All information was taken from the Headsville Methodist Church's Centennial Anniversary Program. The anniversary was September 9 - 16, 1956 contributed by Lyle Iman





The Methodist Church of Headsville was built in 1856 by James Carskadon, I.H. Carskadon and Henry Head to house a Methodist fellowship which had been meeting in the home of Mrs. James Parker, an invalid. The church was dedicated by Rev. S.V. Blake, a Presiding Elder of the Methodist Episcopal Church and an uncle of Mrs. I.H. Carskadon. The dedicatory offering was applied to the church debt, the total cost being $1250.

The lot containing one and one tenth acres, including the old Parker Burial ground, was donated by James Carskadon. The deed, recorded in Romney, Hampshire County, Virginia, (of which Mineral County was then a part), was not written until all indebtedness on the church had been paid in full and receipt could be acknowledged in the deed. The deed was signed by James and Rebecca Carskadon and was made to the trustees, James Carskadon, James Sheets, Henry Head, Issac H. Carskadon, Thomas R. Carskadon, Abraham Johnson and Oliver Dayton.

During the Civil War the church was occupied by soldiers and for some time after the war there were no assigned preachers. A local preacher, Rev. Rolan Dayton walked from the Twenty First Bridge below McCoole, Md., to hold services. Another local preacher, Rev. Issac H. Carskadon, who often preached in the church before his death in 1887, was the father of James H. Carskadon (recently deceased), who was Superintendent and a teacher of the Sunday School for more than fifty years. Also among those who are remembered for their outstanding work at Headsville Church in past years are Miss Susan Johnson, Mr. John Fertig and Mr. G. A. Eisenhour.

The church is a white frame building 31 by 45 feet with a seating capacity of about 200. The balcony, which was built for the slaves of that day, is now used for the Children’s Department of the Church School.

Pastors who have been assigned to the Headsville Church include the Rev. Winstead, C. E. Young, R. P. West, Frank Porter, H. C. McDaniel, J. M. Pasco, William Harris, W. A. Carroll, Henry Mann, J. F. Dayton, J. N. Davis, J. I. Winger, M. A. Beale, C. F. Bonn, J. H. Haugh, C. S. Holland, P.W. Metheny, Ray M. Busler, W. W. Wagoner, U. S. Land-street, J. Halpenny, R. H. Bartlett, C. K. Lewis, John A Shockey, M. A. Keesecker, Charles W. Lanham, W. C. Brian, Charles H. Meade, Jesse E. Keesecker, E.L.Tune, W.W. Breckbill, Cyril J. Hoover, Robert L. Bartlett, J.R. Cooley, W.E. Thomas, Frank A. Johnson, W.W. Beale, Walter Bowman, Ray Wilson, R.D. Marshall, Howard Hall, H. Edgar Suite, Thomas Mitchell, and Harry P. Light, the present pastor.



Miss Maude Whipp Mrs. Seymour Whipp

Miss Etta Orndorff Mrs. J.W. Carskadon, Jr.

Mrs. G. Otis Borror Ervin Eisenhour





G. Otis Borror

Mrs. J.W. Carskadon, Jr.

Ervin Eisenhour

Eston Iman

Eston Iman

Oliver Leatherman

Oliver Leatherman

Finly Orndorff

Finly Orndorff

Mrs. Guy Snyder

Miss Maude Whipp

Mrs. Ray Whipp



Mrs. G. Otis Borror - Commission on Mem. And Evangelism

Miss Maude Whipp - Commission on Finance

Mrs. Ray Whipp - Commission on Missions

Mrs. Seymour Whipp - Commission on Education

Church School Superintendent - Ervin Eisenhour

Church Treasurer - Ellis Leatherman

President of Woman’s Society - Mrs. Guy Snyder

President of Methodist Men - Ellis Leatherman

President of Methodist Youth Fellowship - Catherine Jones