List of Persons who died from the Influenza Epidemic of 1918 between Oct 1 - Oct 15, 1918

Mrs. Bessie Oster, a housewife and mother

Robert W. Boyce, aged 24 years

Miss Lola Mcilwee, aged 15 years

Roy Rotruck, at Camp Lee VA

Faye Hoffman Rinard, aged 1 year

Virgil Tephabock, Camp Lee, VA

Sloan Hood, aged 10 years

Patrick F. Whitehouse

Miss Katie Thomas

Sam Brady, B & O Engineer

James M. Paris

William B. Leatherman

Paul Edward Grapes, aged 9 years

Albert S. Liller, aged 17 yrs, son of H.P. Liller

William Shank, Camp Lee, VA

Miss Bessie S. Wageley, school teacher

Estel Franklin Athey, 22 years, son of George F. Athey

Mrs. Estel F. Athey, aged 20 years

Harry H. Lewis, aged 32 years, Machinist from Canton, Ohio

Mrs. Anthony Whetzel

Mrs. Charles Stedenwalt

Lee Reedy, aged 41 yrs, B & O Conductor

Miss Edna Ravenscraft, aged 10 yrs, daughter of Lynn Ravenscraft

Mrs. Lula Liller, nee Shrout, widow of Eward Liller

Enoch Southerland

Mrs. Ike W. Iser, died Oct 7

Albin I. Rogers, Post office clerk, father of John I Rogers

Mrs L.D. Fertig, nee Cheevers

Miss Elizabeth Meyers, age 5 yrs, daughter of the Episcopalian Rector

R.S. Cooper

Mrs. John R. Rogers

C.B. Welch, aged 37 yrs, worked at the B & O Roundhouse

Rev. Francis A. Theado, aged 29 yrs, Pastor Church of the Assumption

Mrs. Dempsey Rice

Louie Bolin, aged 5 yrs, grandson of H.P. Liller

Infant son of Lloyd Trenton, aged 22 months

Child of Thomas Folk, aged 1 yr

Adam Henderson, butcher

Mary Bryant

Charles Edward Bright, aged 34 yrs, Railway Postal Clerk

Mrs. Tucker, nee Stonebreaker, aged 28 yrs

Russel Virts, aged 10 yrs, son of J.W. Virts

Mrs. Russell (Delia) Litten

Cecil Lutman, aged 17, killed in B&O yards, fixing an air hose

Lester Cavanaugh, son of Frank and Bertha Cavanaugh

Boyce Infant

Mrs. Ruey Stewart, nee Orris, wife of William V. Stewart

Virginia Bane, aged 23 months, daughter of Jessie S. Bane

Mary Catherine Shipley, age 19 months, daughter of C.W. Shipley

Emory Rice, B & O foreman

Wilbur Bennett

Mrs. Claude Mills, aged 23 yrs, nee Adams

Mrs. Claud Dunlap, nee Berry

Helen Louise Wrightsman, aged 17 months, daughter of Don Wrightsman

Mrs. Ted C. Thompson, aged 35 yrs

Mrs. J.C. Gilpin

Mrs. Jerome Riggleman

Carl R. Ruehlmire, husband of Bessie Kimmel

Bertie May Hartman, aged 8 months, daughter of R.A. Hartman

Mrs. Belle Blamer, wife of C.E. Blamer

Miss Florence Githen, aged 27, daughter of Jake Gilthen

Wade Hampton Johnson, 2 yrs, son of Joseph Johnson

Charles Butler

James Ritchie

Bennett Spurling, age 6, son of Albert Spurling

Ralph Fleek, aged 18 mos, son of Albert Fleek

Mrs. William Reeves, daughter of Patrick Dorsey

Helen Hamilton, aged 4, daughter of William S. & Emma Hamilton

Mrs. Frank Strickler, nee Groves, aged 25

Mrs. Beulah Wolfe, daughter of Pierce Bosley

Mrs. Margaret Cecilia Hoover, aged 32

Miss Hannah Eck, aged 32

John Washington, aged 28, at Camp Grant

Mrs. Sarah High

Mrs. William Matheson

Miss Vivian Wright, aged 26 yrs, school teacher, daughter of Harry C. Wright

Ruby Baker, aged 9, daughter of J.R. Baker

Mrs. Charles Staggs, nee Borror

Mrs. Nannie E. Thrasher

Mrs. Johnson, 35 yrs

Sam Cunningham

Davis child

Joseph Johnson, aged 42

Dr. Arza Furbee, druggist

John H. Stephenson, aged 32, telegrapher

Mrs. Clinton Dawson

Mrs. Mabel Ritzel Cather

Josie Grapes, aged 21, daughter of James Grapes

child of Roy Sutherland, aged 13 dys