1831 - 1866

Copied from the JC Sanders Books - Mineral County Public Library
 & Mineral County WV Family Traits Tracks and Trails


 Jan 6 Hiram Metcalf to Claria Baker

Jan 20 Sam Moreland to Eliz. Smith

Jan 20 Lewis Kitzmiller to M. Paugh

Jan 20 Jos. Kitzmiller to Mary Sollars

Feb 17 Sam. Stewart to Christa Rinker

Feb 20 Isaac Shears to C. Stonebraker
  Isaac Shears to Catherine Stonebreaker, $11.00

Mar 3 John Shields to M. Shillingburg
  John Shields to Mary Shillingburg, $2.00

Apr 12 Thoas. Mdaoz to Nancy Welch
Traits Tracks and Trails has his last name as Maddox also

May 19 John Vandiver to N. Blackburn
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her first initial as H

July 4 David Gray to Ruth Lowry (Colored), $1.75

July 7 Geo. Bradford to Sarah Hyett
  George Bradford to Sarah Hyatt, $2.00

Nov 17 Andrew Barnhouse to R. Smith

Dec 15 John Hull to Margaret Miller

Dec 17 Elias Kester to Anna Propst

Dec 18 Henry Bean to Julia A. Bosley

Dec 22 John Harris to Hannah Harris, $2.00



 Jan 20 Jacob Miller to N. Broadwaters
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her first initial as M

Feb 22 Riley Yokum to Angus Drace
  Riley Yokum to Agnes Drace, $2.00

Mar 15 David Dye to Sallie A. Harrision
From records of Rosemary E Stout:
  David Dye m. Sarah Ann Harrison

Mar 22 W. Dobbins to B. Al Leatherman

Apr 5 Geo. Schroack to Rachel Inskeep

Apr 5 Geo. Tasker to Aseneth Davis

May 8 Wm. Fout to Marg. Atengall
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her last name as Patengall

May 17 Wm. Metcalf to T. Hacknylot

Aug 12 John Smith to Elizabeth Hiper, $2.50

Aug 23 Andrew Bruce to J. Lett
  Andrew Bruce to Jane Lett (Colored), $2.00

Sep 27 Geo. Schroack to Rachel Inskeep
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his last name as Shrock

Oct 24 Isaac Trevalt to Phebe Bosly
Oct 25 Isaac Tevalt to Phebe Bosly, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails has date as Oct 25, her last name as Bosley his as Twalt

Nov 23 Isaac Redman to B. Lowry
  Isaac Redman to Betsy Lowry (Colored), $1.00

Dec 25 Jas. Wilson to Lucia Junkins



 Jan 3 E. Van Buskirk to Eliz. Mott

Jan 17 D. B. Lyons to Eliz. Lees

Jan 22 Christ. Martin to Nancy Athey
  Christopher Martin to Nancy Athey, $2.00

Apr 9 Solomon Arnold to M. Triplet
  Solomon Arnold to Margaret Triplett, $2.00

Apr 17 John Salters to Hannah Berry
Traits Tracks and Trails lists date as Apr 11

Apr 23 Jacob Shears to Eliz. Stell
  Jacob Shears to Elizabth Steel, $2.00

June 16 Cuthbert Smith to N. Thrasher
  Cuthbert Smith to Nancy Thrasher, $1.93

July 15 Isaac Murphy to Lavian Clark
Traits Tracks and Trails lists date as July 25 and her name as Lavina

Sep 5 Thos. Dixon to Mary Barrack

Sep 22 Jas. B. Harvey to Mary Junkins

Oct 10 Adam Cosner to Rach. Michael
  Adam Cosner to Rachel Michael, $2.00

Oct 15 Hugh Prarill to Lucy Cundiff
Traits Tracks and Trails has his last name as Parrill too

Nov 10 Joseph Davis to Nancy St. Clair

Dec 31 Allen Neal to Luranah Endler



 Jan 2 Elias Davis to Catherine Doll

Mar 30 Jas. Ravenscraft to S. Trenter

May 8 Jno. G. Brant to Marg. Junkins

May 21 Jesse Jones to R. Stonebraker, $1.75

July 6 John George to Phil Rotruck
July 8 John George to Polly Rotruck, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her name as Polly Rotruck

July 10 Marcus Groves to E. A. Colbert
Aug 10 Marcus Groves to E A Colbert

Aug 27 Wm. Harvey to Sar. A. Cassidy

Aug 31 Jont. Richards to Osee Hiett
  John Richardson to Osie Heitt, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as John Richardson to Osie Heitt

Sep 24 James McCormick to S. Nally

Oct 9 James White to Eliz. Robinson

Dec 14 Wm. Wilson to E. A. Simmons

Dec 18 Abner Bane to Elizabeth Long



 Jan 1 Caleb Lett to Abba Thomas
  Cabel Lett to Albt Thomas, $2.00

Jan 8 Wm. Kite to Nancy McCormick

Jan 12 Saul Whiting to Jane Sutton

Feb 15 Stephen Hull to Cath. Utta

Feb 15 Job Michel to Mary Cosner, $2.00

Feb 15 Geo. Martin to Rebecca Drace
  George Martin to Rebecca Drace, $2.00

Feb 19 Joseph Polon to Mary Wheeler, $2.00

Feb 26 Moses Roberts to Eliz. Roberts

Mar 17 Edm. Leright to Susan Welch

May 12 John Dew to Ann Duling

May 27 Dan. Hendrixon to M. Grayson

Traits Tracks and Trails lists names as Dan Hendrison to M Graveson

Jun 4 Joh Flannigan to Ele'r Reese
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as: John Flannigan to Eleanor Reese

Jun 21 And'w Hwaley to Mary Ashby
  Andrew Hawley to Mary Ashby, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his name as Andrew

Jul 6 Wm. Janney to Mary Junkins

Aug 27 Han. Bruce to M. A. Coats

Sept 19 Elijh Rinder to E. Hendrixon
Sept 10 Elizah Rinker to Eliz Hendrixon, $2.00

Traits Tracks and Trails lists as Sept 10, Elijah Rinker to E Hendrison

Sep 24 Jos. Douthit To Pene. Simmons

Sept 24 Alex. Hiett to Phil Martin
  Alexander Hietto to Polly Martin, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her first name as Polly

Oct 15 John Hendrixon to Eliz. Head

Oct 29 John Knabeshew to J. Junkins
  John Knabenshew to Jane Junkins, $2.00



 Jan 10 Walter Moreland to L Shell
  Walter Mooreland to Lucretia Shell, $2.00

Jan 28 James Harris to Nancy Rotruck
Traits Tracks and Trails lists date as Jan 27

Feb 4 J. F. Tasker to Mariah Harvey
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his initials as H. F. also

Mar 17 Greenby Smith to M Hendrixon
  Greenbury Smith to Margaret Hendrixon, $2.50

Mar 24 Henry White to Eliza Harvey

Apr 12 Randolph Mott to Sarah Hull

Apr 19 Martin McNemar to A. M. Dye
From records of Rosemary E Stout:
  Martin McNemar m. Anna Marria Dye
May 4 James Culp to Catherine Flick

May 19 Wm. Rogers to Mary Parker

May 31 Wright Welton to E. Johnson

Aug 31 Wash. Bobo to Sarah Liller

Sep 15 Jonathan High to S. Shoemaker

Sept 18 A McDonald to M Stonebraker
  Anthony McDonald to Mariah Stonebreaker, $2.00

Sept 18 Nimrod Smith to J Thrasher
  Nimrod Smith to Jane Thrasher, $2.00

Oct 18 Samuel Rinker to Emily High
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as Oct 19

Oct 20 Jacob Sigler to Sarah Nally

Nov 1 Aron Singleton to M. Myers

Nov 3 James Likens to Sarah Rotruck
  James Likins to Sarah Rotruck, $2.00

Nov 4 Rich Steerman to M. Burtnit

Nov 8 Enoch Baker to Lucy Long

Nov 24 Jos. Spade to Eliz. Leatherman

Nov 27 Wm H Kitzmiller to M Sheilds
  William H Kitzmiller to Mary Shields, $2.00

Dec 22 Francis Martin to Marg. Urice

Dec 27 John Maxwell to Reb's Wilson
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her name as Reba



 Jan 3 James Scott to Rebecca Doran, $5.00

Jan 19 Sol. Bean to Eliz. Shillingburg

Jan 19 Joseph Baker to Millie Smith

Jan 19 Isaac Roby to Mary Cole, $2.00

Jan 24 Amariah Hendrixon to E. Davis

Mar 2 Andw. Dawson to M. L. Cundiff

Mar 14 Arch Vandiver to R Williams
  Arch Vandiver to Rebecca Wlliams, $5.00

Mar 30 James Sheetz to M. Blackburn

Mar 30 John Harris to Sarah Likins, $2.00

Mar 30 Henry Hershey to Cath. Alfree

May 4 Jacob Flick to Eliz. Spencer

May 16 John Harrison to Sarah Likens

June 4 Jout Good to Emma Michael

Aug 3 John Rogers to Eleanor Mesbit
  John Rogers to Elenator Nesbit, $2.00

Aug 15 H Buskirk to M A Steel

Aug 15 Daniel Rhodes to Cath. Steel

Aug 24 Cep Dowson to M. Leatherman
  Cephas Dawson to Margaret Leatherman, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails has his last name as Dawson

Sep 19 Wm. Wadson to S. Ravenscroft
  Wm Dawson to Sarah Ravenscraft

Oct 10 Isaac Wolverton to M Tigert

Oct 12 James McClure to Mary Ann Chisholm

Oct 13 Elijah P. Brant to Sarah Knight
  Elizah P Brant to Sarah Kight, $2.00

Oct 14 David Michael to Maria Louisa Worth

Oct 14 Moses Michael to Rebecca Ann Worth

Oct 22 John Miller to Sarah Elizabeth McIlwee

Oct 31 Abram Evans to Polly Burgess

Nov 18 George Cunningham to ? Harness

Dec 3 Thorn. Baker to Barby Arnold
  Thornton Baker to Barbary Arnold, $2.00

Dec 11 Jacob Willis to Hannah Elzey

Dec 28 Jacob Gaugus to Cath. Flick
  Jacob Gangus to Cath Flick, $2.00

Dec 30 L. R. Metcalf to Marg. Brown
  L R Metcalf to Margaret Brown



Jan 11 James Hershey to Catherine Trenton
  James Hershey to Cathleen Trenter, $3.00

 Jan 20 Samuel Arnold to Nancy Parker

Jan 20 John Flanagan to Julia Ann Blue

Jan 20 Samuel Farmer to Ann McDonald

Jan 20 Ludwell Metcalf to Margaret Brown

Jan 20 Thomas Ruckman to Nancy Carmichael

Jan 27 Benjamin Jenkins to Catherine Arm

Jan 28 Ed. M. Murphy to Phebe Davis
1839 Dan'l Murphy to Phobe Davis, $2.00

Apr 9 Samuel Babb to Catherine Johnson, $5.00

Apr 14 Charles Perry to Sarah Henderson

Apr 28 William Loy to M Gochenour

May 25 Johnson Covanavan to P. Bosly
1839 Johnson Cononavan to Polly Bosley, $3.00

June 9 Samuel Loy to Martin Sea

Jun 14 London Burncrots to Marg. Davy
1839 Landon Bumcrots to Margaret Davy, $1.50

June 19 William Bacorn to Hannah Likins, $1.00

July 7 John Eaton to Charlotte Barret

July 21 Simon Taylor to Margaret Davis

Aug 11 Lewis Hinkle to Julian Wagoner

Aug 18 Michael Ash to Sarah Haas

Aug 18 John McCullough to Eliza Smar

Sep 8 Philip Bosley to Nancy Harris
1839 Phil Bosley to Nancy Harris, $1.00

Sept 8 Uriah Blue to Rebecca Inskeep

Sept 8 William Carder to Lucinda Brown

Sept 8 John Jay Combs to Susan Crawford

Sept 8 William Welch to Mary Jane Clipstine

Sept 15 Samuel Tracy to Amy Athey

Sep 20 Thor. Dobbins. N. Ravenscraft


1839 Thomas Dobbins to Nancy Ravenscraft, $2.00

Sept 22 Thomas Dobbins to Nancy Ravenscroft

Oct 5 Wm. Dayton to Theodosia Kite
1839 William Dayton to Theodasia Kite, $2.00

Oct 6 James Moorehead to Bersheba Urton

Oct 13 Joseph McNemar to Mary Smith

Oct 20 William Davy to Ann Hoffman

Oct 20 Isaac Poland to Elizabeth Lore

Oct 27 John Hardy to Julia Ann Case

Oct 29 Peter Alkire to Alcinda Howard

Nov 3 James Combs to Susan Corbin

Nov 10 Edward Lucas to Mary Ellen Johnson

Nov 11 Joseph Harness to Ann Elizabeth Welton

Nov 17 William Foote to Arabella Gilliam

Nov 22 Jas. Lockbridge to M. Junkins
1839 James Lockridge to Mary Junkins, $2.00

Dec 1 John Thompson to Mary Scott

Dec 5 Samuel Caldwell to Jane Stickley

Dec 6 John McRobie to M. Murphy
1839 John McRobie to Margaret Murphy, $1.60

Dec 22 Washington Davy to Ann Strouther

Dec 22 Joseph Taylor to High



Jan 29 James Tate to Eliz. Flick
1840 James Tate to Elizabeth Flick, $2.00

Jan 29 Henry Bosly to Hannah Bosly
1840 Henry Bosley to Hannah Bosley, $2.50

Feb 7 Philip Haynes to Catherine Foltz

Feb 14 Robert Arnold to Tirzah Shoemaker, $2.00

Mar 10 Cornelios Long to Eliza Moseley

Mar 21 Lorenzo Oates to Barbara Files

Mar 26 Jesse Cropper to M. McColloch
1840 Jessie Cooper to Mary Ann McCullough, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails has this as Mar 28 Jesse Cropper to Mary Ann McCullough

March 28 David Coyner to Eliz. Snodgrass

Mar 28 Thorn A King to Armin. Kite
1840 Thornton A King to Armitha Kite, $3.00

May 9 Jacob Lease to Julian Lyons

May 9 Samuel Thomas to Mariah Scott, $5.00

May 16 Robert Patterson to Maria Stone

May 30 Wesley McNemar to Rebecca Park

May 30 Derias Pugh to Elizabeth Chriswell

June 16 William Simmons to Ann Jemima Fisher

Aug 1 Conrad Markwood to M. Lewis
1840 Conrad Markwood to Margaret Lewis, $3.00

Sep 12 J. M. Rotruck to Mar. Greenwalt
1840 Jacob M Rotruck to Margaret Greenwade, $2.00

Sep 19 J. B. Paugh to Eveline Howard
1840 James B Pugh to Eveline Howard, $3.87 1/2

Sep 19 E. G. Blackburn to S. Rotruck
1840 E G Blackburn to Susan M Rotruck, $2.00

Sept 22 Jacob Evans to Nancy Bosley, $2.00

Sept 26 Daniel Loy to Sedenia Hear

Sept 26 Joseph Marvin to Mary Louthan

Sept 26 Jacob Ridgeway to Nancy High

Oct 6 Adam Sion to Susan Leatherman, $2.00

Oct 10 Edward Williams to Rebecca McNeel

Oct 12 John Mills to Eliz. Potts
1840 John Mills to Elizabeth Potts, $2.00

Oct 15 Issac Tasker to M. Barnhouse
1840 Isaac Tasker to Mariam Barnhouse, $2.00

Oct 17 John Racey to Sarah Orndorff

Oct 17 George Reed to Mary Nelson

Nov 7 James Albin to Rebecca Julick

Nov 9 Tobias Bosley to Eliz Roberts

Nov 14 Benjamine Morre to Hester Harvey
1840 Benjamin Moon to Hester Harvey, $3.00

Nov 14 Joseph Davis to Mary Duling

Nov 14 William Dew to Jane Davis

Nov 14 Richard Marshall to Margaret Kramer

Nov 14 F B Welton to Jane Cunningham

Nov 21 Henry Idleman to S. Blackburn
1840 Henry Idleman to Susan Blackburn, $2.00

Nov 21 Joseph Higgens to Mary Parker

Nov 21 Matthias Rizer to Nancy Earson

Nov 28 Issac Mills to Sarah Smith, $2.00

Dec 5 John White to Ellen Jewett

Dec 19 Sol. Smith to Rachel Janney, $2.00

Dec 22 Henry Lore to Marg. Abernathy
1840 Henry Lore to Margaret Abernathy, $2.00



 Jan 7 Dan Flenagan to Susan Arnold
1841 Daniel Flanagan to Susan Arnold, $2.50

April 14 Geo. Likens to Hannah Rotruck
1841 George Likins to Hannah Rotruck, $2.00

May 28 Peter Miller to Eliz. Bruce
1841 Peter Miller to Elizabeth Urice, $2.00

Jun 23 Sam Pomfirt to Eliza Moreland
1841 Samuel Promfirt to Eliza Moreland, $2.00

July 16 J. W. H. Metcalf to Mary Davis, $2.00

Aug 25 John Green to Eliz. Barnhouse
1841 John Green to Elizabeth Barnhouse, $2.00

Aug 27 Peter Ridings to Eliz Dayton
1841 Peter Riding to Elizabeth Dayton, $5.00

Oct 1 John Idleman to E A Cosher
1841 John Idleman to E A Cosner, $5.00

Oct 8 Jos. Blackburn to Eliz. Sollars

Oct 20 Peter Stall to Star. Van Buskirk
1841 Peter Stall to Sarah Van Buskirt, $5.00

Nov 5 Jeremiah Harvey to N Irons
1841 Jeremiah Harvey to Nancy Irons, $2.00

Nov 5 H R Harvey to Catherine Lee, $2.00


Nov 26 John Staggs to M. Whiteman
1841 John Staggs to Margaret Whiteman, $2.00

Dec 9 Adam Michael to Eleanor Hilky
1841 Adam Michael to Elanor Hilky, $3.00

Dec 20 Sol Leatherman to H Arnold
1841 Solmon Leatherman to Hannah Arnold, $2.50

Jan 28 Lloyd Anderson to H. Sharpless

Mar 4 Jacob Smith to Susan Grim
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her name as Crim

Mar 16 N. D. Harrison to M. I. Harrison
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his name as N C Harrison
From records of Rosemary E Stout:
Nathan D Harrison m. Matilda Hull

Mar 18 Wm Evans to Lydia Kitzmiller
1842 William Evans to Lydia Kitzmiller, $2.50

Mar 25 J L Rogers, Jr to Sus Nesbit
From records of Rosemary E Stout:
  John S Rogers m. Susan Nesbitt

Jul 15 Mathias Simmons to R. Grim
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her name as Crim

Sept 16 Sam J Kline to Rachel Arnold
1842 Samuel J Kline to Rachel Arnold, $193

Sept 19 Wash. Shillingburg to N Evans
1842 Washington Shillingburg to Nancy Evans, $2.00

Sep 21 Fred Ludwick to Susan Welch

Oct 14 Wm. Sharpless to Susan Harvey

Oct 26 W. Hanshaw to S. Kuykendall

Oct 28 Thomas Smith to M Shillingbug
1842 Thomas Smith to Margaret Shillingburg, $2.00

Oct 31 Joseph Henline to Ruth Hilky, $2.00


Nov 11 John Wilson to Mary Hamilton

Nov 17 Sam Cosner to M A Idleman
1842 Samuel Cosner to Mary A Idleman, $2.75

Nov 18 Sol. Arnold to P. Leatherman

Dec 22 George Urice to Mary Arnold

Dec 23 Joseph George to Clara Schell
1842 Joseph George to Clara Shell, $2.50



 Jan 1 Thomas Athey to Maria Frederick, $2.00


Jan 20 Jesse King to Lucinda Harvey

Mar 8 Peter Thrush to Sallie A. Harvey(Taylor)

Mar 10 John Cundiff to Eliza McCarty

Mar 23 John Newhouse to M. J. Frazier

Mar 23 Lewis Everett to Cath Liller
Traits Tracks and Trails has her name as Miller

Apr 14 Jos. C. Perkins to Avy Dawson
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his first name as Jas.

Apr 28 John Tasker to Frances Reese

May 1 And. Dowson to Mary Downson
Traits Tracks and Trails has: May 19 And Dawson to Mary Dawson

May 2 Daniel Tucker to Susan Ward
Traits Tracks and Trails lists the date as May 24

June 7 Jac Forsyth to Polly Moreland
1843 Jacob Frosyth to Polly Moreland, $4.00

June 28 David Anderson to Rebecca Earnholt, $1.00

June 30 Thos. Dawson to A. M. Moore

Jul 21 Robert Abernathy to A. Sharpless

Sept 13 Adam Bosley to Ruth Pumroy
1843 Adam Bosly to Ruth Pumory, $2.00

Sep 29 W. M. B. Welch to Sm. M. Welch

Dec 1 Frederick Lee to Eliza Cosner
1843 Fred Lee to Elizabeth Cosner, $3.00

Dec 26 Jas Blackburn to S C Rotruck



 Jan 19 Wash. Sharps to Nancy Kites
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her name as Kite

Jan 20 Peter Wilson to Louisa Hull

Feb 7 Henry Warnick to S. Demmitt

Mar 5 Joseph Athey to Savilla Martin
  Joseph Athey to Lavilla Martin, $1.00

Apr 6 William Lees to Ann Foley

Apr 12 John Barrick to Rec's Kabrick
Traits Tracks and Trails has name Reca Kabrick

Apr 13 George Roberts to H Leatherman

Apr 30 John Johnson to Isab. Powell

Jun 25 Rezen Harvey to E. Coleshine
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his first name as Reben

Aug 8 Upton Bruce to Lucinda Tygert
  Upton Bruce to Lucinda Tyzert, $2.00

Aug 24 Fred Frazier to Matilda Barrick

Sep 14 Sylyester Welch to Lucy Welch

Oct 13 J. Leatherman to E. Hollenback

Oct 29 Joseph Kitzmiller to Eliz. Bogle

Nov 1 John Michael to Louisa Smith, $5.00

Nov 30 Thos. Ferribee to Nancy Hull

Nov 20 Alfred Davis to Elizabeth Bane

Dec 5 Thomas Roberts to Sarah Leatherman, $2.00


 Feb 1 Frank Stagg to D. Leatherman

Feb 26 V. Dobbins to H. A. Hammock

Feb 29 R. S. Welch to Ben. Ann Welch

Mar 20 Abram Johnson to Sm. M. Parker

Mar 28 Wm H Miller to Harriet Dixon
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as March 22 and his first name as William also

April 8 Jno. Moreland to A. Martha Daubs
  John Moreland to Martha Daubs, $2.00

Jun 23 James Kelly to Bera Logue
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her name as Rebiak Logue

Aug 15 James Mudy to Mary Staggs
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his last name as Rudy

Aug 15 William Kite to Amy Gregg

Sep 1 Solomon Urice to Sarah Waxler

Sep 19 Jas. Emmet to Mary Rawlings

Oct 1 Sylves Smith to Joanna Crosly

From records of Rosemary E Stout:
Oct 20 1844 James S Rogers m. Angelina Ellifritz

Oct 31 John Greenwalt to E. Rotruck

Nov 4 Josiah Simmons to Eliza Hilky
  Josiah Simmons to Elizabeth Hilky, $2.00

Nov 7 Peter Umstot to Eliz. Urice

Dec 5 John Murphy to Eliz. Streets

Dec 5 Thomas Roberts to S Leatherman

Dec 5 B L Rotruck to Susan Sollars

Dec 10 Marcus More to J. Hammock
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his last name as Moore

Dec 10 Solomon Moore to Milly Foley

Dec 11 Wm Elcchier to Sarah George
  William Welch to Sarah George, $5.00

Dec 19 M. D. Nevil to Nancy Saollars



Mar 9 Artona Palmer to N. J. Paugh
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his first name as Arton

Mar 25 Jacob Everett to Rebecca Merit

Apr 1 Amos Umstot to Eliz. Parker

Apr 3 Strother Grannon to M. S. Poling
Traits Tracks and Trails lists marriage of Strother Gannon to M A Poling

May 8 Arthur Flick to Eliz. Umstot

May 8 John L. Harvey to Ruth Junkins

May 19 Geo Liller to Martha Dayton

May 19 Geo. Merit to Ann B McNemar

June 19 Geo. Lerit to Martha Dayton

June 25 John M Meese to M Hollenback

Jul 24 Sam V. Shockey to M. V. Liller

Aug 3 Jas. Likens to Fran. McNemar

Aug 14 R. J. Powleson to T. A. Welch

Aug 14 David Bosly to Lydia Bean

Sep 4 Wm. D. Reese to H. A. Johnson

Sep 4 F. A. Barnhouse to Bary'y Kisner
Traits Tracks and Trails has name Barly Kisner

Sep 11 John M. Wilt to Rebecca Baker

Sept 24 Jas M Bennet to Eliz Gilbert

Oct 19 Abram Keyser to S Moreland
1844 Abram Keyser to Sarah Moreland, $1.25

Oct 19 Cuthbert Smith to Sarah Steele
1844 Cuthbert Smith to Sarah Steele, $1.25

Oct 20 Jas. Robers to Augeline Elifritz

Oct 28 Godfrey Shears to Mary Shears

Oct 28 Godfrey Shears to Susan Shockey

Oct 28 Thos. Liller to Susan Shockey

Oct 29 Adde'm Parker to Eliza J Hull

Nov 6 Evan J. Polon to Eliz. Dawson

Dec 11 Wm Welch to Sarah George



 Jan 8 William Bogle to Mary Mills

Jan 15 George Bane to Sarah C Head, $2.50

Feb 11 Elisha Jinkins to Gillah Dimmit, $2.00

Feb 13 A. Leatherman to Me. E. Hall

Feb 17 Abram Cooper to R. Murphy

Mar 4 John Markwood to Sarah A Pool, $2.50

Mar 21 William Moody to Virginia Beals, $2.00

April 1 Jacob Rotruck to Mary Likins, $2.00

May 7 J L Roberts to E J Rotruck, $2.00

Jun 25 John M. Reese to M. Hollenbeck

June 25 William Cassidy to Eliz. Lyon
1845 William Cassady to Elizabeth Lyon, $2.00

Aug 20 John Beale to Maria George
1845 John Beals to Maria George, $2.00

Aug 22 R J Wallace to M C Sharrest, $2.00

Aug 27 E. H. Flick to Sarah Urice

Sep 13 Abram White to H. Ferriman

Sep 23 Nich. Leatherman to C. Arnold

Sep 24 Jas. M. Bennet to Eliz. Gilbert

Sept 24 B F Leatherman to E J Panner, $1.50

Oct 3 Reuben Walburn to Everin Shores, $2.00

Oct 8 Alex Kalbaugh to M C Trenter, $2.50

Oct 22 Caleb Leavens to Sarah E Parker, $2.87 1/2

Oct 29 Adam Parmer to Eliza J. Hull

Nov 19 J. N. Carskadon to R. E. Parker
Traits Tracks and Trails has this as J H Carskadon

Nov 20 Seth Mills to Missouri Sharpless, $2.00

Nov 26 Jas B Powell to Annie Hays
1845 James B Powell to Annie Hays, $3.50

Dec - Adam Hassel to Mary Hass, $2.87 1/2

Dec 10 John Rotruck to Elizabeth Rinker, $1.93 1/4

Dec 28 Dan. Leatherman to E. Rotruck



 William George to Lydia Michael

Feb 19 William Sailor to Ruth Hull

Apr 11 John Lees to Mary Lees

Apr 15 Solomon Bosly to Mary A. Liller

Apr 22 Jas. Fitzwaters to M. McDonald

Jun 2 James E. Murphy to S. M Long

Jun 6 Val. Rolston to C. Stullenbarger

Sept 21 Johnson Dobbins to M. A. Taylor

Sep 23 Hiram Ravenscraft to M. C. Flick

Nov 10 Jackson Dobbins to S. E. Miller

Dec 9 J. W. Harvey to E. Sharpless

Dec 30 J. Bosley to Mary Bean

Dec 30 Jacob Hilkey to A. E. Michael



 Feb 9 James Duke to Jane Davis

Feb 10 Abram Leatherman to R Likins

Mar 9 J. F. High to M. E. Ludwick

Mar 9 A. Leatherman to Julia A. Bogle

Mar 25 Jos Walker to M Stonebraker

Apr 6 J. H. McNemar to Eliz. Hilky

Apr 6 Daniel Bosley to M. J Shields

April 14 John Pancake to Mary Reese

May 18 Geo. Head to Ann R. Vanmeter

May 19 Jacob Tucker to Martha Head

Jun 6 Jos. Syms to Parthenia Brown

Jun 6 J. W. Baily to Eliz. A Whip
Traits Tracks and Trails has this date as June 15

June 19 Ben Grayson to Cath Michael

Jun 29 W. H. Shoemaker to S. A. Kelly

Aug 23 Charles Leatherman to R Roberts

Sep 5 J. F. Davis to Orpha Harrison

Sep 12 Henry Long to E. C. Baker

Oct 5 B. B. Welch to Elizabeth Welch

Oct 10 Sol Cosner to Eunice Idleman

Oct 26 Martha Hull to E. A. Harrion

Traits Tracks and Trails lists names as Martin Hull to E A Harrison

Nov 22 Philip Smith to Isabel Smith

Nov 29 Jacob Barrick to M. H. Tasker

Dec 5 Andrew Sollars to Catherine Paugh

Dec 7 Con Idleman to B Rohrbaugh

Dec 28 J. R. Cundiff to Sarah Johnson



 Jan 3 Hiram Lyon to Martha McNemar

Jan 25 Dennis Daniels to H. J. Flick

Feb 14 Geo Doll to Matilda McNemar

Feb 14 A Leatherman to Hester Bly

Mar 1 Capt. John Dye to R. Harrison
From records of Rosemary E Stout:
  John R Dye m. Rebecca Harrison

Mar 8 Daniel Lyon to Martha McNemar

Apr 19 Jacob Baily to Susanna Flick

Apr 24 Thomas Jinkins to Eliz. Smith

May 17 Jas. A. Rafter to Adelia Parris

May 31 Mivert Davis to Susan Roberts

June 5 Sol. Rotruck to Matilda Liller

June 6 Jos. Syms to Parthenia Brown

Aug 26 A. McKinzie to C. C. Spencer

Aug 30 William Welch to Elisa Scott

Aug 30 Edm. Duling to S. M. Harrison
Traits Tracks and Trails lists date as Sept 29

Sep 6 J. W. Long to Harriet C. Welch

Oct 24 M. P. Barnhouse to Jane Myers

Nov 15 John Grayson to Ruth Miller

Dec 6 Zimri Bane to Hester A. Fink

Dec 6 Hen. Moreland to L A J Barnal

Dec 20 J. Fazenbaker to E. Hamilton



 Jan 15 George Bane to Sarah C. Head

Jan 24 Jas. Hendrixon to Clarissa Davis

Mar 3 John Markwood to S. A. Pool

Mar 19 Geo Yeany to Nancy Earnholt

Mar 21 Wm. Moody to Virginia Beals

April 30 J W McNemar to Virg Childs

April 30 D B Markwood to A B Hilkey

May 27 J. L. Roberts to E. H. Rotruck

Aug 22 R. L. Wallace to M. E. Sharrett

Sep 24 B. F. Leatherman to E. J. Palmer

Oct 3 Reuben Walburn to Ev. Shores

Oct 10 Jos. Moody to Clara Grayson

Oct 22 Caleb Leyens to S. E. Parker

Dec 10 Adam Hassel to Mary Hass

Dec 10 John Rotruck to Eliz. Rinker

Dec 10 Thomas Haines to Nancy McBride



 Feb 11 Elisha Jinkins to Zillah Dimmit

Apr 1 Jacob Rotruck to Mary Likens

Apr 3 M. T. Greenwade to R. M. Allen
1850 Moss T Greenwade to Rhoda M Alen, $5.00

April 8 W H Moreland to Rebecca Terry

Apr 8 John Shaw to Barbara Milslagle

May 12 James Dayton to Eliza A Shears

May 29 Charles Rawlings to N. J. Rinker, $1.00

Jun 4 P. E. Kabrick to J. A. Buncrotts
1850 Peter E Kabrick to J A Bumcrotts, $3.00

Sep 3 H. P. Jinkins to Hanah Roberts
1850 H P Jenkins to Hannah Roberts, $2.00

Sep 6 Simon Umstot to Kesia Elizfritz, $2.00

Sep 11 James Rawlings to M. S. Trenter, $1.50
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as Sept 1

Sep 23 R. B. Baxter to Sarah Whip, $1.50

Oct 2 J. L. Leatherman to E. Parmer
1850 J L Leatherman to Eleanor Parmer, $2.00

Oct 2 Samuel Purnel to L. Barnhouse
1850 Samuel Purnel to Lavina Barnhouse, $2.00

Oct 27 Wm. M. Hull to Sarah Thrush
1850 William H Hull to Sarah Thrush, $2.00

Oct 28 Wm. Barnholt to Pris'a Bosley
1850 William Earnholt to Priscilla Bosley, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his last name as Earnholt

Oct 30 John White to L. Ravenscraft
1850 John White to Levina Ravenscraft, $2.00

Dec 4 J. T. Parmer to N. J. Leatherman, $2.00

Dec 25 Caleb Knight to L. S. Tasker
1850 Caleb Kight to L S Tasker, $3.00



 Jan 7 Valentine Dayton to N. Shrout. $1.00

Aug 16 Michael Likens to Chris. Mills
  Michael Likins to Christina Mills
Traits Tracks and Trails has date as Aug 15 and her name as Christine

Aug 17 W. Shillingburg to C. Burgess
Aug 15 Wash. Shillingburg to Caroline Burgess

Aug 24 Nich. Ravenscraft to M. Moody
Aug 2 Nicholas Ravenscraft to Mary Moody, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his name as Michael

 Aug 26 G. McCormick to N. J. Abernathy
  George McCormick to N J Abernathy, $2.00

Aug 27 John G. Brant to M. A. Ridings, $3.00
Aug 27 John S Brant to S I Riding

Aug 27 John F. George to A. R. Martin

Dec 8 Jos. Michael to Elmira Paris
  Joseph Michael to Elmira Parris, $2.50



 Jan 20 Jas. Blackburn to S. E. Spencer
  James Blackburn to Susan E Spencer, $2.00

Feb 7 Chas. E. Bowen to M C. Parsons
  Charles G Bower to M C Parsons, $5.00
Feb 23 Jethro Davis to Emily Parker, $2.00

Mar 3 Jas Shirley to Lura McNemar
  James Shirley to Lurana McNemar, $1.00

Mar 24 W. H. Blackburn to E. Spencer
  W H Blackburn to Eliza Spencer, $2.00

Mar 24 David Shield to Sarah A Bosley

Jul 11 Day Dern to M. A. Leatherman
July 1 David Kern to M A Leatherman, $4.00

Sep 24 Job Shockey to E. J. Ludwick
  Job Shockey to Emily J Ludwick, $2.00

Oct 6 John Ruckman to Sar. Henline
  John Ruckman to Sarah Henline, $2.50

Oct 26 W. J. Taylor to M. A. High, $2.50

Dec 13 E B Cooper to I Shillingburg



 Jan 17 J. J. Likins to Eliz. Moody

Jan 18 N. G. Statton to Aseneth Taylor

Jan 19 Wm. E. Shank to S. H. Gilbert

Jan 24 Daniel Rotruck to E D Harris

Feb 21 William Bean to Priscilla Bosley

Apr 3 J. N. Buzzard to S. A. Whiteman
Traits Tracks and Trails has this as J W Buzzard to S W Whiteman

Jun 22 D. J. Daniels to Christina Flick

Aug 22 Jesse Fry to Emily Moody

Sep 18 Wm. S. Flick to Delilah Stagg

Oct 11 Theodore Harrison to N. E. Dye
From records of Rosemary E Stout:
  Theodore Harrison m. Nancy Dye

Nov 23 Jacob Dawson to Jul. Spencer

Dec 20 J. S. Arnold to J. C. Riley



 Mar 29 William Culp to M. A. Biser
Traits Tracks and Trails has her name as E A Biser

Apr 16 Jos. Parker to E. J. Whiteman

May 2 J W McNemar to M E Ridings

June 28 Elijah Liller to Christina White

Sept 4 John Miller to M. J. Blackburn

Sep 12 J. J. Herriott to D. W. Parker
Traits Tracks and Trails lists as J Rerriott to D E Parker

Nov 22 Asa Hiett to Cas. Arnold

Nov 22 Thos S White to M A Rawlings

Nov 27 Thorn. Flick to H. M. Steward
Traits Tracks and Trails lists the date as Nov 11, and her last name as Stewart

Dec 20 W. H. Shores to M. McNemar

Dec 25 J. P. Null to M. C. Harrison

Dec 25 J P Hull to M C Lambert



 March 25 C W Haggerty to E I Hershey

Mar 26 John Shoemaker to E. Kelly

Apr 24 Samuel Urice to M. A. Stagg

May 8 H. Kitzmiller to E. Stullenbarger

May 8 Hannibal Murphy to L. Baker

Jun 3 Hiram Liller to R. E. McNemar
Traits Tracks and Trails has date as June 23

June 18 Mich. A. Liller to H. Hendrixon

Jul 3 Roland Trenter to R. C. Davis
Traits Tracks and Trails lists his first name as Poland

Sep 11 Abs. Liller to Penelope Fetters
Traits Tracks and Trails has his name as Abe

Sept 13 Abram White to N Ferriman

Sept 28 Jasp. Welch to Sabina Leman

Nov 7 Robert White to Eliz. Liller

Nov 27 Jos. Tichnall to Ava Warnick

Dec 4 Thornton Baily to M. Rotruck

Dec 7 Nich. Galhouse to Paul'e Bosly
Traits Tracks and Trails has the names as Nich. Balhouse to Pauline Bosly



 Apr 30 W. L. Leatherman to H. E. Kern
  W S Leatherman to H E Kerns, $2.50

Apr 4 T. A. Martin to C. Leatherman

Jul 30 Geo. W. Leatherman to M. L. Whip
  George W Leatherman to M L Whip, $2.00

Sept 14 Wm. T. McRoby to S. A. Manly

Sep 30 B. F. Harrison to Eliza Hull, $2.00
From records of Rosemary E Stout:
  Elkanah Harrison m. Eliz. Hull, not B F Harrison, "but I think this date is rather late".

 Oct 9 Lambert Elifritz to E. Tasker

Oct 19 J. W. Hartman to S. C. Ludwick

Nov 16 Horace A Peas to F V Wilson



 Jan 19 J. G. Welch to Elenomy Reese, $1.50

Feb 23 Jacob Flick to Nancy Martin

Mar 8 Emanuel Liller to Cath. Bobo
  Emanuel Liller to Catherine Bobo, $1.50
Traits Tracks and Trails has her name as Catherine

Mar 10 John Ravenscraft to S. A. Baker

Mar 17 John Liller to M. J. Baker

Apr 20 W. B. Stump to Eliz. Solan
  W B Stump to Elizabeth Sloan, $10.00

Jun 23 J. D. Greenwalt to A. McNemar
  J D Greenwalt to Aug McNemar, $2.00

Sep 23 Wm. W. Kabrick to M. C. Liller
  William W Cabrick to M C Liller, $3.00

Nov 18 Pat. McCormick to E. Flanagan
  Pat McCormick to Eliza Flanagan, $5.00



 Jan 17 G. W. Woodward to A. Arnold
  George W Woodward to Abingail Arnold, $10.00

Feb 9 Thos. McDowell to M. E. Rogers
  Thomas McDowell to M E Rogers, $3.50

Mar 3 John Urice to A. Stagg
  John Urice to M A Stagg, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her initials as M. A.

Apr 13 Peter Bauer to M. A. Poland, $3.50

Apr 14 T. S. Welch to V. Van Buskirk, $2.00

Jul 4 Cornelius Thrush to A. Paugh
  Cornelius Thrush to Amanda Paugh, $2.50

Sep 27 Adam Carnell to H. V. Kitzmiller
  Adam Carnell to H C Kitzmiller, $2.50

Nov 12 Isaac E Taylor to Sarah Harris

Nov 16 Adrew Pancake to A. J. High
  Andrew Pancake to A J High, $15.00

Nov 24 Marcus Mott to Lucre Harrision
  Marcus Mott to Lucretia Harrison, $2.00

 Dec 14 Dan Arnold to Sallie Ludwick, $5.00



 Aug 6 Thos. Hamilton to Rebecca Duke
  Thomas Hamilton to Rebecca Duke, $1.00

Aug 9 Wm. C. Dawson to Sarah Smith
  William O Dawson to Sarah Smith, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails has his name as William O

Aug 23 Sam Umstot to Catherine Hollenbeck
  Samuel Umstot to Cath. Hollenbach, $2.00

Aug 23 Singleton Wilburn to Cath. Ludwick

Aug 30 P. McDonald to Rebecca Miller
Sept 30 Peter McDonald to Rebecca Miller, $5.00

Oct 3 Jas. Ryan to Caroline Barrick
  James Ryan to Caroline Barrick, $2.00

Oct 3 Dr. F. M. Wright to Mary Sloan
Oct 30 Dr M F Wright to Mary Sloan, $10.00

Dec 13 Peter Greenwalt to H. Boling
  Peter Greenwalt to Henrietta Boling, $2.00

Dec 19 J. W. Day to Nancy Taylor
  J W Dye to Nancy Taylor, $1.50



 Jun 13 George S. Martin to E. J. Robert
  George S Martin to Elizabeth J Roberts, $1.50

Feb 7 Mivert Davis to A. Waxler
  Mivert Davis to Lethy A Waxler, $1.00
Traits Tracks and Trails has her name as L A Waxler

Feb 26 T. Blackburn to C. E. Harrison
  Thomas Blackburn to C E Harrison, $2.00

Apr 4 Elijah Buckbee to J. Hickly
  Elizah Buckbee to Jenetta Hickle, $2.00

Apr 17 Wm. Hassa to M. A. High
  William Hass to A M High, $5.00



 May 13 Jas. Fleming to Han. Blackburn
June 13 James Fleming to Hannah Blackburn, $5.00



Jan 28 Wm. Likens to S. Van Buskirk
Jan 20 William Likins to Sarrah Van Buskirk, $2.00

Feb 10 Eli. Micheal to Eliza Evans
  Eli Mitchael to Elizabeth Evans, $1.50




 May 11 M. Likens to M. J. Van Buskirk

Jun 22 Adde'm Roberts to S. M. Cundiff
  Addemiam Roberts to S M Cundiff, $2.00
Traits Tracks and Trails lists her last name as Dunciff

Aug 17 J. W. Crayen to M. Spencer
  J W Craven to M Spencer



 Warren Poland to M. Carnell
1867 Warner Poland to Mahala Cornell

Fran M. Jarboe to H. Keplinger
Francis M Jarbo to H Keplinger