1816 - 1830

Copied from the JC Sanders Books - Mineral County Public Library
 & Mineral County WV Family Traits Tracks and Trails


Hampshire Co. Virginia Marriages

1800 Jan 31 M James Driscoll to Mary Flagenstine


April 4 Rhody Harper to Sarah Thatcher, $2.00

April 18 Adam Flick to Mary Dowson, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails and Hagerstown Almanac lists her last name as Dawson

April 25 John Junkins to Eliz. Anderson
  John Junkins to Elizabeth Anderson, $2.00

June 20 Henry Kite to Sarah Sharpless, $2.00

Aug 20 Peter Rotruck to Cath. Miller
  Peter Roetruck to Catherine Miller, $2.00

Aug 30 Joshua Trenter to Millie Tasker
August 20 Joshua Trenter to Miller Tasker, $1.77

Nov 7 John Liller to Nancy Grayson, $2.00

Nov 21 James Hays to Nancy Bowman

Dec 2 Nat. Wilson to Rebecca Davis
  Nathan Wilson to Rebecca Davis, $2.00

Dec 29 George Ellifritz to M Jarius, $2.00 


Feb 5 Moses Thomas to Eliz. Bacorn

Feb 13 Collin Duling to Fannie Hays

Mar 30 Peter Smith to Susan Barrick
March 20 Peter Smith to Susan Barrick, $2.00

May 13 John Coleshine to Eliz. McCauly
  John Coleshine to Elizabeth McCauley, $2.00

June 1 David Cosner to Cath. Henline

June 11 Michael Lion to L. Stingley

June 28 John C. Newman to Eliz. Cade
June 10 John C Neman to Elizabeth Cade, $2.00

July 16 Wm. Ludwick to M. Bowman

Aug 28 D. Lawrence to E. Hollenback

Sept 4 David Gilmore to Eliz Ray

Sept 11 John Fetter to Charlotte Fout

Sept 17 Notley McDevit to Mary Hays
Traits Tracks and Trails has this date as 1818

Sept 18 Thos. Welch to Sarah A. Welch

Sept 19 Jonah Henline to Cath. Cosner

Dec 18 John Ward to Sarah Vandiver



Feb 5 Thomas Moses to Eliz. Bacorn

Mar 17 Sam. Lynch to Marg. Parrot
Mar 7, Sam Lynch to Margaret Parrot, $5.00

Mar 26 John Burgess to Peggy Bogle
Mar 2, John Burgess to Peggy Bogle, $2.00

Apr 16 A. H. Price to Elizabeth Miller, $2.00

Apr 17 John Templar to Esther Keiter

June 11 Michael Lion to L Stingley

July 16 Wm Ludwick to M Bowman

Aug 23 Benj. Welch to J. A. Rawlings
Aug 23 Benjamin Welch to Julia Ann Rawlings, $2.00

Sept 8, William Wilson to Sarah Tasker, $2.00

Sept 10 Thorn. James to Christiana Culp
Sept 11, Thornton James to Christina Culp, $3.00

Sept 20 Jonah Henline to Cath Cosner

Oct 8 A. Bark to M. Kernawbashaw
  Adam Bark to Maria Kernawbashaw, $2.00

Oct 22 Thorton Parker to Eliz. Sheetz
  Thornton Parker to Elizabeth Sheetz, $4.00

Nov 19 Dennis Queen to Sina Farlow, $2.00

Dec 17 George Culp to Huldah Burton, $3.00
Traits Tracks and Trails has the date as Dec 7

Dec 27 Daniel Fink to Nancy Jacobs, $2.00


Feb 21 Geo. Campbell to Rebecca Smith
  George Campbell to Rebecca Smith, $2.00

Feb 21 Joseph Mudy to Millie Baker, $2.00

Feb 25 A. Earnholt to Sarah McCauley
  Adam Earnholt to Sarah McCauley, $2.25

Mar 25 John Miller to Elizabeth Miller
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her last name as Liller

Apr 8 William Lees to Susan Hudson, $2.00

Apr 25 Sam Anderson to May James
  James Anderson to Mary James, $2.00

Aug 19 Wm. S. Kline to Chris Fleming
  William S Kline to Christina Fleming, $2.00

Sept 23 J. Junkins to Mrya Clpstine
  James Jenkins to Mary Clipstine, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her last name as Clistine

Oct 3 Wm. Harris to Hannah Grove

Dec 9 Arthur Spencer to Catherine Lees
  Aartur Spencer to Cathleen Lees, $2.00



Jan 6 Robert Bosly to Jemima James
  Robert Bosley to Jemima James, $2.00

Jan 6 Thos. Dean to Elizabeth Davis
  Thomas Dean to Elizabeth Davis, $3.00

Feb 1 Dan. Hainey to Barbary Miller, $2.00

Feb 24 And. Bean to Elenor Roberts
  Andrew Bean to Eleanor Roberts, $2.00

Mar 2 A. Thrasher to Nancy Tasker
  Abram Thrasher to Nancy Tasker, $2.00

Mar 9 Peter Harsel to Rachel Flick, $2.00

Mar 23 Jas. Anderson to Marg. Junkins
  James Anderson to Margaret Junkins, $2.00

Apr 13 David Parker to Eliz. Vandiver
  David Parker to Elizabeth Vandiver, $2.00

Jun 1 Isaac Persons to R. McCarthey
  Isaac Parsons to R McCartney, $10.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his last name as Parsons

Jun 29 Wm. Earnholt to S. McCartney
  William Earnholt to Susan McCauley, $2.00

July 6 Siemon Groves to Noami Lyons
June 6, Simeon Groves to Naomi Lyons, $5.00

Aug 24 Isaac Welch to Dorcas Smith, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her name as Doreas

Aug 31 Nicholas Micheal to R. Stingley

Sept 14 Jacob Hilkey to N. McNemar

Sept 14 Jas. Martin to Marg. Marquis

Sept 28 Christian Cosner to Eliz. Hilky

Oct 26 Elias McNemar to Cath. Hilky

Nov 16 Wesley King to M. St. Clair
  Wesley King to Marjory St Clair, $2.00

Nov 18 Thomas Randelis to Ann Culp

Nov 23 Wm. Parker to Elizabeth Davis
  William Parker to Elizabeth Davis, $50

Nov 28 James Parker to June Rees
  James Parker to Jane Rees, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her first name as Jane

Nov 30 James Brown to Mynta Tasker, $2.00

Dec 14 George High to Mary Buncrotz
  George High to Mary Bunercrotey, $1.00



Jan 11 Israel Mullineux to Mary Poland
  Israel Millineaux to MaryPoland

Jan 11 Aaron Devere to M. Hesman
  Aaron Devere to Melinda Hesman, $2.00

Mar ? Jacob Liller to Eliz. Grayson
Mar 1, Jacob Liller to Elizabeth Grayson
Traits Tracks and Trails has date as Mar

Mar 29 Wm. McNary to Cybthua Lees
  William McNary to Cynthis Lees, $2.40

Apr 26 A. Duling to Sarah Knabenshoe
  Achilles Duling to Sarah Knabenshoe, $2.00

May 17 John Wallace to Mary Colbert

Aug 9 Appollos Bracket to E. Nixon, $2.50

Aug 20 Edw. Bailey to Mary McCauley
  Edward Bailey to Mary McCauley, $2.00

Aug 23 Andw. Tevebough to N. Davis
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his name as Andrew

Sept 20 John Cosner to Eva Lenline
Traits Tracks and Trails has her name as Eva Henline

Oct 18 Abram Smith to Ann Lyon

Oct 23 Isreal Lett to Sallie Smith

Nov 1 George Grim to Mary Bacorn

Nov 22 Sam. Harvey to S. Shillingburg
Nov 2 Sam Harvey to Sarah Shillingburg, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her name as Sarah

Dec 13 Gasp. Kitzmiller to Millie Ward
  Gasper Kitzmiller to Minnie Ward, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his first name as Casp.

Dec 23 Thos. Bartlett to Sarah Cundiff
  Thomas L Bartlett to Sarah Cundiff, $2.00



Feb 7 Wesley Cundiff to Nancy Dye, $2.00

Feb 7 Jesse Anderson to Nannie Harvey
  Jesse Anderson to Annie Harvey, $2.00

Feb 14 John Tasker to Alice Anderson

Feb 21 Thomas Welch to Millie Pool
  Thomas Welsh to Millie Pool, $2.00

Mar 8 Davis Bosly to Anna McCauley
  David Bosley to Annie McCAuley, $2.00

Mar 26 Wm. Dye to Nancy C. Cundiff
  William Dye to Nancy C Cundiff, $2.00

Apr 4 William Dayton to S. Hyett

Apr 4 L. Alderton to Anna Makie Bean

Apr 16 Jas. Michael to Phebe Bacron

Apr 18 James Dye to Lydia Johnson

Apr 25 Peter Urice to Susan Spencer, $2.00

June 6 Capt. J. Croce to Nancy George

Jun 11 Jos Crozley to Mary Thresher, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails has his last name as Crosley

Jun 15 Thomas Bond to Sallie Moore
June 16, Thomas Bond to Sallie Moore, $1.00

Aug 21 Charles Wallae to E. Bartlow
  Charles Wallace to Eunice Bartlow, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his name as Wallace

Aug 25 Thos. Cedars to Anna M. Smith
  Thomas Cedars to Ann Mariah Smith, $1.00

Aug 25 D. Leatherman to Eliz Stagg
  Dan Leatherman to Elizabeth Stagg, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as O Leatherman

Sep 26 P. Rawlings to Lurana Welch
  Peter Rawlings to Laurena Welsh, $1.30

Oct 1 G. J. Lawrence to Ensminger
  John G Lawrence to Elizabeth Ensminger, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his name as G H Lawrence

Oct 3 F. Murphy to Jane Earnholt
  Frances Murphy to Jane Ernholt, $2.00

Oct 17 Jos. Parrot to Hannah Vandiver
  Joseph Parreot to Hannah Vandiver, $3.00

Nov 14 D. Speelman to Susan Hagar
  David Speelman to Susan Hagar, $2.00

Nov 28 William Smeltz to Cath. Bosley
  William Smeltz to Catherine Boley, $1.90

Dec 16 Robert Redman to L. Redman




Jan 2 John Baker to Eliz. Junkins
  John Barker to Elizabeth Junkins, $2.00

Jan 9 J. Houghman to Rachel Harper
  Jacob Houghman to Rachel Harper, $1.97

Jan 19 Wm. Molden to Sophia Frantz
  William Molden to Sophia Frantz, $1.12 1/2

Feb 24 Johath Colbert to Mary Roberts
  Jonathan Colbert to Mary Roberts, $1.50
Traits Tracks and Trails has his name as Jonath

Mar 6 Thos. Lyon to Lydia Stingley
  Thomas Lyon to Lydia Stingley, $1.57 1/2

Mar 18 Jos. McNemar to Eliz. Idleman
  Joseph McNemar to Eliz. Idleman, $5.00

April 23 Thomas Shoaf to Ruth Spencer
April 3 Themas Shoaf to Ruth Spencer, $2.00

Jun 26 William Dean to Ruth Duling

Jun 26 Ellis Rinehart to M. Hollenbeck
  Ellis Rhinehart to Mariah Hollenbach, $2.00

July 17 Thomas Jones to Eliz. Ward
  Thomas Jones to Elizabeth Ward, $2.00

Aug 22 John Shanks to Susan Rowlings
  John Shanks to Susan Rawlines, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her last name as Rawlings

Sept 4 Wm. Smith to T. Sellars
  William Smith to Tobitha Sellers (colored), $2.00

Sept 4 Barnet Redman to Stacy Lett (colored), $2.00

Sep 9 Wm. Harvey to Eliz. Wilson
  William Harvey to Elizabeth Wilson, $2.50

Sep 11 Chas. Rawlings to Mary Welch
  Charles Rawlings to Mary Walsh, $1.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her last name as Welsh

Oct 28 J. C. Harrision to Pen. Harrision
  John C Harrison to Penelope Harrison, $2.00

Nov 13 Thos. Berry to Synthy A. Patch
  Thomas Berry to Synthy A Patch, $2.50

Nov 20 John Thrush to Rachel Unstot
  John Thrush to Rachel Umstot, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her last name as Umstot

Dec 11 Adam Cosner to M. Michael
  Adam Cosner to Margaret Michael, $3.00

Dec 18 Henry Fogel to Lucretia Harsell, $2.00

Dec 25 Jacob Parker to Mary Ludwick, $2.00

Dec 30 James Height to Sarah Bacorn, $2.00

Dec 30 Peter Powers to Nancy Drace
  Peter Powes to Nancy Drace, $2.00



1824 John Frank Stickley to Sarah Combs

Jan 15 Hanson Catlett to Eliza Miller
  Hanson Cathlett to Eliza Miller, $2.00

Jan 19 John Burkett to Marish Smoot

Jan 20 Sol Ellifritz to Hanah Sands, $2.00

Feb 12 Elijah Duling to Anna Dean
  Eliza Darling to Ann Dean, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as: Feb 13, Ann Deane

Feb 21 Philip Kline to Elizabeth Spaid

Feb 25 John William to Elizabeth Piles

Feb 26 Peter Miller to Julia S. Spencer
  Peter Miller to Julia Ann Spencer, $2.00

Mar 1 William Shear to Mary Asbury

Mar 4 G. King To Mary McCormick
  Greenberry King to Mary McCormick, $2.00

Mar 4 Mich. Thrush to Cath. Umstot
  Michel Thrash to Ctherine Umstot, $2.00

Mar 10 George Young to Elizabeth Nickolson

March 13 John Piles to Elizabeth Ruckman

Mar 13 Robert N White to Matilda McBride

Jacob Putman to Madoline Flick

March 27 Samuel Park to Elizabeth Horn

April 3 William King to Elizabeth Horn

April 5 John Powell to Ann Edwards

Apr 5 Eliss Shape to Margaret Stiff

Apr 15 Jacob Steally to Ellen Wilson
  Jacob Stealy to Ellen Wilson, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as April 13, Jacob Stiley

Apr 19 Frederick Anent to Sarah Hawk

Apr 19 Emos Everitt to Sarah Pettit

Apr 19 Henry Orndiff to Milly Orndorff

Apr 22 Hen. Cundiff to Emelia Cundiff
  Henry Cundiff to Emila Cundiff, $2.00

Apr 23 Harrison Watkins to Catherine Arnold

May 10 Henry Friddle to Betsy Ann Kirk

May 17 James S Powell to Mary Jinkins

May 25 Richard Deever to Susan Deaver

May 27 Wm. Stingley to Nancy Tucker
  William Stingley to Nancy Tucker, $2.00

May 31 Adam Parish to Mary Ruckman

June 7 Benjamin Slone to Delilah Cheshire

June 14 William Allen to Sarah Case

June 14 William Day to Ann Pugh

July 19 Silas George to Nancy Watson

July 20 Morgan Burns to Sarah Steinbeck

June 24 Wm. Linthicum to H. Tucker
  William Linthicum to Hannah Tucker

June 24 Thomas Randall to Priscilla Stewart

Jun 27 James Burgess To Eliz. Bean
  James Burgesss to Eliza Bean, $1.87 1/2

June 27 John Kelly to J. McWaine
  John Kelly to Jerusia McWaine, $2.00

July 1 Thomas Rendall to P. Stewart
  Thomas Randall to Priscilla Stewart, $2.00

July 5 Andrew Amholt to Alice Bosley

Aug 16 John Pugh to Sarah Guard

Aug 28 Hiram Engle to Amillia Groves

Sept 3 Cathexby Newman to Sarah Reed

Sept 9 John Moore to Sarah Brain
  John Moore to Sarah Brian, $2.00

Sept 20 William Rannells to Nancy Humes

Sept 23 Robert Taylor to Polly Rotruck

Oct 4 Thomas Moore to Sarah Doren

Oct 5 Dennis M. Parrott to Louisa Rice
  Dennis M Parrot to Louisa Price, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails has the date Oct 4, Dennis M Panatt to Lusia Price also

Oct 16 Jacob Knabenshen to Nancy Duling

Oct 21 Daniel Rinker to Jany Taylor
Oct 7 Daniel Rinker to Jane Taylor, $2.00

Oct 25 Daniel Taylor to Martha Ann Rogers

Nov 10 John Spencer to Mary Miller

Nov 12 John Rannells to Keseat Miller

Nov 15 David Randle to Ann Rineheart

Dec 20 William Berry to Mary Willliamson

Dec 20 Samuel Cheshire to Delilah Poston

Dec 20 Angus Holliday MD to Susan Vandiver

Dec 25 Samuel Boham to Marie Moleam

Dec 26 Thomas Reese to Catherine Umpstod

Dec 27 Thomas Starnes to Ruth Burns

Dec 31 John Cheshire to Mary Park

Dec 31 Jacob Rannells to Sarah Young



1825 Cornelis Corbin to Parthena White

Jan 1 John Pugh to Elizabeth Lockhart

Jan 3 David Blackman to Rebecca Slane

Jan 4 John Muzy to Elizabeth Powell

Jan 7 Adam Sea to Elizabeth Heinzman

 Jan 8 William Abernathy to Elizabeth Stump

Jan 8 Robert McBride to Nancy McBride

Jan 10 John Barnet to Catherine Doman

Jan 11 John Heizer to Jean Currey

Jan 17 William Johnson to Abigale Ward

Jan 17 John Shivers to Rhoda Barriott

Jan 30 Robert Taylor to Elizabeth Kail

Jan 31 John Preston to Isabella Vicks

Feb 7 Jacob Cooper to Ann Parks

Feb 7 Solomon Robinson to Hannah Ruckman

Feb 16 Michael Arnold to Sarah Sloan

Feb 18 John Simmons to Rebecca Robs

Feb 21 William Carpenter to Hannah McBride

Feb 21 Alonza Wilton to Harriet Snyder

March 2 James G Parsons to Mary Curlett

Mar 3 Newton Tapscott to Louisa Fairfax

Mar 4 Mosses Jones to. M. Householder
  Moses Jones to Mary Householder, $2.00

March 9 John Poland to Mary Carder

Mar 10 Richard Baker to Mary Martin
  Rich. Baker to Mary Martin, $2.00

March 14 Stephen Hannes to Isabelle Allen

Mar 14 Lazerus Sherley to Anne Pettet

Mar 14 William L Trenter to Eliza Ruckman

Mar 29 Isaac Brill to Catherine Riggle

April 6 John Hicks to Catherine Cooper

Apr 6 Elijah Thompson to Christina Kail

Apr 7 Wm. Worman to Nancy Cundiff
  William Workman to Nancy Cundill, $2.00
Traits Tracks as Trails lists date as Apr 2, Wm Werman too

Apr 13 John Haynes to Nancy Laumiore

Apr 16 Christy Sine to Margaret Carkley

Apr 18 Henry Easter to Nancy Flemming

Apr 21 Wm. Harris to Rebecca Marquis
  William Harris to Rebecca Marquis, $2.31 1/4

April 26 James Davis to Glena Yates

Apr 27 Jas. Offner to Cath. Grim
  James Offner to Cath. Grim, $2.00

April 30 Henry Dowman to Rachael Burkett

May 2 William Dorman to Hannah Carmickael

May 7 John Head to Onpha Harrison

May 14 James Pennington to Hannah I Mislagle

May 24 William Sherrard to Millicent McDonald

May 24 Samuel Smoot to Elizabeth Hoffman

May 28 William French to Susan Taylor

May 31 Joel Wolverton to Elizabeth Carder

June 6 Albert Carter to Mary Thompson

June 6 Robert Carder to Sapkiah Peppers

June 9 George Carder to Maria Hansbrough

June 13 Robert Powelson to Delilak Barnes

June 16 James Hamcher to Elizabeth Edmonson

June 17 Elisha Hamilton to Catherine Cool

July 7 Jacob Pobasco to Glenore Frazier

July 18 Samuel Berry to Elizabeth Lauimore

Aug 6 Thomas Lauimore to Rachael Haines

Aug 15 Henry Shultzer to Rachael Purgitt

Aug 16 Thomas Norman Smoot to Margaret Betterson

Aug 23 Solomon Smith to Milly Slane

Aug 25 James Sand to Cath. Steerman, $2.00

Aug 16 Felix Davis to Sarah Smith

Aug 29 George Ludwick to Mary High

Sept 9 Joseph Trevett to Rhody Brookhart

Sept 10 Joseph Ludwick to Ann Taylor

Sept 27 John Black to Betsy White

Sep 29 George Tasker to Mary Junkins, $2.00

Sept 29 Samuel Hamelton to Hannah Shafer

Oct 4 Abram Smith to Sarah White, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his name as Abraham S

Oct 6 Chester Tapscott to Jane Maylor

Oct 17 Philip Groves to Mary Lafollett

Oct 20 Isaac Dawson to Cath. Hackley, $194

Oct 22 Samuel Gesna to Margaret H Groves

Oct 27 J. D. Miles to Mary Fisher, $10.00

Oct 28 Henry Thompson to M. Parrill
  Henry Thompson to Mercy Parill, $5.00

Nov 12 John King to Lucy Normal

Nov 14 Bartholomew Lafollett to Eleanore Brill

Nov 17 Saml Cesseney to Marg. Groves
  Samuel Cesseny to Margaret Groves, $2.50

Nov 17 Mathew Hear to Mary Ann Powelson

Nov 24 James Patterson to Nancy McBride

Dec 12 Isaac Inskeep to Margaret V King

Dec 15 Philip Good to Eliz. Abernathy
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as Dec 10 and her first name as Elizabeth

Dec 19 John Prye to Catherine M Cundiff

Dec 28 Henry Thompson to M Parrill



Jan 2 Moses Collins to Margaret Tytus

Jan 2 Cabel Evert to Ann Tharp

Jan 3 B. Roberts to Polly Leatherman
  Benjamin Roberts to Polly Leatherman, $2.00

Jan 24 James Sloan to Mary Arnold

Jan 28 Charles Kellar to Elmira Price

Feb 1 Samuel McGraw to Margaret Shores

Feb 2 Wm. Jennings to Eliza Drace
  William Jennings to Eliza Drace, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists names as William Jennings to Eliza Drance

Feb 7 Sam. McGraw to Marg. Show
  Samuel McGraw to Margaret Shore, $1.87 1/2

Feb 7 David Corbin to Catherine Sweer

Feb 9 B. Leatherman to E. Rannell
  Benjamin Leatherman to Elizabeth Rannell, $2.00

Feb 11 John Parkes to Mary Ann Whiteman

Feb 15 John Parker to Parthens Parsons

Feb 20 James Allen to Sarah Hiett

Feb 20 Zachariah Blue to Mary Ann Ruckman

Feb 21 Abner Bane to Eliz Whip

Mar 2 John Queen to E. R. Rankins
  John Queen to Ellen R Rankins, $1.50

Mar 9 Ben. Johnson to Mariah Means
  Benjamin Johnson to Marsh Means, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her first name as Marian

March 20 William Carlyle to Rebecca Mored

Apr 11 Jesse Baker to Raihael Marshall

Apr 17 David Scott to Martha Edwards

Apr 18 Archibald Mutte to Susannah Wingfield

May 3 James Frye to Nancy Frye

May 4 Henry Martin to Eliz Likens
  Henry Martin to Eliza Likins, $2.00

May 15 Isaac Wolverton to Martha Snapp

May 17 John Leapley to Elizabeth McDonald

Jun 1 Henry Liller to Sarah Elifritz, $1.87 1/2
Traits Tracks and Trails also has the date May 22 listed

June 3 William Entler to Salley Rice

June 10 Isaac Hawk to Jane High

June 13 Bazel Johnson to Jane McVicker

June 13 Ezea Pugh to Sarah Caudy

Jun 15 John Cupl to Rachel Baker
  John Celp to Rachel Baker, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails also has this listed as John Cupp and date as June 12

June 15 Charles Taylor to Patsy Higgins

June 23 James Stewart to Mary Biser

July17 William Stump to Rebecca Stump

July 31 James Vance to Catherine Heskell

Aug 6 Jn. Sigeafoose to C. Mac Farling
  John Sigcafoose to Cathaleen McFarling, $2.00

Aug 25 Isaac Critten to Elizabeth Athey

Sept Archebald Linthicum to Jane Compton

Sept 4 Benjamine Kervey to Charlotte Fozel

Sept 15 Joseph D Wilson to Maria Fitzgerald

Sept 21 Benj. Stickly to Ele. McDonald
  Benjamin Stickley to Eleanor McDonald, $3.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his name as Benjamin

Sept 25 Isaac Moore to Elizabeth Hickes

Sep 28 James McClure to Ruth Spicer, $2.00

Oct 1 Jas. D. Haley to Eliz Harvey
  James D Haley to Elizabeth Harvey, $2.00

Oct 5 Isaac Means to Elizabeth Race, $5.00

Nov 2 Fenton Metcalf to L. A. Wolf
  Fenton Metcalf to Lucy Ann Wolf, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails has date of Oct 28 Fenten Medcalf to Lucy Ann Wolf also

Nov 2 John Frye to Cath. McNemar
  John Frye to Cath McNemara, $5.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her first name as Catherine

Nov 3 Jacob Stockslayer to Mary Bull

Nov 6 Dennis Lanham to Nancy Nixon

Nov 15 James Long to S. Leatherman
Nov 16 James Long to Susanna Leatherman, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails has listed Nov 13, and her first name as Susannah

Nov 22 James Plumb to Nancy Fitzgerald
Dec 1- John Plumb to Nancy Fitzgerald, $3.00

Nov 27 Robert Edwards to Eve Hawkins

Dec 4 John Baker to Parthenia McCauley

Dec 5 Sylvester Welch to E. Myers
  Sylvester Welch to Elizabeth Myers, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as Dec 6, Sylvester Wilsh to Elizabeth Myers also

Dec 11 John Simpson to Rebecca McCauley

Dec 18 Mathew Stallenberg to Rebecca Hull

Dec 19 Mat. Stullenbarger to R. Hays

Dec 19 John Plumb to N. Fitzerand

Dec 19 John Bennett to Catherine Grapes

Dec 21 Andrew Shannon to Rebecca Smith

Dec 25 Philip Winckelblech to Nancy Hanse

Dec 28 Benjamine Roberts to Polly Leatherman



Jan 8 Elisha Kesber to Margaret Ganoe

Jan 11 John Friddle to Lyndia Peters

Jan 11 Angus W McDonald to Lucy Ann Naylor

Jan 11 David Parsons to Milly Mullady

Jan 13 Frederick Pepper to Deborah Slocum

Jan 15 Ezra Pugh to Lynda McBride

 Jan 20 Joseph Arnold to Elizabeth Slane

Jan 24 Isaac Short to Mary Vandergrift

Jan 27 Stephen Queen to Mary Moreland

Feb 12 Henry Swisher to Sarah Hoffman

Feb 19 Silas Millison to Harriet Slane

Feb 19 Josiah Smoot to Jane Riley

Mar 15 Geo. Bowman to Rahel Peatt

Mar 8 John C. Bosly to Mary Bean
Traits Tracks and Trails has this date as March 16

Mar 8 John C Bosley to Rachel Bean
Mar 18 John C Bosly to Mary Bean, $2.00

Mar 8 John Lyon to Mary Barnett, $2.00

Mar 8 John Frye to Carthleen McNemara, $5.00

Mar 12 John Lyon to Mary Smith

March 13 George Bowman to Rachel Peatt
March 15 George Bowman to Rachel Peatt, $2.00

Mar 19 Alex Riley to Isabell Kelly
Mar 29 Alexander Riley to Isabelle Kelley, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists first names as Alexander and Isabella

Mar 27 Andrew Bowman to Margaret McBride

Mar 27 Isaac Mayberry to Catherine Haas

Mar 29 Hiram Alloway to Rebecca Unglesby

Apr 2 Joseph Fakes to Marie Slane

Apr 5 William Tucker to Eliz. Athey
  William Tucker to Elizabeth Athey, $2.00

Apr 11 Michael Slonaker to Eleanor Barnett

April 16 Samuel House to Nancy Lawson

April 26 Alexander Wilson to Margaret Yost

April 28 John Martain to Leah Trakes

April 30 George Bowman to Maria Reeds

May 3 Benj. Grayson to Mary Fout
  Benjamin Grayson to Mary Fout, $1.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his name as Benjamine and date as Apr 30

May 13 Mich. Paugh to Lue. Newman
  Michael Paugh to Lucindas Newman, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails also has Richard Paugh to Luc Newman

May 17 Jacob Hull to Eliz. Cundiff, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists date as May 15 and her name as Elizabeth

May 24 John Hunter to Dorcas Roberts, $2.00

May 28 Thomas Lease to Stiblet Schaideped

May 31 Thoas. Lees to Sybil Scarichfield
  Thomas Lees to Sybil Srichfield, $2.50

June 9 Jonathan Pugh to Ann Offett

June 9 Abraham Saville to Eliza Haines

Jun 14 Abram Doll to June Thomas
  Abram Doll to Jane Thomas, $2.00

June 18 William Mozee to Sarah Leith

July 17 David Long to Christina Curbett

July 19 John Martin to Ellen Thompson

July 31 William Short to Lucy Baker

Aug 20 George McCauley to Julian Peppers

Aug 27 Archebald Arnold to Mary Groves

Aug 27 Wm. Shears to Lucinda Stell
  William Shears to Lucindas Steel, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her name as Steel

Aug 30 John Kelly to Elenor Baily
  John Kelley to Eleanor Bailey, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as Aug 20 and her name as Eleanor Bailey

Sep 12 Jas Emmerson to Han. Reese
Sept 13 James Emmerson to Hannah Reese, $2.50
Traits Tracks and Trails: James Emerson to Hannah Reese

Sept 15 Bennett Bean (3) to Ann Marshall

Sept 22 Joseph Doran to Luch G Frye

Sep 23 Wm. Gratige to M. Blackburn
  William Gatige to Mary Blackburn, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails has this as Wm Catige

Sept 23 Thornten Powell to Jeanna W Powell

Oct 1 James Berry to W Laumore

Oct 4 William Bennett to Isabella Wolford

Oct 8 George Park to Ann Carder

Oct 11 Abraham Doll to Jane Thomas

Oct 28 Jas. Buckalloo to Cath. Bean
  James Buckalew to Cathleen Been, $2.00

Oct 29 James Bett to Julia Ann Strawer

Oct 29 Francis Feveryman to Lynda Shockey

Oct 30 Hiram High to Susan Ingmin
  Hiram Nigh to Susan Ingmin, $2.00

Nov 8 James Monroe to Margaret Pugh

Nov 13 Eph. Heriott to Eliza Reese, $3.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists date as Nov 10, and also Nov 13 and her name as Hesse

Nov 19 Ashford Postor to Mary McViker

Nov 21 James Milles to Sousana Morehead

Nov 21 Benjamin Williamson to Martha Millison

Nov 28 Joseph Tucker to Cath. Shell
  Joseph Tucker to Cathleen Shell, $2.50

Dec William Arnold to Mahalak Spaid

Dec 5 John Earnholt to M. Kitzmiller
  John Earnholt to Mary Kitzmiller, $2.00

Dec 18 Jno. D. Ravnscraft to M. Culp
  John Ravenscraft to Mariah Culp, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as Dec 14, John D Ravenscraft to Marie Culp

Dec 27 T. P. Cassidy to Elizabeth Harvey
  Thomas O Cassady to Elizabeth Harvey, $2.00



Jan 10 Wm. Staggs to Mary Thrush
  William Staggs to Martha Thrush, $2.00

Jan 31 Peter Flick to Rachel Spencer, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as: Jan 29 Peter Fleek to Rachel Speman

Feb 18 John Pugh to Sarah Offet

Feb 19 Mich. Miller to Eliz Rawlings
  Mich. Miller to Elizabeth Rawlings, $1.50

Feb 21 Wm. Parrill to J. Ravenscraft
Feb 12, William Parrill to Jane Ravenscraft, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails has date as Feb 12

Feb 21 George Baker to Ann Lyons
  George Baker to Ann Lyon, $2.00

Feb 24 Wm. Likens to Sarah Baker
  William Likins to Sarah Baker, $1.00

Feb 26 Adam Frantx to Lucinda Stell
  Adam Frantz to Lucinda Steel, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as: Adam Frantz to Luncinda Steel

Mar 6 Isaac Flick to Mary Spencer, $2.25
Traits Tracks and Trails also list his name as Fleek

Mar 7 William Ely to Charlotte Carder

Mar 15 Phil. Hartman to Reb. Patton
  Phil. Hartman to Rebecca Patton, $2.00

Mar 29 Benjamine Ely to Rosannah Powelson

Apr 7 Franklin Weaver to Eliza Ellis

May 1 Moses McWycoff to D. Harvey
  Moses McWycoff to Deborah, $2.00

May 5 Amos Johnson to Mary Allender

May 9 John Eddy to Clara Colbert, $2.00

May 20 Isaac Brill to Jane Kelso

June 11 Hugh Murphy to Mary (colored), $1.50

June 16 Mathew Doyle to Wind Corbin

June 16 William Groves to Barbara Kline

June 17 John Martin to Martha Walker

June 17 Thomas Elleburger to Eleanor Bosley, $2.00

Jun 26 George Bane to Mrag. ThrushTraits Tracks and Trails has this date as June 23

July 14 George McDonald to Mary Miller

July 29 Hannibal Pugh to Sydney McBride

Aug 6 John Bradford to Betsey Brian, $2.50

Aug 14 Wm. Abernathy to R. Lors

Aug 14 William Beaver to Eliza Blackburn, $1.00

Aug 16 John Powell to Susana McDonald

Aug 18 John Park to Mary Amon

Aug 19 Wesly Coe to Jane Hook

Aug 20 John Hansbrough to Anna V Brown

Aug 21 Wm. Beaver to E. Blackburn

Aug 28 John Little to Anne Harper
  John Little to Anna Harper, $2.00

Sept 2 George Stern to Sarah Hover

Sep 14 J. P. Barthow to G. Harrision
Sept 4 J P Barthlow to Cathleen Harison, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails has this info as Sept 4, J P Barthlow to C Harrison
From records of Rosemary E Stout:
  Pleasant Barthalaw m. Catherine Harrison

Sep 13 Jno. Brown to Parthena Taylor

Sept 13 Samuel Ruckman to Elizabeth Watkins

Sept 17 Jacob Smith to Nancy Entler

Sept 29 David Ellis to Sarah Jane Farmer

Oct 1 Abraham Moore to Sarah Stump

Oct 14 James Malcolm to Jane Watson

Oct 14 Wilson Ruckman to Charity Hannas

Oct 20 John T Heare to Eliza. Powelson

Oct 20 John Rogers to Lynda Reese

Oct 25 Cale C Levengs to Mary Jones

Oct 29 John N Shelton to Ann Busley

Nov 3 John Wallace to Mary Ann rannells

Nov 9 John Downey to Mary Good
  John Dawney to Mary Good, $1.50

Nov 9 John Bruce to Cath. Salts
  William Bruce to Cathleen Salts, $1.75

Nov 9 Joseph Shockey to Margaret Hartman

Nov 13 Luke Kuykendall to E. Welch
  Luke Kuykendall to Elizabeth Welch, $10.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as Nov 10 Luke Kervenkendoll to Elizabeth Welch

Nov 13 James McDonald to Rebeckah Terryman

Nov 13 Joseph Shotz to Jane Simpson

Nov 22 Jacob Cann to Isaac Doyle

Nov 25 John Ward to Isabella Greymn

Nov 27 John Ward to Isabell Kelley, $2.00

Dec 10 Owen Deleplain to Sarah Athey, $2.00

Dec 8 Benjamine Parks to Eliza Jane Long

Dec 13 John Grapes to Marie Bennett

Dec 15 Sylvester Moore to Jane Hobson

Dec 15 John Smith to Elizabeth Ganoe

Dec 29 Elijah Probasco to Margaret Robasco

Dec 29 George Short to Martha McBride



Jan 6 B. F. Harrison to Nancy Mott, $2.00
From records of Rosemary E Stout:
  Benjamin Franklin Harrison m. Nancy Mott

Jan 8 Wm. Lower to Drusla Harvey
  William Lower to Drusilla Narvey, $2.00

Jan 26 Phil Doll to Mary Ann Davis
Feb 26 Phil Doll to Mary Ann Davis, $2.00

Mar 1 Michael Thrash to Catherine Umstot

Mar 5 Josh. Baker to Mary A. Smith
  Joshua Baker to Mary Ann Smith, $2.00

Apr 10 J. B. Lees to Susanna Flick, $1.37 1/2

Apr 23 Jno. Leatherman to N. Wilson
  John Leatherman to Nancy Wilson, $2.00

May 17 Thos. Elleburger to E. Bosly

June 4 Hendrix Clark to Hester Rinker

June 9 G. G. Hays to Marg. Ingmire
June 19 Charles G Hays to Margaret Ingmore, $2.00

Traits Tracks and Trails lists his name as C G Hays

Jun 11 John Roberts to Nancy Bosly
  John Roberts to Nancy Bosley, $2.00

June 11 Hugh Murphy to Mary Shields

June 17 Isaac Row to Sally Lowry

July 16 Thos. Wilson to Eliz. Dixon
  Thomas Wilson to Elizabeth Dixon, $2.00

Aug 8 John Bradoford to Betsy Brain
Traits Tracks and Trails has: Aug 6 John Bardoford

Oct 13 Jesse Ward to Sarah D. Cundiff, $3.00

Dec 10 Owen Deleplain to Sarah Athey

Dec 22 Lewis Dawson to Sarah Cowen
  Lewis Dawson to Sarah Cowan, $2.00



Jan 14 Miver Davis to Mary Ross

Feb 20 Isaac Shears to Catherine Stonebreaker
1831 Feb 20 Isaac Shears to Catherine Stonebreaker, $11.00

Mar 18 Phil. McNemar to Mary Bobo

Mar 24 Isaac Tucker to Susanna Athey, $3.50

Apr 22 J. F. Edmunds to Mary McCord
Apr 22 Wm. Steerman to Mary Smith

Traits Tracks and Trails lists date as May 22

Jun 3 Jas. Leadman to Amasa Cassady

Sep 21 Dan. Steerman to Rebecca Davis

Sep 23 John Polon to Phebe Elifritz

Oct 10 Alb. Watson to Anna McNemar

Oct 14 Jas. Riggs to Matlida Vandiver

Oct 28 Jacob Miller to Ann Roberts

Nov 18 John Blackburn to C. Rawlings
Traits Tracks and Trails has this date as Nov 28

Nov 18 Thoas. Randells to Ann Culp