Postmaster Phil Jordan and Mr & Mrs G V Romig verified an interesting story concerning Keyser High School (Now Grand Central Business Center).
Back in the early part of the century, a German family by the name of Koelz opened a bakery on Main Street (where Kaplon's was). One of the Koelz's sons was Fred, who became principal of KHS and William who became a dentist and was elected mayor of the town.
The property where the Grand Central Stands was the site of the home and barns of Col Tom Davis. A new school was needed and William went to Philadelphia and obtained an option on the land from the Davis heirs. He returned home and informed the School Board that if the new school did not go on the property, he intended to divide it into lots for homes. The board quickly agreed that the school would be built on the site.
Steep stairs connected the Davis mansion to the E Piedmont - Davis St intersection. The late Dr. William Koelz still had a few ideas and a steep walkway to the school was not one of them. He worried that children in the winter time would fall and be injured.
The grade was steep, and he wondered just how to make it safe. He remembered the story of the Union Pacific Railroad following buffalo trails across the Rocky Mountains because the animals somehow found the easiest route both ascending and descending. He decided that if this method proved successful for the Union Pacific, it just might solve the problem at the school.
He borrowed a cow from Bertrum Rowles and put her inside the white picket fence around the property. He had the cow's pat's up and down the lawn staked and these became the walkways students at Keyser High School used since 1924.