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Deeded to Lawrence Hickey. This is my line. From The New Creek Company. Book

8 Page 374-375 21 April 1873. Lot 358 Hampshire St-Piedmont..


This Deed, made the twenty first day of April in the year Eighteen Hundred &

Seventy Three between " The New Creek Company," a body politic and corporate,

incorporated by an Act of the General Assembly of Virginia of the one part,

and Lawrence Hickey of the other part witnesseth, that in consideration of

Three Hundred Dollards the said New Creek Company doth grant unto the said

Lawrence Hickey his heirs and assigns all that Lot or Piece of ground situate

in the Borrough of Piedmont Mineral County West Virginia Numbered Three

hundred fifty Eight (358) as per Town Plot containing Twenty five feet

fronting on Hampshire Street, and extending in depth one Hundred feet

gradually narrowing where said lot is Twenty three feet siz inchs in width

bounded north by said Hampshire Street East by Lot 357 south by Lot 375 &

west by Lot now or late the property of Martin Doyle reserving and excepting

out of this grant any mineral deposits in said lot as herein decribed and

conveyed. And the said New Creek company doth hereby covenant that they

warrent against their own acts and against the acts of those claiming by,

from or under them the property here by conveyed.

Witness the following signature and seal.


Prest. new

creek co.



company seal.



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