Furnace Acres Sub Division was first developed by Carl W Abe and eh sub-division was to have 44 lots Abe Farm.  The sub-division was to have 44 lots Abe Farm.  The sub-division was to have 44 lots with the lots facing Rte 28 to be used for business and a community playground.

  The streets were named by using the middle name of each developer, Frederick and Woodrow.

  The original plans called for the tearing down of the farm house (then occupied by Mr William Abe) and also the barn behind the house.  In 1956, the first house was built on Lot No2 on South Frederick Ave.  Mr Wiliam Abe was to occupy this house, but after refusing to leave the farm house, an agreement between the developers and Mr Abe was reached, that the arm house would be covered with siding and that the barn be torn down.  The parcel of ground is not part of Furnace Acres sub-division.

  No records were kept until Sept 1959, at which time residents of the sub-division met at the home of Carl Abe for the purpose of forming a corporation.  The charter was written by Mr James Swadley, attorney, from Keyser W Va.

  The first death in the community was Mr Ray Richardson, on Dec 22, 1959.

  On Jan 11, 1960, residents met at the home of Carl Abe and approved the charter and by-laws.  The first board of Directors was elected, they were – Blain McCullough, Melvin Fisher, Carl Abe, Levi White and Richard Carskadon.

  The first slate of officers were:

  Carl Abe, President

  Blaine McCullough, Vice President

  Melvin Fisher, Treasurer

  Mary White, Secretary

  Richard Carskadon, Pump House Attendant

  According to this charter, the sub-division would be governed by and known as Furnace Acres Management Assn.  Water rates were established at $1.00 per 1,000 gallons.

  On June 11, 1960, the first child was born, Sharon to Mr and Mrs Harry Calain.

  In 1961, the deed for the pump house was obtained.

  June 1963, Article 8, Section 1 of the by laws was amended so that the community could purchase the parcel of land designated for a community playground.

  In May 1965, the by laws were revised and accepted.  The water meters were sealed during this year.  The mailboxes were installed during the fall of 1965.

  In 1966, the community had its second death, Mr Robert Shaw on Dec 21, 1`966.

 In 1967, a snow removal plan was started with each homeowner being assessed $2.000.  The first Christmas Tree lighting was held Dec, with Mrs Rita Savilisky in charge of the program.

  During the spring of 1968, the streets were blacktopped by Mr Carl Stickley, contractor. 

  In Aug 1970, a special meeting, the new by-laws were accepted by the community.

  Two deaths occurred in the community during 1974, Mrs Mildred Fisher on Jan 13 and Mr Clair Diehl on Feb 1. 

  During 1975, work progressed on the playground to the point of having blacktopped basketball court installed, volleyball net acquired and posts erected, playground leveled, and safety fence installed.  Following many accidents at the intersection o\in front of Dowden’s Restaurant, a 40-mile speed limit restrictions as installed.   The building adjoining the pump house was acquired on April 11, 1975, from Mr Frances Snyder.  The alley in front of the pump house and building was tarred and chipped.  

  Of the present 38 houses in Furnace Acres, 18 are occupied by the original owners or wives.  Since 1956, there have been 77 different families to live in the community.  At the present time there are 129 persons living in Furnace Acres.


Submitted by Helen McCullough and Mary White