We would like to thank Mary Frye for allowing us to use her information contained in the book "History of Ridgeley West Virginia".
Also, a very special thanks to Barbara Algieri. Barbara has been diligent at getting this book about her beloved Ridgeley on the Mineral County USGenWeb page. She mailed me a personal copy of the book to use to transcribe the information, as well as to request and receive the written permission from Mary Frye.
We do not have a lot of information from that end of the county, and are grateful for the opportunity to use the information from this book.

The first page of Mary's book reads:

"When the former mayor, Warren Harness asked me to do the history of Ridgeley, I had no idea I would get so involved.

The town of Ridgeley was a wonderful place to grow up. I have many happy memories and have really enjoyed talking with the older residents. I know the town has changed through the years, as we all have, but there are still many qualities of a small town that can't be beat. We need to go home again if only in our memories.

I want to thank "Bub" for all the time he spent running me around for pictures or just to talk to people about Ridgeley. I also want to thank Peg and Bub Powers. She has a terrific memory and was a big help in doing this project and also fro lending me Alverta Moreland Cassell's history of Ridgeley. Sally Levasseur really got me started on this project when she wrote her history of Ridgeley. I appreciate Gary Clite's help and also his pictures. He could write his own history. Some of the information on the first page and about the Flood Control Project, came from the Cumberland Airport Museum. Thanks Eleanor for the use of your word processor.

I know there is much more that could be written and I'm sure there are some mistakes, please overlook them. Maybe some day one of Ridgeley's younger residents will take on this project.... Mary Frye

Mary...We hope that one of those "younger residents" might be one of our Mineral County Researchers!