner cemetery.  She was about (?10) years of age.  –Cumb News



  Miss Lucy Brooke, daughter of Rev Dr F J Brooke, pastor of the Presbyterian Church in this place, was the victim of an alcohol lamp explosion, about 11 o’clock Mon night.  While heating some milk, which it was her custom to drink before retiring, the lamp exploded throwing the burning fluid all over her causing serious burns.  At his writing, Tues morning, she is in critical condition.
  Dr Brooke, who was in his study, rushed to her room and smothered the flames with a quilt, burning his hands in doing so.  The floor was in flames as well, as some articles in the room, and he doctor put out these fires.  In addition to town physicians, Dr White, of Cumberland, was summoned, and Miss Hallie Kuykendall from Keyser, they arriving in automobiles about 4 o’clock, Tues morning.  Dr White’s opinion is that if Miss Brooke lived through Tues afternoon there was hope for her recovery.
  Miss Brooke has just recovered from an operation for appendicitis, and this addition affliction is exceedingly trying.  Both she and her family have the sympathy of the community.  –Review (Romney) of 26th.
  Miss Brooke died Tues night at ten o’clock.  The funeral took place yesterday.




  H A Sliger, the barber has exhibited his progressiveness by adding an equipment to his shop that over tops anything in this section of the country.  He has put in three new white enamel sanitary chairs that certainly are beauties, and more equipment is on the road.  This gives him decidedly the most up to date shop in this section, and for a small shop there is none better equipped anywhere.  This new outfit comes from Makrauer’s Barber Supply House, of Pittsburg, and this house says it sends no better equipment anywhere.  The public always recognizes up to dateness and this improvement certainly will be appreciated.


  At a meeting of he Mineral Co Horticultural Society held on Mon considerable work of importance to the society was done.  It was planned to hold a Horticultural picnic on the grove at Knobley Mt Orchards on the 3rd day of Aug and the committee appointed on arrangements consisting of Fred Davis, H H Hoffman, J Sloan Arnold, John R Kennedy, George Keller, C J Alkire and E A Russell.  This will be a basket-in-hand picnic, and here will be features of interest to all fruit growers.
  There were also arrangements made to buy peach baskets for the whole membership in bulk and J Sloan Arnold was appointed to make purchases.
  T T Hoffman was directed ot prepare a list of fruit growers in the county with their addresses and such other information pertaining to this years crop as he may deem proper, and have the same printed for distribution.
  D A Arnold was elected as Nursery Stock Inspector for this society and hereafter all nursery stock bought by a member of this society will be bought subject to the inspection of the society’s official inspector.
  P M Dayton was elected president; T T Hoffman, secretary and H H Hoffman, treasurer.  The next meeting of the society will be held on the picnic grounds Aug 3 unless sooner called by the president.



  D E Biggs, a well-known Western Md railroad engineer, met with an unusual and painful accident while getting off his train at Ohiopyle yesterday afternoon.  He was in charge of the work train there and in making a hasty trip down the steps of the engine had the little finger of his left hand torn off.  A ring that he had worn for many years and highly prized caught in a piece of the arm hold and the weight of his body dragged it from his hand.  Dr A Colborn, of that place, was quickly summoned and dressed the injury.  Mr Biggs suffered intense pain, and came to his home here where he is nursing the injury.  –Ridgeley Cor, Cumb Times of 27th.



JUNE 28, 1912


  W E Miller, a local railroad man, on Mon killed a black diamond rattle snake which measured 7 feet and 4 inches from tip to tip.  Mr Miller has the hide of the snake to prove what he says about it.  The reptile was captured about four miles out the Williams road.  Mr Miller captured the snake, strangled it, brought it to town and skinned it.  He has tanned the hide, and will use it for the purpose of making belts.  The rattler, it is estimated, was about twenty years old.  He had fifteen rattles and a button.  –Cumb News



  The Keyser Cannery Co organized some months ago with local capital in the main, excepts the interest of Mr Dawsons’ practical tomato grower and cannery man of Morgan co, who is the active manager, notwithstanding unfavorable weather in the early spring, is making a good showing.   The co is cropping 60 acres of land at 21st Bridgge and over 200 acres have been contracted for by farmers.  To give some idea of the number of plants already set out, it takes 550,000 plants to set 200 acres.  It is estimated that it will require from 100 to 120 persons to operate the plant when in operation and it will take this many or more to pick and bring the tomatoes in from the fields.
  The canning plant will start about Aug 15th, or as soon as the tomatoes ripen.  The enterprise gives employment to girls and women in the plant at form $1 to $.50 per day, according to practice and speed.



  Miss Beatrice Joyce and Miss Violet Warnick, of Elk Garden, W Va, and Miss Blonda Auglin of Philippi, who have been very popular students at the Mountain State Business College for the past seven months all graduated with honors from the stenographic dept this week.  A diploma from the Mtn State Business College is well coveted by any young man or woman.  The many friends of these old ladies congratulate them on their success.  –Parkersburg Sentinel



  Last Sat evening Mrs A E Russell delightfully entertained a few of her friends at an informal reception, in the nature of a porch party, at her home, corner Main and Alice Streets, in honor of her guests, her sisters, who were visiting her.  Mrs Poindexter, wife of Lieut Poindexter of the U S Army, now stationed at Chicago, and Mrs Nason Wood, of Fairmont.  Some twenty-five or thirty of Mrs Russell’s friends partook of her hospitality and enjoyed a pleasant evening.







  Yesterday afternoon at Federal Court the trial of Nathan Tusing was begun.  Tusing was in Federal Court some years ago on a charge of operating a still in Hardy county, near the Va line.  It was claimed at that time, that the still had been operated for many years in that section, and that the raid which resulted in the capture of part of the outfit, was made by the revenue officers after a tedious and tiresome trip over the mountain roads.  At that time Tusing was a picturesque figure.  He was clad in the homespun of the section and wore a long gray beard.  He was reputed to be one of the largest land owners in that section of the country.
  That was six years ago, but there has been a transformation in the appearance of the old man. His whiskers have been trimmed, he is clad in a new suit of clothes, and is keen and alert.  He was indicted at this term on the same charge, that of operating an illicit still.  He plead not guilty when arraigned several days ago and said that he was ready for trial.
  The Government witnesses were not positive as to the identity of the person operating the still, though one had said he resembled him.  Others were of the opinion that the man at the still was a younger man than Tusing and they understood his name was John Smith.
  The case was given to the jury about ten o’clock this morning and at noon they returned a verdict of not guilty.  –Parkersburg