Courtesy of Barbara Williams

CIRCA 1895


The pictures and articles on this page are courtesy of Barbara Williamson. Her opinion of the people in the "Then" photograph is: "My best guess is that the older lady seated is Mrs. M McKone. She was born Mary Clarke in Ireland in approximately 1822 and died 22 Jan 1901. My guess is that the lady standing in the doorway is her sister, Miss Margaret Clarke born Feb 1840 in Ireland. And the younger woman behind her in the door is probably Miss Ella McKone, who ran the store with her mother.

Barbara also included a newspaper article from the Piedmont Herald.

MD, Allegany Co. Gen’l Society. Excerpts from Piedmont Herald, Piedmont, WV. 1894. Extra Barbara Williamsonedition of 20 Apr 1894.
Article: Mrs. McKone’s Dry Goods and Grocery Establishment.
On Ashfield street near the upper end and closely adjoining the county bridge, Mr.
John McKone established in 1872 the general store and dry goods house now owned and operated by his widow, Mrs. M. McKone. Mr. McKone himself was at the time one of Piedmont and Westernport’s prominent and progressive citizens. He died in 1879 after most successfully bringing to the front his business venture, and establishing for himself a record for strict attention to business, and close application to everything that tended to advance his prosperity and standing in the business and financial world. Since his death his widow has assumed charge of his large property interests, but the business itself on Ashfield is managed and operated by his daughter, Miss Ella, who has displayed remarkable business qualities, and made a wonderful record in the way of developing the venture left to her care by her father. Her astuteness in business matters has brought her a run of custom, and fixed the name of the house in business matters much indeed to the credit of the management.The firm is that of a general store, dry-goods, groceries, fancy articles, etc., that usually make up such an establishment’s supply. Miss Ella is also the agent of Footer and Son of Cumberland, the celebrated dyers and cleaners, and has established that house’s interest among us to a considerable extent. She is also correspondent and delivery agent for flowers, plants, etc., cut and potted, and furnishes our people on all occasions when such are needed in considerable quantities. Mrs. McKone herself owns considerable property in Piedmont, Westernport and Cumberland.

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