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  West Virginia Tribune, May 20, 1876-

BAKER. - In Keyser, on 19th inst., HANNAH ELDORA, infant daughter of Henry W. and Jennie E. Baker, aged two years, six months and eleven days.

On the breeze of a May morning, while the dews of Heaven were on the grass and nature bloomed with freshness and beauty, the angel-messenger summoned this little sufferer upward, and unpimoning its wings, the weary child and pilgrim to the celestial city, obeyed His call, and took her flight from earth to Paradise. Another sad, sad Probidential dispensation has visited the nursery of fond parents, and taken the only surviving darling. May they be able to say through their tears, "The Lord hath given, the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord."

Funeral sermon will be preached this Saturday morning at the residence by Rev. W. M. Woodworth and the body taken to Mr. Pierce's private burying ground on Patersons Creek, for buryal.


West Virginia Tribune, May 20, 1876-

GRIM. - At Claysville, Mineral Co., W. Va., May 14th, CHILOLA, infant son of Charles & Mollie Grim, aged 4 months and 25 days.


West Virginia Tribune, October 25, 1879- WAGONER. - Near Frankfort on the 9th, MRS. JULIA A. WAGONER, wife of Michael Wagoner, Sr., at an advanced age.


West Virginia Tribune, October 25, 1879-

John O'Brien, a miner employed in the Potomac mine at Barton, was killed last Tuesday by a fall of breast coal. He was about 45 years old and leaves a wife and several children.


West Virginia Tribune, October 25, 1879-

"Saturday at noon, J. Clark Smith, an unmarried farm laborer, almost 45 years of age, who was committed to jail on October 11 by Justice J. R. Brooks, for disorderly conduct, was strangled to death by a piece of fat meat which lodged in the larynx while eating dinner. -Cumb. News."

  Keyser Tribune, August 4, 1905-

"HUGHES - Wm. H. Hughes died on Saturday evening July 29, 1905, at his home near Washington C. H., Ohio, aged about 65 years. Mr. Hughes' death was sudden. He had been working that day, ate a hearty supper and sat down in his chair and a in a short while was discovered by one of the family to be dead. He leaves a wife and one son. Mr. Hughes was born and reared near Lahmansville, Grant county, W. Va., and went to Ohio in 1861, where he has since resided. He was a brother of Mrs. Sarah Siever and Mr. D. K. Hughes, of this place, and he and wife paid them a visit just two years ago. The deceased was a member of the old South Branch Riflemen, at Petersburg, and was with them in the battle of Rich Mountain at the beginning of the war."


Piedmont Herald, January 5, 1900, Breezes from Elk Garden section- "The wife of Isaac Kittsmiller, who lives near Blaine, died of heart disease last Saturday. She was about 60 years old and was buried on Monday following."


Piedmont Herald, August 3, 1900-

"Rev. Roland Dayton died Wednesday, at his home at Twenty-first Bridge, near Keyser, aged 87 years. He was the oldest local minister in the Baltimore conference, Methodist Episcopal church. He had over 6,000 sermons to his credit.

The funeral took place at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon.

Interment in the family burying ground.

Rev. Mr. Dayton leaves a wife and several chidren, all of whom are grown. He was well known and much beloved by all who know him. He had been sick for some time. He leaves 66 grandchildren and 56 great grandchildren."


Piedmont Herald, August 10, 1900, Breezes from Elk Garden section--

"Sarah Catherine, daughter of Granville Wilson, died last Saturday, aged one year and five months. This child had a most curious as well as serious brain affection. Its head was three times as large as the head of a child of its age in normal condition. It was buried in Maryland near Blaine on Sunday. Rev. R. T. Sale preached the funeral service."


Piedmont Herald, July 25, 1902, Keyser Kernels section-

"The seven-months old child of Mr. Harrison Rice died last week of cholera-infantum."


Piedmont Herald, October 14, 1904, Breezes from Elk Garden section-

"Robert Dewey and Mary aged 6 and 4 respectively, children of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Yager, died of scarlet fever Saturday, Oct. 1, 1904. This double affliction falls very heavily on the hearts of the parents.

Universal sympathy flow toward them with prayers for sustaining grace in these sad hours. Rev. Wm. Anthony conducted the burial service.

Interment was in the Nethkenville cemetery."


Keyser Tribune, August 4, 1905-

"McDONALD. - Mrs. Yost McDonald died last Monday, July 31, 1905, of typhoid fever, at her home, in Basic City, Va. She leaves a husband and several children. The deceased was formerly of Oakland, but lived her for some years."


Keyser Tribune, August 4, 1905-

"FORTHMAN - J. William Forthman, of Piedmont, W. Va., after an illness of three years, died Monday at noon, aged 55 years. For many years he was employed as a painter by the Baltimore and Ohio raukriad, Mr. Forthman never married. He leaves two brothers, Messrs. Alfred and Chas Forthman, and two sisters, Mrs. Laura Johnson, Piedmont, and Mrs. Emma Sigler, of Barton, Md. His remains were buried Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, with services in the First Methodist Episcopal church, Piedmont, Rev. W. W. Davis, the pastor, officiating. The funeral was in charge of Mt. Carbon Lodge, A. G. and A. M. of which Mr. Forthman served several years as worshipful master. He was a quiet man, well liked by all who knew him."

Emma's last name might be Sigier instead of Sigler.


Keyser Tribune, August 4, 1905-

"HARRIS. - The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Harris died Tuesday night, Aug. 1, 1905, at their home on Armstrong street. She had been ill for some weeks. The funeral was held Wednesday, services being conducted by Dr. A. M. Cackley. Interment at Queen's Point cemetery."

Keyser Tribune, August 4, 1905-

"EMORY. - Mrs. G. N. Emory died on August 2, 1905, at her home in Romney, aged 45 years, leaving a husband and six children, four sons and two daughters. The remains will be interred here to day."

Keyser Tribune, June 14, 1907, Antioch News-

The remains of little Alton J. Rotruck, infant son and only child, of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Rotruck, of near New Creek, were taken through here recently to the German Baptist church near Martin, Grant county, for burial. Age about nine months. Little Alton was a bright babe, and the pride and joy of that home, but the death angel claimed him. To the bereaved parents, we extend our heartfelt sympathy.


Keyser Tribune, September 10, 1920-

"Mrs. Sarah Dawson, aged 75 years died Sunday evening at the home of her sister Mrs. Kight on Westernport Hill, after a brief illness. Mrs. Dawson was the mother of Z. T. Kooken of Westernport. Funeral services were held at 2 o'clock this afternoon with interment at Moscow, Md."


Keyser Tribune, October 29, 1920, Elk Garden-

"Nancy, the wife of D. V. Junkins to Emoryville died Oct. 3, 1920, aged 67 years, 5 months 27 days. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. W. T. Peters assisted by Rev. Lynn Arbogast, and the interment was at Hartmonsville. She leaves to mourn her departure a husbany one daughter Mrs. Pearl Simmons at home, one sister, Mrs. Geo. B. Junkins of Bayard, two brothers, Neri Clark of Hartmonsville and Sol. Clark of Bayard. The departed was a good neighbor and a kind and affectionate wife and mother. She was afflicted with asthma for forty years. She bore her affliction with great fortitude and though she suffered much she maintained a cheerful disposition. A good woman has been called to her heavenly home."


Keyser Tribune, December 3, 1920-

"The body of Mrs. C. M. Miller of this place who died in a hospital in Waxfield, Rhode Island was taken to Oakland, on No. 11 for interment yesterday."

Another article, which I didn't copy, had that Mrs. Charles Miller died on November 26, 1920.


Keyser Tribune, December 3, 1920-

"Mrs. Peggey Ann Biser died Wednesday at the Junction. Mrs. Biser was 85 years old and had been ailing for some time. She has many relatives and friends in this city. She was well known throughout the county.

She is survived by a son, R. Biser of Junction and one daughter, Mrs. Robt. Leatherman.

Funeral will be held at Trinity on Friday at 11 o'clock. Burial at the Arnold graveyard at J. H. Cheshire's."


Keyser Tribune, December 3, 1920-

"Mr. Isaac Hayes, aged 70 years of Knobley was found dead, having died od heart trouble at six o'clock Saturday, Nov. 27. He was missed by his son, who became alarmed at his absence, went in search of him and found him at the end of the porch from which he evidently fell when the attack came on.

Mr. Hayes, an aged and much respected citizen is survivied by his widow, Mrs. Sarah Hayes and children, Mrs. Geo. Reeves of Williamsport, W. Va. Mr. Chas. Hayes of Knobley and Mr. Raleigh who lived with his father.

Funeral services were held at Mt. Zion with interment in the Bailey or Fleek cemetery with Rev. G. S. Arnold, officiating."


Keyser Tribune, December 3, 1920-

"Mrs. Anna S. E. Wotring Wiles, died November 25th, 1920 at Lantz Ridge, near Rowlesburg. She was 87 years, 4 months and 9 days old. She was born July 16, 1833. The funeral was preached at Lutheran church Saturday afternoon at 2:30 at the late home by Rev. Petter. On July 1851, deceased was married to David Wiles and to this union were born thirteen children, three of whom, together with the father have passed to the great beyond. The surviving ones are Mrs. Emma Lantz, Mrs. Cora Wamsley, Mrs. Myrtle Watkins, and Mr. John Wiles and Clarence Wiles, all of Morgantown, W. Va.; Mr. O. F. Wiles, of Grafton, and Mr. William Wiles, of Lantz Ridge, W. Va.; and Mrs. Adam Camp and Mrs. J. M. Clem of Keyser, and Mrs. George Strawser of Lantz Ridge with whom she was making her home at the time of her death. Several grand and great grandchildren attended the funeral. When in her youth Mrs. Wiles gave her heart to God and became a member of the Lutheran church, since which time she has lived a beautiful Christian life."


Keyser Tribune, July 9, 1920-

"Miss Nancy J. Emmert departed this life last Thursday July 1 after having been afflicted for more than a year. She was nearing her 75th birthday. For many years she had lived with her nephew Isaac Miller, onMiddleridge. Funeral on Saturday by G. S. Arnold and burial at Headsville."


Keyser Tribune, July 9, 1920-

"Annie A. MacDonald, wife of the late Jas. W. McDonald, and oldest daughter of W. E. Fazenbaker died at her home Cumberland, Md. yesterday afternoon due to paralytic stroke, she having been in apparent good health up until the time she was stricken.

The deceased was aged fifty years three months and eleven days.

She is survivied by one daughter, Elizabeth J. MacDonald, her father W. E. Fazenbaker, one sister Mrs. W. C. Mann of Pittsburg; three brothers, Roger E., Geo. W. of Cumberland; and Oscar S. W. Fazenbaker of Keyser. The funeral will take place Thursday afternoon and interment will be in Rose Hill cemetery, Cumberland, Md. At her bedside as the end drew near were her daughter Elizabeth, her father W. E. Fazenbaker and brother Oscar Fazenbaker.

It will be remembered that Mrs MacDonald was a resident of Keyser for a number of years where she has a host of friends.

She was very much loved by all who knew her."


Keyser Tribune, March 18, 1921-

"The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Warnick of Oakmont, died and the remains were interred in Nethken Hill cemetery on Monday."


Keyser Tribune, March 18, 1921-

"Wm. Henry Kitzmiller, died Wednesday, March 9, 1921, aged 53 years, 9 months and 25 days. It was known that he was very sick but the tidings of his death came like a shock. Funeral services were held at his late residence near Sulphur. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Lynn Arbogast and the interment was in the family burial ground.

The actice pallbearers were Walter Schwinabart, Chas. Mackley, W. J. Schwinabart, W. B. Kalbaugh, Earl Duling, J. W. Parrish.

Honorary pallbearers, Thomas Brock, J. F. Bane, J. W. Schwinabart, Morgan Bane and D. W. Idleman.

Flower Bearers, Ernest Mackley, Roy Parish, and Clarence Green.

He leaves a wife, five sons, and three daughters and three brothers and three sisters.

We understand that the disease which called Mr. Kitzmiller from the prime of life and in the midst of his usefulness was apoplexy. He was a prosperous farmer and stock raiser, a progressive citizen, well known in his community and his death has cast a gloom, over his large circle of acquaintances."


Keyser Tribune, May 20, 1921, Elk Garden-

"Died at Elk Garden, May 3, 1921 Olive Leo, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hott, aged 7 months and 3 days. Funeral services were held at the home, conducted by Rev. Lynn Arbogast, and the interment was in the Nethken Hill cemetery."


Keyser Tribune, May 20, 1921, Elk Garden-

"Died at the residence of Garrett Mayhew, near Sulphur, May 15, 1921, Henry Shears, aged 88 years and 9 days. Funeral services were held in the church at Sulphur, conducted by Rev. Lynn Arbogast and the interment was in the cemetery on the Wm. Kitzmiller farm. The passing of Uncle Henry is the last of a family of seven. He has been a wideower for twenty one years, having no children. He made his home with his brother in law, Garrett Mayhew. His brother, Wm. Shears, passed away about six years ago. Three nephews of his are Taylor Shear of Elk Garden, Charley Shears of Emoryville, Wm. Shears of Shallmar. Uncle Henry was a type of the hardy mountaineers for at his advanced age he was a workingman and would walk to Elk Garden every week, once or twice, four miles. He was strictly honorable and attended to his own business."


Keyser Tribune, May 27, 1921-

Mrs. John Deakins went to Morgantown, a few days ago on a visit. While there she became ill from Diabetes and died Sunday morning. She is survived by her husband, one son, F. L. Deakins, and one daughter, Frances Deakins, all of Keyser, one brother, Robert O. Bruce of Conne--sville; two sisters, Mrs. Anna Miller of East St. Loius, and Mrs. W. S. Bond of Baltimore. Interment will be made in Philos, cemetery, Westernport, Md.


Keyser Tribune, June 3, 1921, Purgittsville-

"Anna B., wife of Joseph Rinker, died at her home near Glebe Sunday morning, May 22, 1921 of pneumonia. Interment was made in the Hartman burying ground, one mile east of this place. Her husband, seven children, three boys and 4 girls, ages from one week to 15 years survive. Also her mother, Mrs. Sidney Mills, and three brothers and two sisters."


Keyser Tribune, June 3, 1921, Purgittsville-

"Emma Elizabeth, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Rinker, died May 16th, aged 23 days. Funeral was preached by Rev. Albert Arnold, May 17, at the home in this vicinity. Burial in the family lot on the premises. Four young girls bore the body to its resting place. Leaves father, mother, and sister. Buded on earth to bloom in heaven. Father, mother and sister, you have an interest in heaven to work for."


Keyser Tribune, February 11, 1921, Beaver Run-

"Uncle John Shoemaker who has been so long afflicted and almost helpless, was taken much worse and died Wednesday, aged 78 years, Surviving are his wife and three daughters. Funeral at the home Friday at 11 A. M. Burial in newly made graveyard on his own farm."


Keyser Tribune, June 3, 1921, Purgittsville-

"Robert D. Reynolds who died in North Russia, whose body was shiped here was buried at Old Pine Church with full military honors by the American Legion. His father, mother, several brothers and sisters survive and live in the Flats vicinity."

Mineral Daily News, January 3, 1922-

"Ernest Bill, aged 10 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Bill of 61 E street, died Monday evening at 7:30."


Mineral Daily News, January 5, 1922-

"Mrs. Mary Chrisolm Heishburgfer of Gormania, died at her home there. She is survived by Mrs. Grace Roderick, Cumberland, Arthur Chisolm of Gormania and James Chisolm of Friendsville. Mr. H. S. Thompson, this city is the undertaker in charge."


Mineral Daily News, January 5, 1922-

"Peter Morgan died at the Hoffman Hospital, aged about 55. He was suffering with pneumonia and was very ill when taken to the hospital. He was a brother of late Michael Morgan, and the body was taken to the home of Mrs. Mary Morgan, Piedmont."


Mineral Daily News, January 6, 1922-

"Mrs. Mary Hollen Stallings, aged 79 years, one of the best known and most beloved ladies of this section died at her late home, 36 West Piedmont street, last night. She resided with her daughter, Miss Mary Stallings.

Mrs. Stallings was born at Headsville, W. Va., and was a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. She was a daughter of the late Rev. R. S. Dayton.

She leaves to mourn her loss one daughter, Miss Mary and three sons, Col. Robert, Edward and John Stallings.

The funeral will be held from the M. E. Church at Medley, W. Va., Sunday, January 6."


Mineral Daily News, January 10, 1922-

"The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. James McCool, G Street died Monday. Funeral held this morning."